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How to Transfer Purchased Items to iTunes

Question 1: I was attempting to update my phone to iOS 5.1.1 when this message popped up: "There are purchased items on the iPhone that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?"

Question 2: When I want to sync my iPhone in iTunes on my new computer I will lose all of the apps that I purchased. Can someone tell me how to sync it in a way (or some other solution) so I can keep my purchased apps? I'm using the same ID as on old Mac. I have been searching on the internet for help, but I can't find a clear answer. Thanks in advance.

If your iPhone/iPod/iPad is connected to its home iTunes library, you are able to transfer iTunes purchases from iPod, iPhone or iPad back to iTunes easily by sync. But if you want to transfer your items to other iTunes library for sharing, you need authorize the computer first and then transfer purchases from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer.

Guide: How to Transfer Purchased Items to iTunes Library Step 1: Authorize the computer before connecting the device. Step 2: Connect your iPod, iPad or iPhone to the computer with iTunes open. Note: Clicking "Erase and Sync" will delete any existing content currently on your device. The content will be replaced with whatever existing content is in the current iTunes library your device is connected to.

Step 3: iTunes will begin copying any purchases made with any account that the computer is authorized for. There are two ways to sync your iTunes store purchases to computer. 1. After connecting your iPod or iPhone to the computer and its icon appears in iTunes, you can choose Transfer Purchases from iPod from the File menu.

2. Control-click your iPod or iPhone in the iTunes Source list, then choose Transfer Purchases from the shortcut menu that appears.

However, this feature only works for items that were purchased on the iTunes Store. Any items imported from audio CDs or acquired from other sources will not copy from your iPod or iPhone to the iTunes library.

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How to Transfer Purchased Items to iTunes  

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