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NEWSLETTER Chapter Goals 2010-2011 

To create a user friendly website to inform the students, faculty, and those interested of the chapter’s activities and upcoming events.

To organize 3-4 plant tours where the students of Business Operations Management can see the valuable skills they are learning being used in a working environment.

To publish 4 newsletters over the course of the academic year that will inform the students, faculty, and those interested in the status of the student chapter, achievements of it’s members, and upcoming events.

To host an evening which will showcase the successes of the Business Operations Management program and the graduating class of 2011 to future students, alumni, the parent chapter, and industry professionals.

APICS Student Chapter Elections

Save The Date

The APICS BCIT Student Chapter is pleased to announce the election results for the 2010/2011 Board of Directors:

Sure, it’s flip-flops and sunscreen season, and there’s a 99% probability that our bags are already packed for the beach! But as OpMans, it wouldn’t even be half as fun without another awesome plant tour and enlightening conversations over a fancy dinner. So let’s ready our calendars and get set for summer the APICS way! May 19th 2010. APICS will be doing a tour of Norwood Packaging. For only $5, you get to tour Norwood’s 40,000 square feet plant at 8519 - 132nd Street in Surrey.

Sean Hepple Nadia Graham Andrew Quong Henry Barger Aman Mann Elena Kuznetsova Erika Ramos

-President -Vice President -Treasurer -Director of Memberships -Director of Marketing -Director of Communications -Director of Events

By Erika Ramos |



May 2010


The position of Secretary is still available to APICS members. We also encourage non-members to participate in planning and running events and other activities of the chapter. Please contact Henry Barger at with your ideas and initiatives. We would like to thank the efforts of last year’s Board of Directors.

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“You cannot manage what you do not measure”

Quote of the Month

- Brett Mewett

Past Events By Nadia Graham | APICS Professional Development Meeting, April 22 “The light bulb was not the result of continuously improving the candle.” Speaker Bruce Marsh, a 20+ year veteran of change management in production and manufacturing, gave a presentation based on the idea that while continuous improvement is an important and necessary part of business today, it is not always enough to “rid the world of crime” (as a certain instructor would say) and provide a sustained competitive advantage. Transformation of a business

means implementing an overarching change to the company’s business processes designed to add value to the business that extends beyond what could be added through continuous improvement. The first half of the presentation was about decision-making. Look beyond improvement for the sake of improvement, we were told, and ask the questions: “Should this really be a priority?”; “How much is it really going to add to my business?” and, more to the point, “Is it going to be enough to

get me to where I want to be?” The second half of the presentation was about managing change: from initial research to writing the business case to convincing others to carry out your implementation plan. The most interesting thing to me was the advice about processmapping: Don’t over-map, we were told. If you’re just going to throw it all out the window, do you really need to spend time learning the current process? Sometimes, it’s better to just begin with a clean slate.

Survey Announcement By Elena Kuznetsova We want to hear from you! In an attempt to help the students in Business Operations Management, we have put together a short survey to get some ideas from YOU! Please check out for the Survey web link. We will shortly send you the link via email as well! It really helps us (and as a result YOU) if you take just 2 minutes to fill it out! Russian Chocolate Candies for everybody who participates in the survey. First question is just a secret word from the newsletter crossword. Hurry up while supply lasts! Special prize to the first person to submit! We will also randomly draw the answer for one of the survey questions and it will be published in the next newsletter release with your name and picture! All the answers could be also published on the website. Thank you for your participation!

Crossword for OPMANs! 1). If you do not eat lunches you become ______. 2). Sean’s eating ______ is way too high! 3). The amazing and talented employee of Syncros 4). Don’t let the customer give you the talk, make sure you keep the______ when they need it. 5). OPMT students job is to take out the _______. 6). After reading this newsletter you will join _______! Crossword answers in the next issue. Edited by Aman Mann

Elena Kuznetsova

APICS May 2010 Newsletter  
APICS May 2010 Newsletter  

APICS May 2010 Newsletter