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Do you have a severe toothache? There could be many reasons for your pain. It could be a simple ache or could be a symptom of a serious illness in your body. Whatever be the reason or the cause, go to the best dental surgeon in Bangalore to treat it immediately. The causes for toothache are plenty. Some of them are tooth decay, inflammation of the tooth, pus collection in the tooth or gum area, hypersensitivity of the tooth, dry socket and gum infection. Each of these conditions will cause a sharp or a dull pain in the tooth and gum area. Don’t treat all types of toothaches as the same, and just take a pain killer to dull the pain. If untreated, the toothache could lead to other severe underlying problems. Fix an appointment with one of the best dental surgeons in Bangalore to immediately identify and treat the condition. One common tooth problem that everyone is sure to face is the growth of wisdom tooth. The last molar grows in the late teens or may be even later for some. There will be severe pain during that time. Most people generally take tablets to reduce the pain, but you could consult a surgeon to ensure all is fine. Another common cause for toothache is dental cavity. In common terms, it is a hole in the teeth. The most common reason for tooth cavity is having a diet that contains more amounts of starch and sugar. These substances encourage the growth of bacteria that eat away the insides of your tooth, leading to cavities or holes. If you go to one of the best dental surgeons in Chennai during the early stages of tooth cavity, then you may be able to save the tooth. The dentist will fill the cavity using artificial cement. If the condition is a little severe, then the dentist may suggest a root canal therapy. You may have to go in for tooth removal if no method can be used to save the tooth. Some of the best dental surgeons in Chennai will recommend techniques to maintain proper oral care and prevent dental problems. Though the causes of tooth ache are many, the preventive technique is simple – regular brushing and flossing, twice a day. Also avoid high sugar foods. If you like eating sweets and starchy foods, make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly to remove any bit stuck between the teeth.

Causes of toothache  

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