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CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL CROSSOVER SONG (from Traditional to Contemporary) SONG

Edwin Hawkins FEATURES

This song is one of the Gospel Oh happy day (1) Music’s best hits and helped When Jesus washed (2) founding the Contemporary Gospel. Edwin Hawkins is the choir director He washed my sins away! (3) (Chorus: 1,2,3) x2 who rearranged in 1967 an 18thcentury hymn, used for baptismal and confirmation, and later taught it He taught me how to wash (4) to a community choir of young Fight and pray (5) people he had created. The song was played in the radio, And he taught me how to live and few weeks later it was played rejoicing (6) Every day, every day (7) across the country, it reached number 4 on the U.S. pop singles chart. Chorus The song revolutionized the sound of Gospel music with its soft Latin percussion, its gently soul rhythm I’m talking about that happy day (8) and rich lead vocals. Oh yeah, sing it, sing it, sing it yeah, It was controversial at that time, it yeah (9) was recorded for the Gospel market Oh happy day! (1) and its secular success didn’t like to everyone at the church. Some people asked secular radio stations to stop playing the song. Edwin Hawkins later said ‘ What confused me about it was they were teaching us all our lives that we were to take the message everywhere’.

1, 6

Expressing Joy.

2,3,4 5 9

Expressing Salvation and God’s Love. Resistance and struggle. Calling the community to sing.

Oh happy day  

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