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At Pit we know the importance of your head...

Without it you couldn't do the following: Complete a sudoku Play celebrity heads Break dance Watch every Van Damme movie back to back And so on and so forth. Most importantly losing your head would make it really really, really hard to BMX. We could say wearing these helmets will make you look more intelligent, or that they will help you pick up chicks. As far as we know they don't help with either of these, but what we do know is that wearing a Pit helmet gives you peace of mind and keeps the pieces of your mind in your skull.

PI0097 - Matte Black/Black Straps - S/M PI0112 - Matte Black/Black Straps - L/XL

PI0098 - Gloss White/Blue Straps - S/M PI0110 - Gloss White/Blue Straps - L/XL

PI0094 - Gloss Red/White Straps - S/M PI0115 - Gloss Red/White Straps - L/XL

PI0096 - Gloss Green/White Straps - S/M PI0113 - Gloss Green/White Straps - L/XL

PI0099 - Gloss Black/Red Straps - S/M PI0111 - Gloss Black/Red Straps - L/XL

PI0095 - Gloss Blue/Orange Straps - S/M PI0114 - Gloss Blue/Orange Straps - L/XL


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