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Christina Ruotolo Editor

Christina Ruotolo is the editor of Her Magazine, Hot Dish writer, and a multimedia specialist at The Daily Reflector. She is also a part-time bookseller at Barnes & Noble, plans & directs weddings, and teaches creative writing to children & adults. Christina enjoys baking, puppy snuggles and spending time with her boyfriend, Craig. Jasmine Blount-Coward is a graphic designer and owner of Jas-Creates Graphics & Web. She enjoys spending time with her family, her husband, Dom and two sons, Dash and Jett.

Jasmine Blount-Coward Designer

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Kris Fay is a photographer. She and her husband, Patrick, own In Bloom Studios. She is a graduate of East Carolina University with a degree in interior design. She has always loved planning spaces and composing designs, and her friends often say she is good at making things pretty. She utilizes her training and experience to capture an image that tells its own story. She specializes in portraits, maternity and first year, wedding and engagement photos, graduation photos as well as business development photos. Christy Jones, also know as Coach Chris, is an improvement coach for leaders. She helps them break free from feeling overwhelmed and prepares them to take their teams to high levels of performance. Contact her at www. beginmonday.com.

Dear Friends,

My favorite coffee mug has pink roses on it and says “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother.” Everything I have achieved in my life, every award, promotion, college degree, published work or kind compliment received is all because of my mom. It has been almost nine years since my mom, Linda, died and it still feels like yesterday when I kissed her on the cheek, told her I loved her for the last time. There are so many things I still wanted to say, so many more hugs I needed, more places we wanted to go together, and so many more things to thank her for. I know you hear this all the time, but my mom was an incredible mother. She was not only my best friend, but my soulmate. We were two peas in a pod and every other cliché you can think of. We shopped, gossiped, had ladies lunches with tea and finger sandwiches, sang Mama Mia loud & off key, danced and laughed and always encouraged each other. She was proud of me no matter if I won or lost. She told me to never stop dreaming and to reach for everything I wanted, that I could do anything. Growing up, Mom was superwoman. She was a Microbiology supervisor who worked sixty hour weeks, cooked dinner, carted my brother and I to piano, guitar, and dance lessons, recitals, cheerleading competitions, choir practice, play rehearsals, soccer games, swim meets and was even my Brownie and Girl Scout leader. I don’t think there was anything she couldn’t do. When I think about all she did, it still amazes me how moms love and nurture their children. No matter if your mom is biological, a foster mom, or a woman who treats you like their own, we are lucky people. This issue is dedicated to MOM in all her beautiful glory. You will meet soccer moms, swim moms, pageant moms, baseball moms, dozens of supermoms and dance moms, including our cover model, Jaclyn Connelly, the wife of Greenville mayor, PJ Connelly. Moms should be celebrated everyday not just in May or when they have a birthday, so make sure to thank your mom every chance you get. I dedicate this issue to all the moms in my tribe, too many to count, thank you all for loving me like your own, for stepping up after my mom died and for being supermoms!

Blessings, Ashley Penland is an Eastern Carolina native who studied nutrition and health promotion at Appalachian State University and Northern Illinois University. She has worked in clinical, food service and now in community nutrition as a Health Promotion Dietitian at the Pitt County Health Department. She also manages the WIC Peer Counselor Program and supports breastfeeding within Pitt County. During her down time, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé and dogs.

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4-6 Dance Mom & Mayor's Wife: Jaclyn Connelly


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Her Magazine — August 2022

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Meet Her

26 Meet Her: Jaclyn Connelly






eing a mother of two young girls with bustling social calendars including dance, softball and soccer practice, along with being wife to the mayor of Greenville, Jaclyn “Jaci” Connelly is one busy mama. She has the ability to juggle many hats at once, but Mom is the hat she loves to wear most. This is just the tip of the iceberg for this month’s cover model and proud mom, 37 year-old Jaci Connelly, owner of Connelly Properties and Finley Kate Designs. For Jaci, being a mom is her favorite and most rewarding job. She has two daughters who are her entire compass and loves watching them grow, find new hobbies to fall in love with, and she is there every step of the way cheering them

on. “Mary Kate is 9 years old and began taking dance lessons when she was 2. She also plays softball. Mary Kate craves anything with sugar or fruit and she has a passion for arts and crafts like her mom. Mary Kate takes ballet, tap & jazz. She wants to begin hip hop & musical theatre in the fall. Caroline is 6 years old and began taking dance lessons when she was 3. She also plays soccer. She loves veggies and plays with Barbies. Caroline takes ballet, tap and jazz. Both girls love the trendy fidgit toys,” Jaci says. There is never a dull moment in Jaci’s world but being a mom is worth the long hours. She, like any mom worries about them making sure they are protected, given every opportunity to grow and succeed and know they are valued and loved with her whole heart.

"MY GIRLS ARE MY FOREVER BEST FRIENDS..." For Jaci, her favorite part about being a mom is absolutely everything. “My girls are my forever best friends. It is truly the strongest bond of love. I love watching them dance and enjoy attending their sporting events,” she says. This is not to say that being a mom is smooth sailing. The hardest part about being a mom for Jaci is not letting her physical ailments and restraints get in the way of providing for her children. “It’s hard planning well balanced meals, saying ‘no’ and having energy to make it through the day. Being a mom with daily chronic pain from arthritis can be a struggle at times, but I wouldn’t change it for the world,” she states. Jaci also suffers from debilitating arthritis and has trouble walking without using ankle braces which stemmed from illnesses in her youth. It eventually led to her to being paralyzed twice. The first time, she was in the hospital unable to walk for several months. “I was completely paralyzed twice with Guillain-Barre Syndrome when I was a child. I now have residual nerve damage in my feet. I am thankful everyday for how far I have come,” Jaci says. Even with pain and nerve damage, she does her best to not let it get in the way of creating daily memories and spending quality time with her daughters and family.


Her Magazine — August 2022


Contributed Photo

Being a mom can be hard, being a mom with illness can be hard too, but it gives her great joy to be a wife as well, to mayor of Greenville, PJ Connelly. They have made Greenville, NC their home for the last 19 years. Being the mayor’s wife affords Jaci and her daughters wonderful opportunities to attend events for so many wonderful residents and organizations in the community. “My daughters love watching their dad help others and grow Greenville in so many amazing ways,” Jaci says. Before Jaci set her sights on college at East Carolina University, she grew up in the Bay Area in California until she was ten, then her family moved to Carteret County, NC. She eventually moved to Greenville to attend East Carolina University for college and moved into the dorm, Cotten Hall which is just steps from the iconic fountain. ECU is where she met her now husband, PJ. “My best friend Jo was dating a baseball player, so we pulled up the ECU Baseball roster and I chose PJ. She then had PJ meet me at a party and the rest is history,” she says. Jaci earned a BS in Health Services Management with a minor in Pre-Med Studies. She was also inducted into Tri Beta Biology Honor Society while in college. PJ earned his degree in finance and also played baseball for the ECU Pirates. Both, Jaci and PJ earned their NC Brokerage license after attending college. Not only is she proud to be a mom, but a wife too. Jaci and PJ love living in Greenville and being part of the community that is so welcoming. “I love how Greenville has a small town feel with so much to offer. I also love all the beautiful greenway trails. I have so many friends that I have grown close with over the years.” Jaci’s favorite part about being the Mayor’s wife is getting the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. “I love meeting so many kind and genuine people. I also love knowing our family can help make a difference in the community,” she says. When not selling houses, accounting and being a mom, Jaci enjoys painting, jewelry design, sewing, decorating, organizing everything, antique shopping, Pilates, tennis and walking. In her younger years, she enjoyed soccer and dance. For her the perfect day is spending simple and unhurried time with her family. “I enjoy the simple life. I’m not a fan of packing for vacations and being on the go 24-7. I am very content just going for a walk, being in the sunshine and shopping,” Jaci says. The future for this Greenville mom is just getting started. Jaci is looking forward to watching her girls grow into confident young women, continuing to support her husband grow and nurture the community and to grow her own businesses. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our family. Many years ago, in high school we voted on superlatives and I remember mine was ‘most likely to be an entrepreneur.’ Somehow, I have used this to help motivate me to do my best. In the early days of marriage, it was tough to make ends meet, but somehow we managed to do it by pushing ourselves. Do what you love and never give up pursuing your dreams because you’re just getting started.”

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Her Magazine — August 2022




Welcoming Women & Children in Need


pen Door Community Center (ODCC), located in Washington, N.C. is a non-profit 501 C (3) organization established in 2016 by a group of volunteers representing churches, service organizations, civic groups and concerned citizens. Their mission is to understand and provide safe shelter for Beaufort County women and children in need of permanent housing. The center opened January 22, 2019, and since that time, has helped transition over 115 women and children. Each year hundreds of women and children in Beaufort County are homeless. Many wind up sleeping in their cars. Now 3 ½ years later, COVID has increased homelessness and these women and children need your support even more.

Board Member, Sally Love

Open Door Community Center provides a variety of services to their clients which include: ~Case management services ~Assistance in seeking affordable housing ~Healthcare & medical service assistance ~Employment & banking assistance ~Daycare, food and clothing resources assistance Reach out and see what volunteer opportunities are available. If you believe and share in their mission, please reach out and email ODCCwashington@gmail.com. For more information, please visit their website ODCCwashington.org and donate, because every dollar helps!


Her Magazine — August 2022



Setting up A BOND that Lasts a Lifetime BY ASHLEY PENLAND MS, RDN, LDN


he bond that mothers and daughters share is powerful. This is so true that many women say their most important relationship in life is with their mother. The Cardinal Mermillod’s proclamation, “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take,” illustrates the strength of the mother-child relationship, be it a son or a daughter. Building a healthy connection with children is essential and one of the first bonding experiences a parent may choose can be within the first hour of life- through skin to skin contact and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding gives the baby an introduction to his or her mother’s scent, voice, and presence up close from their first moments of life. Sentiment from this nearness comes with time and through touch. The breastfeeding mother and baby are even referred to as a mother-baby dyad, the term dyad referring to two individuals regarded as a pair, involved in an ongoing relationship. In addition to the bonding benefits, breastmilk provides ideal nutrition for the baby. It contains hundreds of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and the antibodies that can enhance baby’s immune system helping them to stay healthier overall. Breastmilk is also easier to digest than formula so breastfed babies experience less gas, cholic, and spitting up. Mothers may be unaware of the resources available to support breastfeeding within their community. The most specialized breastfeeding support is provided by a Registered Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). This person undergoes specialized training and certification to offer educational support and skills to the breastfeeding mother. Often Lactation Consultants are available in many hospitals shortly after baby’s birth to support mother’s feeding goals. A specialized program also exists through the local Women, Infants and Children (WIC) office to support expectant and new


mothers: The Peer Counselor Program. Peer Counselors are WIC staff who are mothers that use their own breastfeeding experience and specific training to help and support breastfeeding women enrolled in the WIC Program. Peer Counselors are available to encourage new mothers to first take a deep breath, relax and then focus their attention on learning the skills to feed and nurture their baby. For more information about the Pitt County WIC or Breastfeeding Programs, contact (252) 902-2393 or (252) 902-2382 or contact your local WIC agency. Also, the first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week. So, keep an eye out for breastfeeding promotion and events that may be of interest to you! The more breastmilk your baby receives, the greater the benefits! Professional health organizations recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of baby’s life. If a mother is unable to breastfeed exclusively, mother and baby still benefit from any amount of breastmilk provided and from the closeness of the bond it creates. Stay hydrated and consider this fruity Grape Juice Spritzer during the hot month of August in Eastern Carolina! Of note, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, it is recommended that 8-12 cups of water be consumed daily when pregnant or breastfeeding. Ashley Penland is an Eastern Carolina native who studied nutrition and health promotion at Appalachian State University and Northern Illinois University. She has worked in clinical, food service and now in community nutrition as a Health Promotion Dietitian at the Pitt County Health Department. She also manages the WIC Peer Counselor Program and supports breastfeeding within Pitt County. During her down time, she enjoys spending time with her fiancé and dogs.

Her Magazine — August 2022



Grape Juice Spritzer

INGREDIENTS: • 6 oz. 100% grape juice, chilled • 16 oz. seltzer water, chilled • ½ cup blueberries • 2 lemon slices (optional) INSTRUCTIONS: Pour grape juice and seltzer water into a pitcher. Add blueberries and stir well. Serve over ice immediately. Garnish with a lemon slice (if desired). NUTRITION ANALYSIS: Makes 2 servings. Each serving provides 84 calories, 0 grams protein, 21 grams carbohydrate, 0 grams fat, 55 milligrams sodium, 1 gram fiber. SOURCE: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Examiners, more information at: https://iblce.org/. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, found at: https://www.acog.org/womens-health/ faqs/nutrition-during-pregnancy. Recipe from WIC 2022 Keep Your Life in Balance Calendar, August 2022 Recipe, NWA 2022 WIC.

Caring for Women Providing health care to women requires a special touch. At Greenville Women’s Care, we are known for our comprehensive and compassionate care for women of all ages. We believe that strong physicianpatient partnerships are essential to high-quality feminine health care. We offer a complete range of obstetric and gynecology services. Our highest priority is caring for patients like you.

Kelley Haven, MD, FACOG; Paige Fisher, MD, FACOG; Esther Smith, MD, FACOG; Steven Spruill, MD, FACOG; William Brown, MD, FACOG; Sarah Sears, CNM; Cierra Rowe, AGNP Accepting patients. Call for an appointment.


Her Magazine — August 2022

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Donna Bunting Flake Publishes New Book


imply Francis Publishing Company is pleased to announce the release of The Haunted Life of Lura. Author, Donna Bunting Flake grew up in Greenville, but currently lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. She spent her career as a medical librarian and is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. The Haunted Life of Lura is her first novel. Set in Tarboro, Wilson, and Raeford North Carolina, and inspired by actual events, the book is a portrait of Lura’s yearnings for love, permanency, and acceptance. Through unimaginable circumstances, brimming with escalating violence, Lura confronts the storms of her life. For seventy years the townspeople of Raeford have been denied entry into the once stately but now deteriorating home of Lura Kennedy. All is changing. The local newspaper runs the headline, “Mystery House Opens Its Doors.” Now, the homeplace will be sold at public auction. Eager and curious visitors flock to the house to seek out treasures. The town

gossip is overheard saying, “Is this the room where that man was cut up?” The Haunted Life of Lura unlocks the mysteries of Lura’s family and chronicles the tragedies, hauntings, and misfortune which plague the sensitive young woman. Fans of historical fiction focused on 20th century life in the south will revel in this novel. For additional information, or to inquire about speaking and interview opportunities, please contact Simply Francis Publishing Company or visit www. simplyfrancispublishing.com. The book is available for sale in the Greenville Hospital Gift Shop, in Rusty’s Gift Shop in Tarboro, and through Amazon. Donna Flake’s upcoming Author Talks include: Aug. 13 at 10:30 am in Columbia, SC at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs of SC Sept. 17 at 2pm at the Public Library in Raeford, NC Sept. 19 at 6pm at the Wilson Public Library in Wilson, NC

Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence Publishes Her 13th Book


reenville native and national best-selling author, Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence debuts her 13th book, Journey to Finding Me: A Unique Path to SelfDiscovery. The book was released on June 22, 2022. Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence grew up in Greenville, North Carolina where for most of her life she struggled with embracing her sexuality as a Queer Christian woman. Over the years Carla has traveled the word unlocking, unleashing and activating women into purpose through her ministry, Women of Standard (which is now entitled, Woman Heal.) Due to her suppressed emotions, Carla has encountered multiple suicide attempts, was diagnosed with depression and a mild case of PTSD, and was also placed on antidepressants in September 2021. What Carla didn’t know was that her secret was literally killing her and although she so desperately wanted to be free from the pain and agony, she was often consumed and overly concerned with the opinions of others; particularly her mentors, clients and peers within the faith based community. After being with her partner, Sharie Lawrence for over half a decade privately, the two married on May 1, 2021. It was then that Carla knew that it was time to pen her pain and share


her story with the world. Carla’s hope is that by sharing her story of how she learned to reconcile her faith and decision to marry her partner, will help others to live in their truth while knowing that God loves them just as they are. Within the pages of Journey to Finding Me, Carla also provides tools and resources to her readers that include: - How to Write a Letter to Your Inner Child - How to Re-Parent Your Inner Child - Affirmations to Declare Aloud Daily The purpose of this book is to provide hope to individuals who are silently struggling with their sexuality while reminding them that they are not alone and can share their truth when they are ready! You can follow Carla R. Cannon on Facebook: Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, Instagram: @CarlaRCannonLawrence, and Tik Tok: @Lawrence_Life. For interviews & speaking requests please email admin@thelawrencelife.com. Books can be purchased from Amazon & signed copies are available at www.thelawrencelife.com.

Her Magazine — August 2022


Greenville Native, Sharie Lawrence Publishes Her First Book


reenville native, Sharie Lawrence publishes her debut book, Love & Lies: Damaged But Not Broken. Lawrence’s book hopes to empower others to live in their truth, and dare to dream again. Lawrence is an advocate for therapy and believes you do not have to be your past. Growing up in Greenville, North Carolina, she witnessed domestic violence and was a victim of molestation for most of her childhood. With the help of intensive therapy, she was able to regain control over her life and become a role model to those who have encountered similar experiences. Sharie loves unconditionally and encourages others to do the same. She desires to be the voice for the LGBTQ community in hopes of bridging the gap between sexual orientation. “Many of us have experienced some form of abuse throughout our childhood or young adult life that left us broken, feeling abandoned, rejected or not good enough. Truth is, our environment plays a pivotal part in our development however, know that your history does not determine your destiny,” Lawrence says. Within the pages of Love & Lies, you will experience the life of North Carolina native, Sharie Lawrence who shares how her upbringing and relational experiences led her to making decisions that were not in alignment with her true identity.

While on this journey, you will learn how… - Your environment influences your choices. - Brainwashing occurs and how to overcome. - Our experiences determine our decisions. - Heartbreak can lead to a reintroduction of our true selves. - Lies distort our vision. - Life lessons are valuable if we are willing to recognize them. - Our reality may be different from the truth we have once accepted. - True love can shift your perspective. - Necessary it is to commit to doing your inner work. - Truth can be found once lies have been dismantled. No matter where you are on your journey, you will be able to relate to the author’s story while discovering the necessary tools needed to overcome childhood traumas, heal areas that may still hurt, and lead a life of abundance filled with authentic love, joy and gratitude. To contact Sharie Lawrence, find her on Facebook: Sharie Lawrence, Instagram: @Lawrence_Life52, or Tik Tok: @ Lawrence_Life. For interviews and speaking requests please email admin@thelawrencelife.com. Books can be purchased from Amazon and signed copies are available at www. thelawrencelife.com.

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Her Magazine Magazine — — November August 2022 Her 2022






ello friends. Can you believe that we are in the last 5 months of the year? My goodness…time is flying! I want to take a moment and dedicate this article to the person who has helped my life become more fulfilling through my role in her life as MOM—my only child, Christiana Chante MooreJones! I know that this is not the typical time of the year that we celebrate Mother’s Day but let me just say being a mom is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had in this life, and I celebrate it all throughout the year! Thank you, Christiana, (‘Baby girl’ as I call her) for giving me the opportunity to watch you blossom into a beautiful and bold young woman who will continue to bless others by your calming presence. Being a mom has taught me so much about life and I want to share just a few of the lessons I have learned thus far.

Lesson One: Be careful what you say and do because your kids are watching you. Over the years, I have watched my daughter pay close attention to every move that I make. I have not always been perfect and sometimes I have said and done things in front of her that I wish I would have never allowed to come out of my mouth and attitudes I wish she had never experienced. However, there are good things that I have watched her imitate and she has taught me that she watches everything—not just what I


say but also what I do. She has taught me that she is almost like a sponge, ready to soak up all that I can immerse her into for the purpose of living it out in her life.

Lesson Two: Children want your presence—not just presents. My daughter has taught me the power of just “being” together. We have some of the most interesting conversations about EVERYTHING! One of my favorite things to do with her is to get in the car, drive to Dairy Queen, get two blizzards (Oreo blizzard with extra cookies for me and M&M blizzard for her) and we just drive around for 30-45 minutes—going nowhere in particular and talk about life, about our faith, and about the latest happenings in “our worlds” ---it is the best! You see, in today’s world—we are all consumed with technology. We can fall victim to having our phones glued to our hands constantly because we do not want to get behind on email, we don’t want to miss the latest posts on Facebook or Instagram, and we are rushing to catch the next best photo opportunity. It can be all consuming if we are not careful, but what I have learned as a mom, it is important to be fully present. I am learning that yes; she likes the gifts I buy for her but she what she values the most is the moments I spend with her, and the gift of my presence is enough!

Her Magazine — August 2022


Lesson Three: Let them see your challenges as well as your victories. One of the things that I have intentionally done as a mom is to be as authentic as I can be with my daughter. I want her to know that I am NOT perfect and that it is okay. During our mother-daughter moments on Tuesday nights, I become an open book. I share my successes but more importantly I share my struggles. Why do I do that? I want her to understand that we are all on this journey path called life and we will go down straight roads and we will make wrong turns too. I don’t ever want her to get stuck in her struggles.

Lesson Four: Hold their hand as long as you can. You know, as a mom, I always hope that I will be able to protect my baby girl from the viciousness of life that sometimes seems so daunting. I look at the chaos in our world and I wish I could shield her from some of the sheer foolishness that is going on right now at the time of this writing…but I cannot. There are times when we are walking together, and she stands nearly as tall as I do now, and she will reach for my hand… those are the sweetest moments. It is in those moments that I am reminded that nothing is more important than being able to hold her hand as long as I can. I realize one day; she is going to leave the nest and spread her wings to fly into the world of destiny. I will not be able to stop the process of time from moving forward and I will be hopeful that I have poured in as much love, guidance, attention, correction, strategy, fun, and focus into her as I have held her hand in the throws of everyday living. It will have moved from changing her diaper, to helping her put on her graduation regalia to putting her wedding veil over her face and so forth and so on…my hope is that I will have made the adequate deposits into her life that will show up later as she grows into womanhood, and I will hold her hand as long as I can. It is my hope that this time that you and I have spent together has been a blessing to you. Whether you are a mother by birth or by choice or if you have the “spirit” of a mother—know that you are valuable and your impact into your child’s life is one that is undoubtedly the most nurturing, caring, empathetic, covering, and guiding forces they will ever experience. And to my baby girl, Christiana Chante, I love you more than words can ever capture, and I will always be here for you as long as you and I both shall live. Until next time, this is Coach Chris, your friend! Christy Jones, also know as Coach Chris, is an improvement coach for leaders and helps them break free from feeling overwhelmed and prepares them to take their teams to high levels of performance. Contact her at www.beginmonday.com.


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Her Magazine — August 2022


HER MOM SPOTLIGHTS Virginia Cross, 76 & daughter, Laura Cross, 45 Virginia, what’s your favorite thing about you daughter? “My daughter is special in so many ways. She’s kind, thoughtful, interesting, fun to be with and a great travel companion. She has expanded my life in directions I would never have dreamed.” Laura, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? “My mom is the glue that holds our family together. I’m so lucky to have the mom everyone wants. She is an amazing woman that makes a lasting impression on anyone fortunate to meet her.”

Donna Flake, 70 & Daughter, Catherine Bright, 32 Catherine, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? "My Mom always accomplishes her goals, and she has taught me that I can do whatever I set my mind to." Donna, What’s your favorite thing about Catherine? “My beautiful daughter is creative and adventuresome.”

Maria Anderson Cullipher, 32 and Daughter, Ariel Gayle Cullipher, 6 Ariel, what’s your your favorite thing about your mom? “I love how she helps everybody and loves me so much.” Maria, what’s your favorite thing about your daughter? “My favorite thing about my daughter is her ability to see the positive in all situations. She keeps me focused on what is important and I am proud to be her mommy!”

Mom, Asiya Khaatoon, 46, Daughter, Jade, 14, Daughter, Sana, 19, and Son, Laquann Jr., 14 What’s your your favorite thing about your mom? Jade - “There are too many things to name.”, Sana- My mom is quite innovative.” Laquann Jr.,- “I love my mom's positivity.” Asiya, What’s your favorite thing about each of your children? “With Jade, I love how she is not afraid to try new things and she constantly is working on trying to be a better version of herself each day. With Sana, I love how she's growing into her own as a young adult. She bounces back quickly from the bumps in the road, but it doesn't deter her from her goals. And with Laquann Jr., I love how he remains calm in all situations and how he has tried his hand at cooking and loves it.”


Her Magazine — August 2022


Mom, Lauren LaMantia, 47 & Son, Brendan, 22 who attends William Paterson University in Wayne, NJ Brendan, what is your favorite thing about your mom? “Her ambition. My mom always has a goal and doesn’t stop until she accomplishes it.”

Lauren, what is your favorite thing about Brendan? “To choose a favorite would be impossible! Brendan impresses me with his focus on learning. He’s always had a great interest in international relations and government and has taken that outside the classroom to form his own opinions and thoughts. Raising a child to be an independent thinker is incredible to watch now in his early 20’s. I cant wait to see what he accomplishes in the future.”

Mom, Freda Raffa, 69, Daughter Lisa Ellis, 42 & Granddaughter, Analiese Ellis, 7 Freda, what’s your favorite thing about Lisa? “My daughter Lisa has so many redeemable qualities which make me so proud of the woman she has become. She is a wonderful wife, mother & daughter. Her innate love, compassion & desire to teach her children the value of family allegiance, makes me want to become a better person. With that being said Lisa is a favorite among family members, friends & colleagues. I am beyond blessed to have this beautiful lady (both inside & out) in my life.” Lisa, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? “My mom, Freda is such a kind and compassionate person to everyone. She loves people well and adores her family. She has taught me how to respect everyone and the value of family and love. She has never met a stranger and is a beautiful woman inside and out.” Analiese, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? “My favorite thing about Mommy is that she is nice and compassionate. She is a great teacher to us, teaching us about the Bible, challenging us to excel in our classes, and giving us wisdom. My Mommy is also very strong. I love my Mommy.” Lisa, What’s your favorite thing about your daughter? “My favorite thing about my daughter is everything. Analiese is kind, loving, caring, and has a passion inside of her for doing what is right. She loves fiercely and has a beautiful smile. We all love her so much.”


Her Magazine — August 2022


Cross Country Mom Kim & Taylor

Hi, I’m Kim Anthony, 45. My son, Taylor Anthony, 18 attends Christ Covenant School. Taylor has run cross country at Christ Covenant School since the 6th grade. He is a three-time state champion and most recently named CCS Male Athlete of the Year and awarded the Ultimate Spartan title for 2022. He has committed to the UNCW Track and Field team and can't wait to run XC at the collegiate level.

Taylor, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? “My mother is willing to do anything for me even when she does not have time.” Kim, what’s your favorite thing about your son? “Taylor's faith, perseverance and heart for serving others inspire me daily. Challenge after challenge, from autism to type 1 diabetes, he manages to find the good in the hard. He gives one hundred percent to everything he does, never gives up and his prayer is that Jesus will use his life for His purpose. Taylor has taught us more about life than we will ever be able to teach him.”

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Swimmers Mom

Rachel, Warren & Wyatt Hi, I’m Rachel Zigas, a 43 year old Mom to Wyatt (9) and Warren (6) who attend Eastern Elementary school. I am the team representative for the Ironwood Stingrays. Both boys have been avid swimmers from a very early age. Warren's favorite thing about his mom: "You are the best Mom in the entire Universe!!” Wyatt's favorite thing about his mom: "You support me and encourage me even when I want to give up." My favorite thing about Warren is his inquisitive and intellectual approach to everything in life. He is silly yet serious rolled all into one complex little man. My favorite thing about Wyatt is his quiet gentleness and kindness. He has self confidence well beyond his years being able to speak in front of groups and classrooms with no nervousness or fear. Both boys have been swimming on the Ironwood Stingrays since the were almost five. They are also both members of Pitt County 4H showing goats, chickens, and rabbits and have won many first place blue ribbons for showmanship. Training a goat to be show ring ready from never having been handled is a sweaty, dirty, tough business but you wouldn't know it by watching these two!



Tyler Boe, Jude Connally, Bella Dahl, Rails, THML, BB Dakota, Liverpool Jeans, Dolce Vita and more!

Over 34 Years Experience Dedicated To Public Safety • 25 years served as State Trooper including 11 yearrs as Patrol Supervisor • 9 years served as Police Officer • Pitt County citizen for over 30 years

I AM COMMITTED TO • Community service • Addressing illicit drugs in our community • Protecting OUR children and our schools • Increasing the number of deputies on patrol

1901 East Firetower Rd. Unit 100



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Karate Mom

Diane & Garrett Diane N. Taylor, 47 is Mom to Garrett M. Taylor Jr. (11), a rising 6th grader at C.M. Eppes Middle School.

Garrett, What Is Your Favorite Thing About Your Mom? "My favorite thing about my mom is that she's like the glue that holds our family together. She knows everyone's schedules. She knows where we need to be and what we all need to be doing.” What Is Your Favorite Thing About Garrett? “My son has a level of self confidence that I wish I could bottle up and sell. I love watching him walk in his greatness.” Garrett M. Taylor Jr. has taken Tae Kwon Do at Byung Lee King Tiger since he was about 5 yearsold. On June 25, 2022, he earned his Bocho Dan (Deputy Black Belt). He participated in the Kukkiwon Cup at George Mason University on July 2, 2022 and placed 3rd in his first Sparring Competition.


Cross Country Mom Lisa & Caden

Hi, I’m Lisa Ellis, 42. My son, Caden Ellis currently attends The Oakwood School and is a rising 10th grader. He has run cross country for one year and ranked 12th place at the North Carolina Division 1A State competition. He won the MVP Award at The Oakwood School for his first cross country season. He finished his season with a 20 minute 5K.

Caden, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? “Throughout the past 14 years of my life, my mom has home-schooled me with a joyful heart, has pushed me to be the best athlete that I can be in every sport I compete in, and has taught me how to treat others in everyday life. She has invested so much time into each of us, her children, and in addition to being so grateful for her guidance in my life, I love my mother so much!” Lisa, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? “It is really impossible to pick a few favorite things. Caden is very strong in his faith for Jesus and that is evident in many parts of his life. He has always been a joy and a blessing. He works hard at everything he does and is a natural born leader. He is the oldest of four, yet treats his three siblings with kindness, gentleness and respect far beyond the norm. I love him and I’m honored to be his Mom!”


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Pageant Mom Laura & Noelia

Laura Davila, 44 is Mom to Noelia Velazquez, 15 who attends Christa McAuliffe School of Arts & Sciences. Noelia, What’s your favorite thing about your mom? “My favorite thing about my mom is that she has always been 100% fully committed into everything I do. I am so blessed to have such a supportive mom, and I really think it is what continues to drive me to follow my passions and what makes me a better person. Also she’s the ultimate pageant mom and literally thebomb.com. I am lucky to have her.” Laura, what’s your favorite thing about your daughter? “Noelia has been a very special girl since she was very young. What I love most about her is the way she tackles everything with passion and hard work. She sets goals and works hard to reach them. Her passion and big heart to help others is humbling. I also love how, at such a young age, she has been an inspiration to so many other girls (and boys) in her town as well as nationally and internationally with her initiative Girl Strong by NOE.” Noelia is the current 2021-2022 National American Miss Jr. Teen as well as the 2021 National American Miss North Carolina Jr. Teen. She won Miss NC last summer and went to compete at the National level in November and won the National title for her age group, as well as International Fitness Winner, International Red Carpet Correspondent winner, International Social Media Brand Ambassador winner, I AM a Leader Award and I AM Making a Difference Award. She was also top 5 in Actress, Runway Model and Spokesmodel. She was also crowned the I AM American Miss title for all the older age divisions for having the top combined score of Photogenic, Spokesmodel and Heart of Service at the International level. Noelia was also the National American Miss North Carolina Pre-Teen back in 2018.


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Soccer & Volleyball Mom

Hi, I’m Jodi Adler, 52 from Greenville. I played numerous sports growing up including gymnastics, basketball, softball, and volleyball. I have 4 children - all play various sports. Addison Adler (Age 14) has attended the Oakwood School since pre-K but will be attending Rose High School this fall. Addison plays school and club soccer and as you mentioned she recently was awarded all-conference and all-state for soccer. Her club Volleyball team (ECJVC) had numerous successes this year including 1st place at the MAPL tournament in Hampton, VA. My other daughter, Abbi Adler (Age 20) was also a school and club soccer player and an All-Conference and All-State Soccer recipient (runs in the family lol!). She is currently a college soccer player at Tufts University in Boston.

Jodi, what’s your favorite thing about Addison? "My favorite thing about my daughters is their perseverance. They


never quit - even when the odds are stacked against them, they continue to give 110% no matter what they are doing." Addison, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? "My favorite thing about my mom is how supportive she is of all of her children. She always puts us and our activities first and does whatever she can to be at our games and activities. She is definitely our biggest fan." Abbi, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? "I would have to say her unconditional support definitely does not go unnoticed in our family as she manages all of her childrens activities and her own life so well. We all feel so supported in our activities whether it be a simple drive to a practice or her attending every single game."

Cheerleader Mom

Hi, I’m Tamra Taylor, 47. My oldest daughter, Lillie Taylor, 20 just graduated from East Carolina University in May. Lillie was involved with competitive cheerleading since she was 5. She cheered at ECCATS till she was 14, then cheered for Cheerextreme Raleigh for 2 years. She achieving a bronze metal at Cheerleading World’s in Orlando. She then cheered for ECU for 3 years, where they achieved a college national title, the first time in ECU history. My younger daughter, Mia Taylor, 8 has cheered, danced and has done gymnastics since the age of 5. She currently has decided to do gymnastics full time, 12 hours a week.

What’s your favorite thing about Lillie & Mia? Lillie- “My most favorite thing about Lillie is her determination. Her will for success is uncanny. She just took a position at a pharmaceutical company while applying for medical school. Team sports and goals lead to motivation and determination. Lillie wants to give back some of her cheer knowledge and now coaches 2 teams at Washington Elite.” Mia- “My favorite thing about Mia is her no quit attitude. She never complains about hard work. She loves improving. Not sure how I got so lucky.” What’s your favorite thing about you mom? Lillie- “My favorite thing about my mom is that she has the biggest heart. She makes sure that I accomplish everything and anything that I put my mind too. She made sure she was there for every practice, game and competition. The sacrifice that she puts day in and day out for my siblings and I is something I will cherish forever.” Mia- “My favorite thing about my Mom is when I wake up she gives the best hugs. She loves me all the time, and is strong.”


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5120 Corey Rd., Winterville, NC 28590 252-689-6401 • www.sawyersfunpark.com

252-752-7111 Rivergate Shoppi g Cen er • E 10th t & Greenville Blvd. w w.m g ynas ygre nv e.com


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Baseball Mom Hi, I’m Jennifer Youngs. I’m a mom of three boys and live in Greenville. My boys eat, sleep and breathe baseball! (Which means I do too!) We have been involved in baseball since the boys were six years old. We started in Tee ball, moved to Small Fry, then Big Fry, and eventually the ultimate...Greenville Little League. All three of my boys were on the East Carolina Auto Little League team. My oldest son Davis, now 14 years-old, is now playing Babe Ruth Baseball and will be on the Rose High School Freshman Team in the spring. Jacks, our middle son, just finished his final year in Greenville Little League and will be moving on to The Oakwood School middle school baseball team, as well as Babe Ruth Prep. Cy, our youngest, is 10 yearsold and is currently playing for Greenville Little League with EC Auto. So much of our life revolves around baseball. We live right behind Elm Street Park so even when my boys are not playing, they walk down and cheer on their friends. We have taken mission trips to the Dominican Republic where we spend time playing baseball with children and taking them baseball equipment that has been donated from the Greenville baseball community and local coaches. We had a son, Blaise Youngs, who passed away 13 years-ago. We have done baseball fundraising events at Elm Street Park and have raised money to install fans at Stallings Stadium and picnic tables in the outfield. Our family often plans trips to major league stadiums and follow ECU baseball during their tournaments. Baseball in Greenville has been a blessing in our lives. It has helped us develop friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Jennifer, what’s your favorite thing about your sons? “Davis is the typical oldest child- he is very responsible and has a very kind heart. He genuinely cares for others.” “Jacks is our wild card! He is quiet but listens to everything and his personality really comes out when he’s with his friends. He loves sports, thrives on the field and has a competitive nature.” “Cy is the life of the party. He likes to have fun, enjoy life and always finds the silver lining in everything. What’s your favorite thing about your mom? Davis – “I love our time together when she takes us to practices and she watches me play.” Jacks – “She's nice and loving. She always comes to support us at our sporting events.” Cy – “I love that she spends time with us and watches us play. And she brings me Gatorade when I need it.”


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Basketball Mom Shawna & Reagan

Hi, I’m Shawna Best, 57 from Greenville. My daughter, Reagan MaLeeah Best-King, 18 will be attending Saint Augustines University in Raleigh, NC. She plans on participating in the walk-on basketball try-outs for Saint Augustines University in Raleigh where she will be majoring in Communication with an emphasis in broadcasting. Reagan’s dream is to become a Sports Broadcaster on ESPN. I’m a single mom and Reagan is my last child out of 4 and she’s the only girl. Reagan loves basketball so much that I knew I could use it to help me keep her grades up. (At one time I took her off the team because she was not preforming to her full potential.) She was hurt but later told me she understood and she had to find a balance. She exceeded my expectation! Not every child finds the balance right off and she was one of them.


Funny thing is she played soccer for 6 years. She never liked basketball, but one day in middle school, the basketball coach noticed how tall she was and noticed in gym that she could play. So, when he saw me at the school visiting one of her teachers, the coach and assistant coach bombarded me with questions about her. I wasn’t interested because she was a soccer player. So I brushed it off and when they asked if she could try out for the team, I told them it was up to her. (thinking she wouldn’t be interested). But, she did and she made it. I love the fact that this made her an advocate for woman’s sports. Shawna, what’s your favorite thing about your daughter? “My favorite thing about Reagan is that she’s fierce! She’s not afraid to try anything. She’s compassionate & loves animals. She enjoys helping others in need.” Reagan, what’s your favorite thing about your mom? “My favorite thing about my mom is she’s definitely straight up about any and everything and holds nothing back. She’s brave and independent. most importantly her sense of humor and how we laugh at everything together.”

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T-3 words that exemplify feelings of e , le sure and nclusion of a journeey. It’s the place yo ou want to be. r you’re a prop perty owner or a property seeekeer, e find real sol i y ur real estatte need ds.

Offi ffice: 252.371.1 3011 S Memori

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Mother/Daughter Spotlight Pam & Maddy

Pam Carraway, 58 is Owner and Manager of Votre Boutique. Pam’s daughter Maddy Carraway, 19 is Co-Owner of Votre as well as a Wedding Planner Assistant and Social Media Content Creator. Pam, What’s your favorite thing about your daughter? “My favorite thing about my daughter is her love for people and she’s so comfortable to carry on a conversation with anyone, absolutely anyone of all ages and backgrounds. When I meet someone that has met Maddy, they tell me they love her. She has compassion for all these people that she meets, and truly cares about them and what their world is about. She is enthusiastic and passionate and it’s contagious.” Pam, if you had to describe Maddy in three words, what would they be? “Compassionate, Intense, and full of Passion.” Maddy, how did you get started in fashion? “Owning a store has been a dream of both of ours, so this is our dream come true by the supporters we have had along the way and the new ones we find daily who come into the store. We hope Votre is a welcoming environment for anyone from young girls to woman who are looking for that fresh new outfit, even for significant others looking for a special gift!! Votre means ‘your’ and we strive to make Votre your go to local boutique, where fashion meets hospitality. Fashion to me is an important part of my life. I know as well as others, that your outfit says a lot about you and that first impression is one of the most important things in life. I believe if you feel and look good in something, that builds so much confidence, and I hope Votre gives you that confidence every girl deserves. At Votre, we carry a range of items from clothes to shoes to jewelry to gifts and more. Shop local with Votre Boutique and support our Mom and Daughters dream! Maddy, what is your favorite thing about your mom? “My favorite thing about my mom is her perseverance in her everyday life but as well in her business life with everything these past couple of years have thrown at us, she has handled them in an amazing way where we still were able to grow the store and always take care of our customers. Her ability to talk to anyone that walks in those doors and learn something about them is something most people now a days don’t do.” Maddy, if you had to describe your mom in three words, what would they be? “Beautiful, Adventurous, and Personable.”


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JaclynCONNELLY 37 • Greenville, NC Business Owner

Tell us about your family: I have two beautiful daughters and an incredible husband. We reside in Greenville but also spend a fair amount of time in Morehead City. We enjoy sports and the beach. Current job? I own 2 businesses: Connelly Properties & Finley Kate Designs. I work as a Realtor, Property Management Accountant as well as a Jewelry Designer and Artist. What is your anthem (song that represents you)? My List by Toby Keith Who is your style icon? My style icon would be Cameran Eubanks Wimberly If you could have dinner with any famous person dead or alive, who would it be and why? Jesus. It would be absolutely amazing and I would love to speak with Him in person. Favorite movie: Sweet Home Alabama (movie) but the Netflix Outer Banks Series is my absolute favorite! If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? Two things come to mind; to have dinner miraculously appear on the table every night without having to cook, or to be able to walk on a daily basis without using ankle braces. I was completely paralyzed twice with Guillain-Barre Syndrome when I was a child. I now have residual nerve damage in my feet. I am thankful everyday for how far I have come.


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YOUR NEXT MAMMOGRAM SHOULDN’T BE, EITHER. 3D ma ogrra hy— —alsso now as brea ast to omo ynthessiss—is a profou und advanc ent in breastt cr enin . It improvess c nce er dete ection by 40% over traditi n l 2D am mm g hy, a d iss ca apable of nding g smaller, earlie er stage and more agg gressive cancc s. est of alll, there are e f wer fallse e positivves, fe ewer recalls an le s brea com r ss on t an n with 2D mam m ograp phy. Adding some dimension to your next mammogram can make all the difference. Schedule yours today at schedulemymammography.com or by calling (252) 752-5000.

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