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REMAIN CONFIDENT. IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. I can do this. Remaining confident is essential. Trust in one’s abilities or qualities with full inner strength, underpins our activities. That’s why it’s good to know that confidence doesn’t diminish or deteriorate because of one’s gender, age or life experiences.

Remain confident. Be strong, and never give up doing the things you like to do, or need to do each day. If a niggling thought tries to undermine your confidence about being able to complete everyday tasks, don’t give in to it! At every stage of life, you can be positive about being able to carry on living a happy, healthy life. REMAIN A CONFIDENT PERSON. Being a confident person is normal and natural. Confidence is a spiritual quality of mind that is within each of us at all times. It’s an inner conviction and buoyancy of spirit that enables you to say I am ready;

At one time a woman began losing her confidence in being able to care for herself. Her well- meaning family said, “Mum you’re getting on. You can’t expect to do what you used to do.” This message, like water dripping on a rock, began to erode her self-confidence. A friend reminded her that she didn’t have to accept this verdict on her capabilities. A higher Power had made her capable and confident and was keeping her capable and confident every moment. This woke her up. She changed her attitude, stayed strong, and consequently remained the confident person she’d always been. TIPS TO HELP YOU REMAIN CONFIDENT. • Have faith in your ability to do what you need to do at home or work. Firmly believe that you can successfully get behind the wheel and calmly drive the car, confidently do the shopping, or meet up with friends. “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.” Bible. Isaiah 30:15 • Don’t entertain uncertainty about yourself, or expect to do less. Reject such negative notions. Remain confident, and know that “We are all capable of more than we do.” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health p.89 • Foster your confidence. Build it up, don’t squash it down with negative thinking. Stay mentally strong. Never give up believing that you can achieve good things each day. “So, do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded”. Bible. Hebrews 10:35 • Show conviction and self-assurance each time you have to undertake some activity, or go somewhere. Encourage yourself with the words, I can do all things with divine help. Right now, remember to stay strong. Never give up, and remain confident. It’s good for your health. Beverly Goldsmith writes on the connection between spirituality and health and is a Christian Science practitioner and teacher of Christian Science healing.


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