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BE CONNECTED TO OTHERS. IT’S GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH “No man is an island”, so the saying goes. And it’s true. As human beings, we don’t live in isolation. We’re connected to others through our work, sport, church participation, clubs or community activities. We also have personal connections through family ties, friendships old and new, work colleagues, and neighbours. Having connections with others is important for our health and wellbeing. Togetherness strengthens us. It brings comfort. Health-bringing connections, promote individual and collective happiness.



FIVE CAN-DO TIPS: • Strengthen your connections with others by bringing out the best in people around you. Reassure them that they’re doing well. Such encouragement will lift their spirits, and yours, and cement the ties of friendship and camaraderie.

Health-bringing connections are wonderfully varied. They can be pleasant conversations, a friendly smile, a warm handshake, an expression of gratitude, a listening ear, or a common interest. Connectedness to others can also include simple acts of kindness, giving help, sharing ideas, offering or receiving words of praise.


Most of us have an instinctive need to be connected to others. This sense of being linked, helps us to thrive and prosper. It counters the feeling that we’re alone and have to manage everything in life on our own. Through our connectedness to those around us, we can receive love, encouragement, help and caring support. We can also pass these along. Being connected to others is worth our best efforts. So here are five can-do tips for you to take-up.

• Take the lead with others. Don’t wait for them to be friendly. Show them how it’s done. Be

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Community Newspaper Issue 105, October 2018

Around Point Cook 105  

Community Newspaper Issue 105, October 2018