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Money Is Sexy So keep yours. The Second Hand Fashion Issue Fall/Winter 2013

The Visitor

Model: Claudia Make Up: Suzana Roman Hair: Hannah Elisabeth Photography: Thomas H P Jerusalem, A-MOMENT-IN-TIME.COM Photography Wardrobe: Vintage, Claudia’s Closet, Marshall Fields Pharmacy Location: Thrift and Dollar Inc., Aurora, IL

Second Hand Fool

Model: Brittney Hardiman Wardrobe Stylist: Whitney Janzen Photographer: Heather Anne @ Pieces of Tyme Assisted by Brooke Worley Hair and Makeup: Chuck Combs at Angela’s Images

Second Hand Fool

by Leah Leitch

Growing up in downtown Toronto, we had many choice second hand shops a mere stone’s throw away from our home. Many of these were in well-to-do neighbourhoods and if you were a regular you could score some real gems! I vividly recall one winter when I needed a new coat; my mom took me shopping at a second hand store near our home called the Extoggery. I came home with a wool A-line coat complete with fur collar. The funny thing is at the age of 7, I was completely mortified that I was wearing someone else’s coat! Very uncool, I thought. Fast forward to 2013 and now my daughter and I proudly shop and wear pre-loved clothing waiting for someone to gives us a compliment so we can tell them how little we paid for it! Like me, many today find second hand shopping not only to be economical, but environmentally responsible as well. Even so, not all items are worth buying. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep under your belt so you can navigate the piles of clothing and come out with pieces that you will love for years to come. Look for good names Not trying to be a name snob here, but certain brands have become synonymous with quality workmanship and clothes that last. Learn to pick these out and you’ll be ahead of the pack! Signs of quality Brand name or not there are certain indications that a garment is made well. Look for things like covered buttons, finished or reinforced seams and lining. With some training you can learn to spot natural fabrics like linen, cotton and silk or blends of these. Inspect thoroughly Even if you’ve found a name brand item at a crazy low price you need to thoroughly inspect the item before you purchase it. Keep your heart out of this one! Check for stains, tears, properly working zippers and missing buttons. If something will need to be altered count the cost to make sure it’s still worth it. Shop early in day/week Second hand shopping requires energy. Start early in the day when your energy is best. Also, people usually drop items off on the weekends so shop early to mid-week for the best selection. That being said, great items could come in any day so frequent your favourite shop so you don’t miss a thing! Know what looks good on you With your body type in mind, search for flattering items that will complement your current wardrobe. Ask yourself if you really love/need it or if you’re just getting it because it’s a deal. Even if you only pay $4, it’ll be a waste of hard earned money if you never wear it. And finally……be patient Patience is a virtue that can yield great results when shopping second hand. It takes time to frequent the store, sort through items, try them on, bring them home and wash them. But all this will be worth it when you step out in style at a fraction of the price!

Revival Model: Gabrielle Celeste Reed Photographer: Jaime Hunt for Bold Sheep Photography Makeup Artist: Jaime Hunt Lighting Assistant: Dave Hunt Wardrobe: Vintage thrift store finds

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Brittney Hardiman Brittney Hardiman was born in Michigan and raised near Nashville,

Tennessee. She began modeling at age 10 when she and her sister, among others, won a modeling competition that led to a flood of gigs. When her modeling began to cut into school a bit too much, her mom limited her modeling with her best interest in mind. After High School, she started modeling again. Brittney most enjoys glamor and fashion modeling for print these days. She’s currently in Lafayette, IN to study Health Science at Purdue University. After she finishes school, Hardiman plans to move to Florida, where she says she’ll ‘probably do a lot more swimsuit modeling.’ Keep up with Brittney on Instagram @y0_britt or on

Emmy Elle Emmy Elle was born and

raised in Zionsville, Indiana. Emmy is a freelance glamor and lingerie model who got her start when she created a profile. Emmy shares her work with the world religiously. “Facebook has grounded me from adding people” she laughs; a testament to her constant networking efforts. Aside from modeling, Emmy enjoys singing, drawing, and ‘anything creative.’ Emmy works out daily to keep in shape, but admits: “I get irritable, especially if I don’t get carbs – I need to eat...I’m not going to be stick thin...” Emmy is currently attending school to become a cosmetologist. She is also working on a new website,; a resource for aspiring models to gain experience and network with others in the field. You can keep up with Emmy at: emmy.the.model

Sarah Beaty

Sarah Beaty has lived within a couple of miles of the Speedway 500 in Indianapolis,

Indiana her whole life, and that’s the way she likes it. She bought herself a house at age 21, and plans to always have a home in the area. She would like to take time to travel to Europe and wants to someday hike the entire Appalachian trail with her best friend Tiffany. Sarah is new to the modeling world, and is currently building her portfolio in the areas of glamor and alternative modeling, while working full time as a baker. Sarah has quite the collection of tattoos that she is constantly adding too, all of which hold some special meaning to her. Quite a few of them are an ode to her best friend Tiffany, who she loves to go dancing or taking road-trips with. You can keep up with Sarah at:

Sarah and her best friend, Tiffany

Amy Cline

Amy Cline is a freelance figure model based in Lafayette, Indiana. She enjoys modeling,

particularly figure modeling, for both artists and photographers. She cites the simple beauty of the nude figure as her muse. Amy started modeling with a little help from a former art instructor in college, and hasn’t looked back since. After creating a profile on, her modeling expanded into the realm of photography. “I get to see the way other people see me, which is rare,” says Amy. She is somewhat selective about the clients she works for, looking for artists that she can relate to and will be excited to work with. “Excitement is contagious,” she says, noting the importance of a good artist-model rapport. Cline likens the fun she has on photo shoots to playing childhood pretend games; something she didn’t do much growing up. “There is an element of acting to it,” she says. “Modeling gives me a chance to be something I’m not – almost like playing dress-up.” You can keep up with Amy at:


Aperte Magazine Fall/Winter 2013  

The Second Hand Fashion Issue. Saving money is sexy!