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REPORTAJENOVEDADES EL BONOBOEDITORIALES EN PELIGRO The Mandrill: A Case of Extreme Sexual Selection Junio 2018. Alan F. Dixson. Cambridge university Press Living in the remote forests of western central Africa, the mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) is notoriously elusive and has evaded scientific scrutiny for decades. Yet, it is the largest and most sexually dimorphic of all the Old World monkeys, and perhaps the most colourful of all the mammals. Synthesising the results of more than twenty-five years of research, this is the first extensive treatment of the mandrill’s reproductive and behavioural biology. Dixson explores in detail the role that sexual selection has played in shaping the mandrill’s evolution, covering mechanisms of mate choice, intrasexual competition, sperm competition and cryptic female choice. Bringing to life, through detailed descriptions and rich illustrations, the mandrill’s communicatory biology and the functions of its brightly coloured adornments, this book sheds new light on the evolutionary biology of this fascinating primate.

The Anthropology of Modern Human Teeth: Dental Morphology and Its Variation in Recent and Fossil Homo sapien (Cambridge Studies in Biological and Evolutionary Anthropology). 2nd Edition Mayo 2018. G. Richard Scott, Christy G. Turner II, Grant C. Townsend, María Martinón-Torres. Cambridge University Press All humans share certain components of tooth structure, but show variation in size and morphology around this shared pattern. This book presents a worldwide synthesis of the global variation in tooth morphology in recent populations. Research has advanced on many fronts since the publication of the first edition, which has become a seminal work on the subject. This revised and updated edition introduces new ideas in dental genetics and ontogeny and summarizes major historical problems addressed by dental morphology. The detailed descriptions of 29 dental variables are fully updated with current data and include details of a new web-based application for using crown and root morphology to evaluate ancestry in forensic cases. A new chapter describes what constitutes a modern human dentition in the context of the hominin fossil record.


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