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Friday 16th March 2018


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Medal awarded to nurse By JANINE BAALBERGEN Levin nurse Gail Corbett is one of three New Zealand nurses who received the Florence Nightingale Medal, the highest international nursing award, from Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy on Tuesday night at Government House in Wellington. All three Red Cross nurses received the medal for their work in war zones and during the Ebola outbreak. Barbara Turnbull, of Dunedin, Gail Corbett, of Levin, and Guru Dev Singh, of Wellington have spent several years working in the world’s most complex and critical humanitarian crises. Gail Corbett has worked in Somalia, Gaza, Iraq and most recently in Afghanistan, where she established teaching programmes and worked to improve patient care. She has been praised for her “incredibly gutsy and difficult” work in Gaza, a Red Cross spokesperson said. Ms Corbett previously specialised as a neonatal nurse in New Zealand. She said she had very much enjoyed nursing in New Zealand but by 2010 decided she wanted to do something different and useful, using her nursing skills and experience. She currently works in Kandahar, Afghanistan. “I work on building capacity and strengthening services available in a 600-bed hospital,” she said. “The hospital cares for a lot of women giving birth, and a lot of children and then there’s the wound trauma care. The International Red Cross has been working there since 1996. The


GAIL Corbett (left) and Barbara Turnbull (right) in Afghanistan in 2012. PHOTOS: RED CROSS. LVN160318medal1

GAIL Corbett with her Florence Nightingale Medal shaking hands with Dame Patsy Reddy, New Zealand’s Governor General.

local health department is very stretched so they need our kind of help to keep the hospital open.” Gail trains local doctors,

nurses and ICUs. “The Red Cross has a very sound security system to keep us all safe, we talk a lot to the local

population and have local staff rather than armed guards. These people keep us informed of developments around us. We spend a lot of time talking, to ensure they population knows who we are and what we are doing. They give us lots of help in return.” “Skype is wonderful,” she said. “I ring my family regularly or they ring me.” She came home this week for a few days to receive her medal. She expects to remain Kandahar until the end of the year. Then there’ll

be time for a break, and time with family. “I usually have a few months off between assignments,” she said. For their work in tough places in 2017, 39 nurses from 22 countries have been awarded the Florence Nightingale Medal which was created at the international congress of Red Cross societies in London in 1907 and instituted in 1912. Since then 1483 medals have been awarded, two posthumously. Of those 31 went to New Zealanders.


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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, March 16, 2018

Teachers back union over shortage


MORE than 100 NZEI members attended a meeting at Levin East School to support their union’s coming pay negotiations. PHOTO: DARRYL BUTLER


ore than 100 primary school teachers gathered at Levin East School on Wednesday afternoon to throw their weight behind the New Zealand Educational Institute’s It’s time/Kua tae te wa campaign, which demands government action on the

growing crisis in recruiting and retaining teachers. NZEI, New Zealand’s largest education trade union, said fewer and fewer people choose teaching as a career path and many teachers are leaving the profession for other careers. Classes are getting bigger and the time teachers spend

actually teaching is shrinking. NZEI members are campaigning for a salary increase of 16 per cent over two years. They also want funding for special needs learning. The union’s members agree that a major pay jolt is needed to both recruit and retain staff. Liam Rutherford, leader of

the union negotiating team, said more needs to be done to attract and retain teachers. “It is a problem all over the country, but Horowhenua schools in particular find it hard to get relievers for teachers who are sick, for example. The number of job applicants is also very small

here, making it hard to find the right fit between teacher and school. Our members voted overwhelmingly in favour of our claims we are taking to the negotiating table.” Members also said they would take their plight to the parents and the wider community. Levin East School principal Rikki Sheterline said teachers have had enough. “There has been some progress over the years, but we need teaching to be recognised as a profession.” To him that means defining clear career paths for teachers, a significant pay jolt for all of them and allowing for more time in front of students rather than work on administration. “The amount of time spend on administration is really an issue for our team.” Other problems include funding for special needs learning. He says support is very hard to get for those students with learning needs. “That has a significant impact on the children themselves. Fixing this is very significant for us as teachers.” Sheterline said all teachers at the meeting are on board with the campaign. On June 22 another meeting will be held at Levin East School to report on progress.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Horowhenua Chronicle


Bunny owners urged to vaccinate pets A new strain of virus that could decrease the number of rabbits in New Zealand by up to 30 per cent has been approved and is due for imminent release. The virus, called RHDV1-K5, is a Korean strain of the lethal calicivirus already present in New Zealand that kills rabbits. The SPCA is now urging pet rabbit owners to ensure vaccinations are up to date, with nationwide release of the disease set for this month and next. The organisation opposed the introduction of the virus, due to what it called significant suffering and distress caused to affected animals. “Our organisation advocates for the use of more humane methods where rabbit population control is necessary. We are disappointed that this new virus strain will be released in New Zealand, despite the suffering it will cause affected rabbits and the potential risk to companion rabbits,” said SPCA Chief Scientific Officer Dr Arnja Dale. The organisation says the RHDV virus causes a haemorrhagic disease with a high mortality rate. Susceptible wild and pet rabbits can be infected if exposed to the virus, which is spread by insect vectors, such as flies, and by direct contact between an infected rabbit (dead or alive) and a susceptible rabbit. The SPCA claims that in welfare assessments, the level of suffering of rabbits affected by RHDV is reported to be “moderate to severe,” and the time taken for the rabbit to lose consciousness and die can be prolonged. A media release stated rabbits may have fever, loss of appetite, lethargy, fatigue, convulsions, signs of suffocation, opisthotonus (a condition in which the body is held in an abnormal posture with the body rigid, the head thrown backward, and a severely arched back), sudden crying, haemorrhaging, and uncoordinated movements or

Tips for rabbit owners

PET rabbit owners are being urged to vaccinate their animals due to the pending release of a new rabbitkilling virus. paddling of the limbs. However, infected rabbits may show no external signs of disease but suddenly die from organ failure within 12 to 36 hours of the onset of infection. “A large number of pets could be at risk so we are urging all rabbit owners to contact their veterinarian immediately for upto-date advice on how to protect their rabbit from the new strain of this deadly virus,” said Dr Dale. Dr Janine Duckworth, leader of Landcare Research’s rabbit

biocontrol initiative, said last year the virus could help farmers slash the number of rabbits by up to 30 per cent and that rabbit damage costs the agricultural industry tens of millions of dollars in control and lost production each year. Duckworth said K5 had undergone thorough testing in Australia prior to release here, and that the K5 strain would be a boost to rabbit control by killing some of the rabbits now immune to rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD), which was first illegally

imported in 1997. She said the new strain would provide farmers with a more cost-effective and efficient solution. This should make follow-up with conventional trapping, shooting and dogs more effective and worthwhile too, Dr Duckworth said. However, K5 wouldn’t be a “silver bullet” to New Zealand’s rabbit problem. A vaccine is available for owners of domestic rabbits to protect their pets, but immunity is usually not acquired until 21 days after vaccination.

* Contact your veterinarian for up-todate advice about the best way to protect your rabbit from the virus. You should have your rabbits vaccinated or make sure they are up to date with their vaccinations. This should be done urgently because the virus may be released as early as late March, leaving little time to get rabbits vaccinated and develop immunity. * Prevent indirect and direct contact between domestic and wild rabbits. * Avoid cutting grass and feeding it to rabbits if there is the risk of contamination from wild rabbits. Also be careful of fresh vegetables as some may be grown in areas contaminated with RHDV. * If you are in contact with rabbits other than your own, wash your hands with warm soapy water between handling rabbits. * Good insect control is also important and will help reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. Insect control could include insect-proofing your rabbit’s enclosure or keeping your rabbit indoors. * Clean anything that rabbits come into contact with by using 10 per cent bleach, 10 per cent sodium hydroxide, or Virkon (available from your local vet).

Identify your target beyond all doubt before you shoot Positively identify your target, or it could be your mate you shoot, says Joe Green, Chairman of the Firearms Safety Council Aotearoa New Zealand, as the deer hunting roar approaches. On average one deer hunter is killed each year when one hunter shoots another. Failure to identify the target is a primary factor says Mr Green.

“Identifying your target beyond all doubt is one of the seven basic rules of safe firearms handling and should be second nature to all hunters. Hunters should sight the head, neck and shoulder of the animal all at the same time, or at least sufficient of the animal to confirm target identification. “No shooter should ever fire at

shape, colour, movement or sound. Beware — under certain circumstances the brain can trick the eyes. Assume any shape, colour, movement or sound is a human until you can prove otherwise,” says Mr Green. Wearing coloured clothing that contrasts with the environment, including deer, can help you be seen by other hunters.

Legal Executives: Tom Montague Ann Thomas Roger Downey Daniel O’Neill Viv Sanson Tara Jackson Errol Macdonald (Notary Public)

Ultimately, the responsibility of target identification lies solely with the shooter. In most of the incidents the shooter and victim were in the same hunting party and they deliberately separated, which began a series of factors leading to tragedy. “You and your hunting companions should stay

together,” says Mr Green. If you do separate, stop hunting until you regain visual contact. “Take special care during the roar, comply with the seven basic rules of firearms safety, make sure you positively identify your target beyond all doubt and if you are hunting with a companion stay together.


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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, March 16, 2018


THE Salty Hearts will perform for St Patrick’s Day at Levin Cosmopolitan Club tomorrow night. (L-R) Anje Glindemann, Richard Guerin, Simon Burgess, Dave Allen and Greg Sayer.

Going a bit Irish for St Patrick’s day at Cosmopolitan Club Levin Cossie Club will be getting into the spirit of St Patrick’s Day tomorrow when The Salty Hearts bring their lively and entertaining style of live music to town. The group, from Horowhenua and Kapiti, describe themselves as “a collaborative labour of love”. Drummer and singer Anje Glindemann said the band plays its own music as well as performing versions of favourite tracks. “We are a band that plays our own music and cover songs that we have always wanted to play, from our vast collective musical adventures,” she said. “We aim to entertain, mixing our voices and instruments harmoniously for your pleasure.”

The Salty Hearts will be joined tomorrow evening by local musician Simon Burgess, who will play some lively Irish tunes. Ms Glindemann said there would be “songs you know, a few Irish numbers and a few originals” in the mix. “A bit of dancing and a few ales will warm the cockles of your hearts,” she said. “The Salty Hearts will endeavour to entertain mightily.” There will be Irish meals available, along with prizes for the best fancy dress and some giveaway prizes. All are welcome to the event, both members and nonmembers. The Salty Hearts & Co, Levin Cosmopolitan Club, Saturday 17th March 7-11pm. No cover charge.

RSA to celebrate with Irish band

Be Great

Otaki’s RSA will celebrate St Patrick’s Day tomorrow from 5pm till late. An Irish band and Kapiti Irish dancers with a local pipe band will lighten up the night. There will be prizes for best

Saturday 14th April

Enter Now!


dressed patrons. An Irish meal will be served in the restaurant. Entry is free. For further details phone the club (06) 364-6221

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THE MUSIC OF SILENCE – Limited Sessions


(M) 118 mins Action/Adventure (Contains violence)

Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she finds herself on the island where her father disappeared.

Fri 1pm 3.30pm 6pm, Sat 1pm 3.30pm 6pm, Sun 1pm 3.30pm 6pm, Mon 1pm 3.30pm 6pm, Tues 1pm 3.30pm 6pm, Wed 1pm 3.30pm 6pm



(M) 111 mins Comedy/Drama/Romance (Contains offensive language, sexual references & drug use) On the eve of retirement a middle class, judgmental snob discovers her husband has been having an affair with her best friend and is forced into exile with her bohemian sister who lives on an impoverished inner-city council estate.


(R16) 107 mins Action/Crime/Drama (Contains graphic violence & offensive language) Dr. Paul Kersey is an experienced trauma surgeon, a man who has spent his life saving lives. After an attack on his family, Paul must embark on his own mission for justice. Starring Bruce Willis.

Fri 3.20pm 8.30pm, Sat 8.30pm, Sun 8.30pm, Mon 3.20pm 8.30pm, Tues 8.30pm, Wed 3.20pm 8.30pm



(R16) 107 mins Comedy (Contains violence, sexual references & offensive language)

Follows the Soviet dictator’s last days and depicts the chaos of the regime after his death.

Fri 12.50pm 3.10pm 5.50pm, Sat 3.10pm 5.50pm, Sun 3.10pm 5.50pm, Mon 12.50pm 3.10pm 5.50pm, Tues 5.50pm, Wed 12.50pm 3.10pm 5.50pm

Alcoholics Anonymous are content with their new home and their meetings continue on Tuesdays 12pm to 1pm. “Bring your lunch — we provide tea and coffee,” they said.

Australia, Thailand and the United Kingdom,” says Rhys Jones, Chair of the Wahine 50 Charitable Trust. On 10 April 1968, the Wahine hit Barrett Reef in Wellington harbour and the community sprang into action, taking to the harbour, and risking their lives to rescue people in the most appalling conditions. “On land too, the communities of

Fri 12.30pm 8.10pm, Sat 8.10pm, Sun 8.10pm, Mon 12.30pm 8.10pm, Tues 8.10pm, Wed 12.30pm 8.10pm


(M) 134 mins Action/Adventure/Sci-fi (Contains violence) After the events of Captain America: Civil War, King T'Challa returns home to the reclusive, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country's new leader.


Entrance is on the Bristol Street end of the building, near 32 Bristol Street and there is plenty of carparking right outside the front door. Phone AA on 368-5451, Contact Inc on 368-1195.

Eastbourne and Seatoun were galvanised into action,” says Rhys. “Hospital staff, police, ambulance staff and many more were also involved. “Thanks to this astonishing response, 683 passengers and crew survived.” To find out more about public events on April 10 around Eastbourne and Wellington:

(R16) 140 mins Mystery/Thriller (Contains graphic violence, sexual violence, rape, cruelty & offensive language) A young Russian intelligence officer is assigned to seduce a first-tour CIA agent who handles the CIA's most sensitive penetration of Russian intelligence.

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Wahine survivors meeting to mark disaster’s 50th Nearly 70 survivors of New Zealand’s worst shipwreck in modern times, as well as family members of the 53 who died, have registered to attend the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Wahine disaster in Wellington on Tuesday, 10 April. “They, along with rescuers and those involved in the disaster relief, are coming from across the country, from

Fri 10.30am, Sat 10.30am, Sun 10.30am, Mon 10.30am, Wed 10.30am

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(PG) 115 mins Biography Born with a serious eye condition that eventually leads to his blindness, THE MUSIC OF SILENCE is the incredible life story of superstar singer Andrea Bocelli.

(PG) 105 mins Animation/Adventure/Comedy Aspiring musician Miguel, confronted with his family's ancestral ban on music, enters the Land of the Dead to work out the mystery.

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Set in 1950’s London, Reynolds Woodcock is a renowned dressmaker whose fastidious life is disrupted by a young, strong-willed woman, Alma, who becomes his muse and lover.


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Bring Baby Too Wed Sorry no session this week 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin. Ph 366 0330 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin. Ph 366 0330

10.10am Finding Your Feet (M)


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, March 16, 2018

Keeping their blues music live outdoors

Oxford St, Levin (06) 368 2571

Wellington-based Laura Collins and her Back Porch Blues Band will be keeping the blues live on the lawn at the Winemaker’s Daughter on Sunday. Laura makes use of her high energy, cheek and vocal strength to lead and celebrate her band, — giving all the members licence to shine. Wayne Mason, the master of boogie, burns it up on the keyboard and adds his well-known voice to the vocal mix, and John O’Connor, is on soulful lead guitar. The rhythm section brings a warm acoustic volume, with George Barris on upright bass and Peter Cogswell on the ‘back porch’ drums. The audience can expect to be out of their seats, because this band just swings. They will likely hear a little Fats Domino, Beth Hart, Bonnie Raitt, Nina Simone, John Lee Hooker, some of Laura’s own and others she can put her stamp on, all with their roots in the blues. This band is a combination of ‘old hands’ who have been making music a long time, revelling in the playing. A night out with Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band is a joyful

celebration of keeping the music live. ■ Laura Collins and the Back Porch Blues Band, Winemaker’s Daughter, 1081 SH1, Te Horo, Sunday 18th March, 2018, show from 4pm, $20 on the door. Gig will be outdoors but under cover so will be on in all weather. Book a table by contacting the Winemaker’s Daughter on 06 364-3665.

FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE P: 06 368 6067 F: 06 368 6077 A: 328 Oxford Street, Levin 5510 E:

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Join Slamrock Brawl for St Patrick’s day ola C a Coc litres 2.25

r 2 fo




LEVIN Whenua Fatales roller skaters are celebrating St Paddy’s day with a Slamrock Brawl at the Horowhenua Events Centre at the AP&I Showgrounds, 31 Victoria Street, Levin. This live roller derby between the Whenua Fatales and the Badda Bings from Palmerston North starts at 1pm and is the team’s first game for the season. Entry by gold coin, under 12s free.

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Pest of the Month — wasps

-<,A &J 28% D,L3 +J ?$ 0E!>;6$CE& BJC7 Sadly, children can get sick or injured at any time. That is why it is so important for New Zealand to have a hospital with state-of-the-art equipment and expert clinicians to provide the best healthcare in the world for all New Zealand children. Become a Starship Guardian Angel today with a gift in your Will. Together, we can lift children’s spirits, and transform and save lives.

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A common wasp nest. By BRENT PAGE In the Horowhenua we have many native wasp species, none of which cause us concerns. Three accidently introduced species, however, are classified as pests and can become a real nuisance. One species, Polistes chinensis (common name: Chinese paper wasp) is located predominantly in our coastal beach communities. They form small nests on the outsides of buildings, more specifically under eaves, but may also be


A Chinese paper wasp nest. found in trees and bushes amid gardens. Chancing upon a nest risks a painful sting. The two most noteworthy wasp species are Vespula germanica (German wasp) and Vespula vulgaris (European wasp, sometimes known as common wasp). Their commonality is their characteristic black and yellow stripes. Identification is achieved from the distinguishing marks on their abdomens. German wasps have black bands with separate black dots, whereas European wasps have broader black bands which merge with black dots. Both German and European wasp

species tend to use houses and gardens for nest building sites. Each will nest in holes in the soil, however, a significant proportion of nests are found in wall cavities, under eaves and subfloors or in attics. If you think there is a nest close by, locate it by searching on a sunny day, at dawn. This is when the low light angles will highlight the flight path of wasps as they leave the nest. Nests are constructed from chewed plant fibres, mixed with saliva. They are designed for an optimal internal temperature of approximately 32°C and so are often well insulated with thick papery envelopes to prevent heat from escaping. In our mild climate some colonies can survive the winter, especially those sheltered in the attics of houses. More often, only the queen wasps survive, by hibernating over the winter. If you locate a nest, there are a few things you can do to minimise the risk of being stung. Avoidance is best; stay away. If you have to approach a nest, do it from the side and avoid the main flight path. When approaching a nest, any attack will be face on. Guard wasps are located at nest entrances or on the outside of the nest and will release a pheromone. This will excite the wasps from within the nest into attacking. Wasps returning from the field will not be interested in attacking you. If you approach a nest at night time, use a torch with a red-light source rather than a whitelight source, as wasps will become fixated on and follow white-light beams. Brent Page is a Horowhenua entomologist and Director of Nature’s Way Pest Control. For more information, visit




Friday, March 16, 2018

Horowhenua Chronicle



Students benefit from Loves Me Not programme By BRUCE McINTYRE Principal On Tuesday our year 12 students took part in a one-day Loves Me Not workshop at Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom. The day was run by the Police and staff from Manawatu¯ College. Loves Me Not is based on building safe and positive relationships free from abuse. It is supported by the Sophie Elliot foundation, It’s not OK campaign and New Zealand Police. Loves Me Not aims to: • assist schools that are seeking to support student well-being through a whole-school approach. • encourage and empower young people to absolutely reject abuse in relationships. • encourage young people to be safe and active bystanders who take action against unhealthy relationships. • encourage young people to take a stand against myths in society that perpetuate relationship violence. • help young people know who they can go to in their community to seek advice and support if they need it as either victims or perpetrators. • encourage young people to contribute to or create a wider community response to encourage others to accept only healthy relationships. Key messages of Loves Me Not are: • Abuse is never OK in our school or with our students.



THE 2018 Horowhenua-Kapiti Senior Girls Sevens Champions: Manawatu¯ College. Standing (from left): Trinity Richards, Cruz Graham, Ani Karanga-Puhi, Wera Edmonds-Taiaroa, Saryah Chambers. Kneeling: Kyla Tarei, Tayla Kuiti, Myellah Harvey, Summah Chambers. The girls are in the Horowhenua-Kapiti representative uniform because originally the team was going to be a composite with three girls from another college making up the Barbarians, but Manawatu¯ College was able to produce a full squad on the day. • I can recognise signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. • As a bystander I can recognise the signs of an unhealthy relationship. • As a bystander I can take action when I recognise signs of an unhealthy relationship. • Only “yes” means “yes” for

consenting to sexual acts. • I have to be aware of the other person’s state when asking for consent to sex and/or sexual acts. • I can speak up and get help for others. • It’s not OK to be abusive in a relationship.


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30 UP TO


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morning daily fitness and conditioning programme running this year. The Under 15 Boys beat Horowhenua College 28-7 in their final. Our Senior Girls beat Kapiti College 12-7, in the Open Girls final, and the Manawatu¯ College Senior Boys beat Paraparaumu College 36-7 in the Open Boys final. Thanks to HorowhenuaKapiti Rugby Union for organising such a well-run day. Roll on the Super 6 Rugby tournament, which starts later this month.

Public meeting



• It’s OK to ask for help. I am encouraged to hear of the positive impact this workshop has had on our year 12s, which will help our students to be more thoughtful in their relationships as they head into adulthood. Manawatu ¯ College Sevens teams success On Wednesday we fielded three teams in the HorowhenuaKapiti Secondary Schools Sevens Tournament which was played at Playford Park, Levin. The three teams went on to win their finals due largely to the positive impact of the early

Horowhenua District Residents & Ratepayers Association Inc.



¯ College won the Open Boys Horowhenua-Kapiti MANAWATU Sevens Championships after defeating Paraparaumu College 36-7 in Wednesday afternoon’s final. Standing from left: Pa James (cocoach), Elian Mohi-Henare, Taylor Gautusa, Joshua Rauhihi (nonplaying squad member), Isaac Laracy, Garhen Kimhiong, Danien Bryant, Edward Winiana, Pa Nathan (co-coach). Kneeling: Jay Jay Hailwood, Shae Gray, Toroa Rapana, Harry Mehana and Caleb O’Reilly.

Update on the Proposed Highway & Discussion on submissions coming up at our Council

Sunday 18th March 3pm St Mary’s Church Hall Cnr Cambridge & Manchester St, Levin

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, March 16, 2018


FOXTON Property Brokers Limited Licensed REAA 2008

Cnr Main & Clyde Streets FOXTON Office 06 363 0022

Elegant, exclusive, exquisite

Stunned, gutted about Air NZ dropping flights By NATHAN GUY MP for Otaki


WEB ID FTU61068 FOXTON BEACH 9 Story Street VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 2.00 - 2.30pm Everyone's dream and your real opportunity to own this stunning brand new beach home. The sun drenched open plan living area has perfect lounge to lawn living and the kitchen is a chef's dream with the Lyn Vining Mobile 027 436 7596 large scullery. Three spacious bedrooms and an office. Office 06 363 0032 The master bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. Three car garaging and a large deck. This beautiful home needs to be viewed to appreciate all Lynsey Vining the extra features. This is elegant modern living at its Mobile 027 450 7698 best, a home of exceptional quality for the discerning Office 06 363 0036 buyer. Call Lyn or Lynsey now to view.


3 2 3

When I received a call from Air NZ Government relations official on Thursday night last week I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It went something like this — I’ve got some news that you won’t like hearing . . . The last flight to Auckland will be 3 April because of a lack of pilots. My response was what? Why? And where’s your forward planning? I was left stunned and gutted that the decision had been enacted so quickly with little time for the community to digest it — yet alone try and find an alternative carrier. I have fond memories of working constructively with the previous owner Sir Noel Robinson in 2010-2011 to try and secure Air NZ landing at Paraparaumu. The inaugural flight in October 2011 was a day of celebration and a game changer for the airport and our region. Flights to Auckland have proven popular with locals and the route is profitable. Patronage would have continued to grow because of rapid population growth helped by the construction of Kapiti Expressway and Transmission Gully Motorway. The thing that grates me the most is the sudden reduction of the service and there’s no way in just three weeks we can find an alternative airline. I would have thought before our

FOXTON RATEPAYERS WE WANT TO DISCUSS FLOODING AND DRAINAGE WITH YOU. Foxton township has historically been affected by flooding on a relatively regular basis primarily as a result of heavy rain over the town but exacerbated both by high groundwater levels and drain flows from the dune catchments east of the town. Those factors combined in June 2015 and again on a smaller scale, but with a relatively high frequency, in 2017. In order to address these issues Horizons has been working with Horowhenua District Council to identify what might provide relief for Foxton. As a result, we have a pipeline proposal to put forward to the community as part of consultation for our 2018-28 Long-term Plan. This proposal will have an impact on rates.

WHERE CAN I LEARN MORE? Your views on this proposal are important in assisting Horizons in making a decision on whether to make the changes proposed. Horizons is hosting a community meeting to discuss this and invite you to come along:

Thursday 22 March

6pm, Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom (Teal Room)

Further information can also be found at

I was left stunned and gutted that the decision had been enacted so quickly with little time for the community to digest it — yet alone try and find an alternative carrier.

national carrier made this short-sighted decision they would have invited community leaders and stakeholders together to work on some options and solutions. Instead that’s what I intend to do with key players like Kapiti Coast District Council, Air Chathams, Sounds Air, Todd Property Group and the Kapiti Chamber of Commerce. Hopefully we can come up with a solution — but we won’t have a service operating the day after Air NZ shafts our community and region. In the meantime please sign my petition online at to_auckland_flights or locally in most service stations in Kapiti. This sends a strong message to Air NZ we don’t like their decision and the least they could do is give us more time before the last flight departs on 3 April. I’m gutted.

FOXTON Property Brokers Limited Licensed REAA 2008

Cnr Main & Clyde Streets FOXTON Office 06 363 0022

A real memory maker


Open Homes - 1.00 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2.00pm 24th & 31st March 2018 Auction starts 6pm Thursday 5th April 2018 on site, Oxford Street, Levin (opposite Burger King) All profits raised are going to Te Hinaki Education Trust supporting Horowhenua children through learning. Please contact Murray for more info:

Murray Doreen M 027 490 4773 P 06 366 0662

WEB ID FTU60962 FOXTON BEACH 1 Linklater Avenue VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 1.00 - 1.30pm Beautifully presented beach home that provides the perfect setting for years of wonderful family memories. Your choice of 3 bedrooms or 2 living areas. The lovely patio area is perfect for morning Lyn Vining Mobile 027 436 7596 coffees or a relaxing evening wine. Overlooking a Office huge reserve where there is oodles of room for cricket 06 363 0032 games. The large backyard has plenty of room for tents, caravans and even a pony. The heat pump will Lynsey Vining keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Mobile 027 450 7698 The single garage provides plenty of room for the toys. Office 06 363 0036 Be quick and don't miss out.

BUYERS $280,000+

2+ 1 1

Property Brokers Ltd MREINZ Licensed REAA 2008 1 Bristol Street Levin


1 Bristol Street Levin Office 06 366 0880

Property Brokers Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

Stylish living

Blank canvas


WEB ID LU60803 LEVIN View By Appointment 341A Oxford Street DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 22nd March, 2018 at Back section with existing garage, close to town. Mountain views, fully fenced with level access, nestled 4.00pm behind established homes. With no covenants you can build or relocate your dream home here. Enquire today.


Murray Doreen

Mobile 027 490 4773 Office 06 366 0662

WEB ID LU60132 LEVIN 7a Dudley Street VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 12.00 - 12.30pm Tucked away on a rear section in the sought after north west side of town, this immaculate two bedroom home is as close as you will get to apartment living. The home is like brand new, decorated in a neutral palette and capturing all day sun, no large power bills here. Welcoming, bright, light and a manageable section, this home is a must to view whether your starting out or slowing down.

BUYERS $319,000+

Adriana Wilton

Mobile 029 776 6902 Office 06 366 0664

2 1 1


1 Bristol Street Levin 06 366 0880

Property Brokers Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

Vendors have bought elsewhere

OPEN HOME LEVIN 65 Salisbury Street

WEB ID LU61044

This unique property must be sold! Situated within walking distance to town and schools, and is in the popular north west sector of Levin. The home offers modern decor, three bedrooms, two toilets, new kitchen and carpet. There is gas heating, hot water and cooking. The back yard is fully fenced and private. There is a single garage. Its all been done here, all you need to do is just move in and relax. BEO $365,000. Deadline sale 29 Mar 2018.


VIEW 17 & 18 Mar 1.00 - 1.30pm DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 29th March, 2018 at 3.00pm, (unless sold prior)

3 Clive Williams

Mobile 027 240 9265 Office 06 366 1081

1 1

Highbury Heights

OPEN HOME LEVIN 34 Highbury Drive

With a desirable north east address this warm sunny home has just been freshly decorated including new carpet, ready for you to move in. The spacious lounge opens out onto a north facing covered patio where you can relax. There are two large double bedrooms with built-in storage and a single bedroom. Gas heating and insulation top and bottom will keep you comfortable all year round. The back yard is fully fenced and private, ideal for a growing family to play. The double garage is

WEB ID LU60808 huge with a high stud and ample room for your workshop and hobbies. If you are looking for a family home in a great location close to schools, call me now to view. Deadline sale - buyer enquiry over $349,000.


VIEW 17 & 18 Mar 2.00 - 2.30pm DEADLINE SALE closes Wednesday 28th March, 2018 at 4.00pm

3 Clive Williams

Mobile 027 240 9265 Office 06 366 1081

1 2


1 Bristol Street Levin 06 366 0880

Property Brokers Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

As you like it

Iconic landmark

Family space

Your search is over

OPEN HOME $495,000 WEB ID LU61016 LEVIN 136B Cambridge Street Create a home as you would like it. The 2 builder is ready to start on a quality 160m2 stand-alone three bedroom town-house sited for sun on a level, slightly elevated 2 section. Comfortable and practical, this home has a generous kitchen, lounge, dining family hub. Full family bathroom and ensuite. View By Appointment Murray Doreen 027 490 4773

Rural outlook

$1,250,000 WEB ID LL60642 LEVIN 213 Hokio Beach Road Buy a piece of Horowhenua history. 4 Formerly known as "The Gables" and set on 7.9065ha, the attractive 330m2 Peter Artz homestead is currently operating as a 2 thoroughbred agistment property. With unique and exceptional features there is real potential to become more than an amazing 3 family home. View By Appointment Murray Doreen 027 490 4773

Townhouse or home

$345,000 WEB ID LU60589 LEVIN 4 Bowen Street Fantastic fenced backyard with plenty of 3 space for the kids to run around. Great location with college, kindy and primary school just down the road. A solidly built 1 1950's brick home with three bedrooms, a separate kitchen, dining and lounge. The home is fully insulated top and bottom. 1 View By Appointment

Debby Turner 021 617 482

Owner on the move

BUYERS $293,000+ WEB ID LU60255 LEVIN 42 York Street Trying to find a two or three bedroom home 2 close to town has not been easy for many lately. Well here it is, so do not procrastinate. This 1 elevated 1980s dwelling with floor area of 163m2 in popular locality is a must to view. Featuring two lounges, compact kitchen 1 with walk in pantry/laundry. VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 1.00 - 1.30pm Margrit Searle 027 455 7706

Sought after Easton Way!

OPEN HOME DEADLINE SALE WEB ID LL60855 LEVIN 140 State Highway 1 Yet so close to town. This delightful two 4 storey, character home situated on an 8093m2 section has all the ingredients for a large family who wish to live the 'good life' 1 on the land, together with chickens, a pony, plus all the family pets. View By Appointment DEADLINE SALE closes Wednesday 21st March, 2018 at 4.00pm Margrit Searle 027 455 7706


$485,000 WEB ID LU60112 LEVIN 33 Easton Way Don't miss the opportunity to own this 2 fabulous home. Zoned for North East and Fairfield Schools this two bedroom home is constructed from low maintenance brick 2 and tile. Open plan living, fantastic kitchen with lots of storage. The lounge flows out to a private area. 2 VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 1.45 - 2.15pm Debby Turner 021 617 482

Out of the box!

Great family home


BUYERS $495,000+ WEB ID LU59945 LEVIN 4 Claremont Rise Here is a fabulous opportunity to live in one 3 of Levin's most elite areas. From the moment you step through the front door onto the tiled entrance you will feel right at 2 home. The kitchen offers stainless steel appliances and forms part of the open plan dining area which opens to an amazing 2 deck View By Appointment Debby Turner 021 617 482

Prime location


$375,000 WEB ID LU59328 LEVIN 7 Regal Street If you are looking for a special home then 3 look no further. Architecturally designed you will love the open plan formal lounge and dining room with doors out to a north 2 facing private courtyard. The kitchen has a double oven and induction cooktop. There is an additional family room 2

$339,000 WEB ID LU58648 LEVIN 11 Chester Street A great opportunity to purchase in 4 prestigious Chester Street. Do the work and be rewarded with this fabulous home. You will love the beautiful timber floors, big 1 open plan formal dining and living room that bask in the afternoon sun. The kitchen is a great size and has a double oven. 2

Adriana Wilton 029 776 6902

Adriana Wilton 029 776 6902

VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 2.00 - 2.30pm

Sun, space, style!

View By Appointment

Another great buy

$325,000 WEB ID LU60561 LEVIN 73 Queen Street Enjoy easy living in this two bedroom 2 Homestead built home. Neatly presented with a spacious open plan kitchen, dining and lounge. Built to capture the sun so you 1 can come home to a warm sunny house. Single garage with internal access and small manageable grounds. Leave the car and 1 walk to town! VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 12.00 - 12.30pm Debby Turner 021 617 482

Shannon has the SPACE

OPEN HOME BUYERS $389,000+ WEB ID LU60602 LEVIN 76 Queen Street Call me today if you want to achieve the 4 same result for your property.

2 1 Adriana Wilton 029 776 6902

BUYERS $199,000+ WEB ID LU60139 SHANNON 31 Grey Street Come and put your finishing touches on this 3 one. Do you need three bedrooms for the family, open plan lounge, dining and kitchen for easy living? Would you like a 1 covered in back door step to house everyone's winter gear, a garage for the car and a wood fire with the convenience of a 1 heat pump? View By Appointment Tamara Bal 027 356 9028

BUYERS $260,000+ WEB ID LU60196 SHANNON 19 Churchill Crescent Welcome to 19 Churchill Crescent. This 2 home has enough room for a growing family with two bedrooms and an office in the house and the bonus of a three room 1 sleepout! The bathroom has been updated, along with the open plan kitchen. The lounge has ample space for family living, a 1 great wood burner. VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 10.00 - 10.30am Tamara Bal 027 356 9028

$595,000 WEB ID LU59892 LEVIN 50 Easton Way A Mediterranean inspired courtyard is the 4 perfect entrance to this magnificent property. Featuring three bedrooms plus office, ensuite, walk in robe, sunny living 2 areas spread over a generous 259m2 of living space, including a great sized double garage. 2 View By Appointment

Adriana Wilton 029 776 6902

A place to call home

NEW LISTING BY NEGOTIATION WEB ID LU61065 LEVIN 164 Roslyn Road I am pleased to offer this beautifully 3 presented 1950's home to the market. The home exudes a lovely welcoming feel from the moment you walk through the front 1 door with its light filled rooms and beautiful polished wooden floors. Featuring three generous size bedrooms, a wonderful 1 spacious kitchen VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 1.00 - 1.30pm Carroll Emmerson 027 4349 345

First home buyers look

OPEN HOME BUYERS $190,000+ WEB ID LU60976 SHANNON 46 Grey Street This property has the potential to become a 4 wonderful family home. With great bones, there are four double bedrooms, the living areas are open plan and the hot water is 1 infinity gas. The section is 1,012m2, providing plenty of room for the kids to run and play and there is a great double garage. 2 VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 11.30 - 12.00pm Tamara Bal 027 356 9028


1 Bristol Street Levin 06 366 0880

Property Brokers Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

Spic and span

Calling all investors



WEB ID LU60904 LEVIN 175 Queen Street West VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 12.00 - 12.30pm DEADLINE SALE closes Tuesday 20th March, 2018 at This freshly redecorated north-facing, three bedroom 4.00pm home has so much on offer. In a great location, this home is situated on a well fenced '1/4 acre' (1012m2) section which has been landscaped for easy care. This property has had a major revamp and redecoration throughout. It is freshly painted inside and out, has a new roof, and is insulated top and bottom. New bathroom with bath and shower, new carpet throughout, electrics, plumbing have been renewed, Margrit Searle the list goes on. The living area is open plan and both Mobile 027 455 7706 the front and back doors open out to decking which is Office 06 366 0661 great for entertaining.


3 1

WEB ID LU60940 LEVIN 183 Bath Street VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 2.00 - 2.30pm DEADLINE SALE closes Wednesday 28th March, 2018 at The vendors here are seeking an investor to purchase 4.00pm their beautifully maintained two bedroom home so they can stay there and rent it. Comprising open plan compact living. The carpets, decor and chattels are all in good condition. Heatpump, gas hot water. Bathroom with shower, 2 toilet, vanity and heated towel rail. Single garaging and adjoining workshop/hobby room. The rear of the section which is north-facing is fully 1 Margrit Searle fenced, is ideal for little ones and their pets.


Mobile 027 455 7706 Office 06 366 0661


Standing proud and tall


So close to town


WEB ID LL60680 MANAKAU 706 Kuku Beach Road VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 3.00 - 3.30pm Just steps from the beach where you have fishing, white baiting and surfing at your front door with the bonus of a rural outlook. The fabulous home is built for the larger family who like to entertain. The living areas plus bedrooms are more spacious than most. This two storeyed, brick and aluminium home has a super sized master suite upstairs, with walkin robe has amazing rural views. There is an office or nursery room adjoining this area and a supersized games room/library which Margrit Searle opens out to balcony. There are three other definite Mobile 027 455 7706 double bedrooms downstairs. Office 06 366 0661



4 2 1

WEB ID LU61062 LEVIN 68a Queen Street West VIEW Sunday 18 Mar 1.00 - 1.30pm DEADLINE SALE closes Wednesday 4th April, 2018 at Quiet and private, this two bedroom home has been beautifully and tastefully redecorated throughout, and 4.00pm is awaiting those seeking a low maintenance property with all the hard work already completed. Newly painted inside and out with new carpet and drapes, new bathroom and toilet, plus much more including new coloursteel roof, spouting, soakpit, hot water cylinder, vinyl flooring and oven. Warm, light and airy, situated on a 951m2 section with mature trees. There 2 Margrit Searle are idyllic areas for green fingered folks to create Mobile 027 455 7706 flower and vege gardens. Single garaging.


Office 06 366 0661


Friday, March 16, 2018

Horowhenua Chronicle


Rural Games hailed as best ever DUNK your mate was a huge hit with the children throughout the weekend.

Open Homes


Sunday 18th March 2018 Levin

By KARLA KARAITIANA More than 30,000 people flocked to Palmerston North’s The Square last weekend for the fourth annual Hilux New Zealand Rural Games. Hilux New Zealand Rural Games founder Steve Hollander says this year’s games were the best yet. “Every year this event grows from strength to strength. We’re now the largest event between Mystery Creek and Wellington,” said Mr Hollander. “We’re aware the weekend brought large numbers of people to Palmerston North with many local hotels full and the Plaza shopping mall having its biggest weekend since the New Year,” said Mr Hollander. “It was fabulous to see so many sporting and media stars in town for the event — it was a real chance for young people to see their heroes and get in and have a go themselves. “I also want to thank the

people of Palmerston North and Manawatu for their hospitality — everyone had a smile on their faces! Thank you.” Hollander said. New Zealand Rural Games trust chair Margaret Kouvelis said the weekend weather was nothing short of spectacular after a cool start on Friday. “It was so fantastic to see people of all ages trying out different things from tree climbing to digger driving to gumboot throwing. We are proud that our events are free. This is only possible for the generosity of our sponsors,” she said.

1.00-1.30 21 Salisbury St, Levin 4 Brms, 2 bathrooms, 2 modern kitchens $485,000 1.00-1.40 131 Cambridge St, Levin Close to town – you choose TENDER 1.30-2.00 6a Nikau St, Levin Charming 3 bedroom home BEO$287,000 1.30-2.00 1 Rugby St, Levin Freestanding townhouse, 2 bedrooms. Open plan living $360,000 1.45-2.15 74b Queen St, Levin 2 brm, subdividable, close to town Deadline $265,000 + 2.00-3.00 1 William St, Levin 3 bdrms, Open plan indoor/outdoor, subdividable BEO$320,000 2.15-2.45 17 Winchester St, Levin 3 bdrm character home, 892sqm section, big garage BEO$279,000 2.30-3.00 40 Karaka Cres, Levin 2 bedrooms brick unit, conservatory, deck BEO$260,000 2.30-3.00 2 Weld St, Levin Fab 3 bdrms, new kitchen & bathroom. Dble garage BEO$335,000

Rural 12.00-12.40 71 Bruce Rd, Levin 3 Bedrooms, 10acres BEO$499,000 1.00-2.00 116 Kawiu Rd, Levin Contemporary, 4 bedrooms, office,6198sqm section BEO$595,000 2.30-3.30 88 Wallace RD, Levin Rural retreat, stunning views, 5 acres BEO$585,000

Contact: (06) 367 9333


LEVIN $410,000

58 Read Street

12.00 – 12.45 pm

We Want This Baby Sold! 4 bedrooms Deadline

2 Middlesex Street

1.00 – 1.20pm

7 Konini Street

1.00 – 1.40pm

22 Clark Street

1.00 – 1.45pm

QUIT YOUR JOB! BEO $279,000 First Home Buyers $519,000

Country in Town. 4 bedrooms Deadline

24 George Street

1.30 – 1.50pm

47 Trafalgar Street

2.00 – 2.40pm

4 Fairfield Road

2.00 – 2.45pm

Gorgeous George! $329,000 Character Retreat BEO $470,000

Cnr Oxford & Queen Streets, Levin

A hard pick at the 360 Workwear Bill Tapley Cow Pat Throw with Federated Farmers.

Sunday 18th March 2018

4 Bedroom, Perfect Family Home


32 Oakland Lane

1.00 – 2.00pm

4 Bedroom Home, Complete privacy

Ph: (06) 368 8449

COMPETITORS prepare for the annual NZ Rural Highland Games Heavies TransTasman Competition.



Saturday 17th March

Thanks from the team All our members of the Winchester Wanderers’ Relay for Life Team wish to say a big thank you to Canvasland for the loan of the big gazebo for the weekend, sponsors Classic Apparel for printing onto our t-shirts, Ballentyne for holding the fashion parade and Focal Point Cinema for the film evening. Last, but not least you, the members of the public, who gave so generously buying raffle tickets, purchasing goods at the garage sale and giving donations. We thank you — thank you all. Without your help we would not succeed. Our team raised about $7300. The winner of the raffle’s first prize is number 438, second prize goes to ticket number 185. Thank you all from the team members. EDNA KELLY Levin

MANAKAU 706 Kuku Beach Road

65 Salisbury Street

Deadline Sale



34 Highbury Drive

Deadline Sale



Sunday 18th March

Property Management

73 Queen Street


12:00pm 12:30pm

175 Queen Street West

Deadline Sale

12:00pm 12:30pm

Quality Residential and Lifestyle Properties

7a Dudley Street

Buyers $319,000+

12:00pm 12:30pm

68a Queen Street West

Deadline Sale



164 Roslyn Road

By Negotiation



Urgently required

42 York Street

Buyers $293,000+



65 Salisbury Street

Deadline Sale



ph: 06 367 9471

33 Easton Way




7 Regal Street



34 Highbury Drive

Deadline Sale

2:00pm Independent Rental Experts available for free appraisals




SHANNON 19 Churchill Crescent

Buyers $260,000+

10:00am 10:30am

31 Grey Street

Buyers $199,000+

10:45am 11:15am

46 Grey Street

Buyers $190,000+

11:30am 12:00pm

38 Stout Street


12:15pm 12:45pm

FOXTON 4/20 Jenks Street









1 Linklater Avenue

Buyers $280,000+




89 Seabury Avenue










183 Bath Street

Deadline Sale



16A Linklater Avenue

59 Hokio Beach Road




9 Story Street


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, March 16, 2018


Raising berries is easy


aspberries are packed with vitamin C in addition to being high in antioxidants and dietary

fibre. Freshly picked raspberries are divine and they can be made into so many delicious dishes, such as cakes and muffins, ice cream and fruit salad. If you live in a cool or temperate climate, can devote some time to pruning and have a spare square metre or two in a sunny spot out in the garden they’re a great berry to grow at home. Autumn fruiting raspberry varieties like Heritage and Autumn Bliss will start flowering and setting their fruit in late summer and early to mid-autumn. Keep plants well fed with regular applications of a potassium rich plant food like Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Soluble Fertiliser. Just mix two spoonfuls in a 9L watering can and apply over the foliage and root zone. Canes on summer fruiting raspberries, such as Chilliwack and Chilcotin, that have borne fruit during summer can now be cut back to the ground. Only cut back canes that have fruited, leaving fresher canes to bear next year’s summer harvest.

Rosella Rosella is a type of hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) with a fleshy seed casing that tastes like a tart combination of raspberries and plums. It can be used to make cordial, jams, sauces and teas and is also a colourful addition to a glass of bubbly! Rosella is a fast growing annual shrub that grows to around 1.5m tall. It needs a warm, frost-free climate and will start producing fruit in early autumn. Rosella is available as small plants from nurseries or can also be

grown from seed. They make an attractive plant, having reddish leaves and yellow flowers, so they can be included as a decorative (and delicious!) annual in a garden bed. From spring to late summer feed rosella plants with potassium fortified Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Soluble Fertiliser to promote healthy foliage growth and lots of flowers, that will develop into tasty seed pods.

RASPBERRIES (above) and a rosella.

Fab flowers There are lots of fabulous flowers to sow and grow during autumn. You can never have too many flowers! Camellias are a wonderfully versatile and beautiful group of plants. They can be grown as a hedge or espaliered, used as a feature plant or grown in containers, and provide gorgeous colour during the cooler months of the year, particularly in shaded areas that can be challenging to add colour to. Sasanqua camellias are more sun hardy than japonica camellias and flower earlier, so growing several varieties of both sasanqua and japonica camellias can bring many months of flowers into the garden, from autumn to early spring. Colours range from white to pretty pastel pinks, reds and even yellow and there are also different flower types, including doubles, ruffled petals and single flowers with exposed stamens (which are adored by bees). As the cooler weather approaches, here are some tips to help keep your camellias looking fantastic: All camellias will love a feed at the beginning of autumn with the perfect partnership of Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food and Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food. Yates

Dynamic Lifter improves the soil with valuable organic matter and Yates Thrive Roses & Flowers Liquid Plant Food provides a potassium enriched nutrient boost to help promote healthy green leaf growth and lots of flowers. Watering camellias like moist (but well drained soil), so water camellias regularly to keep them hydrated. Potted camellias will require more frequent watering than in-ground camellias. Green thumb tip: If you’ve had problems with bud balling in the past (where buds form but go brown and don’t open), an application of liquid magnesium might help. Yates Leaf Greener

Magnesium Chelate is a concentrated source of fast acting magnesium that can help correct magnesium deficiency in camellias.

Spring bulbs Flowering bulbs like jonquils, hyacinths and freesias fill the air with fragrance during late winter and spring and tulips, daffodils and anemones can create swathes of gorgeous colour or brighten an outdoor area when grown in a pot. Whatever your favourite spring flowering bulb is, it’s time to start planning! A little preparation now will result in much healthier bulbs and a

gorgeous floral show. To create a fantastic display: * In a sunny location out in the garden, enrich the soil in the planting area with some Yates Thrive Natural Blood & Bone. It’s a rich source of organic matter that will help improve the structure of the soil, encourage earthworms and beneficial microorganisms and provide the newly planted bulbs with gentle, slow release organic nutrients to promote good early bulb growth. * For potted bulbs, choose a pot with good drainage holes and fill with a quality potting mix such as Yates Premium Potting Mix. When planting bulbs in a pot, they can be grown quite close together, which helps create a lovely dense look. * Follow the directions on the bulb pack as to how deep to plant the bulbs and ensure that you plant them the right way up! * Water the garden bed or pot after planting to help settle the soil or potting mix around the bulbs. * As soon as the first leaves emerge, feed the bulbs each week with a high potassium plant food such as Yates Thrive Flower & Fruit Soluble Fertiliser, which encourages healthy growth and helps promote future flowers. * Potted bulbs will need regular watering to ensure they have enough moisture.

The Greenery


Includes Citrus, Fruit, Native, Evergreen & Deciduous Trees It’s time to get planting trees now

1198 State Highway 1, Manakau 5573 [5.9km NORTH OF OTAKI ON SHI]

(06) 362 6977 • Open 7 days 9am-5pm

Friday, March 16, 2018

Horowhenua Chronicle

Rare books donated to NZ Library collection R are 15th Century books have been donated to National Library of New Zealand The collection, printed more than 500 years ago between 1472 and 1512 and valued at nearly $200,000 has been donated to the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington. The 20 books were bequeathed from the estate of John Barton (1931 — 2016), a book collector from New Plymouth, who named his collection the Dalberton Library. The books include works on theology, Latin classical texts, the lives of saints and astrology. One volume, a history of the world to the end of the 14th Century by Archbishop Antoninus of Florence (1389 — 1459) and printed in Lyon, France, is one of only eight known in the world. “We were delighted to receive this very generous offer and the library is privileged to accept these volumes into the national collection,” said Anthony Tedeschi, the Alexander Turnbull Library’s Curator Rare Books and Fine Printing. “These books are rare, particularly in Australasia. Four of the books were printed within 25 years of the Gutenberg Bible — the very first book printed in Europe using moveable type. Most of the books are the only copies of these specific editions in New Zealand.


A close-up of a book printed in 1483. Part of the collection of New Plymouth Book collector John Barton. They will be of particular interest to scholars and researchers of late medieval and early modern history. Some include handwritten notes by their early owners, offering us a window into the thinking of centuries-old readers,” Mr Tedeschi said. The Alexander Turnbull Library has a long history of collecting rare books, starting with the library’s founder and

namesake, Alexander Turnbull, almost 100 years ago. The books, to be known as the John Barton Collection, will be available for request from midJuly. LVN160318books1

ANTHONY Tedeschi, Curator Rare books and Fine printing at the National Library with some of John Barton’s book collection.





If you are travelling straight through a roundabout, give way to your right, drive through when it is safe to do so and then indicate left as you leave.

If you are turning left at a roundabout, signal left as you approach, give way to your right and then continue left when it is safe to do so.

If you are turning right at a roundabout, indicate right when you approach, give way to the right and then indicate left as you leave.

When using a roundabout to change direction, indicate right as you approach, give way to the right, continue around the roundabout ensuring that you are indicating right throughout the navigation, and then indicate left as you leave.

At small roundabouts it is not always possible to give a 3 second warning but it is courteous to give as much indication as you can.

For more information get in touch with our road safety coordinator on 0508 800 800.



Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, March 16, 2018


For all plumbing needs

Rocks for pots a boost for Sallies


MATT and Jade Coley in their distinctive white vans sporting big blue bubbles are usually noticed somewhere in Manawatu or Horowhenua. Matt has been in the plumbing trade for more than 25 years, starting Go With The Flow Levin Ltd almost 10 years ago. Specialising in bathroom and kitchen work and renovations, Matt can offer his customers all manner of plumbing and gas fitting renovation, repairs and maintenance services, including emergency work. Gas fitting includes LPG and natural gas infinity installations. Matt has no problem working at heights, is happy to repair roofing

and spouting, and is equally happy down at ground level to sort any blocked sewer or stormwater drain using CCTV and drain location devices to find the cause. Matt prides himself on giving his customers the personal touch. He believes in getting straight to the point, and that his honesty and workmanship is reflected in repeat business and referrals. In fact, Matt is sought after by many local and out of town landlords and property managers to fix their plumbing problems. It seems nothing is too

much trouble for Matt. “Focusing my whole work life on renovation and maintenance has taught me a lot. I don’t think there is any question I couldn’t answer in that field,” Matt said. “When people ring me for a job I answer the phone and they can talk to me. I believe in the personal touch and a lot of my customers become friends.” ■ Call Matt to discuss all your plumbing needs, to book a job or for a free quote on 021 675-337 or (06) 367-8111.

MOBILE COMPUTER SERVICES Certified Plumbers, Gasfitters, Drainlayers, Roofers • Plumbing • Gasfitting • Roofing & Roofing Repairs • Drain Clearing/Unblocking • Drain CCTV Inspections • Spouting and Gutter Repairs • Free Quotes Any Questions Call Matt Mobile 021675337 | Phone 06 3678111

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PROMPT On-Site Service & Support. We Will Come to YOU!

• New Computers & Laptops Fully Hardware Checked • Repairs & Upgrades • Onsite New Computer Installations • Internet & Email Setup

• Virus & Spyware Removal • Data Backup & Recovery • Secure Network & Wireless Setups • Follow-Up Support Services

B L MicroTek Ltd LEVIN 06 367 9709

027 284 6020

Kapiti & Horowhenua Homes & Businesses



James Petrie

E: M: 022 329 1783 | P: 06 363 8170




06 368 2037 06 368 1591 Mobile Ian 021 432 995 Ken 021 246 8202

YOUR TOTAL ELECTRICAL SPECIALISTS Industrial – Domestic – Commercial Commercial Refrigeration • Accredited Heat Pump Suppliers & Installers • Home Ventilation Systems • Inspections • Caravan Certificates 2 Sheffield Street • Town & Rural Levin • Pumps, Motors Ph: 367 9086 • Generators Email: SERVICING THE HOROWHENUA FOR OVER 54 YEARS The best test is the test of time!


Back for its fourth year, The Resene Hunger for Colour campaign has helped restock shelves of Salvation Army foodbanks around the country. The month-long campaign was once again boosted by rock painting groups, who joined others in swapping more than 36,600 cans of food for testpots of Resene paint during February. Palmerston North was the top collecting store for the fourth year in a row, followed by Tauranga and Whanganui. Boosted by the Palmy Rocks group the Palmerston North community donated more than 2500 cans. In four years the campaign has collected more than 150,000 cans of food to support struggling New Zealanders.

For the second year the campaign was boosted by community rock painting groups that swept the country last year. Groups such as Palmy Rocks and Hawke’s Bay Rocks (HB), encourage families to paint rocks, hide them around their town for other families to find and share their discoveries. Resene ColorShops around the country say members of the groups have been enthusiastic supporters of the Hunger for Colour campaign this year. The cans will give a timely boost to Salvation Army foodbanks, restocking shelves after a busy holiday and backto-school period and helping prepare for winter, Salvation Army social services national manager Major Pam Waugh said. “Once again Resene

and their customers have got behind us with a fantastic effort. We’re really grateful to community-minded companies like Resene and people around New Zealand who show such care for people facing a tough time in their community. It takes the pressure off our centres when so many people support them to help those in need.” Resene Managing Director Nick Nightingale said they were thrilled by the response of their customers. “We’re really impressed by how many people have supported us this year. We’re very proud of being part of this campaign, to make a difference for struggling New Zealanders and adding colour to customers’ lives.”


Smaller stock yarding Levin sale Not a large yarding of stock, however the market was still steady as buyers maintain surplus feed on hand. Calves — w/f bulls $245, hfrd x hfrs $180. Sheep — ewes $81 — $95, rams $40 — $60, store lambs $60. Cattle — steers $1040 — $1140, heifers $1080, frsn wnr bulls $580, wnr hfrs $350 — $550, wnr strs $520 — $560.

Rongotea sale A good yarding of all classes of cattle at Rongotea this week with a large number of well-bred 18 month heifers and weaner bulls. 3 year white face steers 635 kg made $1750 ($2.76). 2 year white face steers 427 kg made $1190 ($2.79), Murray Grey cross steers 410 kg made $1050 ($2.56), Charolais cross steers 387 kg made $950 ($2.45) and Angus cross steers 398 kg made $1070 ($2.69). 2 year Simmental bulls 720 kg made $2160 ($3.00), white face bulls 477 kg made $1310 ($2.74) and Galloway bulls 455 kg made $1150 ($2.53). 2 year white face

heifers 392 kg — 427 kg made up to $1120 ($2.44 — $2.62), Angus cross heifers 422 kg made $1060 ($2.51) Friesian heifers 345 kg made $730 ($2.12) and cross breed heifers 315 kg made $660 ($2.10). 18 month white face steers 292 kg made $700 ($2.39) and Friesian steers 350 kg made $700 ($2.00). 18 month Angus cross bulls 410 kg made $1100 ($2.67), Friesian bulls 342 kg made $865 ($2.53), cross breed bulls 350 kg made $750 ($2.14) and Jersey bulls 352 kg made $695 ($1.98). 18 month white face heifers 261 kg — 418 kg made up to $1110 ($2.51 — $2.81), Short Horn heifers 304 kg made $755 ($2.48) and Friesian heifers 262 kg made $580 ($2.21). Yearling cross breed bulls 191 kg made $585 ($3.05). Yearling white face heifers 225 kg — 240 kg made up to $685 ($2.54 — $3.04). Weaner white face steers 139 kg — 150 kg made up to $480 ($3.17 — $3.46), Angus cross steers 235 kg made $710 ($3.02) and cross breed steers 110

kg made $305 ($2.77). Weaner Friesian bulls 145 kg — 295 kg made up to $750 ($2.54 — $4.07), white face bulls 139 kg — 215 kg made up to $670 ($3.12 — $4.36), Simmental bulls 400 kg made $1300 ($3.25) and Charolais cross bulls 235 kg made $685 ($2.91). Angus cross bulls 152 kg — 360 kg made up to $915 ($1.70 — $2.92), cross breed bulls 150 kg — 175 kg made up to $460 ($2.23- $3.08) and Jersey bulls 114 kg — 140 kg made up to $350 ($2.24 — $2.50). Weaner white face heifers 110 kg — 136 kg made up to $440 ($3.06 — $4.00), Angus cross heifers 95 kg — 112 kg made $455 ($4.05) and Murray Grey heifers 124 kg made $485 ($3.89). In milk cross breed heifers made $540. Friesian boners 455 kg — 564 kg made up to $950 ($1.62 — $1.69), cross breed boners 452 kg — 491 kg up to $800 ($1.57 — $1.64) and Jersey boners 434 kg — 492 kg up to $740 ($1.42 — $1.50). Angus boners 522 kg made $975 ($1.87). MA ewes $60 — $89, mixed sex lambs $60 — $138.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Real life behind the regalia My Husband and I: The inside story of 70 years of the Royal marriage By Ingrid Seward, Simon & Schuster, $32.99 .................................................... The royals are back in favour now Harry is marrying that nice American girl, bringing some much-needed new blood into The Firm. And many are watching The Crown for the “real” story. Her Maj has clocked up 91 years, 70 of them married to Phil, and 65 on the throne. Philip wasn’t the usual catch for a royal princess in line for the throne — a penniless prince born on a dining table in Corfu, and with some very dodgy sisters married to German gentry. Many saw him as an immigrant fortune hunter. Elizabeth saw him with different eyes, and he has been a supportive consort ever since in what seems to be a solid love match. This book by regular royal writer Ingrid Seward gives a little insight into what goes on behind the regalia. There are few tales told out of school here though, but it’s a fascinating read for all that, with a few juicy stories. While many believe the royals have served their useful life in the 21st century, one can’t exactly envy life in The Firm. This book lays out the tough requirements of royal life, and living it in the public eye. Very readable, useful background. One is amused. — Linda Thompson

Horowhenua Chronicle

in Exceptional Kiwis who 2 books BRIEF made their own mark


By Rosie Sanderson


OUR exceptional New Zealanders born and educated in provincial NZ left the colonies to achieve illustrious careers in Europe. Their stories span much of 20th century history and the wider stories of history are skillfully woven into their biographies. Harold Williams, born in Taranaki and trained as a Methodist minister was a prodigious linguist who spent much of his career in Russia as a journalist reporting on the Russian revolutions in 1905 and 1917 for the Manchester Guardian. Languages were his passion — he could speak seven by the age of 11 and he spent the rest of his life learning more, including Tartar, Persian and Arabic which made him very valuable as interpreter in post war Europe. After the war he and his Russian wife settled in the UK and he became leader writer for The Times. Sir Ronald Syme was another scholar and linguist with a distinguished career as historian at Oxford. John Platt-Mills from Karori, became a left-wing politician and lawyer in Britain. Eventually made a Queen’s Counsel but his aim was always social justice. He was involved with international activities for much of his life working with the Peace Council and later Amnesty International taking on civil liberties and human rights cases all over the world. Joseph Burney Trapp, Librarian and scholar, born in Caterton, graduated from Victoria University, a Double Senior Scholarship in English and Greek. From lecturer at Victoria University to Reading University

The Expatriates, By Martin Edmond, Bridget Williams Books $49.99

AUTHOR: Martin Edmond.

It’s My Egg and You Can’t Have It Heather Hunt and Kennedy Warne, Potton & Burton, $19.99 ................................................... This is the beautifully illustrated story of a kiwi father protecting his egg from predators. Author Warne cofounded New Zealand

Regions of New Zealand, an easy guide Peter Dowling, Oratia Books, $29.99 .................................................... Here’s a handy guide for those who have just moved to New Zealand and for Kiwi kids doing school projects. For example, do you know the population of your region? Maps, summaries, factboxes and interesting snippets all back the promise of the book’s subtitle. As we all know, real Kiwis owe their DNA to NZ’s regions, and this unpretentious effort reminds us of that. — Peter Shand



and from there to Director of the Warburg Institute. Much of Joe’s story is about this Institution. Abraham Warburg, born in Hamburg into a German banking family, gave up his patrimony as eldest son in favour of his brother who was to “agree to buy him any book he desired”. He studied Art History and built up a magnificent library over half a century. What he wanted to understand was the psychology of images and their means of transmission from one generation to another. “We always think in images and these images have their own power to enlighten or mislead us.” His library became the Warburg Institute — originally the Warburg Library for the Science of Culture in Hamburg in 1909. In 1933 it became clear that the

Library would, if left in Hamburg, be confiscated and destroyed by the Nazis. After much negotiation the entire library was shipped to England and eventually became an independent unit as part of the University of London moving into its purpose-built Library and Institute in 1958. Martin Emond has written a scholarly but readable account of the history of these intellectual and passionate New Zealanders bringing the connections between past and present, education and social movements of the early 20th century. Helped by research material passed on by the late James McNeish and the Michael King Writer’s Fellowship he has given us valuable information about the achievements of these extraordinary Kiwis.

Book inspired by recovery programme



Geographic and is a media commentator on environmental issues. The book was inspired by the success of Backyard Kiwi, a kiwi recovery programme around illustrator Hunt’s home in the Whangarei Heads. I

wanted to love it but couldn’t help feeling that the kiwi conservation message was hammered home rather than offered as the subtle lesson kids’ books often aim for.

— Susan Edmunds

At My Table — A celebration of Home Cooking By Nigella Lawson, Penguin/ Random House, $60 .................................................... Summer holidays is the perfect time to have a browse through new cook books and have a go at creating something that you wouldn’t normally have time to cook while working. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson’s latest book is full or recipes she has cooked in her own home for family and friends. They are easy to follow and use ingredients that are likely to already be in your pantry. I love the Lamb Kofta with garlic sauce, in fact the garlic sauce could be used on any number of dishes and is so simple to make. Cellophane Rolls is another excellent recipe for this time of the year using up leftovers. Each recipe is accompanied by a story or memory of where the recipe came from. This cook book is full of inspiration from simple dishes to classics such as Sticky Toffee Pudding. A lovely addition to your cookbook collection. — Linda Hall


Horowhenua Chronicle

Friday, March 16, 2018

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Congratulations! Shirley & Graham Lester March 16th 1968


HARRIS, Jean Elizabeth. Of Foxton, formerly Featherston. Peacefully at Palmerston North Hospital on Wednesday March 14, 2018, aged 75 years. Cherished wife and best friend of Ross. Loved mother of Doug and Colette, Sarah and Dave. Loved Jean to Vicky, Alex, Shannon and loved friend Jean to Elizabeth and Jessica. A service for Jean will be held at the Manawatu Marine Boating Club, Hayley Street, Foxton Beach, on Monday March 19, at 2:00 pm, followed by private cremation at the Horowhenua Crematorium, Levin. Messages please to Harris Family, C/- 284 Oxford Street, Levin 5510 .


In Memoriam

Memorial Headstones

SCOTT, LINEHAM, Irene Agnes (Rene). Rex William. (nee Vennell) 5 long years of missing Of Palmerston North. you. On Tuesday March 13, Sadder the hearts 2018, (peacefully) at that love you, Palmerston North Silent the tears Hospital, cared for by that fall. her loving family. Your loving family. Aged 90 years. Dearly loved wife of Robert for 64 years. Much loved Mum of Karen and Andrew Hart (Christchurch), Funeral Directors Janette and Ross Campbell (Shannon), Wendy and Steve Collie (Palmerston North), David and Gaye (Palmerston North), Lynne Scott (Christchurch), Robyn “Where we Ann (deceased), Andrew and Teresa honour (Palmerston North), and Tina and Bryan Teal (Wanganui). celebrate Treasured Nana of life” Jonathan and Angela; Renee and Dan; Daryl and Vicki; Jodie and Brendan; Amanda and Brent; Adam, Ben, Ethan, Abagail and Rebekah; Nicholas, Hannah and Robbie, Sam and Angela; *8+1&&: 8(947 197 #6431/47 .: /04 '13) 51%-&: 2-9+4 !"$, Joshua and Holly; Shayna and Mitchell; ' !*"%.) &-%"+#(%$ 0 ,#(*" /.$(*$ and Rebbeca. Loved great grandmother of Jack, Nathan, Sam, Petra, Oscar, Jocinta, Joshua and Rilynn. Grateful thanks for the caring support from the staff at Mid Central Health. Messages to Mr R. Scott, C/- PO Box 5191, Palmerston North 4441, or may be left at www.robertjcotton A service to celebrate Rene’s life will be held in the Terracehaven Chapel, 697 Main "C4$6I; 1 =';#5 OC6P Street, Palmerston North, on Friday March 16, 2018, at ! 11:00am, thereafter private cremation.

E*AB* B*BB %>O?8" JB,H /,*E* -.- E -.+ 93''; 746''4 <C54F !'2#; A)+ O#NN 8:C(F K4CP# ='C4$ M:4#&#@C4#:;5 K;N#;' E 000D#@LC6PD@:D;G

sayit. sell it. buyit.

ADVERTISING (06) 368 5109 Health

Open at the Horowhenua Health Centre 62 Liverpool Street, Levin 5pm to 7.30pm weekdays 8am to 5.30pm weekends and public holidays The clinic is a fee-paying service, so please note that charges will apply (Children aged under 13 are free) Phone 06



0800 562 5877

Mike • Leon • Richard • Zoe We are on-site Mon to Fri, 8am to 5pm @ 8 Power Street, Levin 5510 Web:

Gardening & Landscaping

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Landscape Garden & Turf

LANDSCAPE mainten- TREE work, removal, ance. Ring Mike 368-0630 stump grinding, branch or 027-242-3773. mulching, fences, decks, building maintenance. BJ’s Building & Property Maintenance 027 249 2575 or 368 7895.



SEASONED pine 4m 3 $280, 8m3 $500. Free local 14 TRAFLAGAR ST delivery 367 6396/027 652 Saturday 17th, 7am. 4000. Couch, mats, all sorts. TO VISIT VISITED


9 FREEMANS RD Saturday 7:30am. Kids stuff, drawers, bikes, h/hold items, carpet + more. TO VISIT VISITED

TUESDAY SALE 10.30 am Calves 11.00 am Prime sheep Store lambs Ewes 11.30am Weaners Yearlings 2yr old cattle A/c Client 10 Fr/Hfd weaner strs 10 Fr/Hfd weaner hfrs CONTACT CARRFIELDS:

D Haworth (06) 368 2642 mob 0274 504 133

Funeral Directors


For Sale

CANARIES for sale, $15 each. Phone 368 5993.

CARPET OVERLOCKING SERVICE Available at our factory shop together with a large selection of NZ and imported rugs. Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm Open Saturday 9.30am - 12.30pm NORCA RUG CO. LTD 248 Oxford Street Levin Phone 368-8844 LAWNS, part of round. Phone evenings 027 755 5994.

Wanted to Buy or Exchange WANTED to buy antiques and collectables. Phone Bev 021 483 634 or 06 329 3467.

Stock Auctions

For Lease


Factory For Lease


Wednesday Sale

11:00am start All cattle weighed before sale

Darryl Harwood 027 449 1174 or 06 323 2399 Office (06) 324 8135


Sports Notices

HOROWHENUA Sugar AIKIDO peaceful martial craft Art in the Park, art for adults and kids. Cake 146, A Sainbridge, Phone 027 373 4576. 2 bdrm + sunrm, HRV, ht Easter Egg 153, N Moody. pump, alarm, single gge, no pets, non smkr, bond & ref rqd, $275p/w. Ph/ txt Kyle 027 344 0330.

To Let

We are an approved provider of Eco Funerals NZ

LEVIN | OTAKI | SHANNON Phone (06) 368 2954 | Website

For more information, call

Garage Sales

338m2, 3 large access doors, office toilets, smoke, fenced yard Phone 06 368 5141

Remember us in your Will and leave a legacy of hope

PEPE’S Opportunity Knocks on Sunday 18th March, 1:30pm - 4:30pm. Live band, nice afternoon tea. Please ring Pepe Scott 027 367 2274.

Stock Auctions

Michael Thomas James.

Sally gave herself an A+ when she advertised her tuition services in Local Classifieds

368 1402

This service is provided by Tararua Medical Centre, Cambridge St Medical Centre, Queen St Surgery, Masonic Medical, Horowhenua Community Practice and Te Waiora


Do you know where your nearest CIVIL DEFENCE sector post is? Ring your local council to find out.

Community Events OHAU Market Saturday 17th, 9am - 1pm, Muhunoa West Rd. Beautiful handmade gifts, skincare, home baking, jewellery, fresh vegies, toys, natural soaps, original art, clothing, chutneys, sauces, jams, plants, candy, elegant clutter, knitting, photography, wooden toys, sausage sizzle and more.

Acknowledgements Helen, Jeremy, Sarah, James and families wish to thank relatives, friends and work colleagues, past and present, who supported them in various ways since Michael’s passing, and especially those who travelled great distances to be with us at this time. We have appreciated the personal messages of sympathy, cards, letters, flowers, phone calls and visits and also for the donations to St. John Ambulance Service. Special thanks to the staff of Ward 23, Palmerston North Hospital and to the management and staff at Lonsdale Hospital and Rest Home, Foxton for their dedication and care. As it is not possible to thank you all individually, please accept this as a personal acknowledgement of our sincere appreciation.



(Drawn under police supervision Monday, 12 March)

The Horowhenua Pink ladies

Kevin hit the nail on the head when he advertised his building services in Local Classifieds >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.

wish to thank all the wonderful people who supported us by donating goods for our raffles at Home and Garden Event and Art in the Park. • Garden basket and goods - Gesina Hokio Beach • Cookbook and quilt - Jenny Petterson • Baby Basket - Erin Vickers • Pink basket - Margaret Morgan • Horowhenua Pharmacy basket Judy Gutschlag Thanks go to the organisers of both these successful events.



Fatboyz Bar 7:00pm - Monday 26th March All welcome

Contact Incorporated


At Jack Allen Community Hub 32 Bristol St, Levin 21st March at 5:00pm Election of Board Members and Officers Guest Speaker: Nathan Cross, Dept. of Internal Affairs Light refreshments available All welcome

Wellington Conservation Board

TE RUNANGA PAPA ATAWHAI O TE UPOKO O TE IKA Notice of Meeting A meeting will be held at the Department of Conservation, National Office 18-32 Manners Street, Wellington on Monday, 26 March 2018, between 10.30am and 12.30pm. For further information, please contact Sara Robinson (Board Support Officer) at 027 611 2442 or email

Employment Vacancies

LEVIN RACING CLUB INC. Notice of Special Meeting

Notice is hereby given of a Special Meeting of members of the Levin Racing Club Inc. to be held in the Hudson Room of the Levin Cosmopolitan Club, Oxford Street, Levin, on Thursday 22nd March 2018 at 5:00pm. Business: Adoption of the amended Constitution/Rules of the Levin Racing Club Inc. S McCarrison Secretary

Enrolment for Term 2, 2018 Wednesday March 21st at 6:30pm in the clubrooms Horowhenua Lake Domain, Muaupoko Park.

All dogs are required to have current vaccination and be registered with the local council. Limited places are available

Enquiries: Helen - phone 368 4223

Jenny Rowan Chairperson



Road closure – Parts of Nash Parade and Seabury Avenue Horowhenua District Council wishes to advise the following parts of Nash Parade and Seabury Avenue will be closed from 9am to 5pm on Sunday 18 March: • 1-9 Nash Parade, Foxton Beach • Seabury Avenue between Nash Parade and Holben Parade Residents in the affected areas will be able to access their homes during the road closure. The closure is to ensure the safety of members of the public attending the opening day of the Foxton Beach Pump Track. Horowhenua District Council regrets any inconvenience caused.

Please send CV or introductory letter to:

Phone 027 474 4936

Horowhenua Obedience Dog Training Club Inc.

Water mains flushing – Foxton and Foxton Beach With water restrictions now lifted for Foxton and Foxton Beach, Horowhenua District Council wishes to advise that weekly water mains flushing will resume on Tuesday 20 March for Foxton Beach and bi-monthly flushing will resume on Saturday 24 March for Foxton. Updates on flushing schedules and timings will be posted on the Horowhenua District Council website,, and in the Horowhenua Chronicle. The first flushing for 2018 will take longer than usual to complete. Customers may experience low water pressure or discoloured water during flushing and for several days afterwards. This may cause some staining to light-coloured clothing during washing. Please refer all enquiries to Council on 06 366 0999 or



For Foxton based lawn mowing business. Must be reliable, fit and enjoy working outdoors. Preference will be given to local applicant with HT licence.


Positions available for inspiration, dynamic fully qualified registered ECE teachers. One Head Teacher position, the other full time permanent. The succesful applicant will be working with 2 -4 year old childre and need to be able to work within a small team, use initiative and have good time management skills. Must be a reflective practitioner with “can do attitude” and solution based outlook on life. We offer competitive wage, generous noncontact time, childcare discounts, paid staff meetings and PD opportunities. Please email CV and cover letter to:

FRESH EXCITING ROLE AT NZME. Manawatu Guardian EDITOR/CHIEF REPORTER - Manawatu Guardian Are you seeking a new challenge? If so, we’ve got just the job for you! NZME is seeking a confident, experienced journalist to lead its Palmerston North-based news team. The successful applicant will have a recognised journalism qualification, be able to generate plenty of interesting stories and photos and turn these into a must-read, lively newspaper and great digital content. Strong news judgment is essential, as are great writing skills and ability to take video. We’re looking for a people person with a positive attitude who can forge strong relationships within the community. The ability to take the paper’s digital platforms to the next level will also be vital. For the right person reduced hours or flexible working arrangements are a definite possibility. In return, we offer a job in a terrific lifestyle location working with a friendly team. NZME is a company fostering the growth and development of its biggest asset – its employees. Our culture is second to none, we are diverse and inclusive, we tell it like it is, challenge the status quo and like some fun along the way! Sound like you? Send your CV and cover letter to:

made fresh daily

• Butter Chicken • Shepherd’s Pie • Sweet & Sour Chicken • Lasagne • Macaroni Cheese • Devilled Sausages • Potato Bake • Beef or Chicken Rissoles • Spaghetti Bolognese

Call to Pre-order; Bulk Buy 5 for $25 Priced from $4.99 to $6.99 AVAILABLE AT NEW WORLD LEVIN Cnr SH1 & Bath St, Levin Open: 7am - 10pm, 7 days Phone: (06) 366 0873




LUNCH: Tues-Sat 12noon-2pm


Ready Meals


Applicants for this position must have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit

DINNER: Tues-Thurs 5pm-8pm Fri & Sat 5pm-8.30pm


LEVIN COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Oxford Street, Levin Phone: 06 368 2571

Members, Affiliated Members and Guests Welcome





Call (06) 368 5109 today

open 8.30am - 4.00pm daily

FULLY LICENSED Corner Oxford & Durham Streets, Levin

Lunches from


Phone 06 368 9157


OPENING HOURS Mon - Sun: 8:30am until 10:00pm

4 Buller Road, Ohau, Levin

Phone: 06 368 7270

hours may vary on public holidays


2017 Suzuki Ignis GLX

5 Door Hatch 1.2L Manual, delivery Kms only.

One Only at this Price-Be Quick!

2017 Holden Cruze CDX Station Wagon 5 Door Hatch 1.2L Manual, delivery Kms only.


1993 Chevrolet Camaro

Coupe 3.4L Auto, Alloys, Tidy Condition, LHD

$31,995 2003 Holden Commodore Senator



2001 Mercedes Benz A170 Hatchback 2001 Mitsubishi L200 Diesel, Cheap Little Runner

Double Cab, 4x2, 2.4L Petrol Manual, Towbar, Tuff Deck. Trade in Special!

$2,200 2004 Nissan Murano

3.5L, V6, Leather Trim, Reverse Camera, Tints, Price Reduced to Clear

$5,995 2006 Mazda Premacy

7 Seater, 2.0L Auto, Alloys, Dual Sliding Doors, Nice Family Wagon

$7,995 2004 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5L Auto, AWD Alloys Tints, Drives Well

$6,995 2009 Suzuki SX4 GLX

2.0L Auto, NZ New, Alloys, Extra height for that ease of entry.



$6,995 2010 Suzuki Alto GL

5 Door Hatch, Auto, Cheap Run About, NZ New



2009 Holden Commodore SV6 Sportwagon 3.6L Auto, Alloys, Towbar, Roof Rack, Perfect for those upcoming holidays.



Talk to us today about finance options 360 Oxford Street, Levin Gary 027 438 4123 w WHERE JOURNEYS BEGIN

Volvo XC40 named top European car


OLVO has claimed its first European Car of the Year award success with the new XC40 compact SUV being announced as the 2018 winner ahead of the Geneva Motor Show which opened this week. The new Volvo was a clear winner in the final stage of the award which saw 60 judges from 23 countries vote on seven finalists. The Volvo XC40 secured 325 votes from the jury ahead of the new SEAT Ibiza small car with 242 and the BMW 5 Series which claimed 226 votes. The other finalists in ranking order were the Kia Stinger, Citroen C3 Aircross, Audi A8 and Alfa Romeo’s new Stelvio SUV. “Winning this award with our new XC40 is perfect timing,” said Hakan Samuelsson, president and CEO of Volvo Cars. “Volvo now has three globally available SUVs in its range for the first time. The XC40 will be a strong contributor to further growth, taking us into a new and fast-growing small SUV segment,” Mr Samuelsson said. The XC40 win means that the complete line-up of new global Volvo SUVs have each been named Car of the Year in either Europe or North America. Both the large XC90 and mid-size XC60 were awarded the North American Truck/Utility of the Year title in the past two years. Volvo says the XC40 sets a new standard in its segment in terms of design, connectivity and safety technology. Early orders in excess of 20,000 cars across Europe and the US indicate that this is an appealing combination for customers. The XC40 roll-out will soon extend to China — the world’s biggest car market — where Volvo is expecting similar strong interest. The XC40 is the first model on Volvo Cars’ new compact modular vehicle architecture (CMA), which will underpin all upcoming cars in the 40 Series, including fully electrified vehicles. CMA provides the company with the necessary economies of scale for this segment. Volvo’s NZ GM Coby

EUROPEAN CAR OF YEAR 1 Volvo XC40, 325pts 2 SEAT Ibiza, 242pts 3 BMW 5 Series, 226pts 4 Kia Stinger, 204pts 5 Citroen C3 Aircross, 171pts 6 Audi A8, 169pts 7 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, 163pts Duggan says initial interest in the new model has been strong with the first customer vehicles on the water and due for delivery in April, the official launch month. “Combined with the intuitive technology, classleading safety and practicality which Volvo has become renowned for, we’re confident that the XC40’s distinctive styling will set it apart from the competition in the industry’s fastest growing segment. “Local interest has been ramping up ever since the XC40 concept was revealed and we expect its first public appearance during the Auckland stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race to shift the level of customer inquiry into another gear, so we’ll be pushing hard to secure sufficient production to meet demand,” he said. Volvo has already announced the New Zealand line-up and pricing for the new XC40 which are powered by 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engines. Pricing will start from $59,900 (plus on-road costs) for the front-wheeldrive XC40 T4 Momentum variant with a 140kW engine. The all-wheel-drive XC40 T4 Inscription with the same 140kW engine is priced from $67,900 and the XC40 T5 R-Design with 182kW performance is

priced from $72,900. A limited number of XC40 T5 R-Design “Launch Edition” vehicles will be offered at $78,900 with additional standard features including a panoramic sunroof and Harman Kardon premium sound system. Safety and driver assistance features on the XC40 include Volvo Cars’ Pilot Assist system, City Safety, Run-off Road protection and mitigation, Cross Traffic alert with brake support and the 360° Camera that helps drivers manoeuvre their car into tight parking spaces. The XC40 also offers ingenious interior design and storage ideas with more functional storage space in the doors and under the seats, a special space for phones including inductive charging, a foldout hook for small bags, plus a removable waste bin in the tunnel console. Volvo says hybrid and pure electric powertrain option will be added at a later time to the XC40 range. “We have a clear strategy for growth and we are committed to leading in automotive safety, connectivity services and electrification,” said Mr Samuelsson. “The XC40 reflects that commitment, and looking at the response from our customers and from the COTY jury here today, we are on the right track.”

Friday, March 16, 2018


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Each number

letter of the alphabet. into all squares with matching numbers. Now work out which letters are represented by the other numbers. As you get the letters, write them into the main grid and the reference grid. Decoder uses all 26 letters of the alphabet.

ACROSS 1. 4. 7. 8. 10. Award won by New Zealanders in 12. 13. 15. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Good 9 Very Good 11 Excellent


Black out squares to reveal a completed grid































meow, mew, mor, more, mow, mower, ore, owe, ower, rem, remow, roe, row, woe, wore, worm



How many words of three or more letters can you make, using each letter only once? Plurals are allowed, but no foreign words or words beginning

5. 6. 9. 11. 12. 14. 16. 17. Form of transport which returned


DOWN 1. 2. 3. 4. Popular tourism site named after an

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