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who we  are  

integrity &   longevity  

Apogee Informa-on   Systems   is   a   company   specialized  in  today's  emerging  and  cu7ng  edge   business   sectors:   web   applica-ons,   human   resources,   research     consultancy   and   project   management  services.     We   provide   our   services   throughout   European   countries   and   bring   accuracy,   quality   and   solid   results   to   our   customers   and   partners.   Our   interna-onal   recogni-on   is   ensured   by   our   Con-nuing   evolu-on,   level   of   responsibility,   team   integrity   and   crea-ve   thinking.   Apogee   is   commiFed   to   success   by   transforming   challenges  into  solu-ons.  


commitment to  success  

we web  

•  Essence is  a  powerful  web  content   management  system     •  Web-­‐based  integrated  content  management  (no   installa-on  of  soJware  needed)   •  File  management  over  the  web  (no  Jp  needed   •  Modular  design  allowing  quick  addi-on  of  various   site  tools,  such  as:  image  gallery,  newsleFer,   calendar  and  much  more      

•  Design of  a  unique  and  aFrac-ve  corporate   iden-ty  on  the  web   •  Search  Engine  Op-miza-on  to  aFract   customers  and  prospects   •  Mul-lingual  support  both  for  system   customiza-on  and  content  publishing  

we deliver  

•  TEAM: Web-­‐based  management  of   corporate  data  and  workflows     •  Instant  remote  access  to  crucial  informa-on   •  Online  storage  and  exchange  of  large  files   •  Project  &  Task  Management:  per-­‐project   team  crea-on,  unlimited  sub-­‐projects,  task   assignment,  e-­‐mail  no-fica-ons       •  Time  Management:    -me  tracking,  project  &   user  based  reports     •  Customer  Rela-ons:  client  informa-on,   customer  communica-on  history,    finances,   orders  &  contracts     •  Access  Levels:  management,  staff,  finances  

we inspire  

•  HR Services:  large  and  qualita-ve  database   of  analyst  programmers,  project  managers,   Oracle  engineers,  SAP  developers…   •  Apogee’s  profile  database  includes  more   than  5000  selected  CV’s   •  Experienced  HR-­‐team  with  perfect   understanding  of  the  technical  requirements   of  your  business   •  Result-­‐oriented,  with  strong  focus  on  our   ethical  values  (Apogee  process-­‐product-­‐ people  model)   •  Strategic  partners  across  EU  lead  to  a  high   success  rate  

we answer  

•  Research Services:  applying  sound  scien-fic   standards,  we  provide  solu-ons  and  offer:           •  State-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  analysis  &  literature  review       •  Data  collec-on  (quan-ta-ve  and  qualita-ve)   •  Data  analysis    (ranging  from  case  studies  to   sta-s-cs)   •  Data  interpreta-on  to  support  your  understanding   and  perspec-ve  

•  Report wri-ng   •  Funding  proposal  wri-ng  (FP7,  European   na-onal  or  regional  public  tenders)   •  Market  resena-onal  or  regionalarch  

we seed  

•  Marke-ng Services.   We   inves-gate   market   needs,   iden-fy   the   par-cular   features   of   your   market,   analyze   the   poten-al   of   your   products  and  services  and  ra-onally  develop   innova-ve   strategies   fully   customizable   to   your  core  ac-vi-es.  We  provide:     •  Marke-ng  strategy  and  consul-ng   •  Crea-ve  development  (online/offline     commercials,  brochures,  fliers…)   •  Website  Design  &  Media  -­‐  Mobile  Marke-ng   •  Search  Engine  Op-miza-on  &  Marke-ng   •  Behavioral  Adver-sing   •  Social  Media  Op-miza-on  &  Viral  Marke-ng   •  E-­‐mail  marke-ng  &  NewsleFer  applica-on  

organiza-onal structure  

we seek  the   outside…  inside  


trust as   responsibility  

•  System intergrators:  providing  consul-ng,   integra-on  and  miga-on  services  for  the   Essences  WCMS.     •  Solu-on  Partners  &  OEMs:  either   embedding  Essence  into  their  products   directly  or  providing  complementary   solu-ons  to  the  WCMS.     •  Technology  Partners:  supplying  clients  with   the  placorms  and  infrastructure  needed  for   using  Apogee  applica-ons.     •  Consor-um  Partners:  having  equal  targets   contribu-ng  added  value  with  new   technological  solu-on.  


•  Apogee Informa-on  Systems  headquarters     192  Delfon  str.    54248    Thessaloniki    Greece   •  Apogee  Belgium     54  Avenue  des  Celtes    1040  Bruxelles    Belgium     •  Apogee  Spain     1  Tortella    1050  Barcelona    Spain     •  Apogee  Italy   16  Corso  di  Porta  ViForia  20122  Milano    Italia    

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Company Presentation  

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