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Rabbit Care Sheet Diet:


While rabbits love fresh vegetables, milk thistle and premixed rabbit foods, these should not form the majority of their diet. Rabbits can develop poorly formed stools which may lead to other health problems. Foods like these also can result in obesity and in dental problems. They are best thought of as a treat and used to add variety to your rabbits diet. The bulk of a rabbit’s diet should be a quality hay such as oaten hay or pasture hay (not straw). Lucerne hay contains too much protein and energy and should be avoided. Some ‘treat foods’ like apple, carrot, freshly cut grass and premixed rabbit foods may also be offered daily in moderation. This generally means no more than half a cup total for an average sized rabbit. Rabbits should not be fed bread.

Nails should be trimmed as required. You can do this at home or bring your rabbit in to Pet Goods Direct ($5 per animal). Desexing:

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Desexing rabbits helps decrease some unwanted behaviours and aggression, which can occur in both sexes. It is also a great idea for female rabbits because, if not speyed between 60 and 80% will develop uterine cancer.

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How does this translate into the real world?

Rabbits teeth grow continuously throughout their life. On a good diet their teeth should wear down and not overgrow. Because over growth of teeth in captive rabbits is a common problem these should be checked regularly by you and your vet. If they become overgrown they can be trimmed back by your veterinarian. Never attempt this at home. A good way to help your rabbit keep its teeth at the right length is offer small segments of fruit tree branches for it to chew on – most rabbits love this tasty treat!

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Vaccinations: While we cannot vaccinate against Myxomatosis in Australia we do have an effective vaccine for calicivirus which causes Rabbit Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. This can be spread from rabbit to rabbit or by biting insects. Vaccination is performed annually and should be started at 12 weeks old. Ask your vet for more details.

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