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Book Fair in Gevgelija What captured the attention of Gevgelija public these days was the 3rd Book Fair that was held in Pionerski Dom from 30.03—02.04.2009. Eight publishing companies and a few others presented themselves in this fair that was organized by Pionerski Dom and the bookstore Nieprom from Gevgelija. Children from the 6 primary schools (from first to fourth grade) participated in many activities that were organized for them which made the fair more successful: Creative workshop for picking up the best mask, Art workshop Harry Potter, April Fools Day carnival, contest for best homemade mask, social games, Dance class, and other surprises allowed the children to express their creativity. The community also got involved with providing prizes for all the children who participated, which was good for motivation and giving honor to their efforts. Inside this issue: Women’s day celebration in the day center for children with special needs


Exhibition “Touched by the sound” from Toni Sulajkovski


Children’s Musical competition


Nature Day activities


Tree Day - Plant your future


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Apollonia Foundation participated by providing the rewards for April Fools Day Carnival. Each class chose one costume mask, and 60 masks in total were awarded. The Foundation children were part in many activities including the Flower Arrangement contest, where we didn’t compete for the prize but, just as guests, showed what we can do from nature plants. One more educative lesson for children that we all should appreciate and take care of everything that comes from nature. We hope that this event will become a tradition.

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Women’s day celebration in the day center for children with special needs

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller

Helen Keller, Mother Teresa, Ayn Rand, Eleanor Roosevelt and many other unsung heroes led an exemplary life of a woman who faces hardships with their inner strength. March 8th is the day that celebrates woman’s life. On the occasion of Woman’s Day the children with their teachers from the Day center for children with special needs organized shows for the mothers, grandmothers and all other community women who show some interest and take care of these children. Betka was the one who opened this event and announced the participants in the show, and Stefan was the one that gave away flowers and hugs to all women present there. Around 25 children, from kindergartens to high school, came to sing, dance and entertain these children and their guests. Apollonia Foundation children were also one of them.

Exhibition “Touched by the sound” from Toni Sulajkovski Apollonia Foundation, on Friday 20.03.2009 in the exhibitory parlor of Hotel Apollonia, opened the exhibition of miniatures by the academic painter Toni Sulajkovski. The name of the exhibition is “Touched by the Sound” and Sulajkovski presented himself for the second time in front of the Gevgelian public with 40 artworks in oil and acrylic on canvas. Master Toni Sulajkovski for 17 years leaves his own stamp on the Macedonian modern art. He develops his art in two different fields; As a painter, he has realized 35 independent exhibitions and has participated on more than 50 group exhibitions. As a painter’s pedagogue, working in the primary school in Skopje for 13 years, he has won more than 90 awards in competitions for art for children that were held in the state and internationally. As of 2005, he is working with talented children in his studio ARS VIVENDI transmitting to them not only the love for art but also the techniques and the way how to present on paper or canvas what they see. The exhibitions have been previously formed with a concept and their titles realize the communication of the artist with the audience. In the recent exhibition, TOUCHED BY THE SOUND, the artist talks about his neverending inspiration, the electronic sound, i.e. the music that evokes intergalactic actions and reactions in his body.

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Children’s Musical competition

Nature Day activities

The 47th state competition in music for students was held in Skopje on the 3rd and 4th of April. Stamkova Sara, Kostovska Ivana and Gogova Nada are three students that have play flute for 4 years in the music school Vaso Karajanov in Gevgelija and took part in the flute contest. “In their education, these students showed a special interest in music as well as love towards the instrument which is shown by their regular concert performances in the frames of the school activities, as well as in the realization and participation in the other cultural activities that are not obligatory, enriching the artistic living in our city”, says their teacher Suzana Stojanovska.

1st of March, walking through Nagorci hill Cornel trees are already in bloom

Last week of March, building igloo in “Smelting Water”

There was a lot of snow on Kozuf mountain in the last Apollonia Foundation encourages and supports the 2 weeks wish of young musicians to show and compare their talent, and that’s why we covered the costs of their participation in this contest. All of them won prices. Sara and Ivana won the third place, and Nada took the second place. We are proud with their success and we wish that in future they win many more rewards.

Veronika found some spring flowers and ladybug even though most of the earth was covered with 1/2 meter snow

Tree Day - Plant your future What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.

Under the motto "Two Million Became Global Green Brand - Plant and Inspire the Remaining Six Billion", five million fresh seedlings were planted on the 14th March throughout Macedonia during the campaign "Tree Day - Plant Your Future”. Macedonia citizens had the honor to plant two million seedlings, whereas the remaining three million were planted by the employees of public enterprise “Macedonian Woods” .

In Gevgelija, the location for planting trees was near the village Moin, and this time 36.000 trees (cypress, ashen and oak) were planted that day. People from the public enterprise continued with the same work the next 2 days - planting 20.000 trees more. Apollonia Group as usual participated in this action with a notable number of personnel who volunteered and also with more than 50 children from Apollonia Foundation. Unfortunately the weather was not on our Mahatma Gandhi side with rain and cold wind, and we had difficulties with the children who had to come back earlier than the others, but this was very good for the plants which we plan to visit soon in one of our Nature Day trips and see how much they've grown. Apollonia Foundation has sent a letter to this public enterprise requesting them to involve the children of the Nature Day team in all their activities that are connected to preservation and renewal of the forest. The next planting will be in autumn but we hope that before then, we’ll realize some others similar actions that will positively influence the children's education and teach them the importance of trees in our life and how to take care of our forests.

Future projects for 2009

Apollonia Foundation


FUTURE EVENTS: * 13.04.2009 19:00 Opening of the Easter exhibition of traditional artifacts “Gold hands of the Macedonian woman” in Apollonia Hotel

Gevgeliski Partizanski Odred 1 1480 Gevgelija R. Macedonia Тelephone: 034/ 213-222 Fax: 034/213-223 E-mail:

This year Apollonia Foundation continues its work of supporting and sponsoring education, cultural heritage, health, arts and music, sports, care for the environment and pledges to help individuals and groups, societies and institutions, to improve their activities for the better of the entire community. * That’s why we continue with the educational environmental project for children Nature Day, and we intend to involve more new children and volunteers in it, and to instill the message of how important it is for all of us to take care for nature. * This year we plan to start a cooperation with the First children's embassy Megasi. We’re already thinking of projects in Gevgelija that would increase the public awareness for the prevention of child abuse and how to approach and help children who already are victims or witness of violence.

* 22.04.2009 Nature Day project is celebrating the Earth Day with many different environmental activities involving all the schools in Gevgelija

* Soon will commence the Easter project, in which two primary schools will be involved. The project is exhibition of children's arts with Easter motives. Apollonia Foundation will be the donor of equipment needed for art cabinets in the schools, and we also prepaid similar but even bigger and fundraising event for Christmas. The best children's arts will be part of the exhibition of traditional woman artifacts that is organized by the Culture House in Gevgelija.


Book fair in Pionerski Dom with children's masquerade, flower contest, creativity and dance lessons and many more activities for children.

Nature Day is in Negorski Spa today.

Children from schools start with the contest for making best Easter Arts

Exhibition of traditional woman's artifact. 19 h. Apollonia Hotel

Exhibition lasts until 20th April. In the period 9:00 –21:00h

During holidays the exhibition will be opened in the time between 12:00-14:0Oh Apollonia Foundation is organizing events for celebrating Earth day

Nature Day in Ski Kozuf

* If you want to add some interesting information for our next Eco calendar send us an e-mail. Thank you.

Apollonia Foundation News letter No 11  
Apollonia Foundation News letter No 11  

Apollonia Foundation Eco calender 4 Children’s Musical competition Exhibition “Touched by the sound” from Toni Sulajkovski Inside this issue...