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Ivy-laden fences provide yearround green.


s avid entertainers, the owners of this iconic and quintessentially Upper East Side building wanted a place to host cocktail parties and al fresco dinners. The space also needed to reflect the sophisticated aesthetic of the building’s architecture.

To achieve these goals, the designer created two tiers separating the single space into a dining and a lounging area. A harlequin-patterned fence draws the eye into the space—turning attention away from adjacent buildings—while ivy-laden fences enclose the area with a year-round living wall.

For a pop of color, the designer planted the client’s favorite blue Hydrangea in Italian terracotta pots in the dining area, and again in beds in the rear garden. A mass planting of sculptural Boxwood in the lounging area echoes a manicured topiary in the dining room. And formal, yet comfortable, outdoor furniture completes the space, adding classic elegance and modern simplicity to the entire area.  LYNN FELICI-GALLANT

Draw the eye into a small garden and away from competing unsightly elements by designing a decorative fence as a destination. Doing so not only provides a nice backdrop, it leads the visitor into the garden and to spaces within it you want them to enjoy. ST EA L T HIS:



The Designer – Fall 2017  
The Designer – Fall 2017