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With this lovely weather our lawns are going wild, the insects are increasing but we are getting some lovely outdoors time. It has been excellent to see the outdoor areas at the Point Cook Town Centre come to life creating a very enjoyable vibe. It has been lovely not having to don the jumper 24/7 too. A big thank you to those who have sent through contributions this month. Especially Lisa, who represented the paper at the Point Cook Residents meeting. Have a fantastic month. I hope you enjoy this issue. Regards, Daniel Volunteer Editor Around Point Cook

PUDDLING WITH THE PUBLISHER I’ve been involved in a most interesting project initiated by Michael Daley from Hobsons Bay Council for the construction of ‘Raised Garden Beds’ intended to be supplied hopefully without charge to clients who receive Home Care or Meals on Wheels from Council. Part of a ‘Nutrition and Health’ program the aim is to grow vegetables so fresh they almost walk from the ‘Raised Garden Bed’ outside the kitchen door to the pot with a little help from the resident, who, in a lot of cases, can no longer reach the ground or dig. It is hoped to be a no/low cost project using recycled materials such as the wooden non returnable pallets used throughout Australia for the delivery of paper to commercial printers and non returnable fruit containers, all of which are being dumped at the moment. The Hobsons Bay Mens Shed is developing the pilot kits ready for the Williamstown Rotary group to install on site.

The Member for Altona, Jill Hennessy, said Point Cook residents were worried about the impact of further population on already stressed local services and infrastructure. “Mr Guy needs to come down to Point Cook and talk to residents about what they want for their community instead of telling them what he wants. “Local services and roads are already under pressure from growth and now Mr Guy wants more families to move to Point Cook without any plan to make sure there are enough schools and other vital community services,” Ms Hennessy said. There will be another opportunity early in October to make a stand. An evening community event will be held in Alamanda to allow for working families and residents to have their say on this issue. The Shadow Minister for Planning will be there along with Jill Hennessy MP. For further information keep an eye on the www.facebook. com/JillHennessyMP page. If you would like to get involved, contact Jill Hennessy’s Electorate Office on 9395 0221.

Update on the local residents meeting in Alamanda The Point Cook Action Group / Residents’ Association held a meeting at the Alamanda Café on Monday 12th September. Approximately 50 people came along to discuss some pressing local issues. Local Councillors were in attendance. Residents suggested to the group that they need to implement a structure and a strategy in order to be heard by the local council and suggested that the group be incorporated. Several issues were discussed at the meeting such as; parking around schools, child care, neighbourhood watch, swimming pool campaign, broadband, public transport and post office facilities, to name a few. It was resolved at the meeting to develop action plans for the future. If you want to get involved, join the Point Cook Residents Facebook page, or contact Claire via email on: Thanks to Lisa Clements for attending the meeting on behalf of the paper.

The beds bring the level of soil to just under a meter from the ground and the basic unit is roughly a meter square. The design allows for an extension of the units if a larger bed is required. If you would like to help, please phone a local printer and ask if we may pick up their redundant pallets. Until next month, A simple way to recycle and renew Page 2

Bill McPherson

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Issue 21

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Community newspaper Issue 21, October 2011