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There is JOHN GILLALAND is standing in front of an American flag in his marine dress blues. JOHN GILLALAND My name is John Gillaland, I joined the marines after high school. My father and his father were both in the marines. My father was in Vietnam and my grandfather was in World War II. I felt that it was my duty to join the service. During boot camp and my first tour of duty in Afghanistan i excelled. I was prometed to sargent and placed incharge of my peeres. I was shipped off to Afghanistan in late 2009. It was my second tour of duty. I decied to keep a diary this time. I wanted to document my experiences so that people at home would know what the soldiers were going through. These are my experiences. 2 EXT. AIR PORT-DAY


There are soldiers waiting getting onto planes. Soldiers are hugging and kissing their families. JOHN GILLALAND Today we left for Afghanistan. It was hard to say goodby to my family. I hope that my family doesnt worry to much about me when i'm there. I'm glad that i dont have a family that i had to leave behind. I know that it will be ten times harder for them. We are all ready to get to Afghanistan and get to work. We spent so much time training that we all want to use our skills. 3 EXT. AIR PORT IN AFGHANISTAN-DAY The are soldiers getting off of the planes and standing around to get their orders. JOHN GILLALAND We arrived in Afghanistan this morning. We are all really tired and sore from the flight. We are the pictrue of hurry up and wait. We are ordered to move to one place and wait there for a few hours the do the


same in a different place. to get some sleep.

We all just want



There is a convoy of vehicles transporting the marines to their bases. The landscape looks like the surface of Mars. The convoy is kicking up an extreme amount of dust. JOHN GILLALAND We got our assignments and are on the way to the bases. I got assigned to a base that has been known for getting attacked mutiple times a day. We are anxious to relieve the guys who are there right now. I hope that we dont have too much trouble while we are here. 5 EXT. FORWARD OPERATING BASE FREEDOM-DAY


The base is very dirty. The sleeping quarters are crude block buildings with dirt floors. The food is MREs every day. JOHN GILLALAND We have been at the base for a few days now. The excitment has worn off. Everyone is getting into the routine. We have been attacked four or five times now ive lost count. We've some close calls and i'm afraid that we're gonna have many more. I just hope i dont lose a man. I dont want to have to write that letter.



John and his men are out on a partol. They get attcked and have to call in an air strike. One of John's men gets hit and has to get flown out.

JOHN GILLALAND I had my first man get wounded today. We were to search this village for weapons. We got ambushed by the taliban. We ended up having to fall back and call in an air

strike. During all of this one of my men got hit. He made it but it was a wake up call that we have to be on our toes. I'm afraid that next he may not make it.

T206 Script: Soldiers diary  

T206 script

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