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The Library Book

11 x 141/2 in. (27.9 x 36cm) 232 pages, including 3 double gatefolds 120 four-color images Clothbound with jacket ISBN 978-1-59711-374-8 US $80.00 / CAD $108.00 / UK £60.00 April 2017

Photographs by Thomas R. Schiff Text by Alberto Manguel

• Gorgeous large-format coffee-table book, celebrating the story of the American library • Over one hundred libraries rendered in riveting 360-degree panoramas • Introduced with an ode to the library by the awardwinning author Alberto Manguel

9 781597 113748 Thomas R. Schiff’s The Library Book captures the shifting architectural styles and missions of the library in sweeping 360-degree panoramas—from the very earliest American libraries to the modernist masterpieces of Louis I. Kahn and others. In his introductory essay, acclaimed author and library lover Alberto Manguel considers the story of the library in America, its evolving architecture and cultural role, and how the American model reflects the archetypal idea of the universal library. Including brief descriptions of each unique library, this book brings bibliophiles into more than one hundred libraries across the nation. Thomas R. Schiff began experimenting with panoramic photography in the mid-1980s making use of a Hulcherama 360 panoramic camera. He has published six books: Panoramic Ohio (2002), Panoramic Cincinnati (2003), Panoramic Parks (2005), Vegas 360 (2008), Wright Panorama (2010), and Prospect (2012). Schiff helped establish Images Gallery in Cincinnati in 1980 and he is the founder of FotoFocus, a lens-based art biennial held in Cincinnati.

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Alberto Manguel is an anthologist, translator, essayist, novelist, and editor. He is the author of several awardwinning books, including The Dictionary of Imaginary Places and A History of Reading. His honors and awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship, McKitterick first novel award, German Critics Award, and being named a Chevalier de l’Ordre Français des Arts et des Lettres.

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Spring 2017 Catalogue