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Wyoming Tree News A Forest Management newsletter by Wyoming State Forestry Division

Summer 2010

Fremont County Flood Message from the State Forester click here

Snow melt, rain and heat sent rivers rising in west-central Wyoming to record levels

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The rivers were churning with water from rapid snowmelt caused by sudden warming after a wet, cool May and snowpacked mountain melt. Rain had exacerbated the situation in many places. Fremont County experienced flooding on the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River in Lander and lower drainages of the Little Wind River. [Full Story]

Etna School Students Take Tree Planting Into Their Own Hands

Etna recently opened a new elementary school and to commemorate the school’s opening the student council decided to organize a large tree planting project on the school’s grounds. This student-lead project gained the support of the entire school and the community. Through fundraising and a grant from Wyoming State Forestry, the student body raised enough money to purchase 36 trees which were planted as part of a landscaping plan developed by the student council. [Full Story]

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Evanston is Rooted in History, Parks and Trees‌ Evanston has done a lot recently to improve the quality of life for its residents and trees have been a critical part of the process. Trees were vital to the success of several projects that were designed to celebrate and restore the history of Evanston, improve access to outdoor recreation and beautify residential neighborhoods.

Oystershell Scale-Taking a Bite Out of Wyoming Communities Scale insects are seriously damaging trees in many WY communities. Oysterschell scale populations are on the rise across WY, infesting a host of trees common in our communities. Find out what you and your community can do to fight this pesky insect. [Full Story]

[Full Story]

Summer 2010

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WyoLink-The Future of Public Safety Communications WyoLink is a statewide digital trunked VHF P25 compliant public safety communications system designed to coordinate and integrate communications between state, local, and federal public safety agencies. [Full Story]

WY Forest Legacy Program Accepting Applications The Forest Legacy Program, a Federal program in partnership with States, supports State efforts to protect working forest landscapes. It encourages and supports acquisition of conservation easements, legally binding agreements transferring a negotiated set of property rights from one party to another, without removing the property from private ownership. Most FLP conservation easements restrict development, require sustainable forestry practices, and protect other values. [Full Story]

Summer 2010

What’s Wrong with My Tree? The Pest Alert Archives website provided by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture analyzes tree samples received from South Dakota and adjoining states and diagnoses insect and disease problems. John Ball, Forest Health Specialist accepts tree samples from the public, free of charge, and determines the cause of tree problems. Pictures and diagnoses of tree samples can be found on the website and recommendations are given to prevent future problems. This site is an excellent resource to view and learn more about common insect and disease problems of trees in WY. To check out the website or to submit a tree sample for diagnoses click on the following: Chlorosis, a symptom where the leaf turns yellow yet the veins remain green, is commonly associated with iron deficiencies in maples and birches on alkaline soils. The problem is not the lack of iron in the soil, but the iron becomes unavailable due to the alkaline soils. Iron is not a mobile element so the tree is not able to move the element from older leaves to newer leaves hence iron chlorosis most often shows up on the newest leaves in midsummer.

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w Beetle Brochure Is Topping a Problem in Your Community?

A recent website was developed as a tool for civic leaders to combat tree topping in their communities. The site includes many tools to educate residents, tree workers and others about the negative impacts of topping. The site was developed to provide users with all the resources necessary to put a stop to topping in their community and educate residents on proper tree care. Check out the site at

Green Cities: Good Health This new website compiles the immense amount of research that has been done by Dr. Kathy Wolf on the benefits to public health and well-being from living in “green cities�. This website illustrates the direct connection between community forests and the many social benefits they provide, including: reduced crime, improved street safety, better mental health and wellness and improved community building and social health. Just as many other communities are doing, you can use this site to reinforce the enormous benefits a healthy community forest can provide to its residents. Click here to visit the site.

New Beetle Brochure Developed for Wyoming A highly informative and user-friendly brochure about mountain pine beetle was recently developed and focuses exclusively on Wyoming. Developed by the Wyoming State Forestry Division and the Casper Mountain Forest Stewardship Association, this brochure is the most comprehensive and up-todate publication on mountain pine beetle available to Wyoming residents. To download a copy [click here]

Calendar of Events for Summer and Fall Click on the calendar icon below to view upcoming workshops, conferences and trainings.

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