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the next step up in aluminium joinery

metro series sliding door with no corner post

a stylish and versatile range of heavy duty windows and doors

the product range

In the space of just a few years the Metro Series has become one of the most popular ranges in the New Zealand window industry. Based on a unified and contemporary design approach, the Metro Series offers a comprehensive portfolio of heavy duty windows and doors suitable for residential and architectural applications in a wide range of demanding environments. Metro products are positioned between APL’s mainstream residential suites and the high-performance APL Architectural Series. As such, Metro combines capability and brevity – serious performance with a sleek, compact design. The product range includes sliding, hinged, and bi-fold doors, and awning, casement and sliding windows, all designed to reflect a coordinated aesthetic.

metro series awning windows and fixed windows

strong, heavy duty profiles that don’t compromise on aesthetics

the window range awning - casement - sliding - bi-fold

Metro Series windows have the ‘muscle power’ to ensure that large sized formats perform with ease under a wide range of weather conditions. They have been designed for suitability in ‘specific design’ environments where stringent strength requirements apply. But strength and rigidity have not come at the cost of good looks; there is no compromise on aesthetics – all products are notable for their clean, flat surfaces, which are the preference of contemporary designers.

metro series sliding window

metro series bi-fold window

metro series sliding window

metro series awning window

new zealand’s most popular ‘heavy hitting’ range of exterior joinery by far

the window range awning - casement - sliding - bi-fold

awning & casement windows Opening windows have been designed to sit flush with the outside and inside face of the frame for a smooth, continuous look in the closed position. (Other options are possible, including one which overlaps the frame.) sliding windows For the ultimate in a robust slider the Metro product uses the sliding door frame. Stiffening boxes on interlocker stiles and mullions are flush in the closed position for superior aesthetics. bi-fold windows The Metro bi-fold window is bottom-rolling, with the weight carried on the sill to ensure ease of operation over the long term.

metro series sliding door

designed to be suitable in tall formats increasingly favoured by designers and homeowners

the door range sliding - hinged - french - bi-fold

To ensure seamless aesthetics the Metro Series offers a coordinated look across all door types. Frames are clean, flat and devoid of decorative slopes and steps. The robust profiles offer a ready solution to the challenges inherent in achieving joinery formats of size and capability in demanding weather and wind exposures. The Metro Series is a great choice for most residential and architectural uses.

metro series sliding door

metro series bi-fold door

metro series hinged door

metro series is the next step up from mainstream residential suites - strong, sleek and seriously capable

the door range sliding - hinged - french - bi-fold

sliding doors These have a clean frame design – with an uncluttered sill rebate – offering simplicity of appearance but with no compromise on performance. The bottomrolling sliding doors operate reliably in large sizes, with no danger of lintel sag. hinged & french doors As with sliders, the Metro Series hinged door frame is clean, flat and devoid of decorative slopes and steps. This trim look is carried through to the door rails and stiles. The french door format utilises the hinged door profiles. bi-fold doors The coordinated Metro Series look means that the bi-fold frame and door profiles are almost identical to the hinged door system. In other words, they follow the same smart, straightforward lines. The bi-fold panels are bottom rolling. A layback option is available where the doors fold back against adjoining walls.

miro lever handle

urbo wedgeless window fastener

icon sliding door handle

a blend of contemporary design and function family likeness is unmistakable and unsurpassed

the hardware options

miro hardware The Miro family resemblance fits well with the integrated aesthetics of the Metro Series. The Miro range has rounded, curvilinear handles and grips with the emphasis on ergonomics and comfort. Handles are made from diecast zinc and are available in a wide range of powder coat colours, as well as matt silver. Secure locking features have been included. urbo hardware Urbo gets the job done with slim lines. The window and door products in this range have clean shapes with a stylish combination of square and radiused edges. A fineness of line offers a lighter look than Miro or Icon but with no compromise on strength or performance; refinement meets functionality. Handles are made from diecast zinc with a full range of powder coat colour options available . icon hardware The Icon range has a contemporary, square-edge appearance designed especially to complement the clean square forms of Metro Series. Handles and grips are gently radiused to ensure a comfortable grip. Icon products are supplied in brushed stainless steel, 316-grade. Secure locking features have been included.

metro series thermal heart french doors and fixed windows

metro series thermal heart sliding window

metro series thermal heart sliding door and fixed windows

get serious about thermal efficiency in your home upgrade your joinery to metro series thermal heart™

upgrade to thermal heart


APL’s Thermal Heart technology for windows and doors meets contemporary and regulatory requirements for energy efficiency in homes. Metro Series Thermal Heart™ is a range of ‘thermally broken’ windows and doors that have a nylon insulator incorporated in every aluminium profile. This provides a highly effective barrier for minimising the transmission of cold and the development of condensation. When combined with double glazing the profiles offer homeowners and designers major advantages in meeting the Governments updated insulation provisions. The Metro Thermal Heart™ range offers 35% more thermal efficiency than standard double glazed windows and doors.

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METRO SERIES - the next step up in aluminium joinery. METRO SERIES offers a portfolio of heavy duty windows and doors suitable for residenti...

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