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Community Board

Community Board



If you have a garage sale next month, you could send Will an email to and he’ll place your info in the next edition of Around Point Cook.

The service is free. $15 will ensure your copy is in BOLD text to make it stand out

Want to meet other Point Cook residents for fun and friendship? nners i D o t along e roup G m o e C g A 30-55 f the month, e h t r Fo ay o . Saturd t Cook

4th oin on the nts around P ld e h e a r r a u sta They rent re urday at diffe on Sat e advised. s i r e inn ob Next d er, venue t b 7905 eptem 939424th S n o e Griev n. t Joan informatio c a t n Co re ged for mo ople a onth. e p r o hm eld f also h rday of eac e r a s r u Dinne second Sat 276 the 742-6 9 55+ on n o nor ation. ct Elea Conta more inform for

for – Cost com Whe : $3. e as 00 p re: J you er se are. ami eson ssion W . ay C Whe omm n: F rida unit (Don ys @ y Ce ’t fo ntre 7.30 rget p.m your . two left feet !!)

Point Cook Walking Group

unity m m o C n o t Laver 1 Festival 201

Weekly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9am Meet at the Point Co ok Dry Cleaners. Enquiries : call

ber 9th Novem Saturday 1 a great 10-3pm, out. Free family day t, rides en entertainm nd an sa id for the k ta! e from San c n ra a e p p a formation For more in 369 4866 ne: 9 please pho

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Bev on 9395 1953.

Issue 21

Around Point Cook 21  

Community newspaper Issue 21, October 2011