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3 years old


3 years old Colours Selective Identification Concept: “big/small” Concepts of quantity

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Lighthouses and the sea

Colour in this drawing of PortopĂ­ Lighthouse.

Cross out X your toys. What’s left are pieces from Portopí Lighthouse!

How many wells can you see at PortopĂ­ Lighthouse?

There are


Draw a picture of yourself at PortopĂ­ Lighthouse.

Put each light bulb in the right box

3 small ones


PortopĂ­ Lighthouse is missing the sea.

Can you draw it?

Educational resources: Kole Seoane, teacher specialising in infant and primary education.

Graphic materials: Kole Seoane. Balearic Islands Port Authority (Exhibition of Maritime Navigational Aids, PortopĂ­ Lighthouse)

Childhood education 3 years  

Childhood education 3 years

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