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A Role Model Gives examples; provides opportunities for a new teacher to observe professional behavior.

2. A Motivator Helps new teachers to explore ways to involve students in learning. 3. A Communicator Listens carefully and uses new teacher responses to improve learning for students. 4. An Advisor Gives clarification and feedback by providing specific and general answers to questions. 5. A Guide Assists new teacher to set up routines and understand the school organization. 6. A Demonstrator Helps new teacher by demonstrating lessons for teaching specific learning objectives. 7. A Resource Provides appropriate materials and directs new teacher to inschool and community resources. 8. An Assessor

Monitors progress and impact of learning in the classroom.

9. A Friend

Develops a relationship of trust, confidentiality, and support.

10. A Teacher/Coach Provides instruction of specific knowledge and skills necessary for successful job performance. 11. A Counselor  Is an empathetic listener who assists the mentee in coming up with his/her own solutions. 12. A Supporter Encourages and praises while being realistic when events don’t go as planned.

2013 Teacher Induction Program  
2013 Teacher Induction Program  

APIS Teacher Induction Program