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View from the dining terrace leading to the sport court


verything outdoors” is the watchword for this contemporary residence on a steep site with distant views of a bay and island. The clients requested a number of outdoor features for family use and entertaining, including an entry courtyard with water feature, al fresco dining, a small lawn where children could play, an outdoor fireplace, and a sport court. The designer created a series of terraces connected by curving staircases and retaining walls, which lend a modern feeling to the site. A creative infinity lawn incorporates a “ha-ha” on one side that offers views of a neighboring meadow, and large boulders in the planting areas reinforce a rugged mood characteristic of this coastal property.  JANE BERGER, FAPLD

The dining area (left) and fire pit are on the top level.

The side connector path from fire terrace to dining terrace



The Designer – Fall 2017  
The Designer – Fall 2017