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No. 36 Apollonia Foundation


Earth Day 2011

Inside this issue: Earth Day 2011


Apollonia - Blood Donation Day


Concert duo accordion 2 Theatrical performance "We play for ap-




Mountain Marathon


Poetry meeting with Sande Stojčevski


Peace Corps Seminar


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On the occasion of “Earth Day",on 20-th of April, in and in front of the City Library, an event was held called "Green Fair in Gevgelija”, organized by Apollonia Foundation, in cooperation with the City Library "Goce Delchev”. Within this event was an exhibition of children's drawings, photographs and handicrafts along, with winning literary and art works all on a theme related to Earth, nature and our environment.

T h e p u r p o s e o f t h i s e v e n t w a s : -To create awareness of environmental protection in the future; -To involve children from primary schools in the municipality of Gevgelija and its citizens in these events, to focus every citizen on how to behave with nature; -To create an opportunity for municipal institutions, schools, environmental associations and other firms to be part of this action to protect our environment. Participating in this event with presentations and booths were Slow Food - Tera from Gevgelija and Mountain Club "Kozuf” from Gevgelija. Apollonia Foundation is pleased with the interest of the citizens in this event and hopes that this event will become a tradition.

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Apollonia - Blood Donation Day Organized by the Apollonia Foundation in collaboration with the Red Cross Gevgelija and the Blood Transfusion Center of the General Hospital in Gevgelija, on the 19th of April, a one day blood donation action was held in the premises of Hotel “Apollonia”. This action is a project of Apollonia Foundation members participating in one of the most noble human activities, which is donating blood for the health needs of another person in need. The action “Apollonia - Blood Donation day” is organized twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn, in collaboration with Red Cross Gevgelija and the Blood Transfusion Center of the General Hospital in Gevgelija. The Apollonia Foundation has signed a memorandum with these two parties to achieve operational preparation, continuity and implementation of the project. The campaign lasted from 10 am utill 7 pm. With this last blood donation action, the number of voluntary blood donors, who have taken part in the project “Apollonia – Blood Donation Day”, has increased by 20%. In this most recent action, 60 blood units were collected versus 47 blood units donated during the first action, organized in October last year, and 10 new donors were registered.

Concert duo accordion Postgraduates at the School of Music in the class of prof. ZoricaKarakutovska, Philip Stamevski and BojanVolchevski, on 5-th of April at the Hotel Apollonia held a concert as part of the program of cultural in the City of Culture for 2011. Audiences in Gevgelija enjoyed the art of these two talented young artists through performance of pieces from Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, Zolotarjov, Bizov and Galjano. As guests at the concert in Gevgelija, students from the School of Music from the class of prof. LjubicaUlisheva and from the class of prof. Susanna Stefanovska had their own performance. You may find more information about this event at the following link: http://

Theatrical performance "We play for applause" On 9-th of April, at the “Pionerski dom”, Gevgelija’s audience had the honor to enjoy the wonderful performance of the comedy “We play for applause" performed by actors from the Drama Studio - Tetovo. The actors left the audience breathless with their professional performance. This performance was part from the event "Gevgelija City of Culture 2011".

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“Denicia” On the occasion of the opening ceremony of “GevgelijaCity of Culture 2011" on 16-th of April, on the terrace of Hotel Apollonia a poetic portrait was created of the great Macedonian poet, novelist and winner of many awards for literature, including the Order of Merit for Macedonia, the great Petre M. Andreevski. This night dedicated to Petre M. Andreevski was centered around the poem "Denicia", which is said to be a collage of hundreds of small stories, which together can give a definition of love. The event was enriched by music and an artistic stage performance published by academic painter Sergei Andreevski. More information can be found at the following link:

Mountain Marathon In memory of the deceased climber PeroIlievski, the Mountain Club “Kozuv "Gevgelija, on 23-rd of April organized the mountain marathon “Pero Ilievski2011”. The memorial march was held on the village path, Konsko - s. Uma LekovitaVoda. The marathon was held to present mountain sports, love for the mountains and natural beauty of mountain villages in the municipality of Gevgelija, and preserving the environment. As part of a project that teaches youngsters how to relate and preserve the environment, the children from “Nature Day” took active part in this march and showed once more that “Nature Day” is everyday. With small gestures on their part, but big for Nature, they showed an ecological awareness by stimulating their peers to adopt the new behavior of loving and honoring the gifts form Mother Nature, and most important - a new behavior of consciously helping Nature by picking up what others leave behind.

Poetry meeting with Sande Stojčevski On 26-th of April, at 8 o'clock on the terasse of Hotel Apollonia ", organized by the City Library "GoceDelchev " a meeting was held with the poet Sande Stojčevski. The event was opened by the Director of the City Library, Dragi Hadzhinikolov-Adji, and was followed with an interpretation of the poetry from Stojčevski by students of secondary and primary schools in Gevgelija, accompanied by instrumental music from students from the Musical school "Vaso Karajanov”. Sande Stojčevski is a Macedonian poet, essayist, literary critic and translator. He graduated at the Faculty of philology in Skopje. He works at the National University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Skopje and he is editor of the journal "Siesta" - Prilep and "Nude" - Skopje. He is a member of the Macedonian PEN Centre and the Writers of Macedonia.

Peace Corps Seminar

In order to assist in enhancing and enriching the cooperation between Peace Corps Volunteers serving in Macedonia and their associates, the Peace Corps organized a seminartraining in April as part of the cycle training for volunteers and contributors to the Peace Corps. Topics included in the seminar were: the role of volunteers in the community, cultural differences, the NGO Law and Law on volunteerism, IPA funds, cooperation between municipalities and citizens and tourism development. Teams that participated were given task to develop a work plan for two-years.

Apollonia Foundatioon

About us Apollonia Foundation achievements in the area sport for 2010

Аdress: Gevgeliski Partizanski Odred 1 1480 Gevgelija R. Macedonia


10.05.2011, 8 pm Concert of Marija Trencevska (piano) Hotel Apollonia

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23.05 - 29.05.2011 Exhibition of photography “15 years Peace Corps in Macedonia“ City Library Goce Delcev Gevgelija

Drawing from ЕLENA ILIEVA 4th grade in „VLADO KANTARDZIEV“ school - First price in the art competition for Earth day 2011

Sports play a significant role in the positive physical and emotional development of both children and adults, so again in 2010 the Apollonia Foundation provided significant support to the traditional New Years football tournament “Espero 63”, basket tournament GEVDION 2010, open fun football school 2010, gave a donation for sports education of young athletes, donated to the kick box club Apollonia for organizing the state competition in kick boxing in Gevgelija, participated in the Balkan championship in Bulgaria where they won the gold medal, and also participated in the international tournament in Serbia.


Apollonia Foundation Newsletter No 36  

Poetry meeting with Sande Stojčevski Mountain Marathon 3 Theatrical perform- ance "We play for ap- Peace Corps Seminar 3 ECO...

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