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who we  are  

integrity &   longevity  

Apogee Informa1on   Systems   is   a   company   specialized  in  today's  emerging  and  cu>ng  edge   business   sectors:   web   applica@ons,   human   resources,   research     consultancy   and   project   management  services.     We   provide   our   services   throughout   European   countries   and   bring   accuracy,   quality   and   solid   results   to   our   customers   and   partners.   Our   interna@onal   recogni@on   is   ensured   by   our   Con@nuing   evolu@on,   level   of   responsibility,   team   integrity   and   crea@ve   thinking.   Apogee   is   commi3ed   to   success   by   transforming   challenges  into  solu@ons.  

research services  

•  Research Services:  applying  sound  scien@fic   standards,  we  provide  solu@ons  and  offer:           •  State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  analysis  &  literature  review       •  Data  collec@on  (quan@ta@ve  and  qualita@ve)   •  Data  analysis    (ranging  from  case  studies  to   sta@s@cs)   •  Data  interpreta@on  to  support  your  understanding   and  perspec@ve  

•  Report wri@ng   •  Funding  proposal  wri@ng  (FP7,  European   na@onal  or  regional  public  tenders)   •  Market  research  na@onal  or  regional  

scien@fic standards  

Literature Review  and  State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐Art   •  Based  on  material  sent  by  you  or   •  Our  own  research  or  a  combina@on  

Data Collec1on   •  Primary  research  (interviews  &  contacts)   •  Secondary  research  (qualita@ve  &  quan@ta@ve  data)  

Data Analysis   •  Qualita@ve  methods  (e.g.  case  studies,  focus  groups)   •  Quan@ta@ve  methods  (e.g.  sta@s@cs  using  SPSS,   surveys,  experiments)     •  Mixed  methods  (e.g.  content  analysis  followed  by   sta@s@cal  data  analysis)  

Data Interpreta1on   •  Useful,  accurate  and  applicable   •  Specific  to  your  organiza@on’s  targets  

report wri@ng  

Report wri1ng.   Most   professionals   need   to   deliver   technical,   scien@fic   or   commercial   reports   regularly   but   lack   the   @me,   wri@ng   or   language  skills.   Based   on   the   data,   informa@on,   elements   and   instruc@ons   you   provide,   Apogee’s   experts   will   provide   you   with   quality   reports   that   enhance   any   professional’s   or   company’s   reputa@on   and   respect  in  their  area.   We  deliver  high  quality  on  @me.        

proposal wri@ng  

Funding proposal   wri1ng.   Apogee   is   highly   experienced  in  wri@ng  and  winning  proposals  for   FP-­‐7   projects,   funding   programmes   (EC,   Interreg,   etc.)   and   public   tenders   at   European   and   na@onal  level.   We  are  ready  to  inform  you  about  open  calls  and   funding   programmes,   assist   you   in   determining   whether   you   are   qualified   and   fit   and   build   a   professional  proposal  with  you.   In   most   cases,   Apogee’s   involvement   is   purely   success-­‐based.  

market research  

Market research.  If  you  want  to  expand  to  new   markets,  Apogee  helps  you  evaluate     •  Market  poten@al  for  your  products   •  Market  size  in  value  and  volume  for  your  market   •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Market trends   Cost  analysis  for  market  entry   Op@ons  for  market  entry   Business  development   Interna@onal  expansion     Product  por[olio  extension     Compe@@on  

•  Forecasts •  Risk  analysis  


•  Our fee  depends  on     A)  the  level  of  researcher  involved   B)  the  @me  of  involvement  for  each  researcher   C)  travel  requirements  

•  Daily rates:   •  Senior  Researcher:     EUR720   •  Junior  Researcher:   EUR380   •  Research  Assistant:   EUR140  

investment for   quality  

•  Proposal wri@ng  is  success-­‐based  in  most   cases  and  Apogee’s  partnership  in  research   projects  only  depends  on  common  interests.  


commitment to  success  


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