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COLEGIO EL JAZMÍN – IED ENGLISH – 8TH & 9TH – TEACHER: Apolinar Mendoza Muñoz THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW – READING COMPREHENSION Answer the following questions with a complete sentence: 1. Who was the Ichabod’s rival? 2. What events did Bones always win? 3. Where did Katrina live? 4. What did Ichabod do when he visited Katrina’s farm? 5. When did Van Tassel invite Ichabod to a party? 6. What was the name of Bones horse? 7. What did the town people think about Ichabod and Bones? 8. Where did Van Tassel do the party? 9. What do people do in the party? 10. What did the young people do when the music stopped?

Write the questions corresponding to the following sentences: 1. Ichabod ate a lot of food. 2. Katrina went shopping around the town. 3. Bones rode his horse at night. 4. Bones had a horse named Daredevil. 5. Van Tassel had a big farm. 6. A man lost his head during the war. 7. People from Holland settled Tarry Town. 8. Ichabod earned extra money teaching to sing. 9. Ichabod taught to sing on Sundays. 10. Ichabod wanted to marry Katrina.

CROSSWORD DOWN 1. Bones’ horse 3. Ichabod was a… 5. Ichabod taught to… 6. The party was one day in… 7. Katrina lived in a… 12. Bones was …. To the ladies.

ACROSS 2. The rider lost his… 4. Bones earned many 8. Ichabod was tall and thin like a … 9. The beautiful gir 10. To go on a horse. 11. Van tassel was

Reading Comprehension Sleepy Hollow  

Guideline to reading of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.