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An Educational Journal Volume 87, Issue 2 Spring Issue, February 2016

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A non-Italian’s introduction to APD BY RON SME, BETA SIGMA ’65, NATIONAL HISTORIAN Smé? What kind of name is that? Is it French? Is it short for something else? For years I have had to deal with such questions. At first, I would answer “Austrian.” Everyone had heard of Austria! Back when my father’s parents immigrated to America they left the AustroHungarian Empire, which was under the leadership of the Emperor Franz-Josef. In later years, my answer became “Yugoslavian.” Remember Marshall Tito? Now I can answer confidently “Slovenian!” Slovenia is now a small republic whose capital is Ljubljana, and that actually borders Italy, near Trieste. One might even say that I am Ron Sme close to being Italian! A distant cousin of my father, Franc Rodé, was the Archbishop of Ljubljana before he was elevated to a Cardinal within the Roman Curia by Benedict XVI. So given a name like Rodé, Smé is not that strange! I trust now that that question has been forever answered. But I digress! In the spring of 1964, a guy that I knew from high school, Richard DeMarco had pledged for Beta Sigma Chapter. At St. Francis College you couldn’t pledge first semester freshmen. In those days if you were Italian and had a 2.5 GPA you received an automatic bid to join Alpha Phi Delta. Non-Italians needed to be asked to pledge by a brother of the chapter. So it was Richie DeMarco who invited me to pledge in the fall of 1964. I had not given fraternities any thought at that point, but I did want to get involved somehow in a college activity. Among others who received bids to pledge were Guy Fecci, Ray Feeney and John Kowalski, who were, like me, math majors! Richie De Marco was also a math major, along with Richard Marino who also had pledged in the spring of that year. So for me, oddly enough, math was the initial common bond in what would be Beta Sigma’s sixth pledge class. (Nowadays if I had a dime for every math major that I meet in Alpha Phi Delta, I wouldn’t have a dollar!) And then there was Santo Barbarino! Santo was my pledge brother, but we were not inducted together. If you knew him well, you would know that Santo could be VERY difficult; he dropped out during the sixth week of pledging, but fortunately for us all, he pledged again in the spring of 1965. With gas being 31 cents a gallon, and being one of the few with a car (1963 Ford Fairlane 500), I often drove brothers around, in the spring of ’65, even pledges. Often Santo would insist that I stay for dinner. Santo’s father, Alfio, cooked for the exclusive New York Athletic Club, so food was always beyond good! And lest we forget my heritage, my family often had “Italian food” on Fridays during Lent: Ronzoni spaghetti with Campbell’s tomato soup! As I was growing up, there was the Kennedy compound of Hyannisport, later there would be the Bushes of Kennebunkport, as a brother of Beta Sigma in the ’60s and ’70s we had the Barbarinos of Canarsie. Specifically, 1265 East 82nd Street, and that address was special! We knew that because our chapter took the responsibility of the display case in the college library and 1965 was the 700th anniversary of Dante’s birth. Santo’s brother Alfred (and Maryanne) lived upstairs, his sister Gracie (and Anthony) lived a few doors up the block, Aunt Anna was further up the block, and then there was Aunt Josie. Remember at the circus you would see so many clowns getting out of a car? The Barbarino dinner table could compete! How many people could they serve at their dinner table! What an experience! Without a doubt I became part of that family, even though I was “Irish.” This was my first introduction to a real Italian family. As I became involved with Beta Sigma Chapter my clear goal was to become pledge master. Achieving that goal in 1966, the chapter’s ninth pledge class boasted seven Italians, two Irish, and one German. My personal highlight of that pledge period was being invited to one of their Sunday pledge gatherings, a dinner at John Gatto’s house. There were the spare ribs, then the lasagna, then the chicken, then the meatballs, then the roast, etc. Needless to say, all 10 pledges remained to become brothers, and their pledge master was very fulfilled. My next pledge class was 100 percent Italian, Pat Socci! Induction dinners were held at the Gondola Restaurant, which concluded always with a rousing rendition of “Giovinezza” with some of the waiters joining in. After graduation, Santo encouraged me to attend my first Third District Meeting. It was at Eta Chapter at CCNY in upper Manhattan; it was there that I first met Al Palazzo. Before long I experienced another awesome aspect of Italian culture. Al and his wife Dottie were the most (continued on page 17)



KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016


Academic Year is off to a Successful Start BY CHRIS MANCUSI, GAMMA SIGMA ’02, NATIONAL PRESIDENT

Brotherhood for Life!


n so many of my travels, visitations and meetings I get to bear witness to the special bonds that keep the brothers of Alpha Phi Delta unified. It’s especially a joy for me to see and hear about brothers reuniting after many years. Whether a brother is active in the fraternity social scene or not; he knows that he is always a phone call away from rekindling that special purple spark in his life. I encourage our brothers to visit and learn about the Sunshine Tours that will be taking place throughout the south during the winter. This is an excellent opportunity to bask in the bonds of brotherhood . . . while basking in the warm sunshine of Florida! I’m glad to report that another fall semester is in the books and our fraternity has had quite an outstanding start to the academic year. At print deadline, our undergraduate chapters have initiated 200 men during the fall semester, which is the largest fall we’ve had in some time. We have instructed our undergraduates to focus on pledging quality men, and that quality will lead to quantity. It is possible that we may be able to initiate 400 new brothers this year for the first time since the early 1990s. Congratulations to our undergraduates on such a fine job with recruitment and pledging. Even more impressive to me is to hear about the amount of community service and philanthropy our chapters are doing on their campuses or in the surrounding community. That, coupled with the leadership that many of our brothers have demonstrated on their campuses, is what truly impresses me over any statistics that might display our recent success. I remind our undergraduates and alumni of the turbulent times that the Greek system is going through. Unfortunately, the poor actions of a few are being highlighted in the media and common folk don’t know the difference between an alpha or an omega; the reality is Greek life is painted broadly in such a negative tone. I encourage our chapters and our brothers to do all they can to stand up and exhibit the positive things that fraternity life stands for. Volunteer to help the community, be a positive presence on campus and make all those around you witness the highest and noblest ideals of an Alpha Phi Delta brother.

Luigi Tirro (Misericordia University) and Anthony Galli (Theta Beta) surround their former track coach Chris Mancusi. Both men went on to start or reactivate their chapters through the expansion program. A big kudos must go out to our entity presidents for our chapters, alumni clubs and alumni associations. Their leadership and responsibility has us to the point where we have very little outstanding fees. You have made our jobs a lot easier and we thank you for it! The post-centennial momentum is carrying onward and the pulse of the fraternity is beating ever so fast. On the expansion front, we have colonies or interest groups set up at SUNY Albany (Albany, NY), Misericordia University (Dallas, PA), Centenary College (Hackettstown, NJ), Dowling College (Oakdale, NY), Briarcliffe College (Patchogue, NY), Queens College (Queens, NY) and the University of New Haven (West Haven, CT). I’d like to thank Sal Flagiello, VP for Expansion, and his outstanding expansion committee for helping find and develop new colleges and universities for Alpha Phi Delta. If you have a relative that is interested in starting a new colony of Alpha Phi Delta or possibly re-activating a dormant chapter, send an e-mail to Sal at Take a look at our website,, and view the listing of active/inactive chapters. There is no finer feeling in the world then having a relative or friend join the fraternity. Help YOUR fraternity grow! I’m proud to report, that as of this time, every chapter and colony has an Alumni Advisory Board that is helping the chapters navigate throughout the year. These alumni have graciously volunteered to monitor a local or perhaps their own chapter to help in the event issues arise. This is a perfect

example of the National Fraternity deepening our leadership bench. I'd like to thank National Vice-President Jim Miller for the fine job he has done in getting this program off the ground. If you're interested in helping, contact me by email at We are currently in the late stages of planning our regional leadership conferences, which will take place in the beginning of the spring semester. I'd like to thank the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation, which has made leadership training sessions possible through a very generous grant to the fraternity. Specifically thanks are in order to this year’s sponsors—Douglas A. Sundo (Western Conference) in Pittsburgh, Pa. and the Beta Sigma Alumni Association (Eastern Conference) in New York City. The 〈⌽⌬ Foundation is the charitable arm of Alpha Phi Delta and though a separate entity, works hard to fund leadership conferences, training and educational seminars, scholarships as well as the publication of The Kleos. I can’t tell you the number of alumni that have attended past leadership conferences that are blown away at the comprehensive training that the fraternity now gives to the officers and future leaders in our chapters. As a matter of fact, the Foundation just recently doubled their investment in our member education program! I encourage you to go to our website and make a financial commitment to ensure that these events continue for our undergraduates. Our Central Office team of Fr. James Lentini, National Secretary, and Rick Trieste, National Treasurer, have been a great source of comfort to me knowing that organizationally and financially we are secure. These volunteers do what many would consider a full time job and their cooperation and teamwork has helped the fraternity remain stable. In addition, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank our national officers and specifically our district governors for all of their hard work while in the trenches. I’ll never forget those six years as the NYC District Governor taking those late night phone calls or returning home at some ungodly hour after some meeting or event ran late. We have a nice mix of senior and new membership to the executive committee but rookie governors Joseph Rahtelli II (Upstate N.Y.), Nick Marter (Long Island) and Noah Langer (Central Pa.) are to be commended on the jobs they’ve done so far. n

This page sponsored by Alex Franki., Gamma Lambda ’90, Fordham University

February 2016, KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta




Delta Epsilon inducts new members November 21 at John Jay University.

Photo by Sal Flagiello

Photo by Sal Flagiello

Photo by Sal Flagiello

ABOVE LEFT: On Thursday, November 19, our colony at Queens College inducts four new members. Welcome Ji Kang, Travis Greene, Jorge Ponce, and Brandon Santiago to the family! ABOVE RIGHT: On November 21, the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter welcomes five new brothers to the family. With more than 20 undergraduate brothers in attendance, alumni Ron Sme, Nick Marter, and Sal Flagiello inducted the five men. Congratulations Amit Charran, Joseph Gentile, Christopher Juzumas, Dylan Mayglothing, and Mohan Persaud. RIGHT: Our colony at Dowling College in Long Island continues to grow! District Governor Nick Marter and VP for Expansion Sal Flagiello welcomed seven new men to the family in November. Congratulations J’son Clarke, Marco Cordova, Kenneth Linborg, John Macchia, Juan Morel, Alex Napper, and Christopher Tejada. This page sponsored by the Pittsburgh Alumni Club



KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016

! y n o l o c w e Our n

More than 50 brothers, including seven National Officers, were present at the Alpha class induction for our newest colony at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. Fifteen brothers were initiated on December 6 into what looks to be the beginning of a great entity. Congratulations Joseph DePalo, Robert Flanigan, Brandon Iozzo, Harrison Kaufman, Sean Kingsepp, Nathan Lanning, Victor Miller, Michael O’Toole, Michael Parisi, Mohammed Ramadan, William Sakmann, Jordan Schwed, Sean Scianna, Justin Smith, and Colin Weber.

Photo by Emil Coscarelli

Harrison Kaufman, colony president of our newest entity at the University of New Haven, is pictured next to his father Larry Kaufman (Beta Xi, 1988) moments after Harrison was initiated into Alpha Phi Delta. This joyous moment was a long time coming. Harrison has been around brothers since he was born, so it was only a matter of time.

On Sunday, November 22, 2015, Theta Beta, NYU inducts three new brothers. This is the eighth group that has been inducted since the chapter was reactivated in the spring of 2012. Since that time, 38 young men have taken the oath of brotherhood. The chapter now stands at 21 strong and are looking forward to even bigger and better things in the spring! Congratulations to Allen Acosta, Caesar Pomarico and Arnold Busztin. Posing after the induction are front row (l to r) Dave Menchel, Allen Acosta, Caesar Pomarico, Hansol Jung, Arnold Busztin, Hongrun Sun, Emil Coscarelli. Second row: Peter Gaudiuso, Gene Gemelli, Charles Fiore, Jesse Gutierrez, Firentin Nacaj, William Fiore, Richard Hooper. Third row: Drew Kaufman, Edwin Augustin, Jesse Aguilar. This page sponsored by Sam Galasso, Beta Delta ’60, Temple University.

February 2016, KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta




On October 20, 2015, the brothers of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter host an event on their campus to promote our Italian heritage. Pictured are the speaker of the Order of Sons of Italy in America, Louis Gallo, and the brothers of the chapter. From right to left: Brothers Gabriel “Ironman” DeLeon, Jake “Rambo” Dushaj, Anthony “Spickatron” Olskey, John “Il Pacino” Hickey, Argenis “Rocky” Ovalles, Shane “Kaiser” Gosh, Robert “Chaucer” Quintana, Anthony “Fireball” Texter, Jonathan “Spikachu” Infante, Delaney “Arachnid” Warner, Christian “Cee-Lo” Branch) and their project manager Brother Angelo “Jester” Flagiello. At the event, the main topics of concern were the negative stereotypes found in terms of the ItalianAmerican community, how the Italians have positively contributed to America, and basic Italian history. Over 50 members of the student body attended to learn about the Italian American Experience.

The brothers of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter hosted a Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign during the traditional No Shave November. The brothers set up fundraising tables all month where they sold prostate cancer-related items (blue ribbon pins, I Love Mustache Buttons, etc.) and sweets. They also had a mustache-theme party which included a bake sale. They even had a speaker from Malecare, Dr. Wendy Lebowitz, talk about the prevention and general information about the disease. The cherry on top was the online fundraising page they set up. Through their hard work on all the events, the chapter raised $357.21. Queens College Colony received recognition from the Marines for their first charity event, a toy drive for Toys for Tots. George O’Niell, owner of O’Neill’s Bar and Grill let the brothers use his party room free of charge, sponsored the event, and even supplied free food. Colony members ended up raising three garbage bags filled with toys.

Photo by John Russo

Gamma Xi brothers at Southern Connecticut State University invited their parents to take part of an early Thanksgiving. The event went very well where chapter Vice President Mike Dorrico organized our early Thanksgiving with the brothers and there parents.

The brothers of Delta Upsilon Chapter at Robert Morris and their dates enjoy the Pittsburgh Alumni Club’s annual dinner dance November 14 at the Pittsburgh Airport The sponsorship of this page is available. Contact the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation at for more details.



KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016

On November 5, 2015, following an Italian dinner, at a local restaurant to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the fraternity, the brothers of Delta Delta Chapter (Wesley College, Dover, Delaware) pay a visit to Central Office in Camden, Delaware. The brothers of the chapter, who often assist in providing brotherly service to Central Office, gathered in the office's main room where the original history book of the fraternity is kept, and posed for this photo. Pictured left to right: Peter Saffos, Jeff Koletsky, Matthew Weber, Carlos Cotto, Justin Blank, Christian Earle, Alex Dello Buono, Glenn Aruta, John Shaver, Trevor Hand, James Bowen, and Jose Santana.

RIGHT: The Beta Beta pledge class of our Epsilon Beta Chapter (La Salle University) pays a visit to Central Office on Tuesday, November 10, 2015. National Secretary Fr. James Lentini spent a few hours with the members of the pledge class and introduced them the many historical items kept in Central Office. The pledge class got to look at the original History of Alpha Phi Delta from the 1920s, early chapter charters, and many other items. Before the pledge class left the office, they took this photo with the Central Office banner. A week and a half later the members of Beta Beta pledge class were initiated into Alpha Phi Delta on Friday, November 20, 2015.

Our Gamma Mu Chapter (Richard Stockton University) had a successful fall semester. On October 8, 2016, the chapter held its Baptism Ceremony for its Gamma Zeta pledge class; a group of six. Pictured left are the brothers of the pledge class taking a knee, with the Godfathers standing proudly behind their Godsons. Five members of the class were initiated on November 17, 2016. A few days after the initiation, the chapter posed in front of its campus center with its now-expanded membership. This page sponsored by Anthony M. Cafaro, Sr., Beta Omicron ’65, Youngstown State University

February 2016, KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta



Travels with the National President Mancusi clocks more than 9,000 miles in travels during the fall semester. “How are things?” It was the first thing I said as I plopped on a couch or sofa on my visits during a busy fall semester to say the least. While on the road or in the air for so often; it’s been extremely comforting to feel so welcomed by so many brothers throughout the country. It’s been said that to truly understand and feel the presence of Alpha Phi Delta, one must travel 100 or more miles from their home—well this has indeed been true for me and I’ve certainly gotten my fair share of hospitality in my travels.

Florida District September 2–4, 2015 Visited with Delta Psi, South Florida AC My first travels of the fall semester were to the sun drenched region in our Florida district. I was able to attend a chapter meeting that was very effectively run by Delta Psi (Lynn University) Chapter President Matthew Siblio. The brothers developed a game plan on how to better involve themselves on campus and how to participate in more clubs/activities. The brothers also had me attend a campus-wide rush event and I spoke to all of the fraternities and sororities on campus about the need to mutually support Greek life and how to work together. Vince Verdile, the South Florida AC President, organized an alumni club outing at the Miami Marlins ballpark. Many thanks go to Vince Verdile and Florida District Governor Nick Tratoras for helping work out the logistics on this trip.

SFAC enjoy a trip to the Marlins ballpark. 8


Delta Chi brothers at the University of Colorado enjoy a weekend with President Mancusi.

Rocky Mountain District October 1–3, 2015 Visited with Delta Chi, Colorado AC It appears every trip I take out to Colorado gets better and better. This was my sixth trip out to the Rocky Mountain State. VP for Alumni Affairs Jeff Breen and North Jersey AC Vice-President Mike Young joined me on this trip. I have said this many times before, but you would be hard pressed to find a chapter that is more hospitable and welcoming than Delta Chi (University of Colorado). These men are genuinely excited when brothers from out of state visit with them. I highly recommend to all of our brothers to try to spend a few days with these guys. The weekend started with a football game between Colorado and Oregon, a game that despite a valiant effort the Colorado Buffaloes lost. On Sunday, we had a joint meeting between the Delta Chi Chapter and Colorado AC. There was a strong presence of Delta Chi alumni present including one of the founding fathers, Nate Barnes. The meeting morphed into a Brotherhood for Life of sorts where alumni spoke of the benefits of 〈⌽⌬ in a brother’s post-college life. Kudos to Chipper Couch of the Colorado AC and Rocky Mountain District Governor Matthew Gaudyn for getting a strong alumni turn-out. Following the meeting, we all attended IFC bid day. The University of Colorado is a

KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016

unique campus in that the entire IFC left the campus years ago. The entire Greek system operates completely independent of the campus and has been even more successful while being off campus. A total of close to 1,000 men signed up to rush fraternities during this fall semester. The system is huge, with the average fraternity chapter size being well into the 80–90 range. The IFC had a unique way of announcing bids on campus. Each prospective pledge is notified of all of the fraternities that were willing to offer him a bid. A total of 500+ men gathered in an indoor gym and finalized their choice by circling the fraternity that they want to pledge on a bid form. The prospects were lined up and brought out to a courtyard where all of the fraternities were gathered and the IFC president read each prospects name as they went onto a stage and announced which fraternity they chose to the cheers of the chosen fraternity. It was a very nice event.

Upstate NY, Connecticut, and Hudson Valley Districts October 24–25, 2015 Visited with Delta Rho, Beta Iota, Gamma Xi, Delta Theta, Gamma Iota, University of New Haven colony and SUNY Albany interest group With the NYC and North Jersey Brotherhood for Life events ending on a late Friday night; I was up bright and early

President on Saturday morning to do a tour of the northeast regions of the fraternity. My first stop was to Delta Rho at SUNY Oneonta. I was able to meet with the guys in the chapter and get a scope on how things were going on campus. From Oneonta, I headed over to our Beta Iota Chapter at Utica College. This chapter has had some declining numbers as the entire Greek system has been struggling in recent years. It was so refreshing, however, to hear the energy that exuded from the brothers I met. They are optimistic about fighting against the wave against them—the Alpha Phi Delta fighting spirit! From Utica, I headed down to Albany for a visit with our interest group at SUNY Albany. We’re hopeful that this group can turn into a reality; I was very impressed with this group. After a night of rest in New Haven, Conn., I headed over to see our Gamma Xi Chapter at Southern Connecticut State University. These guys have been craving to host a National Council meeting since my visit last year, and I was happy to choose them to host this year. The brothers eagerly showed me around and gave me a tour of the campus facilities. I’m confident that they will do a tremendous job as this year’s host. From New Haven, a carload of brothers led me to West Haven, Conn., for a visit with our brand new University of New Haven colony. (At the time they were just an interest group). VP for Expansion Sal Flagiello has done a marvelous job with the follow-up and getting all required paperwork in to the UNH administration. Before the meeting, Sal and I met with Shelissa Newball, Greek Advisor, who outlined the recent success of the UNH Greek system. I

New Haven colony

was quite impressed and think this can be a great fit for us. I know that Connecticut District Governor Carlo Lucatino and the Conn Alumni Club will be sure to nurture this group along the way. From Connecticut I drove out to Poughkeepsie, NY for a stop at our Delta Theta Chapter (Marist College). Joseph Rahtelli II, Upstate NY District Governor and recent alumnus advisor has done a great job to help restructure and re-organize this chapter. His involvement is the perfect example of the success of our recently revised Alumnus Advisory Program. Once we finished up at Marist, I headed to Pace University-Pleasantville to speak with the Gamma Iota brothers. This Sunday night visit included conversations about Greek life on campus to the future goals of the chapter. I’m proud to say, after having visited these chapters in the Hudson Valley district that Jeff Sidoti, HV District Governor is continuing the fine work that recently retired governor Dr. Joseph Carcione had started.

Midwest, Central Penn Districts November 6–8, 2015 Visited with Beta Rho, Beta Omicron, Beta Theta, Delta Upsilon, Psi, Beta Lambda, Chi Following a busy Friday of teaching and coaching, I got in my 2007 Nissan Altima, jumped on I-80 and headed out to Erie, Pa. After 4 or 5 hours of sleep, I visited the Beta Rho Chapter house for our chapter at Gannon University. I met with the chapter and their pledges and showed the brothers older editions of the Dokime, which really

Beta Omicron blew away the brothers. The Dokime looked quite different in the 1940s! The next stop was Youngstown, Ohio, to see our Beta Omicron Chapter (Youngstown State University) This chapter was quite impressive and they read off the many philanthropy events that they had conducted and/or planned for the rest of the semester. They also showed me a series of bricks in the backyard of their house, which many generous alumni donated money to help the house. After some brotherhood and food, (what else!), I headed out West to see our Beta Theta Chapter at Franciscan University of Steubenville. I have continuously been impressed with the tight bonds of brotherhood with this chapter. They are on a non-Greek friendly campus and have done a fine job in trying to keep the chapter afloat despite some unfortunate circumstances. I was so appreciative to the brothers that personally prepared a meal for my visit. It was great to kick back, eat and talk Alpha Phi Delta with the brothers and pledges at Beta Theta. On a full stomach, my next target was Delta Upsilon at Robert Morris University. We met in a conference room on campus and ate (what else!) some dinner. We talked about the benefits of working alongside other fraternities and the general benefits of open expansion on campus. The brothers then gave me a tour of the facilities that 〈⌽⌬ will use in our upcoming Western Leadership Conference.

(continued on page 14) February 2016, KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta



Photo by Jim Miller

Alpha Phi Delta Alumni Clubs

On Monday, December 7, the Youngstown Alumni Club held its annual Christmas party at the 5th Floor Restaurant in downtown Youngstown. The brothers and wives along with many Beta Omicron undergrads gathered for hors d’ouvres and then onto dinner. AC President Danny Thomas presided over a lovely dinner and a great evening.

Brothers pause for a photo on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral with several dignitaries from the NYC archdiocese at the New York City Columbus Day Parade. Pictured in this photo are Emil Imbro, National VP Jim Miller, Jose A. Arcos, Vince Maligno, National President Chris Mancusi, Victor Popolano, and Mike Young.

The 2015 Columbus Day parade once again attracted very strong support from APD brothers, their families and pledges throughout the New York City area. During the past few years, this event has become one of the highlights of the fall calendar in the NYC area.



KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016

Photo by Emil Coscarelli

Photo by Emil Coscarelli

The 75th annual New York Christmas Dance was held at Gargiulo’s Restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Saturday, December 12, 2015. Sponsored by the New York Alumni Club and with over 150 guests attending, it was the best attended dance since 1992. If this is January and it’s Mike Iacovelli’s house, then this must be the annual Brooklyn Alumni Club meeting held in New Jersey. The favorable weather plus the convenient location for many translated into a very strong turnout, with over 30 brothers representing nine different chapters from the NYC metropolitan area attending. The group included several brothers who hadn't attended in quite some time. Hot topics for the evening were issues for the upcoming National Council meeting and planning the social calendar for the upcoming year. As usual Mike and his wife Rosaria were most gracious hosts, and everyone had a great time.

Photo by Emil Coscarelli

Photo by Emil Coscarelli

ABOVE: On Friday November 6, 2015, the North Jersey Alumni Club celebrated their sixth annual Founders Day Dinner at III Amici’s Restaurant in Linden, N.J. The 17 brothers in attendance represented seven different chapters spanning 48 years and included two past National Presidents. Guests generously donated $300 to the scholarship endowment for Beta Xi Founder, Americo “Em” Faruolo, which host Len Cilli (Beta Xi ‘73) matched. Em’s Scholarship fund reached the next award plateau in January.

Photo by Emil Coscarelli

in Action

February 2016, KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta




Alpha Phi Delta Scholarship Winners: Where Are They Now? Foundation Celebrates 40 Years of Giving

The Alpha Phi Delta Foundation has been awarding schol-

arships to deserving undergraduate brothers and family members since 1976. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Scholarship Program. We are very proud to report that we have granted close to 800 scholarships totaling over $650,000 to date. This past year alone we gave out 48 scholarships from $500 to $3,500. To help celebrate our 40 years of giving, we decided to catch up with some of our past scholarship winners and share their stories. Welcome to the first installment of “Where are They Now” chronicles, and meet nine of our success stories. If you were a past winner or sponsored one, and would like to share your story, please send a current picture and update to Joe Caldarella at

Mark Hughes, Beta Lambda ’78, was one of the first scholarship winners in 1978. “I can’t tell you how much that scholarship meant to me. It came at a time when I had no extra money. Despite the fact that I graduated first in my class at St. Francis University, I never received a nickel in scholarship money from the school. I will never forget that it was 〈⌽⌬ who gave me a nice reward for my hard work. To this day, I remain grateful.” Mark has spent the last 25 years as Director of Research for Lafayette Investments in Ashton, MD. He’s married for 29 years with two grown children. He is active coaching and as CYO director for his local parish. He remains very close to many of his Beta Lambda brothers. Frank Perciavalle, Psi ’78, was an early scholarship winner in


“We were a family of very modest means and it was a struggle for my mom to put me through Duquesne. As an Italian immigrant, she very badly wanted me to be the first in our family to graduate from college. Receiving the 〈⌽⌬ scholarship was a blessing and reduced the burden that we took on to fund my education. 〈⌽⌬ helped me with both the scholarship and more importantly the brotherhood and social experiences I was blessed to have at Duquesne ” Frank is currently the Director of Logistics for BASF in Houston. Frank and his pledge brother He is also the Board Chair of the Rusty Scoscia enjoy a Psi Valentine Ball in their PERCON Charitable Gift Fund. undergrad years. While Frank has moved a few times

with his company, he remains a member of the Pittsburgh Alumni Club and has stayed close with Rusty Scioscia, his only pledge brother from the Psi class of ’78. Frank is an avid tennis player and has attended the last three Soccer World Cups to root on the Italian team. He is a dual citizen of the United States and Italy and maintains a second home with his wife Pam in the southern Reggio Calabria region of Italy. His two children, Matt and Gina, work and live in Ohio.

Mark Palermo, Beta Rho ’98, is a two-time scholarship winner—1999 and 2000.

“I received an 〈⌽⌬ scholarship twice and as a past winner, I vowed to continue to support the scholarship fund. Thank you, Alpha Phi Delta.” Mark lives in Champaign, Ill. with his wife Julie and his two sons, Paulie and Eddie. Mark put his scholarships to good use as he is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in trauma. But his real passion is spending time with his wife and kids any chance he gets—who can blame him!

Benedict Tieniber, Epsilon Gamma ’11, a 2012 and 2014 scholarship winner.

“The scholarship fund for 〈⌽⌬ does amazing things funding college, funding books, letting brothers know you are behind them and pushing us to be that much better. Thank you!” Benedict graduated from St. Joseph’s College in May 2015, with a Doctorate in Education, Leadership Administration and Technology. He teaches business at a high-risk school in the South Bronx (NYC). He recently made his first contribution to the 〈⌽⌬ Foundation. “I am happy to finally be able to begin giving back to help make a difference in other brothers’ lives.”

Join The Omega Society: Leave your Legacy Your life’s accomplishments are important to celebrate and honor. A charitable gift to Alpha Phi Delta Foundation is such a way to cement your legacy. Charitable gifts, including longrange estate and financial planning, can be a great way for you to provide support for Alpha Phi Delta. It is possible to Leave a Legacy while potentially minimizing taxes and settlement costs and conserving more of your estate for loved ones. See for more information. Make a difference!

This page sponsored by Robert Grecco, Beta Mu ’74, DePaul University.



KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016

ALPHA PHI DELTA FOUNDATION Jameyan Miller — daughter of current National VP Jim Miller, Psi ’72, received a 2012 scholarship. “I was exceptionally proud when my daughter was awarded an 〈⌽⌬ scholarship. Jamey was in graduate school completing her Masters in Speech Language Pathology. She was paying for her graduate education on her own, so the funds were very helpful. She used the award to purchase textbooks which remain a valuable professional resource, so the scholarship continues to positively Jamie with her father, National impact her professional developVice President Jim Miller. ment and service to her students.” After graduating, Jamey passed the national certification exam, completed her Clinical Fellowship and obtained a Certificate of Clinical Competence, the highest certification in her field. She is currently employed as a speech therapist in Las Vegas working with special needs students in elementary school. Jamey is pictured as a Super-Hero for her students at their Halloween party!

Joseph Schiavone, nephew of John Schiavone, Delta ’77, received a 2014 scholarship. “〈⌽⌬’s scholarship helped me graduate debt-free, which meant I could devote myself fully to my studies and secure an exciting job straight out of college. I’m very grateful for 〈⌽⌬’s generosity!” Joseph graduated from Harvard College with a bachelor’s in Computer Science and is employed as a Forward Deployed Engineer for Palantir Technologies. He describes his role as equal parts engineer, data scientist and product manager. Joseph also volunteers with Girls Who Code and The Learning Garden.

Nicole Torchia, daughter of Anthony Torchia, Beta Chi ’85, received scholarships in 2013 and 2014. “The 〈⌽⌬ Foundation scholarship has eased the financial burden of school enough to allow me to pursue experiences like a medical Spanish immersion program in Spain, which was instrumental in helping me get into one of the most competitive Physician Assistant programs in the country, Yale School of Medicine.” Nicole is a senior at Northeastern and is completing her second co-op as a medical assistant. She will graduate in May as valedictorian of her class with a 4.0 GPA and is accepted into the physician assistant graduate program at Yale. Nicole volunteers as a Senior Health Educator in the Boston Public school system and is also an active volunteer with the Girl Scouts, winning the Keystone Partnership award for her service in 2013.

Elizabeth Simone, daughter of George Butler, Psi ’69, received a 1999 scholarship. “Beth has always been appreciative of the scholarship she received from 〈⌽⌬ and acknowledges that it was invaluable to her in her college years. She particularly recognizes that the aid was significant at the time her father had two children in college and one in medical school!” Beth received a Bachelor of Education from Dayton and a master’s degree from McDaniel College in Maryland. She taught seven years in Maryland High Schools before relocating to Pennsylvania in 2007 where she teaches social studies and coaches her school’s award winning Mock Trial team. She is married and the proud mother of three year old Julia, and remains involved in various church and community activities. Karen Lowinger, daughter of John Liotta, Psi ’56, received a 1981 scholarship. “The 〈⌽⌬ scholarship was an investment in Karen’s future that enabled her to graduate from Penn State with very little debt. Her education and success at Boeing go hand-in-hand. 〈⌽⌬ was an important part of it.” Karen recently retired from Boeing after 31 years of service, including as an Interdivisional Manager in the helicopter division. She resides in Cleveland with her husband and three stepchildren and is very active in local civic and charitable programs.

2015–2016 Annual Fund Progress The 2015–16 Annual Fund is in full swing and we need YOU to help make a difference. Check out the list below to see which of the 33 chapters’ alumni are making a difference for Alpha Phi Delta. Already, nearly 180 brothers have contributed more than $44,000. Contributions range from $10 to $5,000. Those 180 brothers are making a difference in our leadership programs, scholarship and in support publications like The Kleos. Won’t you join them? This year, we want to focus on getting as many brothers as possible to participate in the campaign, no matter the amount. So please check out the following link to donate online or through the mail. Make a difference. Go to: Chapt/Donations/# of Donors Chapt/Donations/# of Donors Psi $14,555 33 Mu $450 3 Beta Rho $4,950 11 Beta Iota $450 3 Beta Lambda $4,855 34 Chi $330 5 Theta Beta $3,200 12 Gamma Xi $300 4 Delta $2,850 3 Beta Delta $245 6 Gamma Sigma $2,000 1 Beta Mu $210 2 Beta Sigma $1,285 7 Beta Pi $150 2 Beta Beta $1,200 8 Beta Phi $125 2 Beta Xi $1,150 9 Epsilon $100 1 Theta $1,100 2 Beta Omega $100 1 Beta Eta $1,100 2 Pi $75 2 Gamma Lambda $700 3 Epsilon Beta $50 1 Eta $650 3 Beta Chi $50 1 Beta Theta $610 3 Delta Upsilon $25 1 Xi $600 2 Epsilon Gamma $10 1 Beta Omicron $510 8 Total: $44,485,177 Gamma Zeta $500 1 *Ed Note: At press time, the Annual Fund is up to $76,000.

The sponsorship of this page is available. Contact the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation at for more details.

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ALPHA PHI DELTA FOUNDATION Travels with the President (continued from page 9)

1950s Epsilon Reunion–

The Bond Lasts Forever!

SUBMITTED BY AL DIGIULIO EPSILON ’55 In the summer of 2003, Robert Saglian (Sagliani) started a movement to bring all of the then University of Buffalo 1950s Epsilon brothers together for regular meetings. We first started off small, with weekly lunches with a smaller crowd. They were so successful we then decided to have annual reunions. One of the reunions was hosted by Brother Peter J. Fiorella, a nationally recognized matrimonial attorney. Peter has been on the list of the 100 best and most respected and qualified matrimonial attorneys for several years. This reunion was held at his Buffalo New York mansion, The Fiorella Mansion. For the last 10 years, the Buffalo, NY, and the Rochester, NY, Epsilon brothers have met annually. I was always amazed at the amount of brotherhood that we all displayed at these reunions. I believe that our chapter had a bond that was second to none. In 2012–2014, all of the Rochester Epsilon brothers travelled to Buffalo for our annual reunion. In 2015, the Buffalo brothers decided that it was time to reciprocate. They secured a limo and travelled to Rochester. There are 10 brothers in the photo with the Epsilon Banner, but seven more brothers arrived after this photo was taken. Unlimited champagne during our bus ride to Rochester provided fodder for more “toasts” than one might imagine. The restaurant arrangements in Rochester were made by the Rochester brothers and needless to say we all had a great time bonding with each other once again. Brother Victor Colonna is the last brother on the left of the photo. His father, Marino Colonna was the head chef at my Uncle Hugo’s restaurant, “Victor Hugo’s” in Buffalo for many years. I am now a financial planner, but our entire family was raised and was all a part of the Di Giulio family restaurant in Buffalo for over 40 years. In the 1950s our chapter decided to have a spaghetti and meatball dinner for the entire campus. Victor’s father volunteered to do all of the preparation and cooking with help from many brothers in our chapter. We made the entire university aware of this upcoming event and ultimately served almost 1,000 meals. Epsilon received rave reviews for this event. The third brother from the right, front row, Dan Gregorio was instrumental in bringing the famous Count Basie and his lead singer, the great Joe Williams to the Campus in the late ’50s. Dan tells the story that our chapter had to first receive clearance from the Dean and his staff, which he did. However, the Dean and the staff's parting words to Dan were “Good luck. We don’t believe that you will ever be able to do this.” Well Dan and the brothers went to work and the performance was not only sold out but also Count Basie played to a standing room only crowd. These are some of the lifelong memories that are still talked about 60 years after they occurred by a very close group of Alpha Phi Delta Epsilon brothers.



KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016

After a few hours of sleep in Pittsburgh, I dropped by to see our men at Psi Chapter at Duquesne University before heading to Beta Lambda at St. Francis University in Loretto, Pa. I’ve been amazed that the caliber of men hasn’t changed here since I reactivated the chapter as VP for Expansion in 2008. These are the type of guys you would want to live in your neighborhood and represent the highest ideals of Alpha Phi Delta. From Loretto, I headed to State College for a stop to see our Chi Chapter at Penn State University. This chapter was all but left for dead three years ago before we made some valiant efforts to save them. Brother Robert Reinhart was able to recruit his pledge class and the chapter is still afloat. This past semester, they conducted their first pledge period and successfully inducted two men. We talked about ways to better utilize the Penn State IFC and to get extra assistance in terms of recruitment. I think our men need to be commended for being the smallest fraternity on the largest Greek campus in the entire country. I know I appreciate their efforts. It’s on large trips like these that I often find myself lost in the miles and drift off into thought. It’s amazing to me to have gone from a person who never considered joining a fraternity and hating the entire concept to not only pledging and reactivating a chapter and spending 13 years as a national officer to the point where today I’m the National President. I’m still blown away by this fact. Still blown away by the many examples being in a fraternity has helped me become a better coach, teacher and dean. The skills I’ve learned have been so intermingled its mind-boggling. n

Want to stay current? Visit the Foundation tab on for information on all Foundation activities and news, scholarships, Centennial highlights, gift giving, past scholarship winners, trivia, etc.

Want more information? If you would like additional information on any Foundation activities, contact us at We would love to hear from you, share ideas, or help you reconnect with brothers.


IMPACT: SUNSHINE TOUR As brothers of Alpha Phi Delta, you are part of a national organization and are a member for life. Nothing brings this home like our sunshine tours. Each year, we organize gatherings and reunions at nearly a dozen retirement and spring venues. More than 200 brothers renew their friendships and forge new ones.

Dominick Mele, Iota Iota ’36, Union Colle ’35, and Mike Cappiello, ge, meet for the first decades at our Jupit tim er, FL, luncheon. Do e in minick recently celebrated his 100th birthday.

More than 60 brothers and guests from 17 chapters pack a favorite seafood venue in Naples. While brothers are encouraged to attend the national conventions, we are also taking Alpha Phi Delta out to brothers. We truly are brothers for life. These luncheons and dinners bring together brothers across many chapters. Our Naples, FL, luncheon included brothers from 17 different chapters, most of whom had not previously met. These events also bring together chapter brothers who have fallen out of touch for decades.

Jeff Medici, Beta Eta ’40 and Pat Gabriele, Beta Eta ’41, pictured here at the Naples luncheon, had not seen each other since their undergraduate days at Brooklyn College.

Brothers and guests of all ages gather at our Long Beach, CA event.

Peter Costello, Beta Omicron (YSU), Tony Scalise, Beta Rho (Gannon) and Gene Benevenia, Beta Pi (St. Johns) meet for the first time at our Scottsdale, AZ luncheon.

Save these dates in March for the Florida Sunshine Tour luncheons.

Grace, Xi ’55 and John De Lou Patierno, Beta reconnected in Florida. w Beta Xi ’56 have no at the Pompano Beach gh lau a e ar sh ey th Here ur Luncheon. To ne hi ns Su

Beta Delta (Temple) alumni Joe Porto ’57, Al Dibona ’54, and George Casadonte ’56 rekindle longstanding bonds at our luncheon in Punta Gorda.

March 5– Orlando March 6– Tampa March 8– The Villages March 12– Pompano Beach March 15– Naples Email for details.

February 2016, KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta



Photos by John Russo


Photos by Emil Coscarelli

Brothers from Delta Upsilon (Robert Morris) and the Pittsburgh Alumni Club march in the Columbus Day parade in October in the Bloomfield (Little Italy) section of Pittsburgh. Pictured with the fraternity is Pa. State Senator Jay Costa (left), Carla Lucente, Italian Consul to Pittsburgh, and Bill Peduto (far right), Mayor of Pittsburgh.

Col. Charles Garbarino, Beta Sigma ’71, presents an APD Military Centennial coin to Nunzio Incremona, Eta ’46.

Nunzio Incremona honored with Centennial Coin

Photos by John Russo

National President Chris Mancusi, National VP Jim Miller and Victor Popolano march in the NYC Columbus Day Parade in memory of our recently deceased brother Leon Panella. Leon was a major reason why APD has typically had very strong representation in the Pittsburgh version of the Columbus Day parade.

Brothers from the Pittsburgh Alumni Club enjoy the annual dinner dance November 14. From left are Fran Prezioso, Paul Fabrizio, John Russo, Ned Cash and Ray Sasselli (all Psi alumni brothers).

Brother Garbarino reported, “It was my honor to visit Nunzio Incremona. Nunzio was born in Italy and then came to the USA. He attended City College to study chemical engineering, and became a member of 〈⌽⌬ Fraternity–Eta. At that time City College was all male and one evening the Italian chapter sorority at Hunter College (all female at that time) invited the Eta brothers to a dance. From across the room he saw a beautiful young lady, Anna. They had “love at first sight” and are still together after 67 years and counting. When I first met them today they were holding hands, as devoted to each other today as they were on the night that they first met. Their family has grown with seven children, 10 grandchildren and one great grandchild. “Nunzio’s college education was interrupted with his military service in WWII where he received the Bronze Star. His citation from Major General Omar Bradley read in part ‘...for his heroic service in connection with military operations while stationed in Okinawa Island April 9, 1945, while subjected to enemy heavy mortar and machine gun fire evacuated wounded soldiers. PFC Nunzio fearlessly and unselfishly made his way over difficult terrain covered with heavy enemy fire to the wounded and through his heroic action was instrumental in saving the lives of many.’ “It was my honor to present him in the presence of my wife Lydia and four of his children with the 〈⌽⌬ Military Inaugural and Centennial Coin for his service to our Country and to 〈⌽⌬. A truly remarkable 92-year-old young man who is devoted to his loving wife Anna and his family.”

This page is sponsored by Charles Champagne, Beta Rho ’60, Gannon University.



KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016



Michele Mellick is congratulated by her sponsor and grandfather Richard “Dickie Duke” Mellick, Psi ’55, for earning the Paul J. Sciullo Memorial Scholarship. A senior at Seton Hill University, she is class president, captain of the dance team and was recently honored as having the highest overall GPA in the class of 2015. They stand in front of the Frs. Federici/Neihaus Alpha Phi Delta bronze memorial at Duquesne University.

Monica Carocci was awarded the Mancusi Family Scholarship. Monica is the granddaughter of Sam Carocci, Epsilon ’54. She attends the Honors College at Elmira College.

Apply for a scholarship: In March the application for the 2016 scholarship will be available on the web site under the Foundation Tab. The scholarship is available to any brother or relative of a brother who has completed two marking periods.

Julie DelGreco received the A. Joseph Creston Scholarship. She is pictured with Joseph Creston, left, Past National President, and scholarship donor, and her sponsor, Uncle Rocco Muffi, Psi ’65. She attends Seton Hill University.

Christine Phelan received the James S. and Theresa Giampiccolo Award. Christine is a junior theater major at Muhlenberg College. Christine is the daughter of Steve Phelan, Beta Sigma ’76.

Frank Wamsley and his grandfather Frank Susca, Eta. Frank won the Eta Chapter Award and attends Notre Dame University.

Our Italian Heritage (continued from page 2) accepting and warm people imaginable. They purchased their infamous lake house on Trout Lake near Lake George, N.Y. and Brother Camillus, Tony Rotolo, John Wetzel, Al Fafara, Garry Kosteck, the Derricos, the Popolanos, the Parentes, Stan Raffa and his movies, Ernie Coletti, undergrads from Beta Sigma and Beta Xi, and even some of Al’s relatives all converged for indescribable extended weekends: Memorial Day, 4th of July, after Conventions, Labor Day, and Columbus Day. Once you knew Al and Dottie, you were part of their family. Multiple tables stuffed together on the back porch became the scene of legendary eating and drinking and fun experiences with Al presiding over the mass of guests. I vividly recall one late night during the Columbus Day weekend in 1987. I had been dating my future wife. I was nearly 42 years old at the time, and being old-fashioned I would have asked for the blessing of my intentions from my parents, but both were long deceased. That night I sought, and received, the approval of Dottie, the matriarch of my surrogate family! Clearly Alpha Phi Delta prepared me for what would follow. Both my parents were only-children, so actually I never had any aunts or uncles. In May of 1988 Diane and I married; her father (Alaggio) was one of seven, her mother (DiBenedetto) was one of five. Did I mention that Diane was full-blooded Italian? Every member of her family was constantly concerned that I had enough to eat. Over the years now, I am regularly exposed to homemade zeppole, pizzelle, Easter bread, awesome sauce (not gravy), lasagna, etc. And it boggles my mind when I think of the fact that my two daughters are actually half-Italian! Certainly I have experienced my share of high strung and emotional ‘discussions’ since 1988, but that is part of the Italian culture; without such drama what would Giuseppe Verdi have written his operas about? In recent years, I have had the privilege of speaking to pledges at district-wide Brotherhood for Life evenings. Being active in a college fraternity at my age does not usually cross the mind of a pledge, but Alpha Phi Delta is not just an ordinary fraternity. I tell the pledges that we are a true brotherhood and that our fraternal spirit is rooted in our Italian heritage, which is reflected in our respect of family that spans generations. These days, many non-Italians are inducted into our fraternity, but this fact does not change our heritage. Alpha Phi Delta continues to offer a wealth of culture and traditions that our founders treasured, to all who take the Oath of Brotherhood. And I emphasize to those pledges that as a non-Italian I am SO proud to be a part of this Alpha Phi Delta family, “la famiglia, mia famiglia! n

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February 2016, KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta



IN MEMORIAM Fraternity Mourns Loss of 28th National President Trent Ciarrocchi, PNP, Psi ’35 The Kleos belatedly reports that our Brother, Trent J. Ciarrocchi, Sr., Alpha Phi Delta’s 28th National President (1966-68) passed from this life on Thursday, December 25, 2014, at the Weirton W. Va. Geriatric Center. Trent J. Ciarrocchi was born September 30, 1917, in the small mining community of Dearth, Pa. At the age of one, his family moved to Weirton, W. Va. where he lived all his life. In the fall of 1935, he entered Duquesne University from which he graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Administration. While attending Duquesne, he was initiated into Psi Chapter. In 1942, Mr. Ciarrocchi served as a lieutenant junior grade in the U.S. Naval Reserves from 1942–1946, and saw service in the European Theater of Operations during World War II. Returning to Weirton after his military service, he joined the Weir-Cove Moving and Storage Company, a motor transportation firm hauling steel and general freight in six states where he finished his career as an executive. Very active in civic, church and fraternal organizations, he has held many positions with the Knights of Columbus, Elks Club, the Community Chest, Junior Achievement Inc. In 1971, he was elected to the office of Grand Knight of the Monsignor D.P. Murphy Council of the Knights of Columbus of Weirton. Among the many fraternal activities, he was a member of the Steubenville Alumni Club and helped found the Weirton Alumni Club. He served as National Vice President 1964–1966 and as National President (1966–1968). Trent chaired the Scholarship Division of the Foundation for over 10 years and oversaw much of its growth. Trent married the former Helen Czarepack (d. November 24, 2014 one month before Trent) in November, 1940. They raised three children: Gloria Jean, David (d.1994), and Trent Jr. (d.1968), the latter, a victim of an unfortunate fatal car accident as an undergraduate brother of Beta Theta in 1968.

FOUNDATION TRUSTEE Leon Panella, Psi ’62 (Duquesne), passed away October 10, 2015, at the age of 72 in Prospect, Pa. Leon was a stalwart of the Pittsburgh Alumni Club (PAC) and the national fraternity. He was a member of the PAC for 50 years, served as its president, vice president and secretary and was the recipient of its Outstanding Alumnus Award. He was a 1965 graduate of the Duquesne University Pharmacy School and was a lifelong pharmacist, owning his own pharmacy for 25 years in New Brighton, Pa. He served on the national scene as a past director and past chairman of the Alpha Phi Delta Foundation and was currently serving as a trustee of the Scholarship Division. He received the National Outstanding Alumnus Award in 1975. He endowed a scholarship in his family name.

He was a very generous individual and a loyal supporter of the organizations to which he belonged. He and his wife Karen were known as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus at Christmas at Duquesne University and the McGuire Home for Children. He was famous in the area for hosting a large Italian soppressata making party each January. Joseph Guarnieri, Eta ’56 (CCNY), passed away October 13, 2015, at the age of 78 in Potomac, Md. Joe enjoyed opera, tennis, soccer, wine, art and investing. Joe had a great sense of humor. He loved living life to the fullest and interacting with other people. Joe is survived by his wife, Merle; son, Patrick and wife, Megan; sisters, Maria Farano and Fernanda Friedrich; brothers, Aldo and Frank. James Anthony Gianuzzi, Psi ’79 (Duquesne), passed away on November 4th at the age of 54 in Wall, N.J.

FORMER NATIONAL CHAPLAIN Rev. Leonard Tuozzolo, C.S.Sp., Psi ’61 (Duquesne), passed away November 5 in Pittsburgh. Fr. Tuz, as he was affectionately known by many Psi brothers to whom he was chapter chaplain in the 1960s and again in the 1970s, served as National Chaplain 1986–92. He was 83 years of age. Father Tuozzolo was born June 26, 1932, in Woodside, N.Y. He professed his vows as a member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit on August 22, 1954, at Holy Ghost Novitiate in Ridgefield, Conn. and was ordained to the Priesthood June 4, 1959, at St. Mary’s Seminary, Ferndale in Norwalk, Conn. Father’s first assignment was to Sacred Heart Parish, Emsworth, Pa. (1961–1964); he was named Vocation Director (1964–1966) and Assistant Pastor at St. Joseph’s, Bay City, Mich. (1966–1971) until he once again took on the position of Vocation Director and Chaplain at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh (1971–1975). He was pastor of St. Patrick Parish, Charleston, S.C. (1975–1978), National Director of the Missionary Vehicle Association (1978–1981) and then traveled to Kenya, East Africa to work in the Ilkerin Mission. Upon his return to the states from 1982–1999, he ministered in St. Benedict the Moor (Detroit) and St. Joseph (Bay City), and was pastor of St. Mark the Evangelist N.Y. where he served for 12 years. In 1999 he became Director of the Spiritan Foundation, the former fundraising division of the Congregation, and in 2002 was appointed Pastor of Our Lady Queen of Peace, Arlington, Va. Fr. Tuozzolo retired in 2009. Basim Othman, Gamma Rho ’96 (Baruch), perished in an auto accident October 20, 2015, at age 40 in Union, N.J. Basim was a stalwart brother to those at Gamma Rho, and always took the time to talk to the younger brothers and tell them how important the bond of brotherhood is. Basim, fondly referred to as “Big Guy,” was full of laughter and cheer, always in good spirits with a gentle smile and roaring laughter. He was taken from us far too soon, tragically and suddenly on his way to work. He leaves behind a wife and three young children. Basim was the sole provider for his family. Alumni of Gamma Rho has set up an Othman Family page, soliciting donations for the family.

This page is sponsored by Peter Gaudiuso, Theta Beta ’82, New York University.



KLEOS-The Magazine of Alpha Phi Delta, February 2016

Blaine James Gerdes, 62, Beta Omicron ’72 (Youngstown State), passed away on Saturday, October 3, in Poland, Ohio. During his 32 year professional career with the State of Ohio, parks and recreation, Blaine improved the environment, parks, nature trails and working relationships with farm families throughout the state. Working wasn’t Blaine’s only strength, as he had serious interest in golf, football, basketball, baseball, tennis and most sports. Blaine began golfing at the age of nine, playing his first full round at Mill Creek Golf Course. He played his last round of golf at the age of 62 at Mill Creek in September. Joseph D. D’Annunzio, Tau ’48 (MIT), passed away November 3, 2015, in Naples, Fla. Joe was an entrepreneur and executive in the construction industry, and lived in Scotch Plains, N.J. prior to retiring to Florida. He and his wife Viola were fraternity convention regulars, and they endowed a scholarship to the 〈⌽⌬ Foundation. Joe traveled throughout his life touring every continent except Antarctica. He loved fine foods, traveling, fishing, golfing, tennis and reading. He had a deep sense of responsibility to his community constantly giving his time, energy, and financial support to organize events and raise funds for various groups and charitable causes. His favorite charitable cause was to assist autistic or otherwise handicapped children. This passion led to his organizing and running an annual fundraising event for the Special Olympics and other charities in Florida that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the D’Annunzio Family Foundation’s contribution helped build the Newmark School in Scotch Plains for autistic children. Louis DelDuca, Beta Delta ’44 (Temple), passed away in December 2015 in Washington, D.C. He was a professor emeritus of law for the Dickinson Law School of

Penn State. Del Duca retired from teaching in 2013 after a half-century career in the field of international legal education. He was the longest-serving faculty member in the law school’s history, having joined the faculty and administration in 1956. Del Duca was internationally recognized as a leading scholar in the fields of commercial and comparative law, and as a leader in the internationalization of American legal education. A member of the American Law Institute and the U.S. Secretary of State’s Committee on International Trade Law, Del Duca also served as president of the International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law and was the United States’ collaborator to the Rome International Institute for the Unification of Private Law. A gifted flutist since age six, Del Duca was awarded scholarships to Temple University and the Curtis Institute of Music and studied at both institutions. After serving in the U.S. Navy in World War II, the development of the United Nations and the possibility of working through the law to prevent future world wars inspired Del Duca to pursue a career in law. He completed his undergraduate degree at Temple University and then attended Harvard Law School where he earned his J.D. Following graduation, Del Duca studied comparative and international law as a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Rome Sapienza Law School and received the Italian equivalent of a J.D. degree. He returned to Philadelphia and joined the Montgomery McCracken law firm as well as Temple University as an adjunct professor of political science. Warren Perkins, Beta Omega ’81 (Pace), passed away at the age of 52. Warren split his time between New York City and Fort Lauderdale, Fla. His professional career consisted of over 20 years as a banking manager in several financial organizations including HSBC bank formerly known as

The History of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity 1914–2014 is now completed and available for purchase. This 276-page book is available in four different editions (Special, Deluxe, Standard and Softbound) at prices ranging from $25 to $55. The book reflects 100 years of Alpha Phi Delta’s history. It is filled with hundreds of photos and illustrations. No brother’s library is complete with out this amazing book of Fraternity history! This is the perfect gift for a brother to give to a brother, or to buy for himself. For more details or to purchase the book, go to:

Republic National Bank. Warren was a people person, with the gift of gab, and a love to meet and talk to everyone about their life and their experiences. He loved learning and seeing new things in life. Because of his love for giving and sharing with others, he had a unique talent for helping people to get their dream homes or grow investments by getting them mortgages. He later went on to expand his career and experience as a senior mortgage loan officer at Classic Mortgage, LLC and then to JP Morgan Chase finally to his current position as TD Bank where he was promoted to Senior Mortgage Officer TD in West Palm Beach and Florida area and named their highest producer and still working in the New York, New Jersey metropolitan area. Dominic Pirraglia, Beta Eta ’43 (Brooklyn College), passed away in December at the age of 90 in Staten Island, N.Y. He was a retired school principal and innovator in the field of special education and vocational training who was dedicated to his family and his students. Victor Quilici, Beta Mu ’54 (DePaul), passed away December 11, 2015. Victor was influential in reactivating Beta Mu on DePaul’s campus in 2010. He was a member of the Chicago Alumni Club. He was a lawyer and was an active defender of the Second Amendment, serving as General Counsel for the Illinois State Rifle Association. Joseph A Massaro, Nu ’55 (Pitt), died December 30 in Pittsburgh. Massaro Jr., 79, attended the University of Pittsburgh, and founded Massaro Corp. The firm did the heavy lifting on countless construction projects, from schools and medical facilities to transportation nodes and housing. After his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s in 2010, his wife, Carol Massaro, established the Joseph A. Massaro Alzheimer’s Research Fund at the Pittsburgh Foundation. It has provided important seed funding for research at the University of Pittsburgh. Patrick Joseph “Pat” Gaia, Beta Omicron ’61 (Youngstown), passed away January 8 at the Cleveland Clinic. Pat earned a Bachelor of Education in 1967 and an Master of Education in 1972. Pat taught in Warren and Youngstown school districts as a teacher and administrator. He also coached both football and junior high basketball for 13 years. n

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Many of the 300 attendees at the 2015 National Summer Convention gather for the traditional group shot taken outside of the hotel Saturday night before the Awards Banquet.

Join us this year for Convention 2016 August 3–7, 2016

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