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Rose and Lavender Walk: heirloom Roses, Lavender cultivars, fragrance


he Santa Fe Botanical Garden’s one-acre site began as an eroded arroyo with poor soils and stressed native trees. With the goal of creating a space that included a broad palette of plants adapted to the region and a variety of design themes that could be replicated at homes and businesses, W. Gary Smith sought to highlight how artistic beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand.



Locally sourced stonework delineates each of the six garden areas while providing a harmonious composition to the entire site. A meadow gives way to the Rose and Lavender Walk, which adjoins an orchard and Xeric garden. Zuni bowls—stone structures that collect and slow the flow of stormwater—were used as a functional and aesthetic element. Smith coordinated SFBG staff, engineers, horticulturalists, storm water specialists, artists, and a local architect throughout the process, as well as spending time in the area sketching and painting.  BENJAMIN VOGT

The Designer – Fall 2017  
The Designer – Fall 2017