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Italics denote a youth author Rachel Betesh Dan Elman James Rahn Chantelle Bateman Patrick Lucy Bonnie MacAllister Philip Krieger Leila Wright Anneke Murray-Rudegeair Grant Clauser Liz Chang Maria Ceferatti Alyesha Wise Carlos Trujillo Hanoch Guy Carlos Soto-Román Ebony Malaika Collier Safiya Washington Jane Cassady Helen Steadman Tepi Ennis Zipporah M. Stephanie Sutton Peter Baroth Ty Russell Smyte IX Amy Hostetter Shannon Connor Winward Kathryn Ann Smith Brandon Holmquest Amy Freeman Maxwell Gontarek Paul Siegell Courtney K. Bambrick Artist and Author Biographies

Other Rooms Small Spaces Respect PTSD Honeycreeper A Gasp in Two Parts Here and There The Arrival A Bloody Something The Trouble with Intercourse Erasure/Collage Elegy Olga’s Visions To Mother Earth, Time, Dust Eine Kleine Nacht Music As a Tilted Whirlwind “At the Intersection…” Women Are Gracious Song for the Job-Quitters This is My England Ode to a Comma Stank!!!!! The Tree The Chimera Icarus Superman Lem Arrangement Nana Critical Natural Area Garbage 17B We’ve come for (...) How We Got Our Heart

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Our 3rd issue features excellent poetry and fiction by Philadelphians, accompanied by the art of Rebecca Brame and Las Gallas Arts Collectiv...

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