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everal years of vacancy left this lovely property in neglect and decline, and with the new owners eager for usable outdoor space with picturesque and eclectic gardens, designer Charles Hess went to work. He joined the existing pool and tennis court with a realigned parking and driveway area, and a main entertaining terrace with a double-sided fireplace and pergola. Hess employed broad sweeps of plantings to create the pool garden and terrace garden, with seasonal container plantings for a bit of drama. The outlying border plantings provide privacy and definition from evergreen and deciduous material. The clients had strong opinions on plant choices, building materials, and furniture selection, and with a strong designer at the helm to pull it all together, the outcome is enchanting.  JENNY PETERSON


The family entrance's color scheme was pulled out into the garden.

Use sweeping curves and bold plantings to link outdoor features and direct the eye to favorable views while simultaneously screening views deemed unfavorable.



The Designer – Fall 2017  
The Designer – Fall 2017