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Back in October last year, I asked David Dallas to interview Just Blaze, the producer who was a key architect of RocA-Fella Records’ Golden Age, chalking up sample-heavy, stadium-sized hits with the likes of Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel and Cam’ron. AS A TRUE student of the culture he’s now making moves in, Dallas did his homework and came to the interview with multiple lines of inquiry, picking Just Blaze’s brains about his role in a dynasty considered one of hip hop’s finest. Later that night, Dallas played support for Just Blaze at a show in downtown Auckland. Fast-forward 12 months and Dallas is releasing the deluxe edition of The Rose Tint, a launch that was kicked off at New York’s Mercury Lounge – and this time it was Just Blaze in support, playing alongside The Kid Daytona and Tayyib Ali, who both appear on the release, plus Hot 97’s Paul Rosenberg on hosting duties. Down the bottom of the flyer for the party, Dallas’ ‘D’ logo shares real estate alongside Dirty, Dawn Raid, and the imprint of his new New York home, Duck Down Records. From “Go Tell Your Boys” t-shirts to #tintsquad as a trending topic, the profile of the Papatoetoe native has been on the rise since he was first heard on Scribe’s ‘Not Many – The Remix!’, and he’s built this momentum with an all-local team that includes producers Fire & Ice and 41, and art direction from Special Problems. If you’re one of the 60,000-plus who copped The Rose Tint as a free download, this week you’ve got the chance to own a slice of Dallas’ Stateside success on a physical two-disc edition complete with five bonus cuts. And, if you’re in Auckland, look out for The Rose Tint pop up store taking over Conch on Ponsonby Road.

EDITOR: Sam Wicks WEB EDITOR: Hugh Sundae DEPARTMENT OF VOLUME SALES: John Baker DESIGN: Xanthe Williams WRITERS: Day Barnes, David Carroll, David Dallas, Duncan Greive, Jessica Hansell, Jordan Luck, Joe Nunweek, Barbara Power, Danielle Street, Hugh Sundae, Dan Trevarthen, Aaron Yap ILLUSTRATION: Hej Ganias PHOTOGRAPHERS: Ted Baghurst, Amos Chapple, Shaun Jones, Leilani Momoisea, Milana Radojcic AN APN PUBLICATION

LISA CRAWLEY VOLUME saw a big ol’ billboard for your new album in downtown Auckland. How does it feel to have your name up in lights? It’s rather novel – I’m more used to putting my own posters up at midnight with crappy old Sellotape! You supported Paul Weller at his first New Zealand shows last year. Any words of wisdom from the Modfather? He gave me the number of his hair stylist in the UK. His guitarist, Steve Cradock, lent me his iPod after a few beers, and told me to listen to his new solo stuff. It was good fun. You’ve played pubs, clubs, hotels and churches. Were these hard yards the finishing school for the music you’re making now? Yeah, playing in cheesy hotels etc has taught me more about what I don’t want to be doing more than what I do. Nothing’s wasted though – it’s very good people-watching material! Being a full-time musician in New Zealand’s a hustle – how’s the piano teaching going? I used to be a “mobile piano teacher” with 20 or so students – now I only have five. I’m not quite ready to settle down and be a full-time teacher just yet! You’ve duetted with Andrew Keoghan on Everything That I Have Seen. Your big bro, Matthew Crawley, also has a sweet falsetto – any future family collaborations in the works? I love Matthew’s tunes – we’ve collaborated with my sister, Emma, as the Crawley Christmas Singers on last year’s A Very Little Christmas album. Dad also plays the sax – so many options! Lisa Crawley’s debut album Everything That I Have Seen is out now.

The deluxe edition of David Dallas’ The Rose Tint arrived this week, and we’ve got a whole heap of #tintsquad loot including the album to be won. For your chance to take home a prize pack that includes Dallas’ back catalogue, a Duck Down fitted, t-shirts, badges, and even a ‘Big Time’ piggy bank, email and let us know your favourite D. Dallas verse. Who better than this, huh?


I’m the director at Entertainment Accounting Services – we specialise in looking after people in the music and entertainment industry. There are expenses which a general accountant would say wouldn’t be taxdeductible but are relevant to the music industry. Going to watch other bands or having a drink, for example, can be tax-deductible if it’s in relation to networking. If a musician is aware of what is tax-deductible and what’s not, that allows them more often than not to reduce their tax and in some cases give them reasonable refunds. If a band’s touring, those

expenses are tax-deductible, and recording costs as well – it’s reliant on looking at a musician’s various expenses and seeing if it fits within them running their business.


Jordan Luck and The Exponents embark on a 30-year anniversary concert tour in March and April, taking them from Timaru to Whangarei â&#x20AC;&#x201C; head to for all the details.


The last thing the producer said to me before we left for Gore was: “All I ask is that you don’t make the Sunday papers.”

JEREMY WELLS AND I didn’t plan to make the Sunday papers. I’m sure I laughed when the producer even suggested it. Actually, maybe he did too. It was November 2008, and I was working with Jeremy on election coverage for the second time. Networks are always trying to come up with new ways of making the early part of election night coverage interesting (the part when they don’t know anything yet) – and, because Jack Tame was probably still in nappies, we were called in to provide light relief. Stationed at Bill English’s headquarters. In Gore.

“Bill English gave us plenty of time. We met his wife, Mary, and their 40 children.” After spending the day canvassing locals for that night’s story we thought the hard part was over. Jeremy did one live cross early on, then the network started using the real journos. We went inside and started drinking with the soon-to-be Finance Minister. Regardless of political views, it’s always good to be at the winning party. The motel/conference centre was full of National Party faithfuls, and the atmosphere reminded me of Saturday nights at the Browns Bay rugby league club when I was a teenager (coincidentally the first place I ever got drunk). Bill English gave us plenty of time. We

met his wife, Mary, and their 40 children. I think Mary was quite taken by Jeremy, but then, who isn’t? I was standing next to Bill when Helen Clark gave her concession speech then resigned as leader (English: “I didn’t see that coming”). But as he was about to form the next Government he left Jeremy and I hanging with the Young Nats. He had bigger fish to fry. After the party wrapped up we shared a taxi van into town to go in search of a night out, Gore style. But Gore was closed. Who knew? The only thing left was to search out a petrol station pie. The Sunday papers will have you believe we were accosted by 15 youths and held hostage in the petrol station. The truth is 14 of them were really pleasant. We tried to remain calm as the other guy (with samurais in his eyes) staunched us out, walking towards us as we backed around the chips aisle. His mates (that’s what a friend would do) lured him outside and we waited for an hour or so for one of the teenager’s mums to come and pick us up. Wow, it really was like Saturday nights at the rugby league club. I heard someone say recently that the best music magazines are a mix of music and politics – well, that’s all you’ll get from me. I think I’ll stay home and watch the election this year, but I’ll do so in the knowledge that I voted that day. Make sure you make time to enrol to vote in the next couple of weeks. You don’t want the dude with samurais in his eyes coming after you, believe me.


This week we’re streaming the Flying Nun Tally Ho compilation at nzherald. I think a good idea is to put on some headphones and listen to the stream while you go through the final 12 Make My Movie entries and chose which idea you’d like to see get a $100,000 budget and actually get made. Once that’s done you can look forward to the next Sundae Session – The Drab Doo-Riffs. It’s happening this Thursday night, but it won’t take too long to start getting the first videos up – nzherald.

MADELEINE SAMI Actress, comedian, musician and Super City creator Madeleine Sami and former cheerleader/aspiring starlet Pasha Patel recently returned from Los Angeles where they were pitching ideas and looking for acting opportunities. Back home for last Saturday’s Aotearoa Film and Television Awards, Sami and Patel swapped notes on their time in Hollywood for Talking Heads. Photography Ted Baghurst MADELEINE SAMI: Hi Pasha – great to have you back in the country. What brings you home? PASHA PATEL: Um, hey Madeleine – thank you so much. Yeah, it’s really great to be back. I’m a bit ’lagged at the moment and a bit stuffed up to be honest because apparently, like, being on a plane all the air and stuff makes all your intestines, like, weird and blah blah blah. Anyway, so, oh

my God – it is so great to be home. Basically I’m back here for some R&R, because as you know I’ve been in Los Angeles working my way towards the American Dream and stuff. I’ve just come back to recharge, if you will. Oh, that’s great, Pasha. I’ve actually spent a bit of time in

LA as well. Whereabouts were you staying over there? I was staying with some friends of mine. I don’t know if you know Felicia – she was on an episode of Next Top Model here. Well, she was in one episode when she auditioned. She didn’t make the cut, but she’s now in America as well, and she does some bartending work at a place called Topless Titties. So, yeah – I was staying with her in Venice in this great little place, and we’d just, like, get up every morning and just, like, exercise and stuff. It’s a really great atmosphere there – it really suits me to a T. So what were you, like, doing there and stuff? Like, do you do acting? Yeah, I do some acting. I’ve done some film work and that sort of thing. Oh, film work? Oh, wow – I’m with a real star! Excuse me for not… you wouldn’t stand out in a crowd for me. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean, like, I wouldn’t have picked you as a star per se. Yeah, well, I don’t think of myself as a star. I mean, I love acting. I’ve sort of always done acting so that’s kind of my thing really. How’s the work been going over there? Have you had luck? Oh my God. The response to this – and, for the listeners out there, what I’m doing is doing a circle around my face and around my body as in, like,

& PASHA PATEL the universe of Pasha, it’s just been so amazing. It’s been, like, next level – through the fucking roof and into another roof. I’ve had so many great meetings on casting couches and stuff – I’ve sat on so many couches. I’m really feeling like the “thing” is around the corner, but I haven’t really done any work per se.

Oh, that’s cool – they do say it takes time. Like, it won’t happen overnight but it will happen. Oh my God, I love that saying! I did actually meet Rachel Hunter while I was out there. Well, when I say “meet her”, I just mean that me and my friend turned up to this, like, red carpet event and she was looking down, and I was, like, ‘Hey Rachel – I’m from New Zealand,’ and she kind of looked at me a little bit and then kept walking, but I felt like there was a connection there. But exactly – exactly, Madeleine – it won’t happen overnight but it will happen. That’s such a good saying.

“I’ve heard of Taika. Maybe I could get his number ofF you and we could, like, hang out and stuff in LA?” – PASHA PATEL So, Pasha, are you flying solo when you’re in LA, ’cause it’s quite good to have some people around you to support you? Yeah, well I’ve got my partner, Brad, who is currently, like, turning himself into a producer extraordinaire. He’s such a sweetheart. He’s out pimping me every night – like, literally sometimes. I’ve got Petrina, I’ve got Sarissa, I’ve got Marissa, and I’ve got Felicia as well. That’s kind of, like, my crew. Sometimes we just go out – there’s been so many times where we’ve

been stopped in the street and people are, like, ‘Oh, are you Paris Hilton?’ Together we’re, like, a force. Do you have, like, friends there?

Yeah, I’ve got my producer obviously. He comes over with me, and my friend Taika [Waititi] who lives over there as well who’s a filmmaker from New Zealand. He did a film here called Boy, and he’s doing quite well for himself over there. Oh my God – yeah, I’ve heard of that film. I didn’t watch it ’cause a lot of New Zealand films are a real bummer and I didn’t expect that one would be any different. I’ve heard of Taika. Maybe I could get his number off you and we could, like, hang out and stuff in LA. I mean, I’ve got a couple of movie ideas as well – movies aren’t my thing but reality [TV] is more my thing because I think my personality will shine out. But, like, I had this idea of me – Pasha – and she’s a lawyer. Everyone thinks that she’s not going to be very smart because she’s blonde and sexy and stuff, and then she, like, goes to court and she does all these cases, and she’s just a really smart lawyer. Oh, that sounds quite a lot like that Reese Witherspoon film, Legally Blonde, I think. Oh no, it’s totally different. I mean, that’s just a silly idea but I’m sure we could jam something out, so we can sort that out afterwards, eh. That would be great. To listen to the full audio of Pasha Patel and Madeleine Sami in conversation, head to – live from 2pm Tuesday. Madeleine Sami won the Best Performance by an Actress Award for Super City at last Saturday’s Aotearoa Film and Television Awards.

The first we heard of St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, the story was she was the skilled instrumentalist from The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ band who’d struck out on her own. But over time it’s become clear the 28year-old Texan sings to a different tune. Text Dan Trevarthen WHERE LISTENERS MIGHT have expected symphonic pop and choral flourishes from St. Vincent’s Annie Clark, instead she’s the girl covering Big Black’s ‘Kerosene’ and offsetting delicate melodies with ugly, lurching guitar work and a wry lyrical wit, a sour note for every bit of sweetness. Speaking to Clark, she’s chirpy in acknowledging the natural element of chiaroscuro in her music. “To me it just seems very natural that there should be this cognitive dissonance. In my life and in my brain, there are very beautiful elements and there are some dark elements that coincide. So it’s just very natural; this is just how life is.” It’s a gift for contrast first heard on 2007’s Marry Me, the title cribbed from a line in the TV show Arrested Development and containing gems like ‘Jesus Saves, I Spend’. Follow-up release Actor came in 2009, with St. Vincent steadily gaining critical acclaim along the way. But an overriding criticism one could make of her music is that it’s very cerebral. The layered arrangements and lyrical wit are fantastic, but do they summon the powers of the heart? With Strange Mercy, Clark is attempting to take a more organic approach. “This record is coming from more of a ‘heart’ place than other things,” she says. “I did a technology detox and I didn’t write any of it on the computer. I

just focused on, ‘what’s the lyric, what’s it about, where’s the heart of the song, what’s the narrative?’” So rather than a process of building tracks from the bottom up, it then became an act of chipping parts away or reassembling the song. Clark takes a very analytical approach to songwriting, and her instrumental prowess could be partially explained by a stint at Berklee, the famed music school from which skilled players like (*cough*) John Mayer hail. While it may have helped her become a stronger musician, she’s got her priorities straight. “I’ve always been an intuitive musician. I was turned off by the emphasis on athleticism as opposed

it’s so much easier to deconstruct it than if you have all of these disparate parts you’re trying to glue together. My process with Strange Mercy was to have simple songs, and go into the studio and put them through the meat grinder and see what happens.” One thing that came out the other end was incredibly robotic grooves played by Midlake drummer, MacKenzie Smith. With some processing, he sounds just like a hip hop drum machine with feel. “Right now some of the production I’m most excited about is in modern hip hop. The production on the latest Kanye record is amazing. That was the directive – to have heavy grooves that sound almost mechanical.”

“It’s not often that you get a chance to go and scream out your most misanthropic bile onto a crowd of people.” to artistry and I felt that, with a lot of the things that you can learn in the music school, if you don’t have some sort of voice as an artist you’re not necessarily going to make great use of the tools that you can learn.” And while many alumni are probably working as session players in Los Angeles, Clark continues to bring academia and art together, telling me how an Alexander McQueen exhibit related to the process of making Strange Mercy. “McQueen spent years learning how to critically construct something so that he could deconstruct something. And when you have something constructive like a song,

As we wind up the conversation, she looks back at another mechanical moment. Recalling her performance of the aforementioned Big Black cover for the 10th anniversary of the book Our Band Could Be Your Life, the girl with a choir-worthy voice and serious guitar chops laughs when she says she has “a really great job”. “It’s not often that you get a chance to go and scream out your most misanthropic bile onto a crowd of people and then they cheer for it. It’s a crazy, crazy job, but it’s a good job and I want to keep it.” St. Vincent’s Strange Mercy is out now on 4AD.

A column in which Duncan Greive scours the world’s charts in the hope of finding, if not the perfect beat, then something worth whistling at least. THE LOCALS


It seems fitting to commemorate Texas Governor Rick Perry’s two-out-ofthree-is-really-bad performance in the most recent Republican debate, during which he failed to remember the name of one of the Government agencies he was planning on shutting down, with a look at the good ol’ boy Country Charts that soundtrack his supporters’ lives. The music’s superficially appealing, with “Say goodbye to the big city blues” lyrics and beer-drinking pace, but listen to the whole top 10 and you rapidly realise it’s a pile of depressing clichés, designed to reinforce prejudices. Much like Perry’s campaign, really.

I’m excited. From this day forth there will be a top 20 singles and albums chart for New Zealand artists listed alongside the big charts, giving exposure, Ladi6 competition and a sense of proportion to local artists which should have some great spinoffs. That’s because, running as deep as they do, and knowing just how low the barrier for entry can be for even the top 40 album chart nowadays (I’ve heard of no 1 albums selling well under 1000 copies in soft weeks), we should see this chart with representation from the likes of Muzai, 833 and all the self-release guys out there fighting the good fight. They’ll be able to put themselves alongside Jonny Love and Donald Reid records and show them up pretty smartly, at the very least. Singles-wise they picked a curious week to launch, just in the sense that the chart is skewed pretty heavily by the New Zealand Music Awards just passed, so singles like ‘Young Blood’, ‘Like Water’ and ‘Love Love Love’ have reappeared. And it’s unlikely we’ll have two Dragon songs in the top 20 again anytime soon. But we’ll check in with this pretty frequently going forward – it’s a great addition to the information around sales in this small island nation.


I know this is borderline a cheat, seeing as this could comfortably be an international chart. But see that song nestled happily at no 2? Gotye ft. Kimbra. a br Kim I was certain that was a weird Antipodean quirk-hit, albeit one I’d grown to have some affection for. But a few weeks back it was no 1 in the Netherlands and Belgium, which means that it has topped the charts in every territory it has had a release in. Could the song burn up the big markets too? And would that make Kimbra a legit international star? Watch this space.

RIANZ OFFICIAL NEW ZEALAND MUSIC CHART 1 Six60 – ‘Don’t Forget Your Roots’ 2 The Babysitters Circus – ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Alright’ 3 Gin Wigmore – ‘Black Sheep’ 4 Shapeshifter – ‘Monarch’ 5 The Naked and Famous – ‘Young Blood’ 6 Ladi6 – ‘Like Water’ 7 Stan Walker – ‘Light It Up’ 8 Avalanche City – ‘Love Love Love’ 9 Six60 – ‘Only To Be’ 10 Annah Mac – ‘Girl in Stilettos’

THE TEXAS MUSIC CHART 1 Jason Boland & The Stragglers – ‘Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse’ 2 Brandon Rhyder – ‘In the Country’ 3 Kevin Fowler – ‘That Girl’ 4 Max Stalling – ‘6 x 9 Speakers’ 5 Robert Earl Keen – ‘I Gotta Go’ 6 Reckless Kelly – ‘Good Luck and True Love’ 7 Aaron Watson – ‘Fast Cars Slow Kisses’ 8 Kyle Park – ‘Make or Break Me’ 9 Rosehill – ‘Dream it All Over Again’ 10 Cody Canada & The Departed – ‘Skyline Radio’

iTUNES EURO TOP 10 SINGLE 1 Skinny Love – ‘Birdy’ 2 Gotye ft. Kimbra – ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ 3 Gers Pardoel – ‘Ik Neem Je Mee’ 4 Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – ‘We Found Love’ 5 Avicii – ‘Levels’ 6 LMFAO – ‘Sexy and I Know It’ 7 Lana Del Rey – ‘Video Games’ 8 David Guetta ft. Usher – ‘Without You’ 9 BYentl – ‘Maniac in Love’


10 Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera – ‘Moves Like Jagger’


The Hunter (Roadrunner Records) FOR VARIOUS REASONS there have been subtle changes between Mastodon’s acclaimed 2009 opus Crack the Skye and their fifth album The Hunter. Crack the Skye was produced by Brendan O’Brien and released through Warner Music’s Reprise imprint. It also included some epic prog-metal workouts. All that has changed with The Hunter. Released on Warner’s metalorientated Roadrunner subsidiary, it’s produced by the label’s inhouse engineer Mike Elizondo. But what hasn’t changed is the band’s inexorable evolution, which has seen their unlikely progression to the summit of contemporary metal. Crack the Skye, and to a lesser extent 2006’s Blood Mountain, saw Mastodon’s appeal crossover from a strictly metal audience, mainly due to T54 Delicious Delicious Delicious/Last Night I Dreamt a Movie Theme/This Year I’m Thinking About Voting For The Green Party (Flying Nun) Three digital-only EPs from the Christchurch-based band whose ‘Back On Black’ we raved about in the Flying Nun issue. Their other stuff can be a lot more chaotic – ‘Ahfuck’ plays out like cacophonous coitus between Loves Ugly Children and Wire, but the excellent ‘Cascades’ bodes well for their noisy sprawl to get prettier and more transfixing next time out. ZOLA JESUS Conatus (Sacred Bones Records) Not going to review the new Florence + The Machine – you’ve already heard it, you’ve already been disappointed by it. Here’s a similar but more remarkable prospect. Zola Jesus (real name Nika Danilova) broke through into haunting hi-fi on last year’s Stridulum EP. Here a voice just as powerful as Ms Welch’s rings over claustrophobic industrial arrangements that slowly reveal moments of stunning beauty. Get this.

the depth of songwriting the Atlanta quartet commanded. That’s advanced further still with The Hunter, where a more sophisticated hand in terms of arrangement and sense of nuance prevails, especially on the likes of ‘Stargasm’ and ‘Curl of the Burl’. While aficionados of the band’s riff-laden early albums Remission and Leviathan may find the metal quotient lacking, there’s still plenty to get excited about here. And while there might not be a strong central thread running through as on previous albums, The Hunter is ironically their most cohesive work yet. Review Gavin Bertram

CRAZY P When We On (20:20 Vision) The most exciting thing about this group used to be the fact they were called “Crazy Penis”. Not much point now that there aren’t CD stores around to ban it, and there’s not much point to their plastic-y lounge disco these days, either. Existing fans will be pleased, though. RUSSIAN CIRCLES Empros (Sargent House) Solid but totally rote hipstermetal that played here recently. YouTube suggests that may have been a spectacular onslaught of a show, but they’re a drag in-studio. Stick with Boris. RADIO MOSCOW The Great Escape of Leslie Magnafuzz (Alive Naturalsound) Ridiculously authentic but lifeless ’70s bar-blues rock from sometime Black Keys-aligned hopefuls. None of the successful pop moves that duo integrate into their best songs, none of the charm or goodwill they might get if they were locals, or from, say, Japan.

1: Herb Alpert – Whipped Cream & Other Delights – The king of cheesy covers. Super-sexy model Dolores Erickson covered in cream, which was mostly shaving foam. 2: O’Donel Levy – Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky – The title tells you all you need to know about this record. Almost everything. Seen the cover? 3: Herbie Mann – Push Push – Guys who played jazz-flute in the ’70s liked posing shirtless. 4: Count Basie – E=MC2 – There’s a weird bunch of records that came out in the ’50s and ’60s that thought they would sell by putting a picture of an atomic bomb exploding on the cover. 5: Bo Diddley – Big Bad Bo – The legendary Mr Diddley on a chopper, on loan from the Hells Angels. Kickass. Hallelujah Picassos’ Rewind the Hateman retrospective is out now.

ROOTS MANUVA 4Everevolution (Ninja Tune) Roots’ critical star has faded somewhat (hopefully history will remember his arrival as a sort of proto-Dizzee event), but it’s another dignified and creative entry in his catalogue. If it’s not trying to set the world alight, it’s because that sort of stuff seems all too desperate a lot of the time – here, on ‘Here We Go Again’ and ‘Wha’Mek’, he’s being himself. COLDPLAY Mylo Xyloto (EMI) Lots of disturbing group-think about treating this band like secret pop geniuses this time around – this is the sort of band kids used to be able to define themselves against, whatever their subculture, and it’s an unfortunate by-product of the internet era that we have to think twice before laying into Coldplay now, in case there’s really something we don’t get here. Fuck them. ANTHESIAC Null and Void (Independent) Big, young, exquisitely-named Cantabrians who

like invoking the post-rock chasms of natural godfathers HDU on their debut EP. Opener ‘Vowel Sounds’ is particularly impressive. Credit to a singer who is halfway to Thom Yorke without sounding like (ugh) Muse! WILD BILL RICKETTS Wild West (Economy Records) The Phoenix Foundation’s solo albums are always interesting as an insight into the members’ disparate influences – Vangelissized ’80s synth for Luke Buda, for example. Ricketts’ second album is eclectic but seriously spotty – the fine opener is followed by a tedious jazz wank-off, for example. Key track: ‘Pelican’. BANNERMAN Dearly Departed (Rhythmethod) Richard Setford continues to capably recast himself as a dreamy, dusty alt-country troubadour – hard to believe he used to be the dude behind One Million Dollars. ‘Take Time’ is a natural single, the sort of cast-off shuffle that Badly Drawn Boy used to manage, while ‘Brother With the Bleeding Heart’ is all louche menace. Reviews Joe Nunweek

Flying between New York City and Auckland, inking a deal with Duck Down Records, having Just Blaze spin records at the launch party for the just-released The Rose Tint Deluxe… Papatoetoe son David Dallas has had one of his biggest years yet. Dallas checked in from Harlem with some of the highlights of his NYC diary. Text David Dallas Photography Leilani Momoisea THURSDAY 8 SEPTEMBER I’m a massive tennis fan so one of the highlights was getting to see the GOAT, Roger Federer, kick Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s ass at Arthur Ashe Stadium. It was choice too ’cause I got to walk around Flushing Meadows and see the Globe, not just famous for being in many a rap video, but also a famous skate spot.

and we’d hired them to take pictures of us on our honeymoon. Was pretty crack up trying to rap in front of the Statue of Liberty undercover styles.

THURSDAY 29 SEPTEMBER The night before the ‘Start Lookin Round’ video shoot we rolled to the launch of the NBA 2K12 game. Saw Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes perform and caught up with Freddie Gibbs who’s always a cool dude. It was meant to be a chill night, but with the free drinks flowing, of course the Kiwis are the last to leave. Got home four hours before we had to get up for the shoot.

MONDAY 2 OCTOBER I grew up watching Buckshot videos – I first saw a Buckshot video when I was 12 years old, so to shoot a video with him in Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn was crazy. It’s one of those things that, when you start to think about it, it becomes quite surreal. I was a kid in New Zealand taping Black Moon videos off Max TV – I try not to think about that sort of shit too much, otherwise you start to vibe yourself out. But yep, shot a video with Buckshot today – ended the day with a feed at Amy Ruth’s soul food spot. I was the healthy guy eating the catfish – everyone else got fried chicken on waffles.

FRIDAY 30 SEPTEMBER This was a crazy long day. From six in the morning til’ 10 at night we shot for the ‘Start Lookin Round’ vid, from Harlem to Liberty Island to Coney Island. You’re not allowed to film on Liberty Island without a permit so we had to shoot that part of the vid guerilla styles. To even get on the island you have to go through airport-type security, and they almost didn’t let us on with all our cameras. But our directors are pretty slick and told security that the missus and I were newlyweds

TUESDAY 4 OCTOBER This was one of those “only in New York” type nights. Started the night chilling with the owner and barbers from Frank’s Chop Shop, then for some reason unbeknown to me a stretch limo pulls up on the side of the road to take us to a club. We get inside and there’s Rick Ross and DJ Khaled just standing ’round in the middle of the dance floor. We end the night at this ridiculously hipster bar in the Lower East Side where I see Chad Muska leave the club, unchain his bike outside and cycle off into the night.

SATURDAY 8 OCTOBER Whenever I’m in New York, I get Tyson Kennedy from Stereogram to cut my hair. He told me that he was MCing for Mt Eden Dubstep and invited the crew and me along to their show at Best Buy Theatre in Times Square. I thought we were just going to watch the show, but halfway through they start calling me onstage to do a verse. I’ve never been to a dubstep gig before, except

Likes fame did a mean Boyz II Men rendition of ‘End of the Road’. Had to cut that shit short though ’cause I told everyone back home to tune into my Ustream. We grabbed some beers, chilled the Maggi Onion and Nestle reduced cream dip that my mates Che and Shirl brought over for us, and played everyone the bonus tracks off The Rose Tint Deluxe album for the first time. People seem to be feeling it.

“We get inside and there’s Rick Ross and DJ Khaled just standing ’round in the middle of the dance floor.”

SATURDAY 15 OCTOBER Relaxing in the Air New Zealand Koru Lounge in LAX on my way home – makes me feel like I’m doing something right with my life.

for festival sets, so I was kinda dropping my nuts. Was all good though – dropped the ‘Not Many’ verse in front of a New York crowd wearing my vintage All Blacks jersey. Then watched the All Blacks beat Argentina that same night – good times. WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBER Got the New Zealand crew together for some Vietnamese in Chinatown at our favourite spot, Pho Grand. In a spur of the moment decision we headed to a dive karaoke bar, where me and Isaac Hindin Miller of Isaac

David Dallas’ The Rose Tint Deluxe is out now on Dirty/ Dawnraid/Frequency.

BEGINNERS Director Mike Mills Starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer,

Melanie Laurent

BOTH UPLIFTING GAY-PRIDE flick and four-hankie salute to the resilience of cancer victims and their loved ones, Mike Mills’ semi-autobiographical Beginners wields an emotional hook that’s hard not to be moved by. In a performance of exuberant warmth, Christopher Plummer plays Hal, a museum director who, at the ripe old age of 75, emerges from the proverbial closet and rediscovers his sexuality. With its blend of

pathos and gentle humour, the film works best here, observing Hal as he seizes this seemingly new lease on life, despite his debilitating health. If only the rest of it had matched Plummer scene-for-scene: its mopey, more problematic second thread follows Hal’s graphic designer son, Oliver (Ewan McGregor), and his impulsive but tenuous romance with French actress Anna (Melanie Laurent). The affected tweeness of their relationship grates more than it charms: they meet at a costume party where they communicate through notes because she has laryngitis, and from there it’s all precious, indie-schmindie whimsy that cumulatively diminishes the film’s strengths (I can definitely live with not ever seeing another scene where characters role-play phone conversations). Mills’ background in music videos doesn’t help much either, tending to overwhelm the proceedings with a little too much visual cute, including mixedmedia montages, a subplot involving Oliver designing conceptual CD art that he calls “History of Sadness”, and most groan-worthy of all, a well-trained, undeniably scene-stealing Jack Russell terrier whose thoughts are subtitled. Review Aaron Yap

The Blade Runner-related project that Ridley Scott and Warner Bros. are working on is now “likely to be a sequel” says the director. At the Savannah Film Festival, Universal Studios head, Ronald Meyer, openly criticised some of his own movies, calling Cowboys and Aliens “mediocre”, Land of the Lost “crap”, and The Wolfman “one of the worst movies we ever made”. The movie formerly known as Bond 23 is now officially Skyfall. Shooting has begun on the Sam Mendes-directed flick, with Daniel Craig returning as Bond, Judi Dench as M., and Javier Bardem will play the bad guy. In a rare display of prolificacy, reclusive filmmaker Terrence Malick has two new films on the way.














Turn 10 Studios (PC/PS3/X360) DICE HAVE BECOME one of EA’s best development teams over the past seven years, and before that they had already won over many admiring fans for their sterling multi-player franchise Battlefield. Battlefield 3 is an even bigger deal than usual because it’s aiming its reticle on Modern Warfare, attempting to out-do Activision’s next moneymaking behemoth at its own game. Its primary weapon is the Frostbite 2 graphics engine, which is pretty impressive, animating and lighting the hell out of people, cities and landscapes. Battlefield 3’s secondary weapon is its story, and Dice have obviously focused on weaving a half-decent plot in which to blow shit up in. The skills they learned making Bad Company

have not been wasted, with some great digital acting. The problem is that the story and graphical fidelity of the game will only keep you engrossed for so long, and then the linear levels and temperamental AI will make you wish this game had a little longer in the oven. Some graphics are glitchy, the checkpoints are too intrusive and I didn’t like the control system. These issues are by no means fatal flaws; Battlefield 3 is actually a good romp, and of course it has a first-rate multi-player experience. But developers have to strike a balance between controlling the gameplay tempo and allowing players to feel unrestricted. This was Battlefield 3’s only real misstep. Review Day Barnes We’ve got two copies of the justreleased Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception to give away. For your chance to get the loot, email loot@ and tell us the names of the characters that make an appearance alongside Nathan Drake in the game.

MS Nerd recently posted that the next Xbox is codenamed ‘loop’, and will run on a modified version of Windows 9. Of course his assertion is completely unsubstantiated, but that nerd has been right before. Rockstar have released their first trailer for GTA V, this time returning to LA for the next chapter of the series. It looks just as you’d expect and you really can’t imagine the Houser brothers releasing anything below par. Final Fantasy XIII-2, sequel to the most hated Final Fantasy game, has been getting a lot of press, but it’s difficult to get too excited. Minecraft has reached four million users – that’s pretty good for a game that hasn’t even been finished yet. Pictures of a new Alan Wake – well, the same guy but in a new game – have been released so expect more banal voice-over gameplay. This week’s best news by far is Ubisoft’s Rainbow 6 is in development. There’s a nice video interview on










Wed 28th – Thurs 29th Dec 2011 Terrace Downs, Canterbury South Island, New Zealand Tickets Available From Wednesday December 28th

Grandmaster Flash

Brookes Brothers / Netsky

Homebrew / Tali Live & Acoustic

12th Planet / 1814 / Dub Fx / Soulsystem

Fried Chicken Sound System / Dubwise & MC Silva Knuckles / Soul Trader Nacoa / Partido Kev Freash / Dj Substance Thursday December 29th

Ltj Bukem & MC Tali Skream And Benga / Six 60

Flying Lotus / Foreign Beggars / Antix The Eastern / Soulware / A Hori Buzz Stinky Jim / Cyril Orson / Reality Chant Confucius & Dave Boogie / Ghost Tim Sargent / Toby Nice / Seth Hamilton


SPIKE ISLAND, WIDNES, ENGLAND SUNDAY 27 MAY 1990 The Stones Roses’ debut album infused Dunedin native Barbara Power’s first months living in London. In May 1990 she attended the Manchester quartet’s legendary Spike Island extravaganza with 27,000 others. WE LEFT DUNEDIN in the midst of Flying Nun heaven in June ’89 and immediately we were immersed in that whole kind of rave scene in England. When The Stone Roses’ album came out I gave it to my flatmate and we played it constantly for weeks. The overwhelming outing of the working class during that time of Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses was such a huge movement. You could see it on the street. It was a magical time to be travelling and seeing bands; it was such a huge time of freedom and there was nothing to stop us seeing all of those amazing bands. We travelled up on a bus with lots of British kids to Manchester. It was

just the most incredible night, on this bit of wasteland down by the Mersey. Spike Island had a really big festival atmosphere, and reminded us of Reading the year before. It was huge, it was a seminal event. You knew it was going to go down in history; you felt that when you were there. It was hard not to feel carried away by it all. When the band came on stage, they were so idolised – they were at the absolute height. We were so taken away in the moment, though I think the sound was really quite appalling. But for us it was jaw-droppingly mind-blowing. We just danced like mental people and made sure we were as close to the front as we could be. Ian Brown was this little guru in big white baggy clothes bouncing around onstage. We couldn’t believe we were there really; we were just so thrilled to be away from Dunedin. It was an amazing time. The Stone Roses have reformed for comeback shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park on 29 and 30 June, which will be followed by a world tour.


Beth Gibbons

PORTISHEAD VECTOR ARENA, AUCKLAND THURSDAY 10 NOVEMBER Review David Carroll Photography Amos Chapple “EVENING. BIT OF a shaky start.” Those were singer Beth Gibbons’ first words to the crowd at Vector Arena, three songs into what was actually a triumphant return for Portishead to New Zealand, 14 years since they were last here. She didn’t address the audience again until the end, when she simply repeated, “Thank you, thanks!” as the band took their deserved bows. And yet she – and the rest of Portishead’s touring party – had us enraptured throughout. Gibbons was joined onstage by fellow core members Geoff Barrow (percussion, scratching, keys, guitar and goodness knows what else) and Adrian Utley (guitar, keys); a drummer, bass player and additional keyboardist. When VOLUME spoke with Utley a few weeks back he professed the band had been rehearsing hard to play as much as possible of the material live, rather than relying on loops and samples. This approach paid rich dividends, as the band’s playing was

Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley

close to immaculate, with many genuinely breath-taking moments – particularly the big drops and drums, eerie harmonies and hip hop scratches of tracks like ‘Cowboys’, ‘Glory Box’ and ‘Machine Gun’. Those moments were enhanced by the syncing of the absolutely massive – and equally impressive – LED screen behind the band, which took up the entire width and height of the stage. The visuals segued from underwater shots of seaweed to oscillating whirlpools; from an incredible bright orange-red rising sun to crackling, scratchy, grainy and extremely (mis-) treated live footage – often layered atop one another. The lighting too was spectacular, with one particular standout moment the stark, bright red backlighting during a crackling hot reading of ‘Glory Box’. At several points mobile phones were held aloft in the audience in a manner not unlike lighters at a rock gig, and there were moments when crunching guitars, the power of two drummers and layers of keys created

an epic, stadium-like feel despite the confines of a truncated Vector. A friend remarked, “They’re so much better live!” and that summed it up nicely: the show was everything you would expect from Portishead if you’d only heard their albums – moody, eerie beats and a cinematic, widescreen sound – with that extra bit of polish which goes a long way to explaining their continuing appeal, despite their famed “relaxed” album release schedule. A master-class in tension and release, both musically and visually, and a hugely impressive – and appreciated – return.


Jason Mraz & Noel ‘Toca’ Rivera – The Civic, THE EDGE, Auckland CBD, 7pm, $75 Garage Daze – CrossRoads Bar & de Ville Cajun Restaurant, Ponsonby, 8pm, Free Mainz: Kick Out the Jams Tour – Kings Arms, Newton, 8pm, Free Louise Cole – Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna, 6pm, Free Pop Panic ft. Ricky Rile – Cassette Number Nine, Auckland CBD, 9pm, Free Acoustic – Rakinos, Auckland CBD, 5:30pm, Free



Hayley Westenra – 10th Anniversary Homecoming Tour – The Civic, THE EDGE, Auckland CBD, 7:30pm, $69.90-$89.90 Teenage Kicks – Cassette Number Nine, Auckland CBD, 9pm, Free Urbantramper – The Kate Bush Saved My Life Tour – The Third and Social, Auckland CBD, 11pm, Free GC Band Night – Grand Central, Ponsonby, 9pm, Free Playing Up – Rakinos, Auckland CBD, 9pm, Free Your Vibe – Woody’s Bar, Manurewa, 9pm, Free Ben Fernandez – Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna, 6pm, Free Creative Jazz Club – Michel Bénébig Soul-Jazz Trio – 1885 Britomart, Auckland CBD, 8pm, $5-$10 Peta & Weta – Sugar Bar, Newmarket, 7pm, Free The Circling Sun Band – Ponsonby Social Club, Ponsonby, 10pm, Free Live Latin and Brazilian Music – The Mexican Cafe, Auckland CBD, 8:30pm, Free The Crimson Vendetta, Fictional Response, Seven Seas & More – Kings Arms, Newton, 8pm, $5 Wednesday R&B Jam Night – Flo Bar & Cafe, Newmarket, 9pm, Free


Cassette Allstars – Cassette Number Nine, Auckland CBD, 10pm, Free Fictional Response, Bleeding View, The Fritts + More – Shadows Bar, Auckland CBD, 7pm, $5 Flying Nun 30th Anniversary – Ghost Club with Solid Gold Hel – Kings Arms, Newton, 8pm Gerry Rooderkerk Alive & Acoustic – The Fiddler Bar, Auckland CBD, 10pm, Free Mark Cunningham – Union Post Brewbar, Ellerslie, 9pm, Free Tom Lark, Early Grey and Wishes – Bar Tabac, Auckland CBD, 8pm, $5 Intrusion – Dubstep Night – The Carpark Bar, Auckland CBD, 10pm, Free Lisa Crawley – Everything That I Have Seen Album Release – Toto / Montecristo, Auckland CBD, 8pm, $10 DJ Manuel Bundy & Guitarist

Dixon Nacey – The Deck, Auckland CBD, 6pm, Free Hollie Smith – Band Of Brothers Release Show – Sale St, Freemans Bay, 7pm, $40 Your Vibe – Woody’s Bar, Manurewa, 9pm, Free Liquid Thursdays – Sponge Bar, Ponsonby, 7pm, Free Derek Bean – Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna, 6pm, Free Jennifer Zea – 1885 Basement, Auckland CBD, 10pm, Free The Drop – Rakinos, Auckland CBD, 8pm, Free Kara Gordon & Band – Volume Bar, Eden Terrace, 9:30pm, Free


Mellow Grave, Glass Owls, Luckless, Bond St Bridge & More – Wine Cellar & Whammy Bar, 8pm, $15 A Low Hum Presents Flying Nun Tribute Night – Kings Arms, Newton, 8pm, $12 Dearly Departed Album Release Tour – Golden Dawn, Ponsonby, 8pm iiii Festival – Extra Digits – Kenneth Myers Centre, Auckland CBD, 6pm, $10 MUM Presents: The Unfaithful Ways with Steven’s Cat – Cassette Number Nine, Auckland CBD, 10pm, $10 This Flight Tonight & Guests – Shadows Bar, Auckland CBD, 8pm, $10 We Stole The Sun, Strahan Coleman & Lamplight – Masonic Tavern, Devonport, 8pm, $5 David Shanhun – De Post, Mt Eden, 7:30pm, Free Jeremy Pickford – Basalt, Howick, 9pm, Free Phil Stoodley – Brew On Quay, Auckland CBD, 8:30pm, Free The VHF – The Flying Moa, Mt Wellington, 8:30pm, Free The Brendon Ham Band – Howick Club, Howick, 7:30pm, Free DJ Murry Sweetpants & Percussionist John Ellis – The Deck, Auckland CBD, 8pm, Free Bright Side Up – Rakinos, Auckland CBD, 9pm Eddie Numbers and Supervillain – Juice Bar at The Windsor Castle, Parnell, 9pm, $10 Be Free Fridays – Be Club, Auckland CBD, 10pm, Free Sam Hill, Wade Marriner & Guests – Trench Bar, Auckland CBD, 9pm, Free Charlie Brown’s Bond Street Boys – East Coast Bays RSA, Browns Bay, 7:30pm, Free Sandy Lynch – Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna, 6pm, Free Chico con Tumbao – Besos Latinos Restaurant, Auckland CBD, 7:30pm, Free DJ King Salsa – The Mexican Cafe, Auckland CBD, 11pm, Free Friday Night Salsa – Latin Dance Studios Ltd (Latinissimo), Glenfield, 8:30pm, $5-$10

Habana Noches presents Cuban Accent – CrossRoads Bar & de Ville Cajun Restaurant, Ponsonby, 8pm, Free Defamer (Aus), Heresiarch, Exordium Mors, Carnal – The Basement, Auckland CBD, 10pm, $13-$20 Eddie Gaiger – Brooklyn Bar, Auckland CBD, 9:30pm, Free Eddie Manukau – Glen Eden RSA, Glen Eden, 7:30pm, Free


Luckless and Guests – Sawmill Cafe, Leigh, 9:30pm Fiesta Del Sol starring Ron Carroll (USA) – Kelliher Estate, Mangere Bridge, 2pm, $15-$70 Bernie Griffen & The Grifters, w Luckless & Bond St Bridge – Sawmill Cafe, Leigh, 8pm, $10 Flying Nun 30th Anniversary – The Bats with Special Guests – Kings Arms, Newton, 8pm, $22 Urbantramper – The Kate Bush Saved My Life Tour – Golden Dawn, Ponsonby, 9:45pm Warp 4 – Fatcat – InkCoherent, Newton, 10pm, $10-$15 Jason Skelton Duo – Brew On Quay, Auckland CBD, 9:30pm, Free Mitch French – De Post, Mt Eden, 8:30pm, Free The Q4 – The Western Lights, Massey West, 9pm, Free Beni – House of Beni Album Launch Party – The Third and Social, Auckland CBD, 10pm, $10 DJ Thane Kirby & Percussionist Joe Box – The Deck, Auckland CBD, 8pm, Free The Funk Affair – Rakinos, Auckland CBD, 10pm Pure Trench Bar – Trench Bar, Auckland CBD, 9pm, Free Neville Chamberlain – Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna, 6pm, Free 2011 New Zealand Salsa Championships – AMI Auckland Netball Centre, St Johns, 10am, $20-$450 Cripple Mr Onion, Heathen Eyes, Golias and Tangelwood – The Bacco Room, Auckland CBD, 9pm, $10 Grey Lynn Park Festival 2011 – Grey Lynn Park, Grey Lynn, 9:30am, Free Debbie Shepherd – 139 Album Release Tour – Manukau City Baptist Church, Manukau City CBD, 7pm, $5-$25 Fou Nature – Republic Bar & Kitchen, Manukau City CBD, 10pm, $5 In The Pink – Pink Floyd Tribute Show – The Rocks, Waiheke Island, 8:30pm, $10 November Madness – Juice Bar at The Windsor Castle, Parnell, 8pm, $5-$10 Split Second – Edinburgh Street, Pukekohe, 9pm, Free The Kavalliers – A Rocking Great Band – Waiuku Cosmopolitan Club, Waiuku, 7pm, Free


Blues at The Boat House – Riverhead Tavern, Riverhead, 2pm, Free

powered by Blues on Sunday – The Crib, Ponsonby, 4pm, Free Warp 4 – Fatcat – InkCoherent, Newton, 1am, $10-$15 Jason Mohi – Garrison Public House, Mt Wellington, 4pm, Free Sandpaper Tango – Corellis Cafe, Devonport, 6pm, Free Irish Music Jam Session – Florrie McGreals Irish Pub, Takapuna, 5:00pm, Free Richard Grainger at the Thirsty Dog Folk Club – The Thirsty Dog, Newton, 3pm, $5 DJ Jason Kyle & Saxophonist Lewis McCallum – The Deck, Auckland CBD, 5pm, Free Auckland Vintage Jazz Society – Takapuna Boating Club, Takapuna, 7:00pm, $10-$15 Musica at the Villa – Gabriele Campani – Villa Romantica – Al Dente, Long Bay, 4pm, $20-$40 Peta & Weta – Bill Fish Cafe, St Marys Bay, 1:30pm, Free Starlight Sundays – The Windsor Castle, Parnell, 5pm, Free All the Way – Rakinos, Auckland CBD, 6:30pm, Free Sunday Sessions hosted by Club Groove – Flo Bar & Cafe, Newmarket, 4pm, Free Goody 2 Shoes – Brew On Quay, Auckland CBD, 5:30pm, Free


School Of Rock – Kings Arms, Newton, 6pm, Free Richard Grainger & Chris Parkinson – The Bunker, Devonport, 8pm, $15 Ben Fernandez – Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna, 6pm, Free VIVA Jazz Quartet – The Windsor Castle, Parnell, 6pm, Free The 2011 Classic Hits Acoustic Church Tour with Bic Runga – Franklin Baptist Church, Pukekohe, 7pm, $65


Richard Grainger & Chris Parkinson – Bishopswood Boutique Distillery, Kerikeri, 7:30pm, $20


Richard Grainger & Chris Parkinson – English Roots – Cafe Eutopia, Kaiwaka, 7pm


The 2011 Classic Hits Acoustic Church Tour with Bic Runga – Central Baptist Church, Whangarei, 7pm, $65


Soul Breeze – Brauhause Frings Brewery, Whangarei, 6:30pm, Free Olly Knox – Butter Factory Wine Bar, Whangarei, 7pm, Free Unknown Peace – Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai, 9pm, $0-$5


Sweet Dirty Beat ft. DJ Sharky & Tripf0re – Butterbank, Whangarei, 9pm, Free Metalfest, Sinate + Guests – Mangawhai Tavern, Mangawhai, 9pm, $0-$5


About Time Jazz Trio – Schnappa Rock Cafe, Tutukaka, 1pm, Free Lazy Sundays – Art at Wharepuke, Kerikeri, 12pm, Free


Riff Raff AC/DC Tribute Band – Imperial Hotel, Thames, 7pm




Alex and BB – The Bent Horseshoe Cafe, Tokomaru, 7:30pm Instant Brew – Volume 2 – Regent on Broadway, Palmerston North, 8pm, $5-$10

Soul Sax Plus – Tairua Landing, Tairua, 12pm, Free


Hayley Westenra – 10th Anniversary Homecoming Tour – Claudelands Arena, Hamilton, 7:30pm, $59.90-$85


Urbantramper – The Kate Bush Saved My Life Tour – YOT Club, Raglan, 8pm Alex and BB – Biddy Mulligan’s Irish Pub, Hamilton, 8pm


The 2011 Classic Hits Acoustic Church Tour with Bic Runga – St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton, 7pm, $65


The Checks Deadly Summer Sway Album Tour 2011 – The Cabana, Napier, 8pm, $20-$25


Optimus Gryme – Poverty Bay Club, Gisborne, 10pm, $10-$15


Swamp Thing ft. Michael Barker & Grant Haua – The Pheasant Plucker, Rotorua, 8:30pm, Free


Bay Salsa – Buddha Lounge, Tauranga, 8pm, $2 LSG Group – The Pheasant Plucker, Rotorua, 9pm, Free Freaky Meat – Delicatessen National Tour 2011 – Pig and Whistle Historic Pub, Rotorua, 8pm, Free


Urbantramper: The Kate Bush Saved My Life Tour – Major Toms, Mt Maunganui, 9pm 1814 – Rotorua RSA, Rotorua, 7:30pm, $25 The 2011 Classic Hits Acoustic Church Tour with Bic Runga – Holy Trinity Church, Tauranga, 7pm, $65 Riff Raff AC/DC Tribute Band – Brewers Bar, Mt Maunganui, 7pm


The Checks Deadly Summer Sway Album Tour 2011 – The Shed, Rotorua, 8pm, $20-$25 The Flaming Mudcats – The Belgian Bar, Rotorua, 8pm, $10-$15 Derty Sesh Apology Accepted Tour – TEAZAR Lounge Bar & Night Club, Rotorua, 8pm


Jimmy & Perry – The Pheasant Plucker, Rotorua, 7pm, Free


The Checks Deadly Summer Sway Album Tour 2011 – Butlers Reef Hotel, New Plymouth, 7:30pm, $20-$25


Brass Whanganui in Concert with Brett Baker – Whanganui Central Baptist Church, Whanganui, 7:30pm,



Alex and BB – Koitiata Community Hall, Wanganui, 7pm


Tuesday Night Speakeasy – Bodega, 7:30pm, Free Live Music and Two for One Desserts – The Library, 5pm, Free


Ghost Club – San Francisco Bath House, 8pm, $15 The Placid Saints, Stone Candy and DazZ – Happy, 8pm, $5 Kapiti Live Music Club – Brenda Liddiard – The Dog & Duck Jazz Bar, Paraparaumu, 7:30pm, $5 Midge Mccleary, Matt Hay, Meech Brothers – Meow, 8pm, $10 The Session – Matterhorn, 10pm, Free Dunk, Forest Spirits, The Shocking and Stunning – Mighty Mighty, 9:30pm


Superbad Soul Section – Hotel Bristol, 8:30pm, Free


Hollie Smith – Band of Brothers Release Show – Bodega, 9pm, $33.50 Alex and BB – Wellington Bluegrass Society, Lower Hutt, 8pm Hayley Westenra – 10th Anniversary Homecoming Tour – Michael Fowler Centre, 7:30pm, $79.90-$89.90 The Bats w/ Dear Times Waste – San Francisco Bath House, 8pm, $22 The Blue Onesies, Wives and Solo Ono – Happy, 9pm, $5 Mark Laurent @ Mojo Acoustic – Mojo Invincible, 7pm, $5 Brenda Liddiard @ Mojo Acoustic – Mojo Invincible, 7pm, $5 The Supper Club Shakedown and The Side Steps Quintet – Mighty Mighty, 10pm, $5 Freaky Meat + Wiata & the Word – The Waterfront Bar and Kitchen, Raumati, 9pm, $7-$10 Freaky Meat – Delicatessen National Tour 2011 – Perrett’s Corner Cafe and Bar, 5pm, Free Live Music Friday – Ed Zuccollo Trio – Mojo Bond St, 6pm, Free Salsadrome & Tango Milonga – Fortnightly Tango & Salsa Dance – Whitireia Performance Centre, 7:30pm, $10


Fly My Pretties IV – St James Theatre, 7pm, $90 Flying Nun 30th Anniversary Tribute Show – San Francisco Bath House, 8pm, $15 Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band Album Release Party – The Garden Club, 9pm, $10-$25 Chow Dwn – Chow Tory, 10pm The Neil Billington Blues Band – The Lido Cafe, 8:30pm, Free Defamer (Aus), Necroternal, Bulletbelt + More – Bar Medusa, 9pm, $13-$20 Old Loaves, D Burmester, Numbskull – Mighty Mighty, 9pm Mtown – The Village Inn, Raumati, 9:30pm, Free


The Boptet – The Lido Cafe, 7pm, Free The Sunday Jazz Club – Public Bar & Eatery, 7:30pm, Free


Ash & The Matadors – An Evening Echo Release Tour – Liquid NZ Bar, Nelson, 8pm, Free


Voices of our Ancestors – Fairfield House, Nelson, 7:30pm, $18 Katrina & The Heartbreaks – The Free House, Nelson, 8pm, $15


David Lynch – The Free House, Nelson, 8pm, $10 Freaky Meat – Delicatessen National Tour 2011 – Baby G’s Lounge, Nelson, 9pm, Free


The Motzenburg Bavarian Brass Band – Golden Bear Brewing Company, Waimea, 3pm, Free


Freaky Meat – Delicatessen National Tour 2011 – Interislander Ferry, Marlborough Sounds, 8:15am, Free


The Black Velvet Band – Becks Southern Alehouse, 8pm, Free T54 w/ Commander Robot – Darkroom, 9:30pm, Free


Tealight Acoustics – Phillipstown Youth Centre, 8:30pm, $5 Captain Jack – Ferrymead Speights Ale House, 9pm, Free


Contra Dance and Concert – Lyttelton Recreation Centre, Lyttelton, 7pm, Free D’sendantz – Becks Southern Alehouse, 9pm, Free


Hayley Westenra – 10th Anniversary Homecoming Tour – CBS Canterbury Arena, 7:30pm, $79.90-$89.90


Hayley Westenra – 10th Anniversary Homecoming Tour – Theatre Royal, Timaru, 7:30pm, $69.90-$89.90



Acoustic Fridays With Hana Fahey – The Good Oil, Dunedin, 5:30pm, Free


Saints and Sinners Bad Taste Party 2011 – Saints and Sinners, Invercargill, 10pm, $5

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AUCKLAND Street Chant have been joining The Lemonheads onstage for ‘Drug Buddy’ on the US tour and have also introduced Evan Dando to Twitter… Surf City and Ghost Wave are both working on new albums due next year… IMNZ will open nominations for the third Taite Music Prize soon… St Jerome’s Laneway 2012 is shaping up great!... Luckless have a new single out called ‘Hummingbird Heart’ with a video to come. They’re heading on the road from Auckland to Dunedin from 18 November, opening their tour at Whammy Bar and the Wine Cellar with Bond Street Bridge, Mellow Grave, The Broadsides, Glass Owls and Coach… Bernie Griffen and the Grifters are visiting Leigh Sawmill on 19 November with Luckless and Bond Street Bridge… Victoria Girling-Butcher is sharing her debut solo album release with Lindon Puffin on November 25 at Backbeat Bar… Batucada Sound Machine are releasing a brand new single ‘Drownin’ in It’ from their ‘Bassy’ Bob Brockman-produced new album due out early 2012… Greg Fleming and the Trains are mixing their third album Edge of the City at Roundhead Studios… Rackets’ new video out this week – more wrongness, and we’re loving it… Two Rackets playing in Poor You, Poor Me wowed Golden Dawn the other night, as did Beastwars at 4:20, which attracted a healthy and eclectic crowd… Australian lo-fi/distorted ’60s-influenced pop bands TV Colours, Assassins 88 and Danger Beach are coming here soon… TV Colours and Assassins 88 also on their way… Dragon, Hello Sailor, Ticket, Cold Chisel, The Damned, Hall & Oates, Steely Dan, Meatloaf – all recent visitors or soon to be visiting – what year is this?… And on that note, The Exponents are about to embark on an extensive national tour… The Hollie Smith Band of Brothers release show is on at Sale St on Thursday, and Saturday is the L’escape cocktail party… Much chat about last week’s VOLUME and having an old dude speak to a young dude… Sports will hit Lucha Lounge shortly… Thieves play Whammy with Las Tetas and Rackets on 19 November and are working on a new release… And just so Music 101 host Kirsten Johnstone can’t criticise us for not having enough banjo music

in VOLUME, there is an upcoming national tour by Alex & BB, a young contemporary banjo duo who are touring New Zealand late-November through to December – last date of the tour is at The Bunker, Devonport on 11 December… Now what’s happening with Big Day Out? For local Wellington cafe reviews, news on the arts, theatre, music and shopping, check out Brooklyn’s best-kept secret CarriBean Cafe, has just opened a new outlet on Cuba Street – where else are you gonna get Caribbean food and classic reggae pon di stereo?… Alex the Kid are giving away their new EP for free download – head to to cop a zip file… Manky Chops art collective have been hosting pop-up one-day art exhibitions in various locations around the city – look out for more over summer… Lisa Crawley plays San Francisco Bath House on 24 November with support from the always compelling City Oh Sigh… Wellington’s Mr synth-funk, D:UNK, is throwing a 3D gig at Fast Eddie’s on 2 December – all attendees receive a set of 3D glasses on the door… Head Like A Hole shooting a video for their last single, ‘Glory Glory’, very soon… The closest New Zealand has ever come to producing our own Tom Waits, Delaney Davidson, will be making an in-store appearance at Evil Genius Records in Berhampore on 9 December to promote his new album – Berhampore is the new Berlin, hurrah!... Fishhead’s new issue hits stores early December… Up and coming local psychedelic popsters Wives play Happy on 18 November – performing alongside them is The Blue Onesies and Solo Ono… Local institution The Eggs plays The Matterhorn on Saturday 26 November… Notorious local music critic Simon Sweetman has just become a father – Mazel Tov, Simon!… Brostock 2011 arrives on 2 December in the form of Caspa and Datsik performing with Dynamite MC at The Front Room in Mt Victoria… Fresh from recording their eagerly anticipated debut album, Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band are ready to raise the roof off The Garden Club on 19 November, and will be joined by special guest singers and musicians. “We’re bringing the sounds of the barrooms, the brothels and the

backstreets of 1900s’ New Orleans back for one night of hooch-fuelled debauchery,” says singer-drummer Mike Jensen. Legendary venue Al’s Bar has finally been demolished. Owner Al Park remains undecided as to what he does next… The Coal Rangers made their debut appearance at the Dux de Lux in 1988. After playing their yearly Xmas party at the now demolished Harbourlight, they return to the Dux for one show on 2 December… The Eastern are recording their new album in the red-zoned eastern suburb of Darlington. The “hardest workin’ band in New Zealand” is taking time out while singer Adam McGrath recovers his health… The Dux continues to have trouble with its opening. All the Flying Nun shows have been moved to the CPIT Student Union building, and the Dux is now hoping to be open on 24 November with Lindon Puffins’ Hope Holiday album release… Leith Skinner no longer drumming for Tainted but has joined Dissolution. Seems like quite a few drummers have moved north, with Simon from How to Kill and Jason from Supercharger and The Easy Hearts being the most recent departees… Stone Angels is the new heavier band from Steve and Mike from Second Gear Grind – Stone Angel’s debut album is out now... The stoner-rock fest, Eyes of the South, will be held at The Venue in December… The Unfaithful Ways have announced tour dates in support of their new album: 18 November in Auckland, 8 December in Wellington and 9 December in Paekakariki. Their video for ‘Trouble I’m In’ is looking slick… Transistors’ new video for ‘Excommunicator’ is lookin’ good. Now that bands have their clips on YouTube, do they need to observe any hoary old broadcasting standards?? Altar Vendetta will release their new work online via Facebook and Reverbnation… Manthyng had a spectacular trip to Auckland including a random nudist walking onstage at their Waiheke Island show and being invited to headline Big Gay Out in February... Gunslinger have changed their name to A Distant City... Local ’zine *INK has changed hands... Locals excited about Guitar Wolf coming to town… Nadia Reid has released her EP to much acclaim.

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Thursday 17 November – Cabana, Napier Friday 18 November – Butlers Reef, New Plymouth Saturday 19 November – The Shed, Rotorua Friday 25 November – Flow Bar, Hamilton Saturday 26 November – The Powerstation, Auckland Thursday 1 December – PBC, Gisborne Friday 2 December – Illuminati, Tauranga Saturday 3 December – Onewhero Rugby Club, Onewhero Saturday 10 December – Yot Club, Raglan

THE GASLAMP KILLER Friday 18 November – Be Club, Auckland Saturday 19 November – Sandwiches, Wellington


Friday 25 November – The Powerstation, Auckland

KURT VILE AND THE VIOLATORS W/ ALASTAIR GALBRAITH Thursday 1 December – Kings Arms, Auckland

BLACK JOE LEWIS AND THE HONEYBEARS Wednesday 7 December – The Powerstation, Auckland


Monday 12 December – The Dux, Christchurch (free) Tuesday 13 December – Dunedin (venue TBC) Wednesday 14 December – Bodega, Wellington Thursday 15 December – Static, Hamilton Friday 16 December – Cassette Number Nine, Auckland


Thursday 15 December – San Francisco Bath House, Wellington Friday 16 December – Kings Arms, Auckland


Friday 16 December – San Francisco Bath House, Wellington Saturday 17 December – Kings Arms, Auckland


Thursday 29 December – Ascension Vineyard, Matakana Monday 2 January – Riwaka Hotel, Riwaka Friday 6 January – Brewers Field, Mt Maunganui Saturday 7 January – Waihi Beach Hotel, Waihi Beach

FAT FREDDY’S DROP’S ONE DROP Monday 2 January – Ascension Wine Estate, Matakana w/ TrinityRoots & Cornerstone Roots Saturday 7 January – Black Barn, Havelock North w/ The Nudge

THE DUM DUM GIRLS Friday 6 January – Kings Arms, Auckland


Saturday 7 January – Whammy Bar, Auckland Sunday 8 January – Bodega, Wellington


Thursday 12 January – Kings Arms, Auckland


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Das Racist, Parkway Drive, Regurgitator, Cavalero Conspiracy, The Vaccines, Nero, Soundgarden, Kasabian, Royksopp, Mariachi el Bronx, Battles, Beastwars, Best Coast, My Chemical Romance and more Friday 20 January – Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

FLEET FOXES Friday 13 January – Hunter Lounge,

Wellington Saturday 14 January – Town Hall, Auckland


Saturday 14 January – San Francisco Bath House, Wellington Monday 16 January – The Powerstation, Auckland

THE DAMNED Wednesday 25 January – The Powerstation, Auckland

THE DRESDEN DOLLS Friday 27 January – The Powerstation, Auckland Saturday 28 January – Opera House, Wellington

ST JEROME’S LANEWAY FESTIVAL Anna Calvi, Feist, The Horrors, Gotye, Laura Marling, Pajama Club, SBTRKT Live, Shayne P. Carter, Washed Out, Twin Shadow, M83, Cults, Girls, EMA, Yuck, Toro Y Moi, Wu Lyf, Glasser, Opossom, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Austra, Transistors and more Monday 30 January – Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland


Erykah Badu, Hudson Mohawke, DJ Qbert/Reeps One, Tiki, Soul II Soul, Africa Hitech, Gappy Ranks, Shortee Blitz, The Yoots, @Peace, Scratch 22, Disasteradio, Alphabethead, Earl Gateshead, The Nudge, AHoriBuzz, The SmokeEaters, Hermitude and more 17-19 February – Tapapakanga Regional Park, Auckland

THE SISTERS OF MERCY Wednesday 22 February – The Powerstation, Auckland

THE BLACK LIPS Tuesday 28 February – The Powerstation, Auckland


Tuesday 6 March – The Regent Theatre, Dunedin Thursday 8 March – The Civic Theatre, Auckland


Wednesday 7 March – The Powerstation, Auckland

ADRIAN SHERWOOD Friday 16 March – The Powerstation, Auckland

JOE SATRIANI, STEVE VAI AND STEVE LUKATHER – G3 Sunday 25 March – Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland Monday 26 March – Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington

NICK LOWE Saturday 31 March – The Powerstation, Auckland


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