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ApexSQL Comply 2013 R3 – Product update alert ApexSQL Comply 2013 R3 has been released Type: Maintenance release About ApexSQL Comply: ApexSQL Comply is a SQL Server auditing tool with a wide range of possibilities for auditing access, changes, and security on SQL Server instances, databases, and objects. It audits queries, DDL and DML operations, security events (authentication changes, permissions changes, and attempted logins), stored procedures, and functions. ApexSQL Comply saves captured information in a centralized auditing repository, and provides comprehensive reports For more information, visit the ApexSQL Comply product page About this release:  

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Usability improvements: Single installer for both the main application (the GUI and the Central repository database) and Auditing instance (the module for auditing SQL Server instances remotely via the ApexSQL Comply main application) SQL Server instances can be added for auditing using the main application GUI Added a dashboard showing the overall auditing status An improved option to exclude system objects related events is added Ability to automatically include or ignore auditing of newly created databases and objects Trace files are processed after a timeout, instead of when reaching a specified file size The SQL Server instance hosting the ApexSQL Comply central instance can be audited the same way as other SQL Server instances An option to select a data folder for storing trace files and packages Fixes More than 30 bugs fixed Future updates don’t require any installation on remote machines The license info showing the number of available ApexSQL Comply instances

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Apexsql comply 2013 r3 – product update alert  

We have released new version of ApexSQL Comply containing numerous upgrades and bug fixes

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