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! H G I KICKING H I would like to introduce an inspiring young athlete by the name of Olivia Grech. Olivia is a student of the Shorinjiryu Kennankan Karate School in Point Cook, guided, encouraged and mentored by the inspiring and gracious teacher; Marnie Roberts. Olivia is focused on competing in the 2014 World Cup and intends to continue the study of martial arts in Japan and New York, hoping to eventually open her own Karate School.

Marine’s students range from primary school to mature age, possess a strong sense of self, fitness and focus. At a recent exhibition performed at the Point Cook Market, you could witness the students love for their sport, with large smiles and focused faces. Another amazing student, Deji Balogun, who also competed well in the Oceania Cup, displayed a strong performance in both a self defence sequence with Olivia and a demonstration in kata and shiai.

With only three years training behind her and currently studying Year 11 at Williamstown High, Olivia recently competed in her first tournament, the WKKF Oceania Cup. She placed second in the 16-17 year old Division with her teacher, Marnie Roberts, placing 1st and 2nd in kata (2 divisions). Extraordinary achievements for both! Olivia began her journey into Karate inspired by her father who is a 9th Dan black belt. It is with the enduring support from her mother, the strong and unyielding direction from her teacher Marnie and a quiet but determined inner strength, that propels Olivia forward to reach her goals. Olivia says she practices karate because it gives her a mental and physical challenge, focus throughout her life and makes her happy.

Olivia Grech (on Left) Deji Balogun (on right) continued page 3

FROM THE EDITOR Thinking of Jill Brooks. Jill Brooks from West Side Stories has been contributing to the Around Point Cook and Around Altona since they started. She has put them in her shop in Harrington Square and is one of the most lovely women in the Altona Area. Incredibly giving

and friendly. Full of positivity & a cheeky all knowing humour. She was attacked in her shop and is now in an induced coma after a horrific attack that has left her fighting for her life. Jill you are much loved by many in the community my thoughts are with you and your family in this totally undeserved battle :(

PUDDLING WITH THE PUBLISHER During the month I had the opportunity to visit the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed for a ‘Financial Planning Seminar' held by Melinda Houghton.

A further presentation from Richard Hegedich, local lawyer was most interesting and the questions came thick and fast.

The local community had been invited and the meeting room was full.

The evening continued with a light supper and the opportunity to question the speakers regarding any personal interest which was well enjoyed by all.

Melinda spoke at length about the importance of financial planning and gave lots of hints in how clients could benefit from professional advice, including how to work with Centrelink. Paul Carrington, a supporting speaker from Russell Investments, an International Investment firm, who research on behalf of both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ad Warren Buffet, gave a well presented and informative presentation in support of Melinda and I left with one point in particular burned into my brain.

Thank to Melinda, her assistant Will, Paul, and Richard for a top class presentation. As a free community service Melinda is planning another meeting later in the year. If you would like to attend her contact number is 9394 6344.

He spoke of Australia’s position in regard to world economics and passed to the gathering a recommendation Russell was passing on to their clients after some recent research. There has been some media concern recently about the effect on world trade due to an apparent slowdown in China’s huge growth rate. Russell’s advice to their clients in Australia is that we don’t have to worry about this decline affecting us until any decline reaches the low figure of 6% of China’s GDP.

ABN 78 809 543 573



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Shorinjiryu Kennankan Karate is one of the major modern Okinawan martial arts. Founded by Choshin Chibana in 1933 it is characterised by natural breathing and stances, using direct, rather than circular movements. Marnie`s school offers the opportunity to increase flexibility and balance and learn practical self defence with training offered at all levels. There are even parents and their children learning together in the same class!

Kennankan Karate School, Please contact Marnie Roberts on: 0418 564 382 or email: kennankan@ Classes available in Point Cook and Altona. Mya Ashley

Congratulations to Olivia for your outstanding achievements in sport and to Marnie for inspiring achievement in her students. For further details about the Shorinjiryu Ist Place, Marnie Roberts WKKF Oceania Cup 2012

Marnie Roberts at the WKKF Oceania Cup

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M: 0403 191 084




TAFE courses in the West have been cut by the Victorian Government dramatically effecting training options and further education for all. Victoria University, the biggest education provider in the West, has had a multitude of courses cut, from Certificate II to Advanced Diploma level. Courses that are remaining will have tuition and material fee increases of up to 70% as well as the reintroduction of student amenity fees. Tuition and material fee concessions will be of little benefit due to the massive course increases and students will be forced to take on Government loan schemes to pay for training. Many students will be ineligible for study payment support and as the new costing model brings Certificate 11 – IV course fees up to existing skills funded Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels, countless people will feel defeated and financially unable to upgrade and regain much needed skills. As an example, a Certificate III/IV previously set at a concession rate of $185.00 plus materials will now be approximately $1900.00. A freeze on apprentice fees will also be removed lifting the cost for those students by about $100 to $200 a year to bring them into line with other trainees. VCAL and VEtiS study options will also be affected.



The Victorian Government is inflicting a targeted $450 million cut in education spending with its aim to increase the budget surplus. In 2009 the Brumby Government introduced a new Training eligibility criteria for student study. The state financial outlay soared from $800 million to $1.2 billion in the space of two years as student numbers rocketed to 425,000 in the current year. One has to wonder if this package worked too well. Private training providers have multiplied from 165 to 366 in just two years and are representative of an uncapped market. Private provides are more able to offer on- line and reduced fee costs for the same courses previously offered at TAFE with limited Government financial support. However concern should be directed toward the quality of study material, teacher qualifications and support networks for students as well as the monitoring, auditing and maintenance of quality delivery. TAFE groups are vigorously challenging the changes, however Administration and teaching staff have already been mandatorily retrenched, School departments closed and midyear course intakes halved. Courses such as Science, Animal Studies, Boat Building, Hospitality and Event Management have been completely eradicated; stopping students from completing courses or up skilling in 2013. TAFE institutes and those that preceded them have always had a special position in Australian society, building the capacity of people and their communities, offering alternative educational pathways to improve the workforce. Often many students are those requiring more than one chance to find their way through post-secondary education. TAFE offered a community based affordable and supportive training option; and education for all. It seems

that education is becoming a privatised business. So, where in the West will your children go now? Mia Ashley ISSUE 31


CHANGES TO AUSTRALIAN TAX RATES It is essential that when doing planning that may include strategies to legally minimise taxation; that you are working with information that is up-to-date and relevant. It is important to make sure that income is received in the most tax efficient way through the appropriate choice of structure and ownership. I am sure you are aware that from 1 July 2012; the Government introduced the new carbon tax. The introduction of the carbon tax coincided with changes in the tax thresholds and provides tax cuts mainly for Australian taxpayers with a taxable income below $80,000. This is intended to increase disposable incomes to compensate low and middle income individuals and families for the potential increase in living costs as a result of the carbon tax, as well as providing further incentives for individuals, including part time workers, to participate in the workforce. The differences in tax rates (excluding Medicare levy) on the various legal structures are summarised as follows:


Marginal Tax Rates Current Financial Year – 2012/2013 Tax Threshold Resident Tax Rate Non-Resident Tax Rate $0 - $18,200 0% 32.5% $18,201 - $37,000 19% 32.5% $37,001 - $80,000 32.5% 32.5% $80,001 - $180,000 37% 37% $180,000 + 45% 45%

• For residents, Medicare levy may be payable in addition to the above, currently 1.5%. • Non-residents are not required to pay the Medicare levy.

Resident Tax Rates for Minors Children under 18 are taxed quite heavily on their unearned income. Unearned income doesn’t include salary and wages, but does include interest and income from shares and managed funds and distributions from a family trust. The reason for this harsh tax treatment is to discourage parents investing in the name of their children to take advantage of lower tax rates.


Some minors are excluded from the above treatment of minors and are called excepted persons. Any income received by an excepted person is taxed at the ordinary rates of tax. The current tax rates for a minor earning unearned income are as follows:

Melinda Houghton Authorised Representative of Aon Hewitt Financial Advice Limited Authorised Representative No. 290343

Unearned Income Minor Tax Rate

Aon Hewitt Financial Advice Limited | ABN 13 091 225 642 AFSL No 239183

$0 - $416 Nil $417 - $1,307 Nil + 66% of the excess over $416 $1,307 + 45% of the total amount of income that is not excepted income Excepted income is taxed at the ordinary rates of tax and if eligible, can claim the Low Income Tax Offset, as listed below. Examples of excepted income include employment income and taxable payments from Centrelink. Low Income Tax Offset Resident Adults – 2012/2013 Tax Threshold Tax Offset $0 - $37,000 $445 $37,001 - $66,667 $445 – [(Taxable Income - $37,000) x 1.5%] $66,667 + Nil

This information may be regarded as general advice. That is, your personal objectives, needs or financial situations were not taken into account when preparing this information. Accordingly, you should consider the appropriateness of any general advice we have given you, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs before acting on it. Where the information relates to a particular financial product, you should obtain and consider the relevant product disclosure statement before making any decision to purchase that financial product.

In the current financial year, you can effectively receive $20,542 of income and you will pay no tax. The low income tax offset has been decreased, due to the increase in the tax free threshold. Other Structures Type Company Superannuation – Accumulation Phase Superannuation – Pension Phase

Tax Rate 30% 15% 0%

Income distributed from a trust (for example a family trust or managed fund) is taxed at the beneficiaries Marginal Tax Rate. For more details on tax rates and the various tax offsets and rebates available we recommend that you contact the ATO via their website at or speak to a tax professional. We are happy to refer you to an Accountant, or work with your existing Accountant if you require detailed taxation advice. Please contact Melinda Houghton at the office of Houghton Strategic Solutions on 9394 6344 if you would like to receive further information on strategies that may assist you to minimise tax whilst maximising your overall financial position. ISSUE 31



COMMUNITY BANK LAUNCHES COMMUNITY GRANTS PROGRAM Laverton, Wednesday 11 July 2012: Altona, Laverton/Altona Meadows, and Point Cook Community Bank® Branches will launch its Community Grants Program on Thursday 9 August 2012 at the Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club.

Over the past 12 years the Altona, Laverton/Altona Meadows and Point Cook Community Bank® Branches have supported 100’s of local groups and initiatives and contributed in excess of $1.7 million dollars to the community.

Community Bank Chair, Henry Da Silva, said under the Community Bank® model is different as it is managed by local people. The key difference is that the choice of where their banks’ profits go, is made by the local people.

In 2011 17 local groups received Community Grants, sharing $50,000.00 for projects in the local communities. For example Somers Parade Kindergarten received a grant for activity equipment for the 3-4 year old Kinder groups. And the Rainbow Club of Point Cook received a grant to establish a local swimming instruction program for children with autism that has created great results in other communities.

“Thanks to our customers, our local Community Bank® branches can contribute to community projects and organisations to enhance Altona, Laverton, Altona Meadows and Point Cook,” Mr Da Silva said. “The launch will provide local community groups, clubs and non-for-profit organisations with information about the Community Bank®concept and how to apply for funding from our Grants program.”


This Year's launch will start on the 9th August at 7:00pm at the Sanctuary Lakes Golf Club. For more information or to RSVP, please call into the branch or call Sarah Stapleton on 93698434


GROW Grow is a Not for Profit Organisation that offers mutual support/self help groups that focus on a consumer driven recovery program developed over 55 years of operation. Our 12 Step Program encourages & motivates people to develop and GROW their own positive mental health and wellbeing. Grow (Vic) has also received Australian Government Funding through FaHCSIA to deliver our Program to meet the needs of Caregivers and families and friends of those experiencing mental health, & other, issues.

Grow has been providing free, anonymous and ongoing peer support groups for people struggling with mental and emotional health issues since the late 1950’s. “Grow-Better Together” provides similar support groups for caregivers, family and friends of people struggling with mental health and other issues. The approach is non-clinical and strengths-based for recovery and personal development. It empowers people to discover their own capacity to deal with the issues they face. At the meetings people share the practical changes they have made (with the support of their peers) and the everyday wisdom of the Grow Program to regain and maintain their mental health and wellbeing. Grow and “Grow-Better Together” meetings have a solution focus to enable people to play an active part in their own recovery or in their role as caregiver. For more information contact 9528 2977/ 1800 558 268 or email or see our website:

The Laverton ‘Grow-Better Together’ caregivers group meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month from 10.30am -12.30pm. Venue is Laverton Community Centre, Merton Street, Altona Meadows (Melway 53 F10). Grow mutual support self help groups for people experiencing emotional or mental health issues or life challenges meet in:

Some recent comments from group participants: “Grow has helped me enormously. I have received great support from my friends in Grow over the past 4 years. This has been invaluable to me, especially when I'm going through a difficult patch (eg bad anxiety & depression) and /or dealing with new challenges & changes in my life. My Grow friends have helped me deal with these changes, and have encouraged me to avail of other community supports which were available. This has helped me feel more engaged with the wider community, and has helped me settle in to my new suburb over the past few months. Also, the warmth and friendliness of my new Grow group has helped me to feel at home here.”

•Footscray on Tuesdays at 7.30pm -9.30pm at Footscray Church of Christ, 252 Gordon St, Footscray (Melway 28 A12); •Laverton on Wednesdays at 10am – 12noon at Laverton Community Centre, Merton Street, Altona Meadows (Melway 53 F10); and •Hopper’s Crossing on Fridays at 12.30pm- 2.30pm at Central Park Community Centre, Lonsdale Circuit (off Franklin Bvd.), Hoppers Crossing (Melway 206 J2).

“Grow-Better Together has also helped me in my role as Carer. It has shown me that even when my husband is sick I can be well if I look after myself. I have been encouraged to hand more responsibility back to my husband and work out how to overcome his difficulties rather than doing everything for him. One example is helping him prepare to go to doctors on his own rather than me going with him all the time.” ISSUE 31




A WORD FROM JILL HENNESSY MP This month I would like to talk about the State Governments cuts to TAFE services in the recent State Budget. I have had many calls from residents in the western suburbs who are concerned about the Baillieu Government’s savage funding cut to our local TAFE services. Residents and students can now sign a new on-line petition against these savage cuts. The Labor opposition has launched a new website,, calling on the Baillieu Government to rethink its TAFE funding cuts. The cuts will cost jobs and force course closures.

training with course closures. As more jobs are lost, western suburbs families need to have access to services that can provide training and skills to get them a job. “The Baillieu Government either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that these funding cuts will cost western suburban jobs and hurt students and teachers, that is why I am standing with the community to fight these cuts.” Point Cook residents can sign the petition at www.

I urge residents to sign the petition to send the Premier a message his cuts were wrong. The petition will be presented to parliament.

Until next month Regards Jill Hennessy MP Member for Altona District

Education in the western suburbs is going backwards under the Baillieu Government and these cuts to local TAFE services will make the situation even worse. Point Cook families have a chance to send a clear message to Mr Baillieu that his savage cuts are wrong. Under these cuts, teaching jobs will be lost, campuses could close and Point Cook students could be hit with higher course costs. If Mr Baillieu and his government cared about providing Point Cook’s children with the courses and skills required he would not have made these cuts in the first place. It is extraordinary that during a jobs crisis, the Baillieu Government’s cuts would add more people in Point Cook to the unemployment queue and would limit opportunities to access affordable skills and



Point Cook Garden Page

DICHONDRA REPENS I feel as though I am jumping all over the place with my essays because, to date, I have told you about a few species indigenous to the Basalt Plains, some great Aussie natives from other parts of our beautiful continent, and have featured a few commonly cultivated plants originating in other parts of the world. Now I am taking a backward leap to tell you about a widespread species that occurs in our area as well as many other parts of Australia. It also occurs naturally in the Land of the Long White Cloud - New Zealand, on the other side of the Tasman Sea.

Dichondra repens is commonly known as Kidney Weed in Australia and Mercury Bay Weed in New Zealand. It is a small, prostrate herbaceous plant that has a creeping habit with roots forming at the nodes. The small leaves are kidney-shaped, and measure 0.5cm to 2.5cm long. Although the tiny creamishgreen flowers appear mostly in summer, they can be produced at any time of the year. The fruit is a hairy, two-lobed capsule.

Kidney Weed (I consider it an unfortunate name because it is most definitely not a weed) occurs naturally in forests, woodlands and grasslands. Gardeners who are reluctant and resentful mowers of large areas of high maintenance lawn could consider


using Dichondra repens as a lawn substitute. Alex and I are in that (reluctant) category so, if we ever get to build our dream home, I am determined we won’t plant a single square inch of lawn! This attractive green ground cover prefers full sun, but it can also tolerate as much as 80% shade. Gardeners can also use the Kidney Weed in pots, hanging baskets, between pavers and stepping stones, in rockeries, on steep banks, and in other difficult-toget-at positions. It tolerates frosts and dry periods; is not rampantly invasive; and plants can be pruned to thicken and to control. Another plus is Dichondra repens will form a living mulch that inhibits weeds and reduces evaporation.

Some nurseries sell Dichondra repens in punnets. Recommended plant spacing is 10cm apart.

My watercolour features Dichondra repens growing amongst lichen encrusted basalt rock.

Helene Wild




Community Board


w moving to ne er Club will be ater Reserve on cc So ok Co t ltw Poin facilities at Sa ove the purpose built ad for 2013. With this m rve se Ro Re d ok an Co t or in ni Po to enter a Se ration Victoria ok lo ill w club de e Football Fe team into th isional League. Prov at ing for PCSC of rested in play If you are inte se e-mail an Expression m. plea l co ve d. le on or gp ni bi Se off.gillard@ Interest to ge brief playing ease put in a pl l ai m ee th In history.

SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCING & DINNERS CLUB Dinners Club phone 9394 7905 for information. Scottish Country Dancing at Jamieson Way Community Centre 7-30pm Friday nights during school term time. Phone 9394 7905.

Want to Prote st about TAFE cu ts for your kids?

What’s happening at the Centre. ENROL NOW TO….

Send me an email (billmcphers on@optusnet with Post Ca subject line or rds in the post note to PO box 1145 Alton and I’ll arrang a Meadows 3018 e to send you some free complai you can forw nt post cards ard to the Pr emier. Include 1. Nam e 2. Address to post caed/s to 3. How many cards


The Se vacanc abrook Playg r ies wit h choic oup has e a v ailable of days Phone . the en rolmen to 0 for mo 459 939 979 fficer on re info rm www.s eabroo ation or che c kplayg roup.o k


Photography classes Thursday 7pm – 9pm Fun with Photography

Acrylic Painting Course With a “Touch of Paris” Wednesday 7pm – 9pm

6 week classes.

4 week classes

Sewing classes Monday 7pm – 9pm Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Contact: admin@ Website: www. PH: 9395 3777

Beginner and Intermediate.

LAVERTON COMMUNITY CHOIR The Laverton Community Choir invites you to attend a rehearsal as a guest before you decide if you would like to join. Experienced conductor, different and fun musical arrangements. No experience is necessary just a love of singing. The choir rehearses every Thursday 7pm – 9pm at P-12 College, Bladin Street, Laverton.











PLAYERS ALL AGES FR OM JUNIOR WELCOME TO SENIOR CR Junior Co-Ord ICKETERS inator President Joe Alex Grioli 0424 189 99 5 Po lz el la 0417 599 P.C.C.C Websi 966 te: w Email: pointc ookcc1 Email: pcccju niors@gmail.c om





Community Board WALKING GROUP


ho w writer w re your a solitary d people to sha u o y re A e d in m e k li h? to meet work wit pa ave set u a k o nd h g group. o C t in o tin in P We live nd informal wri mbers small a new me vels r fo g in k le o ll lo ays rs of a We’re alws. Open to write Saturdays n u to join les, we meet o read our and sty y or monthly) to s. a tl e (fortnigh rk and share id il. wo rs@gma ookWrite 3887 tC in o P t us a 1527 Contact or Karen on 04 com

community Help support you local mber at group and join as a me www.pointcookaction

Learn to F Cook F ly at Point lying C lub

Phon e 939 5 173 www 5 .point cook. org

Point Cook Ten n

is Club


Tuesda Join us every e Point pm outside th and 30 6. at night ay rd d Satu Cook Library an at 8am outside ng ni or m Sunday m at e Cafe and gy the Waterston s. All levels and Sanctuary Lake e, and runs are m ages are welco u will be able to yo at th so ed design matter what participate, no you are. level of runner

Play competiti on for the club . Get coaching at the club from world class experienced pr ofessionals. Become a mem ber. All welcome!


and enjoy Movie s, BBQ's, Hikes etc Dining Out, then we're just w Meet new peop hat you're looking for. le, make new fri ends, and join like min ded people in a variety of activiti both week days es, and weekends. Try us out by att ending a couple of fu choice, with no obligation, befo nctions of your re you decide.

Please contact us tennis@pctnc.o or 0404 017 291

Grow-B etter To gether C a r egivers The Lav erton C Group ommun hosting ity Centr a FR e

& Neigh EE Grow bourho -Better od Hou Togethe Are you se is r Careg c a ri n g ivers Gro for som issues? u e D o p o n . y e o support w u for you feel stressed, ith mental hea r own n overwh lt h o ro The gro join our pee eeds? If your a elmed or in ne ther up mee r n e ts every support group swer is yes, co d of me and 1st & 3rd in Lavert o T n. hurs 10.30am -12.30p day of the mo Other c nth from m. Money ourses offered Minded include Bookwo Sa Q rms boo ver Plus prog uit smoking (s ram ho k club, A rt thera , Grow (perso rt course), py and n for men a nger m al growth), & wom anagem en. ent Inquirie s: 9369 4866

For more inform ation and Newsletter plea a copy of our Club se contact: Alicia: 9741-431 3 or Myra: 0432 258 804




Have you ever heard the saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? It’s worth keeping in mind, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reporting a growing threat from investment scams and my own office receiving more reports from residents about scam calls. Scammers are finding new ways to trick people into handing over their hard-earned money, providing people with reference codes, call-back numbers and addresses in an attempt to look genuine. There are a few simple rules you can follow to help protect yourself against scams: • Always get independent advice if an offer involves significant money, time or commitment; • Don’t agree to offers or deals straight away: tell the person that you’re not interested or that you want to get some independent advice; • Never send money or give credit card or online account details to anyone you don’t know and trust; • Check your bank account and credit card statements when you get them and report transactions you can't explain to your credit union or bank; and • Remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes: the only people who make money are the scammers. For more information or to report a scam visit www. or phone 1300 302 502.

THE HON JULIA GILLARD MP Prime Minister and Federal Member for Lalor 2/36 Synnot Street, Werribee 3030 Ph: 9742 5800 16




MARKETDAY by Mya Ashley What a great Market Day held at the Jamieson Community Centre; Point Cook on Sunday the 1st July. Despite a bitterly cold day, a wonderful crowd of people came to see, buy, watch and eat some homemade and beautifully crafted goods produced by the local community. This market is incredibly organised by the onsite staff, with table and stall allocations ready for market holders to set up their products. High end craft, clothing and toys were available for sale, delicious food including homemade and yummy cakes and piping hot tea and coffee, scones and sandwiches were available from the centre kitchen. Music played in the background as Tai Chi


and Karate exhibitions were performed for on lookers. Friends who had set up stalls together sat expectantly behind their tables waiting for a sale. Happy chatter hummed in the background while the smell of beautiful hot and spicy food cooked in the outside marquees drifted through making many hungry. A wonderful stall called, Frank and Friends run by Glenda and her mum, Lorna displayed gorgeous toy monkeys, owls, tea cosies, gifts and cards. Every toy is given their own name with their cheeky expressions bringing a smile to your face. For wonderful gifts and or orders please contact Glenda on: 0417 125 286. Another stall called; “Stampin up� had beautiful paper crafts, cards and scrapbooking. Classes are


available so please contact Deborah Rayner on: 9395 5412. Lidja Svonja was selling delicious to look at and delicious to eat Cake pops. Flavoured round balls of cake decorated and assembled on a stick were available in a variety of flavours including choc mint, Tiramisu, carrot, vanilla and chocolate. Combination orders of dozens would make a wonderful alternative to a celebration cake. Phone: 0432 480 554 or visit the colourful website on: AMES was also represented with an information stall offering information on an extensive range of adult education, training and employment programs for refugees and migrants. This amazing centre can assist with learning English, Vocational training, job support, workplace skills, Industry Certificates and Skilled Migrant Programs. Janice Davies and Lin Xu, both workers at the Werribee Centre, were happy to assist with enquiries and support. Based in the heart of Werribee, close to public transport, the Centre can be contacted on: 8744 0011. The Point Cook market offers a warm, inviting and friendly place to meet your local community, enjoy some wonderful home cooked food and purchase beautiful handmade products. Baby clothes, jewellery, beauty products, scarves, hats and mittens as well as happy faces and warm smiles are all available at this local market. Stall allocations are still available. This carnival atmosphere should not be missed. The next market to run is on Sunday the 7th October under the theme; “All things PINK". Turning pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. For further details about any of the information supplied or to book a stall, please contact Jamieson Way Community Centre on: 93953777 or email:



ROTARY CLUB OF LAVERTON POINT COOK The Rotary Club of Laverton Point Cook finished its record breaking year in 2011/12 by achieving a near 80% increase in membership and winning a number of Rotary District and International Awards. The club’s fundraising brought in final net earnings of $50,000 for the year (higher than previously reported) with club members putting in plenty of volunteer hours to help build a better community, which was the club theme for the year. The $50,000 that was raised was put to very good use both here in the Laverton/Point Cook community as well as in targeted overseas club projects in Papua New Guinea and Rotary International overseas aid projects. Local beneficiaries included Laverton Autistic School, Little Buddies Toy Library, scholarships for students at various schools such as Caranballac College, Point Cook P9 College and Point Cook Senior College. Assistance to local disadvantaged youth to get them back into education was also provided through club funding allocated to the Les Twentyman 20th Man Fund. The clubs new president is Chris Woods for the 2012/13 year with the club theme for the new year ‘Our Community, Our Strength, Our Future!’ All of your local Rotarians are looking forward to another


New club president Chris Woods and his wife Jenni

year of fun, fulfilment and making new friends within our community. In August everyone is invited to attend the clubs annual Sports Star and Comedy Night with comedian Russell Gilbert and Sports Stars Anthony Koutoufides and Olympian Russell Mark. This not to be missed event will be held on the 31st of August at The Brook on Sneydes in Point Cook. For inquiries on the Sports Star night please go to www.sportsstar.




THE SAMURAI The Samurai are regarded among the most feared and respected warriors in history.

how to physically and mentally handle confronting situations.

Their dedication to spiritual and physical excellence made them unmatched on the battle field.

Dave Franklin Martial Arts (DFMA) is headed by Soke (Head of style) Dave Franklin, holder of 10th Dan Black Belts in two styles of Jujitsu, and 8th Dan Karate & Judo.

They were expert swordsman, archers and riders, their training was their life and their life was their training. Underpinning all this was the Samurai's code of conduct, the code of Bushido, and the Samurai's core training in Jujitsu. Jujitsu is the complete martial art, from which most other traditional Japanese martial art forms are derived, Karate, Judo, Aikido etc. The teacher aims to train the students mind and body through understanding not repetition. By understanding how the body works, the Jujitsu student can learn to defend against and control another person (or persons) in any situation. Development of these core skills will give the Jujitsu student a realistic confidence in knowing


Soke Dave Franklin along with 3 of his senior instructors are adopted members of the Katabami Jijitsu Samurai Clan Family (http://www. ), the oldest surviving school of combat Jujitsu. Members of DFMA become part of the only unbroken Samurai lineage, dating back over 1200 years, and receive direct instruction from Soke himself and his licensed instructors.




@SOCIALMEDIAMONS: YOUR LOCAL SOCIAL MEDIA CONVERSATION Trolls have evolved from those cute and fuzzy haired toys of the 80's into nasty, usually anonymous, cyber bullies posting horrid comments online.

Having a voice online comes with the same responsibilities (and legalities) that having a voice in person has. Nothing is ever truly anonymous on, or deleted from the internet. So what are some common sense best practices on social media etiquette? 1. Be respectful, tolerant and courteous. Everyone has a right to his or her own opinion. 2. Be mindful of how you represent yourself online: this includes in closed or secret groups, open blogs and forums. 3. Think before you post. Are you adding to the conversation constructively? Would you be prepared to make those same comments in person? In June 2011 Victorian Parliament passed ‘Brodie’s Law’ the Crimes Amendment (Bullying) Bill of 2011 that covers cyber bullying and is an addition to existing stalking laws. This change introduces a 10-year prison term for bullying. Think of social media etiquette as your online manners; be nice, eat with your mouth shut and don’t throw stones at glasshouses. Join the Twitter!


Nicole Matejic @socialmediamons Social Media Monster 24




The Point Cook Lions Club is hosting Peter McShane, CEO of Lions Village Licola on the 8th of August at the Featherbrook Community Centre. Peter's address will outline the operation of the Lions Village Licola. Lions Village Licola is an alpine/ wilderness area accommodation and outdoor education centre, dedicated to the young people of Victoria, especially those who are disadvantaged and to all those with special needs (disabled, specific health issues) of all ages. The centre is owned by the combined Lions Clubs of Victoria, the accommodation is made up of 16 independent 3 and 4 bedroom houses. Each bedroom contains up to 6 bunks, giving the village total sleeping capacity for around 300 clients. All houses are heated during the winter period and all contain some cooking facilities. Most have 2 bathrooms, a lounge area, 2 toilets and an external covered verandah. The camp is 54 kilometres north of Heyfield on the Macalister River in Gippsland on a sealed road with spectacular views of the river valley and the Great Dividing Range - a comfortable two and a half hours' drive from Melbourne. The purpose of Licola was and still is to provide holiday experiences for disadvantaged, underprivileged and disabled children and to offer camps for schools, adults and community organisations. The self improvement programme includes activities such as a high ropes and low ropes course, rock climbing and an abseiling wall, canoeing, archery, inground trampolines and minigolf course. It also boasts a well equipped on-site hospital, large dining area which also may be used as a large theatre/function hall. Please contact Gerry Gibson on 0419 308 006 or for more infomation and to confirm your intentions of attending at 6.30 on the 8th of August. ISSUE 31


REZONING POINT COOK’S GREEN WEDGE. A LOGICAL INCLUSION? Point Cook’s Green Wedge is 443 hectares of open land bordered by Point Cook, Aviation and Hacketts Roads. It has been protected by legislation against urban development since 1971 when the Hamer Government declared 12 green wedges around the edge of Melbourne’s Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). Dick Hamer was a man of great foresight who wanted to ensure ‘lungs’ for the city of greater Melbourne. Last August, the Victorian Government asked several Growth Area Councils to nominate green wedge land as a ‘Logical Inclusion’ to the UGB for development. Wyndham City Council (WCC) nominated Point Cook South, stating that it contained two significant degraded wetlands. They suggested the only way to pay for the rehabilitation of part or all of the wetlands, comprising 18-27% of this land, is to sell it for housing development. In the Logical Inclusions document, WCC have suggested that the development of this land will include ‘at least 3,300 dwellings, a community of at least 10,000 residents’ and ‘a 13% increase in traffic demand’. Also proposed is another primary school and ‘neighbourhood activity centre’.



Whilst we believe WCC were well intentioned in nominating our green wedge, the reality is that if land is no longer protected, the approval of any housing development is in the hands of the Government. WCC does not have any real power to ensure the area is developed sensibly and coupled with much needed improvements to Point Cook’s road, public transport and primary/secondary education infrastructure. In addition, this land is home to significant fauna and flora, and to develop it into housing has been said to be ‘environmental vandalism’. We would prefer to see the land rehabilitated to natural parkland with nature trails, botanical gardens or another venture along those lines, without the need for further housing development.

guarantee that we will see the necessary improvements before those 10,000 residents call Point Cook home. On July 1st, a public rally was held at the Point Cook Town Centre, and in response, WCC have organised a public meeting to discuss the matter, to be held on July 30th, 6:30pm at Arndell Park Community Centre in Truganina. We hope to create a working party of community and Council representatives to ensure any development of this land is done with the best outcomes for the Point Cook Community. We need large numbers of attendees at the meeting to show WCC and the Baillieu Government that we need our last remaining open spaces, NOT more housing.

Anyone who lives in Point Cook can attest to the woeful planning and establishment of roads and public transport; in peak hour traffic, it can take residents an hour to drive 6km from their home to the Princes Freeway, adjacent arterial roads or train stations. The bus network is unreliable and inefficient, almost rendering it useless for regular use. Further, our primary schools are bursting at the seams, and there are no plans or land set aside for an additional high school. Recently, Matthew Guy announced that this land will not be developed until the infrastructure in Point Cook has been improved to cope with our current demands. Good intentioned as this may be, his plans are only as good as the time until the next State election. There is no


Photos, Alice Osborne




READINGS FOR THIS MONTH Hi Mya, Could you please tell me about my career and the future path it will take? It would also be of interest to me to know if I am ever going to own my own home? I would also like to know if there is anyone on the other side who has a message for me? Regards Phoenix Hello Phoenix I feel there is great momentum where you are now, but you doubt your progress. You have a compassionate and warm heart but doubt your belief in your own achievements. You undertake many tasks for the benefit of others and often feel that your needs must come after everyone else. You appear to walk quite confidently in your work life and at present, are not ready to deviate out from where you are. You are contemplating options at present, but only contemplating! It’s almost like you are waiting for a “sign” or an offer before you make any changes. But what sign are you looking for and what type of offer!!! Your work life deviates in many directions throughout your life but seems core connected to what you are doing now. There are many opportunities to learn and grow. I feel that at work you feel stifled at times

but I feel this has more to do with you feeling unable to communicate what you truly think or feel about something rather than frustration at your position. When at work, keep your head up, walk confidently and share your accomplishments with others including family. Even though all do not listen, you are still releasing your success to the Universe and the energy of success travels far. Travel is on the cards, with a trip overseas toward the end of 2013. Looks like a possible trip to Disneyland, Paris and latter; Thailand or Bali. More travel will follow with trips to New Zealand, Tasmania, Darwin, Queensland, somewhere inland N.S.W and Northern Territory. Many places to visit! In regards to owning your own home, it is a something that for you comes in package form. That is, if you buy a home a husband and family go with it. If this is what you truly desire, great, but you will be again waiting for the motivation and input of another who`s timeline may not be the same as yours. You can choose to follow



your own dreams sooner and purchase a small home or unit on your own. This does not mean that the husband and family will be delayed; it just means that you can achieve YOUR goal by mid 2014 if you choose and of course this purchase will offer great collateral for your next bigger and better purchase. Movement in your life on many levels at present seems to be on the decisions and motivation of others. You have great personal strength and truly can make big decisions on your own. An older male seems to often put doubt in your mind about major decisions and sometimes you are torn between the role you play in this relationship and true independence. That is; being a child and or being an adult. What these two phases mean to you is truly personal. Messages from the other side are dependent on your calling. Your Grandmother on your mother`s side comes through. Spirit energy vibrates on the same level to me whether this person has passed over or not. Your Grandmother says: “What are you waiting for….life is meant to be fun. You are only young once. I love you but take care of yourself and others will follow. Proud of you does not truly express how I feel”. You were/ are her huggy bunny! She remembers when you use to ride your tricycle so fast, around and round in circles, your hair blowing in the breeze like the streamers on your handlebars. She said that you would always be talking but never stopped moving and that you are too, a great cook, so try again. She says that you have a great compassion for people and animals and will love your children wholly. She shows me that one day you will be living in an older renovated house that has some land around it and a tree swing. That you will have some farm animals and your children will be running around in gumboots and or in bare feet…no shoes……, The message for you seems to be about believing in your own capabilities. Really acknowledging what you have already achieved, seeing the source of love and support you give others and knowing that you can have some of that for yourself. It is not being selfish to care for yourself. You love fully to those you care about, so love yourself to the same degree. Step confidently forward. Blessings Mya





Laugh Out Loud

Why does a round pizza come in a square box?



Can you cry under water?

What disease did cured ham actually have? ~~~ How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? ~~~ Why is it that people say they 'slept like a baby' when babies wake up like every two hours? ~~~ Why are you IN a movie, but you're ON TV? ~~~ Why do doctors leave the room while you change? They're going to see you naked anyway... ~~~ Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast to a horrible crisp? ~~~ If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?



How do those dead bugs get into those enclosed light fixtures?

Laugh Out Loud

~~~ Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him for a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?

Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that's falling off the table you always manage to knock something else over?



Why do banks charge a fee on 'insufficient funds' when they know there is not enough money?

How come you never hear father-in-law jokes?

~~~ Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?

~~~ The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four persons is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends -- if they're okay, then it's you. ~~~

~~~ Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?

If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.

~~~ Is there ever a day that mattresses are not on sale? ~~~ Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialised? ~~~ Why do people keep running over a thread a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance? ~~~ Why is it that no plastic bag will open from the end on your first try? ISSUE 31


AUGUST August is eighth month of the year, With two-thirds of it completed; Time for Winter sports or hunting deer, Or stay indoors if homes are heated. Winter in the Antipodes, On mountain slopes there’s lots of snow; Pack up goggles, snowboards and skis, Head for the hills and have a go. August was named for Augustus, First of the Roman emperors, A ruler who was harsh but just In the enforcement of his laws. He was the adopted son and heir Of the noble Julius Caesar; So all in all it seems quite fair He’s so honoured in our calendar. “August” is a word not used a lot; It means “majestic, noble, venerable”; A good word which should not be forgot: Qualities that are attainable. Monarchs are regarded in this way; Thus kings are called “Your Majesty”; Common folk labour for their pay: Hard honest work earns nobility. The footy season is nearing its close; The final eight are firming up: Who will be champs? God only knows; What team will win flag, shield or cup? Jack Nystrom, Wednesday, 22 February, 2012. 34


Point Cook Kids


Pollution Search

Calling on Point Cook Schools and Parents to share photos, art, stories, writing for this page. Email your contributions to or post to the PO Box 1145 Altona Meadows 3028



Please redistribute rather than discard.

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Community Newspaper Issue 31, August 2012

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