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Welcome to Aperture 2017 What defines an Aperture book? First, everyone involved in making books at Aperture is driven by a passion for photography. It’s in our blood! We’re intensely engaged with the history and evolution of the photobook, as a work of art in its own right, which serves as the ultimate vehicle for a photographer’s series or idea. Each editor, as she or he proposes a particular book, must convince the team that they are compelled to do it, that its existence will improve the world, that it really matters! We publish books that other publishers won’t or can’t—from complex artists’ books to emerging photographers’ first books—and serve a story and a community that other publishers don’t. Such titles typically don’t make financial sense for commercial publishers, but as a not-for-profit, our work is to find a way to make these books real, and at the highest quality possible, raising funds for them as necessary. By publishing them, we take our audiences to new places, and introduce them to new work. These books also change the featured photographers’ lives, raising their reputations to new levels. And then there’s the magazine, which is unlike any other, delivering the best writing about photography and ideas, alongside spectacular production. Each season, the magazine delves into a pressing topic in photography, often where the medium is having a profound impact within our society and culture. Aperture magazine is also the source of so many new relationships for us. We are now working on four books that stem from the recent issue Vision & Justice, guest edited by Sarah Lewis, about photography and the African American experience. From the first serious survey of the photography of food (why hasn’t anyone done it before?), to the vivid black dandy in photography, to the unique biography of eco-warrior-adventurerphotographer Michael Nichols, not to mention new books by Stephen Shore, Rinko Kawauchi, and Dawoud Bey, among others, we sincerely hope this spring’s list inspires you! —Chris Boot, Executive Director

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Spring 2017 Catalogue  
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