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FREE Issue 10 The Around Point Cook Community Newspaper is distributed in Point Cook.

Carranballac College Student Environment Council Attended Launch of Wetland Resources On-Line On Wednesday the 21st of July, the SEC members from Year levels 7-9 of the College went to the Point Cook Homestead for the launch of a web program on migratory wetland birds. We learnt facts on three of the birds that fly from Alaska and Siberia to visit Point Cook and other Ramsar wetlands in Australia from September till March each year, and we met a lot of interesting people. Did you know that the food birds eat depends on the size of their beak? For example the Red Necked Stint has a small beak, so it eats on the surface. The others dig their beak underground to find food. Once summer is over they all fly more than 10,000 kilometres back to their breeding grounds. We were provided with a delicious morning tea and introduced to our local member of the Victorian

Parliament Member for Altona Jill Hennessey, plus the authors, illustrator, marine biologists and teacher who worked on the resource. After the official launch of the program, we had morning tea then went for a walk to the beach and were greeted with a pod  of dolphins! That was a great and interesting event for us and we are glad that we were invited. We were very proud to represent Carranballac College. Shown facing the camera in this photo with the beautiful cut-outs of the curved beaked Eastern Curlew, the straighter beaked Bar-tailed Godwit and the small Red Necked Stint are: L-R, Rhiannon Darby, Brittany Caldwell, Member for Altona Jill Hennessy, Co-writers Wetland Resources Bob Winters and Brian Sharpley, Nada Markovic, Ashlea Stafrace, Shawnee Neal (partly obscured), Harshil Gupta, Sarah Perrin, Bailey Field, and James Balcombe. We recommend you look at the website at: Written by members of the Student Environment Council Carranballac College Point Cook

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Although slow in arriving please enjoy our latest issue of Around Point Cook Community Newspaper. It was interesting to note the recent changes to the mainstream local newspaper to a smaller format and taking on a more “community feel�. This is a good development in my eyes in local papers. Lets see if they boost their local content and make it more locally relevant. I do welcome the change, personally I like the smaller format. I just hope its not stuffed with property and real estate. Important notice: We have recently been experiencing technical difficulty in the production of this community newspaper. Please know that should you have a copy of the paper that has an error or is difficult to read, you can view the latest copy of Around Point Cook Community Newspaper in high quality online at the following web address:

If you do not have the Internet you can book free Internet time at your local library. Alternatively I am more than happy to email you a copy for free when the latest issue is complete. Just send your request to:



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402B, 2 Murnong Street Point Cook Town Centre For Bookings Ph: 9395 9048 KEN TUN 0416 208 328

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PUBLISHERS COLUMN Action at the Hobsons Bay Community Workshop! Point Cook continues to forge ahead with construction increasing as Wyndham continues to be one of the leading growth municipalities in Australia. Development is all around us with dwellings being started almost overnight.

Veronica�s Bookkeeping (Point Cook)    

Williams Landing is exploding and the new rail station has or is about to commence.

Residents are welcome to visit the Hobsons Bay Community Workshop at 280 Queen St in Altona. Opposite Kooringal Golf Course, 9748 7999 halfway between the Basketball Centre and the sea.

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Work on�site and off�site

Here you will find the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed in what was originally the EPA Building in the TERPS Reserve.

Please contact: Veronica C�ee BA of Eco (Accounting) CPA

Installation of the main draw card, the Woodworking Workshop, is well under way and the woodworking group is already undertaking work for the community. Revenue from projects is essential as the group hopes to become sustainable through productivity.


M: 0413 328 831

A Print shop with the intention of training interested persons (family members are welcome) offers training in the Printing Arts such as printing of local newspapers, newspapers, flyers and advertising material and hopes to obtain work from the community to remain sustainable. A computer training room is available to teach computer usage from beginners through to Internet usage and Marketing on the Internet. There are also courses in the use of Free Open Source Software. If you don’t know abut Free software you should call and find out A well equipped training room with up to 10 computers connected to the Internet is also available for use.

And of course, the Hobsons Bay Mens Shed Novelty Band also headquarters there – you are welcome to join their practice sessions.

If the gate is open – we are open

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WYNDHAM CITY COUNCIL TRUGANINA WARD NEWS Wyndham’s three Truganina ward Councillors are very pleased to report that Point Cook residents will be major beneficiaries of the recently adopted City budget. This funding is urgently needed to accommodate the dramatic increase in population of Point Cook that has occurred over the last 10 years. Substantial funding from the budget will be used to construct a number of major sporting facilities in the Point Cook area along with some road construction projects, community centres, kindergartens and maternal and child care facilities. The major item in this year’s budget is the first stage of the new sporting complex at the Point Cook Road Reserve at a cost of $4.2 million. The funding will be used to commence the first stage of this major sporting complex which will include 3 football and cricket ovals, 2 soccer fields, 6 tennis courts, sporting pavilions, car parks and recreational areas. An additional $1.2 million has also been allocated for 2 new soccer pitches at the Innisfail estate. A new community centre, pavilion and an increase in car parking are also proposed for the Featherbrook estate which will complement the recently completed oval. These facilities have been budgeted at a cost of $4.75 million and will provide the infrastructure to cater for the ever growing need for children and youth services in Point Cook. Funding of $4 million has been allocated for the construction of Hacketts Road between Dunnings Road and Sneydes Road and a further contribution of $2.2 million has been made for the duplication of Dunnings Road, from Boardwalk Blvd to Point Cook Rd. In addition, a further $2 million has been provided for the duplication of Sneydes Road between Hacketts Road and Menzies Road. These new road projects will greatly facilitate local vehicle movements in the Point Cook area. We are also delighted to hear that the State Government has responded to a number of requests from residents and from the City to fund a bridge over the railway line at Williams Landing. This is an excellent outcome that has come as the result of some extensive lobbying from a number of residents, including ward Councillors. The construction of the bridge, at a cost of $24 million, will now allow Palmers Road to be extended from Dunnings Road in Point Cook to Sayers Road in Truganina. The completion of Palmers Road will also make it easier for traffic to flow

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from Truganina and Tarneit to the Princes Highway and to the Point Cook estates. Residents who live in the new development at Williams Landing will also benefit as they will now be able to travel directly to the Melbourne CBD via Palmers Road. Another very pleasing outcome has been the outstanding success of the Point Cook Community Learning Centre. The library, in particular, has been well received by the community, with over 35,000 items being borrowed in the first month of opening. This facility also includes two kindergartens, a computer room with internet connections and general community meeting rooms. We encourage residents to visit the Centre and utilize this major new facility in Point Cook. For further inquiries please contact council offices at 9742 0777 or the Councillors listed below. Cr Bob Fairclough @bob.fairclough@wyndham.vic. Mob 0409 408 449 Cr Kim McAliney au. Mob 0439 377 646 Cr Glenn Goodfellow @ glenn.goodfellow@wyndham. Mob 0429 959 941


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9395 6999 Phone (03) 

IMPORTANT CHANGE OF ADDRESS LOCATION the CHIRO @ POINT COOK Drs Maroun Tannous and Sonia Hatem have great pleasure in announcing that we have relocated to the Specialist Rooms at Pinnacle Medical Centre, 225- 229 Sneydes Rd, Point Cook, ( Next door to the “ BROOK” hotel, and at the corner of Board walk Blvd and Sneydes Rd ) Pont Cook. There has been significant upgrades to the rooms and state of the art general facilities; including onsite radiology ( X- Rays ), Medical, Dental , Pathology collection centre and Pharmacy for your comfort, convenience and wellbeing . Specialists will include Paediatricians and Gynaecologists and a full team of supporting Allied health care providers. There is ample onsite parking with close proximity to all facilities. We look forward to seeing you and your family, so please do not hesitate to organise a time for your spinal check up or just come and tour the new centre. Our temporary phone number : 9395 0295 Dr Maroun Tannous - Dr Sonia Hatem


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I was speaking with Lance Written by Bill McPherson

Lance Who? Lance Long of course. Lance is one of the Executive Directors of BLS Printing in Cherry lane in Laverton. I’m a regular visitor to BLS as the company and staff have worked on Around Altona for some years and Around Point cook for 9 issues. Their help has been tremendous and I’m sure that without their help we would not have been as successful as we are. With our first issue some years ago, not having digital skills, I could only do a cut and paste job with unforgivable things like crooked columns and some very dark pictures, particularly the centre spread, which should have been great. However, out it came, warts and all. The biggest job was not the printing of the 24 pages but putting thousands together- this took a lot of day’s to complete. Fortunately the Gods smiled on me. Friends got to work on the phone and in a short time a beautiful and skilled girl appeared who offered to edit the newspaper. More magic occurred when BLS offered to collate the paper for me as a gesture of community support– wow, life should be so good. So that’s how I came to be a fan of the Editor and BLS staff. The other day I’d called in to BLS to see some new machinery I’d heard was coming and as I walked into the new digital printing room my jaw dropped open to see the massive range of very expensive equipment being installed. Three brand new digital printing presses, all controlled by the same computer console operator, all state of the art gear, being controlled by one man, all machines asking for paper to be loaded, and asking for it to be removed when printed, collated, folded, counted, and stapled, everything immaculate and most impressive. I did get my breath back as Lance explained what the machines could do. Page 6

Did this make their existing extensive plant redundant I asked and received a resounding NO! Their massive eight colour press’s, their two colour Heidelberg offset press, even the single colour offset press, all hold their place in a modern printing shop, together with high speed collating, stapling and folding machines, all of which halt the process if an unacceptable sheet should attempt to pass the inspection system, all working along side the new digital arm. I believe this was a commercial decision, aimed at capturing a new developing market requiring very short delivery times for huge or small quantities, even with variable content in the run, either in single colour or multi-colour production, on a lower cost production control method. A printer’s dream – one operator controlling three very fast machines – copy and instructions in – product out! – while there’s a lot of money to be saved by the reduction in labour costs – there’s a hell of a lot of time and money been spent on creation, design, manufacture, delivery, installation, and tuition, to get this plant happening. BLS have been encouraged to exhibit their new concept and if you are a buyer of printed output, small or large, ring Lance (refer to ad) for an invitation to view a great local operation and a state of the art modern print shop and meet the tradesmen with the skills to produce a top quality product at the lowest possible production cost. I guess it’s still a photocopy job if you only want 5 sheets!

Around Point Cook Community Newspaper Online changes

· Type of the article : Sports / Current events / etc or if it was short story Comedy / Inspiration / etc

Around Point Cook Community Newspaper will soon have a new ONLINE website!


Black Book Creative’s is currently in the process of building an interactive website for the Point Cook community and its surrounding suburbs. The website aims to be a one-stop shop for the latest news, upcoming events and local business directory in and around Point Cook. It will also serve as the community page for the residents of Point Cook.

If you want your business to be included on the local directory listing, please include the following:

If you have any news, events, articles, stories or if you want your business to be published at the local directory of the website, please send an e-mail to with the subject heading ‘Point Cook Website’. If you are sending an event, please include the following ·

Name of the event




When (Date and time)


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Name of the writer / author


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Business address or Location

You will be advised if the information you have submitted will be published. If you have further inquiries please send an email to blackbookcreatives@ or you may call Jenet at 0430 246478.

Do you know who wrote these well known quotes? Quote One:

‘Kissing your hand may make you feel very very good but a diamond and safire bracelet lasts forever.’

If you are sending an article or short story (must not exceed 800 words), please include the following: ·


Quote Two: ‘They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.’ Quote Three: ‘The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.’

Quotes Courtesy of West Side Stories

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Jill Hennessy MP, Member for Altona with the Premier John Brumby MP and Senator Kim Carr investment in Toyota. TOYOTA TO MAKE NEXT


Victoria will become the green automotive engine room of Australia after Toyota announced it would manufacture its next-generation car engines at it’s Altona plant, securing over 3000 Victorian jobs. Premier John Brumby joined Federal Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Kim Carr, Jill Hennessy MP, Member for Altona and staff at the Altona plant and said Toyota would undertake a $300 million upgrade of its Altona engine plant to produce 100,000 green engines each year for its Camry and Hybrid Camry vehicles, starting in 2012. Toyota has committed to building engines in Victoria that will be sold right across South East Asia, drive down emissions, and support automotive jobs now and into the future.

9748 7999 Toyota will also produce engines for the Hybrid Camry, which uses 30 per cent less fuel, and will contribute to reductions in carbon emissions a key target outlined in the Victorian Government’s Climate Change White paper. Jill Hennessy MP, Member for Altona said it is terrific to anchor 3000 jobs through this Page 8

“It is important to note that we are also supporting a young low emissions automotive industry, these are important quality jobs secured for the future,” Ms Hennessy said.


Werribee line passengers will get more services as a result of early completion of works at Laverton Station and the new trains now operating on Melbourne’s rail network. The services will be introduced as part of a new timetable starting 10 October 2010. Member for Altona District, Ms Jill Hennessy MP said “As a result of the new platform delivered at Laverton Station, as well as the eleven new X’Trapolis trains that are now operating on the network, we’re able to provide new services where and when they’re needed most,” Ms Hennessy said. “A key component in bringing this timetable together is the $92.6 million Laverton Rail Upgrade Project which, together with the larger train fleet, has enabled the introduction of new services on the Werribee line”. “Extension works to construct the 400 space car park are on target for completion by end of September 2010, marking the early completion of major works on the project. Two new peak services will depart from Laverton Station and travel via the Altona loop every weekday morning, made possible by the Laverton Rail Upgrade project. • A new service will depart Laverton 7.35am, stopping all stations in the Altona run express from Newport to Yarraville, to to North Melbourne and then in to the city Flinders Street at 8.10am.


$20 each 


Station at loop, then Footscray, arriving at

• A new service will depart Laverton Station at 7.55am, travelling via the Altona loop and stopping all stations to arrive at Flinders Street at 8.33am. As a result, two existing services from Werribee, the 7.25am and the 7.45am will now run express and not through the Altona loop, reducing travel times for Werribee passengers. In the evening peak, two existing Werribee-bound services, at 5.08pm and the 6.05pm will now only run as far as Laverton. There will be two new services from Flinders Street Station that will operate all the way to Werribee Station.” • An additional service will depart Flinders Street at 5.17pm, arriving Werribee at 5.53pm. This service will travel direct from Flinders Street, express from North Melbourne to Footscray, to Newport, to Laverton and then stopping all stations to Werribee. • An additional service will depart Flinders Street at 6.15pm, arriving Werribee at 6.52. This service will travel direct from Flinders Street, express from North Melbourne to Footscray, to Newport, to Laverton and then stopping all stations to Werribee. Page 9

Ms Hennessy said “It’s important to remember that this is the first of the timetable changes being made possible by new trains, and that more new trains are on the way. As projects such as Regional Rail Link are delivered, separating regional from metropolitan trains, lines such as the Werribee line will be further simplified and we’ll continue to see benefits for passengers.”


Schools, kindergartens and community organisations in Altona District have the chance to make the switch to solar as part of the latest round of State Government grants to assist them install photovoltaic systems on their buildings. The Brumby Labor Government has committed $5 million over four years to the Victorian Solar in Schools Initiative.

Jill Hennessy MP, Member for Altona said this initiative is another way we are working with the community, and in Extension works at Laverton Station particular young people, to make Victoria a more sustainable to construct a 400 space car park are place to live now and in the future. on target for completion by end of “Under the Victorian Solar in Schools Initiative, now in its September 2010, marking the early fifth round, rebates of up to $5000 are available for eligible completion of major works on the organisations looking to install solar systems ranging from 1kW project. to 7kW on their roofs.” Ms Hennessy said “I encourage “It would be great to see schools and community organisations people to visit in the Altona District taking up this opportunity,” Ms Hennessy to find out more about the Victorian said. Transport Plan. The new timetables will be available at For more information visit: au from today, and from premium stations later this month.”


Tuesday and Wednesday at 9am Leave from Point Cook Town Centre Dry Cleaners Thursday and Friday at 9am Leaving from Jamieson Way Community Centre Enquiries 03 9394 7905 03 9395 1953 - Bev Page 10

STORY OF THE MONTH Try Scottish Country Dancing! Come and join us! It’s lively, social, fun, gets you off the couch and out of the house, and you don’t need to bring a partner! But what IS Scottish country dancing? It’s been called the ballroom dancing of Scotland, and there is a quick and a slow travelling step to move you round the dance. Once you have grasped these you have a good headstart. Four couples, the man and woman standing opposite each other in a line, make up one set, and each couple dances through the sequence of movements twice, progressing to the end. It’s danced to very strict tempo recorded music, with varying combinations of accordion, piano, fiddle, and kettle drums – no bagpipes! Don’t confuse it with the more familiar Highland dancing, which is competitive and involves special outfits. For class you come casually dressed, but be ready to peel off the outer layers as you can get very warm! Soft flexible jiffies, or soft shoes without a heel,


are advisable. Even if you’ve never danced before, you may find it really draws you in. There are lots of explanations, demonstrations, step practice, and walkthroughs to help you get started. We learn in a very relaxed friendly environment, and it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes, as we all do! Best of all, it helps keep Alzheimers and general stiffening up at bay, helps fitness and muscle tone, gets the heart, lungs and legs moving, lifts your spirits, makes you forget your troubles, and simply brings you joy!


Mark Brown Remedial Masseur




And do you see people enjoying themselves in the gym? Or getting in for a tiny $3 a session? We practise every Monday at the Jamieson Way Community Centre (next to Carranballac College), in Point Cook. It’s on the 413 bus route from Werribee Plaza. Class runs from 7.45pm to 9.30pm. Leaders Deryck, Joan, and Wendy are experienced dancers who demonstrate and encourage and really want you to learn. Ring 9394 7905 for more details, and come along and try it!



Mark Brown Remedial Masseur




PH: 8360 9229 shop 9/73 point cook rd, seabrook “Our food will always bring you back!”


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Emma and Eleanor from Carranballac College play the part of cricket coaches in this year’s entry into Wakakirri. This national performing arts competition is the largest arts festival in Australia involving over 30,000 students in every State and Territory. Participating schools are required to present an original story with a community message. Our story is titled ‘Golden Duck’ and has been a true community effort with amazing costumes, props and set design by students, parents and teachers. Good luck to the seventy year 5/6 students from the Boardwalk campus who will compete at the Clocktower Theatre on August 26th.

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Performing Arts Carranballac College

Jill Hennessy MP thanks Carranballac College Student Environment Council in Parliament

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Jill Hennessy MP recently praised the Carranballac College Student Environment Council in Parliament.

Answer Quote One:

Quote Answers

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Anita Loos (1893 – 1981) – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

“Given their help and passion I have every confidence that they will make a difference in promoting a better understanding of our wonderful wetlands.”

9395 7177 POINT COOK TOWN CENTRE Suite 809, Level 1, Main St (Entrance opposite Aldi)

Answer Quote Two:

Ms Hennessy went on to say “I wish to commend these students and their teachers on their activities and interest in environmental leadership.


Confucius (550 – 478 B.C.) – Analects

by the student leaders who the environment council of College, and what a terrific they are.”

World’s Leader in Women’s Fitness

Answer Quote Three:

“I was assisted are members of Carranballac P-9 group of students


Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797) – Speech 1784.

Addressing Parliament she said “Last week I had the pleasure of launching a new online wetland education resource which will better enable teachers to help students learn about the importance of preserving and sustaining Victoria’s beautiful wetlands.


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And God forbid, in the worst case scenario, we’re all right next to the  And God forbid, in the worst case scenario, we’re all right next to the  Ambulance Branch!  Ambulance Branch! 


1­17 Dunnings Road (Corner Point Cook Road) POINT COOK 1­17 Dunnings Road (Corner Point Cook Road) POINT COOK Mon-Fri 9am-8pm Page 14

Sat 9am-5pm

Sun 10am-3pm

Public Holidays closed

Martial Art titles - by Soke Dave Franklin 10th Dan Jujitsu. Martial art titles follow the same logic of martial art qualifications and accreditations in that the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) has set up an accreditation process that vets martial schools for qualifications, teaching standards, documentation and welfare of members. Part of this process

TO ADVERTISE in AROUND POINT COOK Contact the Sales Team Will M: 0449 834 359 E: Louise M: 0403 191 084

is to ensure that martial art instructors use correct titles - one cannot assume a title as it needs to be appointed by a recognised martial art group.

Soke Dave has a lineage tracing back 1200 yrs to Japan. Dave runs classes in Pt Cook and Hoppers Crossing in Jujitsu and Karate - ph 9395-4088. View our website on for more details. Next issue Soke Dave will explain how to find a martial art school that is right for you and what you should look for in a martial art club.

First Time Investor Information Evening Have you thought about investing in property and not sure how to use the equity in your home to do so? Our Property Investor Seminar is a great place to hear valuable information. When: Wednesday 25th August, Tuesday 14th September, Tuesday 5th October, Tuesday 9th November and Tuesday 7th December Feel free to invite your family and friends.

Positive Cash Flow Properties My USA Property, together with Mortgage Choice in Hoppers Crossing, would like to invite you to attend our USA Property Information Evening. When: Tuesday 17th August, Tuesday 31st August, Tuesday 21st September and Tuesday 16th November. Where: Suite 1/58 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing Time: 7.00pm RSVP: Contact Liz on 9748 7999 or email to reserve your seats.


So correct Japanese titles are: a. students (Kohai) - usually below black belt, senior students (Sempai - 1st and 2nd Dan), teachers (Sensei - 3rd and 4th Dan or above), licensed instructors (Renshi - 4th and 5th Dan), master instructors (Shihan - 5th and 6th Dan or above), senior instructors (Kyoshi - 7th and 8th Dan), Head officers and Headmasters (Hanshi 8th, 9th and 10th Dan) and Head of style or Founder (Soke - 10th Dan). So before considering membership in any martial art club insist on seeing proper Govt accreditation, which will enable that school to display all qualification and appointment of titles - it is very hard to earn these titles and therefore certificates are displayed with honour. Note: the only group that can appoint Sokes for Japanese martial arts (outside of Japan) is the All Japan Jujitsu International Federation (AJJIF) of which Soke is a Vice President, holder of the 10th Dan rank and a lineage of 1200 years.

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Cyclo De Saigon The new Cyclo de Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant offers a casual Vietnamese dining experience and a delicious choice of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Virtually everything about Cyclo de Saigon’s a la carte menu is light and delicate, with lemongrass, shallots, scallions, mint, coriander, and the subtle nuoc mam sauce taking the place of Chinese bean pastes and soy sauce. Savour traditional Saigon Spring Rolls, Peppered Fish Kho To Hot Pot & Grilled Lemongrass and Garlic Banh Hoi. Restaurant owner Ken Tun is delighted to bring the true taste of Vietnam to Melbourne suburbia.

“The inspiration for opening Cyclo De Saigon was to offer the burgeoning Point Cook area an even better reason to visit this mini Lygon Street inspired restaurant strip. We have spared no expense on our intimate, casual, fine dining experience with restaurant décor imported direct from Saigon. Cyclo De Saigon is as authentic in ambience as it is in taste with a menu abounding in fresh produce and subtle Vietnamese flavours,” said Restaurant Owner Mr Ken Tun. Bookings: 9395 9048

Dining for every Gypsy Road Tapas Bar & Restaurant The stylish & sophisticated Gypsy Road Tapas Bar & Restaurant offers an abundant selection of sumptuous Tapas specialty cuisine. Everything about the Gypsy Road experience is rich & hearty, with contemporary, European delights from all four corners of the Mediterranean. Relax with a glass of wine at the bar or enjoy a boutique beer by the cosy fireplace. Enjoy an intimate dinner for two or a social gettogether with family & friends. Savour spicy flavours with crusty oven-baked bread and freshly roasted vegetables.

Try the 350g Rib eye steak served on a celeriac puree with red wine Jus or the giant stuffed ravioli with a peppered tomato sauce. Sample the range of rustic tapas plates such as stuffed mushrooms with goats cheese pesto, char grilled capsicum topped with prosciutto & fresh basil, Tiganites (fried potatoes) with grilled spicy sausage, veal meat balls with zesty homemade chutney and salt & pepper seasoned squid. For those that can’t decide, there’s a constantly changing Gypsy Road Tapas Tasting Plate for 2 people. Bookings: 9395 7755

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Vivere Restaurant

Cocochine Restaurant

Vivere’s traditional Italian home-style cuisine encapsulates la dolce vita, or ‘the sweet life’. Tantalising dishes including homemade gnocchi, fettuccini, pizza and bruschetta are all freshly made in-house each day. From delicate risotto and veal, to juicy steaks, chicken and seafood, Vivere’s menu is abundant with time-honoured Italian family meals guaranteed to leave customers fully satisfied. Gluten free meals are also available. Open for breakfast Saturday & Sunday from 8am, lunch Monday to Friday from 11.30am.

Cocochine Asian Restaurant delivers a menu bursting with a unique blend of flavours from across Asia. The Cocochine lunch menu includes the likes of Chinese Yum Cha and Japanese bento-box meals. And the dinner menu serves an abundant choice of banquet options for special occasions plus a full range of a la carte meals for a more intimate dining experience. Spoil your taste buds and enjoy inner city dining at this classy suburban venue! Bookings: 9394 8628

Bookings: 9395 0520

flavour Priya Indian Cuisine Those with a taste for the exotic and an appreciation of traditional Indian cuisine served in the surrounds of a contemporarystyled eatery will feel right at home at Priya Indian Restaurant. At Priya Indian Restaurant, each dish is a revelation, with its own distinctive spice nuances.xx From perennial favourites such as Butter Chicken, Lamb Korma and Rogan Josh, to something more adventurous from the everchanging specials list, this is a restaurant that serves seriously good flavours! Bookings: 9395 6644

All of our restaurants are open daily for lunch & dinner. Located on Murnong Street with direct access from Boardwalk Boulevard. Function bookings available. Parking available on-street; lunchtime in the undercover car park beneath Harris Scarfe; and dinner in the undercover car park beneath Coles.

Cnr Main St & Murnong St, Point Cook 3030 Ph: 9394 6200

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Music and Event News – Brought to you by Leezon Upcoming Events… What is a….!?! RAVE2Save – Date TBA soon

Red Bull Music Academy Presents… - September 24 MXML – October 2 Parklife – October 2 Godskitchen 2010 – October 9 Hard Kandy 11th Birthday – October 29


A harmony is the simultaneous use of pitches (tones, notes), or chords. The study of harmony involves chords and their construction and chord progressions and the principals of connection that govern them

“Success or failure in business is caused more by the mental attitude even than by mental capacities” - Sir Walter Scott.

Bone Thugs n Harmony – November 12 Strawberry Fields Festival 2010 – November 26 Stereosonic – December 4 New Years Eve at Neverland – December 31


Summadayze – January 1 Good Vibrations Festival 2011 – February 13


1. In Australia, What was the number 1 track of September 21, 2009? 2. In Australia, What was the number 1 track of September 10, 2000? 3. In Australia, What was the number 1 track of September 15, 1980? 4. In Australia, What was the number 1 track of September 17, 1960? (Answers are somewhere in this issue!!)

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Sanctuary Lakes EyeCare

Point Cook EyeCare

FOR ALL YOUR EYECARE NEEDS Tel (03) 9395 7530 Fax (03) 9395 7529

Tel (03) 9395 8600 Fax (03) 9395 8611

Shop 18, Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre, 300 Point Cook Road, Point Cook, VIC 3030 Email:

T108, Point Cook Town Centre, 5 Main Street, Point Cook, VIC 3030 Email:

ht The rig .at cover.. ht the rig price




Insurance □ Business Insurance □ Public Liability

nity □ Professional Indem nce □ Tradesman Insura □ … and lots more

PREMIUMS Conditions apply

9748 7999

INSURANCE ADVISERNET AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED AFSL # 240549 POINT COOK Level 1, C5, 2 Main Street, Point Cook Town Centre

Call 9394 6369 for an obligation free consultation and quotation

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The U18 team was formed for the 1st time this year, and entered into the Western Region Football League. New coach Damian Truslove was appointed to bring together the young talent from the area. His team included Phil Truslove (, Mark Gilbee (team manager), Darren Turner (trainer), and Steve Hutcheson (general organisation). After encouraging performances in the early grading rounds, we were placed in A Division against historically strong clubs Hoppers Crossing, Altona, Spotswood, and Albion. 28 players currently make up the playing list. The team trains on Mon from 6pm at Dunnings Rd and Thurs from 6.30pm at Featherbrook. Home games are played on a Saturday at 9.45am at Dunnings Rd. Phil Truslove ( ass. coach ) T:93959808 or 0403532347


4. Walk, Don’t Run – The Ventures 3. Moscow – Genghis Khan 2.

Music – Madonna

1. Sexy Bitch – David Guetta feat Akon Page 21

(Question Answers)


Here are two puzzles to test your brainpower. Read each puzzle aloud and see if you can decipher the conversations:

Puzzle One – Easy! Toussin buses inaro Nojo demis trux


For more information call 8360 8434 or visit my website

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SVFX OKMNX See page 24 for solutions.



50% OFF! GIFTWARE HOMEWARES And great discounts on our cosmetics and skin care ranges.

Begins July 2010 Page 22

Xanthones possess potent antioxidant properties that may help:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

Summit cousin

Puzzle Two – Not so easy!

Mangosteen Juice is made from the mangosteen fruit and contains natural nutrients called XANTHONES.

 Maintain intestinal health*  Strengthen the immune system*  Neutralize free radicals*  Support cartilage and joint function*  Promote a healthy seasonal respiratory system*  Sustains a healthy cardiovascular system*

Saville der dago

Summit dux


We come to you at a convenient time DUONG GROWDEN 66 Glastonbury Cct, Point Cook Ph 03 93952703, 03 8682 8677 Fax 03 9015 6592 M 0402 532 301 Email


Instead of continuing with my essays about the plants that are featured in the Basaltica WaterWise Garden, I want to tell you about three interesting insects that we have seen in the garden.

Spitfire Grubs (Perga sp.), the larvae of sawflies, are somewhat similar to caterpillars, but they have six or more pairs of prolegs, while caterpillars have only five. Spitfires are nocturnal creatures that feed on gum leaves, dispersing in the foliage at night, and then gathering together in the morning. During the day, they cluster on their food plant in tightly packed groups. If disturbed or threatened, they lift their heads and “spit” out a disgusting green liquid that smells strongly of eucalyptus oil and which is distasteful to many predators. Should their numbers build up enormously, spitfires are capable of defoliating a tree, or even whole sections of forest which is why, when our garden was establishing, we removed a cluster or two each year. As the garden ages, we continue to keep an eye open for spitfires, but we remove them if they threaten to defoliate large sections of a tree. Spitfires are part of the natural cycle, so we will not interfere unless we have to. Fully developed larvae pupate in the soil where they remain during the summer and the imagos emerge in autumn. More next issue.

9748 7999

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Puzzle One – Translation:

West Side Stories Solutions: Puzzle Two


“Say, Willie, there they go,

“Have you any ham?”

Thousand buses in a row.”

“Yes, we have ham.”

“No, Joe, them is trucks,

“Have you any eggs?”

Some with cows in,

“Yes, we have eggs.”

Some with ducks.”

“OK, ham and eggs.”

ALTONA BAY  DENTAL CLINIC  Medicare Teen Dental Program­ Bulk Billed  Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program 

Bulk Billed 

This is Available for Chronic Health Conditions.  Government Rebate of $4250 dollar for  Medicare­EPC will run out soon.  Please call to check, you may be eligible.  Monday­Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00 PM  After Hours Available By Appointment Only 

Counselling Discover the best in life Family, Personal, Relationships, Critical Incident and EAP

PH: 93985500  31 Somers Parade  DR Reshma Rahman    Altona­3018

Compassionate, Discreet Call Antoinette

0423 762 650


For further information please call: Ange Pagnoccolo: 0412 188 458 (former Australian Champion) Sam Sammartino: 0419 040 221 15 Loop Rd, Werribee. Mel Ref: 205, K12

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TUESDAYS GIRLS ONLY 8:15 pm — 9:15 pm

Optometrists warn sports lovers of UV damage As the weather heats up Point Cook optometrist, Jason Chen, is urging Australians who regularly play sport outdoors to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. “The effects of UV damage build over time and sports people and spectators who spend a lot of time outside are particularly at risk,” said Jason. “Children who regularly play outdoor sports in summer, such as cricket and tennis, without wearing sunglasses and a hat, are also at risk of developing eye conditions in later years.” Jason said a common eye condition caused by UV exposure is pterygium - an overgrowth of fleshy tissue at the front of the eye. “Pterygium can be uncomfortable, cause irritation and redness. In cases where it continues to grow and threatens to interfere with vision, surgery may be needed,” said Jason. Other long-term effects of unprotected UV exposure include macular degeneration, a leading cause of blindness and cataracts, according to Jason.

       IMPORTANT / CHANGE OF ADDRESS / LOCATION                                                                         the CHIRO @ POINT COOK Drs Maroun Tannous and Sonia Hatem  have great pleasure in announcing that we have relocated to the Specialist Rooms at Pinnacle Medical Centre, 225- 229 Sneydes Rd, Point Cook, ( Next door to the “ BROOK” hotel, and at the corner of Board walk Blvd and Sneydes Rd ) Pont Cook. There has been significant upgrades to the rooms and state of the art general facilities; including onsite radiology ( X- Rays ), Medical, Dental , Pathology collection centre and Pharmacy for your comfort, convenience and wellbeing . Specialists will include Paediatricians and Gynaecologists and a full team of supporting Allied health care providers. There is ample onsite parking with close proximity to all facilities. We look forward to seeing you and your family, so please do not hesitate to organise a time for your spinal check up or just come and tour the new centre. Our temporary phone number : 9395 0295

Dr Maroun Tannous Dr Sonia Hatem

“The key to avoiding harmful UV damage is simple – protect your eyes from the sun.” Jason said sunglasses that comply with Australian Standards are not necessarily expensive and provide adequate protection from the sun. “Lenses that adjust to changing light conditions photochromic lenses - are a convenient option for people that wear prescription glasses. It’s also wise to wear a hat and avoid the sun during the harshest hours of the day, between 10am and 3pm,” Jason advised. “Your optometrist can give you the best advice about suitable UV protection to suit you and your lifestyle,” said Jason.

For more information on pterygium or other eye conditions, see an optometrist or visit: For further information please contact Point Cook Eyecare on 9395 8600 located at Point Cook Town Centre (Coles section). Specialising in Italian leather shoes 

Have your child professionally fitted with supportive shoes 


3 Months—10 Years & Made to measure 

Angela Baby Shoe Factory 

PH: 9354 4240 

Monday ­ Friday 9am ­ 5pm  Saturday 9am ­ 3pm  109 Harding Street Coburg 3058

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Are Pleased to support

Around Point Cook Community Newspaper

For Quality Printing at  Competitive Prices Ring 

9369 9009 

179 Cherry Lane, Laverton North Vic 3026  T (03) 9369 9009   F (03) 9369 9901 Page 26

Wednesdays from 10-11.30.

Point Cook Lions Club Information

Contact: Rev. Bill Lidgett on 8368 2785

The Point Cook Lions Club will welcome local people to join and partake in community life in our lovely area. Contact Mr Gibson for further information on: (03) 9395 7180

Point Cook Evening VIEW

About 19 months ago the National View Organisation decided to start a club in our area as it was recognised that the Point Cook and surrounding suburbs were growing at a rapid rate.

Our Fijian congregation worships in their own language at 1pm most Sundays. The multi-purpose building is available for regular hire. It is carpeted,woth kitchen facilities and a fenced playground. Enquiries to Lauris on 9360 0439 or Helen on: 9360 9145

This obviously means that new connections have to be made as we women need each other for support and friendship. If you would like to belong to a group of ladies in your area, then come and join us. To contact us ring Diane on

0407 100 171 VIEW is a national, self-governed women’s organisation with 21,000 members in 400 communities. View is a valued part of The Smith Family.

ALTONA MEADOWS / LAVERTON UNITING CHURCH 61 Central Avenue, Altona Meadows We invite you to join us any Sunday at 10am for worship. Many of our families live in Point Cook and you will be made very welcome. We cater for all ages, seated in a circle.There are 3 Sunday School groups- FROGS, KUCA and COGs suitable for ages 2 upwards,plus Bible studies and discussion groups during the week. We run a low-cost playgroup on

a great christmas gift idea! DVD copy of your flight is aVailable.

Tiger MoTh FlighTs From


Flights operate from Historic RAAF Point Cook Airfield 7

Days Per Week email:

For bookings or gift vouchers phone: 1300 138 207 0433 347 068 Flights operated by Vintage Tiger Moth Joyflights

or 0414 347 068


try the ultimate 3d rollercoaster ride yak 52 flights from $255

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11 ­ 17 FRANKIE WAY, 


(03) 9395 5776



Thoughts on Tax Time by Shane Tindal

I have just finished going through all my receipts of my fledgling business Shane’s Seminars. My husband thinks it a bit of a hoot that I do my accounting manually but I keep saying to him that at least that way I know exactly what I have spent on my business. I knew tax time was going to be particularly daunting for me so I started recording my expenses in August 2009 just after I obtained my ABN. There were a lot of expenses setting up my business, going to see a lawyer who advised me on the types of structures available, obtaining a website, organizing stationary, advertising for my seminars. I was fortunate enough to attend a number of taxation seminars for the small business in November. They were very helpful and I learnt the importance of keeping accurate records and a dedicated business diary. There was a lot I did not understand and I wished that my husband, who has helped me with my tax for a number of years, had come to the sessions with me. As a law student I studied taxation in 1979. One of the senior students was Michael D’Ascenzo, the Taxation Commissioner. There have been a lot of changes to the Tax Act since then.

accountant. After finishing recording all my expenses tonight, I realize that there are a lot of issues to be addressed, in running a business, even a small one. I just hope that the tax man is a bit like how I imagine God to be, tolerant, compassionate and forgiving of those inept tax sinners. INTERESTED IN WRITING AND WANT TO GET SOME EXPOSURE? This is your opportunity. Around Point Cook need some people to write a story or 2 each month about the local area. You just need to turn up to a few things locally and write down your experiences. If interested email me at:

Again in February 2010 I sat down, went through all my receipts and business diary and prepared a typed account of my expenses and income. My expenses were extensive but my income from giving seminars was minimal. Fortunately I have an understanding and supportive husband. He also has, until recently, kept detailed records of our finances over the years, which is very helpful at tax time. A lot of my expenses are associated with the nature of the seminar business. I do extensive research so books and the internet are my tools of trade. I also like to encourage people who attend my seminars to do some reading in advance. This means I have a supply of books, in addition to what I require for research. Advertising is another large expense. I print my own flyers and distribute them but there is the cost of the inks and paper. I like walking but my Labrador, Padme is not very co-operative when it comes to letter dropping, so I end up doing this task on my own. There were a number of issues about my tax that were concerning me. The first was that my husband’s new computer had somehow destroyed all our tax records for the year. This meant that the only person recording my business expenses was me. It was a daunting prospect and I decided to call in the experts. I went to see an


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Victorian kids take a virtual wetland tour

wetlands and migratory shorebirds and examine the consequences of climate change and the issues involved with rising sea levels.”

Member for Altona, Jill Hennessy MP, visited the Ramsar listed Point Cook wetlands today to launch the Victorian Wetlands on-line resource materials.

“Many Victorians live on the coast and see these important ecosystems everyday. Wetlands provide a vital habitat for many plants and animals and fish, including many migratory shorebirds that travel thousands of kilometres to feed. Now students have the chance to learn about wetlands on-line and put that information to use in the classroom.”

Victorian school children now have access to our beautiful wetlands, mangroves, mudflats and seagrass without getting their feet wet, thanks to a new on-line education tool.

“This is great information to help our young people learn about and investigate our wetlands and coastal ecosystems, including the internationally recognised Port Phillip Bay (Western Shoreline) and Bellarine Peninsula Ramsar site, which is one of Victoria’s 11 Ramsar sites.” Ms Hennessy said. “The information is now available on-line and is particularly targeted at teachers and students who are doing research projects on our marine wetlands including mudflats, seagrass meadows, mangroves and saltmarshes, but can also be adapted to freshwater wetlands.” “The education resource was developed for the Department of Sustainability and Environment by the Department of Primary Industries Marine Discovery Centre at Queenscliff and is targeted at upper primary school and lower secondary teachers and students.” “The material invites students to investigate and find solutions to the conservation of marine

“Hopefully this information will encourage more young people to visit our wetlands as part of their studies and in their own time,” Ms Hennessy said. The on-line resource materials include: • a student research centre • extensive curriculum material for middle years • PowerPoint presentations • electronic field guides • downloadable interviews with an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Officer • updated VCE student fieldwork and classroom activities The resource is available at:

Give your child a head start! Sing, dance and play percussion instruments in our exciting, interactive music program designed to stimulate early childhood development u Babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers u Learn Auslan signing u Multi-cultural songs u Develop rhythm and pitch u Current & traditional children’s songs u Language, social skills and self esteem

“Its just like being in a Playschool show” Nicole (39) & Abbey Simpson (3)

Jill Hennessy MP with the project team and environment leaders from Carranballac College. Page 30


Point Cook Kids

Point Cook Kids

Point Cook Kids

Point Cook Kids

Calling on Point Cook Schools and Parents to share photos, art, stories, writing for this page.

Please redistribute rather than discard this paper.

Email your contributions to or post to the PO Box 1145 Altona Meadows 3028

RATHER THAN THROW THIS PAPER OUT WHY NOT RECYCLE TO A FRIEND FOR READING ABN: 43 604 804 338 PO Box 1145 Altona Meadows 3028 Publisher - Bill: (03) 8307 8872

Advertising enquiries: Will: 0449 834 359 Louise: 0403 191 084

Please email contributions to Page 31

Paul Caine, At Your Service Fully licensed agent with over 15 years real estate success in the West suburbs RPM Real Estate Sales Manager, Paul Caine is well known for his strong negotiation skills, friendly and approachable manner, and for setting sales records for his clients (including the Williamstown home of the Former Victorian Premier).

Find out why more and more people in Point Cook are choosing Paul to sell their home. Call Paul for your free property appraisal, complete with a full report on your property within 48 hours. Phone 9395 7488 or 0421 551 051.

Call 9395 7488 Shop 211/4 Main Street, Point Cook Town Centre

If any other agent has a current exclusive agency agreement in the relation of your property (or business as the case may be), please disregard this communication.

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Please redistribute rather than discard.

Around Point Cook 10  

Community newspaper Issue 10, November 2010

Around Point Cook 10  

Community newspaper Issue 10, November 2010