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Mission Mission of of the the company company

Easy Packaging

Mission Mission

Easy Easy Packaging Packaging

APE IMPIANTI designs and manufactures packaging lines in the beverage sector, able to optimize the productive processes of our customers, thus making them highly innovative and competitive on the market.

Philosophy Philosophy

1. 1. Reliability Reliability APE IMPIANTI is appreciated not only for the quality of its products, but also for the full professional service offered to the customer. A staff of engineers follows the various steps of the project: design, installation, after-sales, with the assistance of highly-qualified personnel.

Philosophy Philosophy

2. 2. Tailored Tailored solutions solutions APE IMPIANTI has capacity and experience to offer products for medium and large customers

Philosophy Philosophy

3. 3. Flexibility Flexibility and and semplicity semplicity

APE IMPIANTI designs and creates various types of machines on beverage packaging line, upstream and downstream of the bottling line. Our products are robust, easy to use and adaptable to any get in space issue and logistics situation.

Philosophy Philosophy

4. 4. Design Design in in synergy synergy APE IMPIANTI communicates with its customers and trough its designers to define the solution that will mostly fit the bottling line, making technological requirements and logistics suitable.

The The Company Company in in numbers numbers APE IMPIANTI Is part of a group of companies coordinated by

o o o

Designs packaging lines. Commercial network. Registered office in Zevio (VR).



Designs and produces machines for the beverage sector. Registered office in Zevio (VR).

o o

Develops prototypes and special machines. Registered office in S. Martino Buon Albergo (VR).

o o o o

Designs packaging lines French commercial network. French after-sales service Registered office in Bordeaux (France).



Development and production unit of packaging machines and systems. FOOD sector.

The The Company Company in in numbers numbers

o o o o

50 years of history. 40 retailers. Over 800 customers worldwide. More than 2500 machines manufactured and sold.

The The Company Company in in Numbers Numbers


2 manufacturing facilities: - Zevio (Verona) - San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona)


6000 m² of production area

The The Company Company in in numbers numbers o 50 employed persons

60’s 60’s .. 70’s 70’s .. 80’s 80’s .. 90’s 90’s .. today today


History History of of the the company company

From From automation automation to to integration integration

60’s 60’s o o

Wine bottling Pasteurisers for wine..

70’s 70’s o

Automation of bottle packing processes in wooden crates and mesh boxes.

80’s 80’s o o

Automation of case erecting and sealing processes Card-board case considered as dipsoable packaging

90’s 90’s o

Integration of the functions performed by the machines placed along the bottling line in a unique process.

today o o o

Design of packaging lines PACKINO for the FOOD sector. APE PACKAGING FRANCE to be closer to the customers.

60’s 60’s

Wine Wine bottling bottling In the early 60s, occured a deep transformation in wine consumption and distribution: jugs were replaced by bottles which came to the table of Italian citizens. The need to automate bottling lines production became a priority that made up Mr. Fabio Grappoli to leave family wine cellar and found the Officine APE, involving to machinery design and manufacture for the first bottling plants in the wine sector.

60’s 60’s

Pasteurization Pasteurization

Bottle marketing set pasteurization to assume a relevant importance as regard bottling process. Since 1962 and the first patent, many APE pasteurizing models have been achieved with original and technical solutions; some of them are still in use nowadays.

70’s 70’s

Automation Automation

In the late 60’s, wine bottle consumption became a mass phenomenon. As mesh boxes and plastic crates distribution were going on, automatic packing process starts developing. The first packing machines was born: reliable, simple, at affordable price. Achieved in numerous models, they widely contributed to the growth of many Italian wineries.

80’s 80’s

Packaging Packaging In the early 80’s, his son Mr. Franco Grappoli joined the company, period which coincided with the beginning of the wine market globalization. As foreign markets spread, packaging assumed moreover importance in the bottling process and the use of the cardboard runned up. The first case erector was born: compact, simple and reliable, followed by case sealers and partition inserters. Even more, in the mid 80’s, the first automatic palletizers and depalletizers were manufactured.

90’s 90’s

Integrate Integrate processes processes APE IMPIANTI was born in 1995. Trough bottling lines transformation from chains of machines into automated production lines, APE implemented many packaging systems for primary winery companies as well as gain extraordinary experience through a 360 - operating system worldwide.

2000 2000

Switch Switch to to industrial industrial production production

In 2001, a new facility is inaugurated in Zevio (VR). An industrial production and a design department were organized on this 4000 m² manufacturing area.

2010 2010

Growth Growth

APE OFFICINE ITALIA. Industrial production now incorporates machines design and plant engineering.

2011 2011

A A new new specialty specialty

PACKINO was born after the purchase of Tecnai going to be the FOOD-related packaging brand. A department was created to design machines and packaging lines for the FOOD sector.

2013 2013

Always Always close close to to the the customer customer

This is the time of APE PACKAGING FRANCE, thanks to the collaboration of French historical retailers and the high number machines and production lines sold. Settled in Bordeaux, this company is involved in designing bottling production lines, sales and technical assistance to be closer to the customer. The entrance in the company of the third generation with Mr. Francesco Grappoli, gives a significant sign of continuity to the 50 years of company history.

Production Production range range

From beginning to end of line

Production Production range range

From From beginning beginning to to end end of of line line APE IMPIANTI designs and achieves various types of machines: oDepallettizers oPallet box packers and unpackers oCase erectors oCase packers oPartition inserters oCase sealers oCase weighers oPalletizers

APE IMPIANTI proposes also entire packaging implementations, collaborating with other providers.

Subdivision by line production LINE PRODUCTION SPEED




speed (in bhp: bottles per hour)


2000 - 3000 bhp





3000 - 5000 bph


FORM 1200

INCA 1200

INSER 1200

CH 1200



5000 - 8000 bhp


FORM 1300

INCA 2010

PAL 2010

INSER 2010

CH 2010

INSER 2010

CH 2010

PAL 2010

INSER 3000

CH 3000

PAL 3000

UNIBLOCK 8000 8000-12000 bph 12000 15000 bph

DEPAL 2010 automatic

FORM 2500

INCA 2010


FORM 3000 INCA 3000

Packaging lines




Implementation which suites the various machines dedicated to beverage dry packaging (wine, liquor, water, soda, oil, vinegar). Made of: depalletizer+ pallet box packer + case erector + case packer + artition inserter + case sealer + case check weigher + palletizer. Control of the global process to synchronize the work of the several machines.



Grips whole layers of bottles from the pallets and deposits them on transfer table, before bottles filing.


Gripping of the bottles by means of inflatable tubes (mod. 2000 TS) or sweep carriage transfer (mod. 2010).


Suitable for various bottle formats by intelligent control operation trough PLC.

Pallet box packer and unpacker


Automatic gripping and release of filled bottles in the pallet boxes for wine ageing.


Available in various versions.

Case erector


Automatic case erection


Sealing of the inferior flaps with Hot Melt glue.


Available in six models.

Case packers


Automatic case/crate bottles Pick ‘d Place packing.


High speed operation. Flexibility, with fast, repeatable changeover. Reliability and forgiving for product variations

Partition inserter




Automatic opening and inserting partitions into cases utilizing technology that ensures speed and reliability. This machine is operated by electronic controls to ensure accurate opening and positive placement of partitions into the case. Vibrating belt guarantees labels care.

Case sealer


Upper flaps sealing by Hot Melt gluer.


Perfect sealing and squaring effect of the case at high speed thanks to case-conveying bars and automatic flap-sealing when the case stands still.


Available in 6 models.

Case check weigher


Automatic and fast case-weighing after sealing.


Possibility to stop the process locally, in order to remove abnormal cases presenting weight.


Quality check faster and more accurate.

Bottle and case conveyors


Components for the conveying of bottles and cases along the bottling and packaging lines.


Functional to connect and coordinate the various machines involved along the bottling and packaging lines.



Automatic creation of layers of cases which make up a palletized load.


Automatic Insertion of layer pads.


Adaptation to the various case formats through PLC.



Palletizing via robot.


Perfect for small-sized areas.


Perfect for delicate products and with various bottle formats (e.g. liquors).


Perfect for products with various packaging types (card-board or plastic case).


Adaptability for the various formats via PC and variously-equippable arm.


Remote technical assistance by APE Impianti.

References References

The customers, growth partners

Fattorie Giacobazzi

Semi-automatic depalletizer

mod. DEPAL 35.

Jermann, Gorizia

Semi-automatic depalletizer mod. BABYDEPAL

Delegat's Wine Estate Limited, Nuova Zelanda

Semi-automatic depalletizer mod. BABYDEPAL

Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, Verona Automatic depalletizer mod. DEPAL 2000

Gilardi Sa, Les Arcs-sur-Agens


Depalletizer mod. Depal 2000 TS

Bonfils MĂŠze, France

Automatic depalletizer with pneumatic gripping pliers mod. DEPAL TS

Cave de Pomerols Pomerols, France Automatic depalletizer with pneumatic gripping pliers mod. DEPAL TS

Delegat's Wine Estate Limited, Nuova Zelanda

Case erector mod. FORM 3000 and Case packer mod. INCA 2010

Campagnola Spa, Verona

Case erector mod. FORM 3000

Fratelli Bolla, GIV, Verona

Case erector mod. FORM 3000

Distillerie Luxardo, Padova

Case packer mod. INCA 2000

Cielo e Terra, Verona

Case packer mod. INCA 3000

Cantine Lenotti, Verona

Partition inserter mod. INSER 2000

Le Chateau de l’Aumerade, Francia Isola: oPartition inserter oCase sealer

Cantine Cav. G. B. Bertani, Verona

Packaging line with laying bottles: oUNIBLOCK 5000 ÉLITE oCH 2000

Fernando Pighin & Figli, Udine

Packaging line: oFORM 1200 oINCA 2000 oINSER 1200 oTV + CH 2000

RAM, Treviso

Packaging line: oISOLA 4 oBABYPAL

Le Manzane, Treviso

Packaging line: oUNIBLOCK 5000 oCH 2000

Azienda Agricola Inama, Verona

Packaging monoblock mod ISOLA 4

ASTON Agro Industrial AG, Russia

Monoblock mod. ISOLA 3 HM

Az. Agricola Il Cortile di Giovanni Dall'Asta, Parma

Monoblock mod. TRIO

Cave de Cebazan Cebazan, France

Packaging monoblock mod. UNIBLOCK 8000

Cantine Ruggeri, Treviso

Palletizer mod. BABYPAL

Acetifici Italiani Modena De Nigris, Modena

Palletizer mod. PAL 2000

Cantine Lenotti, Verona

Palletizer mod. PAL 2000 Pallet magazine

Contri Spumanti, Verona

Palletizer mod. PAL 2000

Campagnola Spa, Verona

Palletizer mod. PAL 3000

Distillerie Luxardo, Padova

Anthropomorphic robot

Kellerei Kaltern, Caldaro, Bolzano

Palletizing robot mod. ROBOT 2000

Nonnino Distillatori Percoto (UD)

Packing machine with special equipments for shaped bottles

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