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Employee’s responsibilities

My responsibility is to inform the employer immediately about the obstacles to work.

My responsibilty is to produce our product as good as possible.

My responsibility is to do the work during work hours.

My responsibility is to be careful with my employer’s property.

My responsibility is to carry out a medical examination if this is demanded for in the work agreement or other regulatory enactments.

My responsibility is to ensure that information that is considered to be business secrets is not accessible to unauthorized persons.

My responsibility is to prevent or reduce as much as possible threatening or already incurred losses to the company.

Our rigts are to consider and use any opportunity that we can.

Everyone of us has the rights to speak our mind and fight for it.

My rights as an employee are to listen to other employees and consider their opinion.

My rights are to work within fair, safe and healthy working conditions.

My rights are to recieve fair salary.

My rights are to get extra payment for extra work.

I have the rights to leave my job temporarely. The employee must notify the employer immediately.

Employer’s responsibilities

My responsibility is to pay wages to employees with prior agreement to it.

My responsibility is to list all hours and extra hours worked precisely by each employee.

My responsibility is to introduce all employees with shift schedules.

My responsibility is to provide equal pay for the same or equivalent job.

My responsibility is to ensure fair, safe and harmless working conditions.

My responsibility is before signing an employment contract, inform employees about the risks of the work environment and safety measures at the relevant workplace.

My responsibility is to ensure the organization of work and working conditions so that the employee can carry out the work entrusted him.

Employer’s rights

My rights are to require an employee to show their documents certifying education or special training.

My rights are to require the person who is applying for a job to attend a job interview.

My rights are to require all employees to undergo regular health check.

My rights are to pay wages according to the amount of work done.

My rights are to pay salary by transfer if agreed with the employee.

My rights are to dismiss the employee if the worker is at work under use of alcohol, drugs or intoxication.

My rights are to file a written employment contract within 3 days.

Charter or rights and duties  
Charter or rights and duties