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Wednesday, October 9, 2019


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Zealandia’s story in a book Rosalie Willis It was Kāpiti Island that inspired the valley which changed a nation. Zealandia, coined ‘the valley that change a nation’ in Waikanae resident Jim Lynch’s new book, was a vision for the city originally inspired by Jim’s trips to Kāpiti Island. Back in the 1990s Kāpiti Island was on track to become predator free and home to some of New Zealand’s rarest native birds and wildlife when Jim and his wife Eve thought it would be great if there could be something similar in the city. “When Eve and I were in the Forest & Bird branch we used to run trips to Kāpiti Island. “It was an amazing place and I used to think ‘wow it would be great to have something like this in the capital city’.” Soon becoming vice-president of the Wellington branch of Forrest & Bird in charge of planning, Jim conceived and initiated the Natural Wellington project, breaking new ground in biodiversity planning and introducing the concept of urban conservation. “At that time most of the Wellington branch activities were focused on regional sites such as Kāpiti and Somes Islands and little was being done in the city apart from some weed control. “Kāpiti Island was definitely a very big inspiration for what is now Zealandia.” ZEALANDIA: The valley that changed a nation has been written in time for a number of big anniversaries Zealandia is celebrating. This year is the 20th anniversary of the fence, New Zealand’s first successful multispecies predator fence protecting natural area, next year marks the 25th anniversary of the trust and the 30th anniversary since Natural Wellington. “For the first 10 years it was all pretty exciting stuff, breaking new ground all the time, so this story is about that early period which will never be repeated.

For the first 10 years it was all pretty exciting stuff, breaking new ground all the time, so this story is about that early period which will never be repeated.

Jim Lynch

One of Zealandia’s founders, Jim Lynch, with his new book ZEALANDIA: The valley that changed a nation. “Thirty years of gripping action, a lot of it was fun, a lot of it was exciting, and a lot of it was terrifying. We broke the mould in many ways.” Back in the 1990s when the vision was first coming to life, people weren’t used to funding conservation enterprises on the scale Jim and his team were proposing. “Because of that we missed out on a lot of big funders in the early 1990s. “That was very scary as the delete button was very close to being hit on the whole project multiple times. “Once the fence was built the scary bit was we then had to deliver on a whole lot of things

that had never been done before — with most of it done by volunteers. “The volunteering has been a huge success — numbers are up to 600 active and in training volunteers, with 200 volunteers on the waiting list. “It’s reached a point where unequivocally it’s been a success on all accounts. “We had some rocky years with the opening of the visitors centre just as the Global Financial Crisis hit and visitors stopped coming and people stopped spending money. “But now our biodiversity goals are all tracking in the right directions with huge progress.” With the original vision being

sanctuaries around New Zealand and 80 professional community enterprises with objectives similar to Zealandia with those sanctuaries now protecting 44,000ha of land. Zealandia has brought in hundreds of millions of dollars into conservation through its community conservation model. “It’s been a bumpy road, but the idea and the vision was so different and spectacular. “While there were some things we could have done better, the power of the vision was so strong that no one wanted to give it up. “It’s all part of the scenery now but it has been an amazing journey.”

to create a Kāpiti Island in the middle of the city, recent Ornithological Society of New Zealand assessments show how the bird life in Zealandia has changed. “Reports are showing the bird structure in the sanctuary is strongly tracking towards Kāpiti Island.” With biodiversity, community engagement and tourism goals all being reached, Zealandia is the example for professional community conservation enterprises around New Zealand. “We basically wrote the manual, showed everyone how to do it and did the hard yards.” There are now 31 fenced



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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Council buys up prime land Council is buying two prime and strategically important properties at Paraparaumu Beach. It is spending $1.43 million for the two lots at 26 and 29 Marine Parade, with a combined capital value of $1.66 million. The purchase was funded from the council’s strategic property and land budgets. “This proposal was considered in a public excluded session [Sept 26] due to commercial sensitivities on the understanding that the decision would be released to the public once a contract had been completed between the council and the seller,” council chief executive Wayne Maxwell said. “The council resolved to acquire the land and we have proceeded with contract details. “In the interim, details of this transaction have been made public and, given the interest, we have consulted with the parties involved, including the site’s tenants, to release further information before settlement. “Continuing to support the growth and development of Paraparaumu Beach is of immense strategic value. As a destination to view and visit Kāpiti Island, we are already investing in ways to sustain and enhance the character of the area and encourage more visitors.” Mr Maxwell said one of the initial considerations for acquiring the land was to ensure the Paraparaumu Beach Saturday Morning Market could continue in the short term, if the proposed move to Maclean St was held up, or was unable to

IN BRIEF STEP FORWARD Council has granted resource consent for Mahara Gallery, in Waikanae, to revamp its gallery to professional museum standards. The consent was “a major step forward towards realising the dream of creating a gallery that can accept the gift of the Field Collection [comprising a number of Frances Hodgkins artworks] and be a better district gallery for Kāpiti”, the gallery said. It has enabled the gallery to submit funding applications to theLottery Grants Board. The board can now progress its fundraising.


External consultancy firm MartinJenkins is the top contender to undertake an independent organisational review of the council. Council’s independent organisational review subcommittee is seeking council approval to appoint the firm at tomorrow’s additional council meeting. Another recommendation seeks council approval to authorise the chief executive to “reassign up to a further $183,000 plus GST from the 2019/20 Annual Plan budget to help fund the total estimated costs of the independent organisational review”. The area which council is buying. proceed. “As things stand, the move is progressing well, and the market will operate from Maclean St. “Longer term, the acquisition will support our work to position the district for growth by ensuring a strategic lens in assessing how best to utilise this space.” The land had the “potential to provide strategic options that could complement two projects that we expect to lodge with the Provincial


Growth Fund (PGF)”. “The Waiorua Lodge on Kāpiti Island has already received some funding from the PGF to assist with developing a business case for expanding their current facilities on the Island. “On the mainland, council and the community, through the 2018-38 Long Term Plan process, identified the need to establish a Kāpiti Island gateway facility to support visitor attraction and

work is currently underway to develop a business case for this proposal. “It is early days and no decisions about have been made about how the Marine Parade land will be used in the future. Once the sale and purchase agreement is completed [early November], the council will undertake further work to look at the feasibility of a range of options, and will consider a way forward.”


Council is spending $32,100 per year on storing Waikanae Library books with a private company, Restore Our Book Budget (ROBB) said. Chairman Christopher Ruthe said the group had written to council stating, “There seems to be no reason why the books in storage, or at least a substantial number of them, could not be relocated to the two remaining libraries, at a substantial saving to the ratepayer.” The books have been mothballed after the library was closed because of mould and weather tightness issues.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Club brings in hats for members David Haxton Bucket hats will be a common accessory for Raumati Bowling Club members from now on. The club has produced a new bucket hat with club colours and is encouraging members to wear them to help withstand the effects of sun damage. The club had a special visit from New Zealand Cancer Society chief executive Mike Kernaghan, himself a worldclass bowler, who helped promote the new hat as well as reaffirm the society’s Sun Smart message. Mr Kernaghan said caps didn’t protect ears or the back of the neck, but a wider brimmed hat offered greater coverage. “Hats are only one part of it though.” Sunscreen should be applied every two and a half hours, people should look for areas that offered shade, wearing sunglasses was important, and be aware of cloudy days which were susceptible to UV rays. “Anything above 3 on the UV

scale you need to be protecting yourself,” Mr Kernaghan said. “And between 10am and 4.30pm typically in the height of summer is when you really need to be conscious of it.” New Zealand now had the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. “There are 90,000 new skin cancer diagnosis every year of which 2700 are melanoma — which is the one you don’t want to get. Skin cancer deaths account for more than the road toll each year in New Zealand and yet there’s no investment in the messaging. “We get pretty grumpy with the Government as there’s a lot of money spent around the road toll messaging but only $600,000 invested in messaging through the Health Promotion Agency each year around Sun Smart. “That’s simply not good enough.” A key factor in the high rates was because the southern hemisphere was closer to the sun in the summer than the northern hemisphere. “You’re more prone to the sun, especially if you have got

fair skin,” he said. Another issue, which was part of the challenge, was that “skin never forgets”. “So when you are a bulletproof teenager and lying out in the sun at the beach, and get burned, skin cancer might not manifest itself for 20, 30, 40 years, but the skin remembers that it has had damage. “And because we’re living longer, the risk is higher.” Mr Kernaghan wears a bucket hat especially when he’s bowling at club level or higher. He has won gold at the fours in the 2016 world championships, has represented New Zealand many times, is a Commonwealth Games and Asia Pacific medallist and has won numerous national titles. He’s enjoying seeing bucket hats become more common among bowlers including representative level. “There was an international event on the Gold Coast, Australia, in June, and for the first time the New Zealand team was issued with floppy hats. “And most of the team wore them.”

Raumati Bowling Club president John McBeth, left, gives NZ Cancer Society chief executive Mike Kernaghan one of its new club bucket hats. PHOTO / DAVID HAXTON

Training to save whales, dolphins

Participants of a marine mammal medic course at Waikanae River estuary.


Project Jonah New Zealand held a marine mammal medic course at Waikanae River estuary recently, training locals with skills to assist whales and dolphins during a stranding. “New Zealand has the highest stranding rate in the world with an average of 300 animals stranding per year,” Project Jonah New Zealand volunteer and communications manager Louisa Hawkes said. “Strandings can happen anywhere at anytime, which is why we travel around the country training

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Kapiti Old Mill

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locals — as they will be the first to discover the stranded animals and some basic skills can make a real difference.” An inflatable pontoon system was used during the course, designed by Project Jonah and is now used internationally to rescue whales. Volunteers trained with the charity’s lifesize, life-weight pilot whale which is filled with water and weighs over two tonne. Further info about the course is at www.projectjonah.org.nz/ medic

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Corran signs off from radio life Rosalie Willis Corran Crispe, the voice of Beach FM for the last 10 years, has left the station. Beginning a career in broadcasting 38 years ago with the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation (NZBC), Corran has spent the majority of his life on the airwaves. In his first two years of broadcasting he worked in eight different towns and cities, some for six weeks, some three months, depending on what the NZBC wanted. “I was shoved anywhere in my early days, I didn’t have a choice.” Having a ball working at what was then called Radio Nelson, Corran got a call saying he was being transferred to Greymouth, no ifs, buts or maybes. However it was in Greymouth in 1986 that Corran first used a mobile phone, the start of major technology changes he has seen through his career. “It was a Motorola about the size of a handbag, about 9kg with 20 minutes talk time and nine hours charge. “If you went more than 2km out of town there was no service — but it was really cool, it was a mobile phone. “It meant we could be on the side of a sports field watching a game and be talking live on the radio. It was amazing. “In those days radio was the thing that everyone got their information from. “There were daily papers and an hour of news on television in the evening but that was it. “We were the stars — people looked up to broadcasters. “We were invited into their homes, and it was a real privilege to be there. “Now it’s more of just a job.” Starting at Beach FM in February 2009 as an afternoon radio announcer and production engineer, he says the station was then owned by Grant Walker. After Grant left during a

Corran Crispe has left Beach FM after 10 years with the station. battle with cancer, Corran’s wife Jo suggested they buy the station. “She’s been behind me every step of the way. “She’s been amazing. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her, just adding her wonderful unique slant on how things should be done. “It’s been a real team effort and more of a love affair than a job. “It’s the passion for radio, community radio and what each means to this community — that’s the thing that’s kept me there so long. “It’s just so important having

that local connection. “We are for, of and by the community. Community is what it’s about.” Over his broadcasting career, highlights include interviewing a number of big names and befriending Billy T James. “One of the big high points of my career was actually making friends with Billy. “Over a period of five years he and I chatted on the radio for hours at a time on dozen or more occasions. “There were some very cool people I’ve met. “Meeting local politicians, playing golf with Kris Faafoi,


who is hilariously bad at golf, and having the opportunity to report live on events. “There is so little you get these days that is positive. “We really try to put a positive spin on life. “That’s one of the good things live radio does, it makes you smile or at best giggle.” New adventures are ahead for the veteran broadcaster. “It’s time to see what else is happening in the world. “I’ve been doing radio for 38 years. It’s time to chill out, recharge and reset. “It’s all been fun. It’s certainly a labour of love.”


It’s the passion for radio, community radio and what each means to this community — that’s the thing that’s kept me there so long.

Corran Crispe


The principal purpose of the Trust is to support high achieving Kapiti youth between the ages of 12 to 24 by providing them with extra resources that will allow them to achieve their full potential within a recognised discipline such as arts, science, development of coaching and leadership skills, and/or an apprenticeship. For more info go to www.kyat.nz


Marcia Johnson

www.marciainkapiti.co.nz | Authorised by Marcia Johnson, 34 Dale rd Paraparaumu.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Annual art show at Southward The annual Newstalk ZB Paraparaumu Rotary Art Show takes place over Labour weekend in Southward Car Museum. The 17th show will feature a wide variety of artwork from around New Zealand including from local artists. The format for this year’s show differs from previous years in that there will not be specific categories for artists to enter, giving artists a wider range of subjects to express their talents. Judging will be carried out by a panel comprising three people from the arts community and they will be asked to select show winners for best in show $1000 prize, runner-up $700 prize, four highly commended $400 prize each and 12+ merit awards of $200 each. The club has been fortunate to attract Kāpiti College head of art teacher Caroline Beaufort whose artwork recently featured in the Conservation Week 50th anniversary feature in this newspaper as a guest artist and judge for this year’s show. Some of her work will be on display and for sale as will the other judges’ work. Sam Lewry is a fellow judge and guest artist. Sam, who grew up in Kāpiti, is a selftaught artist. Sam started painting back in 2009 while based in Napier and is now based and works from her art studio in Marton. Sam has exhibited extensively in the Wellington region. Holly Chapman is the show’s third guest artist and judge. Holly has exhibited in previous shows and was the winner in 2018 of the best acrylic category with her outstanding and somewhat controversial style painting Bestioles. The best time to view the art at this year’s Newstalk ZB Paraparaumu Rotary Art

Show will be at the preview and prizegiving evening on Friday, October 25 from 7.30pm where keen buyers have first choice of the art on display and a chance to meet artists. There will be food, refreshments and music too. Tickets are $30 each and can be bought from Coastlands information desk. Otherwise the show is open all weekend, entry $5, for viewing and sales.

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Investing in Rental Properties I have spoken with a number of people lately who are in the process of purchasing investment properties in the Kapiti area. It has been illuminating to discuss their plans and aims, and to discover what they want from their investments. A couple of homeowners were purchasing a new home and renting out their current home in order to have the option of returning to their family home. This is not unusual, especially when a family has lived in a home for many years. It allows an investor to take their time in deciding whether they have made the right decision to move. Another investor’s circumstances have changed, and the investment property is to be used by a family member while releasing another property for renting. Matching family requirements to the properties has resulted in a long-term benefit for the family member and for the owners themselves. A professional investor wanted to enter the market without having to worry about ever-changing compliance issues. This investor was happy to engage a professional property manager to ensure that the property was fully compliant. The property was a good product, at a reasonable price, and would attract good, stable tenants and give the owner peace of mind.

Expressway moves ahead A reshuffle with transport money has meant the NZ Transport Agency is able to advance the case for the Ōtaki to North Levin Expressway. In a statement the agency said it has committed to undertake the next steps for the transport corridor between Ōtaki and North of Levin. It is also committed now to progress safety improvements for the existing SH1 as an “immediate priority”. Agency director of regional relationships Emma Speight said the agency will now move ahead on a series of critical next steps to build on the work already done to plan the new route. This includes undertaking the detailed business case and designation, as well as ensuring safety is improved on the existing State Highway 1 in the short term. “Confirming the designation of the new route will help us identify where it

will ultimately sit within the preferred 300 metre corridor, securing it for the future and providing certainty for current and future development, as well as land owners. “The transport agency will then be able to purchase directly affected properties, as per the legislated process. “These steps are an important part of the long term transport network planning process. “Construction will not begin until these steps are complete, and when funding is made available in the future. “Given current funding is heavily constrained, this is not expected in the next 10 years. “We acknowledge that a lack of certainty around this project has created real frustration for many people, especially those living or with property along this corridor. “We are writing to property owners in the preferred

corridor now and will work directly with them as we proceed through the next steps.” To improve safety in the short term, ahead of longer term solutions, upgrades will be made along 23.4 kilometres of the existing state highway, running along State Highway 1 from the end of the Peka Peka to Ōtaki Expressway to Taylors Rd, and along State Highway 57 from the intersection with State Highway 1 to the previouslycompleted safety improvements. The safety improvements are expected to include the installation of new median barriers, roadside barriers and wide centrelines, along with consideration of a new roundabout at the State Highway 57/Queen St intersection and new turnaround facilities at State Highway 1/State Highway 57. Ms Speight said a review of speed limits on State Highway

80 golfers join open day tourney Eighty golfers from 13 golf clubs enjoyed the excellent course conditions at the Annual 9 Hole Open Day at Kapiti Golf Club sponsored by Tall Poppy on Monday morning. Results of the day: Women’s division 1 Best gross: Lynne Browan — Manawatu — 47. Stableford: 1st Kip

Marshall (Waikanae) 17 2nd Fiona Burrows (Royal Wellington) 17 3rd Helen Latham (Levin) 17 4th Judy Gregory (Feilding) 16. Nearest the line: Di Herbert (Masterton). Nearest the pin: Belinda Cattermole (Manor Park). Women’s division 2 Best gross: Sue Pate (Kapiti) 47. Stableford: 1st Joan Hilder (Kapiti) 22 2nd

Another prospective owner was purchasing a tired property at a good price. The major focus of this investor was to implement a significant rent increase as soon as possible in order to “match the market”. No thought was given to the condition of the property or to the question of value for money. It is easy to get carried away with “market rent” and assume it applies equally to all properties. However, it’s like buying a car – total mileage, record of servicing and current condition all come into play in assessing its worth. Investing is about matching price to product to obtain fair value.

Michelle Quinn (Paraparaumu Bch) 19 3rd Iesha Mansfield (Kapiti) 18 4th RaeAnn Beaman (Palmerston North) 18. Nearest the line: Michelle Quinn (Paraparaumu Beach). Nearest the pin: Joan Hilder (Kapiti). Hole in 2: Joan Hilder (Kapiti). Women’s division 3 Best gross: Barbara Moore (Kapiti) 56. Stableford: 1st Beet Horrocks (Masterton) 18 2nd Erina Blackley (Kapiti) 18 3rd Toni Gleeson (Manawatu) 15 4th Helen Ordish (Masterton) 15. Nearest the line: Raewyn Chung (Paraparaumu Beach). Nearest the pin: Elaine Peterson (Foxton). Men’s division Best gross: Patrick Tito (Kapiti) 44. Stableford: 1st Alan Tucker (Otaki) 21 2nd Gary Willard (Foxton) 20 3rd Robert Pepperill (Kapiti) 19 4th Jeff McBridie (Foxton) 19 5th Vallis Peet (Feilding) 18. Nearest the line: John Gregory (Feilding). Nearest the pin: Ray Abbott (Manawatu).

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1 from Ōtaki to Levin will also begin in the near future, which the transport agency will talk with the community about. “While technical advice will be an important part of these reviews, local knowledge and experience of using these roads is also vital to this process, and we will be actively seeking input and feedback from the community. “We are also continuing to investigate funding for further safety improvements on the existing State Highway 1 to the north of Levin. Safety improvements on two level crossings in the region will also get underway shortly.” A number of safety improvements were also completed in December last year, including the installation of flexible posts on flush medians, static signs and the repainting of existing road markings. High risk signage from Levin to Foxton was also installed in early 2019.


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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Weather? What nonsense

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Yet again the NZ Transport Agency is using bad weather as an excuse for suspending work. This time for suspending resurfacing of the Kāpiti Expressway during this last winter. It may be that winter in general is just too cold for such work, even Kāpiti’s mild winters, but their excuse implies it was our poor weather in particular that was the cause. That is of course nonsense. This winter was generally particularly mild, sunny and dry, without any storms. June’s daily average temperature of 14.5 degrees was normal, with above average sunshine hours and extremely low rainfall of only 60mm. July had a spring-like daily average of 15 degrees making it one of the warmest Julys on record, with normal rainfall and sunshine hours. August had a fairly normal daily average temperature of 14.4 degrees and was exceedingly fine with 17.5 bright sunny days and a very low rainfall of only 95mm. Perhaps they’re judging Kāpiti’s weather on what’s happening outside their highrise in Wellington. MURRAY EGGERS PARAPARAUMU

Not fit for purpose

I am wondering if everyone residing on the ‘13.5 km section between Poplar Avenue and Peka Peka Link Road’ realises that this must be our ‘street address’ now. Yes, I am making a joke, but this is how the NZ Transport Agency described our newly local road in official letters to residents on June 25. But the joke is not on us, it is on the agency and the Kāpiti Coast District Council. The official letter states the new Kāpiti Expressway now functions as State Highway 1, with our road becoming a local one — which of course the writer could not name! I quote from the letter: ‘Legislation requires the Transport Agency to transfer responsibility . . . to the Kāpiti Coast District Council. ‘Before this can happen, the Transport Agency must ensure the corridor is fit for purpose according to its new status as a local road. This is known as the revocation process.’ It is my opinion that our unnamed road is not fit for purpose. This is because it has no official, permanent, or distinctive


name in order to function properly. Where are the road signs on our local road? How do travellers know where they are? Main Road North is not an official name, even though NZ Post automatically converts our old official name of SH1 when asked about a postcode for it. Does it appear as a road sign anywhere? It appears to have been stop-gap measure devised in desperation by locals and requiring modification with the addition of the word Otaihanga. Here’s the joke. The agency letter of June 24, after having had to use its boundaries to describe our local road, since the Expressway had become SH1, proceeded to send all of the letters to State Highway 1, to non-existent addresses! All voting papers have been sent to the middle of the expressway also! That’s funny! When will government bodies be informed to change their filed addresses? Is a document legally binding if sent to a non-existent address? MARY HALL

Mystery object on beach

As a regular walker along the Paekākāriki beach, Queen Elizabeth Park, I also pick up many bags of plastic rubbish. One item that crops up regularly is the item in this photo. I actually got nine of these items the other day. I’m curious what this item is. GRANT WOODMAN PAEKĀKĀRIKI

A mystery object that is regularly found along Paekākāriki beach.

Marcia Johnson

www.marciainkapiti.co.nz | Authorised by Marcia Johnson, 34 Dale rd Paraparaumu.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



QSM for Coastguard services

Pete Woodward, from Paraparaumu, with Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy after receiving his Queen’s Service Medal for services to the Coastguard. PHOTO / MARK TANTRUM

Dilly dallying costs region The Kapiti Expressway has been a huge success. Great progress is also being made on building the next section to Otaki and Transmission Gully. All of these four lane motorways costing close to $2 billion were contracted under National and will help to transform the lower North Island. It’s a shame Labour have mucked the Horowhenua community around with constant expressway funding delays over the last two years. This dilly dallying around will see all the bulldozers and workforce disappear from Kapiti when they should be just moving up the corridor and start construction between Otaki and Levin next year. That’s what would have happened under a National government. The announcement by Labour last week about commencing the consenting paperwork for the Horowhenua Expressway is all about taking this issue off the front page — but it won’t. Buried in the fine print of the announcement was it’s still only a two lane road and no commitment has been made when funding might be available. In reality it looks and feels like no construction will occur for at least a decade which is a massive wasted opportunity.

Had Labour been committed to Horowhenua they would have got the consent done and been ready to start building it next year. The problem is they’ve raided $5b from the roading budget for other transport priorities. I acknowledge families in the 300 metre pathway will begin to get on with their lives — but that is still likely to take a couple of years to work through the whole process of final route design and property purchases. This is one of the most dangerous sections of state highway in the country and a couple of roundabouts and rumble strips will do little to reduce the carnage on our SH1. What’s needed most is a new 4 lane expressway ASAP — not in 2028 or beyond. Levin’s congestion will be diabolical next year when the Otaki Expressway and Transmission Gully open. Another headache will be heavy trucks using the new bridge at Foxton and thundering into Levin’s Main St. What a shambles Labour have created for Horowhenua.

Work progresses Construction of Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital is progressing well. “Outstanding progress is being made on the new children’s hospital and it is incredibly exciting to see new milestones being reached every week as the superstructure takes shape,” Wellington

Hospitals Foundation chairman Bill Day said. Opening in mid 2021, the foundation is currently raising the $6 million needed to equip and outfit the interior of this new state-of-th-art children’s hospital. Further information is available at www.whf.org.nz.

MEET NEW ZEALAND’S FAVOURITE SUPERMODEL at Coastlands Garden Cour t, Wednesday October 16 at midday. Rachel will be signing copies of her new book so don’t miss this special oppor tunity.

coastlands.co.nz facebook.com/Coastlands



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New owner for Kapiti Coast Airport David Haxton A new owner takes over at Kapiti Coast Airport next month. Todd Property Group (TPG), which has owned the airport and business precinct in recent years, has agreed to sell the majority of its land development and property investment assets around New Zealand to NZPropCo Ltd (NZPL), a New Zealand-based investment company. It is owned 50 per cent by interests associated with Templeton Group and 50 per cent by interests associated with Tailorspace and Alvarium Investments. The sale is expected to be completed by the end of November. Kāpiti mayor K Gurunathan felt the purchase of the airport block was “continuing the confidence by investors in the future of Kāpiti”. “The new owners, and majority shareholders, the Templeton Group, Alvarium Investments and Tailorspace present New Zealand and international shareholders. “Understandably there has been public concern over the future of our functioning, and much valued, airport and Air Chathams. “I am, however, encouraged by some of the investments the new owners represent including the building of hotels.Tailorspace, in particular, has drawn my attention. They have invested in Mojo Coffee and the cutting-edge economy

Part of the Kāpiti Landing business precinct. represented by the Hikurangi Cannabis Company and the future of medicinal marijuana. “While the Todd Group has been grudging supporters of the existing airport business I’m hoping the new owners, given their innovative investments, will see the huger potential Kapiti Coast Airport represents. “This is at a time when the aviation industry is changing with new technology like electric

planes and drones. “Council is looking forward to meeting the new owners to know what their plans are.” The TPG assets included are: * Kapiti Coast Airport Holdings Limited including Kapiti Landings large format retail centre. * 68ha of coastal land at Ngunguru. * Former hospital site in Napier.


* Long Bay including the newly built Long Bay Village retail centre. * Stonefields including the retail centre Stonefields Market. * Pegasus including the town centre. * Rights to develop future stages of Ormiston Town Centre and Flat Bush School Road. The companies are described as: Templeton: a New Zealandowned property developer and

investor that is the business of planning and delivering quality long-term master-planned property developments, incorporating residential properties and land developments. Tailorspace: Founded in 2007 by Ben Gough, Tailorspace manages investments exclusively for the Ben Gough Family Office. With a core team based in Christchurch and Auckland, Tailorspace grows long-term value through investing in courageous businesses and people, providing financial support, business management and governance expertise. The portfolio spans industrial, commercial and investment property, direct investments in finance, construction, health, tourism and apparel sectors, and liquid funds. Alvarium Investments: Alvarium is an independent investment firm and multifamily office providing tailored solutions for families, foundations and institutions across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Alvarium looks for ideas outside traditional public markets, sourcing and executing direct co-investment opportunities from niche managers focusing on alternatives and real assets. They have 200 employees led by 25 partners working out of 10 offices advising on about £15bn of assets across three service lines — investment advisory, coinvestments and merchant banking.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


New World Kapiti K


i is

� �ea�s old!

Y A D H T BIR runs

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Spark cell tower causes debate David Haxton A Spark communications tower that is being erected in Raumati Beach has caused debate on social media. The tower is being built on a grassy area about the roundabout at Hillcrest Rd and Raumati Rd. On the Raumati Community Info page on Facebook some people voiced their disquiet including health concerns, while others were nonplussed. A Spark spokesperson said the 12m tall Raumati tower, which has a range of a couple of kilometres, was part of the company’s 4G expansion and upgrade programme. “We’re building this site because of the growth in demand for digital services in the local community. “This is driven by the number of devices like smartphones, iPads, and connected watches, the newly adopted digital curriculum in schools, as well as customers who are adopting wireless broadband to stream video content like Netflix and Lightbox in their homes. “As demand reaches capacity on existing cell sites, Spark needs to invest in new infill sites, usually located in areas where people and businesses need the service, to boost coverage and capacity. “This is occurring in many dozens of locations around New Zealand every year. “It’s also due to the increasing densification in Raumati.”

We’re building this site because of the growth in demand for digital services in the local community.


The spokesperson said, “All mobile devices and cell towers are designed to operate within national and international safety limits that incorporate substantial safety margins. “At Spark we require our mobile devices and cell towers to conform to those standards fully, based on guidelines set by the World Health Organisation. “The Ministry of Health endorses the New Zealand Standard for radiofrequency field. “All Spark’s mobile cell towers comply with National Environmental Standards including radiofrequency standard [www.health.govt.nz/ our-work/environmentalhealth/non-ionising-radiation/ radiofrequency-field-exposurestandard]. “Based on our continuous and robust testing obligations, exposure levels from Spark’s cell towers are typically only a small fraction of the exposure limit. “As part of our obligations to comply with national limits, Spark has commissioned independent monitoring of

Construction of a Spark telecommunications tower in Raumati Beach. exposures to radiofrequency fields around our cell sites [www.health.govt.nz/our-work/ radiation-safety/non-ionisingradiation/independent-cellsitemonitoring].” A Kāpiti Coast District Council spokeswoman said council had approved two certificate of compliance

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applications from Spark to construct and operate new telecommunications facilities within the district. “One will be located near the intersection of Hillcrest and Raumati roads and the other will be located at 17 Parata St, Waikanae. “A letter was sent to residents


in the Raumati Rd/Hillcrest Rd area notifying them of Spark’s intention to install new telecommunications equipment earlier this year. “Both applications are permitted activity under the National Environmental Standard for telecommunications facilities.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Gymnast to study in Denmark Rosalie Willis Tara Fitzgerald will be living and breathing gymnastics for six months after receiving a scholarship to attend Ollerup International Academy in Denmark. A gymnast since the age of 8, Tara is now focusing on coaching. She is a coach, mentor and committee member at Waikanae Gymnastics Club and will use her scholarship to grow her skills as a coach. “I love that gymnastics always offers such huge challenges both physically and mentally. Just when you think you have achieved something, there’s another goal to reach which means it never gets boring. “Coaching is by far my greatest passion in life. “I love coaching because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a child achieve something they didn’t think they could as a result of hard work and perseverance. “Watching their confidence grow is such a nice feeling.” A role model at her club, Tara enjoys promoting good morals alongside gymnastics training and being an example for younger gymnasts, especially teenagers. “I hope to learn lots about gymnastics and its organisations from a different country’s perspective, so that I can bring ideas from the academy back to our club. “I hope to grow as a coach and

Tara Fitzgerald.

I love that gymnastics always offers such huge challenges both physically and mentally. gymnast so that I can give more back to the children and teenagers that I coach.” Attending the academy, Tara will have to step back into her leotard as the academy is mostly focused around each student’s participation in physical classes — learning through doing. “This will help me as a coach as it has been a while since I’ve been a gymnast myself. “It’s always helpful to have a fresh reminder of what it’s like to be in your gymnasts shoes.

“I’m very excited to see what this is like again.” Having studied education and criminology at Victoria University, Tara is also looking forward to experiencing a different part of the world and seeing how what she has learnt relates to real life. “I am so excited to live in such a progressive country and see how their culture works, as this ties in nicely with my degree. “I am looking forward to living completely outside of my

CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES THROUGHOUT WAIKANAE AND NIKAU PALMS. Transpower is replacing the wire (conductor) on the two high voltage transmission lines that run between our Haywards and Bunnythorpe substations. The existing conductor needs replacing due to coastal corrosion and other wear and tear to ensure the lines continue a reliable service to your region.

From Friday 11 October to Thursday 31 October 2019 we will be replacing the conductor on the section of lines that run through Waikanae and Nikau Palms. This work includes Jim Cooke Park and over Te Moana Road and residential properties in urban Waikanae. The lines will remain safely suspended in the air during the course of their replacement with safety mechanisms in place to ensure that during construction there will be minimal interruption (if any) to use of roads, footpaths, parks and private residences. Reconductoring like this is very safe, but as a pre-cautionary measure we are asking people not to linger under the transmission line for those short periods of time while we are ‘pulling’ through the new conductor. We will also have Transpower staff on the ground to assist throughout this time. Safety is our first priority, so please take care and be aware of construction crews and vehicles on surrounding roads. Our hours of work are typically 8am to 5pm. It’s important to us that you are kept informed and updated on our activities. If you require further information, please call us on 0800 22 66 20 or visit www.transpower.co.nz TPKN2916231019

Tara Fitzgerald

Tara Fitzgerald is heading to Denmark on a gymnastics scholarship. comfort zone, living and breathing gymnastics.” Joining Tara in Denmark will be another gymnast from Auckland who also received a scholarship from Gymnastics New Zealand. The scholarship covers accommodation, food and tuition for the six months Tara will be in Denmark, however Tara will need to raise money for flights and other expenses while over there. “I hope that Ollerup will also

provide me with more opportunities within performance gymnastics and open doors for me outside of our club, in the wider gymnastics world. When I started coaching I found this was something I really wanted to be good at, and it is something that you never stop learning from.” To help Tara make it to Ollerup to further her skills visit Tara’s Journey to Ollerup on Facebook.

No appointment necessary



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Explaining how STV voting system works Salima Padamsey, from Paraparaumu Beach, takes a look at the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system

Local elections 2019

As a Canadian voting in this year’s local elections, I have had to try and understand and come to terms with the voting system in Kāpiti. After reading several documents, visiting various websites, speaking to a number of people in the district (including the Electorate Officer), I have attempted in this article to strip back the STV system to its bare bones. Although the system is designed to give an approximate proportional representation, it is a very complicated system to understand with varying quotas. Who uses STV in New Zealand? * 6 out of 66 city or district councils * 1 out of 6 unitary councils * 1 out of 11 regional councils

Conclusion: It is not a very popular system of voting Basic rules for voters * make sure you put in a number, not a tick * you have to put a number 1 or else your vote is ruled informal and not counted * be clear in your numbering * ensure that your numbers are consecutive * try to vote early, because the deadline is 12pm on October 12 (if you are late by even 30 seconds your vote will not be accepted. Iteration system * a quota is set from the number of votes that are cast which changes as the number of candidates increase. * any candidate that gets 50+1 per cent is automatically elected. * for those who do not reach

this threshold, they must meet the quota set to be elected. * the lowest polling candidate is dropped and the second preferences allocated to that candidate is then added to the count. This redistribution of count carries on until there is someone elected. What you need to know to make STV work for you * only vote for those you know. * you are not obliged to put a number down for every candidate. * the fewer candidates you number the more powerful your vote is. * I will vote with only my 1 and 2 choices maximum. * it’s okay to leave candidates without a number next to their name. * the more candidates you number means the iteration system takes over which could actually go against the candidate you really want.

38 Main Road 5am - 11pm

PARAPARAUMU 144 Kapiti Road 24 Hours



Kapiti Playhouse’s next play, directed by Mark Harris, is The Thirty Nine Steps by John Buchan and adapted by Ross Gumbley. Set between the two wars, adventurer Richard Hannay, just returned from South Africa, is thoroughly bored with London life — until he is accosted by a mysterious American who warns him of an assassination plot that could completely destabilise the balance of Europe. Initially sceptical, Hannay nevertheless invites the man to share his digs with him but one day returns home to find the man murdered. An obvious suspect, Hannay flees to his native Scotland, pursued by both the police and a cunning, ruthless enemy. His life and the security of Britain are in grave peril, and everything rests on the solution to a baffling enigma: what are the 39 steps? This exciting action-adventure story was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 classic film of the same name and the play has been through many transformations since the first Richard Hannay novel by John Buchan introduced a post-war public to a red-blooded hero, the James Bond of his day. The play is on from November 6-16. Tickets via www.kapitiplayhouse.org.nz

Road maintenance and resurfacing work as part of the upgrading of the Ratanui Rd/Mazengarb Rd, Paraparaumu, is being carried out for four nights ending on Saturday 5.30am. “There will be some disruption between the hours of 6pm and 5.30am while this work is undertaken but we aim to keep noise to a minimum and traffic management will be in place,” council said. “We’re hoping to undertake the noisier works before 11pm each night with general works continuing through to 5.30am. Work will be dependent on the weather.”


Victoria University of Wellington has claimed the top spot as Australasia’s fittest university in the Australasian Universities Health Challenge for 2019, coming in first ahead of 12 other universities across Australia and New Zealand. The Australasian University Health Challenge is a health-focused initiative for staff and students to increase their daily levels of physical activity through a fun competition. The team of 229 Wellington University staff and students averaged 8718 steps per day during the challenge, which ran from August 26 to September 29.

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Marcia Johnson

www.marciainkapiti.co.nz | Authorised by Marcia Johnson, 34 Dale rd Paraparaumu.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Calling all Kiwis to take a stand against breast cancer


reast Cancer Foundation NZ (BCFNZ) is asking Kiwis to take a stand against breast cancer on Friday October 11 and Saturday October 12 for Pink Ribbon Street Appeal. Collectors will be shaking their pink buckets at nearly 1500 sites across New Zealand, aiming to raise funds for ground-breaking research into new targeted treatments, medical equipment for hospitals, innovative education programmes, and vital support for Kiwis going through breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer type for Kiwi women, with 3,300 women a year – or nine a day – diagnosed. Every year, more than 600 die. Almost everyone knows someone affected by breast cancer.

“Thousands of volunteers have generously committed their time to support our campaign,” says BCFNZ’s chief executive, Evangelia Henderson. “Now we need Kiwis to give their support and drop a gold coin in pink buckets – or you can text PINK to 4499 to make a $3 donation. Whether you’re donating time or money, your gift will help us work towards our long-term vision of zero deaths from breast cancer,” says Mrs Henderson. BCFNZ urges women to be breast aware from the age of 20, as research shows that the earlier breast cancer is detected and treated, the better the outcome. Men can get breast cancer too – about 25 Kiwi men are diagnosed each year. “Everyone should be aware – look

Every year, more than 600 New Zealanders die of breast cancer.

and feel your breasts so you can report any changes to your doctor,” says Mrs Henderson. “Consider annual mammograms from age 40, and have mammograms every two years from age 50. Free screening is available between the ages of 45 and 69 through the national breast screening service. Those over 70 should continue to get mammograms every two years, even if you have to pay for them.” About BCFNZ: Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is a not-for-profit organisation that depends on donations and fundraising for its work in breast cancer education and awareness, medical research and training grants, funding medical equipment, advocacy, and supporting women with breast cancer. The BCFNZ’s programmes are evidencebased, overseen by its medical advisory committee. The pink ribbon symbol is a trademark of BCFNZ in New Zealand.

New Breast Cancer Foundation app puts power in Kiwi women’s hands


his October, your breast health is in your own hands – literally. Pre Check, an innovative app from Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, will take women into a whole new world of breast health awareness. Visual, tactile and audio cues help you search for signs of breast cancer. When you find find one, you can learn more about it before being invited to look for other signs. Once you’ve explored all the symptoms, a ‘how-to’ guide will teach you how to self-check your breasts in the recommended way. You’ll even have the option to set your own reminder for regular self-checks. This will send a push-notification to your phone, urging you to ‘touch, look and check’ and showing you how. “Pre Check is a significant new wellbeing tool for women in New Zealand,” says Breast Cancer Foundation NZ’s chief executive, Evangelia Henderson. “It’s an innovation that empowers women and gives them confidence to take control of their own breast health.” The information has been available before but this is a new way of putting it in people’s hands, Mrs Henderson says. “We encourage everyone from the age of 20 to ‘know your normal’. We urge women of breast-screening age to stay vigilant between mammograms, and younger women to be breast aware at all times. The beauty of Pre Check is that it puts vital information, quite

fingertips. literally, at people’s fi ngertips. “Because it’s totally portable, you can check whenever and wherever it suits. If your phone is waterproof, you can even do it in the shower! It’s such a great way to be proactive with your breast health. And because it’s accessible to everyone, it transcends age, cultural background, income and education levels,” she says. “Breast cancer is most treatable when it is found early, so early detection is your best protection. That’s why it’s vital to know the signs and ‘know your normal’ – and if you notice any changes, see your doctor immediately. “If Pre Check encourages women to be more alert to breast changes and to see their doctors earlier, it will certainly save lives.” About Pre Check: A sensory mobile interface leverages the power of touch, sight, audio and 3D motion to help women gain a better understanding of the nine symptoms of breast cancer. Each symptom different has been recreated using diff erent types of haptic feedback technology to generate a tactical experience. The educational tool allows users to feel around the screen in search of breast cancer signs. You’re then prompted to “get to know your own normal”. Through an easy-to-follow visual guide, women are taught how to do a self-check. Personalised monthly reminders ensure these self-checks become routine.

How you can


B=7; 2=KK.7 1*,AA* $--AL:F M,=ILH October 11 and Saturday October 12 – spend an hour or two as a volunteer, collecting for the street appeal in your area, or give a gold coin donation to a collector near you. Phone 0508 105 105 to volunteer.


B=7; @., L !LH ) L J>L7JA @., workplaces across New Zealand to go pink for a day and raise funds for breast cancer research website https://www.breastcancerfoundation. org.nz/how-you-can-help/getinvolved/pink-for-a-day


".99(7=*H @(7I,L=+=7? A'A7*+ throughout October – a full list is available at www.takeaction.org.nz


#..KALI+F ?,AL* @., +>.&=7? the sized lumps detectable by mammogram, available exclusively at Farmers. Purchase limited edition pink products from BCFNZ partners https://www.breastcancerfoundation. org.nz/how-you-can-help/buy-pinkribbon/products


0A%* BECD *. 5544 *. 9L;A L /6 donation during the month of October

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Erosion buffer zone to be added Greater Wellington Regional Council has voted to act on climate change-driven coastal erosion in Queen Elizabeth Park through the establishment of a 40-metre erosion buffer zone along the park’s southern coast. The approach responds to a 2010 study of the coastal edge of QEP which estimated that within 50 years up to 40 metres of foredunes would be lost, a single large storm event could result in 40 metres of erosion, and ongoing erosion is likely to occur along the toe of fore-dunes. “The coastal edge of the park is a dynamic landscape, vulnerable to erosion and the effects of climate change,” Greater Wellington chairman Chris Laidlaw said. “We’ve taken the view that we must acknowledge the threat and act now to manage it as far as possible. “Our policy of managed coastal retreat is a taste of things to come as we consider the implications of regional coastal adaptation in the face of climate change. “QEP provides us with a microcosm of the wider issue facing coastal settlements throughout the country. “Given the enormously high cost of coastal retreat and relocation of infrastructure assets that will occur throughout the country we will be looking to central government to contribute to funding. “With the onset of sea level rise, more and more extreme rainfall events and the increasing frequency and intensity of storms, Greater

Paekakariki Surf Lifeguards club. Wellington is moving to protect the park’s assets, restore the fore-dunes and re-establish opportunities for people to use and enjoy the area.” The coastal erosion plan focuses on the coastal edge from the park’s southern entrance at Wellington Rd in Paekākāriki to about 900 metres to the north. It includes dune lands, Paekakariki Surf Lifeguards club, Budge House, Wainui Pā, Wainui Stream, and a network of green open spaces, picnic areas,


roads, carparks, trails and beach access. It does not apply to the holiday park or urupa. QEP’s coast is no stranger to weather-induced damage. Two cyclones earlier in 2018 showed how vulnerable the park’s coastal edge is to storms and erosion. The pedestrian bridge across the mouth of Wainui Stream was washed away and the toe of the fore-dunes significantly eroded. Tracks along the beach edge and the coastal ring road were

Vote #1

Vote Michael Scott

eroded and beach access made difficult. Greater Wellington has taken an adaptive management approach to ongoing and severe erosion, preferring to relocate assets and abandon some coastal tracks in the knowledge that building defensive infrastructure would be costly, unlikely to be successful over the long term and out of place in QEP’s natural environment. “The plan is about adapting to circumstances,” Mr Laidlaw

said. “It’s obviously futile to fight against the immeasurable forces that erode these shores. “The better course is to allow natural coastal processes to take place while protecting key assets and enabling access.” The next steps will involve more detailed landscape planning of the site, developing a proposed timeline for implementation, obtaining the necessary consents, authorities and preparing environmental restoration plans.




For District Wide Councillor - Kapiti Coast Council 2019 authorised by Rosalind Derby 27a Rimu Street, WAIKANAE 5036

Experience, commitment and achievement! “While others make promises, I have delivered, look at the town centre, the emergency rail crossing, the beach consultation. If results to you are important vote Michael Scott, #1 for Waikanae” Authorised by Michael Scott, 14 Walton Avenue, Waikanae

Website: votedavidshand.co.nz Facebook: vote david shand for capital and coast dhb

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Measuring up a new challenge Rosalie Willis From the bakery to the laboratory, Nina Wronski’s curiosity, determination and application have changed her life from measuring out ingredients in the bakery section of New World Kapiti to measuring lobsters and developing precise lobster tail gauges in a laboratory for the Ministry of Primary Industries. Not knowing what she wanted to do after leaving school, Nina worked at New World Kapiti, landing in the bakery section before becoming New Zealand National Measurement Standards Lab’s (MSL) first apprentice at Callaghan Innovation in June this year. “Like a lot of young people leaving high school, I didn’t have much of an idea of what I wanted to do. “However I did know I wanted to do something in with science or mathematics as those were the subjects I enjoyed.” Unlike most bakers, during her lunchtimes Nina watched videos about quantum physics — how it worked, and the things that could be done with it. Now she spends her mornings reading books to help better her theoretical understanding of metrology, not to be confused with meteorology, and uses her afternoons watching and doing measurements with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). “A CMM measures the physical geometrical characteristics of an object and is

a very important machine in coordinate metrology. “It may not sound that important but it is crucial in our day to day lives. “It makes sure that you get the right amount of fuel, or that you get the correct weight of produce at the supermarket.” Working in the Length and Dimensional Measurement Team, a shortage of metrologists led to the apprentice programme being created to attract more young people to the job like Nina. “What really stood out with Nina was her natural curiosity, her determination and ability to learn on the go,” MSL’s Length and Mass Quantities group manager Kevin Gudmundsson said. “She’s smashing through her work programme much faster than we anticipated. “It’s great to have the new perspective and talent, if all goes well we’ll roll out this pilot so that others and businesses who need this in-house capability can benefit,” he said. “MSL is very different from both school and my previous job as a baker, but I like the change as I get to learn new skills, and gain knowledge and am challenged every day,” Nina said. “It’s really good having people from different backgrounds from all around the world to learn off. “There is always a good story to listen to at break times. “They all know so much, and I love learning from them. “The reason I’m here is because it has been identified that there is a shortage of

Like a lot of young people leaving high school, I didn’t have much of an idea of what I wanted to do. Nina Wronski metrologists today as a lot are retiring. “I applied for this role at MSL as it seemed really interesting and challenging. “I didn’t even know what metrology was before I came here — not a lot of people do. I was curious to find out.” Hoping to inspire others to pursue non-university methods of study, Nina is hoping her apprenticeship will lead to employment opportunities once she finishes in two years’ time. “I’m hoping this apprenticeship will lead towards a good employment opportunity at the end of my apprenticeship, as well as encourage other businesses to take on apprentices for similar roles. “University isn’t always the only option.”

Nina Wronski working at Callaghan Innovation in the Length and Dimensional Measurement Team.



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Annual walkover marks milestones O

ver 160 people turned out to the Ōtaki River Annual Walkover on September 25 to learn about and celebrate the work going on to enhance and protect the area. This year’s walkover was also a celebration of 30 years since Greater Wellington Regional Council’s involvement in the area and the 20 year anniversary of community care group the Friends of the Ōtaki River. Greater Wellington flood protection team’s Colin Munn said the work carried out around the river over the years had been robust. “This is a celebration as much as anything else. “It is about reflecting back on the work that has been done and it shows what you can achieve if you have a clear vision that you work away at over the years. “These achievements have been possible thanks to the collaboration of Greater Wellington, the Friends of the Ōtaki River and the wider community. “I can’t think of a more successful example of a great working partnership than what exists here on the Ōtaki River. “It has been 20 years since Greater Wellington created a Flood Plain Management Plan for Ōtaki and since then, protecting the area from flooding has been our primary focus.” Crowds on the day were taken on a bus tour around the river where they got updates on the multiple projects under way, including the work being done to develop Ashford Park Quarry

Ōtaki River Annual Walkover attendees hear about the ongoing projects at the Ōtaki River.

Greater Wellington Regional Council flood protection manager Graeme Campbell, left, plants a tree with Friends of the Otaki River’s Carl Lutz at the annual river walkover. which is already one year ahead of schedule. Ōtaki Friends of the River chairman Max Lutz thanked attendees on the day and spoke about the group’s many achievements since its

establishment in 1999. “Over $400,000 in cash has been raised or donated and another $150,000 plus in voluntary effort has been provided to make this recreational paradise a reality.”

Max’s father Carl Lutz, who moved to Ōtaki with his family in 1935, had convinced Max they needed to be part of the consultation process for the Flood Plain Management Plan — and the group has been heavily involved in the area ever since.

The Otaki friends opened their own nursery in 2004, where they raise native plants to revegetate the Ōtaki riverbank. Max acknowledged the abundance of volunteers who have been in the group over the year.

Ōtaki Community Board Seeking re-election

HAVE YOU VOTED YET? Only 13.52% of our whole district have taken the time to vote so far, 12.32% in Ōtaki Please exercise your rights and have your say


Ōtaki Community Board Wanting to put The Community Back into ‘Community Board’

Authorised by Marilyn Stevens, 48 Old Hautere Road, Te Horo

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Helping prevent falls for elderly More than 70 older Kāpiti residents have just started Age Concern’s Steady As You Go (SAYGO) Falls Prevention classes in Raumati, Paraparaumu, Waikanae and Ōtaki. This is the second year running this comprehensive, accessible and sustainable falls prevention intervention. It’s well-known that the likelihood of falling increases with age. Falls are the most common cause of injury among older people, and the two main causes of falls are weakened leg muscles and poor balance. But a significant number of falls can be prevented and SAYGO has been designed and tweaked to do just that. Feedback from our previous SAYGO classes has been very satisfying. One participant told us that, “My strength and balance has not been good, but has improved so much and given me so much confidence” and another person said “the “good feel” among the group is a great way of creating a “team” among strangers. I hope to continue these new friendships after the course.” On 14 December 1990, the United Nations General Assembly designated 1 October as the International Day of Older Persons. The Kāpiti Coast Older Persons’ Council and Age Concern Kāpiti celebrated the day with more than 100 residents in Waikanae. John Hayes, the man with the complete broadcasting CV, was a wonderful MC. Former Prime Minister Jim Bolger and mayor K Gurunathan engaged the audience with stories, facts and wise

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DO YOU NEED SOME BASIC TRAINING OR LIFE SKILLS? • HLC now offers foundation training – no age limit. • Left school with low or no qualifications? • Enquire how we can help you

observations on the remarkable contribution that older New Zealanders make to our society. The day provided a fitting opportunity to recognise the marvellous contribution that three people — Louella Jensen, Beverley Chappell and Rakauoteora Te Maipi (known affectionately as Koro Don) — have made to the Kāpiti community. After the fine entertainment provided by Fernando — accompanied on stage by his little son, Jamal — the line dancers and sprightly 90-year-old comedienne Sunny Amey, we presented the inaugural Kāpiti Business Award to Karl Webber and Martin Halliday for their Pics to People initiative. The award recognises an innovative project connecting older people in Kāpiti as we want to encourage local businesses to become engaged with our AgeConnect Kāpiti project, the purpose of which is to increase social connections among older people.


www.hlc.ac.nz | PH: 0800 368 1095

■ For further information, please contact Age Concern Kāpiti on 04 298 8879.

KAPITI DAY PROGRAMME 14 Tongariro Street, Paraparaumu

Enliven’s Kapiti Day Programme provides a friendly, relaxed and fun place to socialise and keep active. The programme has been designed for older people, particularly those experiencing health issues, memory loss or dementia. Our programme is developed and run by experienced diversional therapists. This means you’ll benefit from a tailored activity plan, designed to meet your unique needs, interests and abilities.

For more information call the team on 04 298 8060 Free phone 0508 ENLIVEN or visit www.enlivencentral.org.nz


Kapiti needs to embrace its dynamic nature in a sustainable way. Our retired residents, young people, and the hard-working people raising families and maintaining the backbone of the community are vital to this sustainability. My two passions are education and quality assurance. After 30 years of living on the Kapiti Coast, and working across senior management and governance roles, I am well prepared to contribute to Council with practical skills in evidence-based decision making.

For a Dynamic and Sustainable ka-piti

Marcia Johnson

For voters, my expertise will translate into improved existing services, transparent rates decisions, better education and employment opportunities for young people, community activities for wellbeing and quality of life enhancement for residents, and a focused effort on economic development opportunities for Kapiti with sustainable growth. My approach is one of positive communications and actions (korero awhi), recognising the community vision (kaupapa) and guardianship of resources (kaitiakitanga).

Approved by Marcia Johnson - 34 Dale Road, Paraparaumu

CHAIR’S REPORT - September My phone hasn’t stopped ringing this month. This year’s Local Body Elections have delivered us many informed and engaged candidates, who have sparked debates across the community about the future of Ka-piti, a timely conversation given the news Fonterra is closing its Paraparaumu cheese factory, and Todd Property has sold shares in Ka-piti Airport to NZPropCo. Ka-piti is a close-knit community, and it was heartening to see our people and business rally around the 65 affected workers and their families after Fonterra announced its news last week. Manufacturing is a sector which has always performed well for Ka-piti. With

65 jobs going, and the potential to lose skilled workers, and their families, to Taranaki, our food manufacturing sector is at risk. The latest statistics from Infometrics show in the year to June 2019 Ka-piti’s unemployment rate was 3.4%, compared to the higher national rate of 4.1% and Fonterra’s decision will affect this. Given the importance of Ka-piti to the Fonterra brand - particularly its international reputation - we are looking for them to engage with workers, businesses and the community to minimise impact and disruption to our economy. We also want to see the factory put to good use, and not left to sit empty, like the Whitireia and Placemakers builders have been just around the corner.

The sale of shares held by Todd Property in Ka-piti Airport did come as a surprise, but we are hopeful the new owners NZPropCo will see the value in maintaining the airport and our daily link to Auckland with Air Chathams. We look forward to working with them over the next few months. This month we wanted to learn more from our two Regional Council Candidates - Penny Gaylor and Neil MacKay. Regional Council plays an essential role in the Ka-piti District and is facing interesting challenges over the next three years, including addressing the impact of climate change on the Coast. We’ve asked Penny and Neil more about their priorities, which you can read more about in our newsletter that has gone out this week. Lastly, our Chamber AGM is happening on the 23rd of October, at the Ka-piti Coast Airport. We look forward to seeing you there, where we will report on the success of our new Partnership Programme and plans for the future.

CHAMBER EVENTS: Kapiti Coast Business Network

Management Skills 101: Having a Challenging BUT Courageous

Kapiti Chamber AGM

Women in Business

Date: Mon 14 Oct 2019 Time: 5.15pm to 7pm Venue: Tuatara Brewing, Paraparaumu

Share: Wed 23 Oct, 2019 - 5:15pm Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting All Members of the Kapiti Chamber are invited to attend the AGM on Wednesday 23 October 2019 commencing at 5.15pm at The Landing at the Kapiti Coast Airport, 60 Toru Road, Paraparaumu no need to register, just arrive. See you on the night.

Conversation Date: Wednesday 16 October Time: 9.30am to 11.30am Venue: Coastlands Kapiti Sports Turf & Pavilion | Paraparaumu Cost: Members $25 – Non members $40 Presented by Star People HR and Recruitment: Julia Palmer MHRINZ & Sheryl Earnshaw CMHRINZ

Share: Wed 30 Oct, 2019 - 10:00am Women in Business Morning Tea: Let’s Take a Strategic Approach Date: Wednesday 30 October Facilitators: Lisa Addy & Cathy Sheppard | BSI People Skills Time: 10am to 12pm Venue: Kapiti Sports Turf & Pavilion | Members $25 – Non Members $35

Check out the website for event details: kapitichamber.org.nz/networking/event-calendar/

Join the Chamber now - only $150 + gst for a year

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Caught on camera

Jeff Wastney took this photograph of the expressway’s Waikanae interchange. The image was inspired by, and is a tribute to Stephen Wilkes’ ‘day to night’ photographic technique.



$10,000 for workshops Kapiti Coast Grey Power has received a $10,000 grant from the Office for Seniors to help promote an Age Friendly community. Vice president Kevin Burrows said 27 per cent of Kāpiti residents are over the age of 65, one of the highest demographics of this age in the country and is expected to increase over the next 10 years. “The purpose of the grant is to hold community workshops to gather information about what Kāpiti residents believe an Age Friendly community would look like. “The Kapiti Coast District Council has included a commitment to being age friendly in its long-term plan but an Age Friendly strategy is yet to be developed. The information gathered will be used to develop a strategy early next year. “Age Friendly is a World Health Organisation (WHO) initiative and there are many countries taking part with hundreds of cities and communities involved around the world, including several cities in New Zealand. “An Age Friendly world enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. “It is a place that makes it easy for older people to stay connected to people that are important to them. “It helps people stay healthy and active as they age, and provides appropriate support to those who can no longer look after themselves.” Interested people should check the Kapiti Coast Grey Power website www.kapitigreypower.co.nz and the local papers for details.” More information on Age Friendly can be found on the Office For Seniors website www.superseniors.msd.govt.nz/ about-superseniors/office-forseniors/index.html WHO website www.who.int/ageing/ age-friendly-world/en



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Property Guide

Paekakariki Raumati South Raumati Beach Paraparaumu Paraparaumu Beach Waikanae Waikanae Beach Otaki Otaki Beach Right, a variety of cacti make for a fun wall, using Resene Wallpaper Collection 384605.

world on your


Here are five room decor ideas for travel lovers


he joys of travelling the world, from soaking in the sunshine at sandy beaches on distant shores to walking through ancient temples and forts, make memories to last a lifetime. We buy souvenirs and take hundreds of photographs on our trips away, so that we have a lovely, constant reminder of the places we saw and the experiences we shared. Luckily, there are many ways you can decorate your bedroom so that even the months in-between your trips can feel like an exotic getaway!


Map the walls: Make your feature wall a world map by using wallpaper inspired by your favourite travel locations, such as the Resene Komar wall mural collection. A vintage, nautical theme will look great with printed photographs, airplane tickets, postcards or Polaroid pictures of the places you have been. Add these using

Main image, same view in colour, with Resene Wallpaper Collection 384602 and 384552.

Blu Tack® or other removable adhesives to make it a living memory wall. If you want to stick to the vintage look of the wallpaper, you can rub some damp tea bags over the backs of postcards and glue on some old stamps before you add them to the wall.


Use old suitcases as bedside tables: Stack up a pile of old suitcases, arranged so the smallest sits at the top in a pyramid format. Paint the bottom ones in Resene Double Sea Fog and the higher ones in Resene Ditto to create a subtle, natural ombre effect as the suitcases rise. Place some photo frames of your favourite travel memories on these globetrotter inspired bedside tables. You can also add a vase of fresh flowers to complement the neutral white tones of the painted suitcases, making your time at home a relaxing R&R period before you jet off again!


Add a departure board dream wall: Paint an area of the room using Resene Write-on Wall Paint to work like a constant planning space for noting down travel budgets, next destination goals, cheap flight deals or notes to yourself about your upcoming escapades — especially information that needs to be a regular reminder such as applying for travel insurance or visas.


Make a globe lantern chain: Many craft shops and dollar stores sell white paper lanterns shaped like spheres. Sometimes they already come with LED lights inside, powered by batteries and hung in a chain. Other times, you can make your own DIY lantern chain by joining a row together with twine and stringing through

some small lights. Before you hang it up, use sponges to paint each sphere in blue and green so it looks like a miniature planet Earth. Hang it along your curtain rod so the room has a pretty glow even in the evenings when they are drawn shut. Scan passport stamps as wall art: Place your passport facedown on the scanner, open to pages of stamps from places that really meant a lot to you. Using a high-resolution setting of over 300 dpi, scan through onto the computer and then print onto A4 paper, or alternatively take the project to a photo printing store for other sizes. Frame your prints and hang them side by side on the walls like a custom art gallery exhibition, only you and your adventures around the planet are the subjects on display. You can mix and match frame sizes to hang in a salon-style, or make them all identically sized so that they look neat and contemporary. Paint the frames too, if you like!



M: 027 663 4994 | P: 04 904 5560 steve@tommyskapiti.co.nz 15 year’s experience helping people sell their property on the Kapiti Coast. Retirees downsizing – Family’s up sizing - Landlords selling. A change of your personal situation requiring a sale. I offer a free confidential appraisal of your property’s current market value. Best Service and Competitive Commission Guaranteed.

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Weekly Property Lift Out

Kapiti Properties Ltd MREINZ Licenced under the REAA 2008

91 Renown Road, Raumati South BEO $630,000 | Tender Closes 4pm Thursday 31/10/19 at 345 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu Beach. 3



Family Home, Beach Location A change in circumstances has meant that after less than 2 years our Vendors are moving on from their perfect slice of Raumati South. The home & location has been everything they had hoped. They've made a few updates to the property so now you have a great opportunity to secure a fantastic family home in a sought after location within walking distance of the beach, shops & cafes of Raumati South. Set over 2 levels with lovely views to the hills & furnished with 3 double bedrooms, large family bathroom, family room downstairs, open plan living upstairs with spacious kitchen plus sunroom. All living areas open to outdoor entertaining spaces with plenty of room to enjoy the coming summer months. The garden will offer delight to young & old. A separate single garage with large workshop & carport complete the picture. A home that enjoys good sun & has been well maintained inside & out. Don't delay viewing this delightful property. Open Home Sunday 1:30 - 2:00pm

Tonia Kingi P 04 9044216 M 021 1084500 E tonia@tommyskapiti.co.nz

REF: K3983

Open Home - Sun 1.30 - 2.00pm

247A Manly Street, Paraparaumu Beach BEO $569,000 | Deadline Closes 4pm Wednesday 16/10/19 at 345 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu Beach 2



A SUMMER TOWNHOUSE ON MANLY STREET In anticipation of a long hot summer at the beach, here is a cool brick townhouse designed for comfort and ease of living. Designed and built in the 1970s with its own sandy track leading to the waves, this is a home for singles, couples, retirees or even for investors. The generous interior covers 120 sqm, with 2 large bedrooms, open kitchen/dining, separate lounge room, a sunny conservatory, main bathroom and single garaging. You will enjoy a cross-lease land title offering a 1/2 share in 964 sqm, giving the added comfort and security of a nearby neighbour. There are many benefits to a townhouse lifestyle, including smaller easy care gardens, lower outgoings, and the chance to lock up and leave when you travel. If you truly do desire a beach lifestyle on a budget, this is one of the last opportunities to buy on Manly street at an affordable price. Why wait a moment longer, when the surf, sea and sand are beckoning, plus the long hot days of summer are just around the corner. Rose Hu P 04 9044206 M 027 5705423 E rose@tommyskapiti.co.nz

REF: K3973


345 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu Beach | P 04 904 5560

Kapiti Properties Ltd MREINZ Licenced under the REAA 2008

Open Home - Sun 2.00 - 2.30pm




Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Kapiti's Premier Real Estate Agency 166A Raumati Road, Raumati Beach

16 Manly Garden, Paraparaumu Beach

BEO $635,000 | Tender Closes 4pm Thursday 24/10/19 at 345 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu Beach.

BEO $675,000 | Tender Closes 4pm Wednesday 30/10/19 at 345 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu Beach.






REF: K3981


REF: K3984

Spacious, Sunny, Easy Living

Privacy, Style & Sun - at the Beach

Set in an ideal location within an easy to walk to all the facilities of central Paraparaumu, Coastlands shopping & rail, this is a solidly built brick & tile, low maintenance detached home, designed to give an easy lifestyle & situated within a small cul de sac on a FREEHOLD TITLE easy care section. The very generous floor area of the home, around 160 sqm is thoughtfully configured with very spacious living options to easily accommodate your larger pieces of furniture, there are 2 generous bedrooms, plenty of storage options plus a 2 car internal access garage.

Rarely does such a smartly renovated, low maintenance property come to the market which enjoys the same park-like setting of 'Manly Garden' - an exclusive cross lease cul de sac development ideally situated across the road from the beach. Sunny, spacious & private, this gorgeous brick & tile home of around 190sqm is sure to impress those with an eye for excellence & features: A stunning new designer kitchen, granite bench tops, quality appliances, bespoke cabinetry. Spacious living areas, seamless indoor/outdoor flow from multiple rooms & private sunny outdoor entertaining to enjoy.

Jill Lampitt P 04 904 4211 M 027 2477769 E jill@tommyskapiti.co.nz

Jill Lampitt P 04 904 4211 M 027 2477769 E jill@tommyskapiti.co.nz

Open Home - Sat 11.30 - 12.00pm & Sun 12.00 - 12.30pm

View - By Appointment

60A Rata Road, Raumati Beach BEO $475,000 | Tender Closes 2pm Wednesday 30/10/19 at 345 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu Beach.



Meet Our Team.

We will be at our Open Homes this Sunday, looking forward to meeting you and being of assistance.

Bretta Jarden David Pollock Lynda Price Steve Manson


Bruce Sutherland Jill Lampitt Paul Scrimshaw Tonia Kingi

Chris Packer John Sinnett Rose Hu

This weeks Open Homes. For more detail on any property visit www.tommy.co.nz(Quick Search- Reference number)

Saturday 12th October 2019 KAPITI (PAEKAKARIKI - OTAKI) 11:15 - 11:45

7 Tawa Street, Waikanae

BEO $0

REF: K3979

11:30 - 12:00

166A Raumati Road, Raumati Beach

BEO $635,000

REF: K3981

Sunday 13th October 2019 REF: K3985 Super Starter - Raumati Beach Located a short stroll to Coastlands & rail, this is a great starter & opportunity to get into popular Raumati Beach. Features: 2 double bedrooms, sunny open plan living flowing out to the covered veranda front deck, open plan kitchen with dishwasher & wall mounted oven, heat pump, ceiling insulation, modern bathroom with separate bath & shower, separate laundry, single car port at the rear, pretty cottage style gardens with a sweet picket front fence & sunny courtyard patio, small flat lawn & a private spa area. Cross lease title, this is the front property & shares drive with 2 others.

Jill Lampitt P 04 904 4211 M 027 2477769 E jill@tommyskapiti.co.nz

Open Home - Sun 11.00 - 11.30am


345 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu Beach | P 04 904 5560

10:30 - 11:00

37A Tiromoana Road, Raumati South

BEO $899,000

REF: K3916

11:00 - 11:30

60A Rata Road, Raumati Beach

BEO $475,000

REF: K3985

11:15 - 11:45

31 Moana Road, Paraparaumu

BEO $529,000

REF: K3946

11:15 - 11:45

7 Tawa Street, Waikanae

BEO $0

REF: K3979

12:00 - 12:30

166A Raumati Road, Raumati Beach

BEO $635,000

REF: K3981

12:15 - 12:45

14 Winara Avenue, Waikanae

BEO $795,000

REF: K3975

1:00 - 1:30

1 Park Road, Paraparaumu Beach

BEO $585,000

REF: K3972

1:00 - 1:30

4 Graham Grove, Waikanae

BEO $660,000

REF: K3976

1:30 - 2:00

91 Renown Road, Raumati South

BEO $630,000

REF: K3983

1:30 - 2:00

41 Rimu Road, Raumati Beach

By Negotiation

REF: K3922

2:00 - 2:30

71 Huia Street, Waikanae

BEO $650,000

REF: K3971

2:00 - 2:30

247A Manly Street, Paraparaumu Beach

BEO $569,000

REF: K3973

3:00 - 3:30

9 Freyberg Crescent, Waikanae Beach

BEO $540,000

REF: K3954

All welcome, see you there. Kapiti Properties Ltd MREINZ Licenced under the REAA 2008


Wednesday, October 9, 2019




0800 663 243 | oneagencykapiti.co.nz

KAPITI REALTY open home: sunday 1.00 - 1.30


A soothing retreat from your busy life, feel like you are on holiday after a long day at work. Kick of your shoes and start to relax from the moment you come home. Take a stroll through your private beach access and feel the sand between your toes, you will love days and evenings, listening to the waves, enjoying a walk or splashing down by the water’s edge. The majority of the renovations have been done so there is little to do and lots to enjoy, whilst still having the opportunity to increase the value further & stamp your own style.. Filled with charm throughout, your sunny 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home speaks of space and family living. Boasting a good sized living area complete with sea views, the bonus of a 2nd living room / rumpus, a delightful fully fenced garden and internal access garage makes your new home just perfect. The location, size and charm make this a home you would be proud to own. ideally located within easy reach of all that Paraparaumu Beach has to offer, including shops, cafes, sought after schools, parks and sporting amenities, plus with great transport links and with Transmission gully well underway access to the city will be a breeze... making this the ideal hot spot...

i am expecting interest to be high, call me to view or for more information, this is one you do not want to miss!!! .






Kaz Deverill 0204 7253 48 kaz@oneagency.net.nz

BUYer enqUirY Over $579,000

open home: sunday 12.30 - 1.00

Kaz deverill owner/salesperson

0204 SALE 4U (0204 7253 48) kaz@oneagency.net.nz

• your local expert 275 MAin HiGHWAY, OTAKi

BeO $379,000


This 3 bedrooms home located at the top of the waitohu ramp will have easy access to the new up and coming expressway, with just a short 5min walk to waitohu school and bus stops and a 10min walk to the Ōtaki railway shops where you’ll will find the popular outlet stores, great cafes, coffee shops and supermarket.

• top performing agent • proven results • national award winner

if you’re wanting to put a stake in the rental property market, take advantage of the reliable, sitting tenant who would love to stay on. The house is well overdue for a makeover, but with some thoughtful design and renovation, you could Diy your way to a long-term gain without over-capitalising. with property prices in Ōtaki heading upwards at a quick pace, this could be the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door and reap the reward of future capital gain. This is also a perfect starter for a first home buyer with a long term vision, so don’t wait any longer, it’s time to move and get on the ladder.

Te Ataahua Telford-epiha 027 316 8355






One wise choice when selling your home

Kapiti Realty Limited - licensed under REAA 2008



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

5A Aorangi Road, Paraparaumu

Rachael Steinmetz Call me for a free appraisal Fair flat fees 18 years experience Smarter sales & marketing process

Price $539,000

Enjoy as You Find It or Shine It! Private rear section seclusion and subtle California-bungalow infusions make possible the dreams of first home ownership where you can move in and enjoy as you find it or put a shine on it with your own enhancements. Open plan lounge and dining freely transition via double French Doors to spacious decking and a leafy green back yard securely fenced for pets and kids.

Proven results Putting savings back in your pocket

Viewing: by appointment tallpoppy.co.nz/homes-for-sale Ref: TPWK6500






Rachael Steinmetz

Small on fees. Big on service. Let’s talk.

M 027 488 7455 P 0800 488 7455 E rachael.steinmetz@tallpoppy.co.nz

P 0800 488 7455 | M 027 488 7455 | E rachael.steinmetz@tallpoppy.co.nz

Sales Consultant AREINZ

Not found what you’re looking for? This is only a small selection of the properties we currently have for sale in the area. For a full property portfolio head on

W tallpoppy.co.nz/rachael-steinmetz BULSARA T/A TALL POPPY LICENSED UNDER REAA 2008

Call me for a free appraisal Andrea Bradley Dip RE AREINZ

Highest qualifications A wall of awards Selling Kapiti real estate since 1997

over to our website


CONTACT ANDREA BRADLEY P 04 298 8801 M 021 0299 3190 E andrea.bradley@tallpoppy.co.nz W tallpoppy.co.nz

B U L S A R A T /A TA L L P O P P Y L I C E N S E D U N D E R R E A 2 0 0 8


Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Thanks for your continued support! - Team Sold on Kapiti

Sold on Kapiti Sales Team

0800 527 181 soldonkapiti@tallpoppy.co.nz

Karl Matakatea

Chris Judd

Sanele Chadwick

30 properties sold since the start of 2019






Wednesday, October 9, 2019

68 Marine Parade, Otaki Beach

17 Karaka Street, Otaki Beach


Deadline Sale

Absolute beachfront position where you can enjoy the sounds of the surf & admire the ocean views across to Kapiti Island. A large 4 bedroom home with upgraded carpet throughout & featuring a sunny conservatory area, spacious kitchen with views of the Tararua Ranges & a open plan living area that flows out to a sunny deck offering the perfect place to relax & read a book, or dine alfresco. -- TENDER - Closing 4pm on Thurs 10th Oct 2019 (Will Not Be Sold Prior) Viewing: by appointment tallpoppy.co.nz/homes-for-sale Ref: TPOT6777

Fabulous location! Fabulous property! Built in 2014, here is a trendy board & batten family home of 135m2 & a separate double garage area of 38m2. Sunny & filled with light & featuring beautiful cross laminated timber throughout, a modern kitchen with scullery, hidden study nook, 2 living areas, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & plenty of storage completes the package. DEADLINE SALE - Closes Thurs 17th Oct at 4pm. (Price Guide $620k)









Viewing: Sunday 1:45 - 2:15pm tallpoppy.co.nz/homes-for-sale Ref: TPOT6637







Brendon Heenan

Brendon Heenan

M 0274 792 772 P 0800 87 68254 E brendon.heenan@tallpoppy.co.nz

M 0274 792 772 P 0800 87 68254 E brendon.heenan@tallpoppy.co.nz

Business Partner

Business Partner

27A Te Manuao Road, Otaki

Brendon Heenan Call me for a free appraisal

Keeping fee savings in local pockets

Award winning salesperson

Price $535,000

EASY-TO-LOVE! Tucked down a private driveway & set for maximum sunshine, you'll find the ideal home for couples, retirees or small families. Featuring a spacious open plan living area & modern kitchen that connects perfectly to the private & sheltered undercover decking area that you can use all year round. Warm & welcoming, presented in immaculate condition and to top it all off, is in a great location. A must-see property!

Viewing: Sunday 1:00 - 1:30pm tallpoppy.co.nz/homes-for-sale Ref: TPOT6850






Achieving top dollar for vendors


Brendon Heenan Business Partner

M 0274 792 772 P 0800 87 68254 E brendon.heenan@tallpoppy.co.nz


Thinking of selling?

M 027 479 2772 | M 0800 TP OTAKI

I can help!

W tallpoppy.co.nz/brendon-heenan

E brendon.heenan@tallpoppy.co.nz


Wednesday, October 9, 2019






Arapipi Way in Peka Peka is a luxurious lifestyle choice. The sites are in an exclusive, private beach location, serviced by the Expressway coming from Wellington and close to Waikanae. Enjoy the nearby cafes and artistic vibe, wonderful walkways and bike tracks and the natural beauty of Peka Peka beach. Offering large lots from 950m2 up to 2226m2 close to the beach. Prices start at $450k Be quick only these Sections left to sell - plots 1, 5, 6, 7

Start building your dream home! Section 8 is house & land package

Trademe Property Reference GJN062 Lupin Developments

Matt Wyatt 021 584110


Building Kiwi homes for the Kiwis round here FOR OVER 15 YEARS WE’VE BEEN PROUDLY BUILDING KIWI HOMES USING ALL THE BEST STUFF FROM RIGHT HERE IN GOOD OL’ NZ. We’re proud to provide a Kiwi solution for your first home, second home, a home where you need a bit more home, a new garage or even your home away from home. We offer a range of plans from 60 to 250 square metres. These can be built straight from the plans, or we can use them as inspiration to create your own Kiwi dream.

0800 A1homes | A1homes.co.nz

Showhome 30 Main Road, Waikanae Open Mon to Fri 10am - 4pm Saturday 10am - 2pm

Contact: Vicki Brown 027 229 9101 sales.kapiti@A1homes.co.nz Alan Wood 021 752 857 alan.wood@A1homes.co.nz




Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Is buying a house any easier than in 1987? When Irish super group U2 released The Joshua Tree in 1987, the world was a very different place. Most of eastern Europe was firmly under the control of the now-defunct Soviet Union, there was still a wall dividing Berlin, mobile phones were the size of a small suitcase, there was no internet, and Ronald Reagan, an ex Hollywood entertainer, was US President (ok, not everything was different). Here in New Zealand there were only two TV channels, CDs cost $20-$30, the Rogernomics reforms of the fourth Labour Government were in full swing, Kiwis up and down the country were forming or joining share clubs and investing in Kiwilisted companies such as Judgecorp, Equiticorp, Ariadne and Goldcorp. Money was everywhere. In every sense, the era was one of excess. It was also a very different time for the property market. Inflation was running at 18.9 per cent, the median wage was $26,700, the median house price was $88,900, and mortgage interest rates were running at around 21 per cent. This means the monthly mortgage payment on an average home would have been around $1566 a month, or almost $19,000 a year — more than 70 per cent of the median wage at the time. But despite this, people were still buying property, which, given what happened towards the end of 1987, was probably a good thing. On Monday October 19, 1987, the US Stock Market crashed plunging the rest of the western world into economic chaos and tanking the

world economy. By the time the dust had settled the New Zealand stock market had dropped by over 60 per cent, not only wiping huge value off shares but also causing the collapse of several high-flying public companies. Many Kiwis lost everything they had, and even those who had only dabbled in the sharemarket were so burnt by the experience that they have avoided investing in stocks to this day. But what happened to those who invested in property? Depending on where they were in New Zealand, that ‘average’ $88,900 home has increased in value by around 92 per cent in each of the next three decades — and is now worth around $560,000. It’s worth comparing the lot of someone buying property in 1987 to buying property today — the numbers might surprise you. Today, inflation is running at just 1.7 per cent, the average wage is around $52,000 a year, mortgage interest rates are down to record lows at around 3.7 per cent and, as I’ve already noted — the median house price is around $560,000. This means the monthly mortgage payment on an ‘average’ home today would be around $2937 — or a bit over $35,000 a year — which is around 67 per cent of the median wage. Despite the massive differences between then and now, the relative position of a home buyer is more or less the same today as it was for the 1987 generation. -Ashley Church / OneRoof

MEXICAN IS HERE ON THE BEAUTIFUL KAPITI COA OAST! A Authentic Mexican cuisine, the best margaritas, Mexican beers, stunning views and a whole lot of fiestas, all summer long! Location: 1 Waimea Road, Waikanae Beach (Beachfront) • • • •


Book now to secure your slice of Mexico right here on the Kapiti Coast hola.mexicankapiti@gmail.com Phone: 04-293 4240 Or follow us on social media to keep updated on all events, live music and fiestas!

Muchas Gracias Kapiti!



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Functions Have you booked your Christmas function? Time is running out. Whether you are throwing a big or small function, there are an abundance of local restaurants and cafes who will cater to your event needs. They will be able to make your Christmas function plans seamless and manageable, leaving more time for you to enjoy with those around you. Don’t let your staff and clients down, be sure to get in quick! r gs t fo ! n i s ok fa ons bo ling cti fil un e as f r a m X

CHINA BEACH RESTAURANT Traditional Chinese food Book now for your

Christmas function

• Set fee - $110 Paraparaumu to Wellington. • Door to Door 24/7. • No ticking meter – same rate whatever the traffic. affic. fic. • We provide car seats at no extra charge. • No need to download an app - talk to the Owner Owne Ow ner Kathy – she mans the phone 5am – 10pm m 7 days. da days ys. Or e email. maililil. ma • We take group bookings – phone Kathy thy y for fo a competitive price.

Call Kapiti Coast Shuttles for the he best bes estt servic se serv service rvic rv ice on the ice he C Coast oast oa st 04-2983335 or info@kapiticoastshuttles.co.nz iticoast icoastsh icoastsh shuttl shut sh uttl uttles ut tles tles es.c .co. .c o.nz o.nz


Open 7 days Fully licensed / BYO Dine in & takeaway (deliveries available)

42 Marine Parade, Paraparaumu

04 298-8862

Phone (04) 905 5520 • www.partyperfectcatering.net

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Paraparaumu Taxis - rely on us to get you home safely after your Christmas function. YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY.

Indian Cuisine cooked in a traditional charcoal tandoor, for authentic Indian flavours Dine in, take-away and delivery options available BYO WINE Taking bookings for Christmas parties and group functions 127 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu • Phone 04 297-0800 www.rangoli.co.nz • email kapiti@rangoli.co.nz


Open 7 days 11.30am-2.30pm and 4.30pm-10.00pm

-book nowBBQ FROM







3 Raumati Road, Raumati Beach

04 902 8466












ENTREE, MAIN & DESSERT boundary tap & kitchen



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Open 7 Days Book your Christmas function now BUFFET, PLATTERS WE HAVE IT ALL! Bowling, pool, mini putt, game zone, table tennis, ride on toys for the little kids, and an amazing cafĂŠ with the friendliest staff on the coast

Email: info@kapititenpin.co.nz

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Artisan breads served with hummus, garlic butter and pesto


Angus scotch fillet with wholegrain mustard and honey gf/df or Turkey roast with sage and onion stuffing and cranberry sauce or Champagne ham with grilled pineapple gf/df or Butternut, spinach and filo tart with Danish feta All mains served with salad or seasonal vegetables and gourmet potatoes


Bailey’s brûlée or Mini pavlova or Christmas pudding with crème Anglaise Individual dietary requirements can be catered for

2 courses $39.95 / 3 courses $49.95 Free Venue Hire Available for Large Groups Ts & Cs apply

BOOK NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT enquiries@reddins.co.nz 04 892 0094




Wednesday, October 9, 2019

1 Waimea Road, Waikanae Beach (beachfront)

Ph: (04) 293-4240 hola@mexicankapiti@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Functions at the Waikanae Club Nicholson’s Restaurant

BOOK YOUR CHRISTMAS ADVERTISING NOW email: alison.drury@nzme.co.nz or call 04 296 1200 for details www.kapitinews.co.nz

The festive season is soon approaching. We can cater for group dinners big or small with menu options to suit from Nicholson’s Restaurant. Our Main Bar is also available for larger functions. Join in September for $29 until March 2019

Choose from our Nicholsons’ restaurant which holds 60 guests or Club Main Room for 100 or more with entertainment Call our friendly staff and let us help plan your next event here. Join the Club or Hire a Room of your choice. Venue parking available. Call 04 293 5915 or email manager@waikaneclub.org.nz




PARAPARAUMU BEACH GOLF CLUB A relaxed environment with beautiful picturesque views Tailored lunch and dinner packages available We can cater for small to big groups You also have the option of adding a fun group golf activity

To book or for more information contact Doreen at functions@pbgc.co.nz or (04) 902-8207



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

65,000 books on offer at Lions fair The Fishing Chick Meet ‘Mangawhai’s Siren of the Sea’

Nicky Sinden FRIDAY




www.kapitifoodfair.co.nz/CelebrityGuest Tickets include drinks, food & show. $39 adult | $10 under 16 (with an adult) $89 Family Pass (2 adults & 2 kids under 16) plus Eventbrite fees

A total of 65,000 donated books will be in the Lions Monster Bookfair which will be held in the Waikanae Memorial Hall on the weekend of October 19 and 20. Months of work are nearing their end for Lions and project manager Peter Cresswell said the public, as always, have been extremely generous and supportive with the huge range and quality of books on sale. “So they can all come again and restock their libraries.” The two days of the bookfair will see people from throughout the district congregating even before the doors open at 8am on the Saturday morning. “As always the range and quantity of books for sale is ‘mind-blowing’ and there are titles to suit everyone. “A particular gem this year is the Journal of Captain Cook’s Last Voyage One of the books in the Lions Monster to the Pacific Ocean of Bookfair. 1776-1779, by John Rickman, a lieutenant on the ship Discovery, which accompanied of the Great America series from Cook’s Resolution. the Library of Congress and “Rickman’s account is in somehow made it was to this original 18th century English and country.” was first published in 1789. Mr Cresswell said this year has “This edition for sale was part brought in a substantial collection

of top quality art publications including the huge Complete Works of Michel Angelo, plus The Painter also featuring Michel Angelo’s work. “There’s also a nice copy of Peter McIntyre’s New Zealand and The Impressionist by William Gaunt. “Also on hand is a delightful leather-bound little book of William Wordsworth’s poetry. “There’s also hundreds of military titles, biographies, hardback and paperback fiction, including the hugely popular Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher series along with health, music, cooking, gardening, travel and children’s books and puzzles. “And it’s all for great causes. Hopefully $35,000 will go to this year’s beneficiaries, including the Kenakena School Dyslexia Programme, Parkinson’s NZ Kapiti Branch, The Shed Project, Kapiti Living without Violence, Kapiti Citizens’ Services Trust, Kapiti Cottage Day-care Programme, Heart Kids Kapiti, the Low Vision Clinic, the Children’s Playground Wellington Hospital, Foster Hope and MENZshed.”

Bookings open for Friday 1st of November (All Saints Day)

Kāpiti Coast District Gallery GALLERY NEWS

With Venue: Southward’s Ballroom, from 6.30pm All proceeds to the Our Lady of Kāpiti Building Project. Opening Easter 2020

Kāpiti & Horowhenua artists are invited to submit one work each for our popular biennial Mahara Arts Review. All media, content & ages welcome. The selectors are artist Jim Gorman and curator Vicki Robson. Submissions close on Sunday 13 October at 4pm. See entry forms on our website or email us at info@maharagallery.org.nz Many thanks to the sponsors of the Artist’s Awards $1,000 John Mowbray Open Award $500 Jean Fleming Highly Commended Award $300 Barry Herbert Student Award $200 Jane Hyder 3D Award $200 Kapiti Signs 2D Award $200 Picture Perfect Framing Special Merit Award $200 Kapiti Coffee Company People’s Choice Award


Decor: Heavenly Catering: Heavenly Live Music: Heavenly Dress: Heavenly or White Auctions and Raffles: Out of this world. Opportunities for sponsorships and donations of quality items for both auction and silent auction. Tables of 10: Limit 30 Book now, no payment until August. Tables: $900 + GST per 10, or $100 + GST per ticket All enquiries to bobhouston@xtra.co.nz or phone 0274 898 017

He Whenua Ora, Living Land: Kapanui School children’s Kapiti Heartstrings [For Christchurch] creations which features local children’s art and poetry in an exhibition, book and film made in partnership with Ngā Manu Nature Reserve. newSPACE: Girls: Boys; by Robyn Kahukiwa Kapiti Heartstrings [For Christchurch] : fabric hearts made by 100s of people across Kāpiti and the world, to send to Al-Noor and Linwood Mosques, with love.

Everything in life is connected

EvENTS AT MAHARA GALLERY Anna Bailey of String Bean Puppets presents two free puppet shows. Wednesday 9 October. The Runaway Sheep: 10.30-11am & The Monster in the Gallery: 11.30am – 12 noon, no bookings required. Poets reading in He Whenua Ora, Living Land. With Julie Burns, Mary Cresswell, Patricia Donaldson, Angela Wright and children from Kapanui School. Saturday 19 October, 2.30-3.30pm, entry free. Opening and awards ceremony for Mahara Arts Review. Saturday 2 November at 6pm, all welcome. Opening hours for Kāpiti Arts Trail. Saturday/Sunday 2 & 3 November, 10am – 4pm. Saturday/Sunday 9 & 10 November, 10am – 4pm Thank you to Waikanae Community Board and the Philipp Family Foundation for their support. Mahara Gallery, 20 Mahara Place, Waikanae info@maharagallery.org.nz, www.maharagallery.org.nz ph. 04 902 6242, Tues-Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 1-4pm, free entry

Quake film features Never before seen film footage of the 1931 Napier earthquake is a highlight of a new exhibition opening on October 11 at the National Library in Wellington. Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, New Zealand’s archive of film, sound and television, has mounted the exhibition Rust + Restoration — He Waikura He Whakauka as its first major activity in its new home in the library building. The exhibition, in Te Puna Foundation Gallery on the ground floor of the National Library, features film, sound and displays illustrating the archive’s work to rescue precious film, TV and audio recordings from oblivion through the processes of collecting, preserving and digitising them. At the heart of the exhibition is a collection of rusted film cans uncovered by the family of Thomas Henry Whetton, a freelance news cameraman active in the 1920s and 1930s. The film cans were unlikely to have been opened for nearly 80 years, and the lids needed to be prised off. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see how the film found was preserved and digitised. Excerpts of the high-quality Napier earthquake footage are included in a looped 20-minute programme projected on the gallery wall. Other excerpts include film dating back to 1900 and later works of national cultural significance, such as PATU! and the TV series Waka Huia. The exhibition also presents related highlights from the Ngā Taonga audio collection. “Preserving film, video and sound for future generations is a race against time,” Ngā Taonga

) /#I< IE-!)E< F)I>:@) !> @D:%#`Z )A:I` <D <#) `)E%<# D' <#) 'D@)I@FB O&M & /#I< CD!>DED:> >:G><IE-) !> :>)+ !E )\<@I-<!E% %D`+B O"M % /#I< !> I G`D-a D' >DIC D@ ^I\B O(M # 2#) <)@F RF:+ ')9)@8 ^I> :>)+ 'D@ ^#I< +!>)I>)L -I:%#< '@DF IE!FI`>B O.*M " /#D ^I> I ')`!E) #)@D D' .b,H> IE!FI<)+ -I@<DDE>B O"M ! /#I< +!+ <#) 'IF!`Z G:>!E)>> D' 'D@F)@ 13 C@)>!+)E< V!FFZ ;I@<)@ C@D+:-)B O"M 7 /#I< !> I '!\)+ @)%:`I@ I``D^IE-)B O"M )& /#!-# I@< IE+ `!<)@I@Z .



JOKER (R16-VCRL) 2hrs 2mins Forever alone in a crowd, failed comedian Arthur Fleck seeks connection as he walks the streets of Gotham City. Arthur wears two masks – the one he paints for his day job as a clown, and the guise he projects in a futile attempt to feel like he’s part of the world around him. Isolated, bullied and disregarded by society, Fleck begins a slow descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind known as the Joker.

PLUS MAIDEN (M-OL) 1hr 37mins In 1989 Tracy Edwards leads the first all-female crew in the Whitbread Round the World Race, a grueling yachting competition that covers 33,000 miles and lasts nine months.

FD9)F)E< ^I> I!F)+ I< +)'`I<!E% <#) ><I<:> D' <#) I@< DGc)-<B O"M )% /#I< !> I CI++)+ -D9)@ 'D@ I <)ICD<B O*K(M )# /#I< FD+)` D' TD-a#))+ I)@DC`IE) ^I> ?F)`!I _I@#I@< '`Z!E% ^#)E >#) ^I> `D>< !E .b*"B O"M )" /#I< I@) >FI`` GI``> 'D@ <#@)I+!E% <D%)<#)@B O&M )7 /#I< EIF) !> >#I@)+ GZ DE) D' <#) 2#@)) S:>a)<))@> IE+ I [@))a FD:E<I!EB O&M )4 /#I< ^I> <#) FDE)<I@Z :E!< D' <#) 4)C:G`!- D' W@)`IE+ :E<!` ,HH,B O(M




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,02'*501 "!)3 .+-0,, " [)D@%!) .d

6D@%!)L d 3^IE >DE%L b 0I>)L .H ?@E!-IL ., ?><#FIL .( ;#I>)@L .$ 3:%I@>L .d U!^!L ,H ]IE<I>!IL ,, Q)9)@ 7E 3:E+IZJ (0$1 . Y)C^D@<#L , ,. =@:E)!L * T!+DL ( 3CZ%`I>>L & =@)9)<L $ Q!<>L .. ?)@D'`D<L .* SI@X!CIEL .& 3C!E)<L ." [@IEEZL .b WG)\L ,. QI>#J

.b ,H



16th October




) /#I< +!+ VD#E 3 6)FG)@<DE !E9)E< !E .dd$B O(K(M 7 /#I< 9)%)<IG`) !> I`>D -I``)+ @:<IGI%IB O&M 6 /#I< !> I +!>)I>) D' @D>)>B O&L(M 4 /#I< !> IE I<DF <#I< #I> `D>< D@ %I!E)+ DE) D@ FD@) )`)-<@DE>B O*M )/ /#I< !> I -I:+I` ICC)E+I%)B O(M )) 2#) 9!@:> D' ^#I< +!>)I>) ^I> 'D@F)@`Z :>)+ !E <#) 9I--!EI<!DE I%I!E>< >FI``CD\B O$M )% /#!-# >!E%!E% +:D -DFC@!>)+ D' >!G`!E%> UI@)E IE+ 4!-#I@+B O*L.HM )" /#!-# ><I<) +)-`I@)+ !<>)`' !E+)C)E+)E< '@DF Q!%)@!I !E .b$" G:<L GZ .b"HL -)I>)+ <D )\!><B O$M )! /#I< ^#!<) -#))>) !> FI+) '@DF )^)5> D@ %DI<5> F!`aB O(M )6 /#I< I@) <#) `I>< ^D@+> D' IE I-<D@5> >C))-# >)@9!E% I> I >!%EI` 'D@ <#) E)\< >C)Ia)@ <D G)%!EB O*M &/ /#I< `I@%)L #I!@Z #:FIED!+ !> >I!+ <D `!9) !E ^!`+)@E)>> I@)I> D' <#) 13 IE+ ;IEI+IB ObM &) ? G!G`!-I` -!<Z +)><@DZ)+ +:) <D !<> @)>!+)E<>5 ^!-a)+E)>>B O&M && 7E-) -DFFDEL ^#I< I@) %DE) '@DF @)><I:@IE< <IG`)>B OdM

10th October

2Y_ 61NNT_ ;7S6?QP


acting chief executive Honiana Love said. “In many ways it’s a miracle that we were able to salvage anything from the rusty cans of the Whetton collection, and it’s a triumph that we succeeded in saving so much.” The exhibition will tell people about the decomposition of nitrate and acetate film stock, and will show how more recent media is also at risk of being lost, as the machines that can play video tape wear out and can’t be replaced. Video tape itself degrades and audiovisual archivists agree that tape not digitised by 2025 will in most cases be lost forever. “Other kinds of documentary archives can be made more stable and long-lasting, but some audiovisual material has a tendency to fall apart all by itsel “Rust + Restoration tells the story of how we need to act before the faces, places and voices recorded on vulnerable media disappear forever. “In a different sense a great deal of New Zealand’s social history and culture is lost when personal collections of amateur film and recordings are not perceived to be of value by later generations. “Ngā Taonga is unusual among audiovisual archives in holding an extensive selection of amateur films, examples of which are also included in the compilation of film excerpts.” Entry to the exhibition is free and it runs from October 11 until February 22, 2020. You can find more information about the exhibition at: www.ngataonga.org.nz/ RustRestoration.

ALSO SHOW ME SHORTS – THE SAMPLER Sit back and enjoy some of the best and most vibrant short films from New Zealand and around the world. This collection provides a great way to sample what Show Me Shorts is all about. The films feature a lost donkey, a stolen moon buggy, a history lesson, a hijacked car, and a reluctant gnome. SUN: 12:30pm *Includes Q & A session

JOKER (R16-VCRL) 2hrs 2mins THU: 6:00pm FRI: 3:30pm, 8:30pm SAT: 4:00pm, 8:30pm SUN: 2:15pm, 7:15pm MON: 3:45pm, 8:30pm TUE: 12:30pm, 8:30pm WED: 2:00pm, 6:15pm MAIDEN (M-OL) 1hr 37mins THU: 4:45pm FRI: 4:30pm SAT: 4:45pm SUN: 4:30pm MON: 12:30pm TUE: 4:45pm WED: 12:30pm THE NIGHTINGALE (R16-RPVCRL) 2hrs 16mins FRI: 8:15pm SAT: 8:15pm SUN: 5:45pm MON: 8:15pm TUE: 5:30pm WED: 8:15pm YULI (M-L) 1hr 51mins THU: 3:30pm FRI: 10:30am SAT: 2:45pm SUN: 10:15am MON: 12:00pm TUE: 10:30am WED: 10:15am YOUNG PICASSO (G) 1hr 30mins FRI: 12:30pm SAT: 1:00pm MON: 4:15pm WED: 4:15pm THE GOLDFINCH (M-OLD) 2hrs 30mins THU: 12:45pm FRI: 12:45pm SAT: 10:15am TUE: 2:45pm 2040 (G) 1hr 32mins MON: 10:15am WED: 12:15pm AD ASTRA – (M-VOL) 2hrs 3mins FRI: 6:00pm SAT: 6:00pm SUN: 8:15pm MON: 6:00pm TUE: 8:00pm WED: 6:00pm THE FAREWELL (M) 1hr 38mins THU: 12:30pm SUN: 10:30am TUE: 12:30pm WED: 4:15pm DOWNTON ABBEY (PG-L) 2hrs 3mins THU: 10:15am, 2:30pm, 5:45pm FRI: 10:15am, 2:15pm, 6:15pm SAT: 10:45am, 1:30pm, 6:15pm SUN: 2:45pm, 5:00pm MON: 10:15am, 1:45pm, 6:15pm TUE: 10:15am, 2:30pm, 6:15pm WED: 10:15am, 2:00pm, 8:30pm GIRLS OF THE SUN (R16-VSVSVL) 1hr 52mins THU: 10:30am SUN: 12:15pm AMAZING GRACE (G) 1hr 29mins MON: 2:00pm


10 Mahara Place, Waikanae www.shorelinecinema.co.nz escape@shorelinecinema.co.nz Phone: 04 902 8070



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Paekākāriki Pride Parade back In 1969 while the world was gripped with who was winning the space race, on earth the start of the gay liberation movement kicked off with the Stonewall Rebellion in New York City, global warming was a term that was starting to be used by scientists and Woodstock happened. The times they were a-changing. Fast forward to 2010, the laidback, progressive village of Paekākāriki is celebrating some of the world changing events that got the world to where it is today. The theme for this year’s dance party is A Space Oddity, a nod to the first moon landing which happened the same year as the infamous Stonewall rebellion that is associated with the start of gay communities’ fighting for basic human rights and freedoms. The Paekākāriki Pride Festival turns three this year, and riding on the success of some of the staple events like the (World’s Shortest) Pride Parade, the dance party and the quiz night, organisers this year have added a couple of other new events to keep things interesting and exciting. The first of these is a kids’ disco which will follow immediately after the parade. Another new event is a book launch by local Wellington writer, Kate Torrens, of her novel The Swimmers, set in posthomosexual law reform/AIDs crisis Aotearoa New Zealand. “We’re absolutely delighted to be hosting this exclusive book

The pride parade is back again this year in Paekākāriki. launch as part of our festival,” Paekakariki Pride Festival committee member Pat McIntosh said. “This is a coup for us.” Reflecting on the past 50 years of celebration and activism in the rainbow communities, coorganiser Val Little said while

the world is much more accepting and inclusive of gay men and lesbians, there are still certain groups that struggle to maintain visibility, respect and even basic human rights in Aotearoa. “Bisexual people are still marginalised by both ends of the

sexuality spectrum. “Told they’re confused or promiscuous, our trans whānau face some incredibly difficult challenges in the rainbow spaces at the moment.” According to recent research funded by the Health Research Council and with support from

Kapiti Gallery


Pot ttery y Exhibition Exhiibiition Pottery and Work an nd Sale Sale e of of W ork k Work by the Pottery & Sculptors Group Thursday 26th September to Sunday 20th October 192 Matai Rd, Raumati Beach

Ph 04 9028549

www.kapitiartsandcrafts.com Summer Hours 10am - 4pm, Thursday-Sunday


University of Waikato and Rule Foundation, trans people experience discrimination at more than double the rate of the general population. “It’s really important to us that the Paekakariki Pride Festival is a welcoming, inclusive and very positive experience for all of our rainbow whānau,” Val said. “Our aim is to provide spaces that celebrate our commonalities and our differences. Our events are not places to debate or judge others’ lives.” Proceeds from this year’s festival are being shared between two organisations, Kāpiti Youth Service’s Project Youth, a social and support group for rainbow identifying young people, and Paekākāriki School for rainbow resources for their students. If you’re looking for something fun and fabulous to do over Labour Weekend, grab your moon boots and head to the friendly seaside village of Paekākāriki because the Pride Festival is going to be out of this world. For further information check out t Facebook, Rainbow in the Village — Paekakariki Pride Festival 2019 or contact Val Little on 021 846 399.

You are welcome!


T The Women’s Rebus Club of Waikanae




Widen your horizons Share your interests Make new friends Next monthly Club Meeting: Thursday, 10 October 10.00am Waikanae Community Centre, 28 Utauta Street Guest Speaker: Sue Chetwin, Consumer NZ.

Contact: Allison: Ph. 904 1860 | Joy Ph. 293 5015

Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Public viewing & purchase of artwork from 10am - 4pm Sat 26th - Mon 28th Oct 2019 Funds raised this year for Kāpiti Performing Arts Centre Building and support of local artists. Entry $5 donation per adult.

Preview evening & prizegiving Friday 25th Southward Museum Theatre from 7:30pm

Background music, complimentary drinks & finger food will be served All welcome to come and meet sponsors and artists After the prizegiving all artwork are available for sale

Tickets $30 now available from Coastlands Shopping Town The Rotary Club of Paraparaumu acknowledges the generous support of our major sponsors without whom we couldn’t be as successful: Kapiti News & NZME Radio

Kapiti Ten Pin Entertainment Centre

Coastlands Shoppingtown

Kapiti Retirement Trust

New World Waikanae

Kapiti Coast Funeral Home

Otaihanga Landscaping Ltd

Klee Plumbing

Quinovic Property Management

Howard & Co Reality HMC Kapiti

Susie Mills Law 2019 Ltd Liz Koh Money Max



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Funds go to dyslexia programme Proceeds from the Waimea Women’s Institute fundraising calendar will be directed to Kenakena School’s dyslexia programme. The institute decided to give the proceeds to the school after a presentation by Kenakena School principal Bruce McDonald to a monthly meeting of the group. “We have produced a beautiful, 18-month calendar featuring delicious recipes, which is great value at $20 and will make perfect Christmas presents,” secretary Patricia McKechnie said. The dyslexia programme was established at the school in

2009. Each year since its inception the school has relied upon grants and donations to ensure this programme keeps running, sometimes on a term by term basis. Over the past nine years the dyslexia programme has been offered to over 25 students annually. The running of the programme relies upon funding from outside the school such as grants and donations. Copies of the calendar can be purchased at Kenakena School office, during term times, at the the Beach FM office in Lindale or phone Patricia on 0274 910302 or email pd.mckechnie@gmail.com.


Adapted by ross Gumbley from John Buchan’s novel

6-16 NOV 2019


KĀPITI EVENTS Otaki Women’s Group Market State Hwy 1 opposite New World, Otaki. The market will be weekly on Sundays for the next 6 months of the daylight savings. Waikanae Baptist Friendship Group our speaker will be Randal Heke sharing from his younger years through a wide variety of work skills, overseas travel and more. The meeting will be at our Church, 286 Te Moana Road Waikanae on Thursday October 10th at 2pm to 3.30pm. Food or a gold coin donation appreciated. Come and enjoy an afternoon. Kapiti Senior Citizens meet on 11th October at 2pm at the Ocean Road Community Centre. Our guest entertainer for this month will be Danny Healey. Entry $3. Includes afternoon tea. Raffles 50cents. All welcome. Phone Susan 04 905 9578 for enquiries.

Big Read-In come along and enjoy reading and discussing your book with others. Be in to win additional prizes in the Reading Challenge! Otaki Library Friday 11 October 10.30am – 12pm. Contact: martine.backhouse@kapiticoast.govt.nz Kaibosh Food Rescue join us for a Q & A Information Session regarding establishing a 3rd base to service the Kapiti & Horowhenua districts. Friday 11 October 2.30pm 6 Tongariro St Paraparaumu. For more information visit www.kaibosh.org.nz Waikanae Arts and Crafts Society Open Week Monday 7 October until Saturday 12 October. 27A Elizabeth Street Waikanae over the railway line. Drop into any of their classes including painting, knitting, spinning, crochet, cards, embroidery and lace, weaving, miniatures, round-tuit (bring any craft you are working on) and needle felting. Call 06 364 3115 or email waikanaeartsandcraftssoc@gmail.com for further information.

Kapiti Embroiderers’ Friendship Day 12 October, 10 am to 3.00 pm, Coast Community Church, 57 Hinemoa Street, Paraparumu. $5.00 entry fee. Morning and afternoon tea

The Waimea Women’s Institute fundraising calendar is available now.

provided. Raffles and Merchants. Our members invite you to come and stitch, chat and share the day. All welcome. Kapiti Coast U3A Kaleidoscope next meeting Monday 14th October at Parkwood Social Centre, Sylvan Avenue, Waikanae at 9.45am. Guest speakers: SANDI BEATIE QSM, AMANDA DIXSON and VICKI BLACK Fair Trade Representatives on ‘Ethical Trade, Quality Employment, Authentic Results’ and SARAH TE ONE on ‘Using Child’s Right Framework to support their well-being’. Visitors welcome - $4 entrance. For more information contact Jan Williams 04 9043180/027 4163454. Zumba Easy come along and join Myrna for an exciting dance and fitness sessions starting Monday (14th Oct) and Friday (18th Oct) 10am. Contact Myrna 020 4173 3538 Venue: Mazengarb Sport Complex, Paraparaumu. Men’s Book Group new members are always welcome at the Men’s Book Group! There’s no need to book in. Paraparaumu Library Tuesday 15 October 10.30 – 11.30am. Contact: tony.cuttriss@kapiticoast.govt.nz Calligraphers of Kapiti are having a Mini-Exhibition and Open Day on Thursday 17th October, 2.30-7.00pm at Kapiti Uniting Church, Weka Road, Raumati Beach. There will be demonstrations and items for sale. Come and be inspired! The Ka-piti Radio Yacht Club Inc races DragonForce 65s and

Dragonflite 95s on Awatea Lagoon corner of Awatea Avenue and Mazengarb Road every Friday at 1pm and each fortnight on a Sunday at 1pm - (when we have our EC12 class racing up at our Otaki Venue). We welcome visitors who can try one of these out when we have spare boats present. For further details ring Geoff Amos on 021 0274 9921.

Zumba Chair ( seated ) ideal for people who can’t sustain lots of movement while on foot but still get a good workout while seated. Only 30mins. 18th Oct 11:00am-11:30am. Contact Myrna 020 4173 3538. Mazengarb Sport Complex, Paraparaumu.

Waikanae Arts and Crafts Society Market Day Saturday 19 October, 9am - 2pm. 27A Elizabeth Street Waikanae. Items for sale, embroidery, spinning, knitting, weaving, paintings, cards, fresh produce, plants, baking and a large raffle. Something for everyone. The Kapiti Branch of Ulysses will be riding to Pongaroa via Saddle Road, return via Pahiatua Track. Pickup at Kimberly Road Sunday 20 October. Meet BP (under the EWY) Kapiti Road, 9.30am. Register your interest at www.kapitiulysses.org.nz

Kapiti College Tech Block Woodworks & Wood Turning introduction for all ages. Starts 7pm Monday 21 October $10 covers incidentals. Tea and coffee supplied. Ph Chris Jackson 04 902 0606. Waikanae Town Centre Market Saturday 26 October 2019 in Waikanae Town Centre between 9am and 2pm.There will be over 90 stalls, with music from Kapiti Kids Vocal Group, Fernando Figueroa and Dean Ward. The day will also include the official opening of the newly designed Mahara Place at 12 noon, with an overnight trip to Kapiti Island up for grabs. Simply make a purchase at any of the shops in Mahara Place between 9.00am and 12 noon on Saturday 26 October to enter the prize draw. Ka-piti Arts Trail 2019 November 2/3 and 9/10, 10-5pm a springtime showcase of over 100 artists on the Ka- piti Coast. Free entry. See kapiticoast.govt.nz/artstrail/ for Ka- piti Arts

Guide and more information, and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for information about our artists.

Pink Ribbon Appeal I’m taking a stand against breast cancer! Join me by volunteering for two hours at the Pink Ribbon Street Appeal. Sign up at www.pinkribbonappeal.co.nz or phone -txt Debbie Martin 021 242 5240. Lions Monster Bookfair Saturday & Sunday 19 and 20 October at the Waikanae Memorial Hall. Doors open at 8am on Saturday and 9am Sunday. 65,000 books for sale!

All event details must be received by 5pm on the Friday before the next edition of the paper. Email to pat.cumming@kapitinews.co.nz. Also listen to Newstalk ZB for community notices.

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2-for t i c ke - 1 ts on

Grab your girlfriends, mum or daughters for a great day out! Sat 19 & Sun 20 Oct, 10am–5pm TSB Stadium, New Plymouth Door Sales $10 | Kids Under 12 Free Everything from gourmet food, tea and artisan products to fashion, beauty, travel and more: • 130 Exhibitors • Skin On Forty-Five Beauty Lounge • NV Hair Lounge • Etcetera Bridal Gown Sale • Artisan Craft & Taste Zones • Goodie Bags

You deserve a girls day out.

Dilmah is celebrating the amazing women of New Zealand with the gift of tea. Stop by our stand to nominate the unsung heroes in your life!





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SCARS LIKE WINGS by Erin Stewart

I always try to find the pearl in amongst what is on offer, especially for young adults and I have found the one for this year! If you’re a fan of John Green or Jodi Picoult then you’ll love this debut author Erin Stewart. She’s drawing on a friend’s personal experience to write about Ava. Ava is 16 years old, living in Utah and is a ‘burns survivor’ – a fire that took her whole family. They call her the ‘sole survivor’ but you can’t face life alone, nor the hallways of the new high school she has agreed to attend. With fellow ‘phoenix’ survivor Piper, they form an allegiance, along with the kind-hearted Asad. They’re armed with ‘battle language’ and remind each other that everyone has scars, some are just easier to see. Together the trio rise above pretentiousness and cliques to pursue the things they love at high school. This book is not sugar-coated but instead, it is raw, emotive and a walk through a time in life with a powerful trio of friends each trying to ‘stabilise’ and find a new normal in their life. Throughout there are quotes that many of us would personally relate to also… “She wears her scars as her best attire, a stunning dress made of hellfire – and she can conquer her demons and wear her scars like wings” This book, I declare, is the best young adult read of this year and timed perfectly for school holidays.

RRP $20.99

HOW MAUI SLOWED THE SUN MISS KRAKEN retold by Donovan Bixley, advised and translated by Dr Darryn Joseph and Keri Opai

This is the second book in the Tales of Aotearoa series from Donovan Bixley. Retelling the Maori tale of Maui woven in with Kiwi colloquialism to delight the young members of your family. Donovan Bixley has worked with Dr Darryn Joseph and Keri Opai to bring this to life and through discussions, Donovan found deeper meaning and historic connections behind the legend. As well as being a cheeky trickster, Maui is a wonderfully curious character and a clever problem solver. Maui has to overcome massive obstacles to slow the sun, and we see him developing some great skills as a people manager – sharing his inventions with the whole whanau. The importance of harakeke to Maori is woven throughout the story, and Maui teaches the people to weave three specific ropes: te wiri paraharaha, te whiri tarikarakia and the te wiri tuamaka. …I hope you too will discover many things to explore and talk about within these pages.”

HEY GRANDUDE! by Paul McCartney

by Nicki Greenberg

In the new books presentation I just loved this tale and I am sure this will delight your very young in storytelling time and enrich your shared reading moments. The minute we saw Miss Kraken, we all new it was going to be a bad year. She’s cranky, she’s just plain …weird. Miss Kraken is definitely NOT the teacher the kids were hoping for. But she might have a surprise or two up her sleeves. A hilarious tale of bad behaviour and unexpected consequences.” Stroll along with the unruly class of school children as they visit the local aquarium with a surprising twist…

RRP $27.99

Yes – THAT Paul McCartney, legendary musician, songwriter, member of the Beatles and all-round worldwide superstar! Drawing from his beloved role as grandfather, McCartney introduces us to his literary character ‘Grandude’. “Meet Grandude – an intrepid explorer with some amazing tricks up his sleeve… Grandude whisks his four grandchildren away on whirlwind adventures with his magic compass. Join them as they ride flying fish, dodge stampedes and escape avalanches! A magical rollercoaster ride for all the family from beloved music legend Paul McCartney, taking readers around the world and back in time for bed! The story is brought to life with glorious illustrations from artist Kathryn Durst.” A delightful keepsake book to share with your own grandchildren in storytelling times.

RRP $29.99

RRP $19.99


“Enrich the school holidays with storytelling or inspiring your young readers to discover adventures in the pages of this classic tale – The Lion King! Be sure to check out our full range of classic tales instore”

RRP $24.99


book giveaway blurb and book, write “PAPER PLUS BOOK GIVEAWAY”, your name, address and phone number on the back of an envelope and post to Kapiti News, PO Box 462, Paraparaumu or Email “PAPER PLUS BOOK GIVEAWAY” and your ontact contact details including phone number to o.nz trisha.thompson@nzme.co.nz Competition closes at noon on: 14 October. Congratulations to last weeks winner: Elva Brown.



“The final gripping instalment of the bestselling Gone series”



“From the author of Everything Everything, another honest tale perfect for your young adult reader”


WIZARDS OF ONCE KNOCK THREE TIMES BY CRESSIDA COWELL “Third instalment of the Wizards of Once series. Wish and Xar are now outlaws on the run.”


SHATTER CITY BY SCOTT WESTERFELD “Sequel to Imposters – a story of rebellion and resistance”

Celebrating 40 years on the Kapiti Coast

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This photo provided by The Metropolitan Museum of Art shows a watercolour on vellum by Jacob Marrel titled Four Tulips: Boter man (Butter Man), Joncker (Nobleman), Grote geplumaceerde (The Great Plumed One), and Voorwint (With the Wind) circa 1635-45. AP Photo




hink of botanical illustrators, and you might envision a world of medieval herbalists, tulip or orchid collectors, or affluent young women of the 17th and 18th centuries making detailed drawings and watercolours of garden plants. But there’s nothing oldfashioned about botanical illustrations. “Plants and flowers eternally speak to us, and there’s a great admiration now for realistic drawings and observing nature, and a renewed interest in handmade crafts,” says Femke Speelberg, associate curator in the department of drawings and prints at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. “As a source of inspiration, the relationship between decor and nature has always been very important,” she says. Today, as we lose biodiversity, botanical drawing is also an important way to examine and document plants that might not always be there, says Helen Bynum, who with her husband, William Bynum, compiled Botanical Sketchbooks (Princeton Architectural Press, 2017), a compendium of botanical illustrations by 80 artists from around the world. “Being a sketcher of whatever ability makes you really engage with what you are looking at it,” says Bynum. Botanical drawing dates back to at least to the times of the Pharaohs. It was particularly developed in the Middle Ages, when plants were often used for medicinal purposes and people needed to be able to tell safe from poisonous plants. A lot of plant families contain both. For instance, the nightshade family of plants includes belladonna, a poisonous plant, and also edibles like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Explorers often brought a botanical artist along to record the plants encountered. During “Tulip Mania” in 17th century Holland, when rare bulbs sold for the equivalent of an average person’s annual salary, it was

Te Ope Whakaora

Waikanae Churches CAFÉ CHURCH ANGLICAN Revd Tim Bustin Tel: 904 3018 SUNDAY ST LUKE’S, ELIZABETH ST 10am –

This photo provided by The Metropolitan Museum of Art shows a watercolour over graphite by Anonymous titled Decorative Design with Natural and Abstract Flowers, from the late 19th century. AP Photos

Botanical drawing dates back to at least to the times of the Pharaohs. crucial for collectors and breeders to record each flower’s unique patterns and contours. And botanical art can be about more than accuracy. Often, the story a botanical illustration tells is more mesmerising than the perfection of the drawing itself, says Bynum. “What I learned doing this book is that you don’t have to be a great artist to get things down on paper in a way that can communicate to other people.” Robin Jess runs the Botanical Art and Illustration programme at the New York Botanical Garden, the oldest certificate programme in the subject in the country. “We tend to be very accurate, and to pay attention to all the details. We require that students

take classes in plant morphology, so they understand what it is exactly that they are drawing. It requires a strong basis in botany,” she explains. The garden is also the headquarters of the American Society of Botanical Artists, with about 1800 members. “Contemporary botanical artists share a concern for the environment, particularly in light of climate change, as well as for drawing attention to plants,” Jess explains. Before photography was invented, botanical illustrations were essential to understanding plants. But today, too, drawings can illuminate aspects of plants in a way photos cannot. “An illustration can show various parts of a plant at the same time, something a photo really can’t. It can show extra details of the fruit, for example, and what it looks like bisected.” And making botanical illustrations for a patron is alive and well, she points out. Florilegia — documentation of all the plants growing in a specific garden — is a big thing right now, she says. — AP

Connect Family Service ST MICHAEL’S, RANGIHIROA ST 9.00am – Sung Eucharist ST ANDREW’S, REIKORANGI 9.15am – Holy Communion

(Waikanae) Sunday 10am We meet in local cafes and homes. For information please phone:

902 3895 | 904 3606 Member of Acts churches NZ

UNITING PARISH Minister Rev. Cornelia Grant Tel: 902-5809 Ngapaki Street 9.15am Service: Playgroup Fridays 9.30am


The Salvation Army Kapiti Corps 41 Bluegum Road Sunday 10:30am Helping people find and follow Jesus


BAPTIST CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL 10am SUNDAY WORSHIP 11am MEN’S BIBLE STUDY 7.30pm Monday WOMENS BIBLE STUDY 10.30am Thursday Phone for information

54b Ocean Road, Paraparaumu Beach Pastor Tom Reesor Phone (04) 902-4826 A Christ exalting family fellowship

SUNDAYY SERVICE 10am with Communion

Pastor Nigel Scott Tel: 293-6810 286 Te Moana Road

Youth & Children’s Programmes g s, All Welcome

SUNDAY SERVICES 9am & 10.30am Children’s programme with the 2nd Service


Office open: Tues to Fri 9am to 12noon

OTAKI (Mill Rd) | 11.00am WAIKANAE (Ngaio Rd) | 9.15am

Website www.waikanaebaptist.co.nz

57 Hinemoa St, Paraparaumu Ph. 04 293 6900 or 04 297 2723 for more info

2nd Sunday of the month at Otaki

Café Church 11am

Contemplative Taizé-style service 5.30pm with healing and Holy Communion. Ph. Office 04 2936987 for more information. Minister Rev. Peter Jackson 021 2079455

St Patrick’s Hall, Presentation Way off Milne Drive, Paraparaumu: Saturday 5.00pm Vigil Mass & Sunday 8.30am Cedarwood, 17 Parata Street, Waikanae: Sunday 10.00am



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Big win for Hoop players Hoop Club Kapiti men’s team beat a combined Kāpiti College/ Paraparaumu College All Star basketball team 107 to 82 at Kāpiti College gym late last month. “It is important for these college basketball players to know that they have somewhere to play after finishing college basketball and that any local men’s players out here in Kāpiti have an opportunity to play and get involved in our men’s team,” Hoop Club Kapiti director Angelo Robinson said. PHOTO / DAWN IRELAND-SPICER

Funeral Directory

celebrating the life of those we have loved

Eco Funerals

04 293 6844 | 17-21 Parata Street PO Box 300 | Waikanae 5250 info@waikanaefuneralhome.co.nz www.kapitifunerals.co.nz


The topic of environmentally—friendly farewells “eco-funerals” covers a wide range of issues, from full “natural burials” in specially designated areas, to simple choices made throughout the funeral arrangements that will minimise the environmental impact and carbon footprint of someone’s funeral. Common areas of focus are embalming, the preparation of the deceased and caskets. EMBALMING: Modern embalming is now the usual way of preparing the deceased in New Zealand, with approximately 80% of deceased persons being embalmed. But when thinking of an environmentally—friendly funeral most people believe that doing nothing, and certainly not embalming, is the most natural state for the deceased.

However, this does not recognise the accumulation of toxins or chemicals that build up in one’s body during life, or drugs that may be introduced during a final illness. These often leave the body in an anything but natural state. So simply doing nothing to the deceased does not rid the body of harmful toxins in the body or remove the chemicals induced through medications during the later stages of illness. Techniques such as EcoPrep resolve both these issues. For more information on eco friendly options now developed we suggest you contact your local funeral home to find out what type of eco- friendly options they can provide. CASKETS: There are many Eco friendly caskets


:01477# 0(2&) 42) 5/&-4+&) 3# +$& 84-9 '46!7# ,!21& ."%*

'!*"%.) &-%"+#(%$ 0 ,#(*" /.$(*$

Funeral Home & Cha apel

Crematorium & Chapel

Andrew - Managing D irector

What makes it the right Funeral Home for you? It’s about…

7$( )4=(8EO &<M(

G D,DD %@PA:" ! KD.J 1.,G,CD, /0/ G /0- ;4((= 958((5 >E65H !(3#= C+- P#OO :<E*H L5EQ# ?(E5$ N<5#'#BE5#<=6 L=O#=( G 222F#BME8QFB<F=I

available, in fact so many that funeral homes can’t carry them all in stock. But most catalogue items can be obtained within 48 hours. THE THREE MOST USED ARE: The ‘Willow Woven Casket’ - This is a specialised woven willow casket sourced in New Zealand. This is more expensive than plain pine. The ‘Plain Pine Box’, known as a Settler. This is made of seconds Pine and supplied with rope handles. The ‘Crafted Pine’ – This is made from 1st NZ pine and supplied with finely crafted wooden handles that are comfortable to carry with. As mentioned above, there are many more eco friendly caskets available including bamboo, ply and woollen. By Andrew Malcolm

Having facili�es and equipment of an excellent standard is a given! Expenses are minimised through in-house prin�ng, headstone services & catering in Kapi�. Loca�on - 2 Chapels, including our own Kapi� Crematorium, the only one in Paraparaumu. People, it’s about the heart of our people caring for you. – ‘There in �mes of need’

• Our company has been serving the families of our district for 96 years • Chapels in Levin, Shannon & Otaki • Cemetery Memorials • Specialists in Cremation. We have owned and operated our own Crematorium since 1988 • Large variety of Caskets and Urns

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Scents hold key for character Scented By Laurence Fearnley, Penguin Random House, $38 .. .. .. .. .. ..

Pick up this book and it’s odds on your olfactory senses will shoot into overdrive. It’s by no means the first novel about a scent maker, there have been a heap of them, but what makes this one stand out from the crowd is that, to the best of this reviewer’s knowledge, it’s the first to be dedicated to the fragrance of the flora native to this country. But this is no handbook portraying the perfumes produced by our flowers, ferns and volcanic pumice. Fearnley uses them as the backdrop for a cleverly crafted story of Sian, a woman seeking to reinstate her identity by creating perfumes. Her world collapsed when redundancy wiped out her job as a university lecturer in humanities. It leaves her rudderless and as job application after job application fails to return her to the workforce she revives her childhood interest in creating perfumes. As a smart, independent woman Sian hadn’t needed a signature scent, unemployment sends her searching for her identity via the perfumes she experiments with. Dunedin-based Fearnley is far too talented a writer to leave it at that, her plots and subplots are woven around those Sian encounters on her voyage of self-discovery. She soon learns human relationships are fragile, so too is she. This is a book with the sweet smell of a successful story lying between its 250 pages. — Jill Nicholas

Characters drive writer’s creations

I would regularly follow murder trials in the newspapers, not so much because I wanted to find out if the defendant was innocent or guilty but to determine their motivation. I’m fascinated by the why, not the who. Monsters aren’t born, they’re made.

Obviously a great deal of research went into Skin Deep’s locations (Ireland, London, the Cote D’azur) and unsettling topics dealt with. How long did gathering this background material take before you began the writing process?

Author Laurence Fearnley.

Author Liz Nugent.

I guess my novels might be called ‘domestic noir’ as the stories usually unfold within a home setting among families. I look at very common, normal situations and drill down to see what lies beneath, everybody has secrets.

You say you find psychopaths really interesting, please elaborate.

I don’t do any of it before the writing process because the whole story evolves organically. The places I have been influence the books and I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely. Sometimes, those locations find their way under my skin m.


Skin Deep, by Liz Nugent, Penguin RandomHouse, $26

You’ve been described both as a Noir and psychological thriller writer, in which category do you see yourself slotting?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I have used song lyrics, a holiday destination, a newspaper obituary, research for an ill-fated TV series, family lore, historical fact, other books, certain people in public life. Everything is inspiration. The suspense comes from not knowing what my characters are going to do next and from asking a central question at the beginning of the book, and holding the answer, and hopefully the reader, to the end.


books in

JUST FOR KIDS Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too) By Keith Negley, Walker Books, $18.99 .. .. .. .. .. ..

Ireland’s Queen of Crime, psychological thriller writer Liz Nugent, has been visiting New Zealand. Her works top the bestseller list. JILL NICHOLAS fired questions at her to establish what makes her tick

From where do you draw the inspiration for your multilayered plots and keep the vital essence of suspense going?


A parade of tough guys from a wrestler to an astronaut to a ninja, not forgetting a race car driver, show their soft sides. It’s a simple message — it’s okay to show your feelings, even (especially!) if you’re a tough guy. Simple, effective drawings make this a lovely (and quick) bedtime story. Aimed at boys and ideal for dads to read. — Ann Kilduff

THRILLER You have a very in-yourface way of drawing readers in from the very first line, surely that must be more than a marketing ploy?

Marketing doesn’t enter my head. My goal’s to grab the reader by the throat and hopefully hold them for the duration of the book, then drop them like a stone at the end. I like to disturb my readers. The first line of a book should give you a good indication of what kind of book you are getting into. My first lines are always spoken by the main protagonist.

Are you a disciplined writer time wise and do you chart out your characters before you begin a new book or do they simply appear in your head and dictate to you how you should portray them?

I have no charts, post-it notes or graphs or spreadsheets. I literally make it up as I go along and yes, the stories are character driven. I always start by putting my protagonist in an extreme situation and then watch their reaction.

Ireland has always produced wonderful authors and poets (eg, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, WB Yeats, more latterly a whole stable of women writers such as Maeve Binchey and Kathy Kelly) — what do you consider it is about your homeland that inspires them — and you?

I think there’s been an explosion in particular in the number of Irish female crime writers, and that may be to do with the way Ireland historically has treated its women. Up until relatively recently, women could not avail of contraception, divorce, or abortion. I think now that most of those situations have been corrected, Irish women have found their voice. You’re never going to shut us up now.

Are you one of those writers who could wallpaper their home with rejection slips or did you hit the publishers’ jackpot with the first manuscript you submitted?

I’m sorry but I was nauseatingly quick to get an agent and a publisher and a No 1 bestseller followed by a Crime Novel of the Year Award with my first book. That’s not to say there were no rejections, there were plenty. But from submission to book deal took about four months, I was extremely lucky.

And the classic question: Which writer do you most admire?

Without a doubt, Harper Lee. She wrote one perfect book, To Kill a Mockingbird, that was so good that she knew she could never improve on it having done that she then went into seclusion. It still sells in its thousands 60 years later and its message of tolerance and racial equality will always be relevant.

The Au Pair By Emma Rous, Hachette, $34.99 .. .. .. .. .. ..

Emma Rous has created a blockbuster with The Au Pair. The story keeps on taking abrupt new directions but with everything circling back to the day that Seraphine and her twin brother were born at the family estate Summerbourne House. A day that went from joy at their birth to tragedy when their mother threw herself from the nearby cliff onto the rocks below. Twenty-five years on Seraphine sees a photo which was taken on that fateful day, a photo of her mother and one of the newborn twins. But who is the baby, Seraphine or Danny? It turns into an emotional mission for her, but no one can be prepared for the secrets that await the family. The only person who can unlock the mystery is the au pair, who disappeared from Summerbourne House on the day the twins were born, the day of their mother’s suicide. Seraphine’s quest is to find the au pair, and persuade her to share the events of that critical day. When the truth is finally revealed it’s like a massive explosion for the whole family, and the secrets unveiled will impact each one of them well into the future. — Tony Nielsen

Detective battles to stop Ending leaves reader feeling cheated online dating scammers Dead at First Sight By Peter James, Hachette, $35 .. .. .. .. .. ..

In Dead At Fist Sight Peter James takes us back to Sussex and his long time character Chief Superintendent Roy Grace. Grace finds himself thrust into a world with which he is unfamiliar, that of online dating linked with fraud. Along with a rush to bring himself up to speed with what has become a fateful series of deaths related to the online scammers, he finds himself totally frustrated by his immediate boss ACC Cassian Pewe. Pewe vehemently disagreed with Grace’s take on the deaths which will turn out to be murders, ruling them suicides. Locally a growing number of elderly men and women have been targeted by the online fraudsters and

Roy Grace and his team gradually get inside the crimes and begin tying them together. Dead At First Sight is also the story of the victims of the scammers, initially excited about the prospects of a new relationship, but eventually emotionally distraught after they learn the reality of the person they thought they had connected with and loaned money to. Grace leads his team to bringing a multitude of threads of the case together with mind blowing results, and eventually he even scores a big win over ACC Pewe. — Tony Nielsen

Crossfire By Malorie Blackman, Penguin Random House, $23 .. .. .. ..

Malorie Blackman is an award winner British author and a major voice in children’s publishing. She held the post of Waterstones Children’s Laureate from 2013 to 2015. She has written over 60 books for children and young adults. Noughts and Crosses is a series so I am a little disadvantaged not having read the previous books. Noughts and crosses are black people and white people. Reading between the lines I gleaned that one book featured white people as the dominant race, another featured black people as the dominant race. Crossfire appears to be an attempt to integrate both. There are four major characters, Callie, now

a lawyer, and Tobey, a prime minister accused of murder. Both had a lot to do with each other in an earlier life. The other two, Troy and Libby, attend an integrated school and are both vying for the position of head pupil. They were good friends when younger, but appear to have had a major fallout, consequently a good deal of acrimony between the two. Matters take a surprising turn when the two are forced into each other’s company after a nasty abduction. Old wounds are responsible for the two being victims of the crossfire. I began reading this feeling a little sad. Once in another time authors wrote happier fiction for young adults. Now for a long time the accent is on realism and often the darker side. I find it rather depressing. Why

would you want to grow up facing all the issues? Crossfire appears to concentrate on the race issue and the power and control all this involves. Actually no race is the winner. Perhaps that is the message. I have been assured that these books, in England where they are printed, are as cheap as comics, but not here! Crossfire is a well written easy read adventure story and not as depressing as others I have read, but I was a bit gobsmacked to get to the ending where Troy and Libby are stuck together in an impossible situation, turned to the last page and read the words “TO BE CONCLUDED”. I felt cheated and I think the reader may well feel the same. I believe if you spend the money to buy a book it should have an ending even if it is not always the one you would have liked. — Margaret Reilly



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>> localclassifieds > > say it. sell it. buy it. Lost and Found

Public Notices


a Burmilla cat has been missing since Thursday evening 26th Sept in the Paraparaumu,Kotuku Drive area.

A.G.M Monday 4th November 2019 5.30pm 15 Tutanekai St Paraparaumu

Please phone Helen if you see her 04 9040191 or 0220214196. There will be a reward paid.

Public Notices

Employment Vacancies

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Professional Services



Hora Te Pai Health Services Charitable Trust is a kaupapa Ma-ori health provider, responsible for primary health care provision to over 3,000 individuals and whanau residing between Paekakariki to Peka Peka. It does this by providing very low cost health services to Ma-ori and other clients. The Board seeks nominations for three (3) Trustees. One Trustee with Financial expertise and two Trustees who have knowledge, skills and expertise in the social/health sector and/or Ma-tauranga Ma-ori.

Nomination forms with further information can be obtained from Hora Te Pai Health Services: Phone 04 9027095 or by email to: Gail@horatepai.org.nz Please forward your nomination and CV addressed to: Hora Te Pai Trustee, P.O. Box 688, Paraparaumu.

Ph. 021 1551 950 (Kerry) kwestmoreland@ outlook.co.nz Legal Aid Available

QUEEN size bed Sleepyhead Torquezone 400, excellent condition $200, will deliver locally. Phn 027 208 3100.

Having the right equipment to do your job well


Card Savers ONCA COMPUTERS $40 per hour at my home. For onsite calls a one-time call out fee may apply.

care to the elderly?

If the following is important to you…..

Applications close 12pm midday 23rd October 2019


CALLING GREAT HEALTHCARE ASSISTANTS Are you a kind person with a passion to provide quality

For Sale

I am a local Kapiti professional with over 30 years experience with Personal Computers.

Call Ralph at 04 298 1575 or 021 069 9131

Garage Sales

THRIFTY PLACE Kapiti Uniting Parish Raumati Church 10 Weka Road Tuesday 11am-4pm Wednesday 1-4pm Saturday 10am-12.30pm

Quality household goods, clothes

Remember us in your Will and leave a legacy of hope

Do you want your unique business services seen by over 40,000 Kapiti News readers from Paekakariki to South Manakau? A space could be yours! Contact Pat Cumming to be part of this popular weekly feature on

04 2985783

or email: pat.cumming@kapitinews.co.nz

Fixed-term - part-time - 30 hours per week We are looking for a savvy, self-starter with strong hospitality experience to join the Plunge Cafe team. If you are a super organised person who loves working in a team and have great customer service skills this could be the ideal job for you. To be successful in this role you will have the following: • Experience in hospitality roles including (but not limited to); food preparation, barista, customer service and cash handling • Effective interpersonal skills and communication skills • Excellent time management skills and the ability to work collaboratively and without supervision • The ability to multi-task and develop new skills • Experience in leading a small team to deliver a high level of product and service • A current and valid NZ driver’s licence

Legal &

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Hora Te Pai Health Services will be held at Ka-piti Health Centre Meeting Room 2, Warrimoo Street, Paraparaumu at 10am on Tuesday 19th November 2019.

Senior Cafe Assistant

Working for an organisation which is unashamedly, people centred Spending your time at work in a lovely environment ‘fit for purpose’

Then we can offer you:

You’ll need to have flexibility, the Plunge Cafe operates seven days per week, 364 days per year so the ability to work a roster is essential. Working for the Kāpiti Coast District Council means being part of a caring, dynamic and effective customer-focused team who make a positive difference in the community we serve. We offer a rewarding work environment and support for necessary training. If you’d like to be part of the team, contact us now. Enquiries about this position should be directed to, Daniel Long, Cafe Team Leader, on 04 296 4700 or free phone 0800 486 486. Applications close 12.00pm Tuesday, 15 October 2019. Further information about the position and application documents are published on our website at www.kapiticoast.govt.nz

Great working conditions, training and ongoing education Rostered and rotating shifts negotiated Excellent collegial support We would love to discuss options with you

Contact Kapiti Retirement Trust for a Job Description and Application Form Phone: 04 297 0116 • Email: office@retirekapiti.co.nz Address applications to: Kapiti Retirement Trust, Lodge Drive, Paraparaumu 5032.

Applications close 12 noon Monday 4 November 2019

PB 60601 Paraparaumu | Ph 0800 486 486 | Ext 04 296 4830 | www.kapiticoast.govt.nz

Please donate to help more Kiwis live a long and happy life.

SEVENOAKS LODGE wants Great Registered Nurses For more information, call

0800 53 00 00

Are you property prepared?


Older people maintaining their dignity and independence. Having the right equipment to do your job well. Working for an organisation that is unashamedly people centred. Spending your time in a lovely “fit for purpose” environment.

THEN WE CAN OFFER YOU: • Great working conditions and staff to resident ratios • Flexibility with the rostered and rotating shifts • Excellent collegial support and ongoing education Sevenoaks Lodge has 60 beds and provides aged care services at hospital level, stage 3 dementia, palliative and respite care.

WE HAVE TWO 0.8 ROLES ONE PERMANENT AND ONE TO COVER MATERNITY LEAVE Contact us now for a Job Description and Application Form Phone: 04 297 0116 Email: office@retirekapiti.co.nz

Find everything you need and more on OneRoof From thousands of in-depth listings, recent sales, suburb profiles, market data, property records, and much more – OneRoof equips you with all the information you need to settle on the right property.

Start your property search at OneRoof.co.nz

Address applications to: Rachel Mansfield Kapiti Retirement Trust Lodge Drive PARAPARAUMU 5032

Applications close 12 noon Thursday 31 October 2019



need it.


Installers of Amplimesh Security doors / Flyscreen doors (sliding & retractable) & Magnetic Window Flyscreens



EXCLUSIVE KOWHAI ROOFING AGENTS FOR PORIRUA & KAPITI • Roof Restoration & Coating • Re-Roofing Specialists • General Roof Repair • Roof Clean & Moss Kill • Gutter Replacement, Repair & Cleaning • GutterGuard Protection Gwil & Kelly Hughes 04 2985172 | 0800 KOWHAI

E: fixitroofingltd@yahoo.co.nz www.roofingcontractorswellington.co.nz



on T

A s s ee n

Shop Hours: 9am – 3pm Monday – Friday 19 Hamaria Road, Levin Landline - 06 368 7172 Mobile - 021 766 438 Email - office@tpmsecuretplus.co.nz

• Concrete/asphalt cutting • Core hole drilling • Floor sawing • Decorative cutting • Hand sawing soft cut • Demolition

Call Chris 0800 568 558

Mobile 021 123 5973 Ph 06 367 3866 Email: rogerkusabs@gmail.com

Roger Kusabs FREE QUOTE

info@kapitiremovals.co.nz 21 Birmingham St, Paraparaumu www.kapitiremovals.co.nz


Heat pumps Air conditioning


Refrigeration Ventilation



Call for a free quote

04 297 9437 lawnmowingkapiti@gmail.com


The Mower Shop Waikanae for all things mower, and mower related

18 Omahi Street, Waikanae 04 293 33 36 | www.mowers.co.nz


For A Free Quote ring Scott 021 0245 3777 or email info@themossboss.co.nz


021 073 5955

PAINTER For all your

HOME CLEANING needs call for a free quote

Semi Retired lifetime member of the Master Painters Association looking for small to medium sized work in the Kapiti area.

04 297 9437

Phone Brian on 0277843568 or Christine on 0273881523


ROOFING DTM ROOFING LTD Specialists in new roofing, re-roofing and repairs

For a free measure and quote Ph Terry Morgan 027 5361584 after hours 04 2987433 Email: dtmroofingnz@gmail.com www.dtmroofingnz.co.nz

• For all your landscape & property needs • Pensioner rates • Free site visits • Free Quotes

All enquiries 027 457 2820 All work rk guaranteed nt d

Expert home loan advice Choice of banks and lenders Save time and money Protect your assets and income

0800 000 517 • popeandco.nz

Myth #4

ready when you are

SERVICE, SALES, REPAIRS Mowers, Chainsaws, Outdoor Power Equipment


Specialised Repair • No Travel Charge


(04) 298 5888


Phone Sam Whitt NOW


Call Catherine or Sue

022 1544774

RANCHSLIDER: Wheels & Locks TRACKS REPAIRED WINDOW: Hinges replaced & new catches fitted KEYS: Cut LOCKS: Repaired or new locks fitted

Driveways • House & shed slabs • Exposed • Concrete cutting Pathways & Patios • Retaining Walls • Fencing • Mowing strips Cow sheds • Feed pads


• Local or long Distance • Secure Storage • Ladies packing service • Efficient & friendly staff



Forget Pointless Scrubbing! We can recolour and seal it better than new. - Grout cleaning and recolouring - Tile/Grout Sealing (New and Old) - Grout Replacement - Damaged Tile Replacement - Silicone Replacement - Shower Glass Restoration - Concrete cleaning and sealing - Garage Carpet - Garage Door Insulation


• Paint NOW Pay LATER!

• 5 year guarantee!

Nice Tiles? Ugly Grout?


sort it.

with interest FREE finance options available

Call us for all • Locks purchases and fitting – Commercial and residential • Have all your locks keyed to one key • All aluminium maintenance eg safety stays, window stays and latches • Sliding door rollers and handles • Safes

FREE QUOTES 04 902 7232 www.quarteracre.co.nz

find it.

New doors: standard and architectural Local manufacturer... ”Keepin’ it Kiwi” Doors for the Coast. 10 year warranty Doors need annual maintenance. Get onto our scheduled service plan. Stop those springs ricochetting around the garage. Keep them in place with The KISSR system. We are MERLIN PLUS agents

“I read it for the ads” said nobody ever Think again. 3 out of 4 local newspaper readers have purchased something they’ve seen advertised in their newspaper.* If you’re going to believe everything you read, make sure you’re reading a newspaper.

Kapiti Garage Doors

2979201 or 027 297 9201 kgd@paradise.net.nz www.kapitigaragedoors.co.nz



*Source: Nielsen CMI Fused Q1 15 – Q4 15 Jan 16 TV Online All people 15+ All Regionals

Not happy with your current property manager or managing your own property? Try out our services for


Property Management 0800 87 7368257



We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

Steinmetz Property Management Ltd T/A Tall Poppy Property Management.



Wednesday, October 9, 2019


e rise before dawn. Meeting in the Kenyan resort’s bar we guzzle rich black coffee and pastries before moving silently through the darkness to a nearby field. The giant shape of a semi-inflated hot air balloon is just visible in the half morning African light. A team of men are preparing the aircraft for a dawn flight over the Masai Mara plains. The flame roars and the bulging balloon takes shape, rising above us like a dark cloud. We take our places in the wicker basket and the pilot fires up the gas.

Flames blast above, intense heat bearing down upon our heads. The giant balloon, painted in the colours of the Kenyan flag, gently rises from the field and drifts silently over the Fig Tree Camp and nearby river, lifting above the plains as the first rays of golden sunlight flicker over the eastern horizon. Animals appear in the game park below. Sleek topi and Thomson’s gazelle with their razor-sharp horns forage for a morning feed. We spot elephants and their calves plodding across the plains in search of water, their bodies wobbling with each cumbersome step, tails swatting flies from their mud-caked backs. A pride of lions make their way to some unknown destination. These fearsome carnivores are the most dangerous killers in the Masai, weighing up to 250kg and able to bring down zebra and wildebeest twice their size. As the sun rises the balloon drifts across the park. A hippo appears beneath us, pacing across a field towards its river haven. These massive





Kenya Mara North Conservancy

animals can walk up to 15km a night in search of food before returning to the sanctuary of the water. Our guide tells us they are also the number one killer of humans in Africa, known to charge anyone who gets between them and the river. We see buffalo, giraffe, warthog and hyena below. Baboons scamper across tracks and zebras converge to graze in the morning sun After about an hour our pilot brings the balloon expertly down on the plains. The sun is higher and it is warming up. Jeeps arrive to collect the passengers and we are driven 30 minutes across the Masai to a champagne breakfast among the grasslands. A barman mixes bloody marys as we feast on omelettes, bacon, pastries and fruit. A freshly dug long drop toilet offers spectacular views across the park. It is a truly remarkable setting. I briefly ponder our proximity to the roving pride of lions and wish every day could begin like this.


● DETAILS: An eight-day Kenya Safari Experience small-group, National

Geographic Journeys with G Adventures’ tour is priced from $5059pp, including accommodation, most meals (allow US$100-130 for meals not included), a chief experience officer (CEO) throughout, transportation and most activities. Prices do not include flights. gadventures.com.au


FANTASTIC Loads of prizes on offer at Otaki Hammer Hardware’s Grand New Opening Otaki Hammer Hardware will be holding a Grand New Opening on Saturday 12th October from 10am until 2pm where they expect to give away loads of prizes over the space of the day.


The day will be a great one for families with local owners Erin and Conor Colbourne looking forward to seeing their locals come through the doors. The day of festivities is a chance to give something back to Otaki Hammer Hardware’s customers, who have borne with them for six weeks as they developed their brand new entrance.

Saturday 12th October from 10am to 2pm Free sausage sizzle, face-painting, games, over a hundred prizes to give away. Bring down the whole family and have a great time!

In addition to the prizes, there will be a free sausage sizzle (with onions) and face-painting for the kids, as well as card games, darts games, and lots of challenges to give children a sense of achievement and the chance to win. Some of the prizes include Judge three piece saucepan sets, Karcher Window Vacs, Resene M & Ms, and all purchases in store go into the draw to win a Weber Baby Q worth $500. There will be heaps of specials, including great value on Resene Paints, bargains on Number 8 Compost and Potting Mix as well as Tui Seed Raising Mix. To celebrate Hammer Hardware’s nationwide birthday, if you spend $35 or more in store with AA rewards, you automatically receive 15c per litre off for fuel, and

7 Titoki Street, Otaki 5512 Phone: 06 364 8389 Email: otaki@hammerhardware.co.nz Local Otaki Hammer Hardware owners Erin and Conor Colbourne standing next to the Weber Baby Q grand prize


you go in the draw to win $10,000.* Otaki Hammer Hardware is the only place in Kapiti where you can enter this draw.


Erin and Conor will be on site during the day, so head on down to Otaki Hammer Hardware, 7 Titoki Street Otaki, this Saturday from 10am to 2pm, around the corner from Riverbank Road.


*Promotion valid until 31 October 2019. T&Cs apply, visit hammerhardware.co.nz for more details. Fuel discounts valid for 30 days after purchase, see aasmartfuel.co.nz/terms.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

What are you driving? A 2008 olive green Hyundai Santa Fe 2.2R CRDi seven-seater. It’s automatic and has five doors. When did you buy it? In August 2018 from a dealer in Auckland. Is this your daily drive? Yes, to and from work and to the bach on weekends. What do you like about your Santa Fe? Its safety, power and towing/off-road capabilities. And how do you find its size? It is a great size with seven seats that can all be folded down to allow for carrying large items, surfboards/ fishing gear, etc. The car looks modest and doesn’t stand out on the road saying “look at me”. It has a great driving style. It holds the road well and this makes you feel safe on the open road. How does it suit your personality and lifestyle? It fits perfectly for both as it’s extremely robust, reliable and adaptable, plus for business I can fit 20 or more cartons of our coconut


Tough and resilient

HAMISH PILKINGTON IS OWNER AND FOUNDER OF CATHEDRAL COVE NATURALS HEALTH FOOD COMPANY. HE DRIVES A 2008 HYUNDAI SANTA FE AWD yoghurt or cereals to deliver urgently to retail stores that are out of stock. If you were to describe this car as a famous person? Bear Grylls; it’s tough, resilient and likes getting dirty!

What else is in your garage? A VW Tiguan. You have young children. How do you keep them happy on road trips? We try to play games like I Spy, O

& Xs or Hee Haw to overcome any boredom. But, on longer drives, we’ll use a movie to keep the peace, or the ultimate is to encourage the youngest to have a snooze. Favourite road trip in this vehicle? To Kawakawa Bay and then we went kayak fishing along the coast. How many cars have you owned? Seven, with the current Santa Fe being the best; and my first car a Mitsubishi Mirage 1989 1.5L auto being the worst back in 1995. It was gutless and it had a reversing chime — although it did have good speakers and a stereo that I had installed. I sold it when I left for my OE to London. Any cars you have regretted selling? Yes, an older Santa Fe AWD as it would’ve made a great farm and horse float towing vehicle. Next vehicle you intend buying? Most likely a hybrid or electric vehicle as I value the fuel efficiency aspect. Who kicked off your interest in cars? Auckland Transport, as I had no option than driving a car to get to


school sports. My father taught me to drive (as well as a driving instructor) and doing a defensive driving course is probably the only time I’ve been “on the track”. What’s your driving style? Safe and efficient. And I’ll always look to take the back road rather than sit in traffic. Dream car? A McLaren, just because of the connection with New Zealand and in honour of such a great Kiwi who succeeded at the highest level. What’s the fastest you’ve driven? Probably 150km/h in Italy, in 2009 driving a rental Renault Clio; I like to drive to the speed limit. Favourite movie car scene? From McLaren the movie: after Bruce McLaren had passed away, “The Bear” Denny Hulme wins the CanAm series “for Bruce” with bandaged hands from an accident in which his hands were burnt. — Donna McIntyre





1.5 litre turbo automatic, 2WD, ABS, 7 airbags, 18” alloys, air conditioning, stability & traction control, reversing camera & sensors with multi-around view monitor, front camera & sensors, keyless, cruise control, Bluetooth, lane departure warning, blind spot warning with lane change assist, rear cross traffic alert, forward collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, heads up display, leather heated seats, dual sunroof, automatic wipers and headlights, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, 5 star ANCAP safety rating, carpet mats, balance of new car warranty until 2021, beautiful top of the line model and so smart in white, only 4,900km

2.4 litre turbo diesel automatic, Super Select 4WD system, ABS, 7 airbags, air conditioning, cruise control, reversing camera, leather heated seats, keyless, automatic wipers and headlights, LED daytime running lights, Bluetooth, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, 5 star ANCAP safety rating, deck liner, mats, beautiful top of the line model, balance of new car warranty until 2021, only 8,882km

2.0 litre automatic, 2WD, ABS, 7 airbags, 18” alloys, air conditioning, stability & traction control, reversing camera, Bluetooth, cruise control, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, 5 star ANCAP safety rating, towbar & wiring, mats, balance of new car warranty until 2022, only 6,400km

1.5 litre turbo automatic, 2WD, ABS, 7 airbags, 18” alloys, air conditioning, stability & traction control, reversing camera, keyless, cruise control, Bluetooth, lane departure warning, forward collision mitigation, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, 5 star ANCAP safety rating, carpet mats, balance of new car warranty until 2021, very cool in black, only 4,450km

$33,990 DRIVE AWAY

$38,990 DRIVE AWAY

$24,990 DRIVE AWAY

$28,990 DRIVE AWAY





2.4 litre automatic, 7 seats, ABS, 7 airbags, 18” alloys, reversing camera & sensors with multi-around view monitor, front camera & sensors, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, climate air conditioning, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision mitigation, blind spot warning with lane change assist, rear cross traffic alert, keyless, leather heated seats, electric driver’s seat, automatic tailgate, sunroof, towbar & wiring, 5 star ANCAP safety rating, awesome top of the line model, only 8,300km

2.0 litre automatic with tiptronic, ABS, 7 airbags, stability & traction control, air conditioning, cruise control, Bluetooth, reversing camera, spoiler, carpet mats, towbar & wiring, balance of new car warranty until November 2020, full service history, excellent condition, only 26,000km

2.0 litre automatic with tiptronic, 2WD, ABS, 7 airbags, stability & traction control, air conditioning, cruise control, Bluetooth, reversing camera & sensors, no cambelt – chain driven, 96,000km

2.0 litre automatic, 2WD, ABS, 7 airbags, air conditioning, power steering, power windows, cruise control, stability & traction control, 5 star ANCAP safety rating, full service history within Mitsubishi dealer network, GREAT condition

$38,990 DRIVE AWAY

$18,990 DRIVE AWAY www.delaneyautomotive.co.nz

$17,990 DRIVE AWAY

$14,990 DRIVE AWAY



Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New M-badge unveiled ANDREW SLUYS

We care about YOUR safety We care about YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE Your vehicle partner


Professional, dedicated and trustworthy Auto repair professionals with 25 years experience MTA Assured Visit our website www.euroautoclinic.co.nz for more information 33b Hinemoa Street, Paraparaumu Email: euroautoclinicnz@gmail.com Ph: (04) 212-5500


We will donate 0.5% of your payment to your choice of our listed non-profit organisations Free pick-up and drop off service on the Kapiti Coast

Get into NZ’s Hardest g Working Range of Vehicl Vehi hi les.

They’re the two big BMW SUVs that shouldn’t be able to embarrass most modern-day sports cars, but have more than enough power to do so. Ahead of their official debut at this weekend’s DTM race at Hockenheim, BMW has pulled the covers off its X5 M and X6 M brutes. Sitting under the hood of both these bigbodied vehicles is BMW’s 4.4L M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine that pumps out an astonishing 441kW and a monstrous 750Nm of torque. This power plant is strapped to BMW’s eightspeed M Steptronic transmission, which sends power to all four wheels through an Active M differential. Thanks to this whopping power plant and drive train combination, these two SUVs can accelerate to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds, before topping out at an electronically limited 250km/h. If this is a little low for your liking, M Driver’s Package increases the top speed to 290km/h. Should you require more power for your daily commuting needs, BMW is also offering Competition variants of the X5 M and X6 M models. The engine in these two SUVs has been tuned to pump out a larger 460kW, but torque remains the same. To achieve handling that matches this straight-line performance, both models are equipped with adaptive suspension and active

Under the hood is BMW’s 4.4L M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine that delivers 441kW and roll stabilisation. In terms of braking, a highperformance six-piston caliper system with a 395mm disk sits up front, and a single caliper system sits at the back. Visually, the revised front and rear ends of the two SUVs have been aerodynamically designed, and two sleek mirrors sit either side. The four-tailpipe exhaust system is said to produce an “aural accompaniment that stirs the emotions”. Base X5 M and X6 M models come with standard 21in wheels at while Competition models have staggered wheels that measure 21in at the front, and 22in at the rear. Looking on the inside, the cabin mostly carries over from the X5 and X6, although a few special touches have been added. These include a leather-wrapped steering wheel, multifunction sports seats, and a carbon fibre shifter. New Zealand pricing and availability is yet to be announced, but we’ll keep you updated.



36 MONTH TERM G10, V80 AND T60 D/CAB RANGE *Conditions Apply.

*Finance offer availablee to approved applicants of UDC Finance Limited only and excludes all lease and fleet purchasers. Available on new w LDV G10, V80 and T60 models only. 1.9% P.A A. Interest fixed for the term of the loan. Loan terms of up to 36 months. No deposit required. $100 establishmentt fee, $10.35 PPSR fee, and Dealer origination fee of $250. The GST component of the loan (if any) is repayable in the third month of the loan. Lennding criteria, terms and conditions app ply to any UDC loan. Offer valid from 19 August 2019 to 31st October 2019. Units must be registered by 31st Occtober 2019. Offer cannot be used in connjunction with any other offer. LDV reserves the right to vary, withdraw or extend this offer. Any accessoriess shown are optional extras.

COME E AND SEE HOW HARD THE LDV RA RANGE ANGE CAN WOR WORK FOR YOU. With only 1.9% Finance cee over 36 months d NO DEPOSIT. We have Cargo Vans from $25,990 +GST & ORC and Double Cab Utes from $29,990 +G GST & ORC. and OF FFER ENDS 31ST OCT 201 019 1 OR WHILE STOCKS LA LAST. A

HUTT VALLEY LDV 2 Wakefield St, Alicetown, Lower Hutt.

Call 04 568 2151

Wednesday, October 9, 2019








• Petrol or Diesel Engines • Automatic or Manual • 2WD or 4WD • OutstandingTow Capacity • Full Rigid High Strength Frame • 5 Seats • Superb Safety Systems • Beautifully Appointed Interior Materials • 8 inch high-definition touchscreen supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto • plus a whole lot more | TEST DRIVE TODAY

SsangYong Rhino from

$25,990 $ +GST & ORC

Hutt Valley SsangYong | Phone: 04 568 2151 2 Wakefield Street, Lower Hutt


% 3 .9 FINA ANCE


There’s never been a better time to buy a new Honda. Right now you’ll get 3.9% finance on any new model and, you’ll enjoy very sharp prices across the range

$22,990 +ORC HR-V from $29,990 +ORC Civic from $32,990 +ORC CRV from $33,990 +ORC Jazz from


Kapiti Coast Honda 109 Rimu Road Paraparaumu phone (04) 298 5059


* Zero deposit with 3.9% fixed interest rate per annum on any new w Honda, maximum 36 month term, with establishment fee of $350, PPSR fee of $10.34 and monthly account fee of $4.00. Subject to Hon nda Fina anc cia al Servic ces le end ding g critteria a & appro ova al. Offe fffer exp pire es 30/11//19 9



Wednesday, October 9, 2019






2017 Toyota Vitz Yarris Hybrid 1.5 automatic

black pearl, 59,000kms, electric seats, cruise control, reverse camera, keyless entry push button start, electric rear hatch, Luxury motoring with amazing enonomy 5.5 litres per 100kms, AA certified and serviced

Latest Toyota hybrid technology, fitted with multi function steering wheel, stability control ,black pearl, 39,000kms, very hard to get these cars, amazing fuel consumption, AA certified and serviced


2012 Toyota Aqua automatic, Eco & EV driving mode, steering wheel controls, airbags, stability control, Japanese auction grade 4.5, 6 star fuel rating, AA serviced & complied





driving lights, stability control, cruise control, heated seats, reverse camera, solar panel in rear spoiler full body kit with driving lights, dash converted to English, grade 4.5 from Japan, NZ charge cable, AA certified and serviced


2012 BMW 116i Motorsport automatic Electric blue, 41,000kms, stability control, multi airbags, factory alloy wheels, keyless entry with push button start, auto stop, new run flat tyres fitted, immaculate example, AA certified and serviced







Very popular model at a reasonable price, remote locking, AA certified and serviced

fitted with Nissans hybrid cutting edge technology, 360 cameras parking sensors front and rear, lane assist, pre accident warning, smart key, cruise control, rare car


7 seats, dual sliding rear doors, factory alloy wheels, reverse camera, stability control, popular family wagon with loads of room, AA certified and serviced, just arrived


fitted with stability control, traction control, airbags, abs brakes, alloy wheels, recaro seats, keyless entry, AA certified and serviced


2014 Suzuki Swift GLB

2013 Nissan Note

1.4 5 speed, NZ new car,

1.2 pure drive, great economy,

only 53,000kms, front,

automatic, 5 door hatch back,

side and knee airbags,

keyless entry with push button start



2014 Suzuki Escudo X-Adventure 2.4 automatic

2009 Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6 automatic



2013 Nissan Lafesta 2.0 automatic




2017 Nissan Note E-Power Medalist


2009 Toyota Vitz RS automatic

2008 Honda CRV ZXI 2.4 automatic



2wd and 4wd option, 7 seats, pearl white, reverse camera, alloy wheels, stability control, airbags, AA certified and serviced,


AWD, pearl white, alloy wheels abs brakes, stability control, cruise control, reverse camera, AA certified and serviced


2008 Mitsubishi outlander 2.4 automatic

2014 Nissan Leaf X 100% Electric


Sample Photo

petrol/electric, automatic, latest shape, factory alloy wheels, only travelled 7,000kms, electric blue, stability control, smart key entry with push button start, AA certified and serviced



1.5 automatic, 2 door hatch, factory alloy wheels, abs brakes, traction control, cruise control, keyless entry, AA certified and serviced

2017 Suzuki Swift Hybrid

100% Electric



2010 Honda CR-Z Hybrid






2009 Toyota Harrier/ Lexus 3.3 E-Four Hybrid



remote locking with 2 keys supplied,

4WD hi and low, 5 door, heated front seats, stability control, cruise control, smart key entry, 18inch alloy wheels with new tyres fitted, 60,000kms, AA certified and serviced



2008 Honda CRV 2.4 AWD, automatic, popular model, 3 in stock,

abs brakes, air bags, stability control, keyless entry, just arrived, AA certified and serviced,



2009 Suzuki Swift 1.3 5 speed manual, only 12, 850 certified kms, like brand new, airbags, abs brakes, keyless entry, AA certified and serviced

super tidy car

Chris A/Hrs 0274 408 950 Kieren A/Hrs 021 450 386

20 Years Independently Owned & Operated