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WEERAMA 2014 – A GREAT PLAY DATE by Petronella Boonen Weerama 2014 had it all - a fun-filled parade showcasing Wyndham’s many community groups and clubs, entertainment from local talent, loads of activities for every age and stage and stalls along Watton Street displaying everything from animal rescue to BMX bike riding. It was brilliant for those of us who live here, but even more impressive for visitors getting a snapshot of the Wyndham community.

Margaret visiting from Narooma NSW was taken by the spirit of the area. “This is great for newcomers to see what’s available in the community,” she said. Mahamed and children Nesiu, Bilal and Nagti came here from Ethiopia in 2010. They came to Australia for its peaceful politics and a better life. Ian and Marion of Mazza’s Fudge say they ordered the perfect weather of the day; a high priority continued page 3

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What a great month for events and articles. It has been filled with festivity. Events such as Moomba, Weerama, Point Cook Air Show, Art Shows and much much more… In that mix my favorite was most certainly the Point Cook Air Show. Now there is going to be other articles about this so my contribution is very quick and short. What an unexpected outstanding event. Being a long time fan of the Avalon Air Show I had never seen the Point Cook version. What an event! Very successful and well attended and huge. Pictures tell a thousand words, so I will let them do the talking, but the most interesting part of the show for me was hearing an interview with the test pilot for the Joint Strike Fighters that Australia will be purchasing. He talked of computer game technology, a helmet that does everything for you, computers that identify things you need to see, that think for you. He talked of seeing in every direction at once, through the aircraft, under his seat. I am glad these things are going to be part of our military. Having said that, one phrase in his interview frightened me and it was this component that made me remember how many times computers break down. He said “the computer chooses what is important,” does that

worry anybody else? I was a happy boy surrounded by fighters, cars, military aviation support equipment, radars, and everything else imaginable that interests people that go to these shows. People just like me. Enjoy the photos. Regards Daniel Allen

PUDDLING WITH THE PUBLISHER Here we are, a little more than a quarter of the way through 2014, with Easter holidays approaching rapidly and the economy is starting to rev up.

There’s a lesson here somewhere – I wonder what it is – perhaps you can tell me – is it patience, maybe a refusal to give up when you’re near the bottom.

Even SPC, last month’s disaster, has, with the help of Woolies and Coke, found out one of my childhood favorite sayings, “I have had many troubles, most of which have never happened.” This is really true.

I can’t leave you without reporting that the local Hobsons Bay Men’s Shed Gen Y Support Group has grown little legs and even small wings and is ready to fly. Having received a loan of a 3D Printer from a supporter classes to help the unemployed youngsters get a job will be able to start in May. Want to know more about this disaster to our young people aged between 14 and 30 years old and what the community can do about it?

Due mainly to the enormous publicity from our media following the PM’s refusal to help the private company’ no doubt due to an expected avalanche of demands, the public rallied and suddenly SPC’s sales rose by some 60%, making the company become profitable instead of a dead loss for: the area, the staff, the contractors, the growers, the suppliers, even the local tourism industry, and perhaps the local council.

Email Gordon at and get the drum from him. Bill McPherson

ABN 78 809 543 573

Will: 0449 834 359 Louise: 0403 191 084




given the couple moved here from New Zealand after the earthquakes shattered their hometown, Christchurch. Amongst the stall holders were Nic and Amber of Animals on the Move who brought their ‘bush babies’ to visit. Among them was a tawny frogmouth, a wallaby and a Gang Gang cockatoo. There was plenty of conversation at this stall and Nic was pleased that our community seemed to know a lot about our local wildlife. How do you describe a wombat? It’s completely unique to Australia. Africa has some animals that look a bit similar. Getting up

close to a baby croc, you can see it is a pre-historic reptile. “Teaching people about what we have is really important,” Nic said. “It’s good to see councils are starting to think again – we see more wildlife in our residential areas now because they have nowhere else to go. “We can’t help that we have to expand but we have to look after the animals in our backyard.” Overall, Weerama was as its name suggests, a great day ‘to play’.

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I RELAY FOR MY NONNA Relay for Life is trying to make a difference – a huge difference!

and her absence in my family’s life is noticed every day.

Given that ‘1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85’ (, the impact of a potential cure would be enormous.

I also relay for my daughter. I want her to grow up in a world that is cancer-free.

I relay for my Nonna, who died of this awful disease four years ago now.

This is not an impossible dream. Hope is an amazing thing and when it unites us, amazing things can be achieved. As I gear up for my third Relay for Life, I am calling on the members of my community to get behind this amazing effort and donate. The Wyndham Relay for Life is happening at VU Oval on the 29th of March. It is such a fantastically inspiring event and I am always so impressed by the huge numbers that turn out to be a part of it. Each year my fundraising efforts grow a little more impressive and this year I have managed to garner some corporate assistance from local business Cupcake@Werribee. A recent change of recipe has resulted in some fantastic cupcakes, and I for one will be using these tasty treats to keep my self and my team energized during my 24 hour run. For more information, or to donate to me personally, head to Melissa Longo

She was a magnificent woman, with a very big heart


TRIPPIN' TO CAMPERDOWN Most Victorian towns were built for one of two reasons, sheep or gold. Camperdown, may have been all about the sheep once upon a time, but now there's a ute load of reasons to visit. The district has a fascinating volcanic geological history, with many craters to see and lakes to play in. There is also an interesting man made history, with unusual buildings, and magnificent botanical gardens. On arrival at the caravan park we were fortunate enough to pay bottom dollar (unpowered site), yet

be provided with all the mod cons (compliments of a well appointed camp kitchen). Upon our caravan park walk of discovery trek, we discovered the historic Camperdown Botanical Gardens, and stumbled upon preparations for a wedding ceremony overlooking Lakes Bullen Merri and Gnotuk. These volcanic crater lakes, get most of their water from underground water tables, therefore, with no outlets, evaporation causes the water to become saline, resulting in the shallower Lake Gnotuk being twice as salty as seawater. Lake Bullen Merri is one of two Victorian lakes regularly

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stocked with fish, making it a good place to drown a worm or two. In the mid 1800s Lake Bullen Merri overflowed into Lake Gnotuk, since then the level of both lakes has dropped considerably, yet there is still plenty of water between the fish to make fishing a challenge.


We were fortunate enough visit Camperdown on the first Sunday of the month, when the middle of town becomes a marketplace, and the historic clock tower (a story for another time), is opened to the public.

Amongst the many lakes in the district is Victorias largest, Lake Corangamite, in existence partly due to overlapping lave flows that blocked or diverted streams.

Camperdown, about two hours from Melbourne, with weddings to witness, model aeroplanes to marvel at, lakes to lounge by, swim, fish, water-ski, and sail in, and botanical gardens to meander through, what more could you ask for?

As we continued our explorations, a slight droning noise overhead were, thankfully, not gigantic mosquitoes, but model airplanes.

For more photos check out trippinwithjen Jenny Bates

LIVE ON THE LAWN Despite weather conditions being less than kind, 3500 people turned out to hear the sweet sounds of some of Australian music’s finest, at Wyndham City’s Live on the Lawn, on March 16th. Werribee Mansion was transformed into a giant picnic, with patrons encouraged to make themselves at home on the freshly mowed lawns. Passerine and Claire Bowditch got the crowd warmed up, before Josh Pyke, Pete Murray and Bernard Fanning took to the stage, encouraging audiences out of their deck chairs. Murray put on quite the show, singing a crowd-pleasing set,

tapping into a decades’ worth of hits. People rewarded him and his band with a standing ovation. Fantastic food vendors provided a variety of tasty treats and The Park Hotel set up an onsite bar. Werribee Mansion always provides such a beautiful backdrop, rain, hail or shine. With last month’s Fromage a Trois, Wyndham really is staking its claim as the place to be for major events. - Melissa Longo


ARTABILITY® ART SHOW - 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ArtAbility® is the flagship art show of the not for profit organisation, Action on Disability Within Ethnic Communities INC (ADEC). ADEC who have an office in Werribee, assist the community by empowering persons with a disability from ethnically diverse backgrounds. By way of example ADEC recently ran some local Digital Respite courses in Wyndham, teaching students how to use social media. This provided respite for carers, taught students some excellent skills, and opened up another avenue in which students may interact with the community around them. What is ArtAbility® ADEC have run the ArtAbility® program for the past nine years, with the ArtAbility® art show being the culmination of a year of art workshops and ongoing work by our artists. The end of year exhibition takes place at Federation Square in the first two weeks of December. Over 100 artists normally exhibit over 200 works. During the duration of the show, the work is viewed by


some 40,000 members of the public. This is a very positive experience for the artists and it is often the first time they have participated in a community activity where their disabilities play no part in their interactions. We are seeking immediate sponsorship from local organisations or businesses to start providing the local workshops. This can be any assistance you think you can manage, every little bit does contribute to art materials, hanging costs, frames, tutors and the like. Your assistance will be noted at the end of year event. If you are interested in participating in our ArtAbility® program, please get in touch so we can have a discussion and start the process running. If you would like to know more about this program or you are interested in finding out more about ADEC, please visit: or Daniel Allen (03) 9480 1666

MAGPIES NEST LAVERTON MAGPIES FOOTBALL CLUB Welcome to our monthly instalment of the “Magpies Nest”. The Laverton Magpies are excited to announce the appointment of Chris “Diesel” Smith as our new Senior Coach for season 2014.“ Diesel is an ex North Melbourne player who will bring a wealth of knowledge and know how to the club this season. Numbers are on the rise and everyone is looking forward to the first round on April 5 against Caroline Springs.

Scott Mizzi (President) 0401 403728 Jake Ballestrino (Our Aus Kick coordinator) 0413 767325.

Trainers Required – If anyone is interested in joining us as a trainer please contact Scott Mizzi on: 0401 403728

The club is looking forward to great year ahead and we look forward to bringing you future updates in the coming months. Regards John

Training has now reverted back to Tuesdays & Thursday at 6pm. New players are welcome to come down and join our family friendly club. If interested in signing up for this season please feel free to contact any of the people below. Chris “Diesel” Smith (Senior Coach) 0425 716778 John Ballestrino (Reserve Coach)

0409 138921


WHEN WILL I GET MY INHERITANCE? The average life expectancy of people has increased by 25 years over the past century. As a result of people living longer, next of kin are likely not to inherit from their parents until much later in life, often well into their retirement years. By then, their parents may be quite elderly and frail, often vulnerable to pressure placed on them by carers or neighbours. A carer receiving Centrelink payments (because they help care for an elderly person) will certainly receive Centrelink benefits for their trouble. But that does not mean they are entitled to the assets of that elderly person or to make decisions about what goes in their will. Nor are they automatically given a right to act as if they had a power of attorney. Unfortunately there is a growing number of cases of “elder abuse” where such carers are forging documents of the elderly or placing pressure on them to make wills or powers of attorney in their favour, taking advantage of their assets and income etc. Other family members may or may not be aware of this going on, especially if documents are being prepared without a vigilant solicitor overseeing the instructions and documentation. To further complicate matters, these days many that divorce and re marry or enter into new de facto relationships- will end up having children and step children from multiple relationships.


This can lead to conflict and court cases when it comes to administering the estate between children and step children as well as spouses/partners and former spouses/ partners. The high profile case of the estate of the late Peter Brock highlighted this problem. Another issue which arises is if there is a separation just prior to death, and the surviving ex-partner did not have a property settlement with the deceased or had not had a chance to start family law proceedings, but may have not really had much of a claim. It is still up to the remaining family members to reach agreement with the ex-partner who can still make a claim through the courts. Often a legally binding “pre-nupt” will address that problem. When a loved one dies, the experience is already enough stress to try to cope with. Confusing inheritance laws (which differ from state to state all around Australia) and potential legal challenges only add to this stress. Sometimes a simple will or power of attorney or family agreement or prenupt to record intentions earlier on, will save everyone from major headaches and expenses later on. Many lawyers will provide initial free consultation for you to see where you stand and/or what documentation is best to get done now to save problems later. © Maria Rigoli


Julie Rogers is a local artist located in Werribee for over 10 years. Julie has won many awards at local shows and this year is participating in the Hobson’s Bay City Council’s Art in Public Places program. Julie’s work is located in the historic Steam Packet Hotel, Cole St Williamstown, within the Nelson place tourism precinct.

Julie’s work featuring local landscapes and seascapes is classed as Contemporary Realist art. The above work has recently been selected for a literature piece as part of Wyndham’s City’s, Coast Country tourism campaign. The festival runs throughout April. For more information please visit:


FROM WEST TO PROTEST Sunday morning on a train from the western suburbs with standing room only, amazing, considering there were no signs of any red, white & blue. A young teen asked “Where are all these people going on a Sunday, it’s never this busy.” I was tempted to ask her if she worked in a coffee shop while she studied, did she rely on penalty rates, if yes, then I could tell her we were all going to a march, and we were marching for her, to save her penalty rates from Tony Abbott, who bemoaned the fact it was difficult to get a coffee on a public holiday due to these rates. There were so many other reasons, kids her age, and younger, locked in concentration like camps, billions spent on drones, while school kids bonuses are cut, however this train journey was just not long enough. From the State Library 50,000 protesters marched to Treasury Gardens, chanting “Not in my Name” and “Shame, Abbott, Shame”. A heavy shower did nothing to dampen the spirits of this passionate crowd of people, who simply wanted their voices heard, voices that are in danger of being silenced due controversial anti protest laws passed, (by one vote) in the Victorian lower house recently. No city does a protest or a sporting event better than Melbourne, passionate people who care about the rights of others and are willing to speak out. Tony Abbott, when asked about the protests, said “the


only march I know of is the St Patricks Day march tomorrow”. A sad day for Australia when it’s PM knew nothing of 100,000 people protesting nationally against his government. A longer article is available at: Jenny Bates



Last week I went along to the Altona Civic Obedience Dog Club (ACODC) expecting to find half a dozen owners and their canines going through a 'sit/stay' routine in a corner of a park. Well, what a surprise! I was greeted by the president, Bill Gilmour (a member for 37 years) and his wife and club secretary Allisa (a member for 26 years) of a well organised club that was established in 1968

no less! This friendly and enthusiastic couple proceeded to provide facts and figures about this canine club which is social as much as it is for instruction. Those first 'club rooms' back then were a tent and then a caravan. Now there is are club rooms with an office, spacious meeting room and kitchen facilities (free tea and coffee for members) built in 1984 with a third of the money to erect it being raised by club members. Proudly displayed on every wall were photos of champion dogs produced by their owners and club instructors of which there are 14. The Chief Instructor, Joe Cimino, has been a member for 32 years now and put some of the 350 members of the club and their dogs through their paces whilst I was there.


This length of association gives a pretty good indication of the passion these folk have for seeing owners get the best possible out of owning a dog. Apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! As long as your dog is a minimum 18 weeks and up to date with vaccinations you are invited to come along to the first step in the membership process which is an hour long Induction taken by Bill and held the first and third Sunday of each month. Club meets are 46 weeks of the year on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday rain or hail, however if the 'shine' is more than 30C then club days are cancelled so as not to cause undue heat stress for the dogs.

What Bill and Allisa explained to me was they find that most people simply want to train their dogs to be sociable and well-mannered. Bill said that he 'trains' the owner who is then in a better position to in turn train their dog. So even if you feel that your dog is a little too boisterous (to put it kindly) or maybe you're tired of having your shoulder almost dislocated taking your dog out for a 'drag' rather than a walk you are encouraged to come along to the club. Membership fees are a low $55 per financial year for a single.

Depending on the individual time and effort dogs can progress from Beginners, then from Grade1- 6 which is heading to competition level.

Details on where to find the club, or further information can be found on the ACODC website at

There are classes which offer such things as Agility, Rally-O and Flyball for those wanting to advance their dog handling skills and information about these are on the website.

And one other thing: Don't wear a white skirt! What was I thinking?!! Deborah Drew


VEGETABLES As the days go by, that life-giving light is winding down to the short days of winter, so now is the time to think of winter crops while nurturing the coming crescendo of summer vegetables in the ground. Potatoes will be forming fast so hill up around the plants to prevent new tubers being exposed to light. Potatoes turn green in sunlight and become poisonous so heap straw or soil around the plants to keep the sun out. Plant some frost resistant brassicas, cabbages, broccoli, brussels sprouts and tasty kale if you want them for the winter dinner table.



Before you plant, prepare the garden bed with some additional lime, apply approximately one handful to every square meter and dig it well into the ground. PESTS With so many insecticides and fungicides still available, it can be hard to resist, or can it?

Don’t compromise your health, proper planning of the garden with a bit of pruning here and there will have these nasty insects easily under control. Pruning allows for proper airflow and will prevent pests from breeding in the well-sheltered areas of dense foliage. At this time of year watch out for the white cabbage moth by checking under the leaves and rub off any eggs to avoid the population growing out of control. Prevention is always more effective than controlling the problem. Drape mosquito netting over plants to prevent further attack. Look out for leaf miner attack on new leaves of citrus trees. Twisted and deformed new leaves are typical signs of attack. Prune off all damaged leaves and spray the remaining parts of tree with homemade chilli and oil to protect the remaining tree. COMPOST Whether you purchased a plastic drum, built your own timber frame or just dug a hole in the ground, no matter what time of the year it is, compost making should be in full swing in everyone’s garden.

Organic homemade compost is an essential element for a healthy garden. Add extra greens such as grass to provide the extra nitrogen required to keep the heat up during the colder days, cover the compost with a lid or soil if it doesn’t have one to keep the heat in. CITRUS TREES Citrus trees in the garden provide wonderful aromas along with excellent blossom for the birds and the bees, but most importantly they provide a great range of produce both for the table and the glass for all to enjoy. Ensure you give your trees a good feed with compost or manure at this time of the year in preparation for a bumper crop. If space is an issue, try growing one in a large 60cm pot. Espaliering a citrus tree is a great way to help combat space problems without compromising fruit production. They can be trained flat against a wall or trained to make a garden edge called a step-over. If you can keep your tree small and make every branch productive you will have plenty of fruit.



InBrief Who’s on First?

What is the name of the guy on first? No Whats on second. Have you ever played or thought about playing softball? Then here is your chance to start or rekindle your love of the game, the Hobson Bay Pirates Softball Club is looking for players, from pitchers to catchers, outfielders to infielders and first timers to seasoned professionals. The club plays out of Presidents Park, in Werribee, each Saturday from October to March. We are looking for players aged 15 and up of all abilities and demographics to join our happy, family friendly and successful club next season. For more details contact one of executive members who will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. President John Ballestrino 0409 138 921 John.Ballestrino@ Secretary Luisa Ballestrino 0447 503 003 **Remember it’s never too late to start, or return**

Parenting information session Keeping safe in cyberspace

Parenting information session Wednesday, 23rd April, 7.00pm Laverton Community Hub

All parents, guardians and workers are invited to attend an information session on keeping safe in cyberspace at the

Laverton Community Hub. An informative, entertaining and enlightening session for parents and guardians that will cover the positive benefits of technology as well as what parents need to be aware of: what young people do online; where they go; the difference between an ‘online friend’ and a ‘stranger,’; and the misuse of mobile telephone, email, Skype, blogs and webcams. This session will be presented by Susan McLean who is Australia’s foremost expert in the area of Cybersafety and young people. For more information or to book your place, please contact Hobsons Bay Youth Services on 9932 4000. Bookings are essential.

Press Release

The Laverton Community Centre & Neighbourhood House is running a 6 week “Anger Management for Men” course Starting date: Thurs 15th May : 6:30-8:30pm Cost: $100 Why do you get angry? When is anger a problem? Ways to manage your anger and the opportunity to practice your anger management skills in a safe environment with your peers Other Courses Include. Other courses include: Gentle Exercises, Grow (Personal Growth) and Grow Better Together (Careers of People with Mental Health Issues), and Sunrise Group (Women with Disabilities). All Welcome Laverton Community Centre Crn of Railway Ave & Crown St Laverton (Located in Community Hub) Phone: 8368-0177


A THAI FESTIVAL TO ENJOY Entertainment on the big stage included traditional dancing and singing, the classic mask dance and demonstrations on the Ranat, a traditional Thai xylophone. The Miss Thai Fest, a big crowd favourite, was saved till the end, and Muay Thai exhibition fights were performed at Deakin Edge.

The 11th annual Thai Culture and Food Festival was held again in Federation Square on March 15 and 16. The amount and variety of stalls and entertainment were again numerous, as were the visitors, who enjoyed long stretches of pleasant weather between the heavy showers that Melbourne didn’t fail to surprise with.


Thais love to eat and Thai food has become a favourite amongst Melbournians, with plenty of choices here from the row of vendors that stretched for a few hundred metres down by the River. All the old favourites, including Pad Thai, Larb Gai and Tom Yum, as spicy as you’d want, plenty of desserts, including vegan choices, all washed down with sugarcane juice, or Singha beer if you’d prefer – served from the beer tent with the not-so-traditional musical entertainment. Some of the other activities demonstrated or on offer to take part in included: incredibly intricate fruit carving, Thai cooking, traditional Thai costume dress ups, dancing, and traditional craft making for

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2011 census, just under 1000 residents of the City of Wyndham were born in Thailand. Michael Asher Browne

Editor – Michael Asher Browne has joined the paper to do some volunteer writing and I would like to welcome him to the team and thank him for this contribution. children. Thai Central is a city based school offering Thai language and Thai culture lessons. Thailand was never colonised by European powers and to a large degree has maintained its culture intact, including its unique language, food, dress and other exotic customs. The Festival drew together some of the many Thais who are presently in Melbourne studying, as well as others who have lived here for many years.



Carer Support Grow-Better To gether Carers Group for friend s and family of those affecte d by mental health issues. Free and confidential m eetings held twice a month in Laverton. Details: 1800 55 8 268 or .au

If you're 50+ and enjoy Movies, Dining Out, BBQ's, Hikes etc then we're just what you're looking for. Meet new people, make new friends, and join like minded people in a variety of activities, both week days and weekends. Try us out by attending a couple of functions of your choice, with no obligation, before you decide. For more information and a copy of our Club Newsletter please contact: Alicia: 9741-4313

Point Cook Community Garden/Kitchen Swap 4th Sunday of the month at Kingsford Park (Kingsford Dve) Point Cook from 10.30am Come and swap your excess plants, seeds, flowers, fruit, vegetables, garden items or home baking, magazines and books. Enquiries : or

Volun t Emerg eers for ency r neede elief Lavert d on

Comm un Volun ity Centre t need e ers fo Emerg r ency r el Must be abl ief will be tr e to u se com ained. Please puter. contac t. Elle Coord nV inator PH: 83 olunteer 68 017 2





Connect with environment to others in a safe share expe coping strategiesriences and . Every Tuesday 7: 30 -9 :3 0p m at th Joel Arts & Com munity Centre, Sae Louis rgood St, Altona. $5 Casuals / $3 M embers For more info ph one: (03) 9853-8 089 | email: adavic@ adav visit:www.adavi | 22

Seabrook Community Centre- What’s on in April? Book now for Mini Picasso creative Arts school holiday program: half or full days available on Monday, 7th and 14th April Register interest for children’s balloon art workshop over the school holidays. Have fun learning a new skill. Paediatric First Aid course: Saturday, 12th April $48 pp from 9.15 to 11.30 am Phone 9932 3010 for more information or to register.

LAVERTON COMMUNITY CHOIR The Laverton Community Choir invites you to attend a rehearsal as a guest before you decide if you would like to join. Experienced conductor, different and fun musical arrangements. No experience is necessary just a love of singing. The choir rehearses every Thursday 7pm – 9pm at P-12 College, Bladin Street, Laverton.

Featherbrook Walking Group Make new friends and improve your fitness by joining the Featherbrook Walking Group for a 45 minute stroll every Wednesday at 10am. Meet at Featherbrook Community Centre, 33-35 Windorah Drive Point Cook. It’s free to join in and mums with prams are welcome. For more information call the community centre on 8353 4000. For more information phone Wyndham City’s Healthy Communities Team on 9742 0777, visit or like our Healthy and Active in Wyndham page on Facebook.

Social Wyndham Scottish Dance Featherbrook Community Centre

Hobsons Bay Me Shed Gen Y Supp ns ort Group

h pm Every 2nd & 4t wish to contact G 7-30 pm until 9-30 en Y persons th Friday of the Mon seeking employm . ds en fri w ent without ne ve fun, meet success with a vi Come along and har mind and body You need ew to assisting Healthy exercise foer ridged soles. No partner reducing the curr bb ru ent high level No s oe a sh is soft ilidh dance which . of 25.2% - email es bi necessary We do Ce nc llm da cpherson@ t and Barn mixture of Waltz ,Se 84 02 25 with ‘Gen Y one Deryck 0415 For information ph e interest’ in the subject line fo th by d re so on Sp r details 33 Or Alison 04132951mmunity Bank Co Bendigo

Community Board

Featherbrook Community Centre


7:30pm until 9:30pm Every 2nd & 4th Friday of the Month Come along and have fun, meet new friends Healthy exercise for mind and body You need soft shoes No rubber ridged soles

community Help support you local mber at group and join as a me

No partner necessary We do Ceilidh dance which is a mixture of Waltz, Set and Barn dances. For information phone Deryck 0415 250 284 www.pointcookaction

Werribee and Cancer SupportDistricts Group We are a positiv e, uplifting, su

pportive group for all cancer pa friends. All wel tients, carers, family and co the 3rd Tuesda me for a cuppa and chat on y of every mon th at Wayaper House, 106 Du ri ncans Road, W erribee. Monthly meetin gs occasionally in guest speakers clude , or creative and th are held over dinner and erapeutic activ ities can arranged upon interest shown. be Contact Steve Marburg (Con venor) on 0418 587 086 or by email on smar bie@bigpond. com or by post at PO Box 4405 Hoppers Crossing 3029 or you can cont act Koula on 97 34 6498.


We area located at the Senior Citizens Centre in Sargood Street, Altona We would be very happy to welcome you as a new member. U3A means a Community of people shar ing knowledge in the 3rd part of their lives . It is for all active, retired people. Our activities are varied and new idea s are welcome – perhaps you have a skill to share with? We also have social outings and are a happy, supportive group. All for a low cost. The office is open Mon-Fri 10am - 12.3 0pm. Ph: 9398 1346 or email

POINT COOK CFA GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL 2014 VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Point Cook CFA is looking for people to help us doorknock and collection donations around the local area for the 2014 Good Friday Appeal on Friday 18th April. Bring the family, school or club. Lunch & snacks supplied. To register or for further info contact: Phone: Bree 0431584660 Email: Website: Facebook: Point Cook Fire Brigade and Community Good Friday Appeal

Or Alison 0413 295 133 Sponsored by the Bendigo Community Bank

Point Cook Presbyterian Church is moving We were meeting at 5pm Sundays at the Point Cook RAAF Base Chapel. As of Sunday the 20th of October 2013 the Church will be meeting in the Jamieson Way Community Centre, 59 Jamieson Way, Point Cook. Worship services will be held at 10am except Community Market Sundays (6 times a year) when the service will be held at 4.30pm. Check the website – All Welcome. Contact: Rev. Peter Owen 9395 8281

Walking Point Cook p Grou me.

lco l Ages We d Men of al k Women an o o C t Poin • Discover w Friends e N et e •M y and Health • Keep Fit d xe la e R d an • Friendly 0am .0 9 at d e &W Dry Mon, Tues ntre at the e ok Town C ct. o C t in o P n m Leaving fro Cleaners- Coles Preci am 0 .0 9 at i e, Thurs & Fr unity Centr Way Comm n so ie m Leaving Ja int Cook n Way, Po 59 Jamieso

9395 1953

WERRIBEE U3A We are an activity group for semi and retired persons. Come and enjoy lots of different courses and meet new people with similar interests. We also have monthly outings to places of interest. Perhaps you may have a skill that you could share with members. All are welcome. Ring Loretta on 9749 1093.

What’s on at Jamieson Way Community Centre Term 1 and 2 The Point Cook Market – Held 6 times a year
 Dates for the year will be March 2nd , May 4th – Gifts for someone special Mother’s Day, July 6th, October 5th, November 2nd and December 7th 
New goods only - Market held indoors and outdoors.
The Point Cook Market has something for everyone to enjoy!
New stall holders welcome to apply. Tai Chi for Arthritis/Seniors held on Wednesdays 3.00pm-4.00pm, maximum cost $3.00 per session Yoga therapy classes for seniors held on Mondays 11.00am- 12.00pm, ,maximum cost $3.00 per session French/English Conversation held on Tuesdays 10.00am-12.00pm, cost $2.00 per general session and $4.00 per cooking session Jamieson Way Coffee, Chat and Craft held on Thursdays 1.00pm-3.00pm Camera Club held on the last Tuesday of every month 7.00pm-9.00pm, annual membership fees apply Sew and Sew Group held twice a month on the 3rd Monday and the 1st Friday of the month 7.00pm-9.00pm, annual membership fees apply Jamieson Jotters Writing Group held monthly on Fridays 12.30pm-2.30pm New Groups for 2014
LearningLand Thursdays
Sri Lankin and Indian planned activity group Fridays
Indonesian school for children held on Saturdays
Bollywood dance classes For More information on these activities
please come down to the centre or visit our website au
or contact us on 9395 3777 for further information


HOBSONS BAY MEN SHED GEN Y SUPPORT GROUP The Hobsons Bay Men Shed Gen Y Support Group is off to a great start with Julian Lescinsky of Altona making three records. The first being the No.1 Gen Y to join the HBMS Gen Y Support Group Fun Creation Workshop (an experiment to create employment for the Millennium Generation / Gen Y) aged between 14 and 30 years, to be trained for employment in an area where they already have expertise and whereby the business skill set of the retired generation can be transferred to them in a reasonable time. The second one becoming the first 16-yearold full member of the HBMS and the third being the son part of the first father and son team at the shed.


The unemployment statistic of the group of 14 to 19 as at 30th June 2013 has grown to 25.5% rising from 23% in 2012, and is still rising. What sort of training that could suit this group is planned? As this generation received Laptop computer trading at and now having grown a smartphone in their hand, they are generally computer literate.

If you are a Gen Y and the project interest you it is free of charge and commences in May from 4.30 to 7.30 – one Friday a month is compulsory – phone or email for an interview, there are only 20 places available. Bill McPherson

It is the intention of the tutors to train them to become expert in the world of 3D printing and Internet marketing strategies. To this end Around Altona has been able to arrange a loan of such a machine which will cause quite a deal of excitement for those who have not seen this magical machine at work. The project launch is planned for the last week of April and is by invitation. If you would like to attend ring Bill McPherson on 8307 8872 or email him at:



Garry Coleman has been offering family wellness based chiropractic care to the people of Point Cook and surrounds for the past five years. Prior to this he was the principle chiropractor in his practice, Coleman Chiropractic, in the Gippsland township of Traralgon. After practising for nearly 30 years in the country the lure of two grandchildren brought he and wife Di to Point Cook where daughter Emmy and her husband Archie had settled in 2005. Di also has a long history in chiropractic as she began working as a Chiropractic Assistant in 1975 and has been actively involved in the profession and the family practice ever since. Emmy has also worked in the family practice back in Traralgon and also here in Point Cook. She has obviously grown up in the healthy chiropractic lifestyle as her children are now doing. Her husband, Melbourne Victory star Archie Thompson uses chiropractic care to tune his body and maximise his physical performance as an elite athlete. Coleman Chiropractic is now moving premises. Largely due to the ongoing referrals from our happy


clients, we have grown very quickly from our humble beginnings 12 months ago. To allow for future growth and development we are still going to be working as Coleman Chiropractic but within a building to be known as Breakthrough Health. We will be located at Unit 31/22-30 Wallace Avenue, Point Cook and the planned start date is Monday March 31st. So for any visits from March 31st this year, you will find us at the above address. Our phone number will still be the same 0499 974 824 so if there are any concerns or confusion please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Come visit and allow us to welcome you into our new ‘home’.

THE ROTARY CLUB OF HOPPERS CROSSING The Rotary Club of Hoppers Crossing is holding a Bridal Expo on 4 May 2014 at the Wyndham Civic Centre to raise funds for Rotary’s work in the community. This affords an excellent opportunity for local businesses to showcase their services to brides and grooms and family of brides and grooms. The Rotary Club would like to hear from specialists in accommodation, beauty spas, DJs, bridal wear, stationery, make-up, fresh flower bouquets, wedding cakes, wedding venues, cars, jewellery, candy buffet, travel agents and entertainers. If you would like to have a stand at the Bridal Expo, please contact Terri Beirne on mobile 0402 842 567 or email Find us on Facebook at RotaryClubHoppersCrossing or on the internet at


300 COMMUNITIES WITH A $110 MILLION REASONS TO CELEBRATE Bendigo Bank has opened its 300th Community Bank® branch, in Port Sorell, Tasmania. The network of community-owned and run branches have collectively returned more than $110 million to the communities in which they operate. The Point Cook Community Bank® Branch has been part of the network since 2007 and has returned more than $1.7 million to help strengthen the local community. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s Executive Community Engagement, Robert Musgrove, said Community Banking has revolutionised Australia’s banking system.


“The Community Bank® model was introduced to Australian communities in 1998 by Bendigo Bank. At the time it was working with rural communities seeking to return banking services to their towns. “The concept quickly translated to suburban and urban communities, as people living in capital cities also saw the value in partnering with our Bank to establish their own branch and keep about half the revenue made off their banking business. “Community Banking is the ultimate example of a win/win partnership – the communities we partner with keep a share of the money made from their banking business and secure an income stream that empowers them to improve the places they live.

“And our Bank has significantly expanded and strengthened its retail network and connect with many new customers who recognise the efforts we make to share prosperity,” said Mr Musgrove. Community Bank® Chairman Henry Da Silva, said Community Banking has played an important role in making Laverton a better place to live and work. “We are proud to make an important contribution to the community. In 2012 we started the journey of distributing over 95 automated external defibrillators across Wyndham and Hobsons Bay, to assist the community in an emergency.” “Last year, the Point Cook Community Bank® Branch partnered with Wyndham City Council, Featherbrook Community Centre and LINX Transport to provide a new community transport service for older adults and people with a disability in the Point Cook area. This service now assists over 100 clients on a weekly basis.” Said Mr Da Silva. Mr Musgrove said the success of the Community Bank® network is testament to the effort and dedication of the communities that operate and support them. “We have almost 2000 Community Bank® directors who volunteer their time to run their company. They’re supported by more than 1500 staff, 71,000 shareholders and many more customers who share the vision of using banking to make their community more successful. “They’re a driving force behind the network. These milestones have been made possible by their hard work and the support of the people who bank with their local Community Bank® branch,” Mr Musgrove said. For more information on the local Community Bank®, visit the branch at the Sanctuary lakes Shopping Centre or Facebook www.facebook. com/AltonaLavertonPointCookCommunityBan kBranches 29

BEAT THE CLOCK. IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. © Glow Images. Model used for illustrative purposes. Staying active and well at every stage of life is a goal most of us hope to attain. One way to accomplish healthy longevity, is to beat the clock and fears of an aging mind and body. Time isn’t toxic: There’s no reason for our wellbeing to decline after a certain number of sunrises and sunsets. Nor should our thinking capacity wind-down with each tick of the clock. Researchers believe “aging is unnatural… there may be no immutable


biological law that decrees human beings have to get old and sick and die… By design, the body should go on forever.” Also, meditative practices can actually aid longevity. TIP: • Resist noting the passage of time and fearing what it might mean for your health and life-style. • Don’t limit the good things you can accomplish down the track. • Look forward to maintaining your “vigor, freshness and promise”. (Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health p. 246) • Quit thinking that you grow old because of the number of birthdays you’ve clocked up. Encouraging role models: Despite the belief that mature people decline in later years, there’s a growing number of supercentenarians who’ve reached 110 years or more.

TIP: • Beat the mental and physical limitations often associated with aging. • Stop thinking that after a certain length of time you cease to be useful. Change your outlook. • Don’t say “I used to be able to do this or that, and now I can’t.” Raise your expectations for living a long and healthy life . • “Let your life be counted by the mile-stones of achievement and not by the timepiece of years.” Clara Barton, American Red Cross Founder who worked tirelessly into her nineties. • Look forward to retaining a fit mind and body as the norm now, and into the future . Point Cook resident Beverly Goldsmith, is a health blogger who is also a practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing. Twitter: @GoldsmithBev


FOR THE LOVE OF PAINTING – HOPPERS CROSSING ARTIST IVANNA PINAFFO “Everyone has their own ways of expression. I believe we all have a lot to say, but finding ways to say it is more than half the battle.” Criss Jami, Salome’: in Every Inch In Every Mile So I wanted to share my view, my thoughts on why I think art and painting is therapeutic. I know of a lot of people who wonder about why some artists choose painting as their preferred medium of expression over so many other options. What makes us pick up a brush and a palette and paint like there’s no tomorrow? We all begin with a blank slate: writers, singers, dancers, chefs. Artists like me begin with a blank canvas on an easel, paintbrush in hand, and the whole world in front of us. I paint all kinds of subjects: musicians, dancers, animals, the sole passer-by, the beautiful cafes, there is no end to the subjects to choose and all of this focuses on the core of the essence being: the form, colours and texture. Bright colours are my style, big brush strokes, playing with various mediums, merging light and dark shades to create a


painting that I hope will bring joy to the buyers and admirer alike. If you wish to take up painting and enjoy that therapeutic result that it produces, I can help you learn how. I am an artist and tutor, for more information please contact me on 0413527143

YOUR LIBRARY EVERYWHERE Wyndham residents can now browse, borrow and download free eBooks without leaving home.

• Support your children with educational and fun online games • Connect with Wyndham’s local history resources

Wyndham Libraries have a wide range of eBooks and eAudio books available for the community to borrow around the clock as part of an extensive eLibrary collection.

• Put your feet up and download an eBook any time. Stay up-to-date with the latest Library news and events via Facebook: wyndhamlibraries

Membership is free and you can join at any of Wyndham’s four Libraries at Werribee Plaza, Point Cook, Wyndham Vale and Werribee (Watton Street). Wyndham Libraries online services also allow Library members to: • Listen to an eAudio book on your phone • Get help with your homework or resume • Find your past and discover your family tree • Learn a language • Find facts fast with Encyclopaedia Britannica • Learn about health and wellness • Study for your International English Language Test online


WYNDHAM CULTURAL CENTRE DELIVERS STRONG SECOND ACT Wyndham City’s Theatre Season is continuing to bring in the big names, with its theatre season now in full swing. David Williamson’s When Dad Married Fury, is a story about brothers Ian and Ben, travelling to Sydney to visit their recently widowed father and the surprises they face when they arrive at his 75th birthday celebrations. Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirls, set in outback Queensland in the 60’s, tells of an unlikely friendship between two women of wildly different temperaments, united in their abandonment by the men in their lives and their passion for all things country and all things American. I Remember it Well is part of the Cultural Centre’s Musical Matinees series and features music written for Lerner and Loewe’s most famous musicals Brigadoon, Paint Your Wagon, Gigi, Camelot and My Fair Lady. Chaffey Ward Councillor, John Gibbons said the performances offered something for all performing arts lovers. “From Country and Western to famous musicals and a play by one of Australia’s best known playwrights, the Wyndham Cultural Centre is


continuing to build its reputation for impressive productions,” Cr Gibbons said. “These productions are representative of the quality of plays, musicals, children’s performances and comedy on offer year round at the Cultural Centre.” “We are privileged to have such a fine performing arts venue right on our door step, with access to free parking, close to public transport and our great restaurants and eateries. It makes the perfect location for a night out close to home.” “With so many great productions scheduled for 2014, you could be forgiven for being unable to make up your mind which to see. We offer discounts for subscribing to more than 5 shows in the Theatre Season and gift vouchers make an ideal present for friends and loved ones.” When Dad Married Fury is on Saturday, 5th April at 8pm, Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirls is on Saturday, 22nd March at 8pm and I Remember it Well is on Sunday, 13th April at 3pm. For more information, or to book visit or phone 8734 6000. Wyndham Cultural Centre is located at 177 Watton Street, Werribee.

CALL TO JOIN MASTERS OF AN AGE–OLD GAME ‘There are not many opportunities for over 35 year olds to get together and enjoy a sporting release in a team environment’ – John Radcliffe Age is no barrier for the boys at Werribee Masters Australian Rules Football Club. Werribee Masters Australian Football Club requires players for season 2014. Following a successful 2013 in which Werribee Masters had three teams playing masters footy. Werribee Masters Australian Football Club completed its second season in the Premier Division of Masters football. Sine the club joined the Metropolitan Division of Masters football six years ago the club has won three grand Finals and has been promoted to the Premier Division of master’s football. The club is looking forward to another great year in 2014. New players are needed to join a fun and family oriented club for the coming footy season. The club has three teams playing masters footy, 2 Master’s teams for Over 35’s, and a Legends (Over 45’s) team. Players need to be turning 35 in 2014 to be eligible to play in the Masters competition, the club play triple headers at all home and away games in and around Melbourne metropolitan area, games are only played every fortnight, allowing ample time for the body to recover. All players are guaranteed a game,

The club is putting the call out for more members. Werribee Masters Coach John Radcliffe, said the benefit of a physical sport such as Australian Rules for men approaching middle age were not readily available else where in Wyndham. ‘There are not many opportunities for over 35 year olds to get together and enjoy a sporting release in team environment. The club also has a great family atmosphere so that everyone is catered for on game days’ Werribee Masters Australian Football club does precisely that and the club is looking forward to another successful season in the metro and country leagues of AFL master’s football. Games are only played every fortnight and not on public holidays the season start in late Apr, playing every two weeks allow ample time for the body to recover. The club has great camaraderie, spirit and a very enjoyable social atmosphere. For more details contact Jason Bezzina on 0488 456 756 or visit our web site at

The Werribee Masters Australian Football Club has been established for 30 years and play home games from Chirnside Oval which has excellent facilities for both playing and social functions.


100 YEARS - WORTH THE WAIT With 100 years of military aviation on display, it was not surprising that there was so much to see and do at The Centenary of Military Aviation 2014 Air Show on March 1st and 2nd. People came out in huge numbers to catch a glimpse of history, and to sneak a peak at the future of our proud Air force. Billed as a once in a lifetime event, it certainly lived up to expectations. With over three hours of continuous flying, the need to look up was matched only by the desire to block your ears. The power of the Super Hornets was impressive and left little doubt as to their capabilities. The sheer size of the C17 could not be fully appreciated, without taking a step inside – the word ‘HUGE’ simply would not do it justice. And the historical BoxKite was out for all to admire, and marvel at the progressive advancements our Air force has made in the past century. Not to be forgotten, the Air force dogs were happy to put on a show. They wowed the crowd with their agility, aggression and obedience and were out to prove that the Air force does a lot more than just put planes up in the sky. A fantastic event was put on with military precision, as you would expect. Completely worth the wait! Melissa Longo


Garden page


Buddleja davidii, a large deciduous bush from China and Japan, is the most popularly cultivated of its genus in Australia. Provided the gardener does not allow it to grow straggly, it is a pretty addition to a garden. The obvious bonus in growing this species is that its strong scent attracts butterflies. One day, around twenty years ago, we noticed a small Buddleja davidii had self seeded in our back garden and, as I admire its elongated sprays of white, mauve or purple tubular flowers, it was allowed to stay. I was interested to see what colour the flowers would be, and was happy when they turned out to be a soft shade of mid-mauve, but Alex was disappointed the flowers weren’t his preferred deep purple.

does prefer damp watercourses and creek lines where it quickly dominates and replaces native species. I often see Australian Admirals and Australian Painted Ladies (the butterfly in this painting) visiting our plant. The ubiquitous Cabbage White also visits, so it’s no wonder the common name is Butterfly Bush. Helene Wild

A few years ago, when I was invited to give a pencil drawing demonstration, I cut a piece to act as my model. However, it was not until I was invited to participate in an art exhibition featuring weed species, that I discovered Buddleja davidii is regarded as an alien invader. Why? Admittedly our plant was a blow-in and we had, on two or three occasions over 40 plus years at our address, found other seedlings in our garden, so I couldn’t imagine why it was considered to be especially invasive. I read further and discovered it can grow almost anywhere, but it


Like most terriers, the Wheaten terriers, or simply called as Wheatens, were originally bred as hunters. Therefore, their physique naturally evolved as strong and healthy. Their hunting instincts have made them agile and alert as most terriers are. However, this breed is more stable and steady as compared to most terriers as they were used as by Irish farmers as allpurpose dogs. Among the activities that moulded their instincts and physical features were herding cattle and sheep, vermin terminators, hunting both in water and on land, and serving as watch dogs that deterred trespassers. The following are some of the basic facts about Wheatens: Living Environment: Indoors (highly recommended); outdoors (fenced yard) Coat: single coat, medium length, silky and soft, wavy Colors: born to have black coats but at the age of two, their coats lighten to achieve the color of wheat grains. Size: 17 - 20 inches (height) ; 30 - 45 pounds (weight)


Temperament: Naturally, they rarely bark especially when it is unnecessary to do so. They reflect the moods of their household or those around them immediately. Their type requires a great deal of commitment and effort in training them so they should not be given to novice breeders and/or owners. If trained properly, they are generally happy and friendly. They are also easy-going, confident, and deeply dedicated to their family’s security. They can get along well with older children and other animals that have been raised with them or are living within the same household. Breeders should note some of the health issues such as flea allergies, Addison’s disease, heat stroke, PLN and PLE. Care and Exercise: Wheatens require daily combing to prevent their wavy and thick coat from tangling. They should undergo trimming by professionals at least four times each year.

Dry shampooing or even bathing should be done only when it is necessary. Eyes and ears should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. They should be brought along with family activities such as play sessions, hiking, picnic, and even walking. Origin/History: From Ireland, Wheatens were brought to a number of countries in the year 1946. Slowly they gained popularity as pets and as entertainers. However, the extraordinary appeal of this breed to the Americans in particular would not be possible if Patrick Blake had not saved its lineage from extinction in1932. They were registered by the American Kennel Club in1973. For breeders, why not appoint them as well as your pet especially when you are looking for a playful yet reliable companion and guard dog? To this effect, you can say that what you own is one heck of a dog — a dog that can work and play as well! Anmonymouse


LETTER TO THE EDITOR Hi Daniel, I saw the ad in Around Point Cook for volunteer writers and would like to offer something that may be of interest to you. The company where I work has a World War 1 honour board listing staff that went away to serve in the Great War. As an ex soldier, history buff and family historian, I decided to see if I could research the names on the board. I found I could easily piece together a decent story on most of the names, and have since researched several more soldiers of the 1st AIF for a number of friends. With the 100th anniversary of the Great War coming up I can see a bit of interest being generated in the subject, with people curious to find out what their ancestors did during the war. I have been looking out for other honour boards in the area, names on war memorials and such, to try and find local people that I could research to maybe write some articles, but have not found any. If you were interested in this sort of article maybe you could suggest a way to get some local names for research?? I have copied one of the stories about one of the names from our company honour board below, so you can see what I could write. Algie died within a few hours of arriving in combat, a lot of stories are obviously much longer. Regards Greg Milne

H.A.G Tause Hector Algeron Gordon Tause, or Algie to family and friends, was born in Bendigo on December 11th 1893. By August 1914 the family had moved to Como Parade in Mentone, and Algie had attended the Central Business College, as well as serving two years part time in the 46th Infantry Regiment (CMF) as a part of his compulsory military training. He also found time to write sporting stories for the “Winnea” branch paper of the Melbourne Herald.


When war was declared on August 4th 1914, Algie was employed by H.S.K Ward, as a Clerk. Algie enlisted not quite two weeks after the war was declared, and was sent to one of the first infantry units raised in Victoria, the 5th Battalion. His regimental number was 875. His enlistment papers show he was 20 years and 8 months old, 5 feet 7 inches tall, and weighing 10 stone. He was of dark complexion with brown hair and eyes. Only 2 months after being raised, the 5th Battalion embarked for Egypt. After a brief stop in Albany, Western Australia, they arrived in Egypt on December 2nd 1914. On the 25th April 1915, the 5th Battalion took part in the Gallipoli landings, as part of the second wave. Algie was killed only a few hours after landing, and was buried at some stage by persons unknown. Nearly 10 years later his parents received a letter saying that Algie’s remains had been recovered during exhumation work in the Kurija Dere area of Anzac, and were identified by means of a disc. His remains were shifted to the Lone Pine cemetery in October 1924, and the Identity disc, although “considerably impaired by long exposure”, were returned to Algie’s parents due to “its former intimate association with your son.” Algie’s parents may have had to wait nearly two months to be notified of their son’s death. They put the following notice in The Argus, Saturday 19th June 1915TAUSE- Killed in action at the Dardanelles. Hector Algeron (Algie) Gordon Tause. Beloved only son of Mr and Mrs Hector Tause, and brother of Rita Tause, of Mentone, Grandson of the late Admiral Hector Tause RN, and the Late Captain AAG Pilmer of Wellington NZ. “A hero, he gave his life, his all.” Editor comment: Fantastic and thank you for sending this through. If anyone has any suggestions please email them to me and I will pass them on.

Laugh Out Loud

Two Doilies As a new bride, Aunt Edna moved into the small home on her husband's ranch near Snowflake. She put a shoe box on a shelf in her closet and asked her husband never to touch it. For 50 years Uncle Jack left the box alone, until Aunt Edna was old and dying.

One day when he was putting their affairs in order, he found the box again and thought it might hold something important. Opening it, he found two doilies and $82,500 in cash. He took the box to her and asked about the contents. "My mother gave me that box the day we married," she explained. "She told me to make a doily to help ease my frustrations every time I got mad at you."

Uncle Jack was very touched that in 50 years she'd only been mad at him twice. "What's the $82,500 for?" he asked. "Oh, well that's the money I've made selling the doilies."


WHAT FOR When I was a very young lad, I knew nothing about the law; So I’d sometimes do something bad; Then my dad would give me “whatfor”.

Now it may seem to you absurd That because it was chastisement, I used to think “whatfor” was one word: To me, a hiding was what it meant.

‘Twas later I learned that in fact “What for?” is a phrase, a question: Rather than being cruelly whacked, It’s a key to knowledge expansion.

It was poet Rudyard Kipling Who named the “six honest serving men” Who could teach a man everything: They are How, What, Why, Who, Where and When.

“What for?” is a way of saying “Why?”, The most important of the Six. I’ll keep asking that till I die, Seeking answers life’s problems to fix.

For all things there’s a reason: That’s what science and history’s about. The art of interrogation Is the pathway to clearing up doubt.

Jack Nystrom, 19.3.2014 42

Point Cook Kids

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