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There are so many pages about making money online where they promote their services as the best in the whole online make money jungle. Usually it is the same thing all along. "Join us and you will make tons of money in no time.." That is their weapon. They know that everyone wants to make tons of money and everybody in the whole world wants to make it as fast as humanly possible. if they feel curious enough, they join.. How deep is the first disappointment when they see the little writing that says: "This money making program is no 'become rich quick scheme' and we do not guarantee you will earn any money." After reading this they fell like "What the hell have I signed up for?!" But as they are trying to satisfy their selves with the idea of that there might still be some useful things in it to make some cash, so they keep on reading.. They are amazed by the heart catching story of how a totally broke man became a big wealthy monster in just 6 months doing this exact thing he is going to teach them. The visitors read and read thinking that this is finally the key to unlock the door to world of rich men. They duplicate everything they are given and wait for the money to come. But it is not happening. Why? That is the question I can answer.. because they lack knowledge.. the people who made these programs are always skilled programmers, marketers, business men and entrepreneurs. They make money on internet for years. They are experienced and can adapt. They say that even total nerd can money online and work with their systems.. yes he/she can, but only if they don't give up and if they gain some knowledge. Making no money or just a very few pennies consumes them and makes them spend even more, trying to get big money by spending big money.. but the success is not coming at all.. again! So they turn to support ...if any is provided.. asking "What the hell am I doing wrong?" What do you think they receive for an answer? Watch out. "Change this and that!" "Be creative!" "Try different traffic system!" ...and so forth...seems normal and logic, yes? ..I agree, but why wasn't the person trying to make money for them educated about this before? Why they did not make some video saying "Hey you money maker, we know it is hard sometimes to sell a product, so if this fails for you, try this, think this way, do this. It really seems to me that they just are not being honest with the guy who just bought the membership or whatever it was. They simply don't provide the poor one with enough training and

knowledge to make money online they were talking about when recruiting him. If some newbie is trying to do something he has never done before, he/she will...on 90%...screw it up unless someone tells him how exactly it is being done. Same goes for an affiliate. They may see computer for the first time in their life and in just a few minutes they become internet marketers, their gurus just give them product, show them Google and tell them "Go, sell it! Make us some money!" This is just horrible. On the other side, there are some good sites, clubs, programs and even so called Gurus. But they are in shade of the scum I wrote above. They are just not trusted enough, because of these people. Only a few who has the luck to find these good ones first, or to get some good recommendation are likely to make fine extra cash or even regular residual income. But as I said before.. they are only a few. They provide their affiliates with quantum of updated knowledge and instructions. Giving not only one way of promoting products online, but dozens of ways.. and still actualise them as the time and promotion evolves. These are just the perfect ones to join and even to give your money to, because it is always worth it. But which ones are those good ones? That is a hard question to reply. I think that if there is something 100% effective out there, everyone would do it.. but that may lead to total collapse. My second thought is that these systems are hiding and don't let everyone to come across.. If it is limited by people participating, or just the club fee they charge every month.. I don't know.. But there are some and it is up to you if you can find them. When trying to identify such money making systems, try to search for recommendation, for how long it is on function and what experts think about it. Good ones are almost every time recommended by media like CNN, BBC or anyone I just can remember. They simply can not afford to sign something with their name if it is not really powerful. Also look for how long are they making money online. I mean how long are they in internet marketing. If it is for at least few years, then it may have some good background. Just to give you some tips, I was pleased with the offer of this program made by Mack M. He is a good guy and he does provide mega tons of knowledge and instructional videos... So don't be blind and choose carefully my friends, because there are lots of online money making scam and sometimes it is really hard to see through this smoke of lies.

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==== ==== Making money online isn't as easy as people are sometimes lead to believe. Still the Truth is people are becoming successful millionaires, but it requires time and effort to be anything requires effort. ==== ====

Making Money Online - Scam and Honor  
Making Money Online - Scam and Honor  

Making Money Online requires knowledge and sound judgement. Remaining ahead of the of people competing to make money online demands that you...