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Its is the third of its trilogy. It is the story of superhuman people with abilities called conduits. At one point conduits saved the world but now they are hated and called “bio-terrorist� and hated by the population. Many turned evil by the hate but Delsin Rowe discovers his powers and helps his brother catch this evil conduits and he also discovers something, by touching conduits he absorbs their powers and the more powerful he gets he can stop the war between humans and their kind.

It is a distant planet, the year is 3593, a war is happening between vekta and hellghast to rival planets. Vekta has a weapon of mass genocide and hellghast is destroyed. The survivors take half of the planet for them now they live at constant war. You play as Lucas Kellen a shadow marshal, the ultimate spec ops, your only father was killed by hellghast’s soldiers in front of you when they took the planet, you now have a natural habit of killing each and every one of them in your missions to liberate your planet from them but then you realize that the evil is not only in the other side.

Developer insights This week

Infamous second son

Q:tell us what to expect on the game and explain the game. A: Infamous second son is an open world experience game that you will not find in any “ex�box one. It is not only a great game in every feature but it is the most entertaining and played superhero franchise out there, just above the batman Arkham franchise. The game is beautiful in every aspect from a misty Seattle morning to an afternoon in the space needle, all while fighting bad guys. The story all begins in the aftermath of a bus crash where Delsin goes accidentally into contact with a conduit, but here is were it gets interesting. He is a conduit and his powers are that when he touches conduits he absorbs their powers. His brother is a s.t.a.r agent and he cant stand his brother being now more powerful and more important than him, now he is the second son. The first power he acquires is smoke, in the trailers we have shown neon powers also, he will discover and acquire more powers on the way, and every power has its own way of moving attacking and defending . Delsin now has the powers but will he have the responsibility? We will see that along the way to human-conduit equality.

Software 500 gigabytes 50 gigs of ram 1080p display (improvable on good TV) CPU, low power x86-64 AMD jaguar, 8 cores GPU, 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine AMD Fusion Core Flux

Hardware 16 mega pixel camera + sensor detector Dual shock 5 six axis Console hard shell with a slick design Included head set no needed charge 1 month PS plus membership All included cables

AT K.C.P Last month in the kcp news show in the you should buy this segment, they showed the conference of the play station 4. that shows the whole school which console is better. And now many people in the school have or will have one. This will also help connect the school out of class. Even Lucas Tello knows what’s up


$19.99 US $25.99 CA