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November 2021

Nickel Plate Nordic Centre is now Open for the Season! Apex Mountain Resort’s Opening Day is December 11, 2021.

Getting Ready For Epic Days By Myleen Mallach, Owner/Publisher of Apex Matters “Use it or lose it”, my Dad always said. “If you want to stay active, then you need to stay active.” I totally agree. In November every year, I set new personal goals to reach by April. I keep pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone. Whether its the amount of time on snow, or trying something new, I try to set simple attainable goals to keep myself enjoying the great outdoors. I have found that high intensity interval training works really well to get and maintain the fitness level I need for skiing. I know those epic powder days are coming and I want to be ready to go non stop, lap upon lap of weightless rhythmic thigh burning euphoria. There is nothing worse than stopping early, because your body just can’t keep up. And, that’s when an injury can happen. So, I plan ahead, train hard, and then enjoy reaching those goals I set. On another note ... A huge thank you once again to our many loyal advertisers. This snow culture grassroots newsletter, for all those who enjoy Apex and recreating outdoors, is made possible by local business support. Join our strong readership and showcase your business in Apex Matters, helping to support the Apex community in the process. Shop local. Buy local. Neighbours helping neighbours.

Keep Up The Tradition (And Wash Those Hands!) By Whitney Wynn Did you wash your hands? Did you use soap? We ask our kids these questions all the time, but do you remember why? We’ve all heard that soap is essential for preventing the spread of germs, so let’s take a minute to look at what soap is all about! According to, the ancient Babylonians are credited as the first soap makers around. Their simple recipes with animal fats, wood ash and water were found carved into clay containers dating back to 2800 B.C. Meanwhile, the Egyptians developed a similar formula which they used for treating sores, skin diseases and personal washing. The Romans also came up with their own version, but strictly for medical purposes - it took them much longer (centuries!) to adopt the concept of “personal hygiene” ... LOL.

Today, traditional soap is made from a blend of fats/oils, lye and water. When the high pH sodium hydroxide solution is mixed with the oils, it induces a reaction called saponification where everything is transformed into an ionic salt ... and voila, soap! The mixture heats up, transforms into a paste, poured into molds, and sits to cure for 4-6 weeks as the excess water evaporates and “Keeping You in the S’know” since 2002! the soapy crystal network grows and strengthens itself. No lye remains in the finished bars, it is fully consumed in the chemical Published by Okanagan Matters Publications reaction resulting in a safe and gentle end product. Now, this | 250.490.6951 process has been highly altered over time, and unfortunately today many commercially produced soaps are a mixture of synthetic Quick Facts: Apex Matters is published monthly from September 2021 through April detergents, moisturizers to then offset these harsh cleansers, and 2022. Distribution covers Okanagan Falls, Kaleden, Penticton, Summerland and around ... preservatives. But more on that next month ... Apex Mountain. Full advertising options, read past issues online, and link to join our Apex Matters eNews all at Now celebrating our 18th season in print!

So, how does soap work? Soap doesn’t kill germs on our hands, it actually removes them. Germs stick to the oils and grease on our Please Note: No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of hands (sounds yucky, but it’s totally normal). Water alone won’t the publisher. No liability is accepted for any loss or damage resulting from the use of this remove many of the germs on our hands, because water and oil publication. We reserve the right to refuse any submission or advertisement, and retain the don’t like each other so they won’t mix. However, soap likes both right to edit all copy. Every effort has been made to make this publication as accurate as possible. All authors and advertisers are provided with a proof of their submission and their water and oil. Soap molecules are a type of surfactant, which final approval is requested before being published. © 2021 Okanagan Matters Publications. means they have one end that’s water loving, or hydrophilic, and one end that’s oil loving, or hydrophobic. When you wash your hands with soap, the bubbles act as a mediator between the water and oil molecules, and bind with both of them at the same time. South Okanagan Then when you rinse everything off, the germs are carried away Similkameen and down the drain they go!

Volunteer Centre

So, keep washing those hands! While hand sanitizer is a good alternative when there is no sink/soap around, we know plain old By Wendy Weisner, PhD, Executive Director hand washing is our best bet when it comes to warding off the lilʼ Let’s Rebuild the Economy Together with Volunteer Support! gremlins and keeping us safe. Happy Washing Ski Bums! Stepping up for Volunteers. Participate in this 50/50 draw at The Cause: Funds from this raffle will go towards keeping volunteers healthy and re-engaging them safely. Non-profits lost more than 40 per cent of their volunteer support during the pandemic, and volunteers are needed to resume community programs. The funds will also help to provide training and resources to community organizations on building healthy volunteer programs for lasting and effective help. This auction runs until December 16, 2021 at noon. The draw will be held on December 16, 2021 at 4 pm at 102-696 Main Street, Penticton BC, office of the SOS Volunteer Centre. Volunteer Gathering ~ Join us on November 24 for the monthly Volunteer Gathering. Register at Register on the SOSVC website,, as a ‘Volunteer’ to receive updates on volunteer needs. Register as a ‘Leader’ in to receive board training and opportunities. ‘Like us’ on SOSVC Facebook. Before volunteering, read the “The Volunteer checklist - Volunteering during Covid-19”. For more information, email or call 1-888-576-5661.

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Its an Olympic Year! Our properties are booking up quickly! We are looking to add more properties to our inventory, so we can keep up with the demand. With our professional management and flexible contract options, this is an amazing opportunity to let us do all the work while you receive the extra income! Have you considered renting out your property? We would love to discuss it with you and see if working with us would be the right fit. Reach out to Michelle today at 250-292-8256 or email us at Currently 2+ bedrooms and units that sleep 6+ guests are in high demand.

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Nickel Plate Nordic Centre Update

Nickel Plate Nordic Racers

By Kevin Dyck, President

By Jessica Roach, Head Coach

It’s starting to look a lot like winter at Nickel Plate, and already a lot is happening. Tricia, along with a handful of hardy and dedicated volunteers have been at the centre clearing snowshoe trails and have installed approximately 300 trail markers on Gold Dust and Quicksilver. Finally, those new to spending time in a big forest can do so without constantly wondering where they are! Snowshoeing will also open earlier as the underbrush on these two trails has been cleared away. No small feat! Likely the most anticipated news is that our day lodge will be open to the public this year. Capacity and usage will be limited, but you once again have a nice warm Photo taken on October 25, 2021. place to visit with friends and family after skiing and snowshoeing. Details are on our Covid-19 Resources page of our website (, and as Covid conditions can change as quickly as the weather, please refer to that source of information throughout the season. Nickel Plate keeps getting better and better! If you are part of a business or organization that wants to get in on the action, we would love to hear from you. We have a lot of great projects up our sleeves that we could use some help with, so we have developed a structured sponsorship program to partner with other organizations to help the club continue to grow and improve its services to the public. The sponsorship program ensures partners are well recognized as supporters of the club. Email president@ if you are interested, and please pass on this opportunity to any business owners or decision makers you know!

As the days are getting shorter, our training has shifted away from roller skiing and taken on a new form. You’ll find the racing team with head lamps strapped on bounding uphill well after sunset. Our roller ski training focused mainly on skate ski technique, whereas the ski walking and bounding training focuses more on classic technique. Lots of improvement has been happening throughout the summer and fall seasons, which makes us very excited for the race season to begin. It will be a weird return to the race scene as we have been away for quite some time, but that just gives us a better opportunity to surprise others. With our first races being just over a month away, it is go time!

A Dip In The Slush Pit By Fred Albrechtson, Nickel Plate Junior Racer Alumni Fall has been great here in Calgary. The last 6 weeks have consistently been 15-20˚. Over the summer, I got big into road biking as a running alternative, so it’s been great to be able to get out for a rip mid October, without freezing my hands. Despite the hot weather, I’ve still been able to go skiing! On October 18th, Canmore Nordic rolled out “Frozen Thunder”, or a huge quantity of snow that has been kept beneath a heavy blanket of saw dust throughout the summer. They roll the snow out to make a 2.5 km loop. Not bad whatsoever for snow that has been stored since May. Living in Calgary, I am typically not able to get out to Canmore before noon on school days, so once I get there, it’s already a huge slush pit, hence the warm weather. Nonetheless, it’s been great to get back on the skinnies and crush some laps. On October 27th, I went out for a little 4-hour distance ski. After having done over 20 laps, adding up to over 50 kilometers, I was happy to call it quits. I keep seeing pictures of the skiing that is happening at home, and I think it is safe to say that I’m over the Frozen Thunder loop. Unfortunately, my team and I had to go our separate ways. I wish nothing but the best to the Academy staff and athletes. I am now again working with the BC Ski Team head coach, with whom I have had much success. I am excited to see where this winter will take me under his wing. The summer has been a bit of a drag training wise. A large focus on rehab has held me back, but I’m stoked on what we can make up this fall and what boundaries we can push! Hoping for much more early-season snow back on the hill.

Our team has re-designed race and warm-up suits for this coming season and we want your business’ logo on it! We would love to represent the local companies that help us achieve our goals. If you would like to contribute to the growth and development of our club, please send an email to We have successfully completed another year of the ski swap! Thank you to those who contributed and supported the team. We look forward to making next year an even bigger success. Again, programs are starting to fill up, so make sure you get your youth outside and on skis this winter. We have a program for everyone, be it the Bunnies (ages 4 and 5) Skill Development Program with levels going up to four (ages 5-9), Track Attack or Trail Blazers (ages 10-12) and the Racing Program (ages 13+). Our Masters programs (racing and recreational) seem to be very popular, so you better act quickly if you want a spot! We are doing our snow dances!

Get Outside, Get Dirty, Explore & Learn By Lyndie Hill, Hoodoo Adventure Company

Outside. That where it’s at. Fresh air, sun, wind, dirt, water, it’s all great stuff ... and it’s free and plentiful around these parts. Outside is hands down the best place to be these days and the best people to take there (besides everyone) are kids. There are so many things in the outdoors that our kids really need, so many lessons they can learn. Here are my top 12 benefits of spending quality time in the outdoors with kids ... 1. Dirt ~ It’s no secret ... we need germs in our life, they are good for us! As awesome as sanitizing 30 times a day is, we need some balance to build or keep the old immune system working strong, and what better way than getting real dirty outside? Kids need this, they need to be unafraid of getting their hands right in there. 2. Boundary Exploration ~ As kids get older, boundaries for social interaction are important. They need to learn to set boundaries for themselves and respect those of others when exploring outdoors, like sharing space with other user groups and sensitive habitats. This takes empathy - being able to recognize what others want and need, as well as what they themselves want and need, is an important life skill. 3. Leadership ~ Leadership skills allow kids to have control of their lives and the ability to make things happen. Leadership instills confidence, and helps kids solve problems creatively, to work in a team, and work collaboratively with others. Leadership gives kids many opportunities to develop responsibility. We use leadership skills to plan a trip, when working in groups, also not only to keep ourselves from getting into to tricky situations, but to help get us get out of one too. A strong leader will keep their cool, while managing any situation. 4. Critical Thinking ~ Critical thinking skills are needed every day. They help us to make good decisions, understand the consequences of our actions and solve problems. These incredibly important skills are used in everything from putting together shelters to mapping out the best route. 5. Risk Taking ~ Taking risks in a safe environment builds confidence and teaches valuable life skills. Kids learn selfregulation, like “how high is too high in this tree?” or “how fast can I ride my bike and still stop quickly?” Allowing kids appropriate independence sends the message, “I trust you”. 6. Risk Management ~ Kids are more capable than we give them credit for. They’re good at recognizing dangerous or uncomfortable situations, if they are allowed to develop that skill. But kids also must make mistakes, get bumps and bruises, and that’s okay sometimes, that’s what they’re supposed to do - they’re kids and it’s how they learn. Finding that balance between acceptable or healthy risk and danger is important and our kids need these skills. 7. Respect ~ Teaching your children respect helps ensure they will get to know a person before making a quick judgement. This behaviour will help them throughout their entire life, and ensures they treat everyone with kindness. Teaching kids respect at an early age ensures they not only accept everyone for who they are, but they have respect for the environment they are in and the lands and waters that we are all guests of. 8. Friendship ~ Friendships help kids develop important life skills like getting along with other people and sorting out conflicts and problems. Kids with these skills are less likely to have social and emotional difficulties later in life. Play is a big part of how kids connect with others and make friends. We should encourage our kids to play and enjoy those special moments in life where its just friends, their imagination and the land or water to explore.


Inclusivity ~ There are no barriers to entry in the outdoors. This fosters a culture of respect and belonging. It also provides the opportunity to learn about and accept individual differences. We are all different, but when we have a common goal, like getting to the peak of a mountain, or riding a certain trail, it provides kids with opportunities to develop friendships with one another. Friendships provide role models and opportunities for growth. 10. Equality ~ Young people need to understand equality and know their rights, to understand both how they should be treated, and how they should treat others. When we are outside with just the clothes on our back and a few supplies, no pressure from the outside world, we are all equal. When adventuring together, we can pass on the knowledge that we are all an important part of a team that needs to work together and take care of each other. This creates a safe place for kids to explore, discuss, challenge, and form their own opinions and values. 11. Fresh Air & Open Spaces ~ We all need as much of this as we can get. Sunshine, wind, or rain, let it hit your bare face. Look up to the sky and just feel it. Then close your eyes and take deep breaths. After that, just run around and play. Be free! Kids need more of that these days, as we all do. 12. Hard Skills ~ Knot tying, foraging, bike riding, skiing, camp cooking, shelter building, first aid, paddling, and the list goes on. Expanding knowledge, honing skills, physical and mental health ... the list of benefits goes on too. My belief is that exposing kids to these things through outdoor play is essential for building healthy communities, healthy lifestyles and a brighter, more sustainable future. Personally, I learn through the process of teaching and perhaps we could all use a little refresher on the importance of these things, no matter our age. So, I encourage everyone to get outside, get dirty and discover all the lessons the outdoors has to teach.


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Hey Fellow Skiers! By Reece Howden, Apex Ski Club Alumni I had an amazing month training in Saas Fee, Switzerland from mid September to mid October. We had lots of blue bird days and I was super stoked with my skiing! I felt strong and fast and ready for the 2021/22 World Cup season and of course the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. We will be training for two weeks the beginning of November at Nakiska Ski Resort (near Banff) to prepare for the only stop the World Cup SX circuit will make in Canada this season. There will be 2 World Cup races held at Nakiska on Friday, January 14th and Saturday, January 15th. This is a great opportunity to come and cheer on the Canadian SX Team on home soil, and so close to the Okanagan! Ski Cross is non-stop action packed racing and never fails to entertain and be one of the most watched events in professional ski racing and at the Olympics! Nakiska is a great venue for Ski Cross and the finish line is only steps away from the day lodge. There is also a jumbotron at the finish, so the race can be watched from the start gate to the finish line. Kids can get autographs and face to face with the World Cup athletes! Go Canada Go! After training in Nakiska, the team will be super excited to leave for Beijing for our 1st race of the season. It will be held at the Olympic venue as a test event prior to the Olympics in February. We will get some experience on the track, and iron out any kinks that need tweaking before the big event. I see that the snow is already falling on the slopes at Apex and I hope you are all getting hyped for the ski season! Be sure to come and say “Hi” and introduce yourself to me as a fellow Apex skier at Nakiska. Let it snow! Page 6 | November 2021 |

Reece Howden recently training in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Advertise Your Business Here. Shop Local. Buy Local. Neighbours Helping Neighbours. 250.490.6951

Next Deadline December 3rd

Carvers Corner

By Jorgen Anderson, Head Coach & Program Director It’s Almost Game Time! The resort is looking amazing! The new webcams are great. Special thanks to the resort for all their hard work getting everything ready for the upcoming season. Recent snow accumulations are adding up quickly and it’s almost game time! The club is very excited for this year. Our website has been updated and ready for registrations. Early Bird ends November 15 for all programs. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, plus we are always looking for great skiers who are interested in coaching kids. Please send an email to Apex Carvers ~ Skills and drills will be at the forefront again this year. This program is perfect for teaching kids strong ski skills, so they learn to love the sport for life. The 11 week program is for 5 to 12 years old. We offer a full day Saturday program and a 1/2 day Sunday program. It’s amazing to watch these kids take their skiing to a new level each year. 3-day camps are also offered during Christmas and Spring Break. Extra days for extra confidence on the slopes. See ad space to the right for information on dates. Visit for calendar and pricing. U12 ~ This is an amazing program. Kids in this program can ski more days with the coach. We highly recommend this to kids, as it really gets them rolling in the skills needed to be a very proficient skier. You all would have seen these rippers all over the mountain last season with their coaches. U14/U16 ~ Just like our U12 program, just with older kids. We utilize the amazing Apex Resort, which has some of the best training in the country. We are all excited to get back at it this season! Okanagan Ski Team (OST) ~ We are so proud of our group of U16 athletes who are moving up: Molly Raymond, Sienna Blaser, Amy Clarke and Sam Lawlor. These ladies were on fire all last season, training so hard daily. They are so eager to race this season. We will get opportunities to see them a lot this season, as the OST trains at our amazing resort. Club News ~ We are very excited for Molly Raymond! Molly accepted a intern job with BC Alpine in their Social Media department this season. We look forward to her social media posts. Molly will be skiing with the Okanagan Ski Team this winter. Events ~ We will host two events this winter! A Carver South Zone event and an Okanagan Zone Slalom. We are so excited for 21/22!

3-Day Christmas Camps Camp 1 ~ December 21-23 Camp 2 ~ December 28-30

2 Spring Break Camps in March 2022

Apex Carver Program

Starts January 8 - Full Day Saturdays Starts January 9 - Half Day Sundays

Runs weekly though March 19 & 20

Apex Mountain Resort would like to remind local residents and visitors alike that water conservation is extremely important all year round! It is integral to the well-being of this beautiful mountain that we love so much. We all need to make a conscious effort to conserve water when you can.

Molly Raymond accepting her award. Above/Below - Dryland crew crushing it!

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Freestyle Apex Update By Sarah Holeton, Executive Officer, Freestyle Apex The first of the snowflakes have started to fall and blanket the tops of Apex Mountain. Season passes have been purchased in record numbers, anticipating yet another amazing season at Apex Mountain Resort. The Apex Freestyle Club is gearing up for another awesome season with our head coach/program director, Kristi Richards. After another very successful season last year, the club is stoked for more fun and great learning. The restrictions are starting to loosen, which will allow us to gather outside and with hopes for some more social activities to bring us all together. This was missed dearly last year. The club continues to follow the guidelines set out by the Public Health Officer, Via Sport and any specific government regulations. Mandates are changing and evolving quickly; however, at this time, proof of vaccination is not required to participate in any outdoor sport, for either spectators or participants. Youth sports participants (21 years and under) are exempt from proof of vaccination. We will continue to keep you updated of any changes. Masks, however, continue to be required in all public indoor settings for all people born in 2016 or earlier (ages 5+). Registration is ready to launch, so be sure to sign up early, as many of the programs sell out quickly! Our half day programs are super popular, so look for an email in the coming days. Our club is so proud to include snowboarding among our programs this year and have some amazing coaches lined up for both recreational and performance levels. PROGRAMMING for the 2021-2022 SEASON: • Jumps & Bumps Fundamentalz ~ ½ or full days, Saturdays OR Sundays - This program introduces the basics of all freestyle disciplines in a curriculum based format - Ages 6-12 • Freeriderz Sunday - 1 day per weekend training, focused on fun and diverse discipline skill acquisition as a recreation - Park tricks and rails, landing bag, big mountain and skiing skills focus! - Ages 12 + • Freestylerz ~ Full day (choose 1 or 2 days of training, Saturdays and/or Sundays) - Offering diverse freestyle discipline training and the choice to compete at Timber Tours (must have highest level of Jumps and Bumps) - Ages 9-13 • NEW - Girlstylerz ~ 1 day Saturday Program - Led by girl coaches, for girls who want to shred! - Ages 9-13 • Junior Program ~ 2 day per weekend program, offering high performance coaching for the younger athletes, still staying diverse in disciplines, but integrating with the Performance Program (Learn to Compete) - Ages 9-13 • Performance Program ~ 3 days per weekend program - Fri, Sat, Sun - Offering high performance coaching for those who want to compete and try to make it to the next level (Train to Compete), includes camps and comps - Ages 12+ • NEW - Mid-week Program Training ~ Tuesdays and Wednesdays - supplement to Performance program offering 2 days/week (Train to Compete) - this includes dryland, tailored YTP and sport specific services - Ages 12+ SNOWBOARD PROGRAMS: • Grom Squad ~ Program for the young recreational boarder that wants to learn the fundamentals of riding, jumping and carving - Ages 8-12 • Performance Snowboarding ~ 2 day snowboarding program, offering learn to train and compete principals, plus refining Page 8 | November 2021 |

your carving and jumping skills, learning inverts and rotations, riding at a higher levels, with competition opportunities at your choice - Ages 12+ • Recreational Snowboarding ~ Saturdays or Sundays 1 day snowboarding program for those who want to refine their skills and have fun with a snowboard crew and amazing coaches! - Ages 11+ The NEW SNOWBOARDING PROGRAMS have access to our amazing landing bag facilities, and are led by rockstar coaches - GOLD MEDALLIST, Ross Rebagliati, as well as Former Pro Riders, Donny Ellis and Ty Kuhn! NEW THIS YEAR - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! ~ Night sessions on the landing bag for ski and snowboarders. More details to come, so stay tuned. Registration and memberships will be required, but not mandatory to be a part of other regular day time programming to participate in the night sessions. APEX CLASSIC (FORMERLY CANADIAN SELECTIONS) ~ Finally, we would like to remind everyone that the Apex Freestyle Club in partnership with Apex Mountain Resort will be hosting the newly named Apex Classic (formerly Canadian Selections) December 16-19, 2021. This is a Freestyle Canada Cup mogul series competition. The Apex Classic kicks off the season and provides opportunities for athletes who have good standings in previous Canada Cup series to compete for spots on the NorAm circuit, a highly competitive and challenging field of events composed of next-gen Olympic athletes. We hope to see many of you out supporting and cheering these athletes on. We are also always looking for volunteers, as the success of these events depends on them. We will provide a link for those interested in volunteering closer to the date. We’d like to encourage many of our club members to come out and lend a hand. Thank you again for your continued support of our program. We value and recognize all the efforts the parents do throughout the season to make our program as successful as it is. SEE YOU ON THE SLOPES!

Pre-Season Is Almost Over

By Jordan Kober, Canadian Freestyle Mogul Team Member So, as it turned out, I ended up going back to the place I swore I would never return ... Zermatt. We ended up skiing 6 days in Austria before some of us decided to try our luck elsewhere. About half our team, including myself, drove a long 8 hours of incredible mountain passes through the alps from Hintertux to Tasch, and from there we took the short train ride back into the forsaken town of Zermatt. For the first several days after our arrival, the mountain did not open due to weather and, yet again, we found ourselves unable to get on our skis (I thought I remembered having a good reason for never coming back!) But, fortunately, by the 4th day the situation started looking brighter. Literally. After these initial weather days, the clouds parted and the winds calmed, and we were lucky enough to get 2 weeks of blue-bird, sunny weather. The course was in nice shape and before heading home, I got 11 more days of great skiing. It ended up being the best Zermatt camp since ... well, actually, I can’t even remember a time when it was this good. Now, I’ve returned home for just a couple weeks before the next training camp in Sweden, where the first competition of the year will be held. This event is going to be used to determine who will get World Cup starts between myself and five other teammates. Four spots are available. The pressure is on. I am going a week early to get some final pre-season training on the course and by November 20th, I hope to be as ready as I can be to earn some World Cup spots!

Hello Apex By Alec Henderson, BC Park & Pipe Team Member

Jordan Kober on left with teammate Kerrian Chunlaud, and physiotherapist Mark Borslein in behind at the ski hill in Zermatt.

I just finished my last beautiful day of training in Switzerland. This has been the trip of my lifetime and has gone by so quickly, because it was so amazing! The best part about training in Switzerland at Stomping Grounds was the spectacular views in the Alps. The coffee, and the chocolate were a close second. I definitely had some of the best training days of my life here in Saas Fee. It was inspiring to meet new people like Shaun White, a 3-time gold Olympic medalist in Snowboarding Halfpipe.

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I’m feeling stronger than ever and looking forward to our very first competition - a Canada Cup in Yukon starting on December 1st. In November, I will be continuing to work out, staying strong, doing trampoline training, and possibly heading home to Apex for early season training. I will be travelling to Yukon on November 21st. Thanks again for the support that many of you have given to make my dreams of going as far as I can in freestyle skiing possible. For fun videos and updates on where we’ve been and where we’re going, follow along on Instragram @Big AL or @alechendersonn.

Have a great month of November. Here comes winter! | November 2021 | Page 9

Penticton Sno-Trackers Club (Formerly the Penticton Snowmobile Club) By Lacey Smith, Director This season has brought many new, passionate faces to the Penticton Sno-Trackers committee and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce our 20212022 Board of Directors. President - Michael Eyzenga ~ Michael began riding snowmobiles 30 years ago, starting around 6 years old with his Father being almost solely responsible for creating this sled-loving monster. With his recent passing, Mike felt a pull to give back and share with others that long standing and deep-rooted joy he finds in the sport. Vice President - Joey Millar ~ Joey’s snowmobiling career began 32 years ago at age 5 on Lake Simcoe, Ontario. Joey soon found that BC sled trips are a great way to explore this province, and the cool towns along the way. Treasurer - Curtis Turchak ~ Curtis has been exploring the snowy backcountry by track since 2002 and is known through the community as the master-of-trails. Secretary - Amber Hobbs ~ Amber joined the sport of snowmobiling after starting her family in her 30’s. She started trail riding up Apex and fell in love. Amber’s daughter started snowmobiling at the age of 2.5 years old and LOVES the sport. Directors at Large: Greg Smith ~ Greg started mountain-riding with his Dad when he was just 8 years old! He followed in his father’s footsteps and started his kids on sleds as soon as possible. Greg continues to share his passion for snowmobiling with his wife and 2 young children, exploring the backcountry and trails less-travelled. Anthony Hobbs ~ Anthony began sledding in 2016. He loves getting out and enjoying the backcountry, improving his skills and spending time with his family. Apex is a second home to his wife, daughter, and himself. Greg Lewis ~ Greg started snowmobiling in 2020, but has quickly been taken away by riding. For Greg, the locations, adrenaline, power, and speed, make it worth it. Greg can be found on the mountain with more tech-gear than ever needed, and he’s even been donned the club’s photographer. Lacey Smith ~ Lacey began snowmobiling in Ontario in 2005; however, wasn’t introduced to snowmobiling in BC until 2013 when she met her husband, Greg. Together, they have 2 young children that have been riding with them since they were 2.5 years old! The board members of The Penticton Sno-Trackers are likeminded individuals with collective goals to preserve, promote and grow the club in a positive direction, while creating a sense of community. We look forward to meeting with and collaborating with our fellow Apex backcountry neighbours. Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 10th at 6:30 pm. For more information, please email Follow us on Social Media: Facebook - Penticton Sno-Trackers Snowmobile Club or Instagram - @Penticton_SnoTrackers.

An aerial view of Apex Mountain Resort captured in 1975.

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Monthly MLA Report By Roly Russell, MLA Boundary-Similkameen

Winter is quickly approaching with changing road conditions expected. Please contact AIM with road concerns or to request maintenance at 1-866222-4204. Do not rely on others to report the roads needing attention. We all need to be reporting maintenance requests directly to Aim to achieve the service we desire to travel safely. Subrina Monteith Director of The RDOS board and staff are RDOS Area ‘I’ working hard on budgets from November through March, reviewing and setting the 2022 budgets that service the entire region. With the over 150 separate budgets, it’s a long process including public consultation. Each budget is separate and this allows for only those in the service area to financially contribute through property taxes. One achievement that I have brought to Apex is financial transparency with an annual community meeting in December or January for the residents of Apex to review their area budget. I had a few conversations about the upcoming changes starting January 1, 2022, as the fees associated with some Planning Applications will change as follows: Official Community Plan and/or Zoning Bylaw Amendment ~ For one of OCP or Zoning, increase from $1,000 to $2,500. For both OCP and Zoning, increase from $1,500 to $2,500. Subdivision Referral Review ~ For new simple or strata parcels, increase from $400 to $1,000. Plus, fee for each new parcel created, change of $500/parcel to nil. Plus, fee for RDOS water or sewer service area, the change is from nil to $500/service. For boundary adjustments, the change is from $600 plus $100/new parcel to $1,000 flat fee. Temporary Use Permit (TUP) ~ For “Vacation Rental” uses there is an increase from $700 to $2,500 per year. For all other uses, an increase from $700 to $1,250 per year. For renewals (for all uses), there is an increase from $350 to $1,250 per year. Why Are The Rates Increasing? There are two ways to recover costs for services. One is to tax everyone in the area for one parcel land change or a combination of both individual land owner and area. The combination of land owner and area was the case prior, but moving forward the owner of the property who benefits the greatest with the change will pay a greater portion of the costs versus the area. I’m certain this will be reviewed again in the future, but having the individual pay for the benefit received is the theory behind the change in rates for 2022. RDOS Is Moving To A New Notification System ~ Please sign up How Are The Roads To & From Apex? to continue receiving text, call or email notifications about important Acciona or “AIM Roads” is the road contractor for Apex Mountain things happening in your community. This is an important tool Road and Green Mountain Road. Their mandate is to keep the for emergency and land use change notifications. Visit www.rdos. highways safe and open for the travelling public. Their winter shift to sign up or to get more information. schedule is mid-October until mid-March. If you notice unsafe or Subrina Monteith, Director of RDOS Area ‘I’ dangerous road conditions, please call AIM at 1-866-222-4204. Direct: 250.460.0723 | |

Driving to Okanagan Falls from Victoria last night was a snowy voyage, which gets me excited about the season ahead! Most of October, I’ve been in Victoria. Most of November will be the same. The legislature is in full swing and in-person sittings of the house have started for the first time during my tenure! As such, my great local team (Sarah and April) are carrying more of the weight of our office’s representative role, working with local people and businesses. This week saw the introduction and debate of bills covering a handful of topics that I’m thrilled to see on the table for debate. Amendments to our forest legislation are perhaps most substantial in terms of what it means for our future. These new amendments are proposed in order to help bring more public input and oversight into our forest management. For the last two decades, the old legislation limited the ability of our communities (First Nations or otherwise) to really be at the table to help make these decisions, and has made it more difficult to put community values such as recreation or wildfire risk reduction at the centre of our decisions. So, I’m really pleased that Bill is moving forward. We also just completed debate on two Bills that will move us closer to an inclusive, universal child care system. That legislation is an important step towards giving families access to quality, affordable and inclusive child care. Other Bills under debate include freedom of information amendments, enabling more ability to prohibit singleuse plastics, and changes to make it easier for local governments to communicate to residents. Mental health is important to all of us. There is certainly much work yet to be done, but I’m excited to share that our budget includes $132 million dedicated to strengthen the full continuum of substance-use treatment and recovery services, including withdrawal management, transition and assessment, treatment and after-care services. Mental health matters. Finally, given that last year we had almost zero prevalence of the ‘regular’ seasonal flu, there is an elevated concern that our 2021/22 flu season may be significant. To help ensure that British Columbians are safe, the BC government has made all flu shots free this year. Please get vaccinated, to help keep yourself and, sometimes even more importantly, the loved ones around you safe. I look forward to seeing some of you on the hill this winter!

This space could be yours ... Either go heli skiing or book an ad! Winter driving on Apex Mountain Road ~ Photo by | November 2021 | Page 11

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APOA membership is open to all Apex property and condo owners. Love your Apex playground? Want to keep it pristine? Love to use the snowshoe & cross country trails? Like to drive on safe roads to get to Apex? Concerned about the status of logging? Then, the APOA needs YOU!

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Home On The Apex Range By Gord Reum & The APOA Board

Cattle tend to wander through and around the Apex village and community in the spring, summer and early fall. For property owners who are not permanent residents and spend most of the time there in the winter, except for dodging the odd cowpie while checking their property, they may not be that aware of their presence. For full time residents, however, especially those with young families, cattle wandering through the community and their property can be more than just an annoyance. The frustration of residents is evident from the postings that appear on the Apex Community Facebook page at that time of year. One Apex resident contacted APOA and told us her experience, having cow dung litter her yard, finding them wandering through her yard where her children play and even being charged by them, making her regret purchasing a home at Apex. A few years ago, one of our Board members (Gord Reum) contacted officials from the ministry responsible for range land and what we were told is as follows: The Apex area is classified as “rangeland”. So to quote the person who contacted us, “It looks like the cows have more rights than the people who live here”. If you do not want the cows on your property, you have to fence them out. As the Apex community grows, we should not be expected to live as one with the cattle. The fences and cattle guards surrounding the Apex area are intended to divide the crown lands into different areas, not to keep the cattle out of the community. One has to wonder if other ski areas such as Big White and Silver Star have herds of cattle living in their communities? It is the responsibility of all owners to put pressure on the government to protect the rights of the taxpayers, not the cows. This issue isyour only going to grow as From serving table... To servinghome. your market! more people make Apex their permanent


Serving you in a new way! 250-809-1861 Office: 250-492-2266 | Toll Free: 1-800-652-6246 101-3115 Skaha Lake Road, Penticton BC, V2A 2E1 Each office independently owned & operated.

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Join Our Team! Apex Volunteer Fire Rescue / Apex Fire Brigade Society By Molly Raine, AVFR Communication Lead The joint Apex Volunteer Fire Rescue and Apex Fire Brigade Society member application drive is on now! We are looking for dedicated community members, who are willing to give back to the Apex community in Volunteer Firefighter and Critical Support Unit positions. Interested applicants can apply online and applications must be submitted by midnight on December 15th. Interviews and selection will follow, and training begins early January. There’s a job for everyone! With the fire service transitioning from a selffunded society to a Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen tax-based service, we are looking for volunteers in two different streams: Firefighters with Apex Volunteer Fire Rescue and Critical Support Unit volunteers with the Apex Fire Brigade Society. Together, volunteer members of the AVFR and AFBS share a selfless commitment to being there - ready to serve - when a crisis occurs. This isn’t a decision to take lightly. It takes training, hard work and courage. Volunteering requires you to devote your time to learning and maintaining skills. AVFR Firefighters must be willing to respond to emergencies at any time of day or night, year-round; and can expect to undertake a variety of duties, for example: structural, vehicle, and wildland firefighting; first responder medical calls; rescue; and motor vehicle incident and extrication Apex Fire Brigade Society Critical Support Volunteers (CSU) are the backbone to ensuring that the Apex community is prepared for emergencies, emergency response capabilities remain functional, and our responders, residents and visitors are cared for during times of crisis. AFBS CSU volunteers are needed to support variety of functions, for example: logistics support (transportation, food, equipment); short-term emergency social services support (accounting for, tracking, and providing support - shelter/food/water/warmth) to residents and/or visitors impacted by emergencies; grant proposal writing; FireSmart and other community safety program coordination and engagement; participation in community emergency planning; and social event coordination. Firefighter, or Critical Support Unit volunteer, it’s your chance to get involved! All the training is provided and once complete, you will be prepared to support or respond as part of your community’s first line of defense in crisis. Interested in applying or have any questions? Head over to our website to join us!

What Is Clinical Pilates? By Christine Campbell, BHK, MPT, CAFCI, FCAMPT While Pilates has been around for nearly 100 years, it has slowly been gaining popularity in not only the fitness community, but also in the rehabilitation world, and for good reason. Classical Pilates is a series of essential exercises originally created by Joseph Pilates to develop strength, flexibility, and endurance in the muscles of the spine and extremities. It emphasizes starting each movement with core engagement to maintain correct alignment of the spine and pelvis, and using breath to facilitate the movement and connect the mind and body. What is the difference between Classical Pilates and Clinical Pilates? Unlike the Classical Pilates class you might take at the community center or at a studio, where participants may all perform the same general program, in Clinical Pilates a physiotherapist integrates and modifies the elements and approach of Classical Pilates with their medical training to provide an individualized routine to address specific treatment and rehabilitation goals. It begins with an assessment to identify biomechanical faults or injured tissues and is followed by the development of a treatment plan aimed at addressing those issues. The program will combine traditional physiotherapy treatment techniques with modified Pilates exercises to promote healing and address the identified issues. Research has shown that when Pilates is integrated into physiotherapy, it improves the outcomes of treatment as it can help restore pain-free movement throughout the body, and improve overall balance, coordination and control. It has been shown to be beneficial for people who suffer from a variety of ailments or conditions such as: pre and post-natal weakness or pain, back or neck pain, work or sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries, muscle strains and imbalances and arthritis. What is STOTT PILATES®? STOTT PILATES® is a contemporary approach to the original Joseph Pilates exercise system. It was developed by physiotherapists, sports medicine experts, and fitness professionals. It integrates modern principles of exercise and rehabilitation, and includes modifications to the traditional Pilates exercises that allow for this technique to be appropriate for people with varying abilities and fitness levels. The STOTT PILATES® repertoire is based on 5 Biomechanical principles that provide the framework to promote optimal alignment and movement in a variety of movement contexts. These principles ensure exercises are performed both safely and effectively. The five principles are: 1) Breathing; 2) Pelvic Placement; 3) Rib Cage Placement; 4) Scapular Movements; and 5) Head and Cervical Placement. This summer, I was fortunate enough to travel to the Merrithew™ Corporate Training in Toronto to learn how to incorporate STOTT PILATES® Rehab mat-work into my current practice. I walked away from the course with an excitement about my new skill set and I couldn’t wait to introduce it to my clients. Final Thoughts About Clinical Pilates ~ Whether you are rehabilitating an injury, wanting to improve your core strength or overall fitness, or just want to try a different approach to getting rid of those stubborn aches and pains, you can always book an appointment with a me, Christine Campbell at Dale Charles, to start your Clinical Pilates journey. I look forward to working with you!

Apex Community Association Update By Erica Fletcher Hello Apex! I was rather hoping that the deadline for this month would be in November, so that I could report on the Halloween event we’ve been planning and preparing for. But alas, we are a few days early and by the time this goes to print, the event day will have passed. Other than that, I don’t have much to say this month other than to remind you all of our upcoming Annual General Meeting on Sunday, November 14th at 3 pm in the Apex village cafeteria. We hope to see a bunch of you there! We will be nominating our Board of Directors for the following year. If you have an interest in being on the board, come early to submit your nomination. Let’s put our hands together and pray for snow! Winter is on its way and I can’t wait! Happy anticipationmonth (i.e. November) everyone! Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on what we’re up to: Apex Sunrise in late October 2021. php?id=100067709146871.

Concussion By Dr Deirdre O’Neill Naturopathic Physician

Natural Pain Solutions

Have you ever hit your head? Have you been in a car accident and suffered from whiplash? If so, you may have had a concussion. You may only have had short term problems. If you experience brain fatigue, memory problems, sleep disturbance, mood changes and generalized sensitivity to light and noise, you may actually be dealing with the long term effects of a concussion. A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury. It occurs after a fall or jolt to the head or neck. This jolt disrupts the function of the brain. Symptoms of a concussion can be varied and don’t always include a loss of consciousness. There can be physical, emotional, psychological, and cognitive symptoms. Symptoms can last anywhere from minutes to months. If you have had a concussion previously, each subsequent concussion can have larger and more profound effects. In medicine, we always talk about prevention is key. Even with a helmet, you can still be affected by a brain injury. When it comes to skiing and other adventurous sports, it is hard to keep the relative risk of a concussion down to a zero. Also, keep in mind that prevention in the concussion realm is preventing the long term effects of a brain trauma. This happens by starting treatment early and not just leaving it up to the great healer, time. Early treatment for a concussion may actually lead to a faster recovery time. So, just brushing it off and ignoring the injury may lead to an unnecessarily longer recovery time. We are lucky in Penticton to have practitioners well versed in concussion treatment. Taking a multifaceted approach to concussion treatment can also be beneficial for a better outcome. Naturopathic medicine works on improving brain function by reducing inflammation, feeding the brain with nutrients to help it to heal and treating specific symptoms early to keep your healing optimal. Some of the symptoms of a brain injury are due in fact to inflammation in the brain. Loading up on healthy fats found in walnuts, avocado, fish, MCT oil, olive oil are a great way to offset inflammation. There are specific nutrients that are antiinflammatory to the brain, including liposomal glutathione and curcumin. Brain supportive nutrients also comes to play to give the brain an upper edge while healing. If your sleep has been impacted from a concussion, which it often does, melatonin could be an answer. Studies have shown that melatonin improvement in whole brain function and grey matter with the added benefit of improved sleep and less fatigue. Since the brain is the conductor of the whole body, when it gets affected so do other organ systems. Some patients suffer from hormonal changes after a concussion, while others have a heightened fight or flight response. It is all too common for long term concussion sufferers to dip into depression or anxiety. Expedite whole body healing by using natural medicine to bring balance to your body while your brain heals too. If you are in doubt that you may have a concussion while up on the hill, a first step is to get assessed by our wonderful ski patrol.

Snow and ice push our driving skills to the limit. Do you know how to drive properly in winter conditions? Did you know you need driving skills beyond what a good set of winter tires can provide? Here are a few tips to help you drive better on the road this winter: • Maintain a safe following distance ~ It takes longer to stop on a slippery road. Keep a 4 second distance between cars. • Drop your speed to match road conditions ~ No matter how much experience you have, the way your car will move on snow or ice always has an element of unpredictability. • Watch for ice ~ Slow down when approaching possible icy spots, such as shaded areas and bridges, as these sections of road freeze sooner than others in cold weather. • Accelerate and brake slowly ~ When starting from a stop on slick roads, start slowly and accelerate gradually to maintain traction and avoid spinning your wheels. When stopping, plan well in advance, apply the brakes gently and slowly. • Know how to handle a skid ~ If you start to skid, ease off the brake or accelerator, look and steer smoothly in the direction you want to go. If you are on ice, step on the clutch or shift to neutral. • Be cautious near highway maintenance vehicles ~ Keep a safe following distance behind snow plows and salt/sand trucks. These vehicles throw up snow, imparing visibility. • Pull over whenever traffic is lined up behind you ~ If you are traveling at slower speeds and see a number of vehicles on your bumper, simply pull over and let them pass. This may only need to be an indicator light and a slight deceleration. • Practice ~ Get out and drive in the snow and ice. Know what your vehicle is capable of and what you are comfortable with.

References: Grima NA, Rajaratnam SMW, Mansfield D, Sletten TL, Spitz G, Ponsford JL. Efficacy of melatonin for sleep disturbance following traumatic brain injury: a randomised controlled trial. BMC Med. 2018;16(1):8. Published 2018 Jan 19. doi:10.1186/s12916-0170995-1

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Dr. Deirdre O’Neill, Naturopathic Physician, has an expertise in Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma. She practices in Penticton at Alpine Natural Health. You can also find her on the hill as part of the volunteer Canadian Ski Patrol.

Dr. Deirdre O’Neill

Naturopathic Physician & Prolotherapist 3373 Skaha Lake Road Penticton, BC


Winter Driving Tips By Myleen Mallach

CatMatch Meet Silver Who says grey is not beautiful? I am well aware of my beauty and flaunt it! I would look gorgeous laying on your bed! My last partner passed away, so I am looking for a new relationship and am in the middle-aged range, so none of those silly antics that younger beauties bring with them.


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GN’R Alpaca Boutique Alpaca fibre, yarns, products, workshops, hats, mitts, socks and much more ... Gail Franklin-Hawes

Inside The GN’R Alpaca Boutique By Gail Franklin-Hawes, Owner GN’R Alpaca Boutique is a new unique, everything alpaca and fine fibre and yarn store. Warm Socks and Insoles ... What’s better than warm feet? GN’R Alpaca Boutique has a 75% alpaca with 23% nylon and 2% spandex sock to offer. Available in a variety of colours depending on which animals were used, and available in 4 sizes, 3 weights, and 2 heights. The ankle sock is awesome as a slipper, as well year-round. The most popular 8” boot height is amazingly warm and cushy, with just the right stretch top band. Alpaca breaths and traps warm air in its hollow fibre keeping your feet warm. The socks are blister resistant, nonrestrictive, moisture wicking, stronger, and warmer than wool. They are hypoallergenic and have a nature odour control. Your feet will love you. We also have felted insoles. These are great for inside your shoes or boots. Alpaca for the warmth and a little wool for the squishy volume. They mail flat and easy to ship as a gift too. Our hats and mitts and scarves are also an outdoor person’s friend, from full thick chunky hats to light lacey scarves. GN’R Alpaca Boutique has a wide selection of styles and colours. Please check out our website at and for a great run, other than the ski hill, come visit the boutique and feel our beautiful alpaca items.

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Slushy Thoughts From The Snow Bank By Brad Nunes Why hello everyone. We are getting oh so very close to kicking off our season! At the time of writing, it appears like we have some actual base starting to form! Like real snow on the ground! This is very promising. I think I had better go over my pre-season checklist here. Are my skis shined up? Check! Do I have a stick of juicy fruit? Check! Alright. I am ready to be moved ... by taste and by gravity. I really like November. It is my slowest of the 2nd half months. The kids have fallen into a routine now. I am finished with all my ski patrol, dry land training and I haven’t got all tied up in the yule department yet. However, every retailer has apparently missed out on that memo. It honestly felt like everyone forgot about Halloween and jumped right into Santa’s sack. The real victim was my son. After 3 stores and zero luck, I had to turn to him, with a tear in my eye, and tell him we were going to have to draw on his mustache for his Freddy Mercury costume. I mean the “Show Must Go On!” I was worried ‘Another One might Bite the Dust’. But, ‘We Are the Champions’ and ‘He Will Rock’ you anyway ... so ‘Finish What Ya Started’! Wait ... stop it ghost of EVH! This is Freddy’s time. Maybe next year ... I am still mostly working from home. It has its pros and cons. Pro: The food is real good. Con: The food is REAL good. It is dangerous being next to a well stocked fridge all day. Did you know with the right headset you can run a meeting AND cook bacon and eggs at the same time? I toss together a ham and cheese sandwich for the kids on stale white bread with a dinky granola bar and a half bruised apple. They come back and ask what I had for lunch and I don’t have the heart to tell them about the pan seared salmon with creamy dill sauce on a bed of saffron infused couscous. Let’s just say, I am not quite in fighting form this year. I traded my cardio work out for a carbio cookout. Lastly, as I tend to do this time of year, I want to encourage and remind everyone to take some time to “Remember” on the 11th. We may not have many vets left from the World Wars, but we have plenty from more recent engagements and they need our help and support more than ever. Your participation in local events shows that you are there for them. When they are struggling with physical or mental injury, we are there. They have to deal with those lasting effects, so that we don’t. So, take some time. Pause a little. And, make sure to thank a veteran. Take care everyone.

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