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“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.” - Norman Schwarzkopf

The Builder

Walk the Talk

by Architect Danny Alano as told to Alena Palad


re leaders born or created? If we will ask Arch. Dan, he would say that a leader can be both—born and created. Leadership usually depends on a person. Some people are born with leadership qualities, which we call a gift, but others undergo training until they are able to lead. Leadership comes in different forms but is not limited to a specific gender. What does it really take to be a good leader? Architect Danny Alano, who has been in different leadership positions in the local government, in his architectural organization and firm, in the church, and in his own family, gives us insights on leadership: Just like what our leader usually tells us, “Leadership is not a title or a position but it is a responsibility. “ It is a responsibility that we need to act upon as we handle people under our leadership. It is a role to play within our organization. As a leader, we are not just spectators and people watchers. We have to set an example for our subordinates to follow. We have to give clear directions on what to do and how to do it efficiently. We have to walk the talk. We have to build relationships with our people. We need to show them respect regardless of their status in life. We can add humor as we deal with them, but we must set a boundary so that we still gain their respect. As a leader, we have to know how to follow and learn to serve others. Just like what Jesus did during his time. Jesus washed the feet of His disciples to show humility. We may be a born or created leader, but I believe that the success of our team is determined by what we do as a leader. It does not matter if our group is big or small, what matters is how we succeed as a group through right leadership and the participation of our people.

Real Men

Character Leadership

Interview with Alvin Dans by Rone Dollesin

Mr. Alvin Dans previously served as Mayor of Isabela, Basilan, Governor of Basilan Province and Congressman of its lone district. He was the Undersecretary of the DILG during Sec. Rafael Alunan’s leadership, and he was also the former Chairman of the National Amnesty Commission and Presidential Assistant on Mindanao Affairs during the Ramos Administration.


ow does leadership in the family affect the entire system of society? Photo by Rone Dollesin

You lead the family in its proper path. If you do not provide good leadership by example, it will definitely affect your family and society in general. The family is a basic social institution. It is not just an institution, but an institution that must be “over-preserved.” The foundation of the community is dependent on the foundation of our family. What kind of leaders do we need?

We need leaders, especially those in politics, who are God-fearing--regardless of religious affiliation. In my mind, you cannot separate religion from politics. This is not in conflict with the concept of separation of the Church and State. When you talk about the separation of church and state, it means that neither one should meddle in the affairs of the other. What I’m saying here is that politics and religion go together in the person of the leader. A person who does not believe in God has no business in politics. If a person has no faith in God, he will fear nothing. Imagine a leader who does not know God or knows the Bible very little? What requisites should a leader carry to lead a group or organization to success?

First, the leader must have his reputation intact. His integrity must be beyond reproach. He must carry himself with dignity. You can never be a good leader if people do not look at you as somebody who is respectable. You only get respect when you earn it. You earn it when you show it. You can only do that when you lead them by example. So whatever you espouse, you must practice. You must possess a good reputation, integrity and dignity. How important is ethics and morality to the life of a leader?

That is a must for a leader. Whatever you do, if

Mr. Alvin Dans

your moral fiber is not strong, you can never say that you are a leader by example. What molds the personality of the person is basically his morality. A leader must not only be morally upright but he must also conduct himself in a manner that is befitting of the ethical standards. When a leader comes from a questionable or troubled family background, does that affect his credibility? How?

Reputation precedes the person. So if your reputation is that you come from a troubled family, definitely it will affect you. It can be an obstacle. Whether these flaws are genetic (mental or health disorder) or acquired (substance abuse), enemies can use them to discredit the leader. To overcome that, the leader must prove his leadership. When is a leader best discovered?

I would venture to say that a leader can be discovered when there is a demand for the person to rise to the occasion. Leaders are discovered by the demand of times. In the same manner when I became a leader in Basilan, it was the demand of the times. There is a saying, “For every man, he has his own time. And for every time, it has its own man.”

You’re The Man!

Hero Worship

by Revodem Avarientos


veryone wants someone to look up to in their lives. When I was a kid, I was fond of looking up to superheroes who had great powers and responsibilities. Then, when I became older, I took inspiration from great men who lived their lives for the benefit of others. This hero worship syndrome used to be my larger than life expectation for myself. All that changed when I became a follower of Jesus Christ. He is the ultimate example of who I want to follow and emulate. Here are some of the reasons why He is the greatest among all leaders. Jesus lived life with purpose. Even at a very young age He already knew the business of His Father and He never deviated from it. Jesus dedicated His life to His mission until the very end. Jesus had an intimate relationship with the Father. No matter how busy He was, Jesus made sure that He had time to commune with the Father. Despite being the Son of God, He knew the value of prayer. It was His deep relationship with the Father that gave Him the confidence, wisdom and power to perform great miracles in His ministry on earth. Jesus lived what He preached. He showed us the Golden Rule, the value of humility and self-sacrifice. He reached out to all kinds of people from all walks of life and dealt with their practical and spiritual needs. Jesus made leaders out of His followers. One of the unique attributes of Jesus that separates Him from other leaders is that He empowered people around him. Jesus made it his priority to teach and equip His disciples to continue what He had started even after His death. The reason why you and I have come to know Jesus is testimony to this. Henry Blackaby said that “Christianity is not a set of teachings to understand. It is a Person to follow.” No matter what our role in life is, we are someone’s leader—our siblings, our children, our workmates. May we follow Jesus as we lead others, so that through us they too can know and follow the greatest hero of all.

Gadgets & Gizmos

Integrity in an Automated Election

by Rizaldy Guevarra


ccording to the Commission on Elections, the first National Election was held in April 25, 1946. After 52 years the Philippines was introduced to an Automated Election System (AES) in its ARMM Election that was held in August 11, 2008. It was then followed by the May 10, 2010 National Election.1 Republic Act No. 9369 which is better known as the “Amended Election Automation Law” made this historical event possible. The law provides the use of two forms of AES. The first is a paper-based election system defined as “a type of automated election system that uses paper ballots, records and counts votes, tabulates, consolidates, canvasses and transmits electronically the results of the vote count. The second form is the Direct Recording Electronic (DRE). It is defined as “a type of automated election system that uses electronic ballots and records votes by means of a ballot display provided with mechanical or electro-optical components.2 Here are some of the advantages of an Automated Election System: Financial Savings – Although an automated election requires the purchase of a number of computers and electronic devices, costing a large amount of money, it can still greatly cut costs in other expenses, like labor.3 Fast and Efficient Electoral Result - With vast advancement in technology, the computer can count votes accurately with lightning speed. Human error and tampering are eliminated since computers tally and transmit the votes to the electoral board without human intervention.4 It can Improve Capacity to Identify and Prevent Frauds – The system will use ultra-safe encryption algorithms to store and transmit each vote from AES voting machine or the tabulation centers and tampering of votes will be prevented.5 Some people are concerned, however, that this kind of system might be infiltrated by hackers, and manipulate the data within the system. Others are concerned that though

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The Gym

Full Tank, Please! “B

by Jessie Felizardo

oys don’t cry.” This is a message many of us grew up with. No matter how painful the situation, men maintain poker faces. Men who hide emotions usually find difficulty in connecting. Is it any wonder why many wives feel they are relating to a “robot” and not to a husband who has a heart and soul? Jesus Christ Himself showed varied emotions. He cried, agonized, got angry, empathized, loved, expressed joy, and laughed with his disciples. He was transparent with what was in His mind and heart. As a result people who felt vulnerable and weak drew near Him, while those who hid behind their social standing and performance hated Him so much that they crucified Him. I attended a workshop and learned that we have invisible tanks deep within our hearts. I learned we have God-given emotional needs, to be loved and valued unconditionally. God designed that these needs be met from birth by our parents. However, some parents are incapable of meeting their children’s need. If these needs

are unmet, the feeling of rejection and the notion that “there must be something wrong with me”, leads to a deep sense of shame. In order not to feel this painful feeling, we devise different strategies. However, problematic behaviours surface when these strategies fail. We fall into despair or get angry. Often, it is uncomfortable to be with a person who has unmet emotional needs or a depleted emotional tank. At this point, connecting with people, especially with those close to us, is difficult to achieve. Only God can satisfy and fill our empty tanks. As God gave Eve to Adam because He knew that it was not good for Adam to be alone, so does He bring gracious people to meet our deepest needs through their love and affirmation. Our part is to admit our needs and allow the grace of God through others to fill our tanks. As our emotional tank is being filled, we can graciously connect to our wife, children, and people around us. And when full, we therefore, become instruments to fill others’ emotional tank.

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computers are known for lightning speed calculation, 100% accuracy and performance most of the time, hardware components and software sometimes, have flaws and defects. In conclusion, technology is just a tool to meet our needs. With regards to elections, technology can give us fast, efficient, and accurate results of the ballots. The integrity and success of the upcoming May 13, 2013 National Elections will really depend on all responsible voters choosing the right candidates, and the candidates themselves, whose real purpose is to lead and to serve our country with true sincerity.

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