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Above: Built-in grill ne of the most difficult landscape with upper terrace and situations is one where a steep slope fireplace behind. Above angles down toward the house, right: Lower terrace with making the space not only unusable but dining area and specimen potentially hazardous. Designers Chris Elkow Dissectum Maple. Right: and Mark Hicks of Elise Landscapes & Nursery New vegetable garden with fieldstone walls LLC saw the possibilities for this space to tying into rear terraces. become a functional and inviting retreat for their clients. They created a multilevel terrace in the hillside, featuring an outdoor kitchen on the lower level and a cozy fireplace on the upper one and in the process, offered the homeowners a backyard that spans the seasons.

A fenced-in vegetable garden sits close to the kitchen, with a stone border that echoes material in other parts of the landscape for cohesion. Plantings include an evergreen screen for privacy, perennials and grasses over a septic field, and a mixed planting on the slope itself. The transformation is nothing short of spectacular. JENNY PETERSON 52


The Designer – Fall 2017  
The Designer – Fall 2017