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May 2010

A Letter From The Editor Alexander Jackman

As we lock our final issue this year, and potentially the final issue ever of the Leavitt Buzz, I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness. For two years I've worked on this paper, and for the last year I have been the Editor In Chief, a job which I did not take lightly. Throughout the year my fantastic staff and I have been trying to find different ways to make this paper the best news source that it could be for the Leavitt student body. We have impacted on several social networks including Facebook & Twitter. We restructured our online editions to make our website a better experience for our readers, and we have published now two print editions where last year there were none. A lot of work has been done this year by everyone involved from our fantastic staff writers whose hard work is scattered throughout this issue, to my assistant Editor In Chief, Samantha Varney, to our staff advisors, Mrs. Dorian & Mr. Fitzsimons, to the head of the English department, Ms. Mazzola to Mr. Hartnett and the rest of the administration. All of these people have made my job easier and helped create this wonderful issue that you are reading right now. Because of all of this work it is saddening to me that at press time, The Leavitt Buzz, after 10 years, is not a planned course next year. This is do to the underwhelming amount of people that signed up for the course, which is really a bummer. Journalism is a fun course that is really freeing, as you can pursue many avenues of work in the class. I encourage you all to speak to someone about the class, be it your English teacher or administration. If you are reading this paper, I'm sure you'd enjoy working on it, so please don't let the Buzz die. That said, I would like to thank you all for reading. The Buzz was by far my favorite part of my time here at Leavitt and it is sincerely worth all of the work when I see someone with a paper in their hands. So as I prepare to leave high school, I encourage you all not to let the Buzz leave with me. It has been a truly rewarding experience working on this paper with you all and for you all. Thank you, Alexander Jackman

The special Summer Issue of The Leavitt Buzz Page #9

A look back at the year of The Leavitt Sting Page #8

Class B State Champions! 21 Matthews Way, Turner, ME 04282

Volume 10, Issue 2

Nicholas Urquhart

At the beginning of the season the goal was to follow in the footsteps of the '95 and '98 Leavitt football teams. Not only did they successfully follow in these past teams imprints but they went above and beyond what they previous accomplished. Leavitt football coach, Mike Hathaway, gathered his seniors in his classroom before setting a foot onto the field and set goals for the upcoming season. The first goal was an obvious one, one that every competitive high school team wants to achieve, to win every game. He thought, and the players thought as well, that they had the talent and the skill level to win every game of the season. However, a very unique statement that Hathaway repeated numerous times came up in this meeting. "Care the most about what your doing." Every meeting, every practice, every game, this was announced. The first game was a shaky start for Leavitt with a 29-22 squeak against Hampden Academy. It was a good awakening for the

Photo Courtesy of: Dustin Williamson

Leavitt Football team and Coaches after State game. Hornets, after the first game Leavitt out scored their opponents 309-44. Of the 44 points that were scored against Leavitt, 6 of the 44 points were actually scored on the Varsity players, who found their way to the sideline for most of the second half.

A common symbol was placed around the Hornets this year, RG. Everyone remembers Ricky Gibson from Maranacook who made a wish to have his team finally be able to play under the lights. After this event, Ricky died and Leavitt placed RG stickers on their helmets and painted "RG" on their

Working in High School Destiny Russell

As teenagers and high school students we have a constant need for money. Money for gas, shopping, and the trip to Dunkin Donuts every morning. These costs can add up and hitting your parents up for cash these days no longer flies. They're tired of giving you money for every little desire. They only thing they have to say to your request for cash : "Get a job!" Here in Turner, finding a local job is next to impossible. Places like Food City and Dunkin Donuts have so many students already working for them, no one is hiring. You find yourself crossing your fingers that someone will get fired,and maybe you'll be hired next. This is a terrible thing to wish

field in remembrance of Ricky. Coach Hathaway didn't believe that individual awards needed to be given each week. The only continuous award that needed to be handed out was the RG sticker that remained on the Leavitt players helmets. Continued on Page #7

for, but with summer right around the corner teens have a higher need for a job.

You find yourself in a desperate situation. You want to earn money, but local business aren't hiring. Maybe you branch out and look for jobs elsewhere. Auburn and Lewiston have lots of business that are hiring all the time, a large problem is the amount of hours available at these businesses. ...Continued on Page #11

Photo Courtesy of: Business World

With most High school jobs this amount of money is hard to find.

Senior Page #2

Destiny Russell

Graduation is right around the corner and several parents and teachers have been working long hours to set up the last activities we seniors will do together. The purpose of these activities is that we will remember these last few days as seniors for the rest of our lives. The four last years have only not been about grades, homework, Peaks Island and learning...but about finding ourselves, making friends and creating memories that we will Green Ladle never forget. The senior festivities include our class trip, senior banquet/class night, senior breakfast, graduation, and project graduation. These activities will be our last days at Leavitt. All seniors are encouraged to attend and enjoy the last days of high school together. May 28 and June 1 - Senior finals for the last time. Green day finals on May 28th and White day on June 1st. If you miss one of these test dates, the make up day will be June 2.

Senior Section

Financial Aid: Events Federal Role? Samantha Varney

The Obama administration announced early this year that they were in the process of expanding the federal college aid programs for low-income families. The plan was to raise the federal grants available to college students by about two hundred dollars for the next school year and by about 1,000 by 2020. However, as several financial aid reports are being handed out to anxious college students, little if any change have been noticeable.

Photo Courtsey of: American Institute of Certified Edutational Planners

Graduation: Sunday June 6th at 3 p.m June 2, 2010- Class Breakfast in the morning for seniors. Seniors will then leave the school at 8:30 a.m. for our Casco Bay and Peaks Island Class trip. We are scheduled to return around 6:00 p.m. June 3, 2010- Seniors will have marching practice in the morning at Leavitt. Also that night, at 6:00 p.m. will be the senior banquet. A formal gathering of all seniors at the Green Ladle in Lewiston. June 4, 2010- Seniors will

So You're Not Going To College: The other options

It's the end of the year. For anyone who's not a senior, this is good news. It's great news in fact. It means summer is just around the corner.

For some seniors however, a grim reality sets in. The good times are over. There is no more school. That means no more scheduled days surrounded by scheduled extracurricular activities. Life truly begins when you leave high school, and with less than 3 months of summer, life will begin for a lot of kids. College, is about to begin with the onset of the fall college semester. However, as of March 29th, for Leavitt's 158 attending Seniors, this reality is only

The Leavitt Buzz

true for 41% of the class. What happened? 85% of the Class of 2009 ventured into some form of post secondary education. The same goes for the classes of 2008 and 2007, with 84% and 86% respectively.

The biggest issue is a lot of kids haven't even maintained contact with their guidance counselors after they mailed out their applications and transcripts. These days it seems as if the high school graduate has to either make a decision or life is over. But, there's more options than just college these days. Going to school for a general education isn't nearly as effective as it used to be. It's outdated, antiquated, and serves little purpose in today's hyper com-

have marching practice at 12 noon at the Lewiston Collisee. Seniors are asked to arrive at the school by 11:15 for school provided transportation. That evening Leavitt's Junior class will host class night. Having a Hawaiian theme reception followed by the presentation of several senior awards and scholarships. June 6, 2010- Graduation will be held at the Lewiston Collisee at 3p.m. Seniors will leave directly from graduation to attend project graduation.

So what is it that Washington did, if anything, to improve the effectiveness of its programs and reduce the costs of college? Given the importance of government subsidy of higher education is the magnitude of their current effort appropriate? According to a study done by the New York Times less than 1 percent of the federal budget is devoted to higher education, that's a 2 percent cut from 2008. However, out of that about 70 percent is in the form of loans. Another study shows that the budget for post secondary education has only increased by about 1.5% from 1995's budget of $13 billion.

Compared to the 10% increase in College costs and the financial hardship of most families, the increase is unbearable. In previous economic recessions, the leaders of our government have always increased the funding for educational programs to help keep young adults in school and keep the level of unemployment from increasing drastically. The funding of higher education isn't just important during hard economic times, its an ongoing importance that seems to be overlooked as the years play on. But for how much longer can America survive on such standards? A democratic government depends on the intelligence of its people in order to run smoothly. With drop out rates reaching all time highs and post secondary funding not taking a stand, how much longer can we expect to be a well educated nation? During this recession the Obama administration should take into consideration the human capital, such as college students, as much as they have funded the Wall Street banks and their record end of the year bonuses.

petitive job market. Today's economy demands a specialized four year degree that rakes in enough money to compensate the 80,000 dollars in student loans that accompanies it. For those that choose to pursue a four year degree in general education are stuck because they have harder times finding corporate jobs. There's no need to fret about not going to "traditional" college or getting a "traditional" degree anymore. A hard worker who isn't quite fit for the rigors of college can go out and take night courses and get a degree to become a tradesman. It all depends on what you really want to do and what type of work you're fit to do. Just remember, your life's education does not end with high school, and isn't necessarily beginning with college.

Join the working class.

Photo Courtsey of: Business Week


Glee The Leavitt Buzz

Page #3

... a new kind of television. Alexander Jackman Glee is a new kind of television. From it's interesting marketing scheme by FOX Broadcasting to the fact that it is a weekly musical, it is evident that Glee is something different. It all started on May 13, 2009. After Kris Allen defeated Adam Lambert in a shocking American Idol finale, the pilot episode of an unknown show called "Glee" aired. It was instantly a fan favorite, it left audiences (adults and children alike) salivating for more ... But they would have to wait until September 9, 2009 for a second episode. It was a daring move made by FOX Broadcasting Company to air the pilot of a show 4 months prior to the actual beginning of it's first season. Within these 4 months FOX created a massive marketing campaign. Songs from the first episode, including Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" were made available for download on iTunes, a DVD of the first episode was released exclusively to Wal*Mart stores, and Hot Topic picked up a full range of Glee products from tshirts to buttons. Also at Hot Topic stores you could find

Photo Courtesy of: Fox Broadcasting Company

The cast of Glee: (Left to Right) Jayma Mays, Jessalyn Gilsig, Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Lea Michele, Jenna Ushkowitz, Mark Salling, Diana Agron, and Jane Lynch. members of the cast! Cast members did a brief promotional tour at Hot Topic stores across the nation and signed autographs and took photos with the fans that showed up ... And oh, did they show up.

And when 4 months were up, it all paid off... Glee truly kicked off it's first season with it's second episode "Showmance" which drew in 7.3 Million viewers. Impressed by the new hit, FOX made Glee the first new show to be picked up for a full first season and even a second season on any network in the Fall of


The fans were dedicated from the beginning... Giving the first part of the first season an average of 7 million viewers per episode and buying all of the products that were produced. These products include (already!) two soundtracks for the first half of the first season and a DVD set of the first 13 episodes called "Glee: The Road to Sectionals". Then Glee went away.

Glee left our airwaves on December 9, 2009 after the 13th episode of the first season, "Sectionals", and wouldn't return until April 13, 2010. The extended hiatus was due to a combination of the typical TV Show's Winter break and the new season of FOX's American Idol which owns Glee's timeslot from February to April.

Fan favorite guest-star Kristin Chenoweth was promised to return as the adorable homeless wino that is "April Rhodes" and Idina Menzel, who played Chenoweth's frenemy in the broadway musical "Wicked", was scheduled to make an appearance when Glee returned in April.

But when Glee came back fans were promised several things that made the wait worth their while.

Glee fans were also promised an AllMadonna-Music episode which fans have been promised since the first episode... Continued on Page #6

You're invited to Ke$ha's party.

... but the party won't start 'til she walks in. Alexander Jackman

Ke$ha has been around for years, you just didn’t know it yet. But that’s all changed this year. She made an appearances in Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” video in 2008 and made Flo Rida’s head go “Right Round” in 2009. But it’s not until now, 2010 that Ke$ha truly arrived with her debut album, containing all of the necessary ingredients for a smash hit: Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll.

The album begins with “Your Love Is My Drug,” a dance track about being addicted to a boy which leads right into “Tik Tok,” which is another upbeat track about partying night in and night out. Up next is one of my favorites off the album, “Take It Off”, which is heavy in vocal effects and is all about a “place downtown, where the freaks all come around”. Ke$ha then brings her listener to “Kiss N’ Tell” which is another fast & fun track about a boy who cheats and runs his mouth about it.

Ke$ha is a rare pop star in today’s world as on her debut album she cowrote all 14 tracks, a feat that Britney Spears has yet to accomplish in her 10 year career. And the tracks don’t all sound the same. The range of the album is quite great, really, from ballads like “Hungover” to addicting upbeat tracks like her first single, “Tik Tok”.

On Track #5, “Stephen”, Ke$ha shows us a different side of herself. Less upbeat, but still not a ballad, “Stephen” is perhaps my favorite song on the whole album. Lyrically “Stephen” is about a boy who won’t

Cassidy Langelier

and how it effects the families in each situation.

call her back, but it’s Ke$ha’s vocals that really make this song simply superb. With less vocal effects than we’ve seen applied to her thus far on the album, it is evident that Ke$ha is not just talented post million-dollareffects. Next up on the album is “Blah Blah Blah” which features guest vocals by 3oh!3, the band that brought us “Don’t Trust Me”. “Blah Blah Blah” is one of the dirtiest songs on the whole album, with more raunch (both implicit and explicit) in the first 30 seconds than other songs have in their whole 3 minutes. After this, Ke$ha takes it down a few notches when the album’s first of two ballads pops up in “Hungover”.

Photo Courtesy of: RCA Records

Ke$ha in one of the promotional photos for her debut album "Animal" which was later used for the "Tik Tok"

Jodi Picoult: "an unassuming brilliance."

We all read the stories in the newspapers about what the celebrities are doing or what the latest medical breakthroughs or problems are but to fully understand them it seems as if we need to really be put into their story. Jodi Picoult is most famous for her novels about the medical community

Somehow though, those families always end up in a court room fighting for someones life, freedom, or body. My Sister’s Keeper is among Picoult’s best selling books. The book won Best Novel from the Latino Book Awards, as well as the Best Book of The Year in 2005.

Continued on Page #6

PEOPLE magaine states that “This beautifully crafted novel will grab leaders with its stunning topic…” My Sister’s Keeper was released as a movie on June 26th, 2009 and was number two at the box office for four consecutive weeks.

Her new book, House Rules brings a reader into the life of Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). The syndrome has gone under the

radar for years with no or little recognition. Asperger’s is a form of Autism, which effects ones ability to comprehend social cues given by others. Those who suffer from the syndrome are highly intelligent however, and often are more advanced then someone without the syndrome.

“One out of one hundred kids is diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum " it was time to write a book taht explored this very theme.” Picoult says about her

newest novel House Rules.

House Rules brings you as a reader into the life of Jacob Hunt, a teenager with AS. He doesn’t understand social cues, and he can’t express himself to others. Because he keeps to himself, he develops this obsession with forensic analysis. Continued on Page #6



The Leavitt Buzz

End of Year 2010

Photo Courtesy of: Facebook, Inc.

Social Gaming: A Story of Addiction

Facebook is the leader of social networks and thus far surpasses the others in the amount of social games available and played.

Cassidy Langelier

Facebook, the number one social networking site was created to reconnect with old friends or keep in touch with a co-worker, but now it seems to be serving a whole new purpose... Social gaming. Social gaming is becoming one's favorite way to waste time online. If it wasn't bad enough that we spend an average of seven hours a month chatting with our friends, now we have farms to tend and aquariums to clean.

top right corner of your Facebook page where you're invited to become someone's "neighbor" or begged for a gift that will further them in their virtual fantasy.

FarmVille alone has 75 million players each month. This means that more people play FarmVille in one month than the combined populations of Egypt, France, and Iran. It's an addiction we've all stumbled upon by mistake. Surely, before the games were popular, we didn't expect to schedule our day around what time our crops needed to be harvested. Oddly enough, teens aren't the ones who fall into the trap of these games. An older generation, age ranging from 30 to 35, spend at least four hours every

day tending their farm or running their restaurant.

"Video games actually appeal to a huge cross-section. They appeal to everybody," Steinberg, publisher of DigitalTren's told CNN. "What happened is, as we went through the mid-'80s to the mid-2000s, you started to see gaming become more incestuous in terms of 18 to 34-year-old males making games for people just like them." Steinberg told CNN. Zynga Games, the company responsible for creating the most popular games, believes that these social games provide an opportunity to develop a "deep" bond between you and your friends, something you wouldn't get with a normal video game.

about something virtual, but the games give you a feeling that you're really part of it. When becoming a part of FarmVille you take on the responsibility of the whole farm, it's up to you to keep it running, and maybe that's what draws us all in. This new addiction causes us to look at how many hours we're spending on the internet each day, but what we really need to notice is the impact that it's having on our daily routines. The purchase of virtual "goods" has brought an estimated $5 billion to the United States. Continued on Page #6

Cell Phones: Cancerous Communication? We've all seen it. That little box of requests in the

Kelly McNear

Rumors of cell phone use causing brain tumors and brain cancer have swept the nation into fear. Fear that they will become ill or die from using their cell phones too much, or at all. News sources have gotten ahold of information from scientists suggesting that, over a period of time, cell phones can cause electromagnetic waves to go into your head and cause serious health risks.

Is this really so?

It's hard to believe that we would worry so much

that warn of the possibility of brain and see what the long-term effects cancer, the phones would also re- are. It is just too soon." TechAmerica says, "Scientific ev- quire a graphic of a child's brain idence so far does not indicate a and the word "warning" printed in If you are worried about the public health risk." health risks of talking on your cell large, red letters on it. phone (though there is no substanEven so, Government and even Dr. Stewart Fleishman, the direc- tial evidence yet) here are some tips other organizations are taking ac- tor of cancer supportive services at to make you feel safer: use a hands tion. But how much action, if any, Continuum Cancer Centers of New free ear piece as much as you can, should they take? York says, "There are problems switch the phone to the opposite with that study and the studies side of your head during a long The Maine legislator's proposal is haven't gone out far enough for us conversation and finally, texting a little more intense than that of San to be comfortable." (meaning they also keeps the phone away from Francisco's. Not only is it calling have not tested enough people) "We your head and thus is also a good for labels on phones and packaging need time for the studies to mature way to avoid possible exposure


The Apple iPad Has Arrived. The Leavitt Buzz

Page #5

Alexander Jackman

January 27, 2010 was a day for the technology history books.

After nearly 8 years of rumors regarding the mysterious "Apple Tablet", Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, Inc., stepped on stage to deliver his Keynote (Apple's version of Microsoft's "PowerPoint") Presentation. After throwing out some business statistics as a torturous form of teasing, Steve finally said "So let's get to the main event." And that was the moment the world Back & Side view met the "iPad." of the 3G model.

Mr. Jobs prefaced the actual naming of the product by showing Apple's two perfect products: their superb (and PC superior) set of computers and their superb (and superior) iPhone, with an empty spot between them. For there to be a third product, "it has to be far better at doing some key tasks." What tasks? "Browsing, Email, Photos, Videos, Music, Games," ... and "eBooks." While many thought that Apple's new product would be a "Netbook", Steve denied that, and cited reasons that us Leavitt students know well. Netbooks are: "Slow, Low Quality Displays, & PC Software." Then he shows the world the iPad. And it's beautiful. The iPad has a gorgeous 9.7 inch touchscreen display with one button on the screen.

Photo courtesy of: Apple, Inc.

Promotional images of the iPad remain front and center on the Apple website until the announcement of their newest project (rumored to be the fourth generation iPhone).

It is .5 inches thick and weighs about 1.5 pounds. It has iPhone's fingerprint resistant coating and multitouch technology, as well as it's Accelerometer (for rotating the screen) and Ambient Light Sensor (for AutoBrightness).

It's basically this: iPhone - Phone - Camera + Size + Speed + iBooks + iWork = iPad. The iPad comes in 6 models: WiFi 16GB, WiFi 32GB, & WiFi 64GB. Then there's the WiFi+3G 16GB, WiFi+3G 32GB, & WiFi+3G 64GB... And the pricing begins at


Watching the video from the conference, which is extremely long, makes it evident that Steve & his team reached their goal of making a device that was better at the aforementioned tasks. One team member even dubs the device "Magical." And that team member is correct. With the iPad Apple made strides in technology, beauty, and pricing, which is a rare feat for the company who's devices are usually much higher than their PC Counterparts.

60 days from it's announcement, the iPad will began shipping to the people who are ambitious enough to buy them pre-publicreview. However for the WiFi+3G models it was another 30 days, bringing it to a 90 day waiting period. And then it was released, selling over 300,000 devices and 250,000 eBooks on it's first day, it is clear that the iPad has quickly become another one of Apple's greatest hits.

What are you reading? A Reading Revolution. Alexander Jackman

In the technologically revolutionary world that we live in today, nothing in our day to day lives is staying the same. The cell phone replaced the landline, digital video replaced the DVD (and TV?) and the computer replaced, well, everything. And it seems that books, magazines, and other papers are on their way out next. First there was the "Amazon kindle" the first significant ebook reader with a 6-inch "eInk" display, a full keyboard, and space for about 1,500 ebooks which are available for immediate download through But priced at $259, it's really just picking up speed now, about three years after

it's release.

Following the kindle in idea and style was the "Barnes & Noble nook". The nook was released in late November 2009, just in time for Christmas, and immediately sold out, it also immediately boosted the sales of it's predecessor and competition, the kindle. The nook, like the kindle, also has a 6-inch "eInk" display, space for 1,500 books and a very similar look... However, unlike the kindle, the nook has a small touchscreen below the eInk display that allows users to browse their library and the store and type, which removes the use for the physical keyboard that the kindle displays. Also similar to the kindle is the nook's price tag which matches perfectly at $259. Soon after the success of the nook and kindle a company

called Kobo, who previously just had eReader apps for other company's devices, released their Kobo eReader. At first glance the Kobo eReader is really nothing special when compared with the nook and kindle. It's not really that special at second glance either, or third for that matter. But that's it's point.

It's a stripped down version of both devices: it has no 3G like the two other devices boast, no Wi-Fi either which the other two devices also have, no form of keyboard touch or otherwise, and thus you cannot download books directly to the device. To get books you have to connect to a computer OR you can connect to other devices via Bluetooth technology. And for everything that's absent from the device as are a few digits from the price tag. The kobo eReader rings in at $149, $110 less than it's two competitors, which make make it the most successful eReader of them all. All three devices offer applications for several other platforms for reading. You can download applications from Amazon, B&N, and Kobo to read your purchases on traditional computers, iPhone, several smart phones, and the new Apple iPad... Which brings us to a whole new world. The Apple iPad is sold sort of as a cross between a laptop and an eReader which may make it the best or most unnecessary of the 4 popular products. It doesn't boast the eInk displays, but yet a traditional LCD display. Some people find this great, as the LCD screen comes in handy for other tasks that the iPad does or for reading color books (or magazines, we'll get to that later), but some people consider this a really bad thing, because the whole point of the eInk display is that it doesn't hurt your eyes when reading like the LCD display that the iPad boasts.

Photo Courtesy of: Barnes & Noble, Inc.

An angled promotional image of the Barnes & Noble "nook" showing it's thin size, with it's touchscreen featuring Memoirs of a Geisha.

But on the plus side the iPad runs apps from Amazon, B&N, Kobo and several more which gives options to it's owners as to what outlet they would like to purchase books from. Apple also has it's own app, iBooks, which is probably far better than the rest because it's a native application (created by Apple). On the bigger plus side, it's a computer, it runs millions of applications, is internet connected, doubles as an iPod (with video) and is really much like a giant iPhone (they run on the same operating system) without the phone.

"... books, magazines, and other papers are on their way out next."

However with bigger features comes a bigger price tag, and the iPad starts at $499. Another thing the iPad does better than the rest? Magazines. The full color displays allow for the full-color photos that we all know and love from our favorite magazines. Sure, digital copies of magazines have been for a while, but they never really had the perfect platform. You could read them on your computer, but that was hardly mobile, you could read them on your iPhone, but that was a tad to mobile. But the iPad, which comes in at about the size of a traditional magazine fixes that. Top digital magazine publisher took note of that and released their iPad app the day of the iPad release. Zinio is home to the digital copies of Elle, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Playboy and many more top magazines... And these digital copies have, in fact, gone completely digital with embedded video and behind the scenes extras. Some magazines, like Interview, even give Zinio digital copies of their issues before they hit newsstands, an added incentive for the avid reader to go paperless. So when you are reading on the beach this Summer, what will you be reading on. There are several options and with such hefty price tags, it's clearly a big decision. So weigh your options and pick the one that's best for you, it's easy to do. And have fun being a future-forward book-loving beach bum this summer.

... Continued

You're invited to Ke$ha's party. Jodi Picoult

Page #6

Alexander Jackman

Cassidy Langelier

Continued from Page #3

...Lyrically the song is very good, with very melancholy statements about being hungover, but though it’s great, it simply isn’t as much fun as the rest of the album… But ballads never really are.

Continued from Page #3 ...When Jacob's tutor is found dead his strange obsession leaves all eyes on him. His AS however, causes Jacob to look more suspicious then ever and he finds himself being accused of murder.

“Party At A Rich Dude’s House” and “Backstabber” are the next two tracks and they are both fantastic with “Party…” being much better than the latter. After that is “Blind” which is the second ballad… It doesn’t even come close to comparing to “Hungover.” Then is the most clever song on the album “Dinosaur” or rather “D.I.N.O.S.A. U R a Dinosaur” which is about an old man hitting on her. Gross. To finish off the album, “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes” is a mid-tempo track that doesn’t really stand out among the rest of the tracks. Followed by “Boots and Boys” which Ke$ha seems to think are very similar accessories. Then the not-sogrand finale is the title track, “Animal”, which is a really good song, but in a sea of “Great” and “Fantastic”, “Good” just isn’t good enough for me.


All in all, “Animal” is a fantastic album, and possibly the second greatest debut record I’ve ever heard. It loses the #1 spot of course to Lady GaGa’s “The Fame” which only included one ballad. And even now, almost halfway through 2010, I still believe she is the "Best New Artist" of 2010.

Alexander Jackman

Continued from Page #3

...and an appearance by Olivia Newton-John who will sing "Physical" with cheer-coach and fan-favorite "Sue Sylvester". These precious promises are the only things that allowed Gleeks (the name for Glee fans) to continue on with the daily grind without any Glee in their life for the painstakingly long four months. When Glee finally made it's return it came back strong, drawing in nearly double the

BookPage says the book "is at her razorsharp best with House Rules. It's both a tender look at the depths of a mother's love and a searing examination of how we treat those who are different, and whether we expect them to play by the same rules." Photo Courtesy of: RCA Records

Another image to promote new artist Ke$ha who's debut album was distributed by RCA Records earlier this year. Her first single, Tik Tok, went to number #1 on the charts and was actually the first #1 of the new decade. It broke the record for most downloads of a song by a female and became the second bestselling-in-a-week single ever only following Flo Rida's "Right Round" which she is featured in. Tik Tok was also the longest running #1 by a female artist since 1977.

Subscriptions to Netflix are a popular way you can earn in-game currency as well as I.Q tests that appear in pop up windows. These both offer you rewards but also require

Must Hear: “Stephen” and “Take It Off”

"Picoult writes with unassuming brilliance," says Stephen King one of the nation's best selling authors. Picoult's unexpected information of the medical community will continue to inspire readers to reasearch and become informed with the ever changing medical world. Her timeless novels will continue inform readers about the difficulties of living with a medical condition.

Aside from the "Power of Madonna" soundtrack, also announced was "Glee The Music: Showstoppers" a fourth soundtrack released on May 18, featuring the vocal talent of the Glee cast with guest stars like Jonathan Groff, Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, and Neil Patrick Harris, who guest-starred in an episode directed by his friend and "Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog" director, Buffy creator Joss Whedon. It is clear that Glee will be around for a long while and it's sure to have a Gleeful run for fans and businessman alike. The fan base keeps growing, as does the merchandise they can buy, and so do the amount of episodes. This small fledgling of a show is going to grow up into a beautiful bird that will soar to new television heights.

personal information which may lead to extra charges C o n t i n u e d you'll find out about later. from Page #3

...What people are paying for, though, are The Facebook a simple colThumbnail Logo lection of pixel's on a web page.

With an album as strong as this and accolades like that, it is clear the Ke$ha is more than a one hit wonder (her 2nd single "Blah Blah Blah" has already gone to #1) and that she will be around for a long long time... Maybe even until she's a "dinosaur."

Her book was released March 2 of this year, and is already expected to make the best seller list.

amount of viewers it drew in during the first half of the season. The all-Madonna episode arrived a week after that, and had it's own soundtrack released on the same day as that. The next week, Kristin Chenoweth did return, as promised, but, disappointing fans, she did not sing with former Wicked co-star Idina Menzel who was absent from the episode.

Social Gaming: A Story of Addiction

Alexander Jackman

The Leavitt Buzz

Maybe money wouldn't be an issue if we spent our time doing something productive instead of playing on Facebook for hours.

Social gaming has given us the opportunity to interact with friends in a new convenient way, but what we gamers haven't realized is that it's taking over our social and financial lives, and that's not so convenient.

Photo Courtesy of: Fox Broadcasting Company

The 15 promotional posters seen throughout the world featuring the individual cast members.

A Reading Revolution

Alexander Jackman

Continued from Page #3 ...But on the plus side the iPad runs apps from Amazon, B&N, Kobo and several more which gives options to it's owners as to what outlet they would like to purchase books from. Apple also has it's own app, iBooks, which is probably far better than the rest because it's a native application (created by Apple). On the bigger plus side, it's a computer, it runs millions of applications, is internet connected, doubles as an iPod (with video) and is really much like a giant iPhone (they run on the same operating system) without the phone. However with bigger features comes a bigger price tag, and the iPad starts at $499. Another thing the iPad does better than the rest? Magazines. The full color displays allow for the full-color photos that we all know and love from our favorite magazines. Sure, digital copies of magazines have been for a while, but they never really had the per-

fect platform. You could read them on your computer, but that was hardly mobile, you could read them on your iPhone, but that was a tad to mobile. But the iPad, which comes in at about the size of a traditional magazine fixes that. Top digital magazine publisher took note of that and released their iPad app the day of the iPad release.

Zinio is home to the digital copies of Elle, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Playboy and many more top magazines... And these digital copies have, in fact, gone completely digital with embedded video and behind the scenes extras. Some magazines, like Interview, even give Zinio digital copies of their issues before they hit newsstands, an added incentive for the avid reader to go paperless. So when you are reading on the beach this Summer, what will you be reading on. There are several options and with such hefty price tags, it's clearly a big decision. So weigh your options and pick the one that's best for you, it's easy to do. And have fun being a future-forward book-loving beach bum this summer.


Working in High School

The Leavitt Buzz

Destiny Russell

Places in town like Burger King and JC Penney have so many people working for them often they can only offer as much as ten hours a week per student. Ten hours a week at minimum wage isn't enough. Often teens find themselves spending their entire pay check in gas just to get to their minimum wage job.

...Continued from Page #11 There are 24 hour on site medical workers as well as a hospital that is only 25 minutes away which are all available to every family when needed. Along with therapy for families, where they can they learn acceptance and how to heal. What really makes Camp Sunshine special though is that these families attend the camp at no cost. Each family is sponsored by an individual, civic group, corporation or foundation.

With the hot weather comes a constant need for seasonal employees. Places such as Roy's Driving Range and local ice cream places are usually hiring younger employees. Most businesses like these close after the summer weather is done, so you can focus on your grades when school time rolls around again.

Beat the Heat: Staying Cool This Summer.

Brandon Maher

...Continued from Page #11 Currently, there is a rusted out fridge for those seeking a little extra thrill and height in their jumps. It rocks back and forth and to no one's surprise it's fallen into the lake below more than once. Simply put this is one of the funnest ways to cool off in the area.

Photo Courtesy of: Reality Now.

keep eye contact with the interviewer and try not to say "like" every other word. After the interview is over be sure to shake your interviewer's hand and say "thank you for your time."

... Continued from Page #11 *Daughtry with Lifehouse & Cavo on Jun 17 at 7:30pm. The performer will be completing the second leg of its U.S. arena tour, which is scheduled to begin March 18 in Baltimore, Maryland and will continue into the summer. For the upcoming shows, singer Chris Daughtry, bassist Josh Paul, drummer Joey Barnes, and guitarists Brian Craddock and Josh Steely will be joined by special guest Lifehouse and opening band Cavo. See them perform live at the Cumberland County Civic Center; 1 Civic Center Sq, Portland, ME . To buy tickets call (207) 775-3458 or visit the venues website for more information.


that you're going to need for the rest of your life. If you start in high school, you'll find that when you're out of college and beginning your career that it's easier for you to budget your money and time.

While you might not be making very much money at your summer job, you're learning how to budget your earnings. These are skills

The camp relies mainly on volunteers. It's run by 2000 volunteers who usually return year after year. They help with food, arts and crafts, and recreational leadership. Volunteers range from ages 16-80 and can be anybody from doctor's and nurses to high school and college students. This is the perfect opportunity for us to get involved. The camp not only provides a heart-warming experience for the children and families who attend, just a simple visit will impact any one. Camp Sunshine is a wonderful program. The camp reunites families and keeps them together through the darker times they may face. It supplies happiness, which may be just the cure they're in need of.

You may ask yourself, what about me? I don't like water. And unfortunately the sun doesn't discriminate against the pasty and pale among us. You're options aren't limited due to the unfortunate circumstances you face. Put on a little sunscreen, buy a diesel vehicle, and hit the freeway. Getting 50 mpg never felt so good, neither did the wind in your hair. Other than that you're options are pretty limited here, so good luck with that. And for the rest of us, I'll probably see you at the rope swing at some point. It's easy to find. It's just behind the flea market, so remember to lock your car doors, and don't forget to bring a towel.

Maine: Fun, Musical and Easily Accessable.

Samantha Varney

Camp Sunshine Bringing Happiness to Maine. Cassidy Langelier

...Continued from Page #1

When you're looking for a job don't forget to fill out lots of applications and follow up! Also when you pass in your application ask to see a manager to give it to him/her. This will give them a good first impression of you and show them that you really want the job. If you get an interview remember that appearance does matter. You should not stroll in in short shorts and a tank top. Try to look a little professional even if you're applying for a job at a gas station. This will make you look responsible and respectable. During the interview

Page #7

Community Gatherings: *Portland is hosting the 37th annual Old Port Festival on June 13th from 11am to 5pm. The event is Maine’s largest one day festival, featuring multiple stages of music, Maine-made arts and crafts, great food, shopping, and fun! * DiMilos, Old Ports famous floating restaurant always hosts lobster specials throughout the summer season. The noteworthy restaurant boasts the freshest seafood dinners in the Portland area. They're best known for their twin lobster dish; a meal featuring two 1lb lobsters baked stuffed or steamed with extra butter and a side of steamed vegetables. They also offer 1/2 lb and 2 lb lobsters, a variety of seafood chowders, and irresistible desserts on their dinner menu. Visit their website to view a list of their special events and take part in the best Maine feature; Fresh Lobster.

The fun of summer, a rope swing at the local pond.

Class B State Champs

Nicholas Urquhart

...Continued from Page #1 Throughout the season Josh Strickland and Eric Theiss ran the offense for Leavitt. Josh Strickland, said to be one of the top performers ever to play for Leavitt, ran for 300 yards in the state game against Cape Elizabeth and was nominated for Gatorade Player of the Year. After Eric Theiss led the league in passing yards, he was announced a semi-finalist for the Fitzpatrick Award. Max Cloutier, Matt Pellerin, James Morin, Mitch Cobb, Luke Wiley, and Buck Bochtler were up front for the two powerhouses in the back field all year. Defensively, Luke Wiley, Matt Pellerin, Jesse Pelletier, and Matt Porter were very successful in stopping the run and putting pressure on the quarterback all year. In the secondary John Letourneau, Jordan Hersom, Jason Fisher, Mitchell Cobb, and Jake Oullette were solid in keeping their opponents to only 28 points all season. The actual statistics say

that there were 44 points that were scored in the regular season but only 6 of those 44 points were actually scored against the varsity team.

On November 21, Leavitt defeated Cape Elizabeth 35-21. After setting goals, paying respect to close friends, hard work, and a long season, Leavitt brought home a well deserved gold ball. The players returned, with crowds of people swarming around the school, there was one man who stood at the locker room door. No one really knew who that guy was until the players all came out of the locker room. The kid's gathered around this man, and Coach Hathaway handed him the game ball. Hathaway exclaimed "This is the game ball of the state game and you deserve it." That night, a middle aged man walked away with two things. A state championship ball signed by all the players, and more importantly, a present from the football team in memorial of his son Ricky Gibson. Mr. Gibson had gone to the game and watched Leavitt win the 2009 Maine State Football Championship.

The Sting

My Gears, They're Grinding Page #8

The Leavitt Buzz

Brandon Maher

I'll tell you what grinds my gears. People who drive their cars around with the sticker still on. Whether it be the price sticker, the year of your brand new (used) car, or the dealer's exclamation of your car's suede interior and air conditioning, I've got one thing to tell you - it's pretentious. It's brash and unacceptable, especially considering the fact we live in Maine. The worst part about those who leave the sticker on, are those who probBrandon ably won't make it Maher through this article. There are two main groups participating in this cooler than cool activity. It's the adults, and the children. As in any situation where these two groups are the main participants. The adults should know better, because they are the leading example for the children. No one cares that your Nissan Murano is an '09, Mr. I'm driving 50 mph down Rt. 4 so everyone can see me. It's a used car, and that's the bottom line. Being proud about a fact like that is as sweet as wearing a big gold medal around your neck for being good at building sand castles. This goes for you too kids.

Photo Courtesy of Turner Auto Deal

that when you have a sticker like that it proclaims nothing other than the fact it's a used car. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with buying a used car. It's economical. Fact: a new car loses, on average, 30% of it's retail value the second it leaves the lot.

We know you didn't buy your car. We know that for a fact, so why on earth are those stickers still on it? This sad part is

But to be so proud of the fact that your car is newer than the guy driving next to you so much so that you insist on leaving

Nicholas Urquhart

that is supplied for us is definitely a negative aspect. Giving us computers without cases is just begging for us to break them some how. "Go out and by a case at Walmart," says many staff members here at Leavitt. Not every kid can just go out and by a case for a computer that the school supplies.

the easily removed yellow badge of honor on is deplorable. There are alternatives to achieving such grand admiration from everyone else. You could get a vanity plate. The kids tell me those are cool. You could be politically conscious and sticker your bumper beyond recognition with sayings and pass judgment on others in that manner.

that make up our world. It's alright to own nice things, it's a privilege for some, a right for others, but nevertheless, it's acceptable. To appreciate what you have, to take care of it and to be proud is also acceptable. But to go to such lengths to show others how you just paid for something that lost 30 percent of it's value the moment you stepped into it, well frankly, one should be ashamed.

You know what grinds my gears? On ridiculous Laptops... I'm sure that every kid in this school is appreciative that we have the laptops to use in school instead of worrying about if the computer lab or the library is open, however, the laptops that they have supplied us with are garbage. Reimaging the computer three times is a little ridiculous and uncalled for. The awful connection that we get between the school and the wifi

Some kids would rather there be a choice not to take the computer. "They're pieces of sh**" says Sam Ricker. Although you have "straight to the point" statements like Ricker, there are optimistic statements like that of Shawn Berry,

Or you could think for yourself. You could see past all the material and vanity

"they're better than nothing." Appreciated, yes, necessary, maybe, asset, not at all.

The computers seem more of a source of entertainment for kids to pass time rather than use in class to udilize as a resource. Laptops that we are supplied with should be more then 200 dollars and have better contents. We are expected to take care of the laptops without a case but if we get a crack on it anywhere we have to pay 100 dollars. It's like they don't give us a case to set us up for that eventual payment. Some teachers do rely on students to use their computers as a resource but when the computers are constantly failing us when we rely on them it pushes us away from wanting to use them. The connection, or lack there of, angers people and almost makes students give up on whatever their task is. I think that teacher's or the principles intended on these computers to be reliable sources for every day learning but it really has just prohibited us from learning. It may be disrespectful to some teachers and the school to speak so low of these computers but in a majority of people's opinions, these computers are a set back and used for unintended reasons.

Photo Courtesy of: Asus, Inc.

The EePC by Asus, Inc. that was distributed to Leavitt students this year.

On P.D.A Is the amount of couples in the hall that are always showing some sort of public display of affection towards each other. Your in high school, don't you think you can act a little more mature, maybe just keep it to a kiss and a good-

But lastly, take that sticker off, you look like a tool.

" The laptops that they have supplied us with are garbage "


Nick Urquhart

Instead people feel the need to get up on each other, put there hands in places that are completely unnecessary, make the goodbye kiss into a little bit of tongue, "let's leave this place" kind of deal. When you have teacher's who are staring at you and sometimes just standing right in front of you, you would think that students would have the common sense to maybe move to a place that isn't centrally located. Or an even better idea, save every body from throwing up and just don't do it at all. Walking down the hall you can always see at least three couples who are overly "excited" to see each other before every class. It's bad when you hear teachers say that they see it every day and the kids know that the teachers are watching but don't care what they're doing. This is why teen pregnancy is as high as it is.

Samantha Varney on Summer Fashion Page #10

May 2010

Beat the Heat. Staying Cool This Summer Brandon Maher

It's hot now, and it will only get hotter as the summer goes on. There's many traditional ways to cool off. You could go to the beach, or your back yard's pool. There's water parks, or maybe if you want to reminisce on your younger years you could set one up in your back yard connected to a hose, and run back and forth through it. But you're older now; you should find a place to cool down in a more grown up manner; and there's plenty of options. The most popular spot in Turner would easily be the "new" bridge by the "old" redemption center. The parking is scant, the people tend to get angry and call the cops when there's too many people walking around on the bridge, and the water looks dirty, but that hasn't stopped area residents from visiting this hot spot when there is really nothing else to do. The best part of this is the recent addition to the area. If anyone can recall the brown house on the corner opposite the bridge, that seemed to do nothing but take up space and look ugly, they will be pleased to hear that it is now gone. In it's place sits a grassy knoll with some benches. This new addition offers area residents the chance to go relax, watch some bridge jumpers, and take a break from the hot summer day. Turner seems to be king in summer time for ways to cool off. I'm sure everyone has driven down Route 4 at least one time in their life. Well right between where Kurt Youland built his Mobil "Pit-Stop" and where the Chic-a-dee divides Auburn and Turner there is a legendary rope swing of ungodly proportions. How it got there is not known, but most people I have talked to have told me it's been there since the early 1990's. Despite having a vague history, it's a rather simple operation going on. There's just one rope that's hanging from a branch approximately 40 feet off the ground. The rope is usually 3 or 4 different ropes tied together. ... Continued On Page #7

Fill your Summer with fun. Things to do. Page #12

Summer Cinema Coming soon to a theater near you. Page #11

21 Matthews Way Turner, Maine 04282

Volume 10 Issue 2

Maine: Fun, Musical and Easily Accessible. Samantha Varney Summer is time to break free. Try something new, throw a great party, go to the beach, or just get away from your regular routine of work and school. And its ideal that we are close to two superb event infested cities: Portland, ME and Boston, MA. So take a day trip to the city with your family and friends to experience a few of their many musical and festive events. Museums: *The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is hosting the annual free community day. On Sunday June 20th from 10 am to 4:45 pm. So take the whole family for a day of sight seeing and beautiful art. *The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is hosting a special exhibition gallery with free admission on June 4, 2010 from 6:00-8:00 PM. Come view extraordinary works of art inspired by the Gardner and created by local students. This annual art exhibition showcases the Gardner's collaboration with local community organizations through the museum's Community Partnership Program. Participating schools and programs include: Dorchester Alternative School, Fenway High School, Hawthorne Youth and Community Center, Home for Little Wanderers Knight Children's Center, Little House Alternative School, Mother Caroline Academy, Peace Drum Project, and the Gardner Museum's Museum Associates and Teens-Behind-the-Scenes Programs. Music & Performances:

Photo Courtesy of

One of the many island off the coast of Maine. *The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is hosting a musical concert on June 15th from 1:00 to 2:00pm.The concerts are by members of New England Conservatory's Summer Institute for Contemporary Performance Practice and feature music from the 20th and 21st centuries. The Concerts are free with museum admission; seating begins at 12:45pm. Audience members are invited to drop in or stay for the entirety of the concert.

Ballet for a second season in an unprecedented move by Mikko Nissinen. The five-ballet program made its Boston premiere in February 2009, providing audiences with a view into Kyli n's unique and potent vision and was met with rave reviews. The remarkable show will be returning on June 20th at 7pm, take the family to the Boston opera house. *Every year Portland host free music venues throughout the summers. This summer on July 8th marks the first Alive

at five free concert series. the concert series will be hosted every Thursday throughout the month of July from 5 to 8 pm. The event is located right in the heart of Portland; monument square. With several restaurants, cafes, and vendors nearby in case you get hungry. ... Continued on Page #7

Camp Sunshine Bringing Happiness to Maine Cassidy Langlelier

Most of us have gone to Summer camp. We've spent our day's at sports camps preparing for the next season, or in the middle of a lake just enjoying the Summer. Summer camp provides a great experience for everyone. Camp Sunshine is the most admiral camp among Summer camps. It was created in 1984 to support children who are suffering from life threatening diseases and their immediate families. The camp has provided a safe haven for over 30,000 children with intrusive diseases world wide. Camp Sunshine is for not only the ill child but for their immediate family. It's a chance to meet other families who are suffering from the same problems and to rebuild the rela-

*Black and White returns to Boston

tionships they have lost with each other through rough moments.

The main focus of the camp is to alleviate the stress that comes from a life threatening illness. Their job is help them forget the pain and remember exactly what fun is, even if only for a little while. Children who suffer from Cancer, Kidney Disease, and organ transplant and many other illnesses can attend the camp for one week taking part in simple games and activities. ...Continued on Page #7

Photo Courtesy of Summer Camp U.S.A

The main event of many young kids summer.


Page #10

Summer Fashion: Pastels, Romance and Rocker chic. Spring and summer are argueably the most fashionable seasons of the year; Its easy to wear just about anything without the thought of it being to cold, rainy or windy. And this season has something for every fashion lover from sheers, romantic, pastels, glamor and a touch of wild. So say goodbye to the heavy wool and tweeds of winter and hello to soft cotton, linens and breezy jersey fabrics. Of course the summer season brings with it the normal summer atire of swimsuits, shorts, skirts and frilly dresses. But be sure to mix up your patterns and presentations. Don't just portray the classic daisy-duke for all of June and July. Mix in some preppy nautical, rocker chic and summer bohemian. PRETTY SOFT PASTEL This season, soft is not just about frilly blouses. Pick any article of clothing and find it in a variety tempting colors and textures. Pieces in jersey, cashmere or silk are layered and draped with an emphasis on smoothing over curves and adding a sense of ease. Head-to-toe girlie is not the trend I'm advising. Instead, pair a feathery skirt and a tailored jacket, or keep the focus on an elaborate neckline above a straight mini. Pastel colors should be one of you first choices when shopping for a spring wardrobe. The top 10 colors for woman's spring fashion were announced by

Samantha Varney

Paton at the Fashion Color Report 2010 in New York City . Turquoise, tomato pur e, fusion coral, violet, tuscany, aurora, amparo blue, pink champagne, dried herb and eucalyptus are the colors to shop for. ROMANCE Romance has always been a strong trend in fashion, trying, along the years, on new styles, shapes and silhouettes. This season's romantic trend has a more dramatic approach. Floral is the new keyword. Huge flower appliqu and print define the new romantic style. While the ultra feminine colors are important its the ruffles that make the entire ensemble. And the ruffles are no longer considered stuffy or "overly girlie." Look for blouses with subtle references that help suits go "pop". Choose the tiny accents that add a touch of exotic flair instead of ruffled hems, such as old world materials that portray a more modern and feminine look. Style features also include sheer layers and lace, that have produced beautiful girlish

dresses, blouses, and skirts. ROCK N ROLL In the Fall many designers used the military look that became a fierce fashion trend throughout the winter. And it has clearly become a major part of spring 2010. Studded sandles, leather jackets, and dark colors help off set the traditional spring collections with a touch of glam. For all the individuals who feel pastels and florals are too overwhelming, try mixing them with a studded belt or leather jacket to add a more dependent and strong look. Also be creative, be confident, wear it with conviction. You can mix some of the elements listed above to get a mixture of all spring worthy trends. JEWELRY Of course with the current economic state it can be difficult to completely redo your wardrobe. So if your budget is tight nowadays, it doesn't mean that you need to ignore your fashion conscious. As you know, jewelry is one of the best ways to stay current

with today's fashion trends. With pastels, romance and rock-Nroll themes this year it is just as easy to get the same trends through jewelery. Diamond studs, flower petal, and pearl earings help portray the concept of fashion as much as a ruffled white dresss. Chandelier earings bring an instantly feminine and glamorous look to any outfit that you add them to. You can also wear them with a simple pair of jeans, heels, and a T-Shirt to give off a more edgy vibe. As always Turquoise jewelry; earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets are a fashion worthy trend to help pull off the soft pastel and floral designs from above.

The Leavitt Buzz

Now Playing:

Summer Cinema Alexander Jackman

Get Him To The Greek In the (sort-of) sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall, comedian Russell Brand reprises his role as rockstar Aldous Snow in this film about Aaron Greenberg (Jonah Hill) getting said rockstar to the L.A. Greek Theatre for a comeback concert. On the way there is alcohol, sexual adventures, & drug smuggling. The movie promises to be a laugh-aminute movie that may outshine it's predecessor. June 4 Killers Katherine Heigl & Ashton Kutcher star as a new couple with a big problem: he is the target in a multi-million dollar assassination plot. Upon finding this out, the couple embark on the ride of their lives, being hunted by assassins (who are probably someone already in their lives) without even Sex and the City 2 knowing who they are. The which has a fantastic supGet ready to Carrie On, and grab movie, porting cast of comedy gold, your carry on, because this time promises to be hilarious, as Ashton's projects usually are. June 4

around our 4 favorite girls are going Abu Dhabi where they will meet some fresh faces and bump into old (boy)friends.

A-Team This silver screen reboot of the 80's TV series stars Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Patrick Wilson & Jessica Beal as a group of Iraq veterans who are trying to clear their name with the military for a crime they were framed for. Quinton Jackson will step into the scary shoes of Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus, a role which was originated by the legendary Mr. T... While the photos look good, it has really yet to be seen if Jackson will do the role justice or if we'll "pity the fool." June 11

Out Now!

Karate Kid In another reboot of a classic, Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith stars as the infamous Karate Kid, with Jackie Chan starring as the sensei. The preview looks promising ... The plot seems to be pretty similar with some certain liberties being taken, and Jaden & Jakie seem to be right on target with their enviable moves, however previews are sometimes promising for disasters of films, so the film could go either way. June 11

Jonah Hex Jonah Hex is a sci-fi western staring Josh Brolin & Megan Fox. In the film a bounty hunter (Brolin) has a warrant out for his arrest. Sick of running, he is made an offer he can't refuse: his freedom for stopping a terrorist... A really bad terrorist. Brolin is supported and opposed by a fantastic supporting cast including Fox as a prostitute in love with Jonah and John Malkovich as the terrorist mentioned above. The movie is based on the DC comic of the same name and thus already has a huge fanbase, making for a pretty hefty opening weekend at the box office. June 18

The toys are back in town.

Toy Story 3 In the newest from Disney/Pixar everyone's favorite toys (still voiced by everyone's favorite vocal cast) returns 11 years since we last saw them. Andy (their owner) is preparing to leave for college and sends all of his toys to a daycare... All of his toys except for Woody. But this wasn't what was supposed to happen. Andy meant for his toys to go into the attic, so when he discovers that's not where they went he begins searching for them, and they him. Nearly 15 years after the first film's release, and 11 years after the second's, the film will probably be the least disappointing film all Summer and is sure to make everyone in the audience nostalgic. And the best part? It's presented in Disney Digital 3D. June 18

Grown Ups Here's what you need to know: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade & Chris Rock all unite as childhood best friends for a 4th Of July weekend together now that their all grown-ups. The preview is hilarious, as you would expect it to be, which hopefully means that the movie is hilarious, as you would expect it to be. June 25

Eclipse - The third movie in the Twilight Saga is pretty much the same as the first two... Vampire loves Girl, Girl loves Vampire, Vampire & Girl can't date ... Vampire and Girl do. Problems ensue. June 30

Step Up 3D - The third movie in the dance franchise stars a whole new crew of fresh faces... And this time those fresh faces and their fresh moves will be popping out at you in 3D... That's right, Step Up 3 will be Step Up 3D. The trailer looks promising, though it's not in 3D so it's hard to know if that will look good or not. Story-wise, it seems very similar to the plot of the first and second films with some new people thrown in. August 6

... and available to take home: Alice in Wonderland on DVD & Blu-Ray June 1.

Take home the Final Season of Lost, or the Complete Series, on August 24.

Remember to pick up Pattinson's Remember Me on June 22.

The UNCENSORED Jersey Shore Season 1 can be yours to own on July 20.

True Blood Season 2 - May 25 The Road - Out Now!

Nip/Tuck Season 6 - June 8

Family Guy Vol. 8 - June 15

Good Guy - June 22

Dear John - May 25

Shutter Island - June 8

The Book of Eli - June 15

When In Rome - June 15

Percy Jackson & Olympians - June 29

The Crazies - June 29

Hot Tub Time Machine - June 29

Bounty Hunter - July 13

Greenberg - July 13


Staying Safe When Camping Summer 2010

Audra Milos

Staying safe while camping is important. Many people get lost in the woods of Maine and never come back... Rarely though. Between the bears, bugs, and steep landscapes, it may be hard not to get hurt or lost at least once while while camping. The woods can be dangerous, and following small safety tips can actually save your life.

setting up camp in an area populated by dangerous animals like black bears. If you see a bear but it does not see you, back away slowly without making any noise, and do not turn your back to the bear. If the bear notices you, continue to back away slowly but talk in a calm positive voice so they know you are human (bears have bad eye sight). If the bear shows signs of aggression or charges at you, DO NOT RUN! you cannot out run a bear, so don't even try. Bears take running as a sign that you are definite prey. Just continue to back away slowly and talk calmly. Keep you backpack on, and don't make any sudden movements.

"Between the bears, Ever read the book bugs, and steep land'Lost On A Mountain In Maine'? It's a true scapes, it may be hard story about a boy who was in the not to get hurt or lost woods of Maine with his Dad and friends at least once while and he went off the trail and got lost. He while camping. " was gone for about a

- Audra Milos

week, lost his big toe on the sharp rocks, was dehydrated, starving, had infections, and lost so much weight, he was a sickly sight when they found him. When they did find him, he was barely alive and delirious. This could have all been avoided if he'd just stayed on the trail and stayed close to his family! There are sharp rocks on the mountains, so wear good hiking shoes, NOT sandals. Bring insect replants to avoid getting bitten by bugs and contracting illnesses like Lyme disease because it can be fatal. Remember: ALWAYS stay on the trails and use the 'buddy system' (going somewhere with more people than just yourself). Setting up camp in a well populated area is great because if you need help, you can always go to a neighbor or a close by town. However, if you are one of those people who likes remote areas, be careful you are not

Things To Do

The Leavitt Buzz

Bring other people with you when you camp, no matter where you are. If you go missing and you are alone, no one will be around your camp enough to even know you have left, so it will take longer for people to start to know your missing. Also, if something goes wrong, your buddy can help you or go get help. Also, animals are less likely to attack if they know you have a large group of people with you.

Local Getaways in Maine Kelly McNear

Every summer people flock to other states to go to amusement parks for some family fun. What they don't know is that there are plenty of fun things to do around here in Maine. They can do something as simple as go to the beach or to go to an amusement park and stay for the weekend at a near by hotel. Portland has the Portland Headlight, a beautiful museum, and the admission to get in is very reasonable for anyone. For Adults, its $2. And for kids its $1 and the age range for kids is 6-18. The gift shop is open 10-4 weekdays from Memorial day to Columbus day. Then they are open on the weekends from Columbus day to Christmas. Fort Williams Park, where the Portland Headlight is located, is open all year long and there is no fee to get into the park. So if you can't get into the museum, you can

still go look at it.

Old Orchard Beach, located in the greater Portland area, is a great place to go with a group of friends and just spend the day. You can lay on the beach, go swimming, or go to the amusement park, Palace Playland, and spend the day pigging out on fried foods and having a good time with friends. Mount Katahdin, at an elevation of 5,267 feet, is Maines tallest Mountain. It is also a great spot to go camping with your family. Not to mention that it's one of the cheapest vacations that you and your family could go on. It's even cheaper if you are a camping fanatic and already have all the camping gear that you'll need. Those are some fun things to do this summer that you can do with friends and family that are cheap and easy, they may all require some traveling, but the ride with your family will be more time to spend with the ones you love.

Things To Do on the Cheap

If you plan on bringing your own food camping, do not leave it out in the open for too long. It can attract dangerous and hungry animals who may hurt you or destroy your camp. Bringing a 'bear canister' can help so that the scent of your food doesn't leave the canister and the animals won't smell the food. So be safe this summer because remember camping should be fun, not painful!

Caitlin Parker Teens are just getting out of school about the third week of June, and their dilemma is usually trying to find something fun to do that doesn't cost a ton of money. Being payed minimum wage, or not having a job at all and getting money from your parents doesn't really give you a ton of money to spend over the summer. One great idea in the summer is having bonfires with friends at night and roasting marshmellows and just sitting by the fire with all of your friends. Bonfires can actually really cheap. You can cut wood in your own yard or buy pallets pretty much anywhere. Another great thing to do during the summer is have pool parties. Having some friends over and having a pool party during the hot weather is definately a fun thing to do. Pool parties are cheap because people can bring snacks and drinks and just hangout the whole day and go swimming. Photo Courtesy of: The Jewish Agency of Israel

The Maine Black Bear is one of the cutest and scariest things that could kill you when camping. So stay safe, and remember, if there's a cute cuddly cub,

Barbeque's are also a great way to have fun during the summer without costing you a ton of money. You can supply a couple of things and your friends can bring some things. You can grill

together and have a great time. Some great foods for BBQ's would probably be: burgers, chicken, hotdogs, pasta salad, steak, cabobs, grilled potatoes. Pretty much anything you can cook on the grill. Camping is also a fun thing to do in the summer. Get away from your home and into the wilderness. Planning a head of time, you can usually rent a campsite for pretty cheap depending on where your going. You and your friends can split the cost and have a great time. Sometimes camping may not even cost you anything if you aren't doing it in a commercial campground. One other thing to top off your 2010 summer would have to be going to the beach at least a couple times. The beach is free the only thing you have to pay for is parking and depending on where you go, some places there isn't even a parking fee. So now that you know that there are plenty of things to do in the summer that won't empty your wallet there will be no worries about what to do in the summer, and no dying from boredom because your wallet is thin.

The Leavitt Buzz, Volume 10 Issue 2, End Of The Year Issue  

The End of Year Issue of the Leavitt Buzz for the 2009-2010 school year.

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