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RENTERS RESORT TO DRASTIC MEASURES… With the Investment Property Research Group reporting that Melbourne renters are feeling the pinch of ever decreasing vacancy rates, and with rental rates the highest on record, tenants across Melbourne are resorting to all manner of covert techniques, to hide their furry friends, many going undercover to avoid being discovered at the inevitable rental inspection. And it’s not just the so-called ‘crazy cat lady’ who is resorting to desperate measures to hide their felines. A cursory look at Facebook groups such as Cool Cat Group and CatSpotting, (who boast over 30,000 members across Australia), reveals regular posts for help in an ever-growing desperation, to seek failsafe ways to hide their fluffy, feline companions from real estate agents, landlords and rental inspectors. Suggestions from fellow sympathisers range from the hilarious, to the ridiculous! • • • • •

In the microwave or oven In a box in the car In a rubbish bin Under the outside decking Behind window shutters

And if these don’t appeal and something as comparatively mundane as slipping their furry friend over the fence, or hiding him in a cupboard, in the hope he won’t emit a giveaway meow is not an option, many cat lovers resort to the extreme measure of smuggling them to a local cat boarder. One such hideaway is Cat Napping, a luxury Melbourne cat hotel. Owner Ebony Centazzo says her smuggling requests are on the increase! continued page 3

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FROM THE EDITOR Hello out there… There is so much going on at the moment, I don’t quite know where to begin! I guess I should start by letting you all know that I am pregnant! I am due on August 15th, which puts me at about the half way point by the time this goes to print. It has been a rough road so far, with most of my time spent over a toilet, but I have finally turned a corner and am starting to embrace the process. As you can image, my daughter Willow is very excited to become a big sister, so things are pretty cheerful around here. Never fear though, I will continue my editorial duties all the way through, so stay tuned for regular updates. In other news, April will see the AFL season back in full swing. As an Essendon supporter, footy hasn’t been quite as exciting as it used to be, but with incredible highs, there must be some gut wrenching lows and this ongoing saga has been about as low as it gets. I still get pumped at the bounce of the ball though and there will be plenty of enthusiastic supporting from me, no matter how the season rolls out.... I only pray the Hawks don’t win another flag! Wyndham’s Relay for Life is taking place on April 16 – 17. This year will be my 5th year as a participant and I

cannot speak more highly about this wonderful event. I lost my Nonna to cancer 6 years ago and a friend of mine was recently diagnosed. This disease touches everyone on some level and we must do everything we can to help find a cure. For me, that is walking as far as I can over 24 hours and making my friends sponsor my efforts! Even if you aren’t registered, you should pop down to the VU athletics track – there is so much to see and do and all funds raised go towards cancer research. If you are feeling particularly generous, you can sponsor me directly via the Relay for Life website – just search my name and give up some spare change – every little bit helps! OK, well that’s it for now – I hope you enjoy this month’s issue. We work hard to put this paper together and I am so proud of our little team. Thanks in advance, Melissa Longo

PUDDLING WITH THE PUBLISHER Thank you to all who responded to my request for help with Facebook last month. It was great to get such a response. I was having trouble getting time allocated to servicing my account and need somebody to do it for me. I’ve been prompted to do something about starting an organization, to bring together experts, as well as business people who want help marketing with social media. I’m currently working on an answer. Should you be interested in providing such a service and have some knowledge of social media, email me

at with ‘Facebook site’ in the subject line and I’ll send you some info. If you’re looking for something part time, or making money from home this could be of interest. Having enjoyed Moomba, I’m now looking forward to our Easter break. Hope you enjoy yours! Bill McPherson

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“Secret cat owners need a reliable and safe hideout for their companion each time an inspection is due, as the risk if discovered can be devastating for the owner. With the heartbreaking decision of parting with their cat simply not an option, and the upheaval and expense of moving equally unappealing, cat owners need the reassurance of an alternative without the hassle,” Ebony explains. “Many tenants know in advance of the rental inspection and so book their cats in for regular stays, every six months, so that they can guarantee a place for them. We are often booked out, so risking not having a place for their cat to go, is just too stressful for many cat owners, who want to ensure their cat is safe, well cared for and most importantly, hidden away,” says Ebony. Some cat owners are more fortunate, with an understanding neighbour on hand, ready to conceal the kitty when required.

“I have to look after my neighbour’s cat every time their rental inspection rolls around,” said Hazel, a Melbourne resident. “They feel it is just easier to ‘hide’ their beloved family pet, than to disclose to the Real Estate that they have had a cat living in their home for the last few years. It’s always quite funny to see my neighbours reunited with their cat, after they have been separated for the day. He’s treated like a hidden refugee when he arrives, and a King on collection.” And Ebony can relate to this, having witnessed many thankful owners reunited and ready to fight another month, in their plight against the Feline Pet Police! To learn more about how and where Melbourne cat owners are hiding their cats contact Susie on 0415 448 007.


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“SUBURB TO SEA”: NOT YOUR ORDINARY MOVIE I invited my hubby recently for a different kind of movie-date night. It was not the kind that takes you to the big cinema, but rather it was a cosy evening with other members of the community, who care about our environment. The activity entitled ‘Suburb to Sea: Movie and Muffins Night’, was held at the Point Cook Community Centre, organised by the Wyndham City Council, and in cooperation with some of the groups around Wyndham and other parts of Victoria, that focus on looking after our waterways and fauna. The two movies shown, were followed by presentations by environmental experts, (Renee Ayres and Neil Blake), who emphasized the need to be more aware of the effects of throwing our rubbish into the sea. My greatest takeaway of the evening revolved around the following themes: a) Dumping rubbish in the ocean, no matter how big or small the rubbish is, ultimately leads to death of the animals, as they feed on these materials that are usually not biodegradable. It ‘sits’ in their stomach or digestive system; it also entangles them or traps them, making them immobile and unable to function properly; and finally, it makes their natural habitat polluted, disturbing the ecology of nature. b) We need to be aware of the consequences of our actions – are we practicing simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle?


c) Are we helping out in cleaning our environment? In what specific ways do we contribute? For this take away, the presenters encouraged us to seek out ways to be involved, such as volunteering on clean-up drives, helping disseminate information and joining groups or associations that look after the environment. I felt a bit sad after seeing all those wonderful sea creatures, great and small (the birds, the dolphins, the penguins and different kinds of fish), become victims of human negligence. And I agree that if we don’t normally see these things happen, we may take it for granted, but it is actually happening every day! We are lucky to be living in a very lush and pretty country, and one that boasts of its natural beauty. It would be a shame to waste that in favour of pollution. I really encourage that these videos be shown in schools and offices, during their breaks, as they are very short and very impactful. A wake up call may be required. But then I didn’t despair that much as the muffin night progressed - the organisers looked after us as we were treated with yummy food, so it was also worth attending on other levels - I reckon there needs to be a repeat of this event from the perspective of the movie and definitely the muffins! Written by: Mimi Laurilla

DRAGONS AND BOOMERANGS impact, as the boomerang struck the back of her head. A trip to the hospital and stitches were in order, and she lived to see another boomerang. I believe the Dads were no longer allowed to take the children unaccompanied, from this day forward. Perhaps they planned it that way. Dee Simpson You can also find me at

When I was a child we would go away every Easter with other families, spending a week at caravan parks, far enough for a short break, yet close enough to home, in case somebody spat the dummy. I remember Mum preparing clothes, linen and frying pans, and Dad packing the car like Tetris. As children and bags got bigger, the trailer was required, complete with brake lights and indicators. Dad usually left it until the last minute, so inevitably there was always some sort of stretchy-strap issue and fuse-related drama. Every trip was different and I have so many memories. One year we left George behind at the Bendigo Easter Dragon Parade, and at Echuca, the Dads took the children fishing and almost had to sedate the smallest hysterical child, because he caught a carp and couldn't take it home. Life skills were developed, lessons in resilience learned, and Mum showed her inner strength at Everton, once she realised we were sharing our accommodation with a family of rodents. Incidental problem-solving moments would arise, hence the time we sent the largest girl up a questionable tree, for a safety test. In hindsight, we should have believed the sign that clearly read ‘Danger’. But Shepparton wins. We had boomerang throwing lessons from someone who was a thrower from way back, which was terrific to watch, but only terrific when you were actually watching. A few of the Dads yelled out to Leanne, but she simply didn't hear. She did, however, feel the moment of 5

IS MANAGING YOUR OWN SUPER THE RIGHT OPTION FOR YOU? Self Managed Super Funds now account for 27% of the $2 trillion total super assets in Australia. However, despite their increasing popularity, there are a number of issues you need to consider before switching to an SMSF. The number of self-managed super funds (SMSF) has increased by 29% to 534,000 in five years and with total assets growing to $543 billion, according to the ATO’s report. Control Except in very limited circumstances, every member of a SMSF must be a trustee, (or director of a corporate trustee) and each trustee must be a member. The responsibility for running a SMSF in a compliant manner, falls squarely on the shoulders of the trustees. The trustees have absolute control over

the management of the superannuation savings of their members, only limited by the constraints of the governing rules of their fund. But the question must be asked, is the control it provides trustees worth the added burden of the responsibilities they assume? It should be noted that members of other funds, regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) have control over many aspects of their superannuation. This includes the ability to move their benefits between funds, having a wide choice of investments, having the ability to choose benefit payment options that best suit their own circumstances, and implementing estate planning solutions suited to their personal situation. Cost savings An SMSF with a balance of between $200,000 and $500,000 may be cost effective when compared to an APRA regulated fund, provided the trustees are prepared to do some of the work themselves. The real cost effectiveness only starts to emerge when a SMSF has member balances in excess of $500,000. Of course, the actual costs of running a SMSF are often difficult to determine due to the diverse range of expenses incurred. Unfortunately, the costs of actually running a SMSF are not bundled up into one annual charge or management expense ratio, making it


difficult to directly compare the actual costs of running a SMSF with an APRA regulated fund. In recent times, we have seen a downward pressure on costs, particularly as retail funds seek to compete with the industry fund sector. Some retail funds are even capping their maximum fees at competitive levels.

There are many other asset classes that SMSFs may invest. However, with the exception of direct property and unlisted trusts, which account for 15.4% and 8.9% of SMSF assets respectively, the total exposure to other assets is less than 5% of the total assets of SMSFs. It could also be argued that many unlisted unit trusts can also be accessed through retail superannuation funds.

Some may argue that a low cost fund will not provide the flexibility their members require, but in many cases, an APRA regulated fund offering all the ‘bells and whistles’ may be more expensive. If a member’s needs are modest in terms of the fund features and investment menu, a simpler fund with a lower cost structure may be a better option.

Given the extensive array of investment options available through selected APRA regulated funds, super fund members may not need to use a SMSF to access their preferred investment options.

Just because a member has a high account balance does not, in itself, suggest that a SMSF will be the best option. Cost is only one aspect of the rationale behind establishing a SMSF, and a thorough analysis of the features and benefits required by a member should be considered before rushing down the SMSF route.

*Self-Managed Superannuation Funds: A Statistical Overview 2012-13

Investment flexibility Trustees of SMSFs certainly have the capacity to invest in a broader range of assets and asset classes than may be available to members using an APRA regulated superannuation offering. However, how many trustees are looking to invest outside the types of asset classes readily available to members of APRA regulated funds?

For further information, contact Will Stjepovik from Vostro Private Wealth on 9867 4345

This editorial is of a general nature only and neither represents nor is intended to be specific advice on any particular matter. Vostro Private Wealth strongly suggest that no person should act specifically on the basis of the information contained herein, but should obtain appropriate professional advice based on their own circumstances.

The statistics published by the Australian Taxation Office as at 30 June 2013 reveal that just over 70% of all SMSF assets are invested in asset classes that are readily available through many retail superannuation funds. These include listed shares, cash and term deposits, managed investments and listed trusts.


BAD IN BED‌ "Laugh and the world laughs with you - snore and you sleep alone!" WHAT IS SNORING? Snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft palate and the tissues behind the tongue. During sleep, muscle control of this upper airway decreases and air flowing past the sagging, narrowed tissues causes them to flutter. Statistics show that 45 percent of men and 25 percent of women are chronic snorers. At around 50 years old, this increases to 75 percent of males and 50 percent of females. OBESITY The reason snoring is more prevalent among men is most likely due to the difference in the bulk of neck muscle around the airways. But the most common cause of snoring is obesity. Fat, particularly around the upper body and neck, impedes the functioning of the muscles supporting and controlling the pharyngeal area, making vibration much more likely to occur. A large tongue, enlarged tonsils or adenoids and a blocked nose can also cause snoring.


ALCOHOL AND DRUGS Drinking alcohol and taking sedatives within three hours of bedtime are likely to increase snoring, as they depress the respiratory control of the brain, causing the airway to narrow during sleep as muscle tissues relax. SIDE EFFECTS Snoring can be a greater risk factor for a stroke than obesity, high blood pressure or alcohol. Heavy snoring can reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain - research shows that it should now be treated more seriously. Snorers can also experience headaches, driver fatigue, reduced sexual drive, lack of concentration and daytime drowsiness. But it's not only snorers who suffer. Snorers cause their partners to lose an average of 1-2 hours of sleep per night. They prevent them from falling into a deep sleep, by waking them briefly at least 23 times per hour during the night. Researchers say the sleep of the non-snorers is so disturbed, that

they actually have a sleep disorder which can affect their mood, concentration, judgment and over time, help destroy a marriage.

1. Lose weight


3. Use decongestants or nasal strips to keep the nose open.

For a small minority of snorers, the situation is more serious. Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a condition whereby the airway is completely obstructed and causes asphyxiation. People with OSA can be treated with a technique developed in Australia called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), in which a stream of air flows to the sleeper during the night, via a pump through a tube and nose mask.

2. Sleep on your side

4. Avoid alcohol before bedtime. 5. See your doctor or a sleep therapist to find your best option. Sweet dreams, Cherie de Haas

WHAT TO DO? Today there are hundreds of snoring devices on the market, from chin straps to dental inserts, sprays to lubricate the throat and nasal dilators; nose sprays; vaporisers; allergenic pillows and so the list goes on. Surgical options are available to remove or tighten flapping soft tissues, including uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) pioneered in Japan in the 50's. A less invasive therapy is performed with laser-assisted uvuloplasty. SNORE STOPPERS


WIRED FOR SOUND In an exciting move, we have finally secured a regular spot on local radio!! On the first Monday of each month, at 4pm, you can catch yours truly chatting about our wonderful paper on 88.9 WYNFM! DJ Rob Richardson hosts his ‘Life and Style’ program every Monday and thankfully, we are now apart of it! It is so much fun to get into the studio – I am a talker and I am not ashamed to admit it. I have told Rob to feel free to pass me the mic, if he ever feels in need of a break, because in all honesty, I have been dreaming of running my own radio show forever!! SO there you are people, the next step towards world domination is complete – the Arounds community papers now have a little slice of the airwaves…. next stop, TELEVISION!! Melissa Longo



Cultivated by a group of health and community minded individuals, the Soil to Soul Expo on Saturday 7th May between 11am – 3pm at Penrose Promenade Community Centre, is intended to bring together the local skills and expertise of healthy living in Wyndham. This event will feature many community stalls, lifestyle groups, demonstrations, workshops, food & garden shares and children’s activities. The Expo is being organised by members of Wyndham Health Champions. Aml Jebryeel, one of the members of Wyndham Health Champions, sees the Soil to Soul Expo as an opportunity to further promote healthy lifestyles & sustainability in Wyndham. She will be there to promote her weekly healthy eating and weight management program, that runs each Monday from Penrose Promenade Community Centre. Aml is enthusiastic to be involved in the Soil to Soul Expo to promote not only her program, but also to network with the many health and sustainability groups and services in the area. “Ultimately, I am learning more and more each day, to support myself and my family.”

member of Health Champions Wyndham, Craig Castree, will be along to promote his businesses ‘Edible Gardens by Craig Castree’, that is all about growing your own foods and reducing your reliance on the supermarket chain. He will be selling his book Edible Gardens – a practical guide, and answering any gardening concerns. Craig is also the President of the Werribee Park Heritage Orchard and he will give demonstrations on grafting, fruit tree pruning and provide information on the free workshops that run at the orchard each Friday morning. The Soil to Soul Expo will be located at Penrose Promenade Community Centre, that is just off Tarneit Road. The Expo will offer food and drinks, free kids activities, demonstrations and the opportunity to explore community and business stalls. For more information check out the event on www. By Lisa Field

Aml is driven by a desire to support people to eat and exercise well. She has been doing health coaching work for over 5 years and is very interested in supporting Muslim and culturally diverse women, to address their health concerns. The Soil to Soul Expo will feature many local community groups who enable health, wellbeing and community engagement. There will be an area for food, seed and garden swapping, where everyone is encouraged to come share, learn and grow new connections and to swap home-made produce, jars, seedlings & preserves. The Soil to Soul Expo will attract many local business operators offering health, garden and sustainability products and services to support personal and community wellbeing. Local horticulturalist and 11

A QUICK GUIDE TO TACKLING YOUR BIGGEST PROPERTY RESOLUTIONS IN 2016: PART 2 OF 2 Secure an investment property sooner than you imagined possible In March, you found out that many Aussies are determined to buy an investment property, or sell to upgrade to a bigger home in 2016. 46% of you have saved up a deposit. But 15% of you will spend that deposit on something else. In part 2 of this 2-part series on tackling your biggest property resolutions, you’ll find out how to get your investment property sooner than you thought possible. Saving to purchase an investment property 1. Take command of your equity If you own a home it may be possible to utilise equity, instead of saving. Equity is the amount you actually own of that


property, (property value, less what you owe). An experienced property investor once said to me: “If you don’t utilise your equity, it is like having a cheque sitting in your kitchen draw, that you don’t put in the bank. It is your money and you should have it working for you.” 2. Team up, to fast track Saving can take a long time, especially with the amount of deposit that is needed these days. Look at other possible options that can help you get on the property ladder quicker. This may mean a joint venture, or short term help from family who already have equity. If you go down this road, make sure your arrangement is clearly documented, as this may save potential issues down the road.

3. Do your due diligence Work out what is affordable for you and build in buffers to those calculations. You may not be able to afford in the suburb you live, so look at other areas within your price range, that are showing good signs for growth. In saying that, don’t just buy in an area because it is affordable, as more often than not, these will be slow growth and you may face tenant issues associated with the demographic. Do your research. I hope this kick starts your plans to secure an investment property over the next few months. This ends our 2-part series to kick start your property resolutions in 2016, to buy an investment property, or sell to upgrade your home. Please pop by our Facebook page to say hi, I’d love to hear from you: investment Cheers, Nick Holden P.S. Stay tuned for details on a $5k Property Investment Grant next month.


LIFE AFTER SUICIDE… Earlier this month I lost my 32-year-old brother-in-law to suicide. One of the most difficult things in dealing with a suicide, is the almost crippling feeling of guilt for those left to pick up the pieces. The ‘what ifs’, the ‘I should haves’, ‘could haves’, ‘if onlys’, and the most hurtful of all – ‘was it something I said or did’? Those who take their own life are often described as the life of the party, the carefree playful buddy - always up for a good time. Each of us is built different in many ways, some are happy to stop and smell the roses - to enjoy the quiet and comfort of their own thoughts. Some enjoy expressing their thoughts through music or art. Some are daredevils, throwing themselves at the world with their only concern being the darkness that rolls in, when they're not living life at full pace. The darkness of the mind can be a confronting place - escape often comes from obsessions, or addictions, creating a circle of highs and lows, that can become so extreme, that often escaping ones’ own mind becomes a dangerous fight. This ever so silent and invisible battle may take place over months, years, or even decades. Some are able to overcome the darkness from within. . .. for many the consistent noise and pain is too much and


the final act of taking their own life is about nothing else, but escape. In our lifetime we will experience deaths of those both young and old from accident or illness, we learn to accept that - it was written into the stars, or that all things happen for a reason, or God needed them in heaven. For those we lose by their own hand, we must accept, that this to them at least, was the better of two evils. We will never fully understand why and we must not try to, as for this would mean understanding the cold dark place the mind can take us. For now, I hold my family tight and we continue to walk on, trying to accept that our brother chose to leave this life and us, to find his inner peace. Although we will never understand, we will ensure that if the clouds of our mind start to set in, we will hold each other, ensure we speak up, seek help and live life to the absolute fullest, for those we lost, because they could not. If you or someone you know is needing help, please contact beyondblue on 1300 22 4636. Kristy Clucas

In Brief

THE BEAD PROJECT of a long necklace, consisting of all the beads made by many women in the local community and from as far away as Western Australia, to be exhibited later this year.

Ladies you are invited to join us in creativity and conversation, in this free workshop making some 'palm charms' or beads from clay, which fit your unique palm shape, one of which will become part of an art exhibition! The beads will have your palm print on one side and some colour and texture on the other. One bead will be returned to you after firing and the other becomes part

I would also love if you would write a few words, to be used as part of the exhibition. You will be invited to the opening night of the exhibition, to meet all the other ladies who have contributed their palm prints, words and beads. I will be holding these workshops several times a week around Wyndham over the months of March, April and May. Check with your local Community Centers and the PyreWorks Studio Facebook page for dates and times. • Come along on Saturday 19th March @ Saltwater Community Centre, running 2:30-3:30pm in the community arts studio. Carolyn Warren-Langford www.facebook/PyreWorks Studio


BE RESILIENT! IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. A resilient person is someone who is adaptable and recovers readily from stress or misfortune. The key to being resilient is to have a bucket-load of mental qualities, such as suppleness, elasticity, and flexibility. These thought-qualities allow you to easily rebound from stressful situations, and regain control of your emotions and your life. © Glow Images

When it comes to juggling family and work, parents can sometimes get bent-out-of-shape by the demands made on them. They can feel pulled in two directions, or mentally stretched to the limit. When this happens, life can be a tight ball of stress. Staying emotionally on-track under pressure, can be tough. The answer to retaining one's mental balance and poise is to be resilient, and this is good for your health. BE A RESILIENT PERSON


It’s like the humble rubber-band. Being supple, the band can be stretched sideways a long way without breaking. It can be formed into a triangle, rectangle, square, or even rolled into a tight ball. Yet, no matter how it’s treated, when the pressure is released, the circular band easily recovers its original shape. While the ability to rebound quickly is sometimes thought to be associated with genetics, one’s temperament, or good parenting - resilience is actually a mental, spiritual capability which we all have.

No one has to think or act like a metal paperclip, which is inflexible, rigid, and when stretched, can’t readily recover its form. TIPS: - When faced with a difficult situation, draw on spiritual resilience to help you overcome it. - Maintain your balance in life. Be supple - bend with the winds of hardship or misfortune, and then recover quickly, easily, from trouble or stress. - Be assured, that “The very circumstance, which your suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.” Mary Baker Eddy - Science and Health p.574

despair. - Defeat ignorant prejudice or bullying, with courage and determination. - Be strong. Get up each day mentally stronger than the day before. - Practice thinking and being resilient. It’s good for your health. Health writer, Beverly Goldsmith, is a practitioner/ teacher of Christian Science healing. Twitter: @ GoldsmithBev

- Affirm often during the day, that you are resilient, flexible, able to live a happy, healthy life. - Retain your mental composure. Bounce back from disappointment or discouragement. You can do it! - Be reassured: “We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair. We suffer persecution, but are not forsaken; we are cast down, but we perish not.” Bible II Corinthians - Mentally stand firm. Don’t stay rigid with fear or




Community Board g Point Cook Walkin Group

e. of all Ages Welcom Women and Men Cook • Discover Point ds en Fri w • Meet Ne hy alt He d an • Keep Fit ed lax Re d an dly • Frien 0am 9.0 at y da ek Every we e at the Dry Cook Town Centr Leaving from Point ek day we Y ER ecinct EV Cleaners- Coles Pr at 9.00am

9395 1953


I am a volunteer at Jamieson Way Community Centre. erstand To organize an appointment, to und e: nqu Peta play to how - Contact: social.french.english@gmai th at - On the second Tuesday of each mon 10am Centre - At the Jamieson Way Community ity mun Com the call tion rma For more info 2. 792 5 939 on tre Cen

Volun t Emerg eers for ency r neede elief Lavert d on

Point Cook Community Garden/Kitchen Swap 4th Sunday of the month at Kingsford Park (Kingsford Dve) Point Cook from 10.30am Come and swap your excess plants, seeds, flowers, fruit, vegetables, garden items or home baking, magazines and books. Enquiries : or

Comm un Volun ity Centre t need e ers fo Emerg r ency r el Must be abl ief will be tr e to u se com ained. Please puter. contac t. Elle Coord nV inator PH: 83 olunteer 68 017 2

Featherbrook Walking Group Make new friends and improve your fitness by joining the Featherbrook Walking Group for a 45 minute stroll every Wednesday at 10am. Meet at Featherbrook Community Centre, 33-35 Windorah Drive Point Cook. It’s free to join in and mums with prams are welcome. For more information call the community centre on 8353 4000. For more information phone Wyndham City’s Healthy Communities Team on 9742 0777, visit or like our Healthy and Active in Wyndham page on Facebook.

LEARN MALTESE The Maltese Lang uage Teachers Associations of Vi Maltese languagectoria are organising levels in Werrib classes at different Mill Park. Intere ee, Sydenham and Terms 3 & 4 adul sted? Registrations for Hurry, limited set classes are now open. at information emais available. For more or ca l learnmaltesevic@ ll Mark on 040030 7945





VIEW VIEW (Voice, Interests, Education for Women) provides a low cost social outlet for women. Meets first Wed of every month 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm start. Featherbrook Community Centre, 3335 Windorah Drive Point Cook. Light supper provided. New members always welcome. Come and make new friends and enjoy social outings. Contact Catherine on 0407726852 for details or just come along.


The Laverton Community Choir invites you to attend a rehearsal as a guest before you decide if you would like to join. Experienced conductor, different and fun musical arrangements. No experience is necessary just a love of singing. The choir rehearses every Thursday 7pm – 9pm at P-12 College, Bladin Street, Laverton. Contact Ann on 0401 411 297 or Caroline 0449 507 873

Wyndham Little Y Buddies TOY LIBRAR

gh play. Children learn throu ry 2 weeks. s eve Borrow different toyd 0 - 5 years. For children age me. New members welco Open hours: ity Centre: Point Cook CommunSat 9.30-11.30 30 Tue 9.30-11 Fri 12-1.mmunity Centre: Wyndham Park Co Sat 10-11.30. Mon & Fri 9.30-11, o: For more inf .au Website: Email: wlbtoylib 9741 1366 Phone: 8353 1196 /

Social Dance Wyndham Scottish munity Centre Featherbrook Com , Point Cook ive 33-35 Windorah Dr

Hobsons Bay Me Shed Gen Y Supp ns ort Group

4th pm Every 2nd and wish to contact G 7:30 pm until 9:30 the Month en Y persons Friday of . seeking employm ds en fri w ne t ee m n, ent without fu ve Come along and ha success with a vi . dy bo d an d in m ew to assisting r Healthy exercise fo reducing the curr ridged soles. er bb ru ent high level No s. oe sh You need soft of 25.2% - email ary. bi No partner necess llm cpherson@ hich is a mixture of w e nc da h lid Ce with ‘Gen Y We do dances. interest’ in the su Waltz, Set and Barn bj ec 4 t line for details 28 0 25 15 one Deryck 04 For information ph 0413 295 133 or Alison ndigo Bank. Sponsored by the Be

Community Board


POINT COOK TOASTMASTERS CLUB IMPROVE YOUR COMMUNICATION AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS IN A MUTUALLY SUPPORTIVE AND FUN ENVIRONMENT EVERY 1ST AND 3RD THURSDAY @ 7.30pm ****New Venue!!!**** Laverton Community Hub 95-105 Railway Ave, Laverton Email: toastmasterspointcook@ for more info

Werribee and Cancer SupportDistricts Group We are a positiv e, uplifting, su

pportive group for all cancer pa friends. All wel tients, carers, family and co the 3rd Tuesda me for a cuppa and chat on y of every mon th at Wayaper House, 106 Du ri ncans Road, W erribee. Monthly meetin gs occasionally in guest speakers clude , or creative and th are held over dinner and erapeutic activ ities can arranged upon interest shown. be Contact Steve Marburg (Con venor) on 0418 587 086 or by email on smar bie@bigpond. com or by post at PO Box 4405 Hoppers Crossing 3029 or you can cont act Koula on 97 34 6498.

community Help support you local mber at group and join as a me www.pointcookaction

LIGHTPOINT CHURCH A contemporary Christian Church Meets Sundays 9:00 & 11:00 am Point Cook Senior Secondary School Cnr Boardwalk Blvd & Bergamot Drive, Point Cook Youth Group meets Fridays during term 7-9:15pm at the same venue More info call 0425 722 868

The VVAA Melb West Sub Branch has moved. We now oper ate from "The Lodge" Altona RSL on Mondays and Tuesdays. For pensions and welfare enquiries call 9398 2865 or leave a message at Werribee/Altona RSL

Not just Scones Come and join us on the 3rd Thu rsday of each month at 7pm, at D'Olive, Point Cook Road. Open to all women. Our main aims are friendship, social issues and community service. We have some great gue st speakers and involve ourselves in the loca l and wider communities. We do also make our famed sco nes, jams, cakes, and all sorts of crafts, tha t we normally sell to fundraise for worthy charitie s. Please ring: Chris 0424014757 Karen 0411035217

Point Cook Adv Community Chentist urch

Point Cook Co mmunity Cent re 1-21 Cheetham Street, Point Co ok. An inter-genera tional and mul cultural comm tiunity church. Ev eryone is welcome! Worship Servic e every Saturd ay at 3:30 pm. Pastors Nick & Danijela Trajko 83619070 http: v– //pointcooksda begin


Ex Service men/women


For all ages interested in Saturday Chinese (Mandarin) classes at Suzanne Cory High School conducted by Victorian School of Languages (governm ent funded), express your interest contact Marjory Palmer 03-5277 9833/email marjoryp@

The Probus Club of Laverton meets on the 4th Monday of each month at The Hub, Laverton, at 10am. Probus is an organisation for retired and semiretired people, who get together for a 'cuppa' and listen to a guest speaker. Meetings are over by noon. If you are interested and free on 22nd February contact Jan or Tom on 97426080.

fé Community Ca Weekly

12noon-1pm Wednesday ntre Community Ce on rt Lave b Hu on rt ve La The Ave 95-105 Railway Laverton Friday Meadows na to Al ntre Community Ce 28 Trafalgar ws Altona Meado al Booking Essenti 77 01 68 83

Seniors – Point Cook Are you interested in: • Meeting People • Crafts ( Thursdays 1-3pm) • Playing Cards or Board Games (Mondays 1-4pm) • Train Trips Join the Point Cook Social Seniors Group at Janieson Way Community Centre, 59 Jamieson Way, Point Cook (Mondays 1-4pm) Contacts: Bev: 9395 1953 or 0417 324 489 Maree: 9395 4120 or 0408 526 897


THIS MONTH IN 1936 Kalgoorlie Miner, Saturday 25th April 1936

unable to come out of the dive.


For a few seconds he fought the controls in an effort to bring the machine out of the dive, but, realising it was hopeless, decided to jump.

Aircraftsman Leslie Clisby, of No. 1 Flying Training School at Point Cook, jumped from an air force Moth aeroplane at a height of 2000 feet this afternoon and, with the aid of his parachute, landed safely.

When he reached this decision, the plane had already lost 1000 feet of altitude, and was rapidly gaining speed.

Clisby left Point Cook at 3 p.m. in a DH Moth trainer, and climbed to a height of 3000 feet, to perform routine training.

Without waiting even to throttle back his engine, Clisiby released his safety belt and jumped. When he was clear of the Moth, Clisby pulled the rip cord of his parachute and the silk spread out.

The machine flew perfectly until Clisby reached a height of 3000 feet, then he turned into a wind between Werribee and South Werribee.

As he came down he watched the Moth continue its dive, momentarily flatten out and then crash into a paddock.

As he came out of the turn, the right elevator control appeared to jam.

The plane buried its nose two feet into the ground and then overturned.

The nose of the machine was down, and Clisby was

It was smashed almost into fragments



Henry Lancaster, dairy farmer, watched Clisby descend and ran to assist him. Clisby's only remark when Lancaster reached him was: 'What a sensation!' His escape makes Clisby eligible for membership of the Caterpillar Club. The only members of this exclusive organisation, are aviators whose lives have been saved by parachute jumps. Another Australian who has qualified for membership, is Flight-Lieutenant A. V. Rae, who jumped from a Bristol Bulldog fighter at Point Cook three years ago.

The most famous member of the club is Colonel Charles Lindbergh, whose life has been saved three times by parachutes. Members of the Air Accidents Investigation Committee inspected the wreckage of the Moth this afternoon. The controls, it is stated, appeared to be normal, and the cause of the accident is a mystery. Greg Milne


Tarot: DiSPELLing the Myths In the space of a reading, the reader and the client’s energies are interacting. The cards, just like crystal balls and runes, are tools to connect to your inner knowing. Crazy right? Inner knowing…what the hell is that? Interestingly, we come to this world in human form. Ever heard of that saying, “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”? Well let’s roll with that for a second. Let it marinate in your mind. Imagine if we were indeed spiritual beings. It would imply that we existed before we were born and would exist after we die. The very notion of tarot readings brings the instant imagery of gypsies, witches, spells, crystal balls and news of impending doom! Shriek!

Hence, mediums can connect to people who have passed, giving you insanely accurate messages from your deceased loved ones!

The truth is, tarot isn’t anything scary when used appropriately – it is basically just a deck of cards, with associated meanings to each card.

Our inner knowing is held in our spiritual being, the part that is connected to all of life and the life force.

There is no power in the cards at all. The person who brings the power into the cards is the reader and the person being read.


The part where we are connected to God, the Universe, a greater force or however you would like to refer to it. It is powerful and we all have it. Whether you believe

in a higher power, or not.

party perspective on your current situation.

This is the part which tarot readers use to access messages, whether by hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, or just directly reading the tarot cards. The tarot reader connects to your energy. Spooky?

After the session, you will feel like you have been given clarity, confirmation, inspiration and guidance on how to take the next steps of your journey. Candice Singh

Maybe a little, but totally natural. You may call the inner knowing intuition. Like when you just have a gut feel on things; that is your intuition talking - your inner knowing.

Intuitive Tarot Reader at The Blessed Path Within

You could say that the tarot readers have practiced using their intuition, to a level where they can connect and access their inner knowing on command.

Feeling intrigued? Subscribe to the Tribe www.

Now forget about tarot readers telling you something bad that will happen in your future, you don’t need a reader to tell you that. Being on Earth is pretty much a guarantee that bad things will happen to everyone. There are tarot readers that will tell you your future and there will be some to help you to create your future. Your future is changeable, well most of it anyway. There are certain lessons that are set in stone, but most of your future is changeable. Tarot is based on potential and possibility. Think of a tarot reading as a session with a therapist, or counsellor, who can give you a non-biased, third


PARIS TO POINT COOK (PART I) Being the eldest daughter of eight children, I had learnt to shop, cook, clean, wash, iron, mind siblings, chop the wood and even light the fire at a very young age! I guess these responsibilities prepared me for being accountable for my actions and not afraid to accept challenges. Little did I ever dream where it would all lead…. A Spanish family moved in next door and I became friends with the eldest daughter, Cristina, who was about my age.

This travel tale begins when I was 21! I was raised in the small country town of Cootamundra, NSW. I moved to The Big Smoke when I was 18 and lived with some relatives – a husband and wife who had no children of their own, so I was a very welcome addition to their household.

I had never met anyone before who didn’t have a good command of the English language, and I found it fascinating to listen to them talk to each other. After a while, they asked me if I would teach them English, and in turn, I asked them to teach me some Spanish. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for…… A few nights a week the father and mother came to our place and we had some fairly formal ‘lessons’. That was the beginning of what would be an exciting linguistic journey and it opened many doors for me. Not the least of which at the time, was being introduced to a very eligible South American friend of theirs, with whom I kept company for a year or so - it really improved my Spanish! He wanted me to travel to Colombia (South America) with him, but as I was a shy young lady, I had to refuse. After all, a lady doesn’t just travel around with a young man on their own! Well, we didn’t way back then!! How times have changed… My twin brother Philip, also moved up from Cootamundra to live in Sydney, and so I moved in to a flat with him for over a year. We were very close and very compatible, so it worked out well.


He is exceptionally musically talented and we often had jam sessions, when his previous band members would visit. I have a deep appreciation for music, but cannot sing a note in tune - the closest I came to ‘jam’ was is in a jar! So I was happy to cater for his band, The Relics – I cooked for them, they sang for me - win win. Phil is a self-confessed Francophile – he joined the Alliance Française and learned fluent French, had a French girlfriend, and worked in a French Bank, so he was in his element parleying all over the place!

I sold my little Volkswagen, cashed in my Life Insurance, organised my Passport and booked my fare. We said some sad farewells to our friends and family and promised to keep in touch. Of course, in those days this meant sending a postcard, or letter by snail mail, or picking up a heavy black telephone and booking a call through an operator. So on the 9th of July, 1970, we set sail into the wild blue yonder! Two little greenies from the country, off on the wildest adventure of a lifetime! To be continued…. Julie Rees

When we turned 21, our Parents gave us a smashinggood party in Coota, and a couple of months later Phil decided to travel to Paris. He said at the time, “just for a while”. He prepared for his journey - passport, good-byes and booked his passage on a passenger liner, The Galileo, which was an Italian ship. Then 6 weeks before he was due to sail, I suddenly decided to go too!


A WORD FROM HON. JILL HENNESSY There will be a candlelight ceremony at 8.30pm on Saturday. The event finishes at 12pm Sunday with ceremonies to follow. For more information on how to get involved, contact Brendan Andrew (Wyndham Chair) Email: Mobile: 0401 858 375 Website: Active April 2016 As students and teachers head back to school for Term 2 from April 11, it’s important that drivers look out for speed limits in school zones and remember to follow them.

Premier’s Active April is back. Join thousands of other Victorians and commit to 30 minutes of exercise per day, throughout the month of April.

Speed limits around schools, drop to as low as 40km/h and are enforced from Monday to Friday.

All participants receive some great vouchers and discounts, as well as a chance to win tickets to the 2017 Australian Open.

These reduced limits apply between 8:00am and 9:30am in the mornings, and between 2:30pm and 4:00pm in the afternoons.

Register at

Wyndham Cancer Council Relay for Life The Wyndham Cancer Council Relay for Life is being held at Victoria University Athletics Track, Hoppers Lane, Werribee, from Saturday 16th April to Sunday 17th April. Ceremonies commence from 11.45am Saturday, with the first lap to commence at 12pm.


Contact Me If you have any questions about these or any other matters, please contact me on (03) 9395 0221 or email me at Visit my website for updates and news throughout the month. Jill Hennessy


Flick Chic Recommends….

FILM FUNDRAISER – ‘THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY’ On Friday, April 29th, The Sun Theatre is playing host to a special preview screening of The Man who knew Infinity. It tells the story of a brilliant Indian mathematician (played by Dev Patel), plucked from obscurity by an Oxford professor (Jeremy Irons) and their subsequent collaboration on the most complex problems known to man. Twice a year Hobsons Bay Refugee Network and West Welcome Wagon, work together to run major film fundraisers at The Sun, in an effort to make the lives of asylum seekers in the western suburbs of Melbourne better.

Having a little break from the cinema is rare for me, so this month I am doing something a little different… Instead of reviewing a film that I have seen, I am recommending a worthy cause, that just happens to involve going to see a film:

These two volunteer organisations work towards providing material aid and other services, such as English language lessons in the home and financial assistance for students starting their high school journey. Neither group receives any government assistance and both rely on donated goods, services and money. All profits raised on the night will go directly to Hobsons Bay Refugee Network and West Welcome Wagon to help support their valuable work. If you have never been to The Sun Theatre before, you will be in for a treat, as the cinema is a real treasure for the West. If however, like me, you have been, then you know you need no reason to head on down. The event kicks off at 6:30, with wine and beer available at bar prices. There will also be raffle tickets for sale, with the film beginning at 7pm. Tickets: $22 book at Inquiries can be directed to Bek Ayres at, or to Sue Cram on mobile 0408 578 359. Melissa Longo


8 WAYS TO REDUCE SUGAR CRAVINGS WITH FOOD Leading Melbourne Naturopath and Nutritionist, Caterina Morrison shares 8 ways to help you Give Sugar the Flick. Being addicted to sugar and flour is not an emotional eating disorder, despite what some choose to tell you. It’s a biological disorder, driven by hormones and neurotransmitters, that fuel sugar and carb cravings — leading to uncontrolled overeating. Dramatically reducing processed sugar from your diet, will lead you in a progressive direction of health. Here are 8 ‘Food as Medicine’ tips, to help you flick the habit: 1. CHEW YOUR FOOD VERY WELL. The best source of sweetness can be found through a wholesome vegetable and fruit diet. Really chewing the food well and thoroughly, brings out the natural sweet flavors in foods. Complex carbohydrates such as grains, legumes and vegetables, become sweeter the longer they are chewed. The cravings for sweets will lessen over time, through simple balanced meals and you’ll feel fuller quicker. 2. BE CAUTIOUS OF NATURAL SWEETNERS Fructose, brown sugar, and turbinado sugar are almost as refined and concentrated, as white processed sugar and have similar physiological effects. Instead of using refined white sugars to sweeten desserts, use fruits, natural fruit juices, rice syrup, barley malt, stevia, unrefined sugar, unrefined cane juice powder, molasses and agave syrup.

for quick regulation of sugar metabolism. Examples are spirulina, chlorella and wild blue-green algae are all excellent at reducing sugar cravings. A mid afternoon smoothie with a spoonful of spirulina, hemp nuts, chia seeds, some rice syrup, and rice, or homemade almond milk, really helps to satisfy the sweet tooth and modulate your blood sugar levels until dinner time. 7. CONSUME PUNGENT, SPICY OR SOUR FOODS Consume a piece of tamarind, a piece of mango with some sea salt and cayenne pepper, some salsa with garlicky bean chips, or a ginger tea. These all help cut down sugar cravings. 8. HYPERACIDITY IN BODY Cravings can be caused by hyper-acidity in your body, which is often a result from lack of exercise, diet indiscretions, such as eating an excess amount of meats and refined foods. When cravings occur, consume raw or lightly cooked vegetables, a cup of matcha tea with lemon, or alternatively, do something that doesn’t involve eating, such as exercise or deep breathing until the cravings subside. For more ideas for your Best Health Ever, head to her Facebook page: Caterina Morrison, Naturopath, Health and Wellbeing Expert.

3. BALANCE YOUR FOOD INTAKE. Salty foods such as pickles, sea salt, miso, and soy sauce direct energy into the lower portion of the body, which then creates sugar cravings, which has an ascending nature. 4. REDUCE YOUR CONSUMPTION OF MEAT Balance your meals with salads, radishes, mushrooms, potatoes, wheat or barley grass products and fruit, instead of sugar. Animal food products such as meats, cheese and fish are high in protein and should be used once in awhile, or in small amounts to avoid sugar cravings. 5. INCORPOARTE SWEET VEGETABLES Sweet vegetables such as beets, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes and parsnips are great plate accompaniments. Baking fruits or vegetables tends to bring out the sweetness, making them taste even sweeter that they already are. 6. USE SPROUTS/ SPROUTING PRODUCTS Sprouting changes starches to sugar. Micro-algae products pre-digest some of their own starch into sugars and are an excellent source of easily digested protein, 31

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR STUDY ON HYPNOTHERAPY FOR PAIN RELIEF If you suffer from back pain, you may be struggling to walk, bend down, get dressed or play with your children or grandchildren. You may have trouble sleeping or doing your job. You may feel irritable, tired or depressed. If so, you are not alone. Research suggests that up to 80% of Australian adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives and that 10% will experience significant disability as a result. I recently shared in this paper my own struggle with back pain and how I gained relief through hypnotherapy. There is now very strong published clinical evidence showing the effectiveness of hypnotherapy to relieve chronic pain, including back pain, arthritis and fibromyalgia, amongst others. The University of Washington’s Professor Mark Jensen, a leading pain specialist, found that ‘hypnosis is effective for reducing chronic pain intensity.


In fact, with hypnotic treatment, most patients report positive side effects, such as an improved sense of wellbeing, a greater sense of control, improved sleep, and increased satisfaction with life’. I will be running a study to evaluate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, specifically to relieve long-term back pain in groups of sufferers. Volunteers interested in participating are invited to apply. Selected participants will join a test group that will receive a free program of four sessions of hypnotherapy, run over one month. For expressions of interest and for more information on the study, visit http://www. For more information about hypnotherapy, visit www. Dr Fabienne Chevalier

Happy Snaps from around town have captured the colour and excitement of Weerama, Pacific Werribee’s, Festival of Foodies and just the all round beauty of nature. Photographs have come in from Jenny Bates, Maria Pagunsan and yours truly! Caity Brooks is the smiling child – absolutely beaming with pride to be participating in the Weerama parade – so great to see the magic of Weerama hasn’t been lost. As always send your pics to editorpointcook@gmail. com, or use #aroundpointcook and #aroundhoppers on Instagram.


Pets Page

RAW VS PROCESSED FOODS FOR PETS The big question today is, what should we feed our pets? Dry and canned food seem to be the common choices, however many pet owners are looking into healthier alternatives.

food. They are designed to eat contaminated foods, and thrive on the presence of microbes by eating soil, contaminated meat, buried bones, infected meat, etc.

Processed foods, such as dry and canned foods are popular for being both affordable and convenient. Product packaging is also attractive to shoppers, not only in appearance, but also with label descriptions such as ‘completely balanced’ or ‘nutritionally complete’. These statements can be deceiving, as this generally means that they meet the minimum nutritional requirements for pet food standards.

A raw food diet can have many benefits for our pets, including higher energy levels, cleaner teeth, healthier skin, shinier coats and stronger immune systems. Other advantages of raw food diets are that it allows you to meet your pet’s specific nutrient requirements, while also avoiding certain foods that your pet may be allergic or intolerant to.

Processed foods tend to contain more protein from grains or grain by-product sources, such as corn, brewer’s rice and wheat, than from healthier meat sources. Most canned and dry foods contain up to four times as much cereal content than meat. This can become an issue, as dogs and cats are not designed to eat such a high content of highly refined starches. Another factor to consider with processed foods is that they are cooked. Cooking reduces the nutritional content in the foods, reducing nutrients, enzymes and fatty acids from the diet. So, why aren’t more people feeding their pets raw food diets? Raw food diets can be costly, and time consuming due to preparation. There are also owners who are concerned that raw foods contain bacteria such as E. coli or Salmonella. Wild dogs and cats live only on raw foods, consisting of raw meat, bones, fruits and vegetables. Modern domesticated dogs and cats are no different to their wild cousins, in the way they process and utilise their 34

A typical raw food diet includes some dairy products, such as yoghurt, vegetables like spinach, broccoli and celery, apples or other fruits, raw eggs, organ meats such as kidney and liver, bones and muscle meat.

Processed foods may seem cheaper and more convenient, however there are many businesses out there which stock raw meat for pets, which if purchased in sufficient quantities, can make a raw food diet cost effective. The negative effects of processed foods on human health have been well documented and our pets can also suffer from eating foods too far removed from natural norms. A raw food diet not only mimics that of wild cats and dogs, but also increases health, happiness and longevity. Cindy Bremner Natural Pawfection- Animal Naturopath 0421-446-764

SEND SOME PHOTOGRAPHS People overseas wonder about the Australian devotion to its native football code. They have sports like curling and wife carrying and caber tossing, and they regard what happens in a typical AFL game, as lacking the skill and elegance of their particular pastimes. When you see a dozen big bruisers, fossicking sleeveless on the ground, trying to get hold of a ball, only to pass it, allegedly by means of a fist, to one of their team mates, you would find it hard to be too critical of wife carrying, or dwarf throwing. I was asked by an overseas publication to write a piece explaining why so many people organise their social lives around the weekend AFL game. “Include some photographs,” the editor said, probably an oblique reference to my long-windedness. I duly wrote 800 words, in which I tried to emphasise the skills and finesse of the game - not the easiest of tasks, and suggested suitable photographs, in the fond hope that the editor would pay someone for them. The article was well crafted and elegant, if I say so myself - because the editor didn’t - but the problem arose with the photographs I chose. It seemed that each one featured players with a full complement of tattoos: arms, hands, face, neck, thighs and upper torso. He did a google search and found that the situation was widespread in the game. Moreover, it seemed that teams from Collingwood, Richmond and Carlton were

particularly infested with the things. Having worked out the geographical location of each of these, he then drew a conclusion that there was some correlation between the prosperity of a place and the prevalence of these decorations. It was a long bow, but editors are notorious for adding two and two to get fifteen, so he re-wrote my article, to give the impression that Australia was thoroughly hooked on tattoos. Why, even upper class, well educated citizens of inner Melbourne went out every weekend to support heroes with these adornments. Nobody would have noticed, were it not for a backpacker from Geelong, who took exception to the fact that there was no mention of the Cats. He sent a few copies back to Australia and all hell broke loose. A number of tattoo parlours and bikie franchises are suing, as well as several footballers and coaches claiming mental stress. A few university law schools are studying the situation closely, considering whether they should offer a course in defending the rights of the tattooed classes. There is talk of using the tattoo industry as a way of employing sacked workers from car plants. All well and good, but surely it would be more profitable to train people in tattoo removal - a guaranteed growth industry any year now. Anyway, that’s what I think. Frank O’Shea


LETTING GO OF TOXIC FRIENDSHIPS With the limited time and energy we all have, it can be quite draining if your investments produce limited or no returns. Unfortunately, ‘you get what you give’ doesn't apply to all friendships and one of the parties can be left quite drained and resentful over time. Here is some food for thought, to re-evaluate some of your doubtful friendships:

the same? Do you share the same level of motivation or purpose with your friend? For example: for them you may be an entertaining factor and if you expect them to be a reliable factor for you - there is bound to be conflicts of values and expectations? If having shared a ‘good history’ is one of your only reasons for this ongoing relationship, it is probably draining you out.


Letting go:

What are the wide variety of qualities you look for in a friendship? Make a list of these values on a piece of paper, to allow you to assess visually, what it is that you consciously look for in a friend. (Some of these can be - supportive, reliable, entertaining, etc.)

If you are able to recognise a friendship that is not serving the purpose you need it to serve, withdraw and let it go! This may cause you some sadness or anxiety, because a part of you has been attached to this friendship. It is O.K to feel this way, as long as you are making a decision to be kinder to yourself and invest where there are better returns. The right decision is not always the easy one.

Motivation: What is the current purpose of this friendship in your life? Is it supportive, entertaining, comforting, reliable? Your friend may have added one or many values to your life, but does the friendship continue to provide


Neha Dave Registered Psychologist, MAPS

Laugh Out Loud A Florida woman stopped an alligator attack with her .25 Beretta pistol. What is the smallest caliber that you would trust to protect yourself? This is a story of self-control and marksmanship by a brave, cool-headed woman, with a small pistol, against a fierce predator. A Beretta .25 Jetfire testimonial: Here is the story in her own words: "While out walking along the edge of a pond, just outside of The Village with my ex-husband, discussing property settlement and other divorce issues, we were surprised by a huge 12-ft. alligator, which suddenly emerged from the murky water and began charging us with its large jaws wide open! The alligator must have been protecting her nest, because she was extremely aggressive! If I had not had my little Beretta Jetfire .25 caliber pistol with me, I would not be here today! Just one quick shot to my husband's knee cap was all it took. The 'gator got him easily and I was able to just walk away at a brisk pace. It's one of the best pistols in my collection! Also, the amount I saved in lawyer's fees was huge."


HOOROOS In Nature there’s nothing so odd As Australia’s kangaroo; But an even odder macropod, Is the roo called Horrible Hooroo. Hooroos differ from other roos That are grass-eating herbivores. You’re unlikely to find them in zoos, These giant flesh-eating carnivores. They’re twice the size of the Big Red, With foot-long tusks and claws razor sharp. Meet one and you could wind up dead, High on some cloud playing a harp. Not easy to spot in the Bush, With its fur coat of mottled dark green, Is the fearsome Hoorus horrendus, The weirdest roo that’s ever been seen. Most bushwalkers will be okay, Because Hooroos are very shy: So long as you don’t get in their way, There’s no reason for you to die. Small mammals are their normal fare, Occasionally cassowary. For human flesh they don’t much care; But nevertheless be wary. A Hooroo will get aggressive Towards people who don’t know the score. In the Bush a long life you may live, If you know both bush and folk lore. Whenever some tourist goes missing While wandering Australia’s Outback, Well, folks you know what I’m thinking: Yowie, Drop Bear or Hooroo attack. Jack Nystrom 38

Hi Kids,

Point Cook Kids

Happy Easter! And, Happy Travels to all those going away over the school holidays. I recently returned from a relaxing holiday in New Zealand, and guess what? You guessed it; I bumped into that scruffy ol’ dog, Hairy Maclary. Take a look at what He and his pals were up to …


2 4



1. ‘Bitzer Maloney all skinny and bony.’ 2. ‘Muffin McLay like a bundle of hay.’ 3. ‘Hercules Morse as big as a horse.’ 4. ‘Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy.’ 5. ‘SCARFACE CLAW – the toughest Tom in town.’

Also, I knocked knees with some pretty ‘down to earth’ kiwi kids. They seemed to love rolling down steep hills, giggling ‘till they were blue, and boogie boarding down sand dunes. They didn’t mind much getting their faces dirty and their hair messy, either – radical young thinkers. Hey, would you like to share some of your holiday pics? The editor would love to see them, especially photos of you and your pals being ‘down to earth,’ messy and wild! Email : Tell us who is in the photo (make sure you get permission), what you’re up to, and where it happened! We’d love to see your snaps so why not give it a shot! Kyla-Jayne Rajah

Calling on Point Cook Schools and Parents to share photos, art, stories, writing for this page. Email your contributions to or post to the PO Box 1145 Altona Meadows 3028



There’s an unexpected industry taking place at Avalon Airport, one that is enjoying good growth, and is making use of the vast surrounding landscape and 1950s hangars that sit solid under the extraordinary sky. Film and television industries have long used the unique environment around Lara, Werribee and Little River to create the mood of the Australian gothic – the outback isolation and striking industrial areas. Nearby are Geelong, Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine which create stunning and accessible opportunities for contrast. MAD MAX, QUEEN OF THE DAMNED, THE DRESSMAKER and Bollywood hit SALAAM NAMASTE are but a few of the films partly shot in the region.


Avalon Airport has seen its fair share of films as well, and is nowadays used regularly by television producers. As a location it has plenty to offer: runways where speed limits or incidental traffic are no obstacle, its own Boeing 747 that has been used in films such as KATH AND KIMBERELLA, farmland, the nearby bay and of course a unique assortment of incredibly striking retro hangars. Notably US sci-fi series HUNTERS recently filmed there. In fact the sheer space of the hangars and the runway have made them the perfect combination for car TVCs (television commercials), and many have been shot at Avalon. The flat landscape punctuated by the You Yangs (which, in some ads have been put through a little CGI to appear as a long mountain range) is a distinctive setting for a car at high speed. Location Avalon has just launched its own website ( and is expecting enormous growth over the next couple of years. To keep up to date with all the excitement at Avalon, be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter (@ AvalonAirportAU) and Instagram (@avalonairport).

Please redistribute rather than discard.

Around Point Cook 75  

Community Newspaper Issue 75,April 2016

Around Point Cook 75  

Community Newspaper Issue 75,April 2016