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Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa

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Thank You The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa would like to thank you for your generosity and support over the past 53 years. Your commitment to our organization and the communities we serve is sincerely appreciated. Each year, the Community Foundation continues to advance its mission of responding to the current and future charitable needs of Northeast Iowa; building permanent endowment; and channeling charitable money, goods and services to meet community needs. Through your generosity and the hard work of the non-profit organizations we support, we have seen many lives changed for the better. The goal of the Community Foundation is to continue to make a difference in communities across Northeast Iowa. With the help of donations and legacy gifts from supporters such as you, we will continue to see improvements in the lives of Northeast Iowa residents forever. Thanks again for your kind support!


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About Us What is the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa? The Community Foundation is a public charitable foundation made up of many named funds created by individuals, families and businesses. We channel gifts from our donors to a variety of non-profit organizations in local communities across Northeast Iowa. How does it work? The Community Foundation idea is simple. Anyone can use it to give back to their community. At the Community Foundation, we like to say that we are here to help you help your community. You can give to any of our funds or create your own named fund. Through your gifts, you will help improve city parks and bike trails, support your local community playhouse or museums, protect the environment, take care of old historic buildings, provide health and dental care to low-income families, ensure youth have access to enriching programs and many other charitable community activities! Find out more about “Becoming a Donor� on page 6. There are endless possibilities. If you have a desire to do good and give something back to your community, the Community Foundation can help you make it happen. With our help, your possibilities are endless and the benefits for the community are infinite. How can I get involved? Once you understand what we do, you will know if the Community Foundation is the right place for you to give. If it is, we are excited to help you help your community! To get started, give us a call at (319) 287-9106. Or browse our website at The needs in our communities are great. But, together we can work toward healthier, stronger communities for all of us to live, work and play.


Reflections From Our CEO & Board Chair Dear Friends, This 2009 report is actually a look back at the latter part of 2007 and the calendar year of 2008, as well as a look forward to the coming years. These years are certainly no ordinary times. Our community has been facing challenges many of us have not seen in our lifetimes, due to the 2008 floods and tornadoes in Iowa and the discouraging economic and investment climate. But challenges have a way of helping us focus on what is truly important. Our community foundation responded to a community request and established the 2008 Tornado and Flood Funds from which donations from around Iowa and the United States were received. Because of the generosity of so many, our Foundation was able to grant out more than $750,000 to benefit the individuals, families, nonprofit agencies and small businesses suffering losses because of these natural disasters. These donations, along with other gifts, added up to the Community Foundation experiencing one of its best years for donations, totaling nearly $9 million. In addition, we and our donor partners - individuals, families and organizations that established or contributed to funds to the Community Foundation invested more than $4 million in the community through grants distributed. Our Board has remained committed to maintaining our current spending rate for granting from our endowed funds, even with the investment downturn. Through these grants, individuals were helped and our nonprofits were stabilized, which is so important to sustaining a healthy community. An important portion of that granting total came from the Foundation’s unrestricted funds. These unrestricted resources that donors provide are vital to the Foundation’s work because they give our Board of Directors the flexibility required to address the increasing and changing needs. We are not sure what impact the disasters and the economic and investment climate will have on philanthropy, but we are hopeful that charitable giving, even as it is provided with greater thought under the current constraints, will continue in the generous spirit it has this past year. We are proud that the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa was able to be both a leader and a viable partner with so many others working so diligently to make our community stronger than ever. Through the generosity of our donors and the hard work of the Board of Directors and staff, we expect to continue this role in 2009 and beyond. Thank you all for your involvement. Warmest regards,

Mary Ann Burk President and CEO

Dee Vandeventer 2009 Board Chair

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

~ Margaret Mead


Becoming a Donor Although many people choose to establish their own fund to support their favorite charitable interests, others opt to support one of our Black Hawk County funds, like the Black Hawk County General Community Fund, Arts and Culture Fund, or Youth and Education Fund. Read more about these funds and other Black Hawk County funds on page 7. No matter which option you select, you can feel confident knowing your dollars are working for you to benefit your community.

Giving to and through the Community Foundation is an easy way to help support your community. At the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, we say that if you have a desire to make your community a better place, we have a way to help you make it happen. If you choose to open a fund, the steps are simple:

Choose a name for your fund.

Many donors choose to name their fund after themselves or their family, such as the The Smith Family Fund or the John and Jane Smith Fund. Others choose to remain anonymous or name it after the cause they are supporting. The Community Foundation will work with you to ensure your wishes are met.

Select a purpose for your fund.

Do you want to support your county or community as a whole? Do you have a particular charitable field that interests you, such as youth, the arts or human services? Do you want to support a specific organization or provide scholarships? Unrestricted Funds address a broad range of local needs, including future needs that often cannot be anticipated. They enable the Community Foundation staff and Board of Directors to assess community needs and respond to the community’s most pressing needs, both today and tomorrow. Grants are made in the name of the fund you establish, or anonymously if you wish, creating your personal legacy of giving. 6

Donor-Advised Funds allow you to make a gift to the Community Foundation and then remain actively involved in recommending grants from your fund. You receive maximum tax benefits with each new gift. Grant awards are issued to charities in the name of the fund or anonymously, if you prefer. Field of Interest Funds help you target your fund to address specific areas of need in your community such as arts and culture, education, senior care or at-risk youth. Designated Funds allow you to support the good work of one or more specific non-profit organizations. If the organization you select ceases to exist or changes in mission, the fund can be redirected so that it continues to address your original charitable intent. Scholarship Funds help you invest in your community’s future and provide a permanent source of financial support for local students. You can select eligibility criteria that exemplify your goals and values or someone else’s. Agency Endowment Funds are initiated by the boards and donors of nonprofit organizations. They are a simple and efficient way to build endowment and help create sustainability for your organization, while offering maximum tax advantages to your donors. Supporting Organizations are excellent alternatives to private foundations, with limited administrative obligations. Though connected to the Community Foundation, the supporting organization is a separate charitable entity with its own board members. It qualifies for the same unique tax advantages afforded the Community Foundation.

Black Hawk County Funds* Choose the best way to give.

We work closely with you and/or your professional advisor to find the perfect match to your charitable goals. There is a wide variety of giving options available to you. Cash is one of the easiest ways to establish a fund or add to an existing fund at the Community Foundation. Appreciated Stock gifts help you avoid capital gains taxes and earn a charitable tax deduction based on market value. Your gift is then used to establish a fund or added to an existing fund that benefits the local causes and organizations you care about most. Real Estate gifts allow you to receive the maximum tax deduction allowed and avoid capital gains tax. Charitable Gift Annuities allow you to arrange a generous gift to your community, while providing yourself a new income source for the rest of your life. Charitable Lead Trusts help you build a charitable fund with the Community Foundation during the trust’s term. When the trust terminates, the remaining assets are transferred to you or your heirs, often with significant transfer-tax savings. Charitable Remainder Trusts allow you to receive income for the rest of your life, knowing that whatever remains will benefit your community. Bequests establish charitable funds through your will. In doing so, you are able to distribute some or all of your assets, tax free. Retirement Plans provide an opportunity for substantial tax savings for your heirs if you name a charitable fund as a beneficiary of assets. Insurance policies can be named to the Community Foundation in total or even just a portion. Life Estate Contracts allow you to transfer your home to the Community Foundation while you still enjoy living there.

We have several funds* established to make it easy for donors to support charitable programs and projects that match their interests - right here in Black Hawk County (BHC). Black Hawk County General Community Fund Income from the fund will go to support charitable programs and activities that will benefit residents of Black Hawk County. Cedar Falls Community Fund Income from the fund will go to support charitable programs and activities that will benefit residents of Cedar Falls. Waterloo Community Fund Income from the fund will go to support charitable programs and activities that will benefit residents of Waterloo. Arts and Culture Fund-Black Hawk County Income from the fund will go to support charitable arts and culture activities and programs in BHC. Environment Fund-Black Hawk County Income from the fund will go to support charitable programs and activities in BHC that benefit the environment. Health and Human Services Fund-Black Hawk County Income from the fund will go to support charitable programs benefiting health and human services in BHC. Historic Preservation Fund-Black Hawk County Income from the fund will go to support charitable historic preservation activities and programs in BHC. Youth and Education Fund-Black Hawk County Income from the fund will go to support charitable programs benefiting youth and education in BHC.

*For a complete list of CFNEIA funds and the funds under our 29 county and community affiliates, go to


New Partners in Philanthropy The Community Foundation is committed to cultivating strong communities across Northeast Iowa and beyond by growing our permanent endowment. We are pleased to announce the following funds were established by our partners in philanthropy January 1 through December 31, 2008.

for children in early childhood through 2nd grade. The grants will be used solely to purchase books.

Albion Library and Heritage Center Endowment Fund

John Cowin and Sharon Hackenmiller Cowin Charitable Fund

Bertha Stebens Children’s Theater Foundation Fund

Duroe Family Foundation Fund

Established through the Community Foundation of Marshall County. Grants will be made to support the charitable activities and programs of the Albion Library and Heritage Center.

Established by the Bertha Stebens Children’s Theater Foundation through the Cerro Gordo Community Foundation to support the charitable activities of the theatre, located in Mason City, Iowa. Stebens Children’s Theatre’s mission is to educate young people in the theatre arts and provide North Iowa with high-quality, family entertainment.

John Chipera Family Fund

Jeanie Chipera established this fund through the Winneshiek County Community Foundation in memory of John Chipera and in honor of the Chipera family. Income from the fund will support South Winneshiek Dollars for Scholars.

Established in honor of John Cowin and Sharon Hackenmiller Cowin. Income will be used for grants to carry out the educational and charitable purposes of the Kossuth County Community Foundation. Established by the Albert Duroe Family, who will make recommendations for grants to carry out the educational and charitable purposes of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa.

East High Fund for Excellence in Education Funds Established to support Waterloo East High School.

Carl R. Black Memorial Dollars for Scholars Fund

Fleming Sisters Fund

Established in memory of Carl R. Black. Income will be distributed as scholarships from the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Chapter of Dollars for Scholars to graduates of Waterloo West High School.

Sisters Ida, Edna and Laura Fleming devoted their lives to teaching and educating youth. Now, through the establishment of the Fleming Sisters Endowment Fund, they will forever be able to support the causes they cared about during their lives.

Bucklen Family Fund

Floods of 2008 Assistance Fund

The Bucklen Family established this fund through the Floyd County Community Foundation to support the Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock Community School District by giving out scholarships; to support and benefit the citizens of Marble Rock, Iowa through community betterment grants; and to support the charitable activities of Marble Rock United Methodist Church.

Celebrate Reading Fund

To provide grants to nonprofit organizations holding activities that would involve the purchasing of books 8

To provide for on-going, long-term recovery, clean up and support of the communities affected by the floods of 2008 in Iowa. The Community Foundation partnered with existing non-profit and governmental agencies within the areas affected to provide funding for the services these agencies delivered to meet the needs of the victims of the floods.

Friends of Wilder Park Fund

Established through the Butler County Community Foundation. Income will support the charitable projects and programs of the Friends of Wilder Park.

Thomas W. and Poulet B. Green Fund

Established as a donor-advised fund by Thomas and Poulet Green. Through this fund they can choose to recommend grants to support charities they have been involved with over the years, as well as helping to meet new needs as they arise.

Greenley Family Charitable Fund

Established in honor of the Greenley Family through the Buchanan County Community Foundation. Grants will be made to support charitable and educational activities in Buchanan County.

Grundy County Memorial Hospital Foundation Fund

Grundy County Memorial Hospital Foundation, a non-profit organization, was established in 1990 for educational, charitable, religious and scientific purposes. The Foundation’s purpose is to attract, support, administer and disburse contributions and grants, which benefit Grundy County Memorial Hospital. The purpose of the Grundy County Memorial Hospital Foundation Endowment Fund will be to support the charitable activities of the Foundation.

Marilyn Ganrude Hayes and Rick Hurtado H & H Foundation Fund

Rick Hurtado established this fund in memory of Marilyn Ganrude Hayes. Income will be used for grants to carry out the educational and charitable purposes of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa in supporting the citizens of Black Hawk County.

Independence Public Library Mural Fund

Established through the Buchanan County Community Foundation. Grants from the fund will support the completion and ongoing maintenance of the Independence Public Library Mural Project, to be located in the Independence Library interior.

Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity Endowment Fund

Established to support the charitable activities of Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity.

Willard and Kay Jenkins Scholarship Fund

Willard and Kay Jenkins established this fund to allow students from Expo Alternative High School in

Kay and Willard Jenkins

Waterloo an opportunity to go to college. Income from the fund will be used to provide one-year scholarships to qualified graduates of Expo who will be attending an accredited university, community college, or trade school within the State of Iowa.

Leistikow Family Fund

Elmer Leistikow established this fund in honor of the Leistikow family before he died in 2008. Advisors to the fund will be able to recommend grants to support the charities that meant the most to him and his family.

Marble Rock Visioning Expendable Fund

Established through the Floyd County Community Foundation. Grants will be to benefit the citizens of Marble Rock, Iowa and support the charitable activities of their Visioning Plan.

Fredrick W. Marold Fund

Established by bequest of the late Fredrick (Fred) Marold. Income from the fund will support the charitable activities of the following designated nonprofit agencies: Adults, Incorporated, Waterloo, Iowa;


The Boys and Girls Club of Waterloo, Iowa; Cedar Valley Hospice; Exceptional Persons, Inc., Waterloo, Iowa; The Family & Children’s Council of Waterloo, Iowa; Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa; The Grout Museum of Waterloo, Iowa; The Hartman Reserve Nature Center; The Salvation Army of Waterloo, Iowa; The Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra; The Waterloo Center for the Arts; The Waterloo Community Playhouse; Waterloo Leisure Services; and the Waterloo Public Library.

Rebecca Rath Miller Family Fund

Established in honor of the Rebecca Rath Miller Family, who will make recommendations for grants to carry out the educational and charitable purposes of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa.

John and Stacie Monaghan Family Fund

John and Stacie Monaghan established this fund in honor of their family, who will make recommendations for grants to carry out the educational and charitable purposes of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa.

Mark and Denise Nelson Family Fund

Mark and Denise Nelson established this fund in honor of their family through the Fayette County Community Foundation to benefit the citizens of Clermont, IA.

Spectrum Network Endowment Fund

Established through the Winneshiek County Community Foundation. Income from the fund will go to support the charitable activities of the Spectrum Network.

South Tama County United Endowment Fund The South Tama County United Fund is committed to assisting local charitable organizations that benefit the people of south Tama County. The organization supports the financial needs of south Tama County non-profit agencies and the charitable intents of their benefactors. Grants from the income of the fund will benefit South Tama County United Fund’s charitable purposes.

TEAMworks Fund

The TEAMworks Fund Community Gifts Committee will make recommendations for grants from the fund 10

John and Stacie Monaghan with their children: Mason (age 7), Ava (age 5) and Alivia (age 2).

to benefit the educational and charitable purposes of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa.

Tornadoes of 2008 Assistance Fund

To provide for on-going, long-term recovery, clean up and support of the communities affected by the May 2008 tornadoes in Northeast Iowa. The Community Foundation partnered with existing non-profit and governmental agencies within the areas affected to provide funding for the services these agencies delivered to meet the needs of the victims of the tornadoes.

Valley Community Endowment Fund

Grants will go to support the charitable and educational purposes of the Valley Community Foundation. If the Valley Community Foundation should cease to exist or cease to serve as a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, income from the fund will be granted to benefit the needs of the cities of Wadena, Elgin and Clermont, Iowa.

Waterloo Athletic Facility Fund

Established to support the City of Waterloo Leisure Services in the development and/or maintenance of Waterloo athletic facilities.

Waterloo Junior Hawks Scholarship Endowment Fund

Rick and Cathy Young established this fund for the Junior Hawks - a youth hockey team in the Waterloo Youth Hockey association located in Waterloo. The available income from the fund is to be granted to the Waterloo Youth Hockey Association to provide scholarships for students needing assistance to participate in the Waterloo Junior Hawks program.

West Bend Economic Development Corporation Charitable Funds

Established to support the charitable activities of the West Bend Economic Development Corporation.

Winneshiek Medical Center Foundation Endowment Fund

The Winneshiek Medical Center Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the stated purpose of soliciting and managing gifts of money and/or property to be used to help ensure continued quality health care, while improving technology and expanding services to people in the Winneshiek County area. The purpose of the Winneshiek Medical Center Foundation Endowment Fund will be to support the charitable activities of the Foundation.

Tula Zanios Fund

Jamie Zanios worked with his mother, Tula, to establish this fund through the Cerro Gordo Community Foundation in her honor and in celebration of her 90th birthday. Income from the fund will be used to support the charitable activities of the Community Kitchen of North Iowa, Inc. in Mason City, Iowa.

Carl B. and Lou Anne Zimmerman Fund

Carl and Lou Anne Zimmerman have long supported the Cedar Valley community. Now, by establishing this permanent endowment fund in their name, they will be able to continue supporting their charitable interests in the community in perpetuity.

Fredrick W. Marold Fredrick (Fred) W. Marold was born on November 16, 1918 in Dubuque, Iowa to William Joseph and Anna Louise Marold. One of the biggest influences in Fred’s charitable interests was the fact that his mother had polio, and, as a result, he developed a great concern for the less fortunate. Over the years, Fred was a business and civic leader in the Cedar Valley. He was instrumental in the creation of Exceptional Persons of the Cedar Valley, Goodwill Industries of Northeast Iowa and the Family & Children’s Council of Waterloo. He was also a founder of Permanent Planning, Inc. During his lifetime, Fred enjoyed golfing, tennis and reading. He was an advocate of the idea that you should never stop learning. Fred was very “civic-minded.” He served on many boards in the area. He was active in many charities as an officer and donor. Fred strongly believed in giving back to his community. He felt that the Community Foundation was a great way to help the local charities he supported throughout his life. Fred died in September 2007.


CFNEIA Grants CFNEIA Total Amount of Grant Dollars Awarded: $8,329,284.79* *May 1, 2007 through December 31, 2008 30.9%

Arts & Culture


Community Affairs & Development








Historic Preservation


Human Services



% of field of interest area funded May 1, 2007 through December 31, 2008.

Black Hawk County Discretionary Grants Of our $8 million in total CFNEIA grants, the following were awarded through our Black Hawk County discretionary grantmaking process (Black Hawk County unrestricted and field of interest funds) May 1, 2007 through December 31, 2008.

Arts and Culture Bosnian Cultural Foundation New dance choreography supplies The troupe provides cultural awareness and enrichment activities for children and families. Cedar Valley Chamber Music Festival 2008 Summer Music Festival For three unique concerts focusing on the Danish language, the German settlement of Reinbeck and “Ragtime Waterloo.” Hawkeye Community College Hawkeye Celebrates the Arts For four events in 2007-2008 including music and magic, and four events in 2008-2009 including Honky Tonk Laundry, Tonic Sol-fa Christmas Show, Hormonal Imbalance-A Mood Swinging Musical Revue, and Wonders of Magic. 12

Iowa Composers Forum “Home Cookin” Collaborative Concert with WCF Symphony The concert promoted the awareness of new works by Iowa composers and exposed audience members to music composed during their lifetime. Metropolitan Chorale Fall Concert featuring Handel’s Chandos Anthems Chorale had the opportunity to learn and perform selected pieces from these challenging vocal works. Metropolitan Chorale Spring Concert with Ames Children’s Chorus Collaboration with Ames Children’s Chorus to present contemporary choral music: John Rutter’s Mass of the Children. Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church Warriors Drill Team Instrument Replacement To replace two sets of marching bells with carriers.

Waterloo Center for the Arts Lou Henry Hoover Sculpture Garden For five interpretive sculptures depicting Lou Henry Hoover’s life, decorative paving pathways through the park, a decorative security fence, and floral/plant borders.

Hispanic or Latino American Access Association Latino Resource Center For the day to day operating expenses including office space, employees and infrastructures to support outreach to Latinos in the Cedar Valley.

Waterloo Center for the Arts “Gerberich’s Gadgetry: Art that Moves” For nationally acclaimed artist Steve Gerberich’s mechanical art exhibit to be on display at the gallery.

Main Street Waterloo Downtown Beautification Activities For enhancing civic pride and Downtown’s image with a variety of maintenance and beautification developments.

Waterloo Community Playhouse Operational Support For the performances of two productions - “Into the Woods” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Waterloo Museum of Art Upkeep and maintenance of artwork For the upkeep and maintenance of artwork owned by the Community Foundation. Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra Youth Concerts For free Youth Concerts in 2008 and 2009 attended by over 4,000 School children in grades four through six from the Cedar Valley and northeast Iowa.

Community Affairs AND Development Cedar Bend Humane Society Adoption Center Capital Campaign Construction of the new Adoption Center to improve the health and well-being of all animals, strays, adopted pets, and sick or injured animals. Cedar Valley Figure Skating Club Learn to Skate For a program that provides an opportunity for adults and kids who want to learn to skate or continue their instructions past the Basic Level and do not have the money to continue their training. From the Heart Fund** From the Heart: Waterloo Home Enhancement Project To repair and improve 65 to 80 homes for elderly, lowincome and disabled residents of Waterloo. Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois Youth Leadership Development Outreach Provides leadership development, community service and character strengthening for 500 local girls.

University of Northern Iowa Foundation Neighborhood Partners Program Neighborhood Partners contact new families, assess needs for services, inform families of community resources available and distribute welcome baskets. Waterloo Exchange Club Healing Field 2007 For over 1,000 flags that flew in honor of our military and their families. Proceeds benefited projects that support child abuse prevention, Americanism, youth programs and community service projects. Waterloo Industrial Development Association City of Waterloo Website New website that will encompass all government or quasi governmental departments/services and serve as a portal to theater, music, arts, library, civic information, city resources and community affairs. Waterloo Leisure Services Tee-ball fields at the Cedar River Youth Sports Complex Construction of two additional ball diamonds designed for children in tee-ball and coach pitch programs. Waterloo Neighborhood Coalition-EDC 2008 Waterloo Small Business Expo For informational displays for each entrepreneur to promote their business or service. Youth Sports Foundation of the Cedar Valley Youth Tackle Football For a youth tackle football program serving 250 to 300 youth in 5th and 6th grades with 60+ adults as coaches.

Educational Cedar Falls High School Vision for Education-VEX Robotics Educational Material To motivate interest and help students learn about robots, good building practices and programming.



Black Hawk County Grants

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Cedar Valley Preschool and Child Care Center Summer Scholarships for School Age Children For ten low-income children, ages 5-12, to attend an age appropriate summer program. Cedar Valley’s Promise Fund** Celebrate Reading! Celebrate Song! Literacy Initiative To support agencies supplying reading material to children and parents and reflect the ethnic diversity of the cultures in the area. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeast Iowa MoneyMap, High School Financial Literacy Program To provide the MoneyMap program to 650 junior and senior high school students in Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Covenant Medical Center-RSVP Prime Time To continue recruitment and retention efforts of volunteers in the Waterloo School District’s Prime Time mentoring program. East Side Ministerial Alliance The ISIS Institute Program designed for African-American girls to create awareness of their rich heritage and build self-esteem. Friends of National Cattle Congress Discovery Program To educate over 1,400 2nd grade students about Iowa agriculture and the importance it plays in their lives. Harbaugh-Williams Education Promise Fund** Volunteer Working Groups For on-going mentoring to the African-American boys at the Walter Cunningham School for Excellence. Hawkeye Community College-Martin Luther King Center Summer Skill-building remedial program For the summer skill-building remedial program for up to 100 elementary youth who fall at or below the poverty level guidelines set by DHS. Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates Waterloo East High I-JAG Expansion Elective course for students during the school day covering areas of leadership, employment and academic support.


Iowa Pride Network Northeast Iowa Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Coalition To educate students and reduce physical and verbal harassment and assault of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) youth in Black Hawk County. Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa, Inc. Our Community Program for local second grade students to teach problem solving and decision making skills in business, economics and personal finance. Junior Achievement of Eastern Iowa, Inc. Our Nation Program for local fifth grade students to discuss forms for businesses, interviewing and work readiness skills, advertising and marketing, and the production of goods and services. Kingsley Elementary School Vision for Education-Building “Habitudes” with the Daily Five To provide all students key literacy habits (“habitudes”) with a positive attitude about reading. Kittrell Elementary School Vision for Education-Head Start on Literacy Provided classrooms with opportunities for students to use books and characters from storytelling kits. Lowell Elementary School Vision for Education-Increasing Sight Vocabulary and Oral Language To build academically, socially and emotionally stronger preschool students. McKinstry Elementary School Vision for Education-WOW Celebrations Monthly classroom WOW celebrations, including purchasing materials and support resources. Small World Preschool Special Ed and General Ed integration Allows students to spend time in an integrated setting with general education three days a week. Students are given the opportunity to learn, engage and play with general education peers. University of Northern Iowa Foundation Talent Search Academy Summer Program For a five week basic skills enrichment program held on the UNI campus for 30 middle school students.

Volunteer Center of Cedar Valley Service-Learning Program: Engaging Students in Service To involve young people in intensive service projects designed in coordination with human and other community service organizations and schools. Waterloo West High School Vision for Education- Connecting to the Community for Wellness For specialized fitness instructors to come into the high school to demonstrate lifetime leisure activities.

Beyond Pink Fund** Beyond Pink TEAM Women with breast cancer who need financial assistance can request help with their bills, up to $500. Black Hawk-Grundy Mental Health Center Medication Storage System To add more storage space for medication.


Cedar Valley Hospice Eucalyptus Tree-Youth Service For grief support service that delivers age-appropriate emotional help to children grieving the death or terminal illness of someone special to them.

Cedar Valley Arboretum and Botanic Gardens The Rose Garden renovation To correct problems with the old rose garden, including poor accessibility for people with disabilities, and to showcase the uniqueness of the “Griffith Buck” rose cultivators.

Communities in Schools Hawkeye Student Health Center For health screening services to students attending Hawkeye Community College with a special focus on major depression, cardiovascular risk factors and diabetes.

Cedar Valley Resource Conservation and Development Hartman Bluff Rain Garden Project To reduce the amount of runoff entering the nature preserve by installing rain gardens and other storm water management practices in the neighborhood.

Communities in Schools Success Street Positioning already existing service providers inside the Waterloo schools to make health and human services more easily accessible to students and their families.

Health Allen College of Nursing ACE-SAP Clinic (Allen Community EngagementSalvation Army Program) Collaborative program bringing free health assessment clinic focusing on preventative care for low-income individuals to the Salvation Army location. Allen Women’s Health/Together for Youth Community Health Education To increase adolescents’ knowledge about their sexual health by promoting responsible sexuality with medically accurate information. Alzheimer’s Association, East Central Iowa 24/7 Helpline For the Helpline that provides information about Alzheimer’s disease, services provided by the chapter, and other available community resources.

Iowa Dental Foundation Iowa Mission of Mercy For a multi-day, statewide event where free oral health care is provided by a large group of volunteers in a central location. Multiple Sclerosis Service League Multiple Sclerosis Client and Family Services For counseling and monthly support group meetings for individuals with MS and/or family members to address emotional issues. National Alliance on Mental Illness of Black Hawk County Services to persons with mental illness and their families For education and support activities including twohour meetings held monthly with guest speakers speaking on a variety of issues. The Heart Connection 2007 Oncology Summer Camps For summer camps that allow children with cancer the chance to participate in normal camp activities. continued...


Black Hawk County Grants

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Visiting Nursing Association Telehealth Home Care Project To purchase five new Telehealth monitors that offer high quality home care for patients needing at-risk monitoring in their home.

Historic Preservation Cedar Falls Historical Society Victorian House Museum repairs For numerous maintenance needs for the Victorian House and Carriage House Museum. Cedar Falls Women’s Club Clubhouse Restoration To re-roof and replace the fascia and gutters on the Victorian House and renovate the south entrance and restrooms to make them more handicap accessible. Grout Museum District Museum School To offer students, their families and teachers an experience with local history that brings the stories of their community to life.

Human Services ARC of Cedar Valley Developmentally Disabled Bowling Program For a Saturday morning bowling program for adults with developmental disabilities and their families. ASPIRE-TRP, Inc. Camp Hope Provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities, ages 5-adult, to participate in a variety of activities including horseback riding, arts and crafts, cooking, grooming, a petting zoo, water park activities and more.


Boys & Girls Club Programs/Operations To provide continued support for high quality, nationally proven programs for youth in need in the Cedar Valley. Exceptional Persons, Inc. Summer Teen Program Offers teens with special needs an opportunity to socialize, volunteer, go on field trips, and try new things. Family & Children’s Council Women’s Empowerment Program A 12-week program for single mothers to help them plan for self-sufficiency and develop parenting goals. It includes free meals, child care and transportation. Four Oaks PLATO Credit Recovery Program PLATO is a course-work system that gives students an alternative and second chance to learn online and be challenged by rigorous, national standards-driven content. Hartman Reserve Nature Center Aquatic Recreation Equipment To replace aging water recreation equipment including 15 aluminum canoes. Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity Supplemental funding for Volunteer Coordinator/Family Services/Americorps staff Funding to expand the current staff positions of Volunteer Coordinator, Family Services, and Americorps construction workers. Iowa Legal Aid Cedar Valley Children and Youth Advocacy Project To assist families in need, prevent homelessness, secure protection orders to prevent the recurrence of domestic violence and provide legal education.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters AMACHI: Mentoring Children of Prisoners To address the needs of these high-risk youth and provide 40 new mentoring matches for the children of prisoners in Black Hawk County.

La Porte City Crosslines Food Closet Temporary support for community residents in need To provide temporary housing, food, fuel, utilities or other items deemed necessary, based on referrals from local organizations, churches, merchants, city agencies and local citizens.

Black Hawk Foster and Adoptive Parents Support Group Operations Provides support and training to foster and adoptive families to help reduce the number of disrupted adoptions and unsuccessful foster placements.

Lutheran Services in Iowa, Inc. Crisis Intervention Program Ensures that within one hour of a crisis referral, at any time of the day or night, a crisis worker will contact the family to set up a meeting.

Lutheran Services in Iowa, Inc. Refugee and Immigrant Employment Program To help new Iowans secure employment and attain selfsufficiency. Nehemiah/Jubilee House, Inc. Job Survival Skills Training To promote public safety and strengthen transitional support for an under-served population with mentoring, working toward personal responsibility, behavioral change, improved social skills and offender specific job search strategies. North Star Community Services General Support (Newel Post & Accessibility Project) Labor and materials for the professional installation of two automatic/barrier free doors. Day program serves up to 35 individuals with age-related disabilities. Northeast Iowa Center for Independent Living Prime Time Pass Provides 24/7 accessible transportation service to the disabled, elderly and the low-income within the city limits of Waterloo, Cedar Falls and Evansdale. Northeast Iowa Center for Independent Living Resource Center for Multi-Disability Clients For a resource center located on an ADA adjustable table that will accommodate all manual or power wheelchairs, scooters or regular chairs. Northeast Iowa Food Bank Capital campaign for new warehouse/office facility Capital construction project will build a 45,000+ square foot facility in Waterloo to serve as a food warehouse and distribution center for sixteen counties in Northeast Iowa. Northeast Iowa Food Bank Elderly Nutrition Services Program Provides food to seniors via four distinct components: perishables for six senior centers, food boxes for low income senior housing complexes, food boxes for homebound elderly, and weekend-to-go bags to senior centers. Operation Threshold Foreclosure Prevention and Anti-Predatory Lending Counseling To provide foreclosure prevention services and antipredatory lending counseling, including education and information regarding budgeting and financial literacy.

Operation Threshold DARP Deliverable Fuels Program To assist 20 low-income BHC households who rely on deliverable fuels for heat, while training household members in budgeting and energy conservation. Quakerdale Sponsor a Child To fund two children in 24-hour residential care including staffing, food, personal needs, clothing, transportation, recreation activities, medical supplies and cottage upkeep and utilities. Salvation Army Camera & Security System for Shelters To replace and update current security systems in both the men’s and women’s emergency shelters. Seeds of Hope Bus tickets for victims of abuse Will provide bus passes to clients in crisis whose safety is being jeopardized by a lack of transportation. Variety-The Children’s Charity Bikes for Kids Recognizes the outstanding effort and achievement by children who struggle to overcome socioeconomic challenges. Will provide bike helmets and locks to children based on referrals from schools and agencies. Winnebago Council of Boy Scouts Scoutreach To deliver Scouting to young men ages seven to eighteen who would be excluded from traditional Scouting due to financial restrictions, home environment or because the boys are not reached through traditional recruitment. YWCA of Black Hawk County Childcare Programs-Financial Aid Assistance To provide financial assistance to an increased number of individuals and families who need it to participate in the YWCA childcare programs.

Thank you to all who give so generously to support the many and varied needs in Black Hawk County. We are honored you have chosen the Community Foundation to help you help your community. **Denotes a fund of the Community Foundation of NE IA.


Legacy Society What is the Legacy Society? The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa’s Legacy Society is composed of caring individuals and families who have made formal plans to leave a gift to the Community Foundation. These gifts may take the form of bequests, charitable remainder trusts, gifts of life insurance or one of the many other types of charitable planned gifts.

Thelma Winter Thelma Winter and her husband, Carlton, made charitable contributions during their lives because supporting the community was something they wanted to do. “Waterloo [has] been so good to us; we just want to do everything we can for Waterloo,” Thelma once stated. Their desire to support the community they loved led to the establishment of the Carlton and Thelma Winter Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation. Carlton passed away in January 2000. Thelma passed away in June 2008. Upon Thelma’s death, $2 million was given to the CFNEIA from her estate. Thelma wanted to keep her gift unrestricted to allow the Community Foundation to assess community needs and respond to the community’s most pressing needs. Now, the Winters’ legacies will live on forever through the grants given in their name. 18

By committing a portion of your estate to the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, you can guarantee an investment that will continue to pay dividends to disadvantaged citizens of our community for many generations to come. To join the Legacy Society or to learn more call us at (319) 287-9106 or email Mary Ann Burk at

Legacy Society Members Anonymous Members Pauline R. Barrett Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barringer Berdena Beach W. Louis Beecher Robert and Judith Brown Peter and Mary Ann Burk Dr. Ross and Patricia Christensen Ann Ellsworth Ann Enderlein Joel and Linda Haack Donna Hickman The Darrell R. and Lynda K. Jobman Trust Jeri Jenner Karr Bobbi Kazenelson Eleanor Kearns

Arlyne Lockard Ken and Amy Lockard Sue Loveall Timothy and Genevieve Manatt Val Martin Fred and Elaine Driver Mast Betty McCoy Kathy McCoy Jean Parker George Paul Dorothy Plager Dean and Lee Platt Jimmie and Lou Porter Wallace and Mona Reed Lorene Rohlf Stuart and Ray Stitchman Rose/Nancy Unger Trust Wanda Van Duyn

Programs for Women & Youth Women in Philanthropy In 2008, Women in Philanthropy (WIP) members attended quarterly luncheons that focused on the following topics: helping women understand the reasons they give, encouraging giving in younger generations, the importance of volunteerism, and celebrating local programs available for girls in our community. Every year, WIP members are given the opportunity to vote for recipients of the annual Women’s Fund grant. In December, WIP members voted to give the 2008 Women’s Fund grant to the Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois in the amount of $3,525. 2008 also saw the first WIP volunteering event. On December 13, the WIP members wrapped gifts at Crossroads Mall to raise money for the Family and Children’s Council. The event was a huge success! Nine WIP members gave up a portion of their Saturday to wrap gifts, and $624 was raised from their efforts!

Dollars at work

WIP continues to look for new ways to educate members through discussion and participation. Membership is open to anyone interested in the well-being of women and girls in the Cedar Valley. Dues are $100 annually, $80 of which is tax deductible. To become a member or learn more about WIP, contact the Community Foundation at (319) 287-9106 or visit

Teens Investing in Community ‘08-’09 Teen Trust Trustees participated in two group volunteer projects during their term: Adopt-a-Family in the fall and the Special Olympics Spring Games.

2008-2009 Trustees: Ally Bachman, Zach Beck, Thomas Blanford, Nikki Bornong, Allison Duchman, Nicole Gilbert, Megan Hardy, Jared Hottle, Chelsea Meier, Hannah Melby, Michael Miller, Kelsey Mumm, Lauren Oltmann, Hannah Paczkowski, Chris Pierce, Matt Rafferty, Michelle Schupbach, Makensie Smith, Sara Strever, Ashwin Subramani, Sumi Subramani, Kayla Voigt, Danny Weber, Joy Wessels and Hannah Wilson. The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa’s Teen Trust program is a regional model for youth philanthropy. Each year, a diverse group of students from area high schools allocate $10,000 to non-profit agencies in Black Hawk County. Using a grant application system, site visits, and training opportunities, the Trustees work as a team to decide which organizations to assist through financial aid or volunteerism. Teen Trust has been led by an outstanding Student Director, UNI Senior and Teen Trust Alum Sunni Swarbrick, from 2007-2009.

‘08-’09 Grants Awarded: ASPIRE, T.R.P Family & Children’s Council Muscular Dystrophy Association Northeast Iowa Food Bank North Star Community Services Operation Threshold

$2,000.00 $1,800.00 $1,600.00 $2,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,600.00




Community Leadership 2008 Tornadoes and Floods 2008 saw natural disasters of historical proportions across Northeast Iowa with the EF5 tornado that hit on May 25, 2008, and the devastating flood waters that followed in June. The CFNEIA established the Tornadoes and Floods of 2008 Assistance Funds to help victims with ongoing, long-term recovery, cleanup and support. Parkersburg Playground

Both Parkersburg city playgrounds were completely destroyed in the tornado. The City and local volunteers placed high priority on rebuilding these recreational community areas immediately, and raised over $500,000 for the completion of both parks.

The Cedar Falls Historical Society’s Ice House Museum surrounded by water during the June 2008 Cedar River floods

Cedar Falls Historical Society

When the Cedar Falls Historical Society’s Ice House Museum was surrounded by flood waters in June 2008, the community reacted swiftly to protect what they could. Some permanent dioramas depicting the history of the Cedar Falls community were unable to be moved, and therefore lost to the rising water. The CFNEIA gave them a grant to support the development of new portable, durable displays to equip the Museum to weather future flood threats.

Operation Threshold

The community action agency serving Black Hawk County was overwhelmed by the June 2008 flooding in downtown Waterloo. Their offices were deluged, displacing both their 60 employees and critical services like WIC and Foreclosure Prevention Counseling. The CFNEIA provided funding to help cover the cost of their relocation expenses, which allowed them to continue to provide continued quality services to their clients - who are among some of the most vulnerable in the community.

Total Amount Awarded: $753,022 Grants were awarded to: A-P Appliance, Aikey Auto Salvage, Albion Township-Codner Cemetery, Black Hawk County Longterm Recovery Committee (United Way), Black Hawk County Conservation, Buchanan County Community Services, Buchanan County Disaster Recovery Coalition, Buchanan County Disaster Recovery Fund, Buchanan County Public Health, Butler County Assessor, Butler County Visions of Well-Being - Long-term 20

Parkersburg small business owners who received grants from Grainger and Embrace Iowa through CFNEIA

Recovery Committee, Cedar Falls Historical Society, Cedar Valley Preschool, City of Parkersburg-Emergency Services, City of Parkersburg-Piano, City of Parkersburg-Playground, Consumer Credit Counseling Service, Dennis Ihde LTD., Dike-New Hartford Community School, Dumont American Legion, First Presbyterian Church Independence-Camp Noah, First United Methodist Church New Hartford-Camp Noah, Grace ChurchBremer County Long-term Recovery Committee-Camp Noah, Greene Historical Society, Luhring Monuments, Lutheran Disaster Recovery, Matt’s Grill & Bar, Moment in Thyme Catering, North Iowa Community Action Organization-Cerro Gordo Long-term Recovery Committee, Oak Hill CemeteryNew Hartford, Operation Threshold, Parkersburg Family Dental, Parkersburg Ministerial Association-Camp Noah, PNR Car Wash, Rainbow Florist, S&S Foods, Salvation Army, Scott’s Electric, Selesky Manufacturing, Shady Rest Motel, United Methodist Church of Greene, Victoria Room DBA Oh So In! Boutique, Visiting Nursing Association, and Waterloo Community Playhouse, Wishbone Inc.

Thank you to all who gave to support disaster victims. Your generosity will never be forgotten!

CFNEIA Affiliates Largest Affiliate Grant Made:

Iowa County made a $15,000 grant to Marengo Picnic in the Park, Inc. for Pennies for the Park project.

Total Grants since 2006:

From 2006-2008, our Affiliates have given over $3.1 million in grants to deserving organizations, programs, projects and students!

Total Grants in 2008:

The 29 affiliates we serve: Ackley Community Foundation Benton County Community Foundation Bremer County Community Foundation Buchanan County Community Foundation Butler County Community Foundation Cerro Gordo County Community Foundation Chickasaw County Community Foundation Clear Lake/Ventura Area Community Foundation Elma Area Community Foundation Emmet County Community Foundation Fayette County Community Foundation Floyd County Community Foundation Community Foundation of Franklin County Frederika Area Community Foundation Grundy Center Community Foundation

Our Affiliates gave $1,182,882.70 in grants to 29 Iowa counties and communities in 2008!

Grundy County Community Foundation Howard County Community Foundation Iowa County Community Foundation Kossuth County Community Foundation Community Foundation of Marshall County Poweshiek County Alliance Readlyn Area Community Foundation Tama County Community Foundation Waterville County Community Foundation Waverly Community Fund Webster County Community Foundation Winnebago County Community Foundation Winneshiek County Community Foundation Worth County Community Foundation

Tula Zanios Endowment Fund Tula Zanios established the Tula Zanios Endowment Fund at the Cerro Gordo Community Foundation to celebrate her 90th birthday, which was on June 18, 2008. The fund will benefit the needs of the Community Kitchen of North Iowa in Mason City. “Tula has been passionate about the Community Kitchen, which provides countless meals for those who are down on their luck and cannot afford even the basics,” said Tula’s son, Jamie Zanios. “She was a volunteer for this organization when it started and stayed with it as it grew, often times serving as receptionist on days of doctor’s visits, as well as in the kitchen or serving meals.” “It is my hope that others will follow my lead and provide funding to the Community Kitchen either directly or through a vehicle like this endowment,” stated Mrs. Zanios. “It is an important, maybe critical, agency for North Iowans in need, and the Community Foundation has provided me with a vehicle to enable a gift that goes on giving long after I am gone.”


Grant Dollars at Work Waterloo Center for the Arts: “Gerberich’s Gadgetry: Art that Moves” Press a button or crank a wheel and Steve Gerberich’s sculptures come to life. Many witty motion machines have been brought together in Springs Sprockets & Pulleys: The Mechanical Sculptures of Steve Gerberich, an exhibition at the Waterloo Center for the Arts that delighted youngsters of all ages. Bridging the gap between fine art and fun, Gerberich’s gadgets have been described by Charles Osgood of CBS Sunday Morning as “common objects, made uncommon” and NBC Today Show’s Gene Shalit has called them “brilliantly eccentric” and “ingenious”.

A Gerberich sculpture

Constructed from old machine parts, kitchen utensils, pieces of furniture, lighting fixtures, medical supplies, toys and carnival figurines, Gerberich’s work offers viewers a unique way to interact with contemporary sculpture, explore the principles of simple mechanical motion or simply ponder the remarkable inventiveness of art. This project received a grant from the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa in Spring 2008. Due to popular demand, this exhibit was extended and remained on view at the Waterloo Center for the Arts through the end of May 2009.

Iowa Dental Foundation: Iowa Mission of Mercy Smile Iowa was the “theme” of the inaugural Iowa Mission of Mercy (IMOM) held in Waterloo, Iowa, at the Five Sullivan Brother’s Center October 3-4, 2008. The theme proved to be very appropriate as smiles were seen everywhere during the event - on the faces of the people that received treatment as well as the hundreds of volunteers.

Volunteer taking vitals of patient

The inaugural Iowa Mission of Mercy event was a huge success! Over 900 volunteers served and 1,254 people received free dental care worth a total of $602,540 in two days. This event was made possible, in part, due to a grant from the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa in Fall 2007.

Harbaugh-Williams Education Promise Fund: Volunteer Work Groups In January 2006, Dennis Harbaugh and Juanita Williams established the HarbaughWilliams Education Promise Fund at the CFNEIA. The Promise Fund provides incentives to increase the academic performance of African-American students and will provide college scholarship assistance so more minority students will receive higher education degrees and qualify for better paying jobs and meaningful careers.

Juanita and Dennis with Mary Ann Burk at the Community Foundation when fund was established

With the help of the Waterloo School District, a 2nd grade class of African-American boys at the Dr. Walter Cunningham School for Excellence was chosen in 2006. So far, the students have been doing very well. If they continue to attend class, complete their homework, do well in middle school, take challenging high school courses, graduate in good standing from high school, and apply for the scholarship, the Promise Fund will pay for two years of each student’s college tuition costs (at an amount equal to Iowa’s state universities). In Fall 2007, the Community Foundation awarded the Harbaugh-Williams Education Promise Fund a grant to help support the project and the scholarships for the students.


Gifts in Honor of Special People or Occasions*

Special Recognition

In honor of Bea Amundson from Donald and Marguerite Gray

In honor of Sara Gehling from Dave Gehling

In honor of David Waterman from Martha Waterman Nichols

In honor of Niels and Pam Anderson from H. George and Chris Anderson

In honor of Don and Nan Gray from Donald and Marguerite Gray

In honor of Royal Nold from Mr. and Mrs. Royal Nold

In honor of Maddy and Kaki Hall from Jean Hall

In honor of Eunice J. Paul from Stacy A. Paul

In honor of Sherry Harding from Jim and Pauline Harding

In honor of Olivia Rose Paulsen from an anonymous donor

In honor of Sandy Harding from Jim and Pauline Harding

In honor of Jean Penaluna from Tom and Ginger Penaluna

In honor of Brian and Kris Hargens from Curtis and Betty Hollis

In honor of Jan Peterson from Patricia Brockway

In honor of Ila M. Hay from Steve and Nancy Showers

In honor of Jan Peterson from Roger Peterson

In honor of Our 50th Anniversary from Kirk and Julia Hayes

In honor of Clark and Sharon Porter from Earl and Carol Will

In honor of Kirk and Julia Hayes from Iowa State Bank of Algona

In honor of Bill Reicks from Graig and Stephanie Reicks

In honor of Richard and Carol Hazel from Robert Hazel

In honor of Joe and Leah Reiter from Ernest and Janie Schmit

In honor of Gene and Wanda Heitz from Lowell Ware

In honor of Mark and Britt Rhodes from Charles Rhodes

In honor of Blake and Sally Hollis from Jay and Eva Atwood

In honor of Stephanie Ricketts from Kari Rindels

In honor of Curtis and Betty Hollis from Jay and Eva Atwood

In honor of Matthew D. Rolinger Russ and Stacey Bentley Keith & Joyce Borglum Roy and Donna Burton Neil Clapp Rosemary Curran John and Andrea Dunlay Jerry D. Durham David Fenlon James and Lorraine Freet Madonna Friedman OSF Joe and Angela Fuller Kaye and Barry Haskins Joan Headington Camille Hogan Patrick and Sally Ann Kelly Mary Lichty Kathy McCoy Dennis and Michele McFarlane Ellen Marie McGrath Steven P. O’Hara and Jennifer M. Hurley-O’Hara Dorothy Plager James and Margie Polacek Gary Dean Rankin Mark and Lisa Rolinger Patricia Simmons Justin and Jan Smith Ronald and Betty Steege James and Carol Waterbury G. D. and Barbara Witzel

In honor of Carleton and Genevieve Baker from Kendall Baker In honor of Ty, Carolyn and Julie Bartlett from Mary Frantz In honor of Julie Bartlett from Mary Frantz In honor of Carolyn Belfy and Ty Belfy from Mary Frantz In honor of Irene Bradley from Mary Ann and Peter Burk In honor of Mary Ann Burk from Stacy Van Gorp In honor of Joy Corning from Ann Corning Jones In honor of Bonetta Culp from Joyce Barbatti In honor of Our Wedding Anniversary from Matt Trettin and Angie Dethlefs-Trettin In honor of Helen Duven from Dawn Duven In honor of East High Class of 1957 from East High Class of 1957

In honor of Curtis and Betty Hollis from Lanehaven Farms Employees In honor of Blake and Sally Hollis from Lanehaven Farms Employees

In honor of East High Class of 1957 from Cleo A. Farris

In honor of Mayor Tim Hurley from Steven P. O’Hara and Jennifer M. Hurley-O’Hara

In honor of East High Class of 1957 from L. P. and Lois Nanke

In honor of Clyde and Evis Kolsrud from Bert Fellows

In honor of East High Class of 1957 from Donald Thompson

In honor of Clyde and Evis Kolsrud from Tracy and Nancy Larson

In honor of Pam Echeverria from Eagle’s Nest

In honor of Clyde and Evis Kolsrud from Jerry and Linda Siegrist

In honor of Elmer and Helen Frantz from Mary Frantz

In honor of Robert and Mary Lichty from Gilbert Glasson and Janice Hahn Glasson

In honor of Don and Cathy Frantz from Mary Frantz In honor of Caitlin Frantz from Mary Frantz In honor of Caitlin, Ireland & Felicity Frisch from Alison Parrish In honor of Our Grandchildren from Eugene and Jacqueline Frost

In honor of Jane Lorimor from Dawn Duven In honor of Betsy Macke from Scott A. Macke In honor of David and Judith McVey from Sherry Padavich In honor of Donna Nelson from Mary Ellen Molinaro

*Includes special recognition gifts made May 1, 2007-December 31, 2008.

In honor of Gladys V. Schmidt from Bob and Judy Brown In honor of Teresa Schmitz from Ernest and Janie Schmit In honor of Jim Schmitz from Tammy Schmitz

In honor of Marie Schmitz from Donald and Kathleen Thiry In honor of Cammie Scully from Hugh Pettersen In honor of Floyd and Mary Lou Sollien from David Sollien In honor of Floyd and Mary Lou Sollien from Steven C. Sollien and Christine C. Hoffman In honor of Sophie from Dennis McCabe In honor of Olive Trettin from Matt Trettin & Angie Dethlefs-Trettin In honor of Arish Vale from Richard and Patti Sulentic In honor of Stacy Van Gorp from Jordan Vernoy In honor of Dee Vandeventer from Association of Fundraising Professionals-QC Chapter In honor of Christie Vilsack from William Edward Senn In honor of David Waterman from Ellen Waterman In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wheeland from Mr. & Mrs. Guy Rosen In honor of Sharon l. Wilcox from Steve and Nancy Showers In honor of Mary K. Williams from Dennis and Jackie Bass from Jan and Don Schwab In honor of Susan Wirtjes from James E. Reulbach In honor of Princess Wymore from Kenneth Wymore II In honor of Rick Young from Mike and Dodie Young In honor of Tula Zanios from Frank Clark from the Patricia A. Tomson Revocable Trust


In Memory

Remembering a Loved One Through a Gift to Your Community May 1, 2007-December 31, 2008

Lyle Aanes Ardith Barnes

Jerome “Buss” Becker Carol Becker

Joy Adams Waterloo Rotary Club

Bob Bedard Mary Ann and Peter Burk

Dave Alcock Sherry Alcock & Family Dennis and Emmarene Smock

Lawrence Benda Lon & Mary Bloesch

Robert Anderson Joe McGough

Mary Benda Richard and Joan Leiran

Irving and Thelma Anton Dave Anton and Larry Anton

Brett Bergstrom Bob Bergstrom Margaret Bergstrom

Bert Arneson Steve and Linda Arneson

Betty Bicket Al Klinger

Leo M. Baker Mary Lichty Virgil and Debbie Thorstenson

Andrew Bolick Susan Dean

Murial Bakkum N.V. and S.J. Bresnahan Arlene Beck Palmer Richard and Joan Leiran Donald Becker Ida Becker John and Carolyn Becker Leo and Jane Becker William and Norma Bertch William and Rhonda Bloes Bernice Breitbach Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bresson Curt and Julie Frost Donald Janice Frost Dennis and Joan Kessens Ralph and Karla Kraus Marlene Mangrich William and Donna Mangrich Michael McGonegle and Cheryl Weber James Odneal Marilyn Rasmussen Ernest and Janie Schmit Leroy and Joan Schmit Richard and Mary Schmitz Teresa and James Schmitz Thomas and Vicki Schmitz Dorothy Senn Richard and Lenora Steimel Agatha Thome James and Debra Jo Thome Josephine and Wayne Weber Steve and Rosemary Weber


Jean Bonavia Charles Bonavia David Boswell Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Pat Bowlsby Mark and Mary Jo Abbott Wayne and Theresa Alberts Jerald Alliger Mickey and Diane Alsager David and Ann Andreasen Robert and Patrice Arnet Margaret Bachtell John J. Barrett Kenneth and Doralyn Benson J R. Benton Larry and Vicky Bjortomt Bob and Candice Bowlsby Kathy Breckunitch Harold Brown Judith Brown Joanne O’Connor Donald and Trudy Claassen Dan & Julie Deery Dentalcare Associates PC Charles Dostale and Andrea Knox-Dostale C. W. and Barbara Elliott Rex Eno Kevin Evans Beverly Faucher Julie Fillenwarth Pamela Finke Nancy Fox Thomas and Karen Frantz Paula Glass Charles and Ann Hammond

Paul and Melinda Huting Mark and Vicki Jennings Robert Jungweber Steven Kahler Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr John T. Kelley Richard King Gerald and Joan Kirke Frederick and Elizabeth Kirschner William and Cynthia Kline Kent Klingman and John Reinheimer David and Sharon Kohrs W.A. Krause Richard and Evalyn Lambert Richard and Lorraine Layman Patty Lee L H Marty Michael and Kaye McCallum Doc and Julie McLaughlin James and Debra Metcalf Eric and Mary Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Moreland Jr. James and Jane Morris David and Julie Moses Michael Narey Marianne Nemmers Joanne O’Connor Roger and Marcella Olesen Albert Pagel Robert and Rae Parker Connie Paul H. Dean and Wilma Paup Eldon and Jean Priebe Wallace and Mona Reed Allen Ricks Dave and Katy Rohle Linda Ruhs Eleanor Schermer Mrs Glenn Schreiner Mark Schreiner DDS Joan Scott Gregory A. Shaheen Murtis Smith Rodger Smith and Melanie Klemz-Smith Arnie Sorge and Audrey Adams Valerie Suchomel T. P. Swope James and Barbara Vancura Jack and Carole Wilkinson Reece and Judy Wilson Linda Worthington Charles and Sarah Yagla Clarence (Brad) Bradley Lois Rupkey-Cohrt A. W. Breitbach Bernice Breitbach

Regina Broghamer Helen Basler James Bryson Howard and Anita Hagen Elmer Busness N.V. and S.J. Bresnahan Lester Busness N.V. and S.J. Bresnahan Joe Butters Douglas and Linda Hearn Carol Byl First Insurance Services Walston- Davis-Byl Insurance Associates Russell and Ruth Caldwell UWE Rudolf and Ruth Caldwell Ted Chrischilles Kirk and Julia Hayes Dorothy Cleveland Alan and Lynn Bowman Raymond & Judith Burfeind Ray and Lynne Carlisle Ellen Cleveland David and Mary Dutton Helen Gordon Jean Hall Patrick and Sally Ann Kelly Mary Lichty Peggy Lind Tom Lind Dorothy Nordman Susan Pearson Charles and Gale Quirk Charles and Vivian Shane Betty and Ronald Steege Marsha Stroh Lela Connor Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Mr. & Mrs. Cox Kathy Dickerson Walt Cunningham Everett Cunningham John T. Curran Allied Construction Co., Inc. Russ and Stacey Bentley Gary and Becky Bertch Wayde and Regina Blumhardt Dan Bovy James W. Bovy

In Memory Richard and Cynthia Bovy Robert and Margaret Bradford Bob and Kathy Braun Bob and Judy Brown Mary Ann and Peter Burk Dutton, Braun, Staack and Hellman, P.L.C. Merle J. Friedman Dianne Gearhart Kay Gienger Jan Guthrie Stanley A. Hansen T.J. Heronimus Vail Hess David and Lyn Hopkins Kyle and Sunshine Hopkins, and Tobias Nate and Kia Hopkins, Adia and Karae Jeffrey S. Hoppenworth Dexter and Sandra Hyde Steve and Terri Jackson Red and Carol Keninger Al Klinger Dennis and Holly Kruger Roger and Betty LaCoste Mr. and Mrs. John Leland John Leschensky Mary Lichty Robert E. Manning Roswitha Marold Anne Mershon Doris Miller Richard J. Miller John and Sharon Orr Michael and Mary Pedersen Tom and Ginger Penaluna Clark and Sharon Porter Russell Rolinger Gary Schnieders Dr. and Mrs. Mark Schreiner Tom and Deborah Staack Scott A. Perkins Alberta E. Weber Bernard J. Weber Mary M. Weber Susan Wilson Cathy Young Mary Young Scott and Atiya Zach Leonard Daman Bob and Judy Brown Grace Schukei Dawson Lorraine Axtell Mary Cook Marlene Danielson Ann Felcher Enderlein Sarah Fister

Paula Glass Gilbert Glasson and Jan Hahn Glasson J. Eugene and Janet Goldberg Donna Harman Sam and Janet Holden John and Marion Kliinefelter Beverly and Frederick Koch Margaret Langlas Karen Lewis Robert and Mary Lichty Elizabeth McCoy Doris Miller Eric and Mary Miller Doug Pechak Craig and Judy Penrose Lorene Rohlf Dennis and Judith Schmidt Jean Shields Dorothy Sullivan and Suzanne Bembridge Helen Swisher James and Joan Walker Craig and Lynette Wickham Herbert and Carol Williams Gerald and Maxine Delagardelle Allison Delagardelle Bill and Jeanette Delagardelle Roman Delagardelle Ernest and Janie Schmit Dr. and Mrs. B. J. Dillon Helen Sullivan Norbert Dittmer Mary Dittmer John Donahue Marlys Leiran Marion and Arthur Droste Mr. and Mrs. Edward Droste Dorothy Hertel Elnora Durham Larry and Debbie Burger Patrick Clancy Michael Coughlin Todd and Michelle Coulter Barbara Culpepper-Scheel Jeff and Amy Frost Evangeline Glazebrook Dr. and Mrs. DeWitt Jones Mary J. Meier Pam Miller Sharon Miller Dr. GAil Moon Wayne and Denise Schares

Michelle Temeyer Dr. Mary Jo P. Wagner and Dr. John W. Swope Georgia Easton Douglas Easton Kay Ebetino Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Theodore Ecker Cindi Ecker Donald Einck Margaret Einck Milan Ellison Marlys Ellison Bill Engelbrecht Julia Engelbrecht Ms. Marjorie Enos Sydney and Jeanne Thomas Richard Fehl Richard Deneut Tom and Mary Lou Frost Douglas and Janet Reiter Gary and Jane Urban John and Dorothy Fellows Bert Fellows Richard Fishels Gerald Thoma and Margaret Auth Carl and Ruth Follmer Diane Follmer (Ruth Follmer) Arnold Fredrick Mrs. Arnold Fredrick Kathy Frerichs C. A. (Al) Frerichs Rosemary M. Frost Margo Spurrier Vivian Gass Justin and Beverly Baker Graham Gienger Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr August Girsch David and Catherine Girsch James and Peggy Girsch Larry and Julie Girsch

Steve and Rosemary Weber Theodore & La Rean Gjdfle Virgil and Debbie Thorstenson Frederick Grawe Ruth Grawe Barbara Gronen Carla Century and Charles Pacella Sean and Jenny Clark Amelia Dean Eldon and Mary Ann Glass William Gronen Jacqueline Heeney Kathy McCoy and Tim Hurley Kristi Jackson Denise Osgood Mr. and Mrs. David L. Petry Sandra Schipper Mark Schreiner DDS Helen Jean Thompson Don Hagemann Steve and Cathi Duitsman Clarence Hagen Bert Fellows Leonard and Thelma Hagen Mary Hagen Donna Halverson Colleen Marrs Norma Halverson Ardith Barnes Vic and Ruby Halvorson Roger and Connie Halvorson Kenneth Hamm Marilyn Hamm James Handorf Al Klinger Irene and Gerald Harken Tom and Janet Withers Lucille Hartema Marilyn Moore Roberta Haupert Amanda Walston Catherine Haynes James and Barbara Weeg


In Memory Gloria B. Hedge Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr

Jim and Bernie Houlihan Patrick Houlihan

Eva Hein Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Heilmann

Daniel Huck Alma Huck Mikki and Ed Savage

Helen Hendershot Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Lorene Higgins Bob and Judy Brown Frances Hilleshiem N.V. and S.J. Bresnahan Nita Hodapp Anonymous donor Gertrude Ackerman Ken and Mary Allbaugh Lynne Basmajian Katherine Brunson Floyd and Karen Danielson Eugene and Virginia Gnagy Maureen and Brent Hastings Paulette Hawkenson Eldon and Dolores Hovey A. D. Kendall Joyce Kohn Mrs. Regina Lemson Quinter and Alice Lichty Kenneth and Audrey Lowin David and Judith McVey Coreen Sue Meier Jean Nelson Maureen Newbill Nancy Philben Tricia Roe G. M. and Jean Schmitt Cammie Scully Ludwig and Linda Stejskal Emma Jo Uban Samuel and Carol Ann Wise Sue Hazelman Holman James and Joan Walker Geanette Holmes Louis Beecher Tom and Sharon Fereday Jon Fister Barbara Higgins Mike and Joni Hollen Stephen H. Holmes Steve and Terri Jackson Charles and Linda Lott Dale River Lorene Rohlf Mark Schreiner DDS Jean Holmes James and Joan Walker


Max Hughes Deanna Hughes Brian Clayton Gene and Ann Enderlein Leila and Brian Girsch Martha Kohlmeyer Colleen Matthias Richard and Susan Schoeberl Richard and Kathie Steveson James and Joan Walker Bruce and Diann Zager Helen and Irvin Iverson Carol Morse Harold Jackson Burton and Jill Jackson Carlton Jacobson Marlys Leiran Mary McDonell Theodore Jacobson Richard and Charlotte Jacobson Kate Jahnke Margaret and Roland Barnes Bartles Lutheran Home Floyd and Fran Bauer Buls Family Bob and Pat Gambaini Dennis and Barbara Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Steven Link Paul and Anne Mardorf Marge Meeker Vernon and Donna Kay Oberheu Larry and Connie Rasmussen Craig and Karen Repp Mildred Sanders Randy and Jan Tegtmeier Kathryn Van Vlack Mary A. Webber Anita Wenger Paul and Anita Whitson Morris Jones LuAnn Chapman Claudia Vokoun Lois Kilgore Louis Beecher Elcina A. Buck Raymond & Judith Burfeind Carolyn Cleveland

Ellen Cleveland Mary Cook James and Sylvia Davis Helen Gordon Thomas A. Graham III Susan Heavlin Dorothy Jennings Sharon Kays Janis L. Kilgore John and Patricia Knudson Dorothy Matthews Eric and Mary Miller Michael and Sue Mooney L. P. and Lois Nanke Regions Bank Ralph and Beverly Ridder Rajeane D. Rube Bernadine Schaefer Dr and Mrs Richard Shields E. Lee Stonewall Jane Sutera and Alice Strieby Josh and Sarah Trosclair James and Joan Walker Donald and Candace White Mary Williams Phyllis Zager Marvin and Sheila Zeigler

Herman Krutsinger Dan and De Ann Krutsinger

RL and Lois Kilgore Susan and Robert Carey Robert and Sandra Tisdale

Myron Lohman Darlene Esmoil

Eugene Klein Larry Klein Bill and Doris McAleer Linda Klinger Norbert and Donna Borcherding George and Karen Davis Larry and Solveig Gregory Dave and Dianne Happel Marge Kilburn Roger and Kathy Kuecker Jim and Jeri Monroe Robin Stoessel Stacy Van Gorp David and Sharon Walker Richard and Cheryl Williams Cathy Young Loras Knebel Glen and Celeste Hoffman Stanley Koch Carolanne Lattimer Dennis and Jane Messingham Liz Miller John and Carla Sutherland Mrs. Robert Walden Paul Kosbau Steve and Jo Ann Corson

Mel Kubicek Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Tasha Lang Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Al and Helen Larkin Leann Van Dyke Carl Larson Helen Morris Eleanor Larson Marilyn Hamm John Larson Helen Morris Willard Leiran Joyce Kloeber Marlys Leiran Lilly (Our dog) Mike and Martha Erickson

Jane Lorimor Dawn Duven J. Russell Lowe Bob and Judy Brown Dorothy and Mel Luchtenburg Jim Luchtenburg Steve Lukes Chuck and Julie Schaefer Jim, Terri and Joe Lutgen Martha L. Bloom Virginia Manning Lyons Mary Ann and Peter Burk Kevin Mangrich Michael and Lori Sage Fred W. Marold William Drier David W. Marold Ed and Carol Ostrowski, Jr. David and Dee Vandeventer James R. Martin Mary Ann and Peter Burk Sue Carver

In Memory Tacquin Cribbs Juliet Dunn Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Jack Kemp David and Christine Mitchell Thomas and Kathy Oleson Carol Pierce Ralph and Beverly Ridder Senad and Sefika Sarkic Erl and Kay Schmiesing James and Bev Smith Deb Stewart Rick and Cathy Young Leo McCormick Virginia McCormick Virgil and Debbie Thorstenson Duane and Sue Vorseth Virginia McCormick Virgil and Debbie Thorstenson Jocelyn McLaughlin Dr. Janice Abel Rowndport, Mary Lou Hunt and Jo Abe Anthony and Kathleen Bailey Wayde and Regina Blumhardt Steve and Patti Davis Kimberly Field Mike Guild Jean Hall Susan Hummel Kari Kikendall Gertrude Lembke and Jo Ann Finkenbinder Todd Mavis and Brenda Collins-Mavis Doug and Kelli McCarthy Dr. and Mrs. Claro Palma Lynn Marie Rabuse LaMott Polly Reuling Chuck and Julie Schaefer Patricia Sparks R. W. and Janae Strabala Dean and Shelly Sturch Patricia Waack Kevin and Beth Wagner Waterloo Community Schools Carlyle Meints Marjorie Henderson Donald Meyer Moore Donald and Ilene Moore Rebecca R. Miller Richard and Dorothy Brecunier Carney, Alexander, Marold & Co. James & Margaret Collins Shirley T. Cropper

Albert and Kathryn Dolan Gene and Ann Enderlein Margaret Langlas Nancy Lemons Peggy Lind Tim and Marsha Tom and Kae Lind Mary Miller Dorothy Plager Bill and Jane Russell Kathleen M. Sallee and Kevin Wall Joan Schreiner Clarence Shaffer Jane Titus Joan Walker Phyllis Zager Albert Mixdorf Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Thomas Monroe Richard and Joan Leiran Angeline Mueller Peter and Bonnie Blankenfeld Carol Murray Dave and Penny Murray Jim Murray Dave and Penny Murray Frank Nelson Chuck and Betty Dalton Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Thorvald & Gladys Shutt Nelson Berdena Beach Irene Nissen Ruth Tucker Dean Nordman Robert and Joyce Hansen Barb (Frost) Nosbisch Tim Frost Adella Oltrogge Bob and Judy Brown Mary Oltrogge Curtis Palmer N.V. and S.J. Bresnahan Richard and Joan Leiran Kathryn Palmer Ronald and Sherry Palmer Ardis Petersen Al Klinger

Carleton Porter Baker Genevieve Baker Zach Purcell Kenneth and Nancy Smith Dave Rambo Bud and Joan Amundson Barbara L. Anderson Calvin Anderson Norske and Karlene Anfinson Jack and Ellie Anundsen Eloise Bakke David R. Bakken David and Norma Bappe Jud and Connie Barclay and Martin Barclay William Becvar Bill and Connie Bergstrom Kevin and Doreen Bidne Kent and Alison Bishop David and Jean Boddy Gwen Boeke Vernetta Bolson Cline Joel and Dianne Borowski Andy and Maggie Borske Joseph and Mary Beth Bouska Paul and Sue Brievold Gerald and Ruth Bruce Buzz Bruening Keith and Amy Bruening Larry and Maria Brummel Leon and Jane Bullerman Fran Burns David and Brenda Carlson Rick and Cynthia Carlson Eunice Clause Richard and JoAnn Cole Shafe and Doris Cole Betty Davis Bob and Eunice Denk Kerry Dolan Mark G. Donhowe Nell Donlow Betty Drew Orville Duecker Jim and Jane Eckblad El Kahir Temple Benefit Fund Bob and Rosie Eppens Timothy and Elaine Felton Stanley and Mary Jo Finholt Steve and Jean Firman Mike and Pat Fitzgerald R. and Roberta Fjelstul Darrell and Mavis Frey Mary Fritz Stan Fullerton Dave Gehling Eric and Janet Gillem Don and Mary Ann Gloe Ann Goepel

Kari Goodno Darvin Hacker Herbert and Carol Hageman Phil and Marcia Hardy Mr. and Mrs. James Hermes William and Sherri Holland Steve Hubbard Shirley Hubka Joyce E. Johnson Katie Kelly Phyllis Kimler Cyrena Kinseth Mr. and Mrs. M W. Klocke Fred and Amy Knoke Dale and Kathy Kruse Mary Lou Landis Gerald and Virginia Leidahl Phyllis Leseth Dave and Sue Liehman Alanson Lillibridge Terry Linderbaum Irene Lovstuen John and Joan Lubke Alfred and Shirley Ludeking Roy and Imogene Macal Karl and Gail Magnuson Junann Malanaphy James and Virginia Mathie Ruth McClintock Dr. James and Helen Jane Meehan Mr. and Mrs. Clark Mikkelsen Garland Morse Betty Jean Nelson Roy and Beverly Nelson Connie Noecker Richter Mel Noecker Dave and Julie Olson Ruth Ann Proctor Tom and Melanie Raulerson Jacquelyn Regan Dr. Stephen D. Regan Ed.D. and Marianne Regan James and Ann Rhodes Gary and Lois Roberts Gene Rosel and Family Geo and Karen Rosel Marion Rude Mark and Nancy Ruen Ronald Ruen Marshall and Laurie Sadler Verna Sand Greg Schempp Neil and Ruth Schroeder Bruce and Betty Schuman Mary Schupanitz Jerry and Florence Scott Tom and Ruth Sharp Delbert and Mary Shever Linda Simpson James and Jennifer Skarda Betty Smith


In Memory Bill and Nancy Spilde Syd and Dick Stephenson Ron Stoskopf Don and Sally Stromseth Nikki Sullivan Linda and Rich Svenson Bob and Jo Ann Thorsten Laverne Tiernan Bob and Joan Tupy Scott Ulring and Family Nancy Vogelsang Marilyn Walberg Wayne and Mugs Walter Willie and Kathryn Weidemann Greg Weis Della Wenger Roger and Muriel Wheatman Kim Wilmes Winneshiek County Convention & Visitors Bureau Robert Young

William Reuter Rev. Lloyd Reuter

Deines-Christensen Kurtis and Gayle Dick Shirley and Terry Dynes Helen and Elwin Farwell Erlene Fisher R. and Roberta Fjelstul Donald and Marguerite Gray Dean and LaRue Hagen Arlin and Virginia Hanson Vern and Janeen Iverson Russell and Lynne Kephart Al Klinger Timothy Lynch Phyllis Leseth William Naef F. J. Ragan and R S. Torvik Ragan Phillip and Ruth Reitan Edmund and Norma Schmitt Charles and Judy Shuros David Sollien Lloyd and Charlotte Strinmoen J. H. Thomson Stephen and Elizabeth Thorpe Wagner & Lang Construction Inc. Marilyn Wahlberg Joseph and Patricia Weis Thomas and Lorraine Weis Roger and Muriel Wheatman Herbert and Carol Williams

Professor Sam Dale E. Goeke

Mr. & Mrs. Hans E. Sorensen Regina Cotton

Robert Schares Marty Soy

Jack Srader Nancy Adams and Jeffrey Braddock Richard and Ann Berg Mike and Linda Bloom Daniel and Linda Blum Steve and Bettie Bolar James and F. Patricia Bowman Terrence and Kathleen Briggs John and Janet Collison Julie Henricks Hill Paul and Frances Hermanson Bev Ingledue Iowa Valley Community College Kenneth and Maureen Lyons Mark and Betsy Macke Scott A. Macke Michael and Sharon Miriovsky Robert and Mary Ann Mulroe II Paul and Vera Peglow Randy and Kathy Randall Mr. and Mrs. Rex Ryden Sue and Daniel Schmitz Matt and Kimberle Schryver Margaret Srader Pamela Wells Margaret Yurjevich

Hilma Rathbun N.V. and S.J. Bresnahan Hilma Rathbun Family Richard Leiran

Donald Schiltz Kirk and Julia Hayes Donald Schmadeke Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Lawrence and Mildred Schmit Ernest and Janie Schmit Harold Schmitz Randy and Janan Weber Bob Sheldon Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Al Klinger Floyd Sollien Dagmar Anderson John and Carol Baker Steven and Monica Bierschenk J’Lene A. Gennaro George Brunscheen David and Brenda Carlson Rick and Cynthia Carlson Keith Christensen and Dawn


Barbara Swinehart Gilbert Glasson and Jan Hahn Glasson John ( Jack) Swinehart Gary and Jeri Jenner Karr Kermit Teig Richard and Cheryl Williams Arlene Thies N.V. and S.J. Bresnahan Richard and Joan Leiran Virgil and Debbie Thorstenson Frank and Arlene Thies Family of Arlene Thies Pat Thomas Anonymous Donor James and Denise Bouska Jeffrey and Edye Johnson Jerry and JoAnn Kramer Hilbert Mixdorf Jr. and Mary Mixdorf Russell Nesbit Jr. and Barbara Nesbit Ryan and Melissa Nesbit Sean and Stephanie Patterson Roger and Jan Peterson Robert and Beverly Pugh Jon and Ronda Rathe Ron and Rebecca Reichen Ron Reil Maynard and Julie Rowson Allen and Cassie Sage Robert and Alice Sienknecht Monica Smith Brenda Speed Steven and Maureen Thode Curt Thomas Larry and Colleen Thomas Barry and Dianna White Michael and Paula Winkers Richard Tonn Billie Jo Tonn Evelyn Trowbridge Friday Study Club Paul Vogel Carl and Marilyn Beckman Donald and Linda Jensen Robert Ridout and Roderick Ridout John Vogel William C. Vorseth Duane and Sue Vorseth

Matt Wagner Anna Marie Hilmer Robert J. Wagner Doris Wagner Charles Walker Dorothy Walker Charlotte Walker Shirley Walker Ruth Walker Karen Murley Lee and Lila Opitz Darryl Wunder ZSD, Inc. Betty Weber Richard and Cynthia Bovy Ray Weber Donna Weber Margie Weber Immanuel Weiss Erich and Mary Weiss Karen Wente Gary Karr and Jeri Jenner Karr Grace Westendorf Dan and Kathryn Boeckmann Grant Wheeler Doris Andre Kaia Anfinson Tamera M. Bakken Donald and June Barker Peter and Kimberly Baron Troy & Julie Becker Craig and Molly Berte Craig snd Debra Blanchard Cameron and Wendy Blinn James and Ilene Boelman Lynnette K. Bond LBSW Gerald and Janet Brandhorst Jennifer Bridges John and Ellen Burklund Jeff & Natalie Burris Tyson Burton Robin Callahan Kimberly D. Carmichael Cedar River Runners Club Ronald and Kay Cervetti James and Amy Coloff Leroy and Angela Corwin Brian and Joy Culberson Dennis and Allison Curtis Scott and Wendy Davis Bonnie Deer-Kruger

In Memory Michael and Dorthy Dencklau Brian Denlinger Michael Devine Scott and Julia Doyle Royce and Juanita Eiklenborg Gary and Rachel Evans Chad and Jaymie Feldmann Fox River Mills, Inc. Judith Freshwater Michael and Ronda Froehle Brenda Garcia Penny Gerholdt Darrin and Mary Gillett Paul and Julie Glade Rich and Sandy Glas Tyler Granberg Dennis and Mary Jo Grandon R. Shane and Mollie Grosse Gregory and Traci Hahn Paul and Marcia Hahn Brooks Hanes Kevin Hardy Jeffrey and Jennifer Hartman John and Shari Hill Roger and Jean Homan Jessica Hooks Debra Hottle Calvin Hubbard Kelly Hudson Joby and Tracy Javellana Jo Johnson Richard Johnson Bob and Lindee Juhl Kevin and Mary Jo Keith Jeff R. Kennedy Todd and Kelly Kerr Mike and Michele Kindschi Kristina Kingstrom Jason and Shelly Kleinschmidt Scott and Judy Klepfer Stephanie Knecht T S. Knight Lynor and William Koch Joleyne Kramer Kent and Barbara Kruse Kevin and Cherish Kueker Neal and Tina Kvale Lucille Larsen Linda Kay Lechty Troy and Susan Love Tim and Carol Luce David MacKenzie William and Sandra Maiers Erick and Anne Mandt Ronald and Teresa Martin Timothy and Patricia McElligott Matt McManus and C. M. Wheeler-McManus Miki Mead Jeff and Cindy Mickey Richard Miller

Michael Moreland David and Cheryl Neill Bradley and Julie Nichols Jerry and Karen Nielsen Mick and Ali Nordgren Dale Olson Bradley and Michelle Osborn Bob L. Osgood Curt and Brenda Patterson Aaron Pelton Alan and Linda Peters Eugene L. Poole David and Andrea Powell Rodney and Teresa Riebkes Todd and Joyce Riley Roberts & Stevens, P.L.C. James and Sandra Sabelka Keith and Louise Sandvold Ron and Waynette Saul Richard and Darlene Schaaf Gene Schellhorn Robert and Jeanne Schmidt Jeffrey C. Smith Kim Snow Douglas Staudt and Susan Bernau Staudt Mary Steffensmeier Todd and Doreen Steil Carter and Michele Stevens J. Bryant Strause Richard Strike Hillary and Mike Strohbeen Stephanie Strouse Douglas and Debra Tensen Charles and Kristi Tomson Kenneth and Lynn Trautmann Amanda Truax Jose Roberto Verastegui Norman and Connie Vos Stevenand Deanne Wallestad Michael and Judith Walsten Ian and Jessica Wass Stephen and Peggy Watson Ronald Wheeler Nixon and Nell Wilson Lisa Zanotti

Marjorie Wypych Matt Ashworth Mona Bishop Shirl Bishop Kevin Brooks Brent Bryson Boyd Cobbley Kent Gamette Michael Geurts Stan Hall Kay Lindsay Scott Lohner John Marshall Alan Morgan Craig Morrison Dick Nielsen Loralee S. Pearson Maughn Pearson Jo Ellen Taylor Sydna Uteg Doug Wing

Linda Williams Dave Deaver

Richard Zellhoefer* *Past President of CFNEIA Paul l. Averill Margaret Bachtell Richard & Dorothy Brecunier Bob and Judy Brown Kathleen Buchwald Mary Ann and Peter Burk Mark Camrud Betty Dalton Donald and Gayle Denkinger Gene and Ann Enderlein Tom and Sharon Fereday Paula Glass

Dr. Richard L. Winegarden Ken and Mary Allbaugh Albert and Nellie Forwood Dr. Lawrence Reilly and Dr. Bradley Kneeland Mary and Howard Withers Tom and Janet Withers Linda Wobschall Calvin and Karen Corson

Sara Lee Yoder Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa Morrell and Clara Yohe Charles and Danelda Kolsrud Douglas Young Deb Johnson Edith Young Ron and Aline Sturch Mark Young Ross and Patricia Christensen Nancy Youngblut Timothy Youngblut

Jean Hall Roseann Jeffries Margaret Langlas Robert and Mary Lichty Lennadore Mark Kenneth Mast Elizabeth McCoy Doris Miller Eric and Mary Miller Richard H. Morris Nancy E. Redfern David and Joyce Riley Mr. & Mrs. Guy Rosen Schoitz Engineering, Inc. Joan Schreiner Jean Shields Craig and Nancy Shirey Earl and Cynthia Spencer Spokesman Club L. David Swinehart Helen Swisher Jane Titus Jeannette Van Metre Jane Walden James and Joan Walker Herbert and Carol Williams Rick and Cathy Young Bruce and Diann Zager Anne Zellhoefer LouAnne Zimmerman Kenneth W. Edwards Kenneth and Irma Hopkins K. L. Kober Marianna Meier Marilyn Pape Joan Schreiner Shirley Sharp and Kelly Diener Jim and JoAnn Steely

James Zehr Arlene Daggett Ted and Rachel Mosher Gordon and Janice Woodbine Jerry Zehr

Pat Bowlsby

Before she died, Pat was instrumental in raising money for a dog park in Waterloo. The Pat Bowlsby Off-Leash Dog Park opened in June 2009.


Financial Highlights CFNEIA Total Assets

Total assets of the Community Foundation, less closely held stock, for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2008 are $40,660,778.36 which reflects an increase of $887,484.14 since April 30, 2007.

Growth in Total Assets

Growth in Endowment Assets





































Growth in millions of dollars

Growth in millions of dollars

Total Market Value of Assets Fund Type

Other Assets

Special Purpose












Invested Property Total Market Value



Community Foundation Realty Holdings:


*Please contact the Director of Finance and Operations, Stacy Paul, at (319) 287-9106 to view a copy of the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa’s 990 (with certain omissions to protect donor privacy), audited financial statements, investment information or our IRS exemption letter. 30

2009 Board, Committees & Staff 2009 CFNEIA Board and Committees Board of Directors Mark Baldwin Gary Bertch Mary Ann Burk Kyle Christiason Dennis Clark Dawn Duven Lori Johnson John Larsen John Monaghan Sue Nelson Barb Opheim Thomas Porth Rob Robinson Lois Rupkey-Cohrt Chuck Shirey Dee Vandeventer++ Katy Williams

Public Relations & Development Committee

John Larsen, Chair Gary Bertch Kyle Christiason Lori Johnson Jeri Jenner Karr John Monaghan Tom Porth Dee Vandeventer++ Katy Williams

Finance & Audit Committee

Professional Advisory Committee

Distribution Committee

John Larsen, Chair Heather Gunderson Theresa Hoffman Roger Neumann Mike Rickert Bob Smith David Sparks Dee Vandeventer++ Steve Weidner

Dawn Duven, Chair Kyle Christiason Ken Cutts Lori Johnson Barb Opheim Sherry Padavich Lois Rupkey-Cohrt Dee Vandeventer++ Katy Williams Deb Young

Investment Committee

Nominations Committee

Dennis Clark, Chair Dave Buck Deb Giarusso John Monaghan Chuck Shirey Troy Smith Dee Vandeventer++

Tom Porth, Chair Chuck Shirey Dee Vandeventer++

++ Board chair serves on all committees.

Mark Baldwin, Chair Gary Bertch Kyle Christiason Barb Opheim Lois Rupkey-Cohrt Dee Vandeventer++

2009 CFNEIA Executive Committee and Staff (Not pictured: Gary Bertch, Second Vice Chair)

Mary Ann Burk President/CEO

Dee Vandeventer Chair

Stacy Paul Carolynn Sween Director of Finance Program Director & Operations

Chuck Shirey First Vice Chair

Ali Parrish Director of Communications

Tom Porth Treasurer

Mindy Gress Director of Outreach

Katy Williams Secretary

Julie Schaefer Project Specialist

Mark Baldwin Past Chair

Nicole Stuart Administrative Assistant

Sunni Swarbrick Teen Trust Student Director

CFNEIA is grateful for the hard work and dedication of the CFNEIA Board of Directors and committee members as well as the work of our affiliate committee members. You are making a lasting impact on the lives of many now and in the future. Thank you.





oo d

ve r.











of Northeast Iowa Established in Waterloo/Cedar Falls in 1956

425 Cedar Street, Suite 310 PO Box 1176 ~ Waterloo, IA 50704 (319) 287-9106 phone web

Confirmed in Compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

Helping you help your community.

2009 Report to the Community  

The Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa's 2009 Report to the Community, featuring grants awarded, new philanthropy partners, financial re...

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