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Al Brandolini is a US Army veteran, having served 21 years. He was a member of the plebe class of ‘73 at the United States Military Academy at West Point; and continued at Providence College in the ROTC program. He graduated with honors and received an army commission in military intelligence. When Al retired he was the Senior Intelligence Officer at the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command, having achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Oh yeah, so why did Al purchase a Model A? Not sure…maybe to go drag racing, a good deal, or maybe to impress girls in high school.

First…and Last Kiss Al had his first ever kiss in the back seat of his Model A. Not exactly an uncommon occurrence for teens then or now…except in Al’s case there was a problem! Some might say a big problem…their braces got locked together and wouldn’t release. With lips locked, his date “trying to scream,” panic setting in, Al managed to reach behind the seat and grabbed a pair of cutting pliers. Somehow he cut his braces (and no lips or gums) to free them. This may have been his first kiss, but not too surprising, it was his last kiss and last date with this girl. It made me ponder how different it would be if that happened today. In Al’s case, I’m sure it didn’t take too long for the word to eventually spread around school back then; but if that were to happen today—in the age of cell phones and social media—just how quickly and widespread the news of that first kiss would get around.


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