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TOMMY STEEL is arguing with his girlfriend CANDIE about his future in his run-down crappy basement apartment in Chicago. CANDIE Tommy, I’m just saying maybe this dream is never going to come true. You can’t waste your life trying to be a rock star. Maybe it’s time you go get a real job. TOMMY Screw that. I thought you believed in me, turns out you’re just like everyone else. (turns away) CANDIE I’ve stayed with you for the last two years while you tried to make this happpen! Two years! Well, newsflash, it’s not going to! I’m sick of this and I’m sick of you, Tommy Steel. (walks out and slams door) We watch as TOMMY stares at the door. He takes long strides into the kitchen and grabs a bottle of whiskey off the counter and takes a swig. Fade out. 2 INT. TOMMY’S APARTMENT-NIGHT


It’s been a couple days and TOMMY is in a state of depression, drinking alone in his apartment. One of his bandmates comes over and lets himself in dressed in tight black jeans and a rumpled looking flannel. We watch as he advises TOMMY to express his feelings through his music. BAND MATE You look like shit, man. What’s the matter with you? TOMMY Candie left me. I don’t know what to do... (looks at his empty shotglass and picks up the bottle instead) BAND MATE Come on, this is just sad. Candie left you. So what, Tommy? Who has (MORE) (CONTINUED)



BAND MATE (cont’d) ever really believed in us? Not your parents, not mine and definitely not Candie. TOMMY Candie believ-BAND MATE Don’t give me that bullshit, Candie only stuck around because you treated her so good. She was just waiting for you to become famous and when it didn’t happen she moved on. And so should you, man. If you’re gonna sit here and wallow in self-pity, the least you could do is write a few songs from it. Hell, maybe you’ll get lucky... We watch Tommy’s bandmate exit. Tommy takes another drink and looks at his guitar. We watch as he stands up and wobbles a bit, before picking up his guitar and a notebook. He begins to write. 3 INT. BAR-NIGHT


We watch as a stage lights up. The band preforming at a local bar. The place is small and dingy, but packed. They had just finished performing the song TOMMY wrote and the last lone guitar note can barely be heard. A close up of a man in a black suit is shown, smoking a cigarette. He puts it out and makes his way over to TOMMY. PRODUCER Pretty good, kid. You write it yourself? TOMMY Yeah, I did. PRODUCER I’m Leo, by the way. I’m a producer for Casablanca Records. You guys should come downtown, maybe do a recording. TOMMY (pause) And after that?




PRODUCER (wolfish grin) The rest is history, kid. 4 INT. BIG CONCERT VENUE IN CHICAGO-NIGHT


The screen is dark. A crowd screaming and yelling is heard. Suddenly, we see a bright light and a huge stage is illuminated. Smaller lights illuminate the band, TOMMY center stage, and smoke pours across the stage. The band is dressed in a semi-coordinated way. Tighter pants and jackets, all in black. TOMMY (speaking into the microphone) Chicago! My home city! Are you ready?! The crowd goes wild. Girls in the front row are reaching out, arms extended and screaming. TOMMY raises his arm and pauses be for letting it fall. The first chords of a rock song can be heard, a high guitar rift. The screen fades back to black the music and cheers still can be heard. 5 INT. AFTER PARTY AT PENTHOUSE-NIGHT


There is a crazy party at the bands new penthouse suite. Loud music is heard. We watch as people dance and drink. Bottles are everywhere, the place is in disarray. People are smoking inside and talking, the atmosphere is loud. The band members can be seen sitting near each other on a couch, all with girls next to them or on their laps except TOMMY. We watch as he looks around and notices a woman with long dark hair talking to a friend. He gets up and we watch as he makes his way through the crowd to her. ROXAN Yeah, my dad was telling me about them before but I never heard them before tonight. FRIEND I loved them! Especially the lead singer, he’s-TOMMY Amazing? I think that’s the word you’re looking for.




ROXAN Ah, here I thought she was meant modest. TOMMY That too. I’m Tommy Steele and you lovely ladies are? GIRL Well, at the moment I’m thirsty. I’ll be back, Rox. ROXAN Okay, Liv. I’m Roxan and that’s my friend Olivia. TOMMY She’s seems interesting. So how did your dad know about us? ROXAN So we can add eavesdropper to your list of qualities. My dad is your producer, actually. TOMMY You’re Leo’s daughter? I was picturing someone a little younger from the way he talks about you. ROXAN What can I say? Daddy’s little girl. We watch as the smile at each other, their conversation fading away to the background noise of the party. We watch as Tommy takes her hand and leads her out to the balcony where they stand close together. The party goes on and we can see them through the glass doors still talking. 6 INT. TOUR BUS-NIGHT


The tour has been going on for a while. TOMMY and ROXAN are growing closer and spending more time together. TOMMY (Talking to ROXAN about how he is starting to really care for her)




ROXAN (Talking about how she cares for him too but she wants him to stop thinking about CANDIE) TOMMY takes his picture of CANDIE out of his wallet. 7 EXT. OUTSIDE TOUR BUS IN NEW YORK-NIGHT


The band is just getting back from playing their biggest venue yet. TOMMY and ROXAN are holding hands. CANDIE is there. ROXAN is usered into the bus. CANDIE (talks about how she was wrong to leave and how she misses TOMMY) TOMMY (Talks about how he has missed CANDIE but is in love with ROXAN) 8 INT. AFTER PARTY AT A CLUB-NIGHT TOMMY is in a corner by himself. ROXAN confronts him about CANDIE. ROXAN (Talking about how CANDIE is a bitch and how she only came back because he is famous) TOMMY ()



Screenplay 1 TOMMY STEEL is arguing with his girlfriend CANDIE about his future in his run-down crappy basement apartment in Chicago. TOMMY...


Screenplay 1 TOMMY STEEL is arguing with his girlfriend CANDIE about his future in his run-down crappy basement apartment in Chicago. TOMMY...